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Time 10:53, 26 Feb 1999
From High Dog

Hi Vic

Nice place you have here.I hope you don't mind my stopping by.

I am thinking of trying your Romberry.Does it have the alarming stench of a strain like
Skunk while growing it?


High Dog

Time 14:47, 25 Feb 1999
From figment

Vic - You are correct Sir. As most hoods have an enamel finish, they will indeed flake up
quite a bit when hammered. Just use a wire brush to get rid of the chipped paint, then
rough up the entire hood for a new coat using a high grit sandpaper. Now as for the paint,
titanium white is a "bright white" which is a good thing. There are "pure white" pigments
(not related) that are brighter but somewhat more expensive. You can apply an enamel
paint again or if $ permits you could have an powder finish applied. Powder finishes are
best as they have more surface area than a smooth flat finish. And as stated before, the
more surface area the better. Enamel paint in spray cans is available everywhere (Krylon,
Rustoleum, Trak). I know ofshops that will apply powder finishes on a mag wheel
at $50 +/-. I imagine that a hood could be done for less? As in all things, trust is a good
thing if you show up with 10 hoods looking for a bulk deal.

Disclaimer: Vic, I have every faith in you. For others who will read this missive, if you
have a decent commercial shade DO NOT take a claw hammer to it to pebble it's surface.
Iused a "slag" hammer (welding tool) and a 200 lb. anvil. I was also patient and
used a soft hand. I grew up working in a mechanics shop (thanks Dad) and use tools
every day. I would recommend that anyone with a mirror finish on their hood to consider
putting a "bright white" flat enamel finish on. I used a friends light meter before and after
my little experiment and I saw a 6% increase in reflected light on my first try and a
10-12% on my second. Your mileage may be exacly this (but I doubt it).

I'll shut up now

Time 11:42, 25 Feb 1999
From Pauly

Vic, I've been lurking here for months and have only posted twice. As for my problem
with Eric, that was kept to the CanKids board and ended a couple months ago, so there's
no need for you to sweat it. I try not to post unless I have something of value to
contribute, and I know very little about growing, so there's not much chance of my
stepping on any toes on this forum.

Time 10:46, 25 Feb 1999
From Vic High

New Page!

can be found at:

I will oficially move this weekend but if anyone wants to check it out or use it in the
meantime, they are welcome. Feedback is also welcome.

Pauly - don't think I've seen you here before. You are welcome but your battle with Eric
isn't. Between the two of you, the first to throw a stone will become unwelcome. I hope
you understand.

Thanks for your input, I too have found that revegged plants make excellent sources for
clones. In addition I have noticed that they get too bushy to produce quality buds without
severe selective pruning.

figment - any ideas on what's the best paint to use to repaint the dinted up shades? I
assume that hammering them will remove some white paint. I've heard mention of using a
special titanium white paint. Is this important and can you get it in an aerosol form that
can handle the high heat?

Time 08:21, 25 Feb 1999
From Pauly

No Trel, they stem won't grow at all. At least it doesn't when I revegetate. Just expect it
to seriously bush out, with little gain in height. If you clone, you'll be able to takes zillions
of clones from a reveged plant.

Time 02:32, 25 Feb 1999
From figment (figment@mypad.com)

trelaway - IMHO No, your plants will not double their height. They will however increase
their inter-nodal length, pick up some "leg" as they say. If you have the room they will
take more volume. You can train them much easier than most pets though. Just remember
to be gentle as you can shock the plant and then delay a harvest.

flower power - IMHO I figure it like this. With a bare vertical bulb as a baseline, a generic
hood reflects less than 10% back, a parabolic hood is better at 15-20%, then a horizontal
bulb with a generic hood at 15-25% and finally a nice pebble finished, flat white
professional hood at 40% And for weight I really do belive that the more light that hits the
plant the better. For that 25% increase in weight though, you would need a superior plant.

A couple last comment on hoods while I got a good rave going on. Mirror finishes suck.
They throw light around in bad ways, and create hotspots. They also waste a lot of
energy producing heat. All right I guess, if your growing in a cold room and need the heat.
Stick with flat white. If you have a hand with a hammer you might try to create a pebbled
finish. The increase in surface area will reflect back more light. Be warned though, it
would be really easy to wreck a decent hood in an attempt with poor tools and a shakey

I'll shut up now

Time -1:07, 25 Feb 1999
From trelaway


I'm thinking of trying re-vegging with the plants I have now and have a question.

I expect these plants to finish arount three feet; after I reveg them will they double in
height again when I throw them back to bud?

Time 17:37, 24 Feb 1999
From flower power

one more thing. can anyone please tell me the difference in yield when horizontal hoods are used as opposed to vertical. I have heard up to a 25% difference in weight....

Time 17:34, 24 Feb 1999
From flower power

heard an interesting little tid bit from the buddy who runs my local shop...apparently people are into flowering without the use of their hoods.. great results are been obtained using this method. i guess they lower the hps right down near the ground and position there plants around them, rotating accordingly. has anyone tried this? i am a little sceptacle.... peace to all!!!!!

Time 02:44, 24 Feb 1999
From figment

Vic - Damn you can be prolific, I am looking forward to the new site. Thanks for the response re: 12/6.

Anyone - Through the kindness of friends I have secured some White Rhino clones. Anyone know of the genetics here? Seed Banks are somewhat sparse in their description of this strain. I've seen some 30 days after a flip and they look like a hybrid alright. More sativa than not. Any comments?

trelaway - Thank you for your input as well, damn I wish I had known of this resource when I started growing back in cowtown. You Left coasters sure do love to "garden".

Time 18:43, 23 Feb 1999
From Vic High

Whew! I think I'm finally caught up. If I missed anyone, my apologies. Can't wait to move to the new location. I owe a friend a big thanks for his help with this one.

Time 18:36, 23 Feb 1999
From Vic High

Budm - thanks again for the kind words my friend. I still think the romberry is the best
value of all the bcga genetics for most growers. The main reson for the suprises is that I
was uncomfortable with teh number of beginning growers that were trying to grow
something as finicky as blueberry. I suspected teh price played a big role there. Now the
beginning growers can get twice as many seeds and they should be far easier to grow.
Maybe Justice can fill us in if my hunch is right. One problem with the suprises is that I
doubt if any two growers will get the same results, LOL.

Thanks for the info in the WWW strain. I wish they had a pure WW line, but I guess they
are protecting their assets, haha. Some of those crosses do look interesting though.

figment - I've never tried the 6/12 lighting but my hunch is that it would produce smaller
fluffy buds. The reason I think this is that I have tried the opposite and extended the
daylength to create a 6 day week of 16/12 lighting. I harvested earlier and had normal
yields. However, I never analyzed the yield to see if the harvest per electrical consumption
went up or down. Another important consideration is that I use lower light intensity so the
plants use the energy more efficiently and don't burn out after 6 hours of light. Who
knows, with a high intensity garden (100 watts/ft) maybe anything over 6 hours would be
a waste. Personally, I think you would get more bud if you used 50 watts/ft over 12

Time 18:18, 23 Feb 1999
From Vic High

Trelaway - I'm trying to remember how blueberry compared to romulan when it came to
dealing with heat stress back before I had airconditioners. It seems to me that the romulan
were more effected. I do remember that the plants farthest from the lights were the most
adversly affected by the heat. The biggest thing I've noticed about blueberry is that it is
the first to bitch if something isn't just right.

Great Outdoors - You've already got my reply at can.kids so I won't repeat myself. I'll just
say that I've gotten positive reports from California, Neveda, and Ontario. Results change
from year to year so it's hard for anyone to give you exact info. If you do decide to try
them in NY please let us know how they turn out. It will be info worth saving.

Time 18:09, 23 Feb 1999
From Vic High

Orchid Man - Thanks for the Kong update. Most of the growers that I know that have
grown it have said that it didn't live up to the yield hype. On california outdoor grower I
know still found it to be a good quality plant and is keeping it around. Who knows, maybe
it's more an outdoor plant than an indoor one.

Hey about that problem you emailed me about, I've done some asking around but no
interest. I'm sorry bud. I stay away from that end of business so don't have many
contacts. Just want you to know that I wasn't blowing you off, just needed time to ask

Too bad I couldn't get some cuts to ya, it would be interesting to see how romberry
adapts to your salt fert system. If a fast SOG is more to your liking, this chemo looks like
a winner. I'll have to see if the bud is any good first though. Less than 2 weeks to go,
woo hoo! You will need ozone with the romberry though, haha. We should get together
for a beer sometime.

Justice - I had forgotten that you had some of those suprises. You'll probably be the first
to harvest these. Which ones did you try? And say, how were they for uniformity? It will
be interesting to hear about the end results. Brewing beer are ya? Not hemp beer is it :)

Time 17:29, 23 Feb 1999
From Vic High

Hey good new guys! The new site is almost done, just a minor bug to fix. Date stamp
doesn't work yet. It at a local private MJ friendly server. I even met with it's management
and discussed my plans. They were very receptive and gave me security and anon tips for
our safety. They are big believers of freedom of speach. I'm stoked. We'll have to find
something to keep Terminator busy so that he won't feel useless with no toys to play with

Time 14:49, 23 Feb 1999
From justice

hey peoples what's the good word?

haven't been round but it's good to see you're all doing the good still...

vic the suprises look sooooo nice we clone and flower today. i just got a new light and was working on a new garden specs, thinking about growing in empty beer cases left upright lined w/ plastic. how big could these clones grow before they start flowering so they don't get too rootbound? i think i'll just try a bunch of sizes and find a real answer. by the way, for CO2 i just brew a bunch of beer in the same room, it's a win-win situation!


Time 17:47, 22 Feb 1999
From Budm

Hi All, Vic that system that you reported, in use at "Breeder Steves" with the fish in the res, I read about today in "Growing Edge" magizine, it was just a ad, for I guess Steves new venture, hes promoting it as "The Sweet Water System" . looks very intresting. We heard it here first! Vic I saw the BCGA additions at HS (Surprises) that will go down IMO, as the one of the best values in genetics. On that subject "Ingmars Punch"= WWx Skunk, from WWW(Ingmar) is at day 52 of 12/12 and looks so fine, in all respects, and it was only 1.80$us per bean!The JF Indie/Dom is fantastic smoke, it has a skunky/fruity smell and taste, and the first 20min of it can have you completly dumbfounded and laughing, then it slows dow a bit for a good 2.5 hour high, the sat/dom JF is great wake and bake smoke, very reminicent of the golds/reds circa 1970s, all in all I think JF is a strain, just waiting for more growers to make it popular.Very happy to have been lucky enough to get 2 packs ;-)


PS:Dr E if your lurking, I got your mail and will answer it in the AM.

PSS: Nautghty, it looks as if the MJ Spirits have smiled upon us, as all 3 of the AK xs are females;-) 1xNL#9 and 2 AKxAK sat/dom. Its so much easyier the second grow to detect pre-flowers;-)

Time 12:44, 22 Feb 1999
From trelaway


There was some discussion a few months back in the seedbank board at can.com. Ron archives the commentary.

anyone, It seems the blueberry stands/likes higher lite intensities than the roms. I switched from my 400mh to a 600hps, still in veg, and the blue's fans are standing 45 degrees. The roms were like this under the mh but droop a bit under this lite. I've had to move them to them outside edge (which doesn't mean much, the room is 4.5ftx 4.5ft).

Seems the blues have a higher N need too?

Time 07:52, 22 Feb 1999
From Great Outdoors

Has anyone had any experience growing Romberry outdoors. I just need some basic info on its growth characteristics. I will be planting near new york and the plants will be under optimal conditions.

Heres the info I need:

When the buds will be ready for harvest?

How big a yield per plant under optimal conditions?

Thats really all I need but ANY and ALL info would help.


Time 03:09, 22 Feb 1999
From figment

P.S. Has anyone got any experience using a 12/6 flowering cycle?

Seems that an 18hr day would be beneficial.

Time 01:42, 22 Feb 1999
From figment


C14 That's a riot. Not cost effective, try fermentation.

Time 10:28, 21 Feb 1999
From Orchid man

Dr . mezz sorru dude but i don't expect noone here playing with carbon 14, jezzz dude smoke another one.

Time 16:22, 18 Feb 1999
From Dr. mezz

has anyone ever tried obtaining CO2 through alternative methods.ie radioactive
carbon-14 mixed with oxygen?Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Time 11:44, 18 Feb 1999
From Orchid man

The 380 gr plant was a mother that has been clones, she was at the middle of the grow
room with the 5,400w set up.she was really big, did have all the air and fert she needed
and gave only 380 gr.There is still a leaffy mother that grow buds so slowly , I'll
die of cancer before she finishes up. no resin glands on this one.Although the budz
don't show no resin glands as northen light would do, the stone is potent and the resin
flow on the rolling paper . The potencyis not the problem..., the lies about the yield , along
with the unstability wich bring a lot of guess work is very unpleasent. Really not
impress, 15 years of indoor growing experience, i am not a newbie.

Time 10:59, 18 Feb 1999
From Orchid man

Long time no see,Kong update,for those who would like to try the
Kong, don't waiste your time and money on it, it is way too unstable and almost no resin
glands. The yield is not so great and uyou would have to be very lucky to find the right
mother in this mess of strains. My old strain, (northen light derivative) went faster and
give very near the same yield. There is absolutely nothing special about the Kong, i am
very mad to have waisted my time and effort to this unstable strain. It was grown under
1000w hps and 4000w MHsalt fert, 1 plant= 380 gr. It was supposed to be at least
2 pounds.For the same space and light, i would of have the same tield with my old

Time -3:19, 18 Feb 1999

a f.o.m. has been experiencing ongoing problems, grows nl5xhaze and shark, and afghan
for hiv related illness. his plants get small orange/tan spots surrounded by deeper colored
halo. like rust or h20 spot, not bulls eye, ... latest out break occurred with temps near 90 f
and humidity at low low 30% to prevent fungus.last time captan was used (pre
flower of course) and the humidity was lowered simultaneously, he believed the prob. was
solved until newly rooted clones where placed in recently cleaned rm. use genesis at
1000ppm, co2 at 1200 and 50/2ft lgt. pHat 6.2, good circulation. rockwool slab
sys w/ drip every 2hrs. for 7mins.spots are cocentric, and rarely go over veins.
often tips brown first. spots appear in a day or two, leaf is covered and spots begin to
connect in 4 or 5 days... they are paperlike and are apparent on both sides. not tob.
mosaic. definitely not mites or any insect, have viewed w/ hand lens.two groups on
different resevoirs effected so not nutrient, must be air born or viral. he cleaned room
with alc. and bleach, could it be airborne pollution? what can he do or use. starting over
would break his heart. any way to clean viruses? could so many variet. be affected by one
he asked me cause of my plant know. but im stumped big time... you folks are the most
experienced knowlegeable i can think of. are there any scientific references on species
spec. plant diseases and probs for this group, it would make it so much easier.
Please E mail as i do not have access but through library and friends. Anonymous address
as above, off course.
thank you
thank you!!!!!

Time 18:51, 17 Feb 1999
From trelaway

Flower power, the pic things are because you are hitting the space bar more than once.

I have a buddy who SOG's hydro and gets about two pounds out of a regular 1k hps bulb.

Time 18:03, 17 Feb 1999
From flower power

sorry old timer 1 i am a little new at this...wont go into extreme detail ...
when i refer to a light i am talking about a 1000 wthortilux bulb ( increased
my yield byroughly 20 percent by switching from standard hps) my
flowering set up uses a mixof 2000 wt hps / 1000 wt MH....give
myheavy ladiesapproximately 40 wts per sq ft...... i am farely happy
withmy current production... was justcurious of the yields of some sea of
green gardens....stick with
organics because i believe that the earth produces the finest herbs!!!!!!!

Time 16:29, 17 Feb 1999
From trelaway

I'm with ot1 on the leaf curling thing. It's the guage I used to use with chem ferts. Its not
serious, kinda like being on the cusp of too much.

I had better results mixing hydro solutions to about 80% and refilling with straight (ph'd)
water between changes.

Time 14:18, 17 Feb 1999
From OT (2)

Old Timer 1

I think you're being WAY too kind regarding your analysis of 'Big Bud' - to get ONE good
plant you need alot more than 40 to choose from - based on my experience.

IMHO it's a piece of crap that has as its appeal the fantasy of someone clown making the
'big bucks' off of Big Bud.

Pathetic excuse for a personal/commercial crop.

But that's just my read on it - other's mileage may differ.

Time 01:43, 17 Feb 1999
From oldtimer1

flower power You don't say the light size, type, room size and whether you are growing
from seed or cuttings. Getting over 5 ounces per plant indoors is pretty dam good any
how!!! For production using cuttings I expect to get 1.9 to 2.2 kilos per 20 sq ft of
canopy using 1 k of mixed light. When growing from seed I don't take yield into account.
Iím selecting for form, quality of high and whatever else Iím looking for. Haven't grown
Big bud for over 10 years it is so variable that you need to grow 40 plus to get one good
one, the good ones are very good excellent yield medium potency. Its form doesn't
unfortunately fit the profile I need.
KGB Iím an organic person but it sounds like the start of over fertilisation, you just canít
go by the amount of fertiliser you put in especially with hydro you need to use a Cf and a
Ph pen. Its not magnesium deficiency this starts with the older leaves going pale between
the veins. Also micro shouldn't be used on its own. If you look on the main bcga page
there are loads of tried and tested mixes for GH nutrients there, hope this helps.
For folk asking questions, To get relevant answers it helps a lot to have the pertinent info
like are they seed/cuttings, on a grow/bloom cycle, in hydro/soil etc.
Also its worth looking at weedbase and using their search engine its superb.
All the best Ot1.

Time -3:49, 17 Feb 1999
From KGB

Hey Vic and all -

Speaking of deformities, I have this wierd leaf curling phenomenon (dunno if it's a
problem) on my four week old Chronic babies.The edges of the leaves curl upward,
but the tissue seems alive and healthy, and the plants are vigorous.Is this a deformity
or simply a nute deficiency?I'm using GH floramicro in the right quantities, so don't
think it's nutes.Some say Mg deficiency, but I'm not sure.Whatcha say
bro?Should I be worried?


Time -3:45, 17 Feb 1999
From flower power

one more quick thing can any body who wmay have grown big bud before please tell me
their max yield for a plant grown in a organic settingwithout co2.....
overgrow the government!!!!!!!!!

Time -3:41, 17 Feb 1999
From flower power

can any of you guys spare a few moments in order to compare the yield per sq ftor
yield per light of a sea of green application as opposed to a standered organics set up
where plants are veg for about a month in large 10 gallon containers. i choose to stick
with only abouta half dozen plants per light due to my constant fear of the
legalramifications, currently yield aprox 2 lbs per light, using a combination of big bud
and shiskaberry....

Time 08:52, 15 Feb 1999
From Vic High

OT1 - Oh I definately don't disbelieve you and I'm going to be keeping a closer eye on
those deformed plants. Your hypothesis would certainly explain why it was so easy to
virtually remove those deformities from the 3rd generation stock.

Say I think i was having a bout of oldtimer sickness yesterday, haha. I was flipping
through my flower photo album and my salmon orange Abutilon had normal growth, and
the mottled one had the pale orange flowers, haha. Maybe our two plants were clones?
haha. I lost mine when I took too long to bring them indoors one fall. I lost my
bouganvillias as well, that was a rough winter for me. I also lost a 12 year old pinus pinea
that I had forced to stay in juvenile growth form, it looked like a soft and long needled
blue spruce. I also had the last of a bunch of Eucalyptus nitens(sp) and delegatensis(sp)
that were imported by our forests ministry for pulp trials. The nitens limped through that
winter but never recovered and eventually died the next summer. Very sad year for my
plant collection. Our falls and winters are very unpredictable. One winter we can go
without ever seeing a frost, the next winter we can be hit so hard that they have to call out
the national guard to dig us out.

Time 06:11, 15 Feb 1999
From oldtimer1

occam Thanks that was just what I needed to know!!! You didn't interrupt, this is an open
page and thats what its for, information exchange!!! So thanks again! Vic no I don't think
its likely to have been that. It is only apparent on the Blueberry when under low light
conditions as soon as it has enough light to make some serious growth it disappears
completely. The same is true with the infected cuts. I have destroyed the infected mum
and her backup is fine. Even if you don't believe this is true keep it in mind for future
reference. Used to have a similar Abutilon with two colour breaks of yellow and cream
blotches, with nice pale orange pendulous flowers strange that, the borg got it!

All the best Ot1.

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