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This brochure is to help you make informed choices about how you garden. Our business
and  purpose is to promote and practice ecologically sound organic agriculture. Feeding
the soil organically will encourage the activity of organisms, that in turn, gives back to you
a "Welcome Harvest".

Basic formula for a complete and fairly well balanced fertilizer
All quantities are, by volume so the items may be scooped out.

4 parts seedmeal (i.e. canola or cottonseed)
or 2 parts fishrmeal
1 part rock phosphate,
1 part bone meal
1 part greensand (optional)
1/2 part kelp meal
Suggested application rate: 2-3 kg per 10 sq.
meters or 30 meters of row or use. 75-100 ml
(1/3-2/3 cups) per transplant.

Nitrogen Fertilizers (N)

Blood Meal 15%N
A quick acting fertilizer which promotes rapid growth and high yields. It is collected at
slaughterhouses, dried and ground into a powder or meal. Bloodmeal provides abundant
chelated iron and nutrient rich amino acids. Cultivate into soil before planting or as a side
dressing to stimulate green leaf growth. Blood meal attracts meat-eating animals, so always
cultivate into the soil if using as a side dressing. Suggested application rate:
1-2 kg per 10 sq. meters.

Feather Meal 14%N
Feathers are steamed under pressure, dried then ground into a powdery feather meal.
Excellent slow release of nitrogen. This fertilizer gradually releases nitrogen over the season
as the protein decomposes with microbial activity. Encourages humus production and good
soil tilth. Apply in the fall with a cover crop for a nitrogen rich soil the following spring.
Suggested application rate: 1-2 kg per 1 0 sq. meters.

Fish Meal 10%N - 4%P - 0.6%K
Blended from natural B.C. coastal marine products. Fish Meal is an excellent soil amendment
that contains a huge array of primary and secondary elements. The use of fish products, for
soil fertility, goes back to prehistoric times. Considered by many organic growers to be the
best nitrogen source available. It is a great cornpost activator. It has an unpleasant odour
and should not be used indoors. Make sure to cultivate into soil or cover with mulch after
applying. Always store in an air tight container so it will not attract cats, dogs or insects.
Suggested application rate: 1-2 kg per 10sq. meters.

Canola Meal 6%N - 2.5%P - 1%K
Canola Meal is a by-product of the Canadian canola seed oil industry. An all-round organic
source of nitrogen, phosphorous, and trace minerals, used by gardeners who prefer vegetable
meals as a source of nutrients. Canola meal breaks down rapidly and will supply balanced
nutrients throughout the growing season. All WHF Ltd. vegetable meals are, "feed grade"
quality products. Suggested application rate: 2-3 kg per 10 sq. meters.

Cottonseed Meal 7%N - 3%P - 1.5%K
An excellent all-purpose organic fertilizer for use on all crops. Cottonseed meal is made
from shelled cotton seeds that has had the oil extracted. Cottonseed meals' ability to slightly
acidify soil is especially valuable for potatoes, blueberries, squash, strawberries,
rhododendrons, and azaleas. Use with bone meal or rock phosphate to form a more
balanced fertilizer blend. Suggested application rate: 2-3 kg per 10 sq meters.

Flaxseed Meal 5%N-2%P-1%K
Similar to canola seed meal in nutrient value. 100% Canadian product from organic sources.
Suggested application rate: 2-3 kg per 1 0 sq. meters

Alfalfa Meal 3%N - 2%K and Trace minerals
Alfalfas' natural ability to establish deep roots enables this plant to tap into reservoirs of
trace minerals in the soil. As a fertilizer, alfalfa meal provides primary and secondary
nutrients to plants along with many enzymes, vitamins and growth promoting factors. This is
an excellent product, and can be used to increase the nutrient value of compost, and soil
humus. Alfalfa meal is highly recommended as a mulch for roses and other perennials.
Suggested application rate: 5- 10 kg per 10 sq. meters.

Phosphorous Fertilizers (P)

Steamed Bone Meal 3%N - 15%P
An excellent source of organic phosphorous, nitrogen, and calcium (24%). Steamed bone
meal promotes abundant root and vegetative growth. It intensifies the colour and
development of fruit and flowers. Steamed bone meal is made from fresh animal bones that
have been steamed under pressure to render out fats. The pressure treatment causes a little
nitrogen loss and an increase in phosphorous. Steamed bones are easier to grind and the
process helps nutrients to become available sooner. Use bone meal in conjunction with other
organic fertilizers for best results. For use on bulbs, shrubs, hedges, flowers, fruit trees, roses
and vegetables. Suggested application rate: 1-2 kg per 10 sq. meters.

Fishbone Meal 5%N - 22%P - 1%K 26% Calcium
Sea-water is the ultimate depository of all water-soluble nutrients and elements that were
once in the soil. Fish and plants living in the sea enjoy complete and balanced nutrition. The
end product, fishbone meal, is our highest phosphorous fertilizer. Use with or as a substitute
for other bone meal products. Suggested application rate: 1-2 kg per 1 0 sq. meters.

Rock Phosphate (Granulated) 27%P 3% immediate availability 24% Calcium
Rock Phosphate is a naturally occurring rock mineral, Apatite. Most rock phosphate has
been formed from the deposit of shells and the skeletal remains of microorganisms. Rock
phosphate is a good soil builder that encourages earthworms and beneficial soil microbes.
WHF Ltd. Rock Phosphate has been pelictized with a natural binder, lignosuifonate, made
from softwood tree sap. It is rich in sugars and natural organic acids, and besides forming
pellets, it also adds valuable carbon (6-7%) and natural chelating agents which make trace
elements more plant-available. With adequate phosphorous, plants develop larger root
systems, grow and mature faster, resist diseases, resist drought, yield more grain, and give
better quality food than when phosphorous deficient. Rock Phosphate and excessive
liming of soil do not mix. It takes a somewhat acid soil (pH 5-6.5) to make rock phosphate
available for plant use. Suggested application rate: 2-3 kg per 10 sq. meters. 1 ton per acre
for larger areas.

Potassium Fertilizers (K)

Greensand (Glauconite) 1.5%P - 8%K 22 Trace minerals
Greensand is essentially a hydrated silicate of iron and potash. It is a natural mineral extracted
from.the famous greensand deposits of Sewell, New Jersey, USA. This natural mineral has a
tendency to open tight soils and bind loose soils. Nutrient availability through its' "base-
exchange" action releases the minerals in the soil for assimilation by the plant. Valued by
growers for decades this rock powder contains a large amount of potassium and trace
minerals. Greensand renews vigour of the mineral exchange in the top soil. Suggested
application rate: 2-3 kg  per 10 sq. meters. 1 Ton per acre for larger areas.

Langbeinite (K-Mag) 22%K 18%Mg 22%S
Langbeinite, also known as Sul-Po-Mag or K-Mag, occurs as a natural mineral. This soluble
mineral fertilizer will not alter soil pH. It is a natural source of potassium, sulphur, and
magnesium in a fast acting form. Potassium aids in the formation of carbohydrates (sugars
and starches), improves quality of fruits and vegetables, and stiffens plant tissue by balancing
resistance to disease and cold weather. Magnesium is the key element in chlorophyll
formation. Sulphur is vital to plant life, it is a component of amino acids which form proteins
when booked together. The combination of potassium, magnesium, and sulphur make
Langbeinite an important fertilizer. Suggested application rate: 2-3 kg per 10 sq. meters.
1 Ton per acre for larger areas.

Kelp Meal 1 %N 1 %P 2%K 62 Valuable Trace Minerals
Ascophyllum Nodosum kelp meal has been used for centuries, throughout the world, as a
rich, non-polluting source of natural organic minerals and nutrients. Kelp contains over 60
minerals and elements, 21 amino acids, simple and complex carbohydrates, and several
essential growth horrnones (auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins), that are already chelated in
a form that is water soluble and mobile in the soil. Under certain agricultural conditions kelp
meal enhances the germination of seeds, increases the uptake of nutrients, imparts a degree
of frost resistance, and inhibits the attack of plants by pathogenic fungi, predatory insects
and soil nematodes. When used as a fertilizer supplement, kelp meal is an excellent source of
chelated minerals necessary for proper plant growth. Mannitol and alginic acid are major
components of kelp and act as agents helping in the formation of humus. The benefit of kelp
meal increases each year as it contributes to the soil organic matter. Suggested application
rate: 2-3 kg per 10 sq meters. 200 kg per acre. Potting mixes 2-3% of total volume.

Soluble & Foliar Feeding Fertilizers

Soluble Organic Fish Powder 12%N 0.25%P I%K
Soluble fish powder is dry, concentrated, easy-to-use, and certifiable by organic growing
codes everywhere. Our soluble fish powder contains no synthetic chemicals nor is it diluted
with water. This high protein fish fertilizer is uniquely processed to retain the maximum
nutritional benefits of ocean fish. Used as a foliar spray when plants are at stages in their
development when a feeding boost is most beneficial, on emerging or young leaves, just before
and just after bloom, and when plants are otherwise taxed by rapid growth changes or
environmental conditions such as excessive cold, heat, or insect attack. Mixes easily with
water for foliar spraying or watering-can application. 1/2 kg of soluble fish powder is
equivalent in potency to approximately 8 litres of the best liquid fish fertilizer products.
Powdered fish contains essential amino acids and an array of primary minerals. Suggested
application rate: 2 tablespoons makes 4 litres, 1-2 kg per 100-400 gal.

Soluble Seaweed Powdered Extract 1 %N 2%P 15%K 2%S
Soluble seaweed extract, made from Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed, is a tion-toxic,
organic storehouse of over 60 naturally occurring major and minor nutrients and amino acids.
These active ingredients include such trace minerals as boron, molybdenum, copper, iron,
zinc, manganese, silicon, and cobalt, as well as chelating or complexing agents such as alginic
acid and rnannitol. It also contains low concentrations of natural occurring growth promoting
substances which enhance plant development, colour and vigour. Directions for use: Dilute
450 grams (1 lb.) in 8 litres (2 gal.). warm water, this base solution can be diluted further

Values of foliar feeding
1. The nutrients available to the plant are mobilized into the leaves. This is the chief purpose
of fertilizing in the first place.
2. Used in conjunction with a soil-fertilization program, the foliar nutritional spray protnotes
and maintains a general vigour so that the plant is better able to perform its normal functions
and better withstand stress.
3. The term "foliar feeding" implies uptake and utilization of nutrient material applied to plant
leaves. This is misleading to a certain extent. All living parts of a plant above ground can
absorb nutrients: twigs, branches, buds, fruits, flowers, and stems. Foliar intake of nutrients
is similar to absorption by the rootsystem except that foliar applied nutrients are readily
available and more easily utilized by the plant than when applied to the soil.
4. Foliar nutrients increase the rate of photosynthesis and by so doing stimulate and increase
nutrient absorption by the roots.

Welcome Harvest Farm, "Blends"

Welcome Harvest Farm introduces our new concentrated garden fertilizers. They do not
contain compost, manures or soil rulers. These blends are meant to he added to your garden
soil, compost or manure to meet the essential nutrient requirements of your plants. All WHF
Ltd. organic blends are made with natural rock minerals, organic vegetable and seaweed
meals, and processed (27OF) feed grade meals, ic. bone meal, fish meal, blood meal etc.

Super Grow Mix 4%N 4%P 4%K
A ready-to-use multipurpose mix suitable for a wide variety of gardening projects. This
fertilizer should give a longer lasting response to your gardening needs. It contains at least
two ingredients for each nutrient, which traditionally release at different rates. The "Super
Grow Mix" has been, the fertilizer of choice, at Welcome Harvest Farm.

Remember, proper soil management, adequate moisture and irrigation is important to
encourage deep rooting and proper plant development. Suggested application rate:
2-3 kg per 10 sq. meters or 30 meters of row.

Flower Power 4%N 10%P 4%K
Trusted by professionals. A Texada Island recipe formulated with ingredients native to the
coast. Delivers the best growing results for the serious gardener. Will foster attractive
vigorous plants and flowers. Not enough can be said about the attributes of our famous
"Flower Power" formula. Suggested application rate: 2-3 kg per 10 sq. meters or
30 meters of row.

Heavy Feeder Mix - Lawn Plus 9%N 2%P 3%K
A specially formulated blend with elevated nitrogen to promote vigorous green foliage and
plant cell structure. Recommended for lawns, and "heavy feeders", requiring nitrogen.
Excellent product recommended for plants such as spinach, lettuce, kale, garlic, etc.
Suggested application rate: 2-3 kg per 10 sq. meters or 30 meters of row.

Acid Plant - Potato Mix 3%N 3%P 6%K
A unique ready-to-use blend. The ingredients used in this blend will be beneficial in lowering
soil pH. All nutrients and trace minerals area derived from natural products to provide an
excellent balance for growing acid-loving plants. To be used on acid loving plants such as
potato, blueberry, strawberry, squash, rhododendrons, azaleas, evergreens and shrubs.
Suggested application rate: 2-3 kg per 10 sq. meters of 30 meters of row.

"Seasons" Lawn Fertilizer 7%N 3%P 5%K
A natural organic fertilizer that contains no animal or human rnanures. All natural and organic
nutrients in this fertilizer will stimulate the necessary soil microbial activity for steady turf
growth and root formation. Some microbes are added to aid in thatch and humus
decomposition. Suggested application rate: 2-3 kg per 1 0 sq. meters or 30 meters of row.

Other Products Packaged and

Distributed by Welcome Harvest Farm

Guano (Bat) 2-4%N - 10-18%P - 1%K
Guano consists of the droppings and remains of bats. It is rich in soluble nitrogen,
phosphorous and trace elements. The limited supply of this fertilizer, known as the soluble
organic super bloom, makes it somewhat expensive. Mined in sheltered caves, guano dries
with minimal decomposition. Bat guano can be thousand of  years old. Newer deposits
contain higher levels of nitrogen and are capable of burning plants, if applied too heavily.
The more popular older deposits are high in phosphorous and make an excellent flowering
fertilizer. Bat guano is usually powdery and used any time of the year as a top dressing,
diluted in a tea, or used as a.foliar spray. Caution should be used when handling, do not
breath dust, it may cause nausea and irritation. Some bats eat thousands of insects nightly,
others rotting fruit. South American guano is among the worlds best. Collected along the
and coast of Peru and northern Chile. These prehistoric descendants are invaluable to the
ecosystem and should be protected as our friends. Suggested application rate: 1-2 kg per
10 sq. meters. A tea can be made by using one tablespoon per 4 liters of water

Diatornaccous Earth
Nature's contact insecticide. Diatornaccous earth is made from the fossilized remains of fresh
and salt water algae, (diatoms). These microscopic skeletons, that were deposited in shallow
seas, are made of silica. The razor-like remains physically dehydrate small insects and
grubs. Diatomaceous earth can be added to the soil, top dressed, or mixed with fertilizers
when planting. Diatomaceous earth adds valuable silica and trace minerals to the soil. Non-
toxic to humans, and pets, will not harm earthworms. Avoid inhalation, always wear a
mask. Suggested application rate: Add 250 ml.(1 cup) to your normal fertilizer mix, or use
as needed to control soft bodied insects.

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