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             TOPIC -
             DATE - 21:38:49 3/31/99
             FROM - Vic High

             Ganjahmel - have a good trip, I look forward to your reports.

             Ed - I've used the manure free soil right away without any problems.
             However, letting it sit just makes sure the pH and NPK levels are in
             balance. It also sweetens the mix as Eric mentioned.

             TOPIC - misc.
             DATE - 18:19:14 3/31/99
             FROM - GCH

             occam. Sorry if you are offended>..... have you taken a look at are latest
             budget.... as a tax payer i am sick and tired of the cost overuns( fast ferries)
             , lack of sufficient medical care( long wait lists for surgery) , horrible
             economy...ETC Glen Clark is a sad excuse for a premier . He makes bil
             vanderzalm ( bad spelling) look like a political genious. any how sorry for
             the rant folks... have many of the growers on the form used shiskaberry. i
             am very impressed with the overall performance of this dominant strain.. i
             am sure even novice growers can get a nice return using these heavy,
             flavour filled ladies

             TOPIC - misc.
             DATE - 18:04:58 3/31/99
             FROM - GCH

             sorry if i offenf you occam. have you taken a look at our latest budget here in
             bc. the ndp is a joke, Glen Clark is buy far the weekest premier since
             Vandezam ( bad spelling) any how i realize nobody wishes to discuss
             politics.. have many people on this panel used shiskaberry, i am very
             impressed by the overall performance of this dominent strain... can see a
             lot of commercial growers being very happy to fill their gardens with these
             heavy ladies...

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 16:57:55 3/31/99
             FROM - trelaway

             I just smoked some bud that smelled so much like lemon when the bag
             opened I was sure it'd been sprayed with lysol. Had an orange rind taste to
             it, like if you were to bite into an orange without peeling. It had also just
             been cut, a little fresh.

             TOPIC - Mowie wowie
             DATE - 16:40:23 3/31/99
             FROM - Eric

             Hey folks...I just wanted to let you know that the Mowie wowie that i got from
             the breeder from hawiia is an AWESOME plant..it is faster and stronger
             than anything i have right now...the smell is like LEMONS..just like
             them....and they are very uniformed......they are waste high and very very
             nice stuff..they are out doing the flo and the super skunk...and the huron
             and niagra....i will be able to compare them to cinderella99 soon....

             keep in mind that taste tests have not been done..despite the fact that i was
             told by a reliable source that it was way way way potent we will have to
             wait..just right now it is more vigorous and smells better than the rest....

             It does not clone as easily as flo though..nothing does so far....this strain i
             speak of is nopt available by anyone of the seedbanks..if it is as good as i
             think it will be i will send some samples to the proper folks that can judge
             it......but if the buds smell as nice as the plants..jesus crist it will be a

             TOPIC - ed
             DATE - 16:31:18 3/31/99
             FROM - Eric

             ed...yeah the time wait is to give the soil time to sweetin....as for the
             flowering..the mix that is in the recipe is enough to do...but you also have to
             use some know how here...to get the most from your stuff you need to
             always look amd judge what the plant is SAYING to you..and add what it
             wants..but although i have never used any of the recipes in the list just from
             llooking at them i can see that they will do just freakin fine....

             think of that recipe as one of the best....

             when you have done this with just regular dirt you will know that those
             recipes are "tops" and contian the needed stuff for OPTIUMUM growth..

             as for added stuff..you can add rock phosphate or make teas to add..but i
             dont think you will have to though..brcause man he has PLENTY of stuff in
             that mix...PLENTY

             I hope that this helps you.

             TOPIC - BCGA supersoil mix
             DATE - 15:53:26 3/31/99
             FROM - edhassle

             Hey vic,I,m going to give your supersoil recipe a try and was wondering
             what the purpose of letting the mix sit 1-2 weeks before using.Would it burn
             the plants if they were transplanted sooner than a week.Also would you
             recommend some bat guano or is the ingredient in the mix sufficient to
             provide through flowering.

             TOPIC - fliers
             DATE - 15:22:04 3/31/99
             FROM - Eric

             They always fly the second monday and tuesday in August......for the
             paranoid beginner just add your dew berry vines to you plants..or whatever
             else you have come up with....once you have been through it a few years
             you learn to just not water your plants a week before they fly..let those
             leaves droop down ...they will fly right by..hahah...

             TOPIC - post
             DATE - 15:17:30 3/31/99
             FROM - Eric

             Well here in the southern United States I know a couploe of growers that
             have done this for thirty years and never been busted...I only know a couple
             indoor growers..the only bust i know of was a guy growing indoors then
             trasnsplanting outdoors...they busted him from a tipo that his truck was
             always parked in the certain same spot in the woods...he didnt go to
             jail....and they conciderd him an EXPERT and genius because he had
             crossed a satavia and an indica and was using a HPS light indoors to
             grow.....they busted him with $10 and $5 bags ready to go and like 100
             seedlings in his home and 40 patch that had no camofladge whatso
             ever....he was an ignorant grower...but he didnt go to jail...narcotics units
             here know so little about the ins and outs about this that you rewally dont
             hear about busts....when they fly they fly for two days..6 hours each day..to
             cover the whole county. 99% of the time they just pull the plants and go

             You can not find primo buds for sale ANYWHERE around here..the demand
             is so high because there arent any suppliers...you can find home grown but
             the growers are R$EALLY lacking the genetic material to really crack your

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 14:04:30 3/31/99
             FROM - occam

             GCH: The local growers I know of that received significant jail time were
             convicted of theft of electricity in conjuction with a grow op. Very few local
             busts result in jail time, just fines and lawyer fees. Lots are convicted,
             however; I don't know the actual rates of conviction.
             BTW, I don't particularly like the NDP either, but your handle seems a bit
             extreme, IMO.

             TOPIC - legal question
             DATE - 13:37:38 3/31/99
             FROM - GCH

             does any body have any stats on the conviction rates of people charged
             with cultivation. I myself dont no a single busted grower who has ever
             spent time in prison... thank you all....

             TOPIC - Seeds of Courage?
             DATE - 13:10:13 3/31/99
             FROM - Ganjahmel

             I will be making my long awaited trip to A-dam tommorrow and I was
             wondering how I might go about getting in contact with Soma and his
             Seeds of Courage seed bank, I would also like to know if any one has
             expience with any of KC brains varitals? Any suggestions of cheap high
             quaity strains would be highly apriciated. I will post results of my favorite
             strains and coffeeshops if it would be of interest to anyone. Cool Runnings!

             TOPIC - Seeds of Courage?
             DATE - 13:08:46 3/31/99
             FROM - Ganjahmel

             I will be making my long awaited trip to A-dam tommorrow and I was
             wondering how I might go about getting in contact with Soma and his
             Seeds of Courage seed bank, I would also like to know if any one has
             expience with any of KC brains varitals? Any suggestions of cheap high
             quaity strains would be highly apriciated. I will post results of my favorite
             strains and coffeeshops if it would be of interest to anyone. Cool Runnings!

             TOPIC - post
             DATE - 08:36:23 3/31/99
             FROM - Eric

             Nah...no actual cases of this...I told him he must be crazy but he swears
             that he heard this on believe it or not "Martha Stewart"hahah....she likes to
             use bone meal and blood meal and she stopped because of the threat of
             the disease....i just thought it was an intresting topic so i decided to see
             what happened with it and if anyone else had heard anything...so far some
             people have heard of it but no cases of it..

             Vic did you get my mail???

             TOPIC - subcool
             DATE - 08:13:41 3/31/99
             FROM - pi

             bring your laptop with you this weekend and we will set it up or go to ...

             lwpa.com and follow the instsuctions.

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 07:45:14 3/31/99
             FROM - Budm

             Hi All
             Subcool, I saw I think in "growing Edge" mag a hood that may intrest you
             from sunlight supply, its a combo of a parabolic and a regular vert hood ,
             and I think it can be ordered with glass for air cooling.

             First sample of the ww x cob was great! just hoping that cureing gives it a
             better flavor, it was not sour, but it was not that sweet either, but the potentcy
             and duration and the energy of it were real nice, and you really cant beat the
             "cosmetic apperance" of this one, bright orange pistills and so many
             stalked tricomes they resmble patches of fuzz.Two Kali Mist girls just went
             into 12/12 if any one has any tips on this suposed "expert gardner" strain,
             all input is apprechiated.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 06:19:29 3/31/99
             FROM - R.C.

             Trelaway; Sorry to hear about your problem with the Roms, it is the first
             time I hear about herms with this strain. Drop me an e-mail so we can take
             care of the problem.

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 05:26:11 3/31/99
             FROM - Subcool

             Hey again<
             Thanks to woody whoever that is sent me some nice eggs.
             To all that sent eggs I really appreachate it.
             I'm more of an advisor now have designed and built several setups for
             A few of these folks are allowing me a bit of space to keep the G and a few
             other favs around so I won't have to smoke Govment weed( kinda like gov
             cheese but not as tasty)
             Question please instrut me on proxy set up use a diff tele line every day but
             still want to be safe.

             35146265 is my new icq feel free to ad me.
             Heading to Amsterdam Dec 28th for the bloom festival iof anyone is
             enterested let me know.

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 19:47:09 3/30/99
             FROM - trelaway


             All the male flowers came out at the base any stalk. I'll try them again but
             we're only talking about fifty canuck bucks, I'll just buy some more. I'm not
             upset about the herms and am not looking for restitution, but thank-you for

             If it'd happened later in flowering I'd have kept them in but there are still
             three or four weeks left on the blues, that's why I took them out; besides I
             am craving more bud butter.

             I took some blue clones this weekend and set up a small veg area so all
             will work well

             TOPIC - more catching up
             DATE - 16:21:05 3/30/99
             FROM - Vic High

             OT - no that is not deliberate, geocities sucks right now and won't let me
             edit update the page. I simply haven't had a weekend off to move the rest of
             the BCGA website to this new location.

             GCH - That's a popular method with some Vancouver semi-comercial
             growers. I can see it working with large plants (3-5'bushes). With an
             autowatering no-care growing setup I can see it working and being quite
             efficient where no light mover is available.

             Eric - you do come up with some doozies don't ya? Say, is there any actual
             cases of people getting Mad Cow Disease?

             Subcool - ya surfaced again my friend. Suprised you are already ready to
             dive back in :) I hope all is well. BTW - no expert here, but with such low
             celings, my guess is that aircooled would be the way to grow :)

             TOPIC - catching up
             DATE - 16:11:49 3/30/99
             FROM - Vic High

             Sorry guys but I won't be posting as often as I used to. Many changes in my
             life to deal with and thsi computer is going have to take a back seat for a

             guestlog - Yes I keep a guest log or two and yes I have and will use it. If this
             bothers you then don't give me a reason to use it. Believe me, I have better
             things to do with my time then tracking down trolls. Even you MB of Ontario. I
             welcome legit criticism from legit posters.

             Treleway - thanks for bringing your hermie problems to our attention. I take
             this seriously as should all growers. Budm, I'm still using the same mother
             and father for romberry so the old and new should be the same except the
             old will be smaller and may no longer be 100% germination. They may
             have dropped to 95% :)

             I don't baby my plants so that I can purposely expose any hermie
             tendancies. I have literally grown out hundreds of romberries and I seem to
             recall I full blown hermie and three or four partial ones. The partial ones
             were on my first batch and I suspect the result of some sort of stress like
             early flowering. They produces a few male flowers at the base of the lower
             buds. Clones from these did not hermie.

             I've gotten to know romberry's parents quite well and feel comfortable
             saying that any hermie tendancies would come from the blueberry line
             rather than the romulan line. The fact that your blueberries are still doing
             well makes your post even more interesting. It is easier to induce blueberry
             to reverse sex through stress than romberry. Blueberry also stresses
             easier than romberry.

             Trelaway - I feel quite certain that there was a screw-up someplace or
             somewhere. I'm certain that if you can verify your order with RC that he
             would send a replacement. That is if you would be willing to waste more
             space on them :) Or you can deal with me direct if you have an anon addy.

             TOPIC - hoods
             DATE - 14:14:04 3/30/99
             FROM - Subcool

             Hello gang need some asistance?
             What is the best 1000 watt reflector to buy with low ceilings?
             I'm wondering if we should go with luminarcs or a parabolic?
             room will be 9x10 with a peak hieght of 6 feet sloping down to about 42

             TOPIC - WARNING
             DATE - 12:44:34 3/30/99
             FROM - Eric

             WARNING>>>>>Please keep in mind that i have not 100% confirmed this
             but last night i was talking to a fellow grower about bone meal and
             blood meal in soil preperation and he told me he had heard that there has
             been cases that the famous "MAD COW
             DISEASE" can be transmitted to you from inhaling the dust of BLOOD MEAL
             OR BONE MEAL that is made from an
             infected animal. Like i said though..i have not 100% confirmed this and
             really dont know how to ,but it is information that i
             heard and i think it is important to let all of you guys know this because
             there are so many of us that use this stuff this time of
             year. I would at least wear a dust mask to be sure. If anyone does research
             this and find out for sure one way or another
             please post it for everyone. Good luck folks

             TOPIC - seed bracts
             DATE - 09:13:23 3/30/99
             FROM - Budm

             Hi all, just a observation from a newbie, afoaf is doing his 1st controlled
             crosses,allong with the F2 of Peak19 x P19s. Also using the pollen on a
             few diffrent strains, just to see what results from it. He had to leave a
             branch on his wwxcob to mature the seeds, allthough the rest of the
             unpollinated branches were harvested last week. And he has noticed that
             the seed bracts are covered in stalked tricomes, so much so that it looks
             like a carpet of white fuzz, I suppose that its mother natures way of "coating"
             the seeds to protect them against the elements till the spring time. Ingmars
             ww x cob X peak19, maybe the cross will be a good one. Its easy to see
             haow the seed bracts provide a good jacket against the winter hasrshness
             for protection.

             TOPIC - love the forum
             DATE - 13:14:29 3/29/99
             FROM - GCH (Glen Clark Hater)

             it is so nice that fellow gardeners can come and openly discuss different
             issues in this relaxed setting. Can a few of the veterans please tell me if
             they have experimented with growing without the use of hoods. heard from
             a few guys at my local shops that people are getting rid of their hoods and
             dropping their lights just a couple feet off the floor.they position their plants
             around the light and rotate them accordingly. thank you kindly...

             TOPIC - mums
             DATE - 08:05:09 3/29/99
             FROM - pi

             i would be of the opinion that clones of clones would tend to bring on
             genetic drift. i would suspect that many of the old strains are still around in
             the form of mothers.

             i was at a loss as to how to keep mums, but with the help of ot1 and few
             others i have 2 in 10" pots that are about 18" tall and they look like a
             basketball or football held a foot off of the ground by stems. i have thought
             of learning the art of Bonsi.

             i had mine under floros at first and this worked out great for the size of
             garden i had. keep in mind that you can also adjust the nuts you feed them
             to. seems like ot1 has all of his mum in 6" pots under floros and the oldest
             is 15 years but i will let the MASTER finish his tale.

             TOPIC - Hermi
             DATE - 14:23:28 3/28/99
             FROM - Budm

             Hi All,
             Vic, Do you use a "Set" of parents to produce the Romberry seeds? Be
             cause the question I have is, can two sets of seeds, from the same parents
             just produced by diffrent clones in diffrent times, have one batch more
             predisposed do going hermi, or taken a step further, If the beans that my
             friend recieved from RC in Oct, had been the same ones that Trelaway
             recieved would they under the same conditions maybe not hermi up on
             him, I hope I explained it clearly. Because seed banks/ breeders etc, seem
             to allways point the finger at "enviromental stress", Im just wondering if
             there is a great amount a varience in the possiablity of hermis,
             from batch to batch, like in the exact closet and conditions, that my friends
             Roms did well in with no hermis, would other Rom seeds go hermi, due to
             there on variables, can stress be a factor when the Mom is making the

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 11:43:06 3/28/99
             FROM - trelaway

             Rover, that's funny--when I've used cloning B4 I did it the way you
             described, that is take clones from the plant I intend to drop in the bud
             room and never have a mom. I'm gonna do it that way again for the reason
             you mention, mainly room.

             I'm gonna gut an old dresser that's got a floor of 4.5 sq.ft. and line the
             inside with two foot flos; room for a tray/dome and four two gallon pots.

             thanx for the thought.

             TOPIC - Why keep mothers?
             DATE - 10:44:09 3/28/99
             FROM - Rover

             Trelaway do you find it easier to keep mothers and clone from them? I find
             that it's easier to take whatever clones you need and then grow them out
             and start again from cuttings. This seems to take up less space and your
             always assured a fresh crop. Assuming that you dont loose potency with
             successive cycles.

             I always felt that my mothers were getting older and less efficient with time
             (several years). Most people seem to say that the age of a plant doenst
             effect its potency but I dont necessarily agree. I always feel that "old" is bad
             because of how it can be related to any living organism. Not that the strain
             is old but the actual plant is old as with genetics older means better as
             long as selection is at play. Obviously this is more important when
             breeding is concerned but genetics may still be an issue with a single
             strain that is just being cloned to preserve that plants traits.

             Any opinions?

             BE KIND

             TOPIC - link
             DATE - 00:04:02 3/28/99
             FROM - oldtimer1

             Vic your link on the bcga page still takes folk to the old page is this
             deliberate? Hope all is well with you Ot1.

             TOPIC - Trelaway
             DATE - 18:50:10 3/27/99
             FROM - Bill Clinton

             Let me know how those pellets work. I'm a die hard organic grower & I've
             got a good mix but it needs a boost. I've had problems w/guano before &
             those pellets may be a good alternative.

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 18:25:35 3/27/99
             FROM - trelaway

             So, I had to yank my rom girls, they hermed. The blues are truckin' along
             nice tho. It's another lesson learned.

             I've been struggling to maintain my own pot thru seed growing but I guess I
             should build a mom/clone box and start ordering seed from the perspective
             of selecting moms instead of just growing them out.

             bought some of that alaska pellet fert I was typing about. I'll use it on a
             couple of the blues and report back.

             TOPIC - just maybe
             DATE - 04:12:20 3/27/99
             FROM - pi

             he is trying to ID the person who has been destroying the page and the
             person who linked this page to a police page a
             while back

             just maybe

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 02:57:48 3/27/99
             FROM - trelaway

             yeah--what you've done is found my server. No biggie. You get an ip, you
             get a server. 1+1=2. You think the DEA couldn't do that even if I did use a

             TOPIC - whitefly's
             DATE - 19:48:49 3/26/99
             FROM - t2

             justice,i had whiteflies my last go round and kept em under control with the
             vacuum hose.if you have a small closet,just shake the plants and when
             they fly,suck em up.

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 18:48:27 3/26/99
             FROM - trelaway

             You can't use the net without leaving an IP trail. At best, you can slow them
             down. Proxy or no proxy, they want ya, they can have you whenever. Don't
             kid yerself.

             TOPIC - Guest Log
             DATE - 15:12:18 3/26/99
             FROM - Justme

             Vic >> excuse me if this has already been discussed/brought
             up - but this site is generating a guest log which records the IP's of anyone
             who makes a post.

             just thought I'd let you know.

             TOPIC - Has anyone here grown Sensi's Afghani #1?
             DATE - 08:37:44 3/26/99
             FROM - Mota

             The plants I have, shot up like sativas, but they have large indica type
             leaves. The buds are not as thick as I expected instead they are long and
             only about an inch in diameter. I'm only using a 400 MH, do you think they
             need more light? My White Skunk and BCSC Northern Blueberry are under
             they same light, but are short and have dense buds.


             TOPIC - ohowihatewhiteflies
             DATE - 17:35:59 3/25/99
             FROM - stix

             Justice, my sympthy goes out to you bro. I just had my first infestion(thanks
             to my beloved dog who brought them in) after 13 years of indoor gardens.
             Pyrethrin in aerosol is what I found to be most effective for mature larger
             plants, spray every third day up to 2-3 weeks before harvest.(I prefer the
             bomb to do the space rather than spraying the leaves) The life cycle is 4-6
             weeks dependant on temp and they go thru 4 juvenile stages before they
             grow wings and you can see them and then they start laying eggs. Until you
             can empty your grow for a few weeks to deny them food they will be
             practically impossible to completly eleminate. I kept my space clear for
             three weeks but that wasnt long enough. For smaller plants the safer soap
             solution works well but in a larger grow its very diffult to wash all the leaves.
             Luck man.

             TOPIC - oh shit!!!
             DATE - 15:51:21 3/25/99
             FROM - justice

             whiteflies!?! what do i do???

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 14:16:33 3/25/99
             FROM - trelaway

             I wuz just in a local gardening centre (not a grow shop) and discovered a
             new product (to me) on thieir organic table. Alaska fish fert company is
             selling pelleted organic ferts that can be added to the top of the soil.

             I think they intend it for outside use but I was wondering if anyone has had
             experience with this stuff. Im using alaska's 0-10-10 liquid fert now but I
             think its a chem and not organic like thier 5-2-2.

             TOPIC - Eric & being polite
             DATE - 06:17:24 3/25/99
             FROM - Budm

             Hi all,
             Eric thanks for the kind words, I guess Ive allways been the kind of person
             thats either 100% into something or not involved at all.

             And "Mers" if you have nothing of value to add, just take it somewhere else,
             and if you do have the nuts to critisise,
             have the nuts to use your real handle, dont be spineless!

             Vic I really see how hybred vigor in the F1 speeds up the veg, in your
             experience will the hybred vigor be as noticable in the flowering as it is in
             the veg? Or can the Roms x AF1 be as fast and productive as there hybred
             moms were in flowering?

             TOPIC - post
             DATE - 17:33:09 3/24/99
             FROM - Eric

             Hey Budm

             For a guy that just learned about the cannabis culture on the web....and just
             harvested his first crop..you know alot about the ins and outs about this
             stuff..It amazes me how you can relate to just about every aspect of this
             culture the way you do..you learn FAST man.....I enjoy your informative
             posts...see ya

             TOPIC - post
             DATE - 17:32:25 3/24/99
             FROM - Eric

             Hey Budm

             For a guy that just learned about the cannabis culture on the web....and just
             harvested his first crop..you know alot about the ins and outs about this
             stuff..It amazes me how you can relate to just about every aspect of this
             culture the way you do..you learn FAST man.....I enjoy your informative
             posts...see ya

             TOPIC - Rom 2
             DATE - 15:42:12 3/24/99
             FROM - Budm

             Hi All, well afoafs Rom a few months back accidently got pollinated by a fast
             maturing AF#1, that had been left unculled to long. Any how the resulting
             seeds germed great, he now he has 2, 6 week old girls, but for sure there
             mom was much more vigerous, that F1 vigor is no BS, they are about 4"
             shorter than she was at the same age, and they are in the same
             enviroment,light, medium ferts yada yada yada. They did keep moms smell
             for sure, I cant belive how just a few grow tips, on a vegging
             young(6week)girl can produce so much smell!! Vic you must have that
             Ozone cranked all the way up!! If any ones intrested Ingmars cross of WW
             with CalOrange, is absolutly fantastic,in every respect, white tricomes so
             frosty that it resembles fuzz, and only about a 45-50 day flower, the only
             down side is the yield, not a great one, however it was only one female, bad
             ratio from germed seeds, but thats all luck of the draw.This cross overcame
             the "sour" widow tang, that "Ingmars Punch"(wwxskunk)had, and really
             taste is a big consideration, Ings "Magic Crystal" is a definite repeet, along
             with Rom, and JackFlash, 3 repeets out of about 8 strains not to shabby
             eh? But its all a individule cosideration thing.. be safe all..

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 19:53:25 3/23/99
             FROM - Bill Clinton

             Hi All!
             I don't post much anymore but I still lurk.
             I guess Pi & Budm's description of the flavor hit it dead on. I only wish I
             could tame the smell, it's too dangerous for me to keep right now. My nugs
             were harder than usual due to light compression, but they were still very
             dense, "chunky" nugs. I wish I would have saved more of it, but it was a big
             hit with the friends & didn't last long.

             TOPIC - Roumlan
             DATE - 16:42:51 3/22/99
             FROM - Rover

             Vic - The romulan I grew was from Spice of Life. They also called it
             strawberry blonde at times. The buds even smelled like strawberry. Is this
             the same romulan (pine) that you talk of? It was similar in taste to the
             Romberry that Budm and Bill Clinton talk about, had a hashy berry
             aftertaste to it. I saw the Marc Emery Romulan that you mentioned. Im
             curious to know if this is the same genetics? Im sure you probably have
             knowledge of this.

             I just crossed the Romulan with Skunk1 and waiting to see the results.
             Really wicked looking plants. The kept the big symmetric thick stemmed
             fans of the Rom and now has a mild skunky tone to it.

             TOPIC - Interesting Idea
             DATE - 16:08:02 3/22/99
             FROM - Mota

             I do not have any Fig Widow pollen, but I do have a little White Widow pollen
             left. E-mail me, myerba@mailcity.com, and we'll talk.


             TOPIC - intresting idea
             DATE - 14:38:41 3/22/99
             FROM - Dankmaster

             Hey Mota your Fig Widow looks like it has good potential..if you have pollen
             handy and your intrested in crossing it with G13 email me

             TOPIC - polm and cold water extraction
             DATE - 13:29:53 3/22/99
             FROM - pi

             we had a group of people look at this technique about a year back and the
             idea was dropped because although it works well, the resulting polm is of
             a lesser quality than can be attained via the screen method. imho, the
             extraction method is for one who plans on selling the polm and is not
             concerned with quality.

             when using the screen method, one can collect 1st rub, 2nd rub etc with
             each successive rub being of of less quality than the previous rub. so for
             my stash i like the idea of using a screen or a shaker method. that way i
             can segregate the 1st rub for my presonal stash and the remaining rubs
             can be used as you see fit.

             TOPIC - phenotypes
             DATE - 09:57:31 3/22/99
             FROM - justice

             i was wondering if mr. high could give a few specs on what to look for if you
             are trying to tell some strains apart from his romulan/ romberry suprises...
             they all have huge solar fan leaves, some have red racers up the stalks
             (blueberry?), but i wanted to know about branching, stockiness, aroma, etc.
             Vic the girls are three weeks flowered and as perky as fifteen year olds :>

             TOPIC - Wrong URL heres the correction....
             DATE - 08:38:33 3/22/99
             FROM - Budm

             My bad, heres the correct URL for High Life Magazine.

                             Link: High Life Magazine ~Holland

             TOPIC - Glad Im not the only one
             DATE - 08:32:44 3/22/99
             FROM - Budm

             Hi All
             pi- That description of Rom's taste, is exactally how I described it, the berry
             kindof lemoney,with a strong hashy undertone. And it holds well so far in
             the fridge, in glass jar since Jan, with no noticeable loss of anything.

             Well the F2 generation is indeed variable,Ak47 sat/doms looked identicle
             untill 5th week 12/12, the two girls were very uniform all along, now one is
             really filling out and fatting up, while the other is not.The combonations that
             can occur in the f2 generation are great, if you have the space to grow out a
             large amount of beans to find what your after. I suppose to a degree thats
             required with some F1s too, because they are not stabilized. Did any one
             read the new HT where Greenhouses head breeder said that he releases
             F1s to the public, when a sample of like 100beans sent to a lab to get DNA
             mapped,showes 80% stability, that 8 out of 10 beans will look identicle on
             there individule DNA map.Look for Arjan on the cover, the worlds most
             famous dealer, and media hound..lol;-) Serioulsy its a good issue this timw
             , the centerfold is really 3 centerfolds, of 25 close-ups of buds entered in
             the cup. A good article was penned by "Patty Collins". And shes right how
             can one really tell quality when your rolling "bombers", enen schwag will
             stone ya if you smoke enough. i really like the Idea of the dutch counterparts
             cup, Highlife magazine, blind samples only submitted by number, no strain
             name, or seedbank name, and the judges have three weeks not 3 days-
             1week to smoke the entries. And no huge 'Smokers Balls and parties" to
             politically lobbie for a seed company/coffeshop, thats like the political
             process in the US buy the votes why the HL winner this year"Sensi star"
             from paradise, Is a "wish list" for sure. High life mag has a cool site, Ill put
             the URL/link below, check out the "Weed Cam" in a Dutch grow room, and
             the "Bush Dr" is a good resource.Click on "English" unless your Dutch id

             To any one using cold-water extraction/blender to make hash, afoaf, got a
             much bigger funnel for the silk-screen, and yielded a much higher amount,
             than before with a small funnel, makes sense more surface area to utilize,
             more tricomes/gland-heads passing through. So far the Rom leaves made
             the best quality hash, and tastiest. Yall be safe..

                             Link: High Life Magazine~ Holland

             TOPIC - vic
             DATE - 17:24:33 3/21/99
             FROM - pi

             got some samples of your romberry from Bill Clinton and the taste of
             lemon berry and the nugs are extremely hard and compact. does that
             sound right?

             i have 12 seedlings going and they are not sexed yet. when i get ready to
             pick a mom is their a particlular phenotype to look for as a keeper?

             TOPIC - Ohhhhhhhhhhhh
             DATE - 08:16:11 3/21/99
             FROM - Vic High

             Ohh my head hurts. Been working like a dog lately so took yesterday
             afternoon off and had a good one. Despite the pain, it was just what the
             doctor ordered, haha.

             ph & powerhouse - not quite sure what you are talking about. I respect the
             bros and dream of some day creating a space queen with princess and
             romulan but me and the bros have always kept our distance. Maybe I've
             missed something lately.

             Rover - cloning BW wasn't a problem for me despite my archaeic methods,
             haha. I don't treat my clones very well and it's survival of the fittest. All five

             Rover - hey what was your romulan source? I've been wanting to grow out
             Emery's version but have been having trouble hooking up. Pure romulan
             (pine bud) is an incedible plant, I was hoping Emery's breeder was able to
             closely duplicate it.

             Say, the new names are welcome, but where is all the new traffic coming
             from? This page hasn't been listed on any search engines has it?

             trelaway - eating cannabis would be my preferred method of getting stoned
             except I never have the time to process the stuff. I wish I knew someone
             over here that I would feel comfortable giving my leaves to. I compost it all.
             As for your question, Stark's Marijuana Chemistry book goes into this in the
             most detail of all my readings. It showed tremendous variation but yes I
             believe vegged plants were also high in THC. Brain's a little fuzzy on this
             this AM so don't trust me 100% on this, haha. I remember some patterns

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 22:49:07 3/20/99
             FROM - trelaway

             So I just cooked my males into half pound of butter that got me half a dozen
             eight hour stones; Ima big fan and would luv to offset my toking habit with
             eating. Anyway,

             Sometime this summer Im gonna grow a bushy/tall vegetative crop to
             make butter. Do the active ingredients exist in plants that haven't been put
             into flower? The males i cooked had been ten days in 12/12. I just wanna
             know so to plan for height if I have to trigger flowering before taking them


             TOPIC - Vic , good job
             DATE - 16:35:49 3/20/99
             FROM - powerhouse

             Just checked your page out, Vic. Pretty sweet. Good to know that you are
             teaming up with Bros Grimm. Wow, imagine crossing Cindy 99 with
             blueberry. BlueCindy, now that sounds very tasty dont it?

             TOPIC - YOur the best Vic
             DATE - 12:50:22 3/20/99
             FROM - ph

             Vic, word has it that you are hooking up with the Brothers Grimm to help
             them out of there situation. I put in a good word for you so I hope you will
             help them out.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 06:20:42 3/20/99
             FROM - Rover

             Budm- Thanks for that link. I was stickin my nose around in there but
             could'nt find any specs on their strains. Oh well, I guess i'll just have to
             make my own.

             Romberry sounds like a nice strain, i've heard nothing but good things
             about it. Im regretting not getting shiskaberry on my last order with SoL.
             Went with romulan instead and my healthiest plants got really sticky and
             skinky but alot a variation between plants. It seemed the best ones were
             only topped once for two huge kolas. Good strains indeed my friend!

             Vic- Thanks for the insight into the BWidow. Im hoping that my luck is at
             least 50/50 on ladies so I can be more selective. I just hope she's
             cloneable. Have you any luck in that department? Im not anticipating a
             heavy return as you had mentioned. I am curious to see how sticky they get
             and if fans do also like WW. Well good luck with your duration. Ill keep
             posted on progress.

             I got ahold of some old Dutch Passion Skunk 1 seeds. Do you think they
             are worth germing?

             Thanks guys...

             TOPIC - Greetings
             DATE - 14:01:59 3/19/99
             FROM - el coyote

             HI all! surprised (but happy!) to see a board on this subject...been growing
             for personal for 10+ yrs, and find all the talk about strains fascinating...in
             these parts grass is just that, no "strain" or anything. Had read about under
             lights cultivation, but never imagined how sophisticated and popular it was.
             Its funny, now I look at my citys streetlights with different eyes, hehehe. Its
             all *very* interesting, lots of stuff I didnt know. Best wishes

             el coyote

             TOPIC - uhm, hey!
             DATE - 12:59:44 3/18/99
             FROM - justice

             what's the good word peoples? just cruisin through the neighborhood and
             found something of interest in a post from vic not too long ago. something
             about the domes of his cloning trays effectively holding oxygen (as a p/s
             byproduct) to retard fungus or rot infection with his clones. this made me
             wonder if there was a direct ratio of 1:1 co2 and oxygen between p/s and
             respiration. what i'm getting at is if you had a self contained garden with an
             airseal and no ventilation on a flowering cycle, could the co2 produced
             during respiration be sufficient enough to sustain the room during the light
             hours? hhhhhmmmmmmm.......
             any thoughts?

             TOPIC - Bad link to NCGA/Reaserch Int heres the correction
             DATE - 07:28:40 3/18/99
             FROM - Budm

             Sorry heres the right URL to NCGA/Research Int.

                             Link: NCGA~Research International

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 07:23:11 3/18/99
             FROM - Budm

             Hi all
             Munty, best of luck to your friend;-)
             Rover, I know Munty listed NCGA's European site, but he recently set up a
             new site, that he(NCGA) promises to be updated(Even though all thats
             done so far is to mirror the content of the Europe site, stay tuned to it
             once-in-a-while,I guess for up-dates) The link is below.

             Well let me tell ya the most impressive strain since afoafs first strain which
             was Romberry, has really come along nicely, its Peak19, and in both of its
             phenos its a real sight, it comes in a Stonehedge and Mat Tundra
             expression, they both start frosting with tricomes early(2weeks), the
             MatTundra would work great when you need a really short plant, the spec at
             Sag says they are a/b .5-.75meter, the one MT/P19 girl that afoaf has is
             18",after 4weeks 12/12,they streach so little, it was forced at 13", and
             basically all of its branches are starting to form one whole plant connected
             cola, It would be great in "Arena" style grows for the rows that need short
             style plants, or any grow where hight is a factor.
             Also "Magic Crystal" (WWxCalO) from Ingmar is a great strain also, the odor
             is unmistakeably "Orange"at 4weeks12/12, and the flowers are twice as fat
             in diameter as any of the 5 strains in the grow, Ingmar must select against
             skinny colas, because the "Ingmars Punch"(WWxSkunk) was the same
             really fat colas, I guess 17years can lead to really fine atributes in strains,
             thats alot of time to grow out lots of generations, and do lots of selecting
             and backcrossing.
             Well thats it folks, yall be safe, and take care, Vic I was at the main page
             yesterday it keeps getting better and better, how do you find the time? I
             would venture to say your somewhat of a efficency expert with you free time,
             more power to ya Bro ;-)

                              Link: http://www.researchint.org

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 00:10:14 3/18/99
             FROM - Munty

             I agree Vic,My friend has had a lot of losses even though he has a bit of
             knowledge with gardening but I am not in a position to check his garden
             frequently and I think the fact that he lives alone amplifies any problems he
             Thanks to you and Budm for your thoughts

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 22:51:41 3/17/99
             FROM - trelaway

             I've been toying with fungas knats recently and have found diligence
             regarding free standing water in the grow helped lots; particularly wiping
             the drip trays dry after watering. It means going around a half hour
             afterward and towel drying the drip trays but it seems to work.

             Also, I have a small one lite grow so this only takes me ten minutes, could
             be a pain for bigger grows with big pots.

             TOPIC - this and that
             DATE - 22:26:44 3/17/99
             FROM - Vic High

             Munty - I wasn't intending to recommend any particular procedures. I was
             just giving my perspective of the unique situation you mentioned. However,
             my experience with tree and shrub clones isn't much different than
             herbaceous cuts such as MJ except that sometimes the woody cuts have a
             longer time frame. My hunch that monitoring health would be a bigger
             concern still holds though :)

             OT - We actually call Hypoaspis miles a fungas gnat preventor. In soil
             applications, this is the best biological control I've ever seen. It doesn't die
             off when the the fungas gnats are gone. It simply sustains itself on other
             dead organics in the soil. It also helps prevent thrips populations from
             becoming established, amongst other pests. It had no effect on mites
             though, :)

             Rover - I planted 5? BW seeds and ended up with 2 girls. One girls was tall
             (~4') and the other short (~3'). They both naturally bushed out somewhat
             when grown in 2 gal pots. I expect to harvest at month end, and at this point,
             they are not the heaviest yielders. From what I've read, this plant is grown
             for qualities other than yield (potency and flavour :). My observations may be
             just random chance though with such a small sample size. I feel lucky to be
             growing them and can't wait to see the outcome.

             TOPIC - NCGA
             DATE - 21:09:40 3/17/99
             FROM - Munty

             Hi Rover,
             Here is the link to NCGA's site
             You have some mighty fine genetics there by all accounts,
             check out the comments about BW on the growers comments page

                                  Link: NCGA In Europe

             TOPIC - message
             DATE - 16:55:02 3/17/99
             FROM - Eric

             catapillars really suck man......

             TOPIC - info
             DATE - 16:51:54 3/17/99
             FROM - ERIC

             Hey Rover
             Ncga usuallyis in and out of these boards..someone here im sure has his
             email addy..he would be the best person to ask about his stuff...but your
             lights look ok...as for keeping it short and bushy just pinch it back...pinch
             the new growth and put it on a plate until it drys..keep doing this with all the
             new groth that grows from the nodes and eventually you will be able to roll a
             joint form the stuff..this will cause your plant to grow two branches where
             there were only one....If you need more details just ask...

             TOPIC - NCGA's Blue Widow
             DATE - 15:43:16 3/17/99
             FROM - Rover

             Hello Everybody,
             Im new to this site and I dont post much but I just received my seeds from
             HS. I cant find any info on this plant on the web.?! Do any of you kind fellows
             have any experience with this lady. I am interested in getting them bushy
             with keeping them fairly short, less than 3ft tall.

             Im only using a 400MH and I supplement with a 400HPS during 12 hours. I
             would love to get an idea of what yeild should be.

             Any info would be great.

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 15:11:08 3/17/99
             FROM - loop_hole

             OT1:i'm not vic but i have used them for fungus knats. Worked well and
             didn't notice them at all. Since then i've filtered my input vent and placed a
             small germicidal bulb at the enterance of the vent and haven't had a single
             bug since (and i use organics!).
             hope that helps.

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 10:39:45 3/17/99
             FROM - oldtimer1

             Vic could you look at my post from a few days ago I just want to know if
             ``Hypoaspis''is the preditor that you said worked for fungus knats in soil?
             TIA. Ot1.

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 10:13:08 3/17/99
             FROM - Munty

             Thanks Vic,
             would you recommend these techniques for cloning small trees and

             TOPIC -
             DATE - 07:40:50 3/17/99
             FROM - Vic High

             Munty - my hunch is that your friend will have far greater problems
             monitoring the health of teh plants than worrying about the physical
             activities such as planting and watering.

             Even transplanting should be a snap no matter the medium with the right
             techniques. simply let the roots develope and then let the medium dry
             somewhat. push bottom of cell and voila! up pops the little clone, rootball
             and all.

             I think monitoring for pests, assessing nutrient and pH problems would be
             a far bigger concern. How can you feel that the pH is off? Or feel a nutrient
             deficiency? Or feel the grey mold attack on a flat of seedlings? Thrips?
             Mites wouldn't be too bad, they feel gritty on the leaf undersides when their
             populations increase.

             My experience is that rockwool root cubes are very unstable pH wise.
             Sometimes they need to be adjusted and sometimes not. Because I don't
             offer my clones alot of attention, cloning in rockwool has been a hit and
             miss technique.

             I like to set my clones, water well enough that the bottom of the tray is
             holding 1/4" water, spray with nodamp, cover with a dome, and then ignore
             for two weeks. They never need water as long as the dome remains in
             place. Dome also seems to prevent root rot by trapping the oxygen given off
             by the clones and keeping the medium oxygen saturated. Now if your buddy
             really wants to hedge his bets, he could remove the dome after the two
             weeks, feed, and then let go another week to really get the roots developed.
             Sure it takes 3 weeks, but this only means planning ahead. For a small
             time hobby setup, what else will he be doing with teh cloning chamber,

             I guess I'm just saying that I could probably set, water, and even transplant
             clones blind folded, regardless of media. Sure I would be sloppy at first, but
             with practice? I for the life of me can't figure how your buddy will be able to
             monitor the health of the plants though.

             TOPIC - Cutting mediums
             DATE - 21:21:02 3/16/99
             FROM - Munty

             Hi all
             Budm- Thanks for your thoughts,you understand my friends problem well
             I agree the 4 inch cubes would probably be the best bet for my friends
             Vic- The problem is when you see nothing at all life becomes
             "snapshots" as my friend says and you see things in your mind as they
             were last time you checked,it is easy to forget the little jobs when you have
             to rely on your memory alot more than sighted folks
             Also I didn't really make it clear but he really needs a medium than doesn't
             require removing delicate seedlings from their pots or wherever they
             started life as this is very difficult when you can't see what your doing he
             tells me he frequently breaks tap roots etc..
             Looks like Rockwool will be the go as they can be transplanted without
             thanks guys

             TOPIC - Budm....too bad
             DATE - 19:30:09 3/16/99
             FROM - Naughty

             i was real sad to hear that the nl#9 cross was a male....that would have
             been real tasty stuff..and too bad the cats killed the other 2 ...i was realy
             looking forward to your opinion of that cross..the ak-47 has an ok taste...the
             buzz will slam you in the forehead like a 2x4 but the buzz will be short lived
             and intense.... when those ak`s are ready be sure to inhale lightly or you will
             hack heavily...not for bogarts...do yourself a favour and grow them nl#9
             beans as soon as you can..the taste is outstanding...all that have tried it
             have commented that this herb has no memory in the old taste bank...it is
             truly original....a hashy sweet and sour creeper intense couch lock buzz...it
             is a real hit in these parts...and it lingers 4 hours.....sorry that i haven`t
             posted sooner but i just found this new and improved VH site....way to go

             TOPIC - when to water?
             DATE - 19:11:36 3/16/99
             FROM - Vic High

             Munty - I wanted to wait to see what others wrote. You see, (excuse the pun
             :) I don't use my eyes to determine when to water my plants, whether small
             cuts, or large plants. I go by weight of the pots or trays. It's the fastest way
             for me and I can't see how the medium would play a role. You friend being
             blind would adapt to this faster than us seeing folks I suspect. Just my 2

             TOPIC - cutting mediums/Munty
             DATE - 09:18:17 3/16/99
             FROM - Budm

             Hi all, Munty, I myself have impared vision, my left eye is about 20/300, and
             my right eye is about 20/80, and its only made worse by my diabeties and
             the swings in bloodsugar. However with glasses that correct my right eye to
             allmost 20/20 im ok, my left eye even through a real thick lens still is bad
             maybe a/b 20/200. My vission makes pre flower ID real hard untill the 7-8
             week,so af helps me out, and looking for hermis is difficult to. So ive been
             giving your friends situation some thought, and IMO 4" RW cubes would be
             good, they are easy to work with, and dont require pouring mixtures into
             cups or measuring, they are easy to identify by touch when the cutting has
             out grown them, and they are uniform in size.Thinking a/b my own sight and
             if it got worse, and I needed to decide which way to continue with cloning,
             with just the faculity of "touch & feel" I think 4" cubes would be my choice,
             especially because the water retention is good, and is easy to determine
             when its getting dry. I hope this is of some help to your friend.

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