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This is really a follow-up on the pollen or anther culture thread, but I thought this should be a new thread to avoid getting overlooked. Here are some interesting references I came across. These, plus many others can be found at

A few examples concerning sex determination are:

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I currently don't have acess to any of these journals, but I suppect many of the questions that have been posted here recently about cannabis genetics could be answered if these references can be located.

Good luck,



9805-2703 Odani, S.; Odani, S. (Department of Home Economics, Faculty of Education, Niigata University, Ikarashi, Niigata 950-21, Japan) Isolation and primary structure of a methionine-and cystine-rich seed protein of Cannabis sativa. Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry, v. 61(4):p. 650-654, 1998 (Eng; 32 ref).

A 10-Kda protin was isolated from resting seeds of hemp (Cannabis sativa) by buffer extraction, gel filtration, ion-exchange chromatography, and reversed-phase high-pressure liquid chromatography. The protein did not inhibit bovine liquid chromatography. The protein did not inhibit bovine trypsin. It consisted of subunits composed of 27 and 61 residues and was held together by two disulfide bonds. The complete amino acid sequence was identified by two disulfide bonds. The complete amino acid sequence was identified by protien analysis, and had 20 mole percent of amino acids containing sulfur. The protein was mot similar to a methionine-rich protein of Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa) and to Mabinlin IV, a sweetness-inducing protein of Capparis masaikai. The high methionnine content and the absence of trypsin inhibitory activity suggested that the seed protein can be used to improve the nutritional quality of plant food-stuffs.