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             TOPIC - Anaconda
             DATE - 20:09:36 4/15/99
             FROM - pi
             maybe it is time to flower that badboy.

             3 years of veg should be plenty! heh }


             TOPIC - Clarification
             DATE - 16:39:15 4/15/99
             FROM - Ananda
             I, Ananda, am a ghost writer for the actual grower. He relays the info to me,
             I relay to you, then get back to him. He is computer illiterate but has a green
             thumb for sure! Maybe this is why I sound stupid sometimes. Plus I try to
             be brief and sometimes leave out pertinant info. Oh well. I would still like to
             share his knowledge with you and your knowledge with him. Last post for
             today. Hope to hear from others for awhile.


             TOPIC - Height of plant without pots.....training....
             DATE - 16:21:58 4/15/99
             FROM - Ananda
             My maximum possible plant height is 3-3.5ft not including pot. This is
             without bending or training to a cage or stakes. The plant I've been growing
             for years gets taller and I bend the tops down. I have an idea for spiral
             training to a reverse cone shape wire cage over each plant. Should make
             upside down bud cones. We'll see ........



             TOPIC - F1, F2 and cubing and other stuff
             DATE - 16:02:38 4/15/99
             FROM - Ananda
             I do understand about genectics. I just misunderstood about the
             Washington and Romulan/Strawberry Blonde. I thought they were "strains",
             not surprises. I talked to my friend today and got that info straight. Well, I
             love surprises as long as they are good surprises!!! I have never really
             been concentrating on breeding seeds. All these years I have tried to get
             seeds from any really great smoke I could and then have selected the most
             perfect offspring and cloned it forever.

             I read about the Blueberry yeild info and it sounds really good. I'm intrigued
             by the 109% increase in yeild obtained by topping when the plants were 22"
             high, cutting back to 12" high, vegging 2 more weeks then flowering at
             about 20". What is the reason for waiting until its 22" then cutting back to
             12"? Would it work just as well to top when it was just over 12" and
             continuing to veg until it got to 20" then flowering? I suppose you used the
             tops for cuttings, eh?

             I'm enthused that the internet age has made it possible for people outside
             of my country to provide me with good seeds to select my new moms from.
             Here in the USA we are not free to discuss what we do with anyone for fear
             of possible consequences. It is liberating to finally have an "anonymous"
             outlet for the knowledge we have all collected throughout our lives.

             I would appreciate any info from those growing Northern Lights as I have
             never grown it before and am currently about to start flowering 11 seedlings
             that are around 12" tall now. Should I top it first? I was expecting short and
             bushy with quite a bit of side growth, but so far, there is very little side
             growth developed. They were planted on March 7 and seeds were from



             TOPIC - Eric
             DATE - 10:09:06 4/15/99
             FROM - Budm
             Sorry for the 2x post.
             Eric can you e-mail me when you have the time please. Thanks;-)


             TOPIC - Ananda
             DATE - 09:46:44 4/15/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Well Ananda I will need to ask you a couple questions then, please email
             me at bcga@mailcity.com I appreciate your patience.

             I have deleted all the recent non-grow posts to try and keep the subject on
             topic. Please don't be offended, I got the messages so they served their

             Ananda - your question tells me that you, and many others, truly don't
             understand what the suprises are about. They are not strains! These are
             just random crosses with select clones. Unless you grow out 20 plus
             seeds of each, there is a good chance you won't find any patterns within
             each batch of suprises. I thought the webpage was clear. How can I make
             it more clear that growing these is a crap shoot if you are looking for a
             specific phenotype? I left a very detailed explaination of the differences
             between an F1 and F2 at cannabis.com's breeding page and then have
             been very clear that the suprises will grow out as F2s.


             TOPIC - KGB/etc
             DATE - 09:42:20 4/15/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi all,
             KGB- Im still a real novice at ICQ, I only have had one sucessuful
             chat(thanks Vic). I sent you a request for auth, Ill do it again. The "PR"
             stands for Panama Red. Hopefully we will connect (ICQ) soon.

             m.g. The PR is not NCGA,its Pan Red that was sent direct from Panama
             (postmarked authentic), but the seeds had a bad viability 20% germ rate,
             and one other reciepient had none germ, af is hoping for 1 male 1 female,
             as to be able to continue the strain. If only 1 gender turns up, af will have to
             do a cross, wiyh another sativa, (KaliMistm Mexican etc)

             Some germ rates
             Wash-- 3/4
             RSB --- 3/3
             P.75--- 1/3 ;-(

             Take care all.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 07:56:06 4/15/99
             FROM - Capn_Chronic
             You have to factor in the heighth of the pot too. Say about 12 inches. so the
             plant really can only be 1 1/2 to 2 feet tall.


             TOPIC - I'm getting some BCGA seeds.....
             DATE - 00:40:08 4/15/99
             FROM - Ananda
             I'm looking forward to getting some Romulan Surprise, Washington, and
             Romulan/Strawberry Blonde seeds from you via a good friend. Which of
             these will be the best variety for a maximum 3.5 ft. high spaceunder the
             lights. I'm hoping to improve on the average of 1 ounce per plant that I'm
             getting now from an "unknown origin" sativa/indica that I've cloned for the
             last 5 years without sacrificing the quality high. It is very potent but not very
             high yielding. Which of the BCGA varities above will come closest to
             meeting these secifications in your opinon?


             TOPIC - RE: Capn Chronic light stores
             DATE - 22:10:19 4/14/99
             FROM - Thunderheart
             Don't forget, you could easily make a trip into Ohio. They have some good
             stores there, and the cops staking out the stores may not bother with an out
             of stater due to the legal difficulties. Just a thought. I would try and buy as
             far from my house as i could reasonably drive, and then i would use my
             pastors car if he would let me. Just to be safe.

             Check out the hydrofarm site, or so some searching for diamond lights.

                                    Link: Hydrofarm


             TOPIC - ncga's PR?
             DATE - 20:14:22 4/14/99
             FROM - m.g.
             hey all...just caught a glimpse of a reference to the PR...are ya talking about
             ncga's PR series? i've tried paging down to fill in the holes but can't find any
             more references to it...but i'm buzzin and can easily miss things right now.
             but if so, i'm in the process of making some eggs of each, as i've had no
             probs whatsoever with the strains. day 20 of flowering and all are doing
             well. only hint of a prob is with the bbc...they hate being over-watered. but i
             learned and they too are getting better. most outstanding plant in this batch
             is nc's MCW. got a real nice mom set aside and several sisters sitting with
             2 brothers in their own room as i type. the mom was cloned so she'll
             hopefully be around for quite a while. another excellent looking plant
             coming along is a clone of last year's shishkeberry...thanks again,
             highroller! i was too lazy but luckily a local friend kept it going through
             cloning. have others but i'll save the reports until they're harvested...about
             40 more days max, i figure.

             also, april 3rd, planted 5 each of the champagne and romulan surprises
             and 6 romberries...all up and running. soon to start half dozen durban
             surprise for the late summer harvest. they will be joining a host of others
             already well along...

             peace and stay cool...a nasty troll is in our midst once again. (well, "duh"
             you say...)


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 19:48:43 4/14/99
             FROM - Vic High
             hmmm - sorry for deleting you then, haha. I don't care if you use hmmmm, I
             just want people to stick to a handle for the comfort of everyone. I hope you
             understand. Welcome back, and take care :)

             Budm & Eric - good luck on keeping the PR going. The community will be
             in your debt if you can keep them from dieing out. Once you know exactly
             what you have, contact me before you do any culling. Strategy for selecting
             from a small population is different than selecting from a large population if
             you are trying to reserect a strain as opposed to selecting for any particular
             traits. I can explain in better detail when the timing is more appropriate.
             Good Luck!!


             TOPIC - PR
             DATE - 17:45:09 4/14/99
             FROM - 67ed
             Budm & Eric:
             Thanks for the offer on the PR seeds, but I think I'll pass for now. I've got
             too many seeds that I haven't even started yet- blueberry, niagara, malawi. I
             do most of my growing outside, and it's hard to find a place to do it safely.
             Thanks anyway!


             TOPIC - Ganjamel
             DATE - 16:24:17 4/14/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi all
             Ganjamel Glad your trip went well, That Posi/Nl is going to amaze you,
             especially considering the pricetag.Thanks for the nice report, and best of
             luck with your new strains;-)

             af Has another PR that has germed, and maybey one more comming, It
             would be nice for a male and a female. The postmark and the integrity of
             Kenkeman, has af very much committed to breeding a pair, cause more
             than likely he will not get another shot at the genuine article in his lifetime.




             TOPIC - typos etc
             DATE - 15:33:52 4/14/99
             FROM - 'hmmmm'!!!
             hey vic, and all, greetings and love :) yeah, it was innocent,haha.
             please don't delete me, i'm one of the more friendly, hard-working,
             experienced contributors to this board, though it could be mentioned that
             i've been absent for six months.
             ...living in my country, one must take extra care with names/handles etc, as
             the population is small and captive,
             and the regime's attitude to the healing herb is unwholesome, to say the

             i am very sorry if i caused anyone offense, truly...

             i need a new nickname, as all previous are now dead, for security
             reasons... then you can enjoy and appreciate my posts again, as before :)

             love, and unity... peace


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 11:52:28 4/14/99
             FROM - la.bud
             vic, after just harvesting g13 , i'd say breed to anything you want to improve
             potency , lower flowering times, and stay short ,it has a potent taste "as is"
             so i would add flavor to it such as BB, yumbolt, bbg and also you want to
             think about increasing yield big bud or ak as well as russian and kong i'm
             gonna do a gws x g13 cross to start ...


             TOPIC - soil
             DATE - 11:03:48 4/14/99
             FROM - Vic High
             edhassle - you never want to plant fresh cuts or seeds directly into that soil
             mix. Germinate and root in the plain sunshine mix and then after roots are
             well developed, you'll want to move to the hot soil mix. The sunshine mix
             will keep them happy for a couple of weeks with no additional ferts. Maybe
             a shot of 1/2 strength fish ferts a couple of days before transplanting will
             help get them prepared for the move to the hot soil mix.


             TOPIC - correction
             DATE - 11:02:13 4/14/99
             FROM - Eric
             they grow 1000 pounds a year..not 100


             TOPIC - supersoil recipe
             DATE - 10:35:45 4/14/99
             FROM - edhassle
             Vic I planted some seeds in your supersoil recipe and didn't have a very
             good germination rate.The soils was mixed up about 3 wks ago,Think
             maybe the nutrients in the mix were still kinda warm.I know you don't have
             alot of info on the champague special,I was thinking about planting some
             outdoors this summer.Any thoughs on how it might do in the midwest?,By
             your description it sounds like good candidate indoors....AFOF has some
             germinating now and will keep you posted his results.


             TOPIC - oaxaca
             DATE - 09:37:45 4/14/99
             FROM - Eric
             FRANK.....man im still searching for the oaxaca...i want the 22
             footers...there is that strain and then also many many more from that area
             that are all sizes...

             the oaxca im looking for sold by the branches here in the seventies but you
             dont see taht anymore..there was one grower that has not grown in years
             that work with it for a couple of years and i have seen the pictures...as for a
             good high without paranoia ..try the flo from marc emery...i got two good
             moms..one is more satavia and one more indica......they are both great but
             the satavia is a better (less paranoia )high...and the satavia roots faster..it
             is a great playful high..reall happy ..doesnt last very long so you can keep

             DUTCH....there has been lots of talk about the G13 strain and there are
             projects going on right now that will be making seeds available for
             sale..ncga is working witrh it and also SAG..
             G13 was developed not an hour away from my house here in Mississppi....i
             have spoken with the director that oversaw that project...he m,akes thc pills
             that you stick up your ass..HAHHAHAH..thats why he doesnt promote
             smoking pot...its all about money man..that fucker asholy KNOWS that
             smoking pot isnt harmful...just because he holds a patent on the ass pills
             he will not promote smoking...they grow 100 pounds a year to supply 8
             patients for testing....where the shit is the dope man....where is it going..TO
             TESTING?????....Ssssssssshit...yeah right.


             TOPIC - Troll
             DATE - 07:46:44 4/14/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Lookit troll piss off with all the newbie posts. Piss off with the revolving
             handles such as Jill, Ananda, Killer Diller, MiAmOr, white widow man,
             Sharecropper, etc. You even posted as Aeric when you posted the BG
             addies. If you feel you need to post here, then use the ** handle many of us
             know you as or piss off! I will be deleting all your posts now otherwise.


             TOPIC - bad link capn chronic
             DATE - 03:11:00 4/14/99
             FROM - mota20
             sorry did a search and found this site hope it works for you
             www.alternativegarden.com/ peace mota20


             TOPIC - msg. for capn chronic
             DATE - 03:05:10 4/14/99
             FROM - mota20
             In case you have not found brew and grow the web site is called
             www.alternativegarden.com I use the one in minn. and have found them to
             be good people with good products and price is about on par with others.
             peace mota20

                                   Link: brew and grow


             TOPIC - G
             DATE - 21:35:12 4/13/99
             FROM - pi
             i agree with Vic G is kickass.i have smoked 3 G crosses and they all
             kickedass. Can't waite to try pure G.

             I have FOUR G-13 cuts in my rain forest now. yehaw


             TOPIC - Dutch
             DATE - 20:46:03 4/13/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Hey dutch, there is a very very potent clone of g13 floating around. BG,
             NCGA, and BCGA all have it in their gardens but I think that NCGA is the
             only one that has made any commercial seeds yet, G13/NL. G13 is very
             potent but also very low yielding. The Mississipi source swears that it is the
             real deal and we see no reason to doubt him. BCGA is just waiting to
             determine how stable it is before making any real seed offerings with it. I
             suspect the same goes for the others.

             It's nice to hear that there are some BC growers out there that know of this
             page, I get to meet very few. I should make some business cards to hand
             out, haha.

             hmmm - this place is meant to be friendly enough that you don't need
             generic anon names like that. I will delete the next post with that type of
             name. If it was an innocent typo, I apologise.


             TOPIC - Free Society
             DATE - 20:16:44 4/13/99
             FROM - Ganjahmel
             I have just returned home from a wonderous trip to A-dam and some other
             european countries. I will not go into the specific details of my trip, but I
             would like to tell of my herbal experiences. I tried to sample as much ganja
             as possible during my trip. My favorites were Homegrown Fantases Haze,
             Grey Areas Grey Mist and Bubblegum, and the rokeries NL*Haze/mist. I
             think that the Green House is highly over rated, way to commercial. I only
             visited the centrum, but the techno they weere playing gave me a serios
             headache. Most Dutch love techno for some odd reason. The coolest
             places I visited wwere positive grow and Milas botanical herbalist shop,
             both were run by kind and knowledgable people. At the botanical herbalist
             one could obtain anthing, from a giant hash machine to 4 yaer old peyote
             plants to Ayahuaca. I was disiponted to find that sensis museum
             coffeeshop is no longer aloud to sell herbs. I was looking forward to
             sampling silver pearl. I saw this plant at the museum and its central bud
             was monstruos. Well I hope no one minds this post as it has nothing to do
             with the intrices of growing ,but I will keep all posted on sensi's Mexi Sativa
             and Sensi Skunk, Posis NL, and Flying Dutchman's Durban*Skunk1 (all
             will be enjoying the beautiful outdoor sun this summer).



             TOPIC - 'up', cerebral-type herb
             DATE - 20:05:47 4/13/99
             FROM - hmmm
             hey don't go getting juicyfruit or bubblegum will you, they aren't at all
             representative of what my strains are about. in fact, those two were
             'hi-jacked' as it were, by a guy travelling the world collecting 'interesting
             seeds'... well, he never once mentioned that he was involved with a
             seedbank, and that the seeds i supplied him were going to grown on and
             sold without my knowledge.

             i have six new releases coming up, for both indoor and outdoor.... they are
             a big improvement on the earlier versions. when i have some idea how the
             release will happen, i'll post on it asap :)



             TOPIC - Attn: ERIC
             DATE - 19:13:58 4/13/99
             FROM - Dutch
             All is well now. Your soultion was quick and easy. "Titan" is the seed name.
             Thanks for the "hand holding." Incidently, I've been reading 'bout this one
             called g13, any comments. I took a recent trip to BC, found the "Titan" while
             it seems promising, I've been tokin' for 29 yrs. and like to "see God" via
             herb. Any observations, comments or criticisms?

             Thanks again for your consideration toward someone you do not know and
             perhaps never will.

             The guy who turned me on to the "Titan" told me to tune in to this page. He
             was right, very good group and helpful, too.
             peace & luv


             TOPIC - skunk #1
             DATE - 18:53:27 4/13/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Jill - Bongblaster gave me a sensi skunk#1 cut a while back. One thing I
             noticed was that it stretched quite a bit more than most of my other stains.
             You may want to consider Scrog and maybe a shorter strain if my
             experience was typical of skunk#1.


             TOPIC - sativas
             DATE - 18:53:01 4/13/99
             FROM - Frank
             Hey Eric,
             How did your Oaxacan turn out? Saw your post on can about your hawaiian.
             I'm looking for a nice cerebral high without the paranoia. I remember the
             red columbian,thai and even the acapulco gold of the seventies as having
             these qualities. Bros c88 is ok if I don't smoke too much although it has
             that paranoid quality if overdone. I just want that nice smooth sail without
             the body shit. Gonna start a few seeds from Vic and looking forward to
             sharing results. I got one great sativa from a sensi mix that is a great high I
             just don't know what it was. Would like to try marleys collie or their juicy fruit.
             Thanks for any opinions.


             TOPIC - djhfdsjf
             DATE - 18:47:20 4/13/99
             FROM - Eric
             the >>>>> represents the begining of my dribble

             if ANYONE has anything that will add to my thoughts I would GREATLY
             appreciate the infoprmatiob


             TOPIC - UV-B
             DATE - 18:44:37 4/13/99
             FROM - Eric
             REPOST>>>>Posted by Uncle Ben Dejo on December 25, 1998 at
             18:35:34 PT:

             In Reply to: Re: Didn't mean to 'steal' your handle brother!!!!! posted by
             oldtimer1 on December 25,
             1998 at 03:30:21 PT:

             Read in a Tom Flowers book on forced mj flowering, that MJ grown on
             higher elevations, ie, 10,000
             ft. tested for higher THC content. I assume this is the plant's response to
             this particular environment.

             >>>>OK..well io also know that drier air will cause a plant to produce MORE

             so is the results from this test (plants producing more thc)
             showing that the higher altitude producing more thc a direct result of the
             drier air, more UV light..or a combination of both

             My understanding is that more UV means that the plant will produce MORE
             thc glands to REFRACT the UV light..and also that the UV causes the plant
             to break THC down into a more complex form of cannabionod...resulting
             into a more PHYCOACTIVE substance...

             i would say that if i were higher up in the air...i like a plant would
             recieve...more UV LIGHT....more carbon dioxide...more dry air.....

             ALL of these have a DIRECT result on the THC and other cannabinoid
             production. (PLUS because you are closer to the light source you get more

             shit i forgot where i was going with this.......well i will resad this tomorrow
             and find my point


             TOPIC - kdjf;sdjv
             DATE - 16:17:18 4/13/99
             FROM - Eric
             they will not burn if the bulb is secure in a glass casewith holes cut in the
             glass and vent attached to vent the hot air out....i have seen super skunk
             branches grow and touch the glass case and actually around and above it
             without burn..the bulb is 4 inches from the glass..the glass case is secured
             to the wall....there are many more easier weays to avoid this though....

             this is just one set up i have seen work....it was used to keep temperatures
             down because the show was in the attic.

             i think that you have enough room to do what you are doing...just keep
             notes and you should have a better harvest once you figure out when to
             start flowering...


             TOPIC - Jill
             DATE - 15:14:44 4/13/99
             FROM - Capn Chronic
             That area is to short to use a HPS. I had a attic I was going to use that was
             4 foot high and once I thought about it using this area with a HPS just
             wouldnt work. The plants need to be 8 inches to 24 inches away from the
             bulb. The higher wattage the farther they have to be otherwise the plants
             will burn. literally


             TOPIC - Whoops
             DATE - 13:37:49 4/13/99
             FROM - Capn Chronic
             Sorry I mean I was going with Superior growers supply.


             TOPIC - HPS
             DATE - 13:30:43 4/13/99
             FROM - Capn Chronic
             Do they have a web site? I decided to go with the 430 watt Son t HPS.
             There pretty close to me since they are in livonia and offer a better all
             around deal then that place in ann arbor. Plus they have a web site. I didnt
             even realize it till i found them in my favorites folder. It then dawned on me
             they were the same place ed was talking about. Now I gotta get the money.
             If I cant get it ill just continue using fluros.


             TOPIC - bre&grow
             DATE - 09:57:48 4/13/99
             FROM - kid from mi
             go to brew & grow in lovonia, peoplke real friendly, and never hasslke. They
             have a hell of adeal on super agro 1000 watt mh's by hydrofarm. The
             ballast is quiet as mouse, plenty of sleeping gettin done in my eroom.



             TOPIC - New beans
             DATE - 09:19:28 4/13/99
             FROM - Naughty
             Hey budm ...drop me an e-mail ..afoaf accidentally let a male nl#9 hump
             his pu ladies and i`ve got some nice beans (pu is a unknown strain we
             named pu cause this shit stinks real bad in the bag)....it has a nice exotic
             taste real gummy , fast flowerer 6 weeks , an average yeilder and both sat
             and indy sides are there...


             TOPIC - KGB
             DATE - 08:53:07 4/13/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi all,
             KGB Im still trying to get the hang of ICQ,Ill look into seeing if theres a note
             theres a mesg there from you, please be paitent as Im a real newbie at it ,
             so ill try to auth your number today,my number is 28512256.Or you can
             email me the addy is on this post.
             If any one is intrested, the one PR is going to make it, its looking good and
             healthy at 2 days. Hopefully it will be a female, and will be crossed with P19
             or somthing else that has some sat in it, but is more fesiable for indoors,
             as Im sure the PR is a tall sat, Maybe KM might make a good partner, better
             yet the rest of the PR needs to be germed in hopes of a F2? mating there
             are 4 remaining, anyone intrested in beans if its done? seeing as the
             kenke/PRs were not to viable, but im confidant that they are genuine, and
             probably my only shot at the real PR deal, so ill tell my friend to germ the
             rest.If anyone is intrested in the beans that result please email, or post.
             Well I gotta run take care people;-))


             TOPIC - post for Jay
             DATE - 08:36:43 4/13/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Jay's PC is having problems so I'm posting for him.

             From Jay:

             well i tried a little advance medicine in my grow,strains are romberry and
             kong...using supersoil mix in 10 gal pots..that damn kong grows faster then
             anything i have ever seen,has real long spaces between internodes,like
             2-4 inches..so we needed to start flowering 3-4 weeks sooner then what
             was expected..i fed a little bat guano(high p)to help in the swing of things
             but what i didnt take into consideration was how hot the fert still was in the
             mix..about 1.5 days after adding the guano all the small upper leaves and
             bud shoots leaves started the famous ram horn curl and some lower
             leaves were getting rust colored spots...i sat it out for a few days and
             watched it get worse..so today i spent the entire day flushing 10 gallon
             pots..WOW what a pain in the back..15 gallons of water were flushed
             through each 10 gallon pot,with a little h202 added to keep roots alive while
             being so wet..well i learned something that someone has been telling me
             ever since i started this hobby,and i guess the best way to learn is to fuck
             up..practice on a few of the girls not the hole fucking crop!!!vic didnt matter
             how many times you said it..

             haha i got it through my fat head now..and one last thing..they make a real
             cool shop vac that exhausts liquid threw a hose outlet so you can suck the
             drip trays out and the vacuum will push out to the hose and down the
             drain..that would have really helped..

             From Vic:

             haha, and in those same rude words too I guess, haha.


             TOPIC - 123
             DATE - 07:52:24 4/13/99
             FROM - testing


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 07:50:53 4/13/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Occam - these chemo seeds I recieved were said to have a biker
             connection as well. They were given to me to cross with a special biker's
             big bud that they gave to me as well. Not really sure why they would want to
             do that cross. This chemo is already an excellent yielder.

             Thanks for the info


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 18:25:19 4/12/99
             FROM - trelaway
             Eric--can u drop into basic at can com, there's one there with yer name all
             over it...



             TOPIC - Chemo
             DATE - 18:22:31 4/12/99
             FROM - occam
             Hi Vic, just saw your post at Cann.com.. I was given a few seeds of what
             was called Chemo about a year ago from a biker buddy. It is a typical
             indica, broad leafed, deep green, makes huge buds with resin like crazy,
             and is very strong. It seems to breed true, and is a bit slow growing
             compared to other varieties. The really unusual bit is the smell. It reminds
             me of burning rubber, in an good sort of way. It isn't my favourite, but is in
             high demand by the locals. So I don't know if it is "Chemo" or not, but that's
             the story.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 18:06:41 4/12/99
             FROM - Vic High
             LJ - that is one hell of a primo crop you have going there! You are going to
             be very popular amongst your friends, haha.

             Eric - it's very simple, all christmas suprises are like you said, labelled
             according to the mother stock. Males are all ramdom. They are all variable
             like F2s so the labels are pretty much meaningless. The labels will help to
             identify trends though. That way we can see if any of the moms tend to
             produce better offspring than others. This is actually a common breeding
             practice and is referred to as half sib crosses.


             TOPIC - ATTN: BUDM
             DATE - 17:22:26 4/12/99
             FROM - KGB
             Hey man,

             Posted a message for you coupla days back...maybe you didn't see it.

             Also tried raising you on yer ICQ number but it said "needs authorization." If
             you authorize me, I'll do the same. I'm at 36052667. Just for some general
             chat, don't freak out!




             TOPIC - Kenkeman
             DATE - 15:33:43 4/12/99
             FROM - Eric
             Panama red seeds that i recieved from a friend that kenkeman supplied
             have not been tried yet....

             If you want them 67ed i will get them to you..just email me an addy..or you
             can wait and i will do them...of coarse i will give you a clone..seeds or both
             of anything that comes of it worth having...

             weird that kenkeman hasnt been back around...


             TOPIC - Kenke
             DATE - 15:07:47 4/12/99
             FROM - Budm
             Mota, & 67ed, afoaf just tried for 2nd time 3 PR eggs, finally got one to go,
             just raised cots will update as it gets allong;-)


             TOPIC - Kenkeman
             DATE - 14:03:10 4/12/99
             FROM - 67ed
             Budm & Mota:
             The seeds I got from K were all dead!! I hope yours aren't! I don't know,
             maybe he put the weed in the microwave to dry it, and, subsequently, killed
             the seeds. Whatever, I really didn't have time to fool with the seeds anyway.


             TOPIC - seeds
             DATE - 13:40:16 4/12/99
             FROM - Eric
             let me see if i understand the genetics (or possible) of the seeds you gave
             out to the guys for christmas

             you know and labeled them from what MOTHER they came from ..but you
             dont know if the father is the same father for all of them..or a combination of

             Is this correct????



             TOPIC - hi there
             DATE - 12:29:27 4/12/99
             FROM - Lady J
             hi all,

             Day 19 for g13,grapefruit,champagne,ubc and cali-o. The gf and g13 are
             leading the trichome dept. and are maturing rather quickly. I think I'll go
             ahead and do a full 60 day run on these to maximize yield and quality. The
             plants are in a supersoil/perlite mix and are fed supernatural hydro nutes. I
             augment this with a kelp concentrate a couple of times a month. I don't plan
             on any nutrient adjustments either, no big jump in P this time. The plants
             look fine, so why mess with them?



             TOPIC - to dutch
             DATE - 12:27:44 4/12/99
             FROM - Eric
             DUTCH...it sounds to me that the seedlings are not getting enough light..or
             too much water..or a combination of both of these....

             The red stems are natural and seems to me that ALL seedlings have red
             stems..this will turn green on most after about the third or fourth set of

             make sure you dont water too much and do yourself a favor by getting a 4
             foot PLUGGIN (able to plug and unplug) set of flouresents. do your
             seedlings with this light source so you can hang it just half an inch above
             the seedlings..move it up as they grow.

             Too solve your problem ..first wet then mound the soil around the stem to
             give the seedling support but only make the mound about 1/2 inch tall so
             you dont develope stem rot.

             I hope this helps..next time you will get more responces asking about
             seedlings on the BASIC GROWING board at cannabis.com..good luck man


             TOPIC - Kenkeman
             DATE - 10:23:25 4/12/99
             FROM - Mota
             Been trying to get a hold of Kenkeman since January to return the favor for
             the PR and no luck. I also hope he is OK. If you do get a hold of him let me



             TOPIC - this & that
             DATE - 09:37:59 4/12/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi all,
             Well for those intrested in the Kmist, they did a nice streach one allmost
             doubled in hight, another about 50% more hight, but one of them only put
             on about 6" and is kicking out flowers now, so I guess shes done, nice
             short stature! might be good afs going to do a cross with "shorty x Peak19"

             I hope KenkeMan's OK, last I heard he was leaving for a trip(xmas) and
             said he would be back in JAN, still no word.Id really like to return the favor of
             the PR, that he was so kind in giving.Anyone??

             Naughty check your HM addy;-))

             Yall have a great week! & Stay safe.


             PS Its nice being able to double space, with no boxes;-)



             TOPIC - 10K
             DATE - 07:58:36 4/12/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Hey guys, I wouldn't worry too much about LM right now. Without leadership
             or registered aliases there is little anyone can do. I hope everything is
             alright with Shabang and that he is able to return soon. Or at least pass the
             reigns to someone who is able to take over.

             As for what is being said, it can only the opinions of newbies that don't
             know the parties involved. When was the lasttime you saw me do a blatent
             sales job on BCGA genetics? Including this page. The truth is obvious and
             in time the newbies will figure it out as well.

             As for BG, NCGA, and BCGA collaborating on new strains, I wish we were
             but that is far from the truth. Even that part of the post was a laugh.
             Romberry is now public property and NCGA or any other breeder doesn't
             need my permission or cooperation to work with it.

             Champagne S - This mom is an unknown cut that its source called
             champagne when he gave it to me in trade. It is good yielding and has
             great bud structure. It's buds have always gotten good reviews but I haven't
             done enough tests on it to know if it belongs with the best of the best. I was
             hoping that those that recieved it's seeds would let me know what kinda
             breeding stock it was.


             TOPIC - HPS
             DATE - 07:45:44 4/12/99
             FROM - Capn Chronic
             Yeah I've heard good things about Brew n Grow but I couldnt find it in the
             phone book. I did a search at webcrawler and located a few grow stores in
             Ann Arbor. I called Adam's Garden of Eve and they said they have 400 hps
             with a vented horizontal hood, bulb, remote balast, and a 20 amp timer built
             in for 369 bucks, kinda pricy but convienence costs.
             also if I ever need more power I can just buy another balast and bulb and
             hook it up to the existing hood. I think I'll call Brew n grow and see how
             there prices compare.


             TOPIC - christmas special seeds/captain chronic
             DATE - 04:08:01 4/12/99
             FROM - edhassle
             Hey vic,Good news I received the package you send over the weekend.Just
             wanted to say thanks,it was more then I expected so I plan to share with
             friends.Can you tell me ay background on the "champague" special I can
             seem to find any thing about it.

             captain chronic there a two grow supply stores in s.e. michigan I know of
             Vic hope you don't mine me posting a addy!
             Superior growers supply
             29217 seven mile rd

             The other is Brew & grow located on eight mile rd also in lovonia,mi

             Hope this helps!


             TOPIC - Home DePOT
             DATE - 23:45:07 4/11/99
             FROM - greenbear
             High Cap'n C-The 400 watt HPS lights used for outdoor lighting can be
             used for an inside
             gig,plus the replacement costs for a 400watt HPS bulb is less then $25
             bucks.AFOAF has
             used the400watt HPS and a 175 watt MetalHalid together for very tasty
             results! Floros should
             be used for cuts and mother plants . Don't forget to VENT the grow to keep
             the temps below
             85 f. during lights


             TOPIC - Buying a HPS
             DATE - 18:10:09 4/11/99
             FROM - Capn Chronic
             I recently had a friend offer some space to put my plants in during flowering
             and Im now planning on buying a 400 watt hps soon but I am kinda in a
             dillema. I really dont want to order anything off the net and I dont know of
             any grow stores in my area. I was thinking of buying a 400 watt hps from
             my local Home Depot but I've heard the reflectors on these suck so bad it
             isnt even worth using really. I've looked in the phone book for grow stores
             but havent been succesful. If anyone knows of any grow stores in the South
             Eastern Michigan I'd sure like to know about them. Do you guys think the
             Home depot HPS is worth it? Or should I just use a bunch of fluros?



             TOPIC - seedlings
             DATE - 17:41:13 4/11/99
             FROM - dutch
             does anyone know what can cause the seedlings (2days up) to have red
             stems and the seedlings are all bending over until they are almost
             touching the potting soil in which they were sprouted? thanks


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 15:37:25 4/11/99
             FROM - oldtimer1
             Hi 10k seems to be just what the guy posted although it is highly technical
             stuff and would cost way more than any one here would spend.
             As far as hacking is concerned I got moved to a page told me to go away
             cos I'm boring when i tried to post, that may be true I just changed proxies
             and posted anyway.
             All the best Ot1


             TOPIC - Oh...Vic
             DATE - 15:16:36 4/11/99
             FROM - 10k
             I did all I could to defend your name as well as myself
             and a few others the other night, when the impersonator
             tried to pass off derogatory remarks and taboo personal information, in our

             Vic, I sure hope you saw #33080, and I hope you dont think
             I did any of the impersonator squealer posts.

             Wheres ~Shabang? Have you heard anything new yet?

             Cha-Cal thinks maybe weedbase was hacked...
             could it be that the name that was on the std index the
             other night where (ncga poser 32713) was, saying
             "cHrOnIc man"...was this a hack similar to what happened
             here months ago or was this a cyrptic message from shabang?

             I tuned in at @ 4 am this morning and three posts in a row
             from "White-Hair" were posted to an old thread of mine
             (33207,33208,33209) went up on the indoor/quickview index,
             these three posts have links in them that I'm afraid to
             even click on. (I'm afraid they're baited traps)
             Can anyone here with the savvy check these out for me?



             TOPIC - Hello!
             DATE - 01:02:18 4/11/99
             FROM - greenbear
             Vic ,pi, ot1, et.al--- Hi guys!! And hello to everyone I haven't had the plesure
             to meet yet!
             WellVic it looks like I didn't kill ALL of them ,just most(sob!!). But at least
             one of each looks like
             they will make it, thankgoodness! I'm looking forward to breeding GWS
             (thanks la.!) with both of
             the (hopefully still!) surviving cuts. Allso I think that what you sent(thank you
             again!!) will improve
             the taste of some of the harsher smoking breeds(Holyweed-I still can't take
             more then a few
             hits of it,the high and yeild are both great but it's so harsh tasting,sort of like
             smoking a hit of
             black pepper!!) .
             Hey Jay let me know what time this summer you can go "camping"(no
             "Door #1 or Door #2 " this
             time, you betcha!


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 19:27:35 4/10/99
             FROM - trelaway
             Never thought of trimming leaves on the clones. I just helped a friend take
             a bunch and we did it into a flat of rockwool cubes. I was worried about
             these molding.

             I think two of my blueberry clones took, they weren't happy about being
             taken at four weeks flower. If they take we're gonna try some cuts in a
             friend's hydro table and see how they do.

             I find different strains root at different speeds when cloned. I had a bcbb
             strain for a while that would take in four days, literally roots popping out the
             r.w. cube in four days of 18 hr lite. Most seem to take at least a week, often
             closer to two.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 17:28:58 4/10/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Bud - I thought someone else adressed teh purple colour for you. Yes it's
             normal on some.


             TOPIC - clones
             DATE - 17:27:10 4/10/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Jay - you touched on one of the most important cloning needs,
             temperature. Very Very important is all I can say. So 75-78F is what? about
             26 degrees Candian? :)

             Frank - just store them in the fridge and pass on what you want if the
             situation arises. Them being variable you may want to grow out 10, pick the
             best one for clones and then grow another batch. Be one way to see how
             many different phenotypes react to your growing methods.

             Mojo - with seeds ditch the humidity dome and hedge your bets by using
             no-damp. And again, pay attention to temperatures


             TOPIC - Vic - Please read my post below?
             DATE - 17:10:34 4/10/99
             FROM - Bud Bundy
             Please read the post below titled "Romberry @ 10 days" They are still
             growing super fast, but the stems are purple on alot of them (mostly the
             ones with thick leaves). I also need to know if my ventilation/cooling is

             Thanks alot.



             TOPIC - Novice Crop
             DATE - 16:10:49 4/10/99
             FROM - Mojo
             Greetings and Salutations,

             From the myriad of messages I read it sounds as is if the majority of you
             guys are seasoned pros. This year will be my first outdoor venture,
             provided I get my orders from Laughing Moon and Bohnhomme...from your
             collective experiences did I place orders with reputable and reliable
             sources or are there any?

             At any rate I would appreciate any and all sugestions on germination,
             mediums to use, transplanting, care, harvest and curing for optimal results.

             Be careful out there...



             TOPIC - cloning the easy way..
             DATE - 15:39:30 4/10/99
             FROM - jay
             okay ill shed a little light on my technigue,ive tried all the forementioned
             techniques here,with both good and bad results..for me time is real
             valuable and what i find works best is the aero cloner,like the one at
             weedbase...i grow only organic until you see mt cloning table,haha,i use
             GH bloom-micro-grow and humic acid(the real key),at 15-10-5-15 ml per 5
             gallons of water...i set ph to 6 and keep temp around 75-78 deg F.all i do is
             snip off the clone,trim 1/2 the leave off to inhibite mold growth and place in
             aero cloner..no rooting hormone,no diagonal cut under water,etc...now
             depending on how the clones are used there is several ways to
             transplant,if going in to soil i move as soon as i see bumps on the stems,if
             going into hydroton i let roots get about an inch long.the only tricky part is
             moving the clones from the cloner to the medium,best if done in same area
             but under certain circumstances we have moved in 5 gallon buckets filled
             with the nutrient solution and just left clones to float...
             anyways i find this system super easy,cut clone place into cloner and come
             back in 5-8 days...simple...


             TOPIC - merry xmas
             DATE - 15:38:12 4/10/99
             FROM - frank
             Thanks Vic, I didn't expect what came and truly appreciate it. If you know
             anyone that needs the same let me know and I'll be happy to return it, I
             don't need all of them and know theres someone who would like a few. I
             also have some of the bros cinderella and apollo crosses I'd be willing to
             part with. I'll bet it was some pressure you put on yourself offering that like
             you did. If you don't have my e-mail let me know I'll send it to you.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 13:03:22 4/10/99
             FROM - la.bud
             hey all,
             vic , try clonex gel it's potent stuff anything will root with it


             TOPIC - bcga blueberries
             DATE - 12:20:25 4/10/99
             FROM - trelaway
             Day 38 for the blues and they are starting to chunk up nicely. In two gallon
             pots I gotta stay on top of feeding them. Even now they blow thru nitrogen
             like frenzied addicts.


             TOPIC - Thanks guys
             DATE - 11:42:58 4/10/99
             FROM - Capn Chronic
             Seems easy enough. I guess I'll go find some starter rockwool cubes and
             the humidty dome and tray and just get cloning. How long does it usually
             take for them to root? I think ill use a heating pad too. How do i take the
             plant out of the Rockwool?

             BTW if anyone cares I found 3 males out of the 7 Romberry and terminated
             them. 4 possible females left.


             TOPIC - cloning
             DATE - 11:17:10 4/10/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Trelaway, that is so weird.

             When I clone in rockwool it's always a hit and miss thing. One time I'll get
             great results and another they all turn yellow. I tested ph and it is fine.

             My method was very same to yours with teh exception of teh hood removal. I
             would soak overnight with nutriboost at 50 drops per gal. Then set clones,
             and leave about 1/4" of water in bottom. I talked to Chuck at Mr Fert and he
             said I was leaving them too wet and to squeeze the cubes a little?

             I can do soil clones without batting an eye. I even recently tried 50/50
             perlite/worm castings and it worked well. Didn't even use a rooting
             hormone. I always mist with no-damp though. And cut off the outer 1/2 of
             each leaf to increase airflow and reduce chances of mold. Always works.

             But rockwool is a different story. I need to find a way that always works.


             Hey anyone up on the Malahat? What's up with the water supply up there?
             It's killing my plants. They are all yellow now. New growth is stunted and
             curled under. They must be going nuts with chlorine or some other

             I guess the rest of teh day will be packing water and flushing them. Maybe
             even repotting.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 10:51:53 4/10/99
             FROM - trelaway
             Cap'n--I clone into rockwool and this is exactly how I do it here and rarely
             lose a clone taken in veg, a few more lost if I take them while in budding:

             You need a black tray and dome (pretty important), cloning stuff (gel or
             powder) and a nail.

             Let them soak them a half hour before using. Don't squeeze them out. I
             don't adjust the ph for clones, doesn't seem to matter. Turn the cubes
             upside down and make a new hole with the nail between centre and a
             corner. I find, unless you take big clones, the premade hole too big.

             Take the cutting, dip in gel (better than powder but powder works fine) and
             place in your cloning medium.

             A little water in the bottom of the black tray. They need at least sixteen
             hours of lite.

             Put clones in tray and cover with dome for three days (checking to see
             things are still moist during these three days) Dome off day four, on five, off
             six for good. Keep the medium wet until you see roots. When you have root,
             plant in your medium.



             TOPIC - ATTN: Budm
             DATE - 10:15:46 4/10/99
             FROM - KGB
             Hey bro -

             Thanks for your comments re: Super Crystal and Romberry. I'm searching
             for a strain that's mostly indica and has nice tight, crystally buds in
             quantity...any recommendations?

             Thanks in advance,


             ps. Chronic at T-minus three weeks and counting!! YES!


             TOPIC - rockwool info
             DATE - 10:01:08 4/10/99
             FROM - mp
             Capn Chronic, check out www.highlife.com.au/man/index.htm


             TOPIC - Cloning in Rockwool
             DATE - 09:02:23 4/10/99
             FROM - Capn Chronic
             Im trying to find a real easy way to clone. It seems Rockwool would be my
             best bet. But I know nothing about Rockwool. I wanna clone the way Vic
             does while pampering the clones a little more than he does. Is there any
             FAQ's on rockwool I could read. Can someone give me the lowdown?



             TOPIC - Vic
             DATE - 20:05:22 4/09/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi All, Vic your genoriousty and benovelonce is moving ;-)) You are "great
             people" Thanks so much, Ill try to find good homes for the extras,Have a
             great weekend!!

             pi- No sh*t? termites!

             Any one heard from KenKe man? are ya lurking?

             Stay safe everyone!


             TOPIC - re: VHO'S and CO2 from fermenting
             DATE - 18:49:32 4/09/99
             FROM - TheLight
             I have done a few experments with VHO's. My setup presently has 6 banks
             of T8's 8 bulbs a bank using electronic ballasts . They draw 0.92 amps per
             ballast and I need one ballast for each four tubes. The lumen output for
             each bank is similar to a 400w metal halide. I recently did a experement
             where I had a VHO unit one bank on one side of the room on the other side
             I had a 1000w high pressure sodium at 48" away from the tops of the
             plants I used 36 six inch square pots and had the same strain variety and
             used the same nutrients etc through out the grow cycle{I forced flower the
             second they got roots} on each. My net result was 383 grams for the
             thousand watt and 389 grams for the VHO's about the same for each. If I
             had a air or water cooled hood I could of moved the thousand watt closer
             and got a better yield but I did not have one. The VHO's produce virtually no
             heat so I placed them about a 1/2 inch away from the growing tips and
             raised them as the plants grew. I found the VHO's buds to be a little more
             tighter than the high pressure sodium. There seem to be a tighter
             internodal distance as well. This could be as you can pick and choose the
             kelvin temperature of your bulbs I am using 6 3000 kelvin (red) and 2 6500
             kelvin (BLUE) in each bank as I am mostly flowering. If was doing more of a
             vegetative cycle I would add another blue and remove a red. Plants need
             blue and red for photosynthesis they reflect back to you green as they do
             not use this part of the light spectrum. Reds stimulate flowering thats why I
             have 6 reds in my bank and also why some growers switch from metal
             halide to high pressure sodium half way through there grow cycle.If you
             have power constraints the VHO's are the way to go they use virtually no
             power my last power bill last was $86 dollars but I am using power smart
             products through out my house. I purchased my last bank at Crop Circle a
             garden store in New Westminster BC but there might be somebody near
             you selling something similar ask around for T8 VHO's with electronic
             ballasts. I hope this answers some of your questions.


             TOPIC - bcga
             DATE - 18:17:29 4/09/99
             FROM - KuntaWearsaChain
             i lost my kilt so i got this chain wrapped around my fat ass! what do you pot
             heads think..?


             TOPIC - post
             DATE - 17:28:45 4/09/99
             FROM - Eric

             URINE does two things..it supplies your plants with nutrients..and MOST
             importantly it gives your grow area a human smell that deer a..rabbits..mice
             dont like...

             I have read of folks saving their piss and carring it to the grow area...this is
             too much man...but i drink alot of beer especially when working in the
             field...so ya go in hte patch man..it isnt anything i would like save for the trip
             tp ther patch..but if im there and i feel the urge..ya know...

             the guys that save that shit really need to bye some moth balls and worm

             the most effective thing to keep animals away is to make a MONATOV
             COCKTAIL just dont light it....take a bottle and fill it with gas (diesel if it is
             available) and stick something into the top[ that will wick the gas smell out
             into the air...works like a charm


             TOPIC - Ordering seeds Via Mail in the US
             DATE - 16:19:36 4/09/99
             FROM - Anonymous
             Has anyone ever done this and succeeded? I have seen many
             avertisements such as "stealthy shipping" "discreet shipping" but has it
             ever gotten through customs? If so could anyone send me the name of a
             reputable seed bank?


             TOPIC - potting mix
             DATE - 16:15:05 4/09/99
             FROM - Strider
             Greetings... Asked my wife to stop by the local nursery and pick me up a
             bale of mix on her way home from groc shopping. she said they didnt have
             the regular mix i usally get. they are carrying fafard canadian grow mix #1-P
             so she didnt pick any up. Any one familiar with this brand. I imagine any of
             the good mixes are ok after you add your amendments. Just curious.


             TOPIC - CO2 from yeast and sugar
             DATE - 13:49:38 4/09/99
             FROM - ShareCropper

             I tried the fermentation thing and was much disapointed. Total waste of
             time imo. I used 1 gal jugs as a test and monitored the CO2 production
             with a ballon over the opening. VERY little. Maybe my mix was lame, so try it
             anyway, but I don't think its worth it. I need CO2 but I'm just to paranoid to
             cop a tank and so are my buds, so I just keep the vent fan going when the
             lights are on so there is always plenty of fresh air with ambient CO2.

             The weekend is HERE!



             TOPIC - VHO's and CO2 from fermenting
             DATE - 13:26:08 4/09/99
             FROM - Capn Chronic
             I was wondering if any of you have any experience with VHO fluro's? I have
             a attic im planning on using for a flowering area and its highest point is 4
             feet tall. A HID really isnt a option and regular fluros just wouldnt produce
             the yield im after. How much do they cost? What type tubes are available?
             Are they worth it? Also I was wondering about co2 from fermentation of
             yeast and sugar in water? Is this worth the hassle? Does it produce
             enough co2 to enhance growth? Any help would be appreciated.


             TOPIC - I got mail!
             DATE - 13:23:12 4/09/99
             FROM - Creo
             Hey Vic, what a cool surprise to open the mailbox and find Christmas in
             April. What a score, way more beans and varieties than I expected. I cannot
             thank you enough for the effort. I sure think that you made a huge deposit
             into the Karma bank. I will return the favor to others. Thanks again Vic. Too



             TOPIC - hey vic! I got mail,
             DATE - 11:43:26 4/09/99
             FROM - Strider
             recieved a surprise today. many thanks....! I will let everyone know how
             things turn out. 1 question..? What is washington..? and does RSB have
             anything to do with blond strawberries...? (I hope). Thanx again. The
             crappie are on the banks here and my truck is broken down. nothing to pull
             my boat to the lake with, so I was a little down. Only thing i could do today
             was mow the place. Not what I really wanted to do. The Surprise put a little
             bounce back in my step.


             TOPIC - Pi and IE 5.0
             DATE - 11:40:13 4/09/99
             FROM - ShareCropper

             Is this the BETA 5.0 that you are using? Reson for the question is that the
             Beta copy I downloaded would not allow me to disable cookies in the
             Advanced Setup. Of couse if, and I assume that your are, going through a
             Proxy then you might be safe. This message is usually not caused by the
             engine but by your Proxy. I know that I used to have a hell of a problem with
             Anonymizer because it would not allow Java and I would have to keep
             resending post. The new version is much better. I get that message, but
             usually a resend does it. Beware of those Beta's man!!!!


             TOPIC - ants vs termites
             DATE - 10:53:52 4/09/99
             FROM - pi
             make sure they are ants not termites. i lost a plant to termites. plant kept
             looking worse and worse andthenext thing i knew was the stem snapped
             and out poured termites.


             TOPIC - help/alotonin
             DATE - 10:48:41 4/09/99
             FROM - pi
             help ... i unable to post at pages using this format ie all Laughing Moon
             Sites and at times this site as well. i get the error message that says the
             message block has no message... duh! hehehe trouble is there IS a
             message but the site does not recognize it.

             i installed ie 5.0 about 3 weeks ago and found that i was having a problem
             posting about a week and a half later. ... and like i said i briefly had the
             problem here.

             Urine>>> i have spoke with and read about outdoor growers saving there
             urine for their plants! hmmmmmm? bet that would stink up an indoor grow.


             TOPIC - thanks - old bud
             DATE - 00:42:31 4/09/99
             FROM - irish
             have the "grocery getter" warming up right now....


             TOPIC - white widow
             DATE - 21:57:14 4/08/99
             FROM - white widow man
             all I need to know about the plant, flowering, when to put itinyo bud,


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 18:46:34 4/08/99
             FROM - MiAmOr
             Rover-No, the AA Sk is not what you would call "stinky".
             But it does have a noticeable aroma. An aroma, some find pleasant. At 28
             days it smells a little like used gym
             socks with a hint of sandalwood. A quite manly fragrance.

             Vic High-Thx for the warning against pulling the trigger
             and harvesting too early. Forgot to tell you that pistils
             were pollinated, which I understand, can turn the pollinated
             pistils to turn brown. Already the foaf notices the seed
             bracts are swelling up. Told to hvst. when seeds pods ready
             to burst with brown, mature seed.

             L8r, str8r...MiAmOr



             TOPIC -
             DATE - 15:10:00 4/08/99
             FROM - trelaway
             Hey Vic,

             I'll drive up the next week or so and check out Blue Rose. I never liked going
             to the same supply place anyway, having another well stocked option is

             Been using those pelleted ferts. The package suggests working them into
             your soil and letting them break down slowly. I, instead, took 10ml, added it
             to a litre of water and let it sit for a week. I divided the liter among four plants
             in two gallon pot. They seem to like it fine, makes a great tea but when you
             open the bottle after it's been sitting.....wow does it smell.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 12:44:35 4/08/99
             FROM - oldtimer1
             smokey ants dont affect your plants themselves directly but the aphids they
             take to your plant to farm do! Best cure I know is to mix borax into a sugar
             syrup and put it in small bottles laid on their side, just enough to drip a little
             out the neck, they just love it it works as a slow acting poison they take it
             back to the nest and share it round it takes about a week to 10 days.

             Old Bud I grow comfrey and add it to my worm compost bins it sure makes
             for good buds. For those that are interested the variety with the highest
             allantoin levels is Bocking No 14 it also produces the most potash and is
             available in the states as far as I know.

             All the best Ot1.


             TOPIC - Comfrey Root
             DATE - 12:11:04 4/08/99
             FROM - Old Bud
             Did a little more research today and as it turns out Allantoin is very
             common. It is found in mammal urine and in large concentrations of
             comfrey root. It's also a good source of magnesium.
             I attached a link on some info.

                                   Link: Allantoin Info


             TOPIC - Romberry Surprise @ 10 days
             DATE - 11:56:58 4/08/99
             FROM - Bud Bundy
             Vic -
             First set of five bladed leaves are coming out on most of them, unbelievably
             fast growing. Very fat leaves on some, skinny leaves on others. They are at
             the third nodes already. 95% germ rate.

             Questions -
             Is 85 degree day, 75 night ok? There's a small fan blowing on them all the
             time and they look really healthy.

             Most of them have purple main stems up to the cotyledons, but everything
             is green above the first node, is this ok?



             TOPIC - pests
             DATE - 09:58:34 4/08/99
             FROM - smokey
             Do ants effect plants, how do you rid of infestation


             TOPIC - Indoor sativa
             DATE - 09:49:36 4/08/99
             FROM - ShareCropper
             Hello Folks!

             Received the Romulan surprise from HS and look forward to that journey. I
             have been growing out some of NCGA crosses lately and am looking to
             add a sativa to the mix when I start the surprises. It will be used both
             indoors as well as cloned for use for late summer outdoors. Does anyone
             have experience with the Hawain Sativa that ME and HS have in their
             offerings? Looks like it might be a local strain for you folks. How about the
             Kali outdoors?

             Thanks Vic for the great share the info attitude! I switched to your SS mix
             with my wick setup and the results have been a big improvement over the
             my soilless/wick configuration.

             Take care!



             TOPIC - Blue Rose
             DATE - 08:42:54 4/08/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Say is there any south Vancouver Island growers lurking?

             If so I found the an intersting source for our hobby's supplies. I was driving
             up island the other day and realized I had forgotten to bring some no-damp
             so I pulled into this small time Nursery called the Blue Rose Nurseries just
             South of Duncan. It was basically just an outdoor nursery with a couple of
             small garden sheds joined to form an office/sales area. I was getting a
             little pessamistic on my chances of finding any no-damp at this location.

             Well did I get a suprise when I enetered the place. They were stocked from
             roof to floor with all kinds of growing supplies. They were loaded with
             chemical and organic nutes. They had HIDs, hoods, ppm pens, and all
             kinds of indoor growing supplies. They even had the 25lb bags of worm
             castings! They were even well stocked in rockwool.

             My hats go off to this place. Driving by you would never know!


             TOPIC - Allantoin
             DATE - 02:36:33 4/08/99
             FROM - Old Bud
             The product is called Supernatural Bud Blaster, a kinda of sugary granular
             substance that includes allantoin. This is my first crop using it so I cant say
             much, however there are fuzzy white crystals on the bottom part of some
             leaves where there were none in the past?
             Irish: The directions say to use during heavy granular and resin production.
             When the flowers are in the ripening stage. Its manufactured by
             supernatural technology inc van, b.c. hope this helps.


             TOPIC - vic / old bud
             DATE - 01:41:53 4/08/99
             FROM - irish
             vic- thanks just noticed last night. sorry for inconvenience
             old bud- i am on the edge of my seat w/ this new chem (allantonin? where?
             what? please)... mm mm mmmmm. friend is at sixth week w/ homemade
             nl5 any more sparkles would be soo beautiful. is it too late to add?


             TOPIC - Kunta
             DATE - 21:04:53 4/07/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi all: Thanks for clairfiying that for me Kunta, cause allong with my
             inexperience, I guess comes that I belive at face value some posts, with out
             the benefit of the sourounding cicumstances, as I respect your knowledge,
             I wrongly assumed that seeds are ready when they look dark and firm(IMO
             mature). And im dealing with Indica dominate strains. Sorry a/b the



             TOPIC - Serious Resin Production - Allantoin
             DATE - 20:14:23 4/07/99
             FROM - redpole
             Could you please describe what the allantoin is that you are using? I am
             interested in increasing resin production. I understand that it does not
             always mean greater potency in terms of thc but it does have a great effect
             on the flavour. I am planning to reduce my light to six hours during the last
             two weeks of flowering this time around and see if it makes any difference.

             keep growin'



             TOPIC - Hey Budm ,
             DATE - 18:31:44 4/07/99
             FROM - Kunta wears a sarong
             ........... the post on Weedbase you were talking about ( if memory serves me
             ....??! ) was describing an off season grown 6 ft-er lightly seeded ind/sat
             plant in the sub tropics in wet , misty conditions ( think outdoor sauna ! the
             kind of place where you need a shower after a shower !) , after some seeds
             germinated on the bud , they were planted nearby and the plant was cut .
             Keep in mind that this is a fairly rare occurance and takes the right ( wrong
             ? ) combination of warmth , sun , rain , high humidity , lack of wind , mist
             and a seeded plant . In 99 times out of 100 mold in similar conditions
             would slush things up long before the seeds start popping on colas !
             Equatorial sativas tend to " drop " their seeds the minute they are fully
             formed , so , among other things , germination on the branch at 6 ft above
             the ground in tropical conditions is'nt a problem , indica seeds tend to stay
             encased , although loose , in the calyx long after they are mature . Indica
             seeds are protected from the freeze over winter by the calyx and its heavy
             coating of resin , the bud rots off in the thaw and the seeds germinate .
             Some growers have noticed a slight improvement in germ %'s and speed
             of germination from fresh seeds keep in the refridgerator for a few weeks
             as opposed to seeds that were taken from the tree and planted same day ,
             so it makes sense to plant seeds that have been " aged " for a few weeks
             or more for maximum germ. speed and high germination rates , but viable
             seed , fresh or otherwise will germinate . A germination differance of 70 %
             or more between fresh and fridge stored seeds sounds like a lot ! ,
             perhaps the seeds were picked a day or three too early and they needed
             those two weeks to loose a bit of their " freshness " as V said . Did the
             fresh seeds open and die or did they just not pop ? , did they germinate
             slower than the same plant stored seeds ? ...........HAVE BIG
             FUN...........Kunta ..............


             TOPIC - seeds
             DATE - 15:48:22 4/07/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Budm - actually it is more about genetics. Sativas, being more near the
             equator never really needed a dormant period to protect against premature
             sprouting. The dormant period is more a trait of indica dominant plants. Or
             so I've been told, haha.


             TOPIC - seed
             DATE - 15:45:52 4/07/99
             FROM - pi
             GrowMag had a good article on germination, inhibitors and seed storage a
             month or so ago.


             TOPIC - Thanks Vic
             DATE - 15:32:09 4/07/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi all
             Vic I dont feel like a bad parent now ha ha!
             I guess I just took a post from "Kunta" to heart in all cases, he said that
             after rain hes seen seeds germ in the pods on the living outdoor plants!
             Any how thanks Vic

             Is that kind of like a newbie indoctranation a/b seeds, in the pod germin,
             you know like a aprentice plumber or electricin being sent to the hardware
             store "for a box of skyhooks" lol;-)


             TOPIC - Budm
             DATE - 15:09:32 4/07/99
             FROM - Vic High
             The seeds simply need to mature. The dormant period (desication and/or
             cooling) is needed probably as a survival mechanism. Many plants can't
             germinate until their seeds have experienced a frost. It's often a chemical
             process within the seed. It's like there is an anti-germination chemical
             within the seed that breaks down over time and when exposed to cool


             TOPIC - FreshSeeds
             DATE - 12:40:12 4/07/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi all, This is for Vic, or any one that has exp with fresh beans, Ive seen low
             germ rates (20-30%) on recently harvested seeds, and a few weeks later
             (stored in the fridge) the rate improves (90-100%). Could it be that the fresh
             resin on the seeds does not allow enough water to permeate the shell? I
             read somewhere that the fridge may simulate a "winter" period that may
             "solidify the embryo?? Ive even tried to clean the resin off
             with some dish soap, but still the early tries are bad. This is on some
             WWxCob f2s. Any thoughs are apprechiated.TIA



             TOPIC -
             DATE - 09:35:16 4/07/99
             FROM - Vic High
             irish - HS has been completely restocked recently. However it's best to
             contact HS about these matters.

             pi - aeric's CO was a big hit around here as well. It was also a hit in the
             garden yield wise and it responded well to my low light levels.

             loop_hole - I'm looking forward to your side by side comparison of the to
             roms. As for the uv, all I can say is that a couple of days of 24 hour
             exposure to the naked 400w optimarc bulb didn't kill the plants. I still
             chickened out and made a special trip yesterday to replace with a new bulb

             Rover - romulan genes naturally have that red pigmentation that you speak
             off. It increases as light intensity and plant health increases. Romulan and
             some romberries even get purple pistals when they are really happy. Must
             be part of the kush ancestry.

             MiAmOr - be careful with the early harvest. Some strains seem to cycle
             through the browning of pistals and the developement of new ones.
             Romulan does this at about 6-7 weeks but doesn't really finish until week

             I think these chemo I have are the same. I thought they were ready at 5
             weeks because of their brown pistals despite the fact that their buds were
             still fairly leafy. I cut the top half leaving the bottom half to set seeds. The
             aroma was still fairly green but I figured that was just a trait of this strain.
             That bud had a nice stone to start but then started to fade early. Then you
             would just want to go to sleep. Well I looked at the bottoms recently and
             these buds really look nice plump hard nugs. The calyx to leaf ratio has
             improved substantially and the aroma has a very nice ripe tone to it. It's
             obvious now that the first harvest was way too early.

             Newbies - for generic newbie questions, there are many more apropriate
             places with more people to answer your questions. I've added links to them
             on teh BCGA main page. Link is above just below the photo. We need to
             narrow the focus of this page a little. I hope you understand and you are
             more than welcome to lurk. Good Luck!!


             TOPIC - Serious Resin production
             DATE - 09:01:53 4/07/99
             FROM - Old Bud
             I'm just finishing up a White Widow and Orange Bud crop and would like to
             share some info with you great growers out there.
             I have added more phosphate (25%) and Magnesium (5%) for the
             flowering cycle with shots of K (potash) twice aweek.
             The real key is the ALLANTOIN (1/2 tsp per 5gal) it helps digest the extra P
             and K, the results are less than scientific but I would say 20-30% increace
             in resin based on personal observation. Cant speak for it's taste or high
             just yet but it looks great!
             Anyone use allantonin? comments?
             will post after the harvest with taste and high.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 07:35:24 4/07/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi All
             Naughty: its not faith in F2s, the flower closet is lit by a 400mh and a
             400hps for about 90watts persqft and it seems that a bunch of strains have
             finished a week or so early, Im inclined to think its the abundance of light??
             Any comments. Plus a small branch on each AK was pollinated with the
             pollen from the Peak19,(just had some extra pollen), and that may be a
             factor, but usually that only induces faster ripening on that particler
             branch.And the Kalis were waiting to-long allready, to get in the flower
             closet, I hear they really streach, so maybe I was rushing, but the AKs were
             a/b 70% pistill change and some of the tricomes were clouded. Naughty
             check your email.

             67ed: That would explain why Rom is such a great "lowlight" producer,
             those huge deep-green fans! And with Vic using only organics, it sounds
             like your right on the money, just makes common sense.

             BeatKat: Im a relitive newbie myself (since Oct98), and have IMO really
             learned a bunch since then, thanks to all of the great people hear and at
             WB, so if ya need some questions
             answered Id be happy to help ya.You can email me if ya want, im just now
             trying to get ICQ understood, my ICQ num is 28512256.And my email is

             Greco Roman: Nothing lame a/b the handle?

             pi: Thanks for the vote of confidance & continuance! And if ya can post a few
             things a/b the KM from time-to-time that would be great.

             If anyone is looking for new mail addys 2 that I have found that are good are
             Postmaster.co.uk and freemail.nl, the latter is sortof a challange to
             understand the Dutch language, but once you figure out the basics its a
             snap. And if your writing to any breeders or seedbanks in Holland who are
             reluctant to answer mail that they feel is in a "un -friendly" country, that may
             disapate with a .nl addy, Its helped a couple of times;-)Nice to see somany
             polite new folks around here;-) Stay Safe everyone.



             TOPIC - newbie
             DATE - 05:03:55 4/07/99
             FROM - BeatKat
             Hi all, I just found this site after starting my research on home growing and
             really love it. I would appreciate it if anyone could give me tips on the best
             way to get started and on aprox how much yeild I can expect per plant, how
             many plants per # of seeds, etc. I'm not really planning to sell or get into
             major growing just small time for myself and a few friends, figure it'll be
             cheeper and a lot more fun! Thanks for having such a kick-ass community
             out here in the infospace.

             BTW my ICQ# is 35781423 and I'd love to chat with anyone with advice,
             suggestions, or just fun stories.


             TOPIC - Web-based email
             DATE - 04:29:04 4/07/99
             FROM - Munty
             Hi folks,
             As always this is the most "lurkable" site around,many thanks to all the
             wonderful regulars and knowledgable new faces:-)

             Captain Correlli - Thanks for the news flash,boy that makes me
             mad!Hotmail is losing the plot...I wonder?....hmmmm
             So here is a link I posted a few months back for a web-based email
             guide,anyone should be able to find something to their taste here:they have
             over 400 email providers in over 60 countries!!
             Don't forget to go through an anon proxy with your cookies disabled and no
             Java,it also pays to have your home button on your browswer linked to a
             page on your hard drive and go there first before surfing anywhere
             Stay Safe


                                Link: Free Email Providers


             TOPIC - thanks
             DATE - 03:29:15 4/07/99
             FROM - mota20
             just found this board and wanted to say good job.I only get comp. access at
             night mon.-fri. so read alot of the posts and enjoy the exchange of
             information.Would really hope someday what we do would be legal and
             then people could get together and really talk.Growing is alot more then
             just getting high(but like that also)it's a hobby that gives me alot of joy, just
             watching the seeds i plant turn into such great looking ladies. peace and
             end the war. mota20


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 00:45:50 4/07/99
             FROM - 67ed
             I've had an epiphany! Since dark green leaves absorb more heat and
             energy from the sun than light green leaves, then if you make your leaves
             darker green using a little more ferts(organics are safer), you won't need to
             supply the plants with as much light to get the same results.


             TOPIC - Just to let you know, my handle is changing
             DATE - 22:53:09 4/06/99
             FROM - Greco Roman
             I know, no one gives a crap, but I have ALWAYS posted under Greco
             Roman, pretty lame huh! anyway, its now going to be Nat E Dred, and you
             can see a couple of those posts around already. Btw, anyone remember
             that dude!! LOL, ah those were the days!
             I will cross post this just this once to the other places I'm known for they're
             info, so if ya see it around, just know I'm being honest and withhold the
             flames. Thanks
             Nat E Dred


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 22:29:21 4/06/99
             FROM - captain correlli
             *****NEWS FLASH******

             Hotmail will no longer allow you to access your account unless you let
             them set cookies.

             anyone for anon email suggestions?


             TOPIC - Skunk1
             DATE - 20:55:53 4/06/99
             FROM - Rover
             Hey Miamor,

             I was curious to know if the AA skunk#1 was really stinky? I have some
             skunk#1 seeds from dutch passion and havent got around to plantin them
             yet. I wasnt gonna bother cause they were old and i wasnt sure of the
             genetic stability. I only want to germ them if the stink like hell. thanks

             I havent been posting much but reading alot. Great posts here, alot of
             CONSTRUCTIVE conversation from all. My hat goes off to all of you.

             My situation hasnt changed much, I only have 2 ladies budding right now
             since I had to down-size my operation. Both plants are an accidental cross
             of Rom X Skunk that happened with a hermie rom that only dropped one
             pollen sack from the main trunk. The resulting female seeds definitely take
             after Rom(thank god) and they are very aggressive growers. 2 weeks into
             12hours and resin is kickin in nicely. Im not an experienced breeder but its
             nice to see what happens when 2 strains mate. Im vegging some blue
             widow seeds but its F2. Im just hoping to get one nice female so I can
             clone it.

             I was curious to know if many of you get the same problem I am having. My
             fan stems are reddening but its only on the tops of them. If you look at the
             stem from the side it looks striped, red on top and green on bottom. I was
             told that this is a magnesium defficiency but I keep pretty good check on my
             nutes. I think that it is just a photochemical response because it only
             happens on the fans that get the most light exposure.



             TOPIC - Hey budm
             DATE - 20:08:08 4/06/99
             FROM - Naughty
             i`m curious as to why you finished so early......no faith in f2`s i guess


             TOPIC - Amsterdam Aloha Skunk #1 Report
             DATE - 19:27:18 4/06/99
             FROM - MiAmOr
             A foaf has a sole AA Skunk Number 1. This puppy is MASSIVE. The foaf
             almost chopped it down because of it's
             rapid and early growth, thinking "It must be a male to grow that tall so fast".
             But cooler heads prevailed, and
             it turned out to be a female. A big, fat momma.

             Anyhoos...at 28 days into 12/12, approx. 25% of pistils have
             darkened. At that rate, harvesting when "40-60% of pistils have changed
             color", will produce some incredibly early bud!!! Is this crazy or what?

             Should this foaf consider letting the buds go beyond this
             rule of thumb? Situation is 1) Hydro setup; 2) 4 other strains-buds relatively

             Should a clearing solution (Pure Blend only) be started

             I assume after Skunk #1 is harvested the solution
             would revert back to a bloom solution until a week before
             the other strains near completion.

             Thanks in advance!



             TOPIC - test post
             DATE - 16:05:43 4/06/99
             FROM - pi
             Budman>>> i wouldn't worry about those labels and do your thing


             TOPIC - Thanks pi
             DATE - 11:28:12 4/06/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi All, Thanks for the KM post pi, Im beggining to relize that the strains that
             are sold with the tag "Expert Gardner" or "Advanced Gardner" most likely
             apply to the hydro gardner, the bcga ssoil w castings and the bio-blend
             ferts, make for a very easy and forgiving grow. The KM is streaching alot but
             looks very healthy, huge fan leaves, and this is the first strain where the
             best looking and largest most vigerous seedling auctually turned out to be
             a female ;-)) Can anyone let me know about how it yields?
             Thank again.



             TOPIC - thanks
             DATE - 10:58:40 4/06/99
             FROM - pi
             thanks Sub


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 08:33:33 4/06/99
             FROM - Subcool
             Pi 35146265 is my ICQ add me found beter choices for a/c.
             So man is Pi's weed awesome the oganics really made a diff.
             Ben smokin some Gnl and some MP's Jack Herer Both will uplift yo ass to
             another world.
             I got blisters from all the trimming :)
             see ya soon
             Hats off to Pi


             TOPIC - uv info
             DATE - 21:03:58 4/05/99
             FROM - old hand
             glass stops uv light,florescent light is a good cheap way to increase uv
             light,I dont think you can hurt plants with any practical amount of florescent
             light.black light doesnt seem to work.tanning bulbs i have no experience
             with.bug zapper lights work cheaply if you understand how to modify for
             mecury vapor with outer glass removed puts out lots of uv and acts just like
             a big ozone generator but seems to do a lot of damage to older leaves
             quickly[ hence the warning] plants like to grow up with the lights you are
             going to use, a change in mid growth throws them off, sometimes fatally.
             florescents you can add any time.uv seems to work most effectivly on resin
             glands directly.but uv early might set the stage for better utilization later in
             life.high intensity uv needs only be on a few minutes a couple of times a
             day to make a noticeable difference in the end product.I do not know, how
             much is too much, so be careful not to kill them.i dont want to be
             responsible for the death of any plant.i hunt skunks my weapon of choice
             uvab, plans for weapon
             400 uvab 3x60 24div2 = +%9
             what is time done to death

             death chant sperti weapon is effective



             TOPIC -
             DATE - 18:50:51 4/05/99
             FROM - loop_hole
             All: Glad to see some UV info. Penned a question a couple weeks back but
             never did post it. Iíll paraphrase. I going water-cooled so I wanted to add
             some supplemental UV. Planned on adding a few 400 MH to even out the
             spectrum and add a little UV but I though Iíd try for a little more. UVb bulbs
             (real ones) are over $100 each (4 footers) and are harder to get without
             license. I figured theyíd be way too intense and would have to cycle them.
             So I was thinking of using a 4-foot reptile lamp(s) or 100w MH with the
             outer jacket removed on for the full 12/12. Anyone have any idea what kind
             of area this would cover. I also have a few 6 foot tanning bed lights (donít
             ask) but was told there UVb output is very low (mostly uva) and I donít real
             want to heat up the room that Iím trying to cool (theyíre 100 watters.) Any
             ideaís, comments, suggestions. Anything else (besides burnt leaves) to
             watch for. And yes, I plan on taking the appropriate safety measures.

             Vic. Have your romberry started right besides emeryís rom as well as
             Ak-47, rom/bigbud, chong doi, sweet tooth, and two of my favorite, stabilized
             (almost) strains so Iíll keep ya posted.

             Also: Is it just me or has the net been a little weird lately?



             TOPIC - Pi
             DATE - 17:40:23 4/05/99
             FROM - sb
             YUP! no doubt about it.
             not only does the taste improve, but.......sorry, forgot what I was gonna



             TOPIC - budman/kalimist/ harvest
             DATE - 17:06:41 4/05/99
             FROM - pi
             just harvested 2 today
             they were stressed every way possible
             no herm
             big solid buds
             i am hearing 9 weeks +/-
             plants were infested with mites so i am not worried about yield at this point.
             i believe this plant won a local mini cup

             i am a firm believer of a 2 month dry/cure to maximize taste! any comments.

             i also have a nestaa 911xchemo that i harvest today. can't waite to taste.
             best all around smoke i have is aeric's CO.



             TOPIC - great page vic
             DATE - 16:54:26 4/05/99
             FROM - irish
             just sailed over from the WB. (someone posted a link, so...)
             much better and easier to follow this format than your other message
             board. congrats. and a ??? about avail. of the blueberry and "surprises"
             from HS. I am not sure if you like this type of question here, so i will thank
             you or apologize in advance.

             it is good to see a lot of the very helpful guys from the other site (mota,
             budm, ot1, etc.) hopefully, i will be seeing a lot more of these extremely
             helpful posts. just spent a hour reading all the below ones, and have
             gained a great deal more info regarding strains, than maybe would have
             been learned in a month of lurking.


             TOPIC - spill yer guts man
             DATE - 07:39:02 4/05/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Hey Old Hand - ya don't need permission to share what you know :)

             Thanks for the tips, but too late. I took a chance and set it up. Checked
             again this AM and they were still green and not brown so I guess all is ok. I
             figure the UV damage would happen right away if it was going to happen.
             Given enough time to adapt, I figure that the plants would start producing
             their UV defenses and so as time goes by, there is a lesser chance that
             the UV will harm them. Maybe I'll experiment and lower bulb to 12" next
             week to test the limits.

             Like I tried to get across at the start, human safety wasn't a concern here,
             but plant safety was. Thanks all for the comments.

             Budm - I too have noticed that romulan and romberry turn an unapealling
             brown colour when stored long enough.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 03:39:26 4/05/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi All
             Yea Vic I can remember working in a print shop way back, and hearing the
             owner who ran the place telling everyone all the time "Dont be looking at
             that platemaker youll cook your corneas(sic)" so be carefull.
             af found a small glass jar, that was lost since Jan with a couple of tops
             from the Rom, that had recently been pulled, and let me tell-ya theres a
             whole lot to be said for uninturupted curing, and im no twinkee that gets
             high on rope(22 years smoking) and this Rom has really now cured to a
             great 1-2 hit high, nice improvement over the rest thats in glass but
             refridigated since the 3-4 week after harvest.
             It really lost alot of color though, but when you dont sell, cosmetic
             apperance is of small concern.

             pi & subcool:please post anything that may be of concern to a new grower
             a/b Kalimist, as you may encounter during your exp with the strain, as ive
             heard its finicky,and can "hermi up" on ya quick, if stressed. Soothing
             words for a stressed grower were found from the breeder of KMs sister
             strain when he said "Just give the KM/WW a stable enviroment and they will
             be fine". However stable things are,id enjoy reading any input;-)

             Any one got plans for 5-1-99? And I mean more then just roasting!



             TOPIC - broken bulb
             DATE - 21:14:13 4/04/99
             FROM - old hand
             do not use the broken bulb it will fry them in a very short time florescents
             would be better to keep them alive in an emergency the damage is done
             very quickly.a bow to ot1 u know your shit.i will tell what i know about uv if
             your all interested


             TOPIC - 67 ed
             DATE - 07:20:20 4/04/99
             FROM - oldtimer1
             Will get back to you as soon as I have an es update. Yes I reckon the
             longer plants are the best. Ot1.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 00:14:49 4/04/99
             FROM - 67ed
             The description on Neville's Haze says to discard any plants(as breeders)
             that flower much over 14 weeks as impractical. If I'm reading this right, they
             think haze plants that take 17 or more weeks are just a waste of time for
             little or no gain in the potency. But you and others say the best plants take
             the longest. Is it worth to wait an extra month to grow more potent plants?
             Eric-I read somewhere that indoor plants can only utilize about two hours of
             intense UV light during the middle of the light period. Those tanning lights
             are probably way too much for the plant to utilize.


             TOPIC - lights
             DATE - 23:01:10 4/03/99
             FROM - oldtimer1
             Vic the inner capsule on a HQI T is if you look sturdier than the HPI T type to
             cope with the extra current from the sodium ballast. I know to my own
             expense what its like to have a hpit explode using a sodium ballast.
             Without the protective outer Quarts glass envelope you are getting over
             95% more uv content is all. Keep a eyes on your plants for burning on the
             leaves I'm interested in how they survive the light. All the best Ot1.


             TOPIC - A few comments
             DATE - 20:24:44 4/03/99
             FROM - Thunderheart
             Hi all,
             Good to see that with the increased activity, the board is actually getting
             more interesting to read. I agree that it is purely a positive thing that we
             want to continue.

             Also, remember to help out with the freedom side of MJ. Even if it is just
             talking to friends and such and educating them about the herb, or helping
             out NORML, try and do something. We are riding a good wave of press
             about MJ right now, so we want it to continue. Check out these 2 stories i
             found at CNN. The cop Horton(grandma story) seems like a total washout.
             Read it for yourself.


             Happy easter,


             TOPIC - Eric/ot1
             DATE - 20:14:30 4/03/99
             FROM - pi
             you mean the Desert Rat?

             i agree with you in that the PC is a tuff forum to find out what a person really
             is about. i also agree that most are probably decent people.... until greed
             rears its uggly head :(.

             check this site out for a laugh....ya dumb hick hehehe. jk


             ot1 high yourself. have a good one tomorrow.



             TOPIC - post
             DATE - 14:53:20 4/03/99
             FROM - Eric
             ED ...Yes add them to the soil..yes the mix they make is good for
             plants...also if you will put the mix up above the ground and tilt it so that any
             moister runs and drains out of the mix witht he worms use that drainage as
             a tea.

             Vic....guess you will ahve to figure out which is an act..

             weird thing is that i bet even the people on these boards that hate each
             other..i bet that if they met and hung out for a day they wouldnt hate each
             other anymore. much less the people that just dislike each other..one thing
             i have noticed ids the idea people build of themselves with their posting.
             They have this idea of how they want to appear to the readers and that is
             the persona they "allow" the readers to become familar with. Thats why they
             are shocked when they read Vic in an arguement or Ron bennet or
             whoever....Except for my stupid ass..they have gottin used to me in
             arguements. Thing is you can win some arguements..but the real
             important ones..the one where someone is tring to discredit you you cant
             win..because after its all over your still "suspected" and even still you were
             argueing for weeks to a stranger. Thats why i want to be a moderator
             somtimes...just delete there ass until they leave..HAHAHA..flame them and
             delete their replies..LOL!!!
             like that moderator did me at cannabis.com I hate that guy..i dont know
             which one it was but i have a good idea.



             TOPIC - redworms in organic soil mix
             DATE - 14:01:25 4/03/99
             FROM - edhassle
             Has anyone tried adding redworms to there organic soil that there plants
             are in.I have been vermicomposting for a few years and shred oak and
             maple leafs up in the fall,Let them sit all winter then in the spring I add all
             the kitchen scraps I've saved over the winter and redworms to do the work
             of processing the organic waste into a wormcasting/compost mix that I add
             to my soil mix.As i was mixing up vic's super soil mix I though all the
             ingredients are organic and would make a suitable worm bedding for
             redworms,as the worms would feed on the organic matter and process it
             into castings.Sorry bout the long post.


             TOPIC - Eric
             DATE - 13:55:46 4/03/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Hey Eric, if the dumb hick routine isn't an act, does that mean that the
             intellect persona is? :) Sorry couldn't help myself, LOL


             TOPIC - OT
             DATE - 13:30:01 4/03/99
             FROM - Vic High
             OT - The bulb I'm talking about has already been designed to operate in a
             sodium ballast. It's an Osram Powerstar HQIT 400 w/d. I accidently broke
             the outer shell off but it still works. This backup room gets visited about
             once a week so UV exposure to humans is negligiable. I just don't want to
             fry the kids. This safe house is generous enough to let me borrow a room
             but too paranoid to allow me to use a 1000 MH. I've never had a reason to
             stock myself with 400s so I'm in a position of having to make do for a week
             or two. With the old 430HPS the health is dropping faster than I anticipated.
             My goal in this situation has nothing to do with UV.


             TOPIC - Vic
             DATE - 12:54:00 4/03/99
             FROM - oldtimer1
             I said that if you ran a metal halide from a sodium ballast that it upped the
             the whole light spectrum especially the uv component by overrunning the
             lamp by 30%. Most 400 w halide ballasts limit the lamp current to about 3.5
             amps and sodium ones to 4.5 amps. The outer envelope is not needed for
             the lamp to run the same inner elements are used as an intense uv source
             for colour plate development. If close to your plants you are likely to burn or
             kill them but much more importantly you can do irreversible damage to your
             eyes the output is many times that of germicidal lamps you are a mate so
             please take care you shouldn't even be in the same room as where one is
             running. If you want to use one as a uv source it should be well up from the
             plants and a switch outside the growroom so you can turn it off before entry.
             The normal height with a complete 400 w lamp from the plants is 18
             inches stationary and about 10 inches on a mover. I am really concerned I
             hope you are ok!!! Ot1

             Eric the addition of uv allows each variety to produce the most complex thc
             possible within its genetics. Varieties from high mountain areas that have
             adapted to high uv will produce the most complex mix of thc and
             consequently the highest stone especially if the genetics come from central
             Africa or the Himalayas where THCV is in the genes.

             pi Hi.

             All the best Ot1.


             TOPIC - PI
             DATE - 11:45:40 4/03/99
             FROM - Eric
             i didnt realize my post was so long and i think my reply to your question
             may get lost in it ..but if you look down i didi reply to your question


             TOPIC - UV-B
             DATE - 11:43:45 4/03/99
             FROM - Eric
             Vic I'm thinking aboutthis..you already have the MH and HPS lighting..the
             tanning lights would just be an addition to it...I have also read and heard
             that the plant produces cannaboinds to protect from UV-B..the more UV-B
             light, the more cannabinoids the plant will produce to protect itself from
             them..as with the African strains that produce the "special" cannabonid
             (cant remember the name) but it is supposed to be VERY phocoactive, well
             this is said to be caused by the extra UV-B those plants recieve in Africas
             climate. So Im thinking that theoreticaly you should be able to really
             increase the potency to a new level..Im sure every plant has a certain level it
             will produce..but like with carbon dioxide..

             what isd it like 800 part per million that is found naturally in the air we
             breath..but it is like 2000 parts per million that a plant can handle and
             (whatever the correct umber is) it has the best growth...

             It can "grow" with 800 parts per million....but for "super growth"..you give the
             plants 2000 parts per million...

             looking at potency..the plant will get you high if grown with HPS..MH..maybe
             even blow you away....

             but what will happen if you give it the UV-B light..even more than happens
             naturally...more than it recieves from the sun....What will happen ???? How
             potent can we get these girls to go???

             Will some strains like the satavias..durbans..tais will these plants and
             strains respond better to the addition of UV-B???? can they handle more of
             it than those not used to it????

             I do know this for sure...these plants that are grown now like some of the
             more potent strains we all grow..are very good indeed..they do the
             job..some more than others...VERY VERY POTENT...sometimes to
             much...well guys..these plants are MORE potent when done outside...and it
             is because of the UV-B..that is proven. I just want to know if there is a
             level???? how potent can we go???

             For twelve bucks a tube I'm ready to find out....any and all ideas are needed.

             Man I have been on these boards for a while now and to tell you the truth...I
             see maybe 5 naqmes from when i started posted..most people just
             changed their names..and really I thought about it a few times I was even
             asked to by a few more "known " members of the community because my
             name had alot of shit attached to it...Its a long story.. I was friends with a
             seedbank owner...I supported him..i found out that he was a liar and a
             ripoff. So i told everyone..well he and his hateful little friend started a flame
             war that I happily joined in and flamed back..because at the time thats what
             everyone did...we joked and flmaed and laughed..now you cant joke
             because eveyone from that time is so edgy..it was always on the seed
             board at cannabis.com..shit during the flame wars Ron even shut the
             board down and you could only go there if you alreday had the addy..well
             anyway ..the community changed in all of that..the whole way the board and
             community responded and replied had changed..everyone just got tired of
             all the bullshit...becaus eit is so easy to stri it up..Hell even Vic got dragged
             into a flame war with a troll...shit RC got dragged in..Marc
             emery..Dr.greenthumbs...EVERYONE has i think...well i did too. sometimes
             they just get so fed up they never post again..just so sick of being fucked
             with they just stop posting all together...

             I decided that even though the flames and joking were fun at the time...it
             has changed ..now everyone wants seriousness and fact..and to tell you
             the truth i like it more..because to other people that read our posts and
             repiles..well i think we as a pot community as a whole look more
             intellegent and friendly...

             We are and i think anyone that is not part of our community should see us
             in this way instead of a bunch of flamein assholes ...

             as for the seedbank that i spoke up about...he turnned out to be a rippoff
             after all..(im not hte only person that was flamed to death by this
             seedbank...there was a guy named Honu..and a guy named Doodoohed)
             both of these guys are tops and i hope they are still around under a new

             as for the name change..i just said fuck it. people know me as Eric..so with
             it comes the knowledge they know i have..the experience..unfortunatly the
             bad comes along to. This is for sure...9 out of 10 posts on ALL these
             boards knows who Eric Carr is.
             No need to be paranoid about me man. besides what freakin alterior
             motive could i have...to bust you..who cares about you man..i dont..even if i
             was a cop i wouldnt go after you..it would be RC..Vic High...Brother
             Grimm..Bongblaster..Marc Emery.....the suppliers..the breeders..the ones
             with the sources to help the movement...if your paranoid be paranoid for
             them..cops arent going to go through the trouble to bust a 4 plant
             grower...they want the guys that TEACH them how to grow, and help them
             along..shit man...maybe they are after me. I make several posts about
             groweing..shit i like to help.
             I want decrimalization of pot...I stand for what you stand for, IM here doing
             what you are doing..learning what you are learning.

             by the way..the dumb hick isnt an act...HAHAAHAHHAAHAH



             TOPIC - naked bulbs
             DATE - 09:59:38 4/03/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Hey has anyone here have some experience of running MH bulbs without
             the protective glass bulb?

             Reason I ask is my backups are at a safe house. Largest light I can use is
             a 400 and I only Have HPS ballasts that size. The 430 sonagros that came
             with them are ancient and after just a couple weeks the plants are not
             looking too good. I bought an optimarc but the bulb is a dud and shops are
             closed until next week. Safe house is out of town so getting there is a pain.
             I have another optimarc that I accidently broke. I just tried it naked and it

             So I remember OT mentioning a while ago that it was a trick for increasing
             uv production. Do I need to worry how close I let this 400w get to the
             plants? I just need something to get me by for a week or two until my next
             trip up there.



             TOPIC - kalimist
             DATE - 07:12:17 4/03/99
             FROM - pi
             Subcool has grown it and i am growing some now
             very tastey but has a long 1212 time i hear


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 07:08:17 4/03/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi All,
             KGB I have a little exp with Rom & Sup Crys. Rom was afoafs first grow,
             and for a first I think it was a great one, 3 females out of 6 beans, in BCGAs
             SuperSoil recipe, veged under 400mh for 50 days. They were topped at the
             6th node, and flowered under a 400hps 12/12 for 50-55 days, and the three
             ladys yielded a bit more then 6 ozs, and the tops were a/b 11" long and 3.5"
             wide and weighed 19-21gr cured each! o yea and no Co2. And they were a
             snap to grow.And a absolute Joy to smoke, very tasty and potent:-)
             I was very disapointed with the SuperCrystal that was harvested last month,
             it was medium strenth bud, and it was flowered under 80wats per sq ft of
             400mh and 400hps used together. But its important to note that it was only
             one female, and she was a whorled plant, I just think that something was
             amis with her resin cromosones(if there is such) but she was a yielder
             over 2 oz in a 2 gal pot. Now for the good news there are 3
             females(SuperCrystal) now in flower that are looking fantastic, 2 are in 5
             gal pots 1 in a 3 gal pot, they are in there 2-5 weeks, ill keep ya posted!.

             Naughty if your lurking the Ak sat/doms are hanging(cut yesterday) Ill email
             a complete note on them in a days.

             Yall Stay safe and Happy Easter, and a good Passover if it applys;-)

             PS: I know its redundant, but there seems to be some new people around.
             Does anyone have any exp with KaliMist, as af has just put a few fems in
             12/12 and would like any tips on this supposed to be "Expert Gardner"
             strain, Thanks


             TOPIC - Eric
             DATE - 06:53:36 4/03/99
             FROM - pi
             i have a question for u?

             when u were at cann.com u acted out a dumb hick routine with the spelling
             and all. here you have shown that you are NOT a hick at all.

             i am a atraight up guy and i must admit your act has made me very
             paranoid of you and your true intentions. i am NOT the only one who feels
             this way, btw. not trying to flame you but wondering what is up?


             TOPIC - uv
             DATE - 06:47:18 4/03/99
             FROM - Vic High
             On uv, I'm from the opposite position than Greco Roman, but then my
             position is theoretical alone so take it as that.

             My understanding is that the introduction of uv will create an acute effect on
             the plant's potency. That is one of the reasons I use MH conbined with HPS
             in the flower room. Most old experienced growers know that they get more
             potent buds this way.

             For the hobby grower, I can see taking a conservative approach to
             introducing UV. From a breeder's perspective, I see little reason to. A plant
             produces cannabinoids to protect against UV right? Then those seedlings
             that are most potent will have the best chance of not frying. Just some
             thoughts anyway.

             There are more notes on this subject at the BCGA home page by others
             more knowledgeable. Link is above.


             TOPIC - Hi Eric
             DATE - 23:10:56 4/02/99
             FROM - Greco Roman
             greetz dude, this topic was discussed on the grow set up boards awhile
             back. I thought about it then, here's my thoughts. First any supercharging of
             uv would have to be done over a period of time so that the plant could adapt
             to the excess of what the strain would normally expect. second, that may
             just take longer than one season, which means breeding for a higher
             exposure. ( Not my bag ) Any increase that the plant can handle will mean a
             change in other factors such as nutes, water sched, temp, and maybe
             humidity. Thats alot to juggle, but with time it could be done.
             The plant can sunburn too you know, so like I said a progressive program
             seams to be called for. And then the question comes up, is 25 watts for 10
             hours better than 250 watts for 1 hour? See what I mean, the old hps
             intensity verus distance question. fuctup nomore may have started, might
             try him. Sorry if you have already thought of all this, and good luck.
             here's the link


                               Link: grow set up thread for uv


             TOPIC - UV-B
             DATE - 17:21:13 4/02/99
             FROM - Eric
             So im still thinking about the addition of UV-A,B,C to the lighting indoor
             plants recieve..i just got back from a tanning business, I jpoined the
             membership because i need a tan..while i was in there i looked threw the
             catalog of bulbs...the lady tells me that tanning in the bed for 10 minutesd
             is like being in the sun all day...the UV-B bulbs go for $12 bucks each..thats
             6 foot bulbs...they last she says for a year running with breaks but all day
             pretty much..

             She says when the tanning beds first came out you laid under them for an
             hour..they were 1/3 of 1%...theses new bulbs are

             so im thinking if you added them you should only have to run them for like
             an hour a day or less or more..really needs to be tested..

             but from what i understanbd about this..the addition of UV-B bulbs to your
             plants WILL increase their potency..that seems to be understood by most

             My question is this.....
             instead of just running the lights for an hour..can i run them 24 hours a
             day??....If we know for syure that the addition of this light source increases
             potenecy..does a steady supply of it bring potency to a new level???

             If the buds we smoke blow our heads off just with AVERAGE light....what
             will happen when we add lights that have PROVEN to increase potency and
             just how potent can we get???

             I wonder if just looking at theses buds will blow your head
             off...HAHAHAH....I want pot that not just gets you high...but pot that when you
             smoke it you can actually feel your head cracking into..HAHAH..

             tests will Definitly be done on this project...If anyone has any useful
             information i would LOVE to read it..I have already read the acrhives....see


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 13:34:26 4/02/99
             FROM - trelaway
             My first instinct was to toss them too. Well, I'll give something for southern
             vancouver islanders to look out for, I'll spread them around Saancich (out
             sidney way) and let them go, maybe they'll seed and start a wild patch



             TOPIC - Bill Clinton
             DATE - 09:01:47 4/02/99
             FROM - flwr smkr
             hey bill,
             just now seen your message here,lurk more than i post.
             pictures would be cool.try this e-mail.
             fyi-----four weeks into veg.
             c-99-----strawberry blonde-----romberry
             i'm going to play with the idea of crossing the c-99 male
             with a blueberry female.i have dutch passions blueberry
             i got thru jock 2 years ago.have been cloning regularly to
             keep it going.i think vic's toying with that idea also.
             also want to inbreed that c-99.if its anything like c-88 and breeds true.may
             never have to buy seeds again.
             no more getting ripped off,boy that would be nice.
             did read your post at weedbase about the knats and the romberry,sorry to
             hear that.
             look forward to hearing from you.be safe.


             TOPIC - Herms and future
             DATE - 08:23:25 4/02/99
             FROM - Greco Roman
             Hi Treleway, Well Ive always read your posts and you sound to me at least
             to be way beyond fooling with herms. Of course its just my opinion, but I
             would say just let RC and Vic take care of you. Shoot dude, if I was you, and
             I aint, I would just go find a wild spot somewhere, scratch the ground and
             come back in the fall. If nothing else it could be used for hash. You have too
             much valuable experience to be wasting it on these. And wow, When you
             first posted I thought you were talking about Romulans, not romberry. So do
             what you want, and best of luck either way.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 08:03:31 4/02/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Treleway - the different points of view come from different points of
             reference I guess.

             If you look at a smaller picture then you could justify using the herms
             because they were stress induced and that they wouldn't beused for
             breeding, yadda, yadda, yadda

             Personally, I'm dead against it. First, if the blueberries didn't hermie, then
             there is a good chance that what you grew weren't romberry (somebody
             screwed up) so who knows what you would be spending the time and
             space one. Also it is likely that they were true herms and that would most
             likely simply produce more herms.

             And lets say that something really good developes that totally blows you
             away. The temptation to use it in breeding will be too much for most, haha.
             You may even share the clone with someone, and so on, and so on, etc.
             Much of my breeding stock has come from special clones who's heritage
             is largely unknown.

             I personally feel it's best to just leave the scenario alone.

             KGB - welcome. I've never grown chronic or super crystal and I'll leave the
             romberry comments to others less biased, haha. A search of Laughing
             Moon's and Cann.kids archive should give you more info than you need as
             well :)



             TOPIC - best wishes
             DATE - 06:41:20 4/02/99
             FROM - pi


             TOPIC - One more thing...
             DATE - 21:51:05 4/01/99
             FROM - KGB
             Anyone ever grow Super Crystal or Romberry? Comments, please.




             TOPIC - Introduction
             DATE - 21:48:46 4/01/99
             FROM - KGB
             Hey all!

             Glad to find this page. I'm usually on adpc, but this is much more
             focussed...great! Current crop is Heaven's Stairway's Chronic, five weeks
             into 12/12 and lookin' good! Anyone care to comment on this strain, i.e.
             potency and yield? I can't wait!

             - KGB


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 21:18:26 4/01/99
             FROM - trelaway
             I have some female plants that were pollenated by a hermed plant. What're
             people's opinions regarding the offspring: do I keep them or toss them?

             I haven't a science background and most of the info I've collected


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 04:29:52 4/01/99
             FROM - Subcool
             Will do
             plan to boogie Sunday about 12 taking mon off
             peace out Sub


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 21:38:49 3/31/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Ganjahmel - have a good trip, I look forward to your reports.

             Ed - I've used the manure free soil right away without any problems.
             However, letting it sit just makes sure the pH and NPK levels are in
             balance. It also sweetens the mix as Eric mentioned.

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