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TOPIC - There's Durban/Thai and there's...
                   DATE - 05:51:20 11/01/99
                   FROM - Soul
                   GG_~ I liked your hint...

                   Sensi_~ Original SSSC Durban/Thai Highflyer seed is totally RARE nowadays...I know of NO ONE who has the original
                   beans anymore. The seeds you're referring to are from the A-1 auction, right? - THOSE are hybrids of Durban/Thai
                   crossed to NL#5/Sk#1 x Hawaiian...the breeder (my buddy) calls the cross Durban Thai Home Hybrid, or DTHH. I had
                   50 from this generous friend & he even gave me his last 7 original Durban Thai seeds (11 years old), which is how I got
                   my special D/T lady. I repay him by giving him seeds of crosses I make with her.

                   Curious Geo_~ The difference is Bros Grimm are now strictly wholesale. Heaven's Stairway is their exclusive retailer.

                   The original SSSC Durban/Thai cross is one of my personal favourites that I grew back in the 80s - I know that the
                   mother was the Thai and she came from the fourth generation of selecting individuals which best suited indoor
                   cultivation. This Thai mama was SWEET, I'm sure it's the the Thai you remember (circa 1977?) with a head trip high? I
                   now have a SUPERB female D/T that I flower clones from. I really wish you could see/smoke this plant! In 8-9 weeks of
                   12/12 she's ripe...a really FAST Sativa because of the Durban influence, the ripening buds smell like foot
                   perspiration...really FUNKY. Thankfully, the weed cures to a delicious licorice scent/flavour and is wickedly cerebral.
                   DTC99 resulted from pollinating THIS female with my best C99 male.

                   The above is not an advert, just info requested below. :)

                   {"8^)_~ Peas y'all!



                   TOPIC - D/T and S.S.S.C., or should I just say...
                   DATE - 21:55:06 10/31/99
                   FROM - GGreen
                   Those Durban/Thai mommas were propagated by a lucky grower who found and grew out 10 year old beans. The seeds
                   were the original Durban/Thai High Flyer's from the Super Sativa Seed Club in Amsterdam. I think they went to Africa to
                   find the perfect Sativa genetics for the Durban, but I'm not entirely sure about the Thai. I heard the Thai had an
                   uncommonly sweet fragrance, but that doesn't give me any help as I'm ignorant to pure Sativas. I've never had the
                   pleasure. LOL. The grower said the D/T HF smelled like anise, almost licorice smelling. Yum. It should be incredibly
                   psychoactive, that's all I know! Well, I hope that quells your thirst for some info on the D/T... {"8^)_~~~ ahemm, âme de
                   Monsieur... aah had a frog in my throat. uhhaaaaacccumm sorry. not trying to put anyone on the spot here. hehe.



                   TOPIC - surprises?
                   DATE - 20:37:15 10/31/99
                   FROM - esay420
                   where am i able to obtain any of the strawberry blonde at the prices you have listed?


                   TOPIC - Bushy & blend Auction retreads ... etc. etc.
                   DATE - 20:16:01 10/31/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   BushyOldGrower and blend: Those three packs of haze crosses from the Auction are waiting at HS for whichever one
                   of you takes care of business. B.O.G. asked first, so you guys can work it out via E-.

                   As for the lack of postings ... there could be many reasons. First and probably foremost is the season ... it's harvest
                   time and people are very busy and very paranoid. What with the various busts coming down ... it's not surprising that
                   folks are off their feed.

                   ( By the way, what exactly did happen to Bros. Grimm? There have been mentions of unfortunate doings, but no
                   details. Where online is that info posted? There was nothing on their website, at least not the last time I looked there. )

                   On that Durban / Thai cross ... I wish you the best of luck with it Vic, but you know the odds. Haven't seen decent Thai
                   weed in years, and even then it had slipped in quality. For whatever reason, it was second rate. Pretty enough, tasted
                   good, but the punch was long gone. Whether increased foreign demand had changed the way it was grown, or where it
                   was grown ( mountain vs lowlands ) it's hard to say.

                   Does anyone know of any old Mexican strains being saved by breeders? Most of the bag weed coming from there now
                   has seeds that look like they've had some indica put into them. Getting pure, hardy, original, sativas is becoming
                   harder and harder.

                   What about Jamaica? Has their seedstock been
                   hybridized yet?

                   Just curious.


                   TOPIC - learning curve
                   DATE - 10:54:37 10/31/99
                   FROM - wimpole
                   hey everyone, whats going on with no one hardly posting anymore. i'm missing out on the great info that everyone has
                   been offering. would like to see it start up again. never can learn to much about the "plant"


                   TOPIC - Vic High
                   DATE - 18:15:30 10/30/99
                   FROM - sensi
                   Hi Vic! Have you started your Durban/Thai yet? Seeds look nice enough, huh? Keep us posted - I can't start mine till
                   next cycle. What makes me think you somehow knew these are "special"?


                   TOPIC - Plants & photos
                   DATE - 21:36:09 10/29/99
                   FROM - Wadsworth
                   My BB & RB plants are about 8" tall after a month growing in 44 oz containers. I also have Purple Passion which are
                   about a foot tall but also part sativa. A good smell has developed and I must get the air filter going.

                   Moonshine - how did you get the pictures developed safely? I have some pictures I want to develope but doing it myself
                   is a little too difficult. Also could someone post pics here ? I think for trouble shooting problems and just plain showing
                   off it would be helpful.

                   Just got back from the Yankees parade in NYC. If you ever get the chance to see a ticker tape parade in NYC go! its a
                   trip! Paper came down like snow & was knee deep in places.



                   TOPIC - Moonshine
                   DATE - 12:33:51 10/28/99
                   FROM - Legatto
                   Go ahead and post the pictures ... sounds like an interesting varient. Have you seen the photo posted on one of the
                   boards of a plant called "the fat one" ?

                   Be sure to indicate what kind of light the little bugger is growing under and in what kind of soil or medium.


                   TOPIC - Blueberry.....
                   DATE - 12:02:25 10/28/99
                   FROM - Moonshine
                   I recently aquired some bb seeds from Sag and some of their indoor mix....just a question since i gather most of y'all
                   are bb experts :)
                   Some of the bb seedlings appear to be turning a dark shade of purple...the leaves start to develop a darkish hue....still
                   none of the warped or gnarled traits i read about tho aren't the bb's crossed with bubbleberry nowadays?
                   I did however get a couple of mutants from their indoor mix but they seem to be settling down...apart from that
                   everything is healthy.The biggest is this strain that came about due to an accidental act between a short pungent
                   mystery indica(this bud smelt like sulphur when i broke it open,really eggy) and what i guess to be a pure sativa
                   probably jamaican since i got it outta a commercial bag of shwag and i think most of our commercial weed is
                   jamaican...it's growing like crazy with apparently no intention of growing upwards just developing more and more leaves
                   whilst staying at about 4 inches....i can scan and put some pics up if anybody is interested...


                   TOPIC - parasitic wasp
                   DATE - 22:55:36 10/26/99
                   FROM - Spaz
                   hey vic...
                   i had a small problem with thrips.
                   as i was spraying the plants with soap i noticed a couple of small black bugs.
                   after reading the link to "pests" it talks about a parasitic wasp wich is a natural predator wich was imported.
                   is it possible that i have somehow stumbled on good thing?
                   i live in the okanagen if that makes a diff.
                   if i keep my room cool will this help with pests?
                   room temp avaeages 72 degrees


                   TOPIC - I want some seeds here, will help A-1 too :)
                   DATE - 09:52:10 10/25/99
                   FROM - BushyOlderGrower
                   Hey if the NLW/Haze or just some NLW would be great, I want the NLW strain I am not sure of how to do this so
                   please email me I want a couple packets , one of the t2h1 would also be ok or any good yeilding indoor strain that is
                   potent :) I bid , I have to get some NLW mainly, it seems my genetics could be better :) BOG 15 bucks per packet is
                   no rip off that is for sure how about 16 per packet of something like mentioned. Wish I could get some Blueberry! As I
                   have already donated a little to A-1 I hope you believe me as sincere in my wish to help him in his cause, our cause,
                   we are winning the medical mari war :) Thanks all for the help here, I spend to much time at Overgrow in the Tank. Why
                   am I only geting one side of this board to load now?


                   TOPIC - SHARECROPER heh
                   DATE - 04:41:22 10/25/99
                   FROM - pi
                   glad i saw your last post. specially after this past weekend!

                   you are correct sir ... GT! 5-1 and #7

                   Bama did no rolling this weekend over 10-or-C. Bwahahaha. looks like Duboius will not be getting ANY from the
                   sexetary this weekend ;0)


                   TOPIC - pizza
                   DATE - 23:15:22 10/24/99
                   FROM - irish
                   hey pizza,
                   2 tbs (tablespoons???) per gallon?
                   man, way too much. my friend had the same problem as this a while back. due to hardness of the water (8.something
                   @ 210-225 ppm) got a reverse osmosis filter, and have yet to add any lime or epsoms. something in the water
                   (calcium) was locking out much of the Mg.


                   TOPIC - Hydro Nutrients
                   DATE - 14:17:36 10/24/99
                   FROM - Dr. GT
                   Q: What is an optimal EC PPM for Gen Hydro Nutrients durng flowering (1 Month into flowering)?


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 12:16:09 10/24/99
                   FROM - pizza
                   thanks gentelman i think i will cut back on the mg.yes i let the water sit 2 days before i water but i also run air into a
                   15gal container.the strain is amsterdam bigbud.its one pretty site when its finished


                   TOPIC - duh...
                   DATE - 11:06:09 10/24/99
                   FROM - GG
                   I'm making a bad habit of not reading posts carefully before I answer. Terra Bloom obviously has N in it. 15-30-15...

                   I would say too much Mg then. That's my guess. Damn it's hard to figure out deficiencies without an actual picture of
                   the leaves.

                   Good luck!


                   TOPIC - geez
                   DATE - 11:03:44 10/24/99
                   FROM - GG
                   That's alot of Mg to be adding. If you have ever added dolomite lime to the mix that heavy dose of Epsom salts may be
                   binding with the Ca, locking it out. That's just my opinion, I'm not an expert so take it for what it's worth. That sucks
                   that your water has such a high ph. Do you let it sit out for a bit before you use it? That may help a bit.

                   Also, you should still be using a light N supplement as your plants still need some N for flowering (especially if they
                   have any Sativa in them! Sativa's like more N during flowering than Indica's do) Just be careful not to add too much.

                   Vic, any comments?


                   TOPIC - irish&mirage
                   DATE - 09:27:11 10/24/99
                   FROM - pizza
                   terra bloom is 15-30-15 made by supernatural on the island.as far as mg they get 2tbs in every gallon of water along
                   with ph down. ph here is around 9 i lower it to 6.2.when i flush i only add ph down but when i feed they get 1 1/2 tsb
                   terra bloom 2tbs mg 1/2tsb ph down per gal of water. i have followed this method for the last three crops its worked
                   fine.this time something has changed but i dont know what


                   TOPIC - B.O.G. & .blend
                   DATE - 08:37:26 10/24/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   Upon further consideration, we'll also get off the auction pack of BW09 - Blue Widow ( $35 ) ... If that report posted here
                   mentioning the stretch in the BW strain is accurate, it might not be an appropriate choice for the growers and co-op
                   situations that are available to us here. Might as well send them to a more receptive home.

                   May all of you have a most bountiful and blessed harvest season.



                   TOPIC - B.O.G. & blend ...
                   DATE - 07:28:08 10/24/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   Last call. If either of you want to take some of those auction items before I send off the order, please post soon. The
                   deadline is getting close.

                   Two packs of NLW-Haze, one pack of T2-H1-Haze, one pack of NC5A, ... all went for $15 ... .

                   blend: I'll probably hold on to the Northern Fantasy, but I'll go back and check if there's one of those WW crosses I can
                   let slide and post it later today.

                   The frost is on the pumpkin!



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 06:36:26 10/24/99
                   FROM - MIRAGE
                   Pizza ~ You mention "Terra Bloom" in your post , by this do you mean "Canna" the Dutch Nutrient ?


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 06:32:13 10/24/99
                   FROM - MIRAGE
                   Mr Spock ~
                   Which country are you in , or should I say in which general area of the world ? If Australasia is your place , then email

                   Vic ~ Can you email me with your current email addy ?

                   RC ~ Can you email me ? I have lost contact with you since I went to California the first time and haven't heard from
                   you since. I am in great need of discussion.



                   TOPIC - pizza
                   DATE - 02:46:36 10/24/99
                   FROM - irish
                   did you stop using the nitrogen side of the fertilizer schedule?
                   also could be a Mg deficiency.
                   if flushing is making it worse, you are lacking, not burning. try and add some nitrogen back in with about a tablespoon
                   of epsom salts to every five gallons.


                   TOPIC - yellowing patches on upper leaves
                   DATE - 07:35:28 10/23/99
                   FROM - pizza
                   my plants are 3 weeks into flowering Im growing in #2 sunshine mix ph is 6.2 feeding terra bloom 1 1/2 tsb per gallon.
                   two days ago yellow patches started appearing I flushed but more leaves are getting yellow dry patches on them any


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 21:55:35 10/22/99
                   FROM - farmer
                   strider scratching in a little dusting or soil sulphur on top of your pots should do the trick. i use it outdoors to keep my
                   hydrangeas blue


                   TOPIC - ph post more info..
                   DATE - 20:41:01 10/22/99
                   FROM - Strider
                   Hey...All...! Thank's for the intrest...heres a rundown of why I feel I have a ph
                   problem, and the symptoms: Previous grow was in super soil mix using blood and
                   cottonseed meal. listed on bcga page; first grow with present set up. I had problems with
                   that grow both with my plants and venting system. I ended up planting them outdoors.
                   Where they grew out of thier problems and finshed ok. I figured I had not properly aged
                   or composted out the supersoil mix. I worked what I had Left into the flower beds and
                   started over. I thouroghly mixed the ingriedients, composted till biologic activity
                   subsided then turned and let age for about 3 1/2 mo. with turnings to dry it somewhat

                   Present grow using that mix is at 7 1/2 wks. plants have all had tip burn and
                   downward hooking of tip ends to varying degrees with one ak plant developing ramshorn
                   leaves with lots of dead edge tissue. other plants have had upturned but, unburned edges
                   on some leaves. a cali-o and an ak have had a yellowing around the perimiter of the
                   leaves on 1st to 3rd internode down from the growing tip and the newer ak leaves
                   were/are begining to turn up like a dead upside down spider with burnt tips. all are in
                   supersoil and were watered with raw water at 7 ph. media ph of some plants close to 7.5.
                   2 blueberry and 2 rsb surprises are growing in straight promix with a little greensand,
                   bone meal and micro nutes. I have been feeding them fish and kelp ferts. They are doing
                   great! The difference between the 2 medias was n source and lime And ph. Ph of the BB
                   and RSBS was frm 6.2 to 6.5 as media dried.

                   Research indicated my problem might be high n uptake and micro nute lock up
                   due to a high ph. so adjusting the ph seemed like the safest route to start with. After 2
                   flush/water cycles with the lowerd ph my plants have started to come out of thier
                   problems. The ramshorn ak has 2 sets normal leaves and damaged leaves have
                   lifted/perked up. rest of plants growing normaly. new leaves look good and yellowing
                   gone. all but the ak with the burnt and upturned new growth have improved 100%. I can
                   only get the ph to last about 3 days b4 its bufferd and begins to climb back twoard 7 so
                   thats why I am looking for a slow but steady additive to dress the soil with to help me
                   keep the ph around 6 to 6.5 .

                   Vic... great and noble job on the A1 auction buddy! your friends are lucky people.
                   Hope you don't mind my kind of "newbie question" post. I really respect the advice and
                   growers on your board. An added perk is www.coastnet looks a lot better on the old ISP
                   list than www.cannabinoid or cannabisworld. Strider...................


                   TOPIC - Thank you
                   DATE - 20:22:52 10/21/99
                   FROM - GG
                   Thanks guys, I was getting a little worried. Sorry for the off topic post Vic.


                   TOPIC - Overgrow
                   DATE - 19:52:26 10/21/99
                   FROM - Skoosh
                   NL is making some server changes at Overgrow that should help with traffic flow, etc.


                   TOPIC - Overgrow.com = Scheduled Maintenance(sp?)
                   DATE - 15:44:09 10/21/99
                   FROM - Perp


                   TOPIC - whats up with Overgrow?
                   DATE - 12:59:13 10/21/99
                   FROM - GG
                   Why is Overgrow offline? Does anyone have any clues? TIA



                   TOPIC - Pro-mix
                   DATE - 08:31:15 10/21/99
                   FROM - occam
                   Strider, Pro-mix being a peat-based soiless media the pH should be somewhat acidic. Some dolo. lime is added to the
                   mix at packaging, so your addition of lime plus the alkaline water might explain the slightly high pH.
                   IMO, the rather extreme fluctuations in pH you have been dealing with may be more of a problem than a pH of 7-7.3
                   And of course, make sure your pH meter is calibrated...;)


                   TOPIC - strider
                   DATE - 07:56:48 10/21/99
                   FROM - sb
                   I agree wit deese guys.
                   7-7.3 is quite normal and therefore just fine for your medium(hydro is a seperate issue).You may want to post some
                   particulars in order to help sort out the problem.


                   TOPIC - hehe
                   DATE - 23:11:57 10/20/99
                   FROM - GG
                   I should have paid more attention to your post. Yeah, 7.0 is okay, maybe just a tad high. You may show a SLIGHT P
                   deficiency because Phosphorus is more available at lower PH's. However, it shouldn't be that bad. If you've been using
                   Phosphoric acid that would supply them with P though and it wouldn't be very evident. I have absolutely no experience
                   with Pro mix BX. What's the BX? Also, what do your plants look like that you are noticing a deficiency? Maybe you're
                   not letting them dry out enough between waterings? More info would help. Sometimes adding too many nutrients will
                   lock certain ones out. Too much phosphorus during veg. will lock certain nutes out. You should probably add some
                   nitrogen if you are still vegetating. Perhaps some high N guano or some blood meal. Organics decompose and become
                   more acidic over time which I like so that P is more available for flowering.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 20:56:23 10/20/99
                   FROM - indicaa
                   Actually, 7.0 is a nuetral PH. It should be fine for soil. I'm pretty sure if you measured the PH of the Promix, it would be
                   around 7.0 out of the bag. My PH has always been around 7.0, it's considered a nuetral PH, and I've never had any
                   problems over several years of using it. What makes you think that you should lower your PH?? I think maybe 7.3
                   might be a little high, but for the most part, you should be OK. And if you added dolomite lime, the PH should remain
                   nuetral anyways. I can't say this as gospel, but it's always worked for me.


                   TOPIC - ph down
                   DATE - 19:09:54 10/20/99
                   FROM - GGreen
                   nevermind about the gypsum, I just read something contradictory saying that gypsum doesn't really help.

                   how about

                   Iron sulphate? start with about 1/4 - 1/2 oz. per gallon of water.


                   TOPIC - PH DOWN!
                   DATE - 19:03:04 10/20/99
                   FROM - GGreen
                   I have never needed to use anything to lower my ph, it was always to raise it in an MJ grow. I can offer some
                   sugestions that might work though, just from basic experience with other plants such as peppers, shrubs, azaleas,

                   These will lower your ph:

                   Holly-Tone (contains nutes too)
                   and of course- Sulphur

                   Hope that helps.



                   TOPIC - Ph woes
                   DATE - 18:54:05 10/20/99
                   FROM - Strider
                   Hey..All....! I'm posting with the hope that you good folks may be able to help me with a high ph problem I'm having with
                   my grow. Ph of my media hangs around 7 to 7.3. Plants are starting to show some stress. The last 2 watering cycles
                   (about every 5 to 6 days) I have drenched the pots with water treated with sulfuric acid to a ph of about 5 the first cycle,
                   and phosphoric acid at about the same ph on the second this lasts about 2 to 3 days then the media cranks back up
                   to around 7. I would think I am going to have to use some granular/powdered form of amendment to give a more
                   constant release to keep the ph down. Seeing as how there is not much room for error in a 4 or 5 gal pot I felt it might
                   be best to consult some more experienced growers. Any advice ? One or two more things... I used pro mix bx as my
                   media. I did not add as much of the nitrogen additives as called for in the mix. but stuck with the recommended
                   amounts of bone meal also added greensand. Unless I zoned out and doubled up on the lime without realizing it I
                   added the amount called for in the mix About 3 cups to a 3.8 bale. my untreated water is ph 7 to 7.2 " I get by with a
                   little help from my friends"


                   TOPIC - Problems
                   DATE - 18:44:32 10/20/99
                   FROM - ahhsome
                   Houston I have a problem!
                   well how should I start ok I live and grow in florida recently power was knocked out by hurricane and my power went of
                   for 2 days after the light returned I took them out of 12/12 lighting thinking that they were still in veg mode
                   (y the way this is my first time growing solo) after A FULL 28 hours of light I spotted something I think it is a bud
                   because it looks dissimilar from the other leaf formation
                   I immediaty put it back in 12/12 and now Im left wondering will the buds come out allright. Please HELP thanks this
                   page is the shit


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 11:48:54 10/20/99
                   FROM - del...
                   fwiw...new icq account = 52818423



                   TOPIC - Meeting set with del thruday 3:00pm
                   DATE - 10:00:32 10/20/99
                   FROM - Mzzmo
                   We will be having a meeting with del at can.com, in #sammyscave, at 3 tomorrow, pacific time, for anyone wishing to
                   ask questions. This will be on invite, so please try to use the registered names, so we will know who you are and
                   message someone in the cave for an invite. this is to illiminate the people who need not be there. My alt nick is
                   sammy, so message me, or del, or anyone in the room.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 04:58:44 10/20/99
                   FROM - RC
                   You're right on the Homgrown Fantasy, a WWXAfgani. I was just over at HGF last week and John had a few stems he
                   was cleaning. I did confiscate a small sample to take back to my room. Very smooth smoke, excellent aroma, filled
                   my room with a rich sweet smell, even nicer was the buds aroma which passed through a sealed baggie and filled the
                   air. Potency was very good plus the duration. If you do ever try it though, pack your bags and get ready for some
                   extreme paranoia trips.


                   TOPIC - auction strains
                   DATE - 02:04:54 10/20/99
                   FROM - .blend
                   CG: from the names i think i can identify the others for you... (northern lights x white widow) x haze and northern lights
                   x homegrown fantasy.

                   homegrown fantasy is from homegrown fantaseeds. check it out, looks like ww x afgani...

                   btw email me, i'll take over your bids if you don't want those two...


                                                   Link: homegrown fantaseeds


                   TOPIC - Life's a long song
                   DATE - 15:48:34 10/19/99
                   FROM - ShareCropper
                   Curious and PI

                   Thanks for the come back guys. Glad to see someoneís awake. Where have I been Pi? Ever been to the Black Belt of
                   Alabama. Maybe Greene and Perry counties. Been there, lived there and it is VERY, VERY sad there. Enough said.
                   Vote and vote often.

                   Ramblin Wreck eh Pi? ROOOOLL Tide Roll!!! HA.


                   I have grown out the NC5b and the BlueWidow from NCGA. Must say they were not quite up to what I had expected.
                   The BW got VERY leggy more willow than widow. Nice enough HIGH but not spectacular. In fact I still have ~ 30 seeds
                   left, so I will go back there one day to see if maybe it was me and not the beans. The NC5b got BIG. Long internodes,
                   thick stems not a particularly strong smell. It has been a couple of years so my memory is circumspect. This is not a
                   slam on the NC stains as I have one of his PR strains that is hands down the best I have grown indoors so far. Sheís a
                   mother and I have crossed with his NC4, which was a SWEEET little number. Like honeysuckle. I often see people ask
                   about how to choose a male for breeding and I can tell you I just smoke the growing tips. The head knows! MAN, that
                   cross is NICE!!!. Check out the reseachint.org WEB site. Most of the strains you ask about are described there.
                   Peace, happiness and well being to you and yours!

                   Hello Skunk! How you been? Still growing the NC ities? Take care and be SAFE.



                   TOPIC - CG
                   DATE - 14:12:09 10/19/99
                   FROM - sb
                   The NLW is NL x WWidow (PDS)
                   The Nc5a is a reseach international offering.I've never grown it.
                   The T2H1 is a haze from a member of the i-net community(hmmm who could it be...look for clues) that I found to be
                   well worth the effort.I grew a couple from seed and even though I took them down at 8 weeks, they were beginning to
                   fatten up nicely and the high was a very long-lasting trippy sativa high.A whole indo crop might prove to be a bother due
                   to the stretch, but one or two hanging out along one wall of the grow adds a little spice to the selection.
                   They may not have a fancy pedigree but a rose is a rose is a rose even if it is from the south... eh george?



                   TOPIC - Auction, Strains, & Seeds for B.O.G.
                   DATE - 10:45:50 10/19/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   The auction seems to have raised a considerable chunk of change for A-1's defence. That's good. Not only did we have
                   the opportunity to lend a hand, we had a chance to act on our principles. It felt good.

                   Now I'm left wondering what the heck it is I've got? Some of the strain names were familiar, but some were a complete
                   mystery. Some were outlined in posts to the board, but a few were not.

                   For instance,can anyone tell me what T2 - H1 - Haze is? The haze, as I recall, is a cerebral and slow to mature sativa
                   varient, but what's the rest of that cross?

                   How about NC5A ? Is NLW some sort of Northern Lights? Are any of the auction varieties able to grow well outdoors, or
                   are they all just for indoors?

                   Are any of the strains better suited to S.O.G. style grows?

                   Which of the strains are likely to be an upper and where do we look for "couch lock city"?

                   I'm getting ready to send off for my auction picks, but if Bushy Old Grower wants to take some of them from HS at my
                   bid price, he's welcome to do it.

                   Not having a clue what they are, I'm inclined to get off the pack of T2-H1-Haze ( $15 ), both packs of NLW x Haze ( $15
                   each ), the NC5A ( ( $15 ), and the Northern Fantasy ( $25 ). Although the haze is supposed to be worth waiting for, it's
                   slowness probably makes it a poor candidate for indoor/outdoor status.

                   Frankly, I overbought. Being unable to grow at present, I'd planned on farming them out, so to speak, with several folks
                   with the requisite experience. But, the thrill of the auction and my natural curiosity won out. If B.O.G. doesn't want
                   them, I'll certainly make good on all the beans I won.

                   So, what can we guess about Juicy Russian and Juicy Widow? Someone will probably breed a "Juicy Russian
                   Widow", if only for the marketing draw of the name!

                   What should we look for in the Blue Widow or Durban Widow crosses? Can a Durban Widow sing the Blues?

                   Just curious.



                   TOPIC - seed exchange/auction
                   DATE - 07:48:29 10/19/99
                   FROM - BushyOlderGrower
                   Hey Vic email me as I missed out on the auction and i need a new indoor organic seed line. I was gonna donate seeds
                   but mine are all somewhat hermie. I wanted to help out a-1 some more though, so can you email me with any
                   suggestions of what you think i might try if you still have some to auction. The rom-cindy sounds good :). I have dutch
                   Passion Mazar and Blueberry coming soon, what else that yeilds well indoors do you have? Please email me Vic,
                   wanting a new line as mine have declined over 20 years :) but they are still good, I still love the taste of mine the best :)


                   TOPIC - southernXposure & spock
                   DATE - 19:28:09 10/18/99
                   FROM - trelaway
                   spock---click on the BCGA icon and go to the homepage. Scroll down to seedbank links and click on Heaven's

                   southern---Canada is pretty cool but isn't universal. You can do two years for growing in Nova Scotia and net a fine for
                   the same thing in British Columbia. Canada can still take yer home for growing but I walk around downtown Vancouver
                   and Victoria smoking joints during the day--ya have to be a little discreet--watch for bicycle cops.



                   TOPIC - mutations
                   DATE - 11:47:23 10/18/99
                   FROM - snakeman
                   Hi. This is unrelated to what the BCGA is into but your page came up on an exhaustive search this morning...I'm into
                   plants of all sorts and I'm wondering if anyone in BC/Canada knows of any naturally occurring plant mutations in the
                   wild? Like the Gold Spruce up in Haida Gwaii or the Lobe-Leafed alders near Cowichan Lake on Vancouver Island or
                   the Twisted Aspens in Saskatchewan...It's a long shot, I know but maybe someone knows someone who knows
                   something or has seen something. Thanks for your time. Post something and I'll read it here.


                   TOPIC - no kidding
                   DATE - 22:18:38 10/17/99
                   FROM - GGreen
                   Hey SouthernExposure, I've entertained that thought numerous times! And Vic, you sure had me paying out the wazoo
                   for those DTHH's!!! It was a pleasure bidding against you, LOL. Now how about those RomCindies?
                   Well, you need to find some sort of name for them besides Romulan x Cinderella 99.

                   Vic, email me. I want to talk to you and am not sure of your addy. Mauimail something or another, that's all I know.

                   Anyhow, stay cool everyone! Play it safe! It appears that LEO is out of control lately. Even the most conservative
                   people that I know are calling America a police state.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 21:55:25 10/17/99
                   FROM - RC
                   Another pic, I'm there. Warm up that scanner Vic!! ;)


                   TOPIC - auction
                   DATE - 21:16:38 10/17/99
                   FROM - peaceness
                   Vic you did a great job with the A-1 auction. Thanks for being on it bro!!



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 19:54:36 10/17/99
                   FROM - jay
                   vic time for a picture change..waddya say gang..?wanna see another pic..?


                   TOPIC - Paging Vic
                   DATE - 16:22:53 10/17/99
                   FROM - KQ
                   Sir, you you email me and tell me what's going on? Appreciate that very much!


                   TOPIC - How do i get hold of BCGA genetics
                   DATE - 15:53:10 10/17/99
                   FROM - MrSpock
                   Hows it going,I like the sound of some of your strains.I am overseas.Do BCGA members swap beans,or maybe send
                   some out for experimental grow in my land.Sorry about being so forward ,I am not a scab.Maybe we can work
                   something out.All the best keep on keeping on......MrSpock


                   TOPIC - How do i get hold of BCGA genetics
                   DATE - 15:49:55 10/17/99
                   FROM - MrSpock
                   Hows it going,I like the sound of some of your strains.I am overseas.Do BCGA members swap beans,or maybe send
                   some out for experimental grow in my land.Sorry about being so forward ,I am not a scab.Maybe we can work
                   something out.All the best keep on keeping on......MrSpock


                   TOPIC - Greetings
                   DATE - 02:40:47 10/17/99
                   FROM - SthrnXposure
                   Canada seems to be living the american dream, whilst America falls to what it fought against. I live in a nation who is
                   great yet cannot stop checking its feces to make sure all is good. Is there something terrible about Canada that I need
                   to know other than it gets really cold in the winter. Because I don't understand why 1/4 of america hasn't moved there. I
                   myself am considering the journey to B.C. for reasons of freedom. Here I have to hide what I do because of being
                   de-freed. Is there anything anyone can offer me information-wise upon this venture? And are you all really the owners of
                   the world's only steam powerd clock?


                   TOPIC - Weed
                   DATE - 23:17:56 10/16/99
                   FROM - Hallo Wienie
                   Weed Rocks


                   TOPIC - Louisiana Getaway
                   DATE - 20:50:08 10/16/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   Evidently, the Supreme Court of Louisiana recently struck down a sodomy statute for violating the state constitution by
                   invading privacy, or some such thing.

                   So tell us Mr. Tight-ass, which behavior would you rather have *your* teenage daughter engaging in : entirely legal anal
                   intercourse or smoking that horrible illegal reefer?

                   Just curious.

                                                   Link: interstate jailbait detector


                   TOPIC - earthquake
                   DATE - 17:10:59 10/16/99
                   FROM - wimpole
                   back in 64 in alaska my father just happened to be driving in downtown anchorage when the quake started. he always
                   kept a movie camera with him "that was before camcorders" and he got some film of the roads opening up and
                   buildings falling down, even after 35 years its still a trip to watch that.
                   gonna take a cruise up there in a couple of years its gonna be interesting to see the changes since the 60's. hopefully
                   will be able to sample some good vancover bud "hint hint" since the ship we are going to take docks there. guys
                   remember i talked about this two years in advance so when i start begging think about me.


                   TOPIC - piers
                   DATE - 13:00:13 10/16/99
                   FROM - trelaway
                   A seven eh? Hmmm, I've been wondering when the earthquakes were gonna crawl up the west coast of North America.
                   Here on Vancouver island we're waiting for 'the big one' too.

                   Maybe yer place is still standing because of the piers; my thinking is that flexability could be an asset in an



                   TOPIC - Rock'n'an'Rollin"....
                   DATE - 08:41:19 10/16/99
                   FROM - Perp
                   Earth Quake wake-up call at 2:45 a.m. this morn, 7.0 outside of L.A, shook the shit out of my mountain cabin (its only
                   on piers, no real foundation).....YeeHawww!!! Ridem'! Ha!

                   ...and jus' like Marijuana has never killed anyone, an earthquake has never killed any Marijuana!....unlike hurricanes
                   and floods, Haaaa!


                   TOPIC - bad news
                   DATE - 07:56:43 10/16/99
                   FROM - ahhhsome
                   Bad news from florida a friend of mine just had 6 plots totaled by hurricane (irean)I thinks that the name of It.


                   TOPIC - Budm
                   DATE - 16:43:56 10/15/99
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   KGB He had his puter slagged by a lightning strike!


                   TOPIC - Thanks Vic..
                   DATE - 16:03:32 10/14/99
                   FROM - chronic man
                   You know tha advice you gave me about flushing the soil with water and h202 seems to be working quite well. I've also
                   let them get drier between waterings. It's kinda strange how that worked out. Maybe the Dolomite that was there in the
                   first place was just starting to break down, but the magnesium deficiency was still showing up. So when I added
                   epsom salts, it was too much, because of the dolomite lime that was starting to do it's thing. Well, growth seems to be
                   back to normal for now, no new magnesium deficiency signs, and I'm happy. Maybe the key to organics is KISS.
                   (Keep It Simple Stupid) hehehehe
                   Thanks for the advice...By the way, the short stocky ones with the BIG leaves are kickin ass. maybe these are some
                   other type that we are talking about. They are branchy, but not really much more than others, but the internodes are
                   really close together. Only time will tell. So far, I'm impressed....Keep up the good work. All sprouted, and all seem
                   very healthy. (except for the minor setback).
                   cHrOnIc man


                   TOPIC - WHERE'S BUDM?
                   DATE - 21:46:21 10/13/99
                   FROM - KGB
                   Hey Vic, all -

                   what happened to Budm? Is his computer down? Haven't seen him around for awhile.

                   Vic, quick Romberry question, if I may: does the Rom tend to drop lots of leaves in late flowering? Or am I starving
                   them of nitrogen?

                   Thanks man,



                   TOPIC - Just growing
                   DATE - 21:06:03 10/13/99
                   FROM - Mr Freeze
                   First time here, does'nt seems to me like
                   a full time chat


                   TOPIC - nevermind.
                   DATE - 18:01:10 10/13/99
                   FROM - irish
                   thanks, just read your message Vic.
                   auction ends the 18th.


                   TOPIC - Trelaway
                   DATE - 17:32:59 10/13/99
                   FROM - blackbudget
                   There are proxy sites that offer encrypted links between you and your ISP. Very cool...


                   TOPIC - margi-correction.
                   DATE - 15:16:06 10/13/99
                   FROM - trelaway
                   last line, first paragraph should read:

                   ...your local isp server regularly deletes logs.


                   TOPIC - margi
                   DATE - 15:14:11 10/13/99
                   FROM - trelaway
                   Simply having an isp makes you bustable, technically. You can muddle up your traffic route using proxies but they do
                   log all yer activities whereas, to my understanding, your local isp regularly deletes logs.

                   The only net community I've ever heard to be targetted by LEO are the child porn people.



                   TOPIC - how does the LEO
                   DATE - 07:41:12 10/13/99
                   FROM - margi
                   trace you? I mean, what does one have to do to become a target for the leo's, and how do they trace your internet
                   activities? Do they bust you on the web sites you visit? Are there any ISP's that are anony? Or can your isp become
                   anon? I am rather confused as to how this happened to begin with. I do surf the net, so since I do, I am a target?


                   TOPIC - please excuse the interrupt
                   DATE - 22:37:57 10/12/99
                   FROM - irish
                   when is the last day for auction bids?


                   TOPIC - Curious George
                   DATE - 19:14:24 10/12/99
                   FROM - sensi
                   How true, how true! It almost seems like the "real" people in this world are loosing out to the Politicians, LEO's,
                   Lawyers and the religious Do Gooders. My grandfather told me: "There are 3 types of people in this world: those who
                   need to be told what to do; those who want to tell other people what to do; and the rest of us who just want to be left
                   alone!" Without going into my usual radical speech,(not too much that is) my take on the A1, MG, etc thing is that
                   until we all band together and stand up for our rights, and that includes self defense if necessary, us mj people will just
                   be victims. Sorry folks but I ain't about to do the early Christian thing and be crucified! No LEO will ever take me alive!
                   Die on your feet free or on your knees a slave....
                   Just MHO.


                   TOPIC - ot1...what are roller blinds???
                   DATE - 16:10:18 10/12/99
                   FROM - ph
                   ...and what is white backing? 20% IS Substancial! Do elaborate pleeze....
                   ph (clueless)


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 11:11:52 10/12/99
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   ahhsome We found enclosing the plant canopy with white backed mylar on roller blinds increased yields by 15 to
                   20%. The bud quality was also improved. Ot1.


                   TOPIC - cease
                   DATE - 07:48:29 10/12/99
                   FROM - Margi
                   all contact? LEO's are a sly group.


                   TOPIC - Ouch ...
                   DATE - 23:06:53 10/11/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   It seems that a few more souls have been brought low by the "brain-police".

                   We all stand charged with a thought-crime!

                   The moment we think it, we're criminals.

                   The moment we sport an illegal smile, we're criminals.

                   Our fates are in the hands of career functionaries.

                   Keep in mind that many police departments use pre-employment intelligence tests to weed out candidates who are too
                   dim-witted *or* Too Smart! ( There was an article about it recently in the NY Times )

                   Pretty depressing ...

                   Pass the joint.



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 22:11:59 10/11/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   My heart felt concern goes out to MG and the BG family. Hope all sorts itself out.


                   TOPIC - auction question
                   DATE - 19:28:46 10/11/99
                   FROM - Triage
                   what is the "T2 H1 X Haze" in the seed auction?


                   TOPIC - man
                   DATE - 18:15:31 10/11/99
                   FROM - rambo
                   either way, that totally sux. Gonna wish the best for him.


                   TOPIC - Misread/print????
                   DATE - 17:21:13 10/11/99
                   FROM - Perp
                   Ram'Bro, no disrespect mon......did you mean "How's" Sly and NOT "Who's" Sly????...big diff, know what I
                   mean????....word is domestic probs led to bust for mg....nuff said, cross your fingers for mg and now there's another


                   TOPIC - Soul
                   DATE - 16:50:58 10/11/99
                   FROM - How?
                   Is there anything anyone can do?


                   TOPIC - AK-47
                   DATE - 16:11:02 10/11/99
                   FROM - Weed-Man
                   If I grow AK-47 in my house, how much will it stink?


                   TOPIC - perp
                   DATE - 15:10:57 10/11/99
                   FROM - rambo
                   a friend who's concerned.


                   TOPIC - Rambo, who mentioned sly?????
                   DATE - 14:29:47 10/11/99
                   FROM - Perp
                   and who are you?


                   TOPIC - so who's
                   DATE - 14:12:20 10/11/99
                   FROM - rambo
                   sly? is he safe?


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 05:44:31 10/11/99
                   FROM - ahhsome
                   How much does mylar work! Is it worth putting it up or should I just stick to white walls and mylar floors?????



                   TOPIC - Aw Shit!!!!!!
                   DATE - 19:59:48 10/10/99
                   FROM - Perp
                   That SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!....we need a strike force and a budget to fight this shit!!!!!!
                   Goddammit, this shit is too close to home!!!!!, and it's fucked!!!!....another auction??? Idunno????...Oi the
                   risks!!!!...excuse the rant!!!


                   TOPIC - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
                   DATE - 16:25:03 10/10/99
                   FROM - Soul
                   Anyone who's been in contact with "mg" should beware that he's in the hands of LEO.


                   TOPIC - Greenbear & Vic
                   DATE - 15:33:32 10/10/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   The easiest way to smooth-out corn whiskey is to put a bunch of activated charcoal into the jug and shake it up twice
                   a day. All those nasty tastes and hangover demons are banished in short order. Some of the best squeezings I've ever
                   had was made by a school teacher who lived up in a desolate hollow, and that's how he "aged" his wares.

                   Vic, thanks for those url's for the A1 auction ... they loaded just fine ... I even bid on a few pieces, just for the heck of it
                   ... there's no telling what's in most of those genes, but that's OK ... I like suprises ( most of the time ).



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 10:45:03 10/10/99
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   GB you have a reply!


                   TOPIC - sorry...
                   DATE - 09:10:23 10/10/99
                   FROM - greenbear
                   ...chunky nugs!! ot1 ,did youget my mail?


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 08:22:09 10/10/99
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   mail call vic


                   TOPIC - offense to greenbear's remark
                   DATE - 23:43:59 10/09/99
                   FROM - chucky
                   i take offense to the way you say chucky there fella,hehehebehehehehawwwwwwww.


                   TOPIC - 75% Romulan report...moonshine
                   DATE - 15:53:56 10/09/99
                   FROM - greenbear
                   Vic the R75 is winning the bud wars at week 4, titty pink hairs,thick n chucky buds and that
                   Romulan smell.....the secret to "moonshine" is getting the right fraction of the distilate,fusoils:
                   hydrocarbonsof higher or lower molecular weight then ethanol that give the booze the taste
                   and the hangover...pure ethanol will give one less of "the morning after" ....


                   TOPIC - vic and cannabis world familiars
                   DATE - 12:49:11 10/09/99
                   FROM - irish
                   that url contains bg's site somewhere in their folds.
                   actually two. one really cool one and one "plain". i have links if anyone wants.


                   TOPIC - NC5A
                   DATE - 10:23:56 10/09/99
                   FROM - sensi
                   Anyone have any info on the NC5A variety on the A1 auction?
                   Indica, Sativa, ???


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 10:06:49 10/09/99
                   FROM - t2
                   vic that local wasn't the toothless bald one that sits on the porch with his banjo was it?hehe


                   TOPIC - germ report
                   DATE - 10:03:39 10/09/99
                   FROM - toker2
                   for those interested in the hindu kush x haze at the auction,22 of 24 have sprouted since planting 6 days ago


                   TOPIC - auction strain info
                   DATE - 09:13:10 10/09/99
                   FROM - Damion
                   Question about the Skunk1 x NL5

                   hey, was just wondering if Bdubs sk1xnl5 would be M39 from
                   the SSSC, sk1xnl5 from the seedbank, or shivaskunk from
                   sensiseed? From the name, I'd suspect its from the Seedbank, but the true lineage makes a difference to me, so any
                   feedback would be great. Thanks Damion

                   Sorry for posting this here Vic, but it seemed to get lost in the middle of all the bids at the other page!


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 07:44:28 10/09/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Hey Pi! I remember driving a chevy down in your parts and having fun with one of those locals!!! hahaha

                   Just kiddin, as for moonshine, I have an old friend up here that makes the best moonshine, this stuff is clean! You can
                   get falling down and drooling drunk, pass out, and then get up and get to work with no hangover. The best. I keep
                   meaning to become a student of his and learn his secrets, I better get on it before the ol boy's not around. Lives about
                   half a day away.

                   That Sheriff story sounds familiar, I've known similar types of stuff in our smaller towns. And the big stills? We got
                   loads dude. I often wonder why I don't get into that in a big way. Less heat and there is a huge market. Many bars try
                   to save taxes by serving the blackmarket stuff and make a killing doing it. There was a big bust/crackdown a couple
                   years back, but only after the legit distilleries made a big enough of a stink. Just think of the potential, a big distillery
                   operation and a MJ production operation side by side, they kinda naturally go together. Air goes into distillery, gets
                   CO2 enhanced, and then into MJ production facility, where the still odours are natuarally scrubbed (LOL) and CO2
                   consumed, and then into an ozone room before release. I better check the map and make sure I'm not in the south!!!

                   have a good weekend folks, it's a long one up here.


                   TOPIC - sharecropper and da South
                   DATE - 02:09:57 10/09/99
                   FROM - pi
                   hey bubba where you been? i have been living in the south for nigh on 27 years and i have seen it all. Deliverance and
                   Dukes of Hazzard shall we say...heh!

                   -been chased in the N Gawgia moutains by a drunk 'neck pretending to a cop in an old beat up chevy.
                   -had another 'neck level a shotgun at group of rafters (Chatooooooooga anyone)
                   -been arrested in Blairsille Gawgia (and released) after a Dukes of Hazzard chase through the mountains in a Dodge
                   440 of a co-worker
                   -drank moonshine
                   -seen a 10,000 gallon still in a barn ). guy got busted for growing mj hehehe.
                   -ate chitterlings yuck squirrel hmmm
                   -got a DUI by a Sheriff who was later conficted of marijuanna smuggling on the county airport (Henry County Ga)
                   -etc etc etc

                   need i go on? point is Dukes of Hazzard AND Deliverance stuff DOES go on in the South and i have and AM LIVING
                   living it. ... and yes the jury did not convict the farmer of growing and yes the townsfolke elected a new sheriff who
                   admitted to looking the other way. happened near Savannah Gawgia.

                   far as education goes... i got my engineering degree from one the best public engineering schools in the world which is
                   located in the south and i am proud to be an alumni. conversely once you get passed the college level into the hs and
                   gs level the education drops off dramatically. i have live in 8 states and i can say that the southern state i live in has
                   THE most illiterate group of people i have ever lived around period!!!!

                   statistics bear it out. look at the nationwide school testing for instance and the cotton/bible belt states rank in the
                   bottom 10% for the USA. worst schools highest drop out rate lowest scores hi pregnancy hi illiteracy hi crime rate hi %
                   of the poor yada yada yada and they all own trailers and watch Jerry Springer. just kidding on the last part. heh. they
                   do not all watch springer. ;0)

                   do not get me wrong, the south DOES have a lot going for it but to ignore its problems or dispell them as myth is
                   the south has been in denial for toooo long re its education poor and good old boy system.

                   cant fix it if there is no dialague!


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 00:00:07 10/09/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   perp, yep, your right I asked, haha. What I meant, is I think I remember seeing another website at cannabis world, but
                   off the yop of my head, can't place it, haha.

                   Just finished my rounds, time for bed, but I must admit, I was blown away with what I saw at the auction! Sure was a
                   nice way to end such a long day :) I hope A1 appreciates all this. Still bugs me that neither he or Panzer will
                   aknowledge our efforts. Oh well, I suppose they have their reasons.


                   TOPIC - it's none of my damn bizness either, Ha!
                   DATE - 22:14:50 10/08/99
                   FROM - Perp
                   ..but you asked, Ha!....(bleep it if ya wanna!)
                   aeric, 180 to ya!


                   TOPIC - politics
                   DATE - 21:42:56 10/08/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   hey perp, feeling a little noided? hehe. Well net nations is an outfit that sets up domain names, like they almost
                   registered mine for me. As for Richard Smith, I used to live with a Richard Smith, good friend of the family. However,
                   this isn't the same dude. I'm pretty sure I know who richard smith is, but it's none of my business. That site doesn't try
                   to invade my PC and we're getting what we want from it, so I'll leave it alone myself.


                   TOPIC - hey Perp, I got......
                   DATE - 21:29:41 10/08/99
                   FROM - aeric77
                   those things ya wanted ......ck your email and get back to me.......


                   TOPIC - a lil' more...
                   DATE - 12:24:04 10/08/99
                   FROM - Perp
                   their Server is Netnations.com @ 555 Hastings, in Van. BC.....


                   TOPIC - Vic..an answere to your...
                   DATE - 12:03:33 10/08/99
                   FROM - Perp
                   ..query @ the auction site....

                   www.cannabis.com is Reg'd to a "Richard Smith" in Montreal, E-Mailstairway@DEPECHEMODE.COM

                   See link.....weird Huh?

                                             Link: Do you know this person? Seems familiar!


                   TOPIC - pruned romberry
                   DATE - 11:34:12 10/08/99
                   FROM - Wadsworth
                   Sounds like something you'd eat doesn't it?

                   Had my romberry plants heavily pruned by my cat. One died but the others seem to be regenerating small leaves. Is
                   there anything I should do in regards to the chomped on plants, besides keeping el gato away from the ganja. They
                   were on the 2nd set of leaves with the 3rd just starting.

                   In regards to soil my mix is basiclly as follows:
                   2 parts potting soil
                   1 part worm castings
                   1 part each vermiculite & perlite
                   1/2 part white sand
                   1 cup green sand per 5 gal.
                   1 brick of coco peat soaked in water & superthrive per 5 gal

                   In my current batch I also reused some soil which I later read here that you shouldn't. I also want to use chemical ferts
                   once in a while. How would this affect the plants?



                   TOPIC - great site....and seeds
                   DATE - 10:58:04 10/08/99
                   FROM - mia linzon

                   hello, my name is mia. i have never ordered from you, but my friend grows in his backyard, and bought your seeds. i
                   was very surprised to see, that your seeds made the nicest buds. now, i kone who to go to when i want to start
                   making some cash. But, i just wanted you guys to know, that your awsome, and keep it going!


                   TOPIC - Vic High
                   DATE - 03:37:32 10/08/99
                   FROM - chronic man
                   I think you hit the nail on the head!!!I was just thinking how I haven't been letting them get ALL the way dry (or most of
                   the way at least, you know) before watering. Oh yea, I used worm castings instead of manure in Vic's Super soil
                   recipe. But I think I'll just let the soil get alot drier before watering again. And like I said before, being as this is my first
                   attempt at organic's, thanks to Vic, I won't add any more epsom salts. Actually, recently the tips seem to pointing
                   downward instead of upwards, (overfertilizing). Once again, the results of a Mg overdose is what?? They sure do seem
                   to be using water slowly also.
                   Thanks for answering my question...
                   cHrOnIc man


     TOPIC - A1 Auction
     DATE - 22:40:47 10/07/99
     FROM - Vic High
     Well it's finally done!! The auction is up and running. It's spread around a couple sites, but that is due to the community participation of this project. We all
     made this happen :) Here's a good place to start:

     Bid List:

     Place Bids Here:

     There is also a whole new forum for you all to explore and try out. Enjoy!!

     CG - I have a friend named Blazer on these boards, you two should get together, haha. Oh yeah, don't be scared of the links above, no music, no frames, no
     cookies, no java, etc. Even you should be able to handle it, haha ;)



                   TOPIC - sharecropper is that you snopes
                   DATE - 20:42:50 10/07/99
                   FROM - skunk
                   was wondering if that was you?


                   TOPIC - George steps in it again ...
                   DATE - 10:28:06 10/07/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   Vic : Well ... it's been a while since I've ruffled any feathers, sorry about that ... domestic politics and regional
                   predjudices are unfortunately linked to the herb situation, and I did go off on our esteemed Southern bretheren.

                   Sharecropper: Sorry if my rant put a knot in your shorts, bud. I've traveled through every Southern state except the
                   Carolinas, and have had mostly positive experiences there. A son of the South once said "We can be just as nasty as
                   we are nice." ... and that just about sums it up. Southern manners, hospitality, and cooking, can be just wonderful, but
                   they are balanced on the other end of the spectrum by some pretty loathsome behavior, ( and that's above and beyond
                   the racially motivated stuff ).

                   Those of us who live in the North, or in my case, a border state, have a difficult time keeping a straight face when
                   discussing some "traditional" Southern customs like marrying your cousin or juggling rattlesnakes during church
                   services. Southern politicians have certainly done their best to earn a revolting reputation, and that is a cross that the
                   South will just have to bear until their literacy, poverty, and medical care numbers rise from the bottom of the barrel.

                   I hold Southern women, on the other hand, in very high esteem ... (but only when they have all their teeth ).

                   Cedartop: You might check out the archives here for the url's I posted a few months back concerning studies that have
                   been done using music in controlled plant growth chambers. It evidently doesn't take a lot ... the music doesn't have to
                   be continuous, but it must be melodious ... plants evidently don't like Rock & Roll ... . Think about it, one thing missing
                   entirely from indoor grow rooms is the music of the wind in the trees and the sound of birds and insects.

                   Has anyone tried to determine in what key the HID lamps and their ballasts are buzzing?

                   Just curious.



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 06:36:43 10/07/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Sharecropper - and so was part of what you had to say out of line. Many different cultures mixing together on the net,
                   somtimes ya got to ignore how someone makes their point and just listen to the point. But look who's saying this, I'm
                   known to jump in with both feet when I see something I don't like, ;) Trying to teach myself this "life's too short to sweat
                   the small stuff".

                   Tuthboy - like to help ya dude. Anyway we can get a dialog going with RC to just confirm your order? I would rather not
                   know any details I don't need, but I've found RC to be quite fair in this things, at least in the situations I know of. Seeing
                   a pic (I know long shot here, hehe) or some heavy detail would definately help. But we should act soon, because
                   replacement levels are low, I'm cleaned out, and don't know RC's stock level.

                   Chronic man, which recipe did you use? Your symptoms sound alot like what sometimes happened to me when I was
                   using manure in the recipe. That's why I moved to wc and kelp meal. I guess your pH may be a touch high as well,
                   mine is usually closer to 6.5, but who knows. If you let your soil dry enough between waterings, the pH swings should
                   solve most nute problems. Do you let your pots get fairly light between waterings? And when you water, do you water
                   to point of runoff? If not, a heavy soil drench may solve your problem, just beware of overwatering symptoms and
                   compensate with H2O2 if you think it may be a concern.

                   Oh, and many have reported that an mg overdose can put your plants to sleep, or slow growth. The epson salts in the
                   initial mix is to give time for the dololime to break down, after that you shouldn't need any. In fact, as many will attest
                   to, the soil mix is overkill in the nute dept, so a regular addition may do more harm than good. Anyway, anytime I've
                   had a nute problem I didn't understand, a real heavy soil drench with a little H2O2 would solve the problem. I only use a
                   splash (about a tablespoon) of 35%. If I'm worried that I washed away all the nitrogen, I may use some fish ferts
                   (dilute)in the folowup watering (may take up to a week depending on plant growth rate) and it's acidic nature wouldn't
                   hurt your situation either. But listen to your plants before doing this.

                   Also, often trying to fix the problem is the problem. Every now and then I get a plant that is much lighter green than the
                   rest. I think its low in N, shoulda mixed the soil better. Throw some fish ferts on it, it just gets worse. Finally after other
                   remedies like flushing don't work, I give up and ignore the problem. I just make sure that plant dries well between
                   watering, but only water it. It then pulls out of it's snit and happily carries on!


                   TOPIC - Super soil and Magnesium..
                   DATE - 22:13:58 10/06/99
                   FROM - chronic man
                   I got some Romberry, Shiskaberry, Blueberry, and WW. (I'm a "berry" fan hehe) Using 5 gallon buckets, with Vic's
                   Super soil being used after sitting for about 3 weeks. I seem to be having a magnesium deficiency. Leaves curling
                   upwards, edges turning copper, chlorosis progessively happening. This is mostly apparent on the larger leaves. I think
                   they may be growing slower than usual. I followed Vic's recipe to the tee. I've been adding about one teaspoon of
                   epsom salts per gallon of water. Also added maxicrop the last watering. Have also foliar fed once or twice with epsom
                   salts, as this deficiency has been apparent for a while now. I thought maybe I added too much dolomite lime, but I don't
                   think that I did. The reason that I thought this was that maybe the Mg is being locked out because of too much calcium
                   in the lime. PH is at about 6.9. Is it possible that the dolomite lime hasn't broken down yet, releasing Mg?? What are
                   the effects of a Mg deficiency anyways?? Slow growth?? Because things have seemed to slow down a little. Any help
                   would be greatly appreciated. Also, there is plenty of air movement, I have a door open, and use a 465 cfm blower for
                   exhaust. I know this is a Mg deficiency, because I have dealt with them many times. I'm new to this organic
                   method...however overall the plants seem very healthy, just a little bit of copper showing up with leaves curling
                   upwards. Maybe it doesn't affect veg growth too much, I'm not too sure about that one, but I do know that it is
                   necessary to have plenty of Mg during flowering.
                   Well enough rambling for now...any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm slowly being converted to a "soilboy", as I've
                   heard someone call Vic that once. (That cracked me up...) I don't know, something about organics seems to make me
                   feel like an old time farmer or something...hard to explain I know...maybe some of you can relate, or maybe I'm just
                   eccentric...hehe who knows...
                   cHrOnIc man


                   TOPIC - Chronic Man
                   DATE - 21:42:14 10/06/99
                   FROM - Tuthboy
                   Thanks for the post. You know I think I may have gotten Bluberry instead. My plants look a lot more like blueberry than
                   anything else. The buds are kind of taking on a bluish hue as they mature. Definitely not Romberry. I'm bummed but I
                   have some Skunk/Haze seed that is my next project. Anyway, I vegged for 8 weeks and then have been flowering now
                   for about 35 days, about 30 days to go, the plants are budding out nicely, but just smaller a plant than I had hoped for.
                   I just grow for personal use and don't need a huge yield. Therefore I don't do a lot of cloning. I just get some good seed
                   and grow a batch when I need it.


                   TOPIC - UncleMalcomes
                   DATE - 21:11:32 10/06/99
                   FROM - webfish
                   Nexus just feed them water, the uncle Malcomes has everything you need, you could give the seaweed juice once a
                   week abd maybe a little bloom before and during bloom but the uncle malcomes works pretty well out of the bag with
                   7.0 PH water only.
                   dont grow them too big in those little pots 2 gallon about 30 inch finishd plant size this means about 17 to 20 inch veg


                   TOPIC - Jury Nullification George
                   DATE - 17:42:28 10/06/99
                   FROM - sensi
                   Jury Null is the ONLY way to go!


                   TOPIC - music and plants
                   DATE - 16:29:59 10/06/99
                   FROM - cedartop
                   my 70 year old mother always insisted that music did help with plant growth. she said that it was her thought that
                   plants were stimulated by the actual sound waves of the music. harsh music would disturb the plant and easy listening
                   was the best. of course thats all she ever listened to. sounds like the best answer that i've came across with anyway.
                   stay stoned

                   oh have noticed more mold problems using fresh castings then aged. anyone run across that.


                   TOPIC - Trailer trash curious about George
                   DATE - 16:09:38 10/06/99
                   FROM - ShareCropper
                   Now wait a minute my man. I have lived in the South all my life and I am constantly amazed at the number of ignorant
                   Yankee scum that still formulate their opinion of Southern culture from reruns of the Dukeís of Hazards and
                   Deliverance. Live it, donít watch it on television and think it the truth. Have you ever been to the South? Is this not like
                   calling everyone in San Francisco a FAG! Ignorance and intolerance are not just Southern problems. They are global
                   problems that CAN be fought with education, understanding and respect. Are these qualities you have George or are
                   you just another media brainwashed carpetbagger?

                   Man, I wish Snopes was here, Iíd send him over to burn your house down!

                   Sorry about that VIC but CCís commentary was way out of line.



                   TOPIC - Hydro ferts in soil....
                   DATE - 15:48:28 10/06/99
                   FROM - nexus
                   For my medium i have uncle maclomes soil in 2 gal pots and for every watering i will be giving my plants >The following
                   come seaweed first ,Pure Blend grow, Fox Farm grow,Pure belnd bloom and fox farm bloom

                   2-1-1-2 clones
                   2-2-2-2 agressive grow
                   2-1-1-2-2 2 weeks into bud
                   2-0-0-2-2 agreesive bud
                   1-0-0-1-1 2-3 weeks to finish

                   Will this work or do i have to go with 50% perlite & 50% verticultre for my medium becuase i dont want to over fert?



                   TOPIC - ....music
                   DATE - 11:46:06 10/06/99
                   FROM - Perp
                   ...my "Genius" plants seem to like the new Chris Gaines album from Garth.......and my C88's are now into Christain
                   Ska music, Idunno?....I can't keep up with these girlzzz, Ha! ph

                   (Sorry Vic, couldn't resist....)


                   TOPIC - cedartop
                   DATE - 11:01:45 10/06/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   Indeed, most of the South is a conservative Christian pest hole populated with anal retentive, inbred, white trash.
                   The entire Southeast was originally settled by the scum of Europe and American failures who were escaping their
                   debts by running away for the frontier.

                   The cases I mentioned were indeed those counties in Georgia that were featured on "60 Minutes" two years ago or so.
                   Georgia has more counties than any other state, lots and lots of little fifedoms that are ripe with small town corruption.
                   Sorry to hear that your nephew got cracked, but the ballot-box and the jury box are about the only way to change the

                   Did you see those reports a few days ago about the Republican Gov. of New Mexico who came out for de-crim? There's
                   hope yet ... . Unfortunately, it will probably take a Republican president to relax the laws, much the same as it took
                   Nixon to open up to China.

                   Has anyone tried playing music for their plants yet?

                   Just curious.


                   TOPIC - blueberri
                   DATE - 08:55:57 10/06/99
                   FROM - flwr smkr
                   seen a post of yours at overgrow concerning blueberri.
                   ordered original blueberri via jock from dutch passion in 11/97 for $110.00 for ten.this is when jock was having problems
                   and received my order in 03/98.definately original
                   blueberri.the description of blueberri at the dutch passion site is exactly what mine looks like.the leaves are a dark
                   green with reds and purples and blue hues throughout.
                   when dried and cured the plant has a lavender look to it.
                   nugs are rock hard.after several grows pruning for 3 to 4
                   main colas is the way to go.also the longer the veg to form a very healthy plant the much better the yeild.i use to veg 6
                   weeks and flower.1/2 oz a plant.(9 plants under 430 watt hps)now i'm getting 1 oz per plant.plant doesn't grow much
                   during flowering so have learned to veg 10 to 12 weeks now.
                   i have a letter into dj short about his product if he answers i'll let you know what he says.every now and then i've seen a
                   picture in high times of blueberri in high times from time to time and it always looks like mine does.



                   TOPIC - CHEMOBERRY?
                   DATE - 08:27:31 10/06/99
                   FROM - Green Machine
                   Thanks alot for the info, Vic, it is greatly appreciated. I had no idea that Chemo was one of the fathers that
                   gang-banged your romberry mom. But, you must be right because you described the mother I have it to a T! Its very
                   short, and EXTREMELY bushy. Would you believe I got 15 clones from a plant that was only 11" tall?

                   I tell you, the buds looked very nice the first harvest, which is why this mom was one of two selected among 12 others.
                   Christmas tree like is a perfect description, and the smell was definitely fruity. I'm not sure how the taste will be, I
                   severely overfertilized, overwatered, and overheated during the first harvest, so the taste was, well, just ok, to tell you
                   the truth....but i'm sure that's the result of bouts of boneheadedness during my first ever indoor grow.

                   This time around I'm doing things different, so we'll see how things turn out. I'll be sure to keep you posted as things
                   progress. They look magnificent now after two weeks of 12/12. I put the clones in the flower chamber as soon as they
                   rooted, when they were about 4" tall. Now they are mostly at 12" and starting to bush out heavily. You can bet they
                   wont be overferted, overwatered, or overheated this time around!

                   I think I'm gonna call this mom Chemoberry. Jury's still out on Mom#2, which is pretty difficult to describe, since there
                   are no odd characteristics to it, except that it stretches like crazy in veg, and bushes like crazy in flower, with virtually
                   no stretching.

                   Thanks again for the info.



                   TOPIC - sorry about the double post
                   DATE - 07:50:05 10/06/99
                   FROM - funkdified
                   I'm not sure what happened.


                   TOPIC - mites
                   DATE - 07:48:18 10/06/99
                   FROM - funkdified
                   I have a small problem with the little guys now. Last week, I used some pyrethrin spray. I didn't notice any activity
                   since then until last night. From what I've read, it takes about 5 days or so for the eggs to hatch. So, I'm assuming that
                   the spray kills the bugs, but not their eggs. I gave them another dose last night making sure to soak both side of every
                   leaf. I found one 3 bladed leaf where the central blade had some webbing. It was kinda interesing actually, I put the leaf
                   under one of those 30X radio Shack microscopes and seen one in the nymph stage. I didn't realize that they were
                   tanslucent at that stage. Anyway, I plan on going over the plants again tonight looking for any signs of life. I was
                   wondering what you all would recommend for getting rid of the eggs. I read about wiping down the leafs w/ isopropy, but
                   wasn't sure about this. My plants are only in the veg stage, so there isn't any worry about contaminating buds. Would a
                   diluted solution of isopropyl and H2O2 mixed work?

                   Thanks for any help.



                   TOPIC - mites
                   DATE - 07:47:48 10/06/99
                   FROM - funkdified
                   I have a small problem with the little guys now. Last week, I used some pyrethrin spray. I didn't notice any activity
                   since then until last night. From what I've read, it takes about 5 days or so for the eggs to hatch. So, I'm assuming that
                   the spray kills the bugs, but not their eggs. I gave them another dose last night making sure to soak both side of every
                   leaf. I found one 3 bladed leaf where the central blade had some webbing. It was kinda interesing actually, I put the leaf
                   under one of those 30X radio Shack microscopes and seen one in the nymph stage. I didn't realize that they were
                   tanslucent at that stage. Anyway, I plan on going over the plants again tonight looking for any signs of life. I was
                   wondering what you all would recommend for getting rid of the eggs. I read about wiping down the leafs w/ isopropy, but
                   wasn't sure about this. My plants are only in the veg stage, so there isn't any worry about contaminating buds. Would a
                   diluted solution of isopropyl and H2O2 mixed work?

                   Thanks for any help.



                   TOPIC - curious george
                   DATE - 05:08:03 10/06/99
                   FROM - cedartop
                   bro, i've lived in the south all of my life and i swear i havent seen anything like you're talking about concerning jury's that
                   wont convict farmers for growing weed. there used to be one or two slack counties in georgia years ago but i think that
                   has passed by. seems to me the tactics used by the leo here in the south these days are pure gestapo.
                   for example my nephew screwed up and got caught with a half of a joint. to keep it off his criminal record he did 40
                   hours community service wrote a report on a day in court, went to 20 hours of counseling that he paid for and paid 480
                   bucks for the fine. kinda steep for a half a joint wouldnt you think. its easier to get away with shooting someone here
                   then it is to get off a dope charge. to many wanna be rambo's in the police departments these days. what ever
                   happened to the "protect and serve" motto.
                   vic sorry about the ranting.


                   TOPIC - chronic man
                   DATE - 03:17:32 10/06/99
                   FROM - Tuthboy...
                   Wow...it does kinda sound like you got some other strain besides Romberry. I got some about 6 months ago, and
                   none of the leaves on mine are thin. Most are thick. Are your stems purple at all?? Does it resemble Blueberry at all??
                   My Romberry has big thick dark green leaves, purple stems, and quite vigorous. Maybe you could find a way to post a
                   pic of your's, then maybe we could determine for sure if you got Romberry for sure. After all the good things that I've
                   heard, and the way mine look, I can't help but think that Romberry is a medium/high yielder. I'll know in about another 3
                   months for sure. Was your Romberry really easy to clone?? Most people have said it's really easy to clone. It was no
                   problem for me, that's for sure. One of the easier strains to clone. How long did you veg/flower?? Maybe even if you did
                   really get Romberry, conditions might have been less than ideal. Otherwise, I would think that you don't have the real
                   Romberry. Like I said, the best way would be for you to find a way to post a pic. I think you could do this at cannabis
                   culture, part of Marc Emerys deal. I'm not positive though...
                   Hope you get it figured out....
                   cHrOnIc man



                   TOPIC - Vic High
                   DATE - 21:43:14 10/05/99
                   FROM - Tuthboy
                   About the Romberry. That is the strain I ordered from Heavens Stairway. Whether they sent me a completely different
                   strain, I don't know. But the seeds they sent were labeled Romberry. Anyway I am about halfway through flowering
                   after growing for about two months from seed. The plants are skinny and between 18" and 24". From the beginning
                   they grew with alternating nodes, the sets of leaves did not come out together. They are forming decent bud tops but I
                   had expected a bigger and hardier plant after reading about Romberry. If that is not what I got, then I got hosed. Yes,
                   the leaves are small and appear more Sativa-like rather than the larger Indica. It is almost like a mini-plant, wierd. I do
                   have some experience growing and have not varied my methods, so it is definitely the genetics. I will let you know of
                   the final result, but I may have one of the other strains by mistake, any ideas?


                   TOPIC - Auction ... etc.
                   DATE - 17:49:09 10/05/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   Irish: Thanks for posting those url's for the A1 auction information. On the overgrow site I found the posting that lists a
                   bunch of strains and crosses that have been donated. Interesting assortment of beans. However, the hempqc site
                   wouldn't come up ... first a link showed, a standard transfer of address unit ... and then a bunch of code with a note at
                   the bottom saying that I needed a frame browser ... huh? Netscape 4.04 doesn't cut it? Some incompatability is
                   probably responsible, or the site has a problem with the proxy I'm using ... which is OK ... ( If it's looking for what it
                   shouldn't be, I don't need to be there anyway.)

                   The Heavens Stairway site is a problem to begin with ... who wants to wait for music and movie files to load? The
                   sucker takes all day, and then it locks up ... hardly worth the hassle.

                   Vic : Thanks for posting that article on the penalty phase of Canadian growing. It's interesting to note the similarities
                   between the behavior of your LEO, and their US counterparts as opposed to the court systems of the respective

                   Is a "jury nullification" remedy available to those on trial up there? Since both systems are based, I think, on English
                   Common Law, there might be ... and it's a powerful weapon against repression. In short, it gives a jury the power to
                   nullify any offense, without fear of consequences taken against them for their actions.

                   This can cut both ways though ... on the one hand a jury could vote "not guilty" for a defendant charged with cultivation
                   for personal use, while on the other hand they could free an obviously guilty murderer who shot a "troubkemaking"
                   member of a minority group ... ( as happened several times in the South during the Civil Rights unrest of previous
                   decades ).

                   There are rural areas in the South where local jury's just won't convict local farmers for growing weed ... so all the sheriff
                   can do is rip the plants up and make a show of arresting them ... and if he does too much of it, or allows the feds to fly
                   over his county one time too many, he'll be voted out of office ... it's happened!

                   The right of jury nullification is written into several state constitutions, and further information might be obtained from an
                   organization called "The Fully Informed Jury Association" ... they might be on the web ... I'm not sure ... but it's worth
                   checking out for anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of "the movement" ... and it would be interesting to see the
                   association's pamphlets being passed out to prospective jurors as they enter the courthouse before A1's trial ... it's
                   been done before, and it's legal!

                   Not only would it be a good thing to do ... educate jurors of their rights ... but it's a Great way to stir up publicity, since
                   by the time, if ever, this goes to trial, there will be no such thing as bad publicity ... and if the authorities get a wild hair
                   up their butt and try to stop it ( a free speech and press issue since it's lawful information not directly related to the
                   case) the whole thing will blow up even bigger ... it's a win-win situation if anyone has the gumption to do it, and A1's
                   attorney gives the OK ... ( or maybe even without it ... a little anarchy will keep him on his toes ).

                   Who's up for it?

                   Just curious.



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 13:34:13 10/05/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Green Machine, my guess is that chemo donated the pollen to your romberry suprise. Grapefruit also is heavy into
                   preflowering, but no males of it were around. Could be a throwback of some of the sweet tooth genetics as well? But
                   chemo is most likely, those boys wouldn't stop, haha. Both GF and chemo are great in the flower room, but getting
                   them there is a pain in thew ass if you like big plants as I do. They seem to veg great until they reach about 12" and
                   then slow right down and go into heavy preflower mode. Chemo gets so bushy and thick, it would make most
                   christmas trees jealous, yes even the plantation ones, haha.

                   I would love some feedback on how that combo turned out, bud wise. I'm not overly impressed with the bud quality of
                   chemo on it's own, but curious as to how it's crosses will perform.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 13:11:03 10/05/99
                   FROM - m.g.
                   i have the best luck regenning ncga's produce. not sure why but it just works out that way. every one has always been
                   full of preflowers but always take the same amount of flowering time as they did originally. i have not regenned an
                   outdoor plant to indoors but just the opposite. it seems to work well with indi-doms but sat-doms have never produced
                   as well the 2nd time around. sensi's skunk #1 being the worst at regenning a decent crop. lots of leaves but little
                   smoking material...same for sticky #3 and p75. none of those made what they did the first go-round and seemed to be
                   a waste of space. of all i have regenned, nc's aunt j and mcw have been the best. both have outproduced what they did

                   will i regen again? not likely...too much wasted space, imho.


                   TOPIC - Profuse Preflowering
                   DATE - 12:22:05 10/05/99
                   FROM - Green Machine
                   Hey Vic. Its really cool of you to tell us about your breeding projects. My mouth waters everytime you give us an

                   In all of your encounters with different breeds, have you ever had a problem with a mother that has profuse preflowers? I
                   have 2 moms from a romberry surprise batch from heaven's stairway. They are about 7 months old, and have been
                   re-vegged successfully. One of them has so many pistils in the crotches of the branches, it almost looks like full bud
                   set. I just successfully cloned 14/15 from this mom in under 2 weeks, so I guess the pistils aren't really a problem as
                   far as propogating them goes.

                   I am more wondering what strain have you come across that displays this characteristic, and if it ever became a
                   problem? Particularly, if one of the strains that made up the Rom surprise seeds exhibited this pattern. I am trying to
                   identify the dominant traits of the two moms i have, so I can figure out what the heck to call them!

                   If anyone else has seen this, please let me know your experience with it.

                   Thanks all.



                   TOPIC - local politics
                   DATE - 22:42:58 10/04/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Last Updated: Monday 4 October 1999
                   TOP STORIES

                   Marijuana growers get off in courts

                   The Vancouver Sun

                   Chad Skelton Vancouver Sun
                   Only one in five people
                   convicted of growing
                   marijuana in Vancouver over
                   the past three years has been
                   sentenced to any time in jail,
                   a Vancouver Sun investigation
                   has found.

                   The investigation also
                   revealed that one in four
                   served no jail time and paid
                   no fine.

                   Most of those convicted of
                   producing marijuana (58.3 per
                   cent) received a fine -- on
                   average less than $2,700.

                   RCMP spokesman Grant
                   Learned said court penalties
                   like that anger many police
                   officers, who see "a
                   $1,000-fine on a $250,000
                   grow operation as just the
                   cost of doing business -- no
                   more than a business

                   Police forces across the
                   Lower Mainland have devoted
                   considerable time and money
                   investigating and arresting the
                   operators of
                   marijuana-growing operations.
                   Some RCMP detachments,
                   such as Langley and Surrey,
                   even have their own "Green
                   Teams," which are devoted
                   full-time to shutting down
                   growing operations.

                   But police have become
                   increasingly frustrated at the
                   penalties given to operators
                   once they are convicted.
                   Occasionally, police will express anger that an operator received only a small

                   And a Sun investigation of more than a hundred cases in Vancouver provincial
                   court dating back to November 1996 shows that fines are the norm when
                   marijuana growers come before the courts and long jail terms are rare.

                   The Sun looked at 112 cases in which people were charged under Section 7.1
                   of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (production of an illegal

                   Only three people (2.7 per cent) were acquitted.

                   A relatively high number, 37, (33 per cent) had their charges stayed. In many
                   cases, the Crown charged a group of people, presumably found together in a
                   growing operation, and then later dropped charges against some.

                   Seventy-two (64.3 per cent) were convicted.

                   Of those 72, only 15 (20.8 per cent) received jail sentences.

                   (The percentages noted here will not add up to 100 per cent because four
                   people received both jail time and a fine.)

                   The average jail sentence was 166 days -- but those numbers were skewed
                   by three high sentences (two co-accused received 18 months and one person
                   received two years).

                   The vast majority of those sentenced to jail time (80 per cent) received 90
                   days or less, including two people who were sentenced to only one day in jail.

                   The three who received lengthy jail sentences were also convicted of other
                   crimes -- such as illegal possession of a firearm -- which may account for
                   their higher sentences.

                   Most of those who came before the courts were fined. About a third of those
                   fined were ordered to pay $4,000 or more -- with the highest fine being $6,000.
                   Another third paid $1,500 or less, with the lowest fine being $500. The average
                   fine: $2,655.97.

                   "If a guy is getting a $2,600 fine on a grow-op that is producing a
                   quarter-million dollars a year of tax-free drug money, there wouldn't be very
                   much ... deterrence," Learned said.

                   More than one in four (26.4 per cent) of those convicted were given probation
                   or a conditional sentence, serving no jail time and paying no fine.

                   More than half of those who avoided jail or a fine, 10 of 19, were given
                   conditional sentences, which allow convicts to serve their sentences in the
                   community. In such cases, restrictions such as abstention from alcohol or
                   use of an electronic monitoring device are placed on the person.

                   Conditional sentences ranged from 14 days to eight months -- with the
                   average being 118 days.

                   Vancouver criminal lawyer Michael Tammen said conditional sentences
                   should not be considered probation. "From my perspective, a conditional
                   sentence is a jail sentence."

                   Tammen said police have only themselves to blame if they are devoting
                   significant resources to arresting marijuana growers.

                   "I don't see why police see grow operations as such a big priority for them. ...
                   In terms of the harm being done it pales in comparison to cocaine or heroin,"
                   Tammen said. "They've spent all this money and made this effort and judges
                   haven't sent people away to jail. ... I say to the police: 'Tough luck.'"

                   Vancouver Mayor Philip Owen, who chairs the police board, said he was
                   surprised the average fine is only a few thousand dollars.

                   "The fine appears to be just a minor inconvenience and the cost of doing
                   business," Owen said. "It appears to me to be very low and certainly is no

                   Learned said the profits of some grow operations can range in the hundreds of
                   thousands. But he said police have become reluctant to discuss how lucrative
                   the average growing operation is out of fear a comparison between low fines
                   and high profits will encourage even more people to take up the illicit trade.

                   Neil Boyd, a criminologist at Simon Fraser University, said low sentences for
                   marijuana production make sense given B.C.'s ambivalence toward marijuana

                   "The response of the judiciary simply reflects the confusion in our society
                   about how to deal with marijuana," Boyd said.

                   While the public generally supports police crackdowns on hard drugs such as
                   cocaine or heroin, the fact many British Columbians use marijuana on a
                   regular basis -- and many more have tried it -- means its production and sale
                   are not looked on as harshly, Boyd said.

                   A recent poll found 63 per cent of British Columbians thought possession of
                   marijuana should be decriminalized, Boyd said, the highest rate in Canada.

                   "I think judges cannot help but be influenced by the culture in which they live
                   -- and it's appropriate," he said.

                   Boyd said while the public may support longer jail sentences for violent
                   criminals, he doesn't think they would advocate spending tens of thousands of
                   dollars to send more marijuana growers to prison.

                   However, Learned said growing operations have an overly benign image. Many
                   of the major operations are "sponsored and subsidized by organized crime,"
                   he said, which can lead to violence.

                   The involvement of major crime groups is in part because the drug can now be
                   grown with a much higher THC-content than decades ago, making it more
                   lucrative. (THC is the primary psychoactive component of marijuana which is
                   what gives users a "high".)

                   Learned said police have some hope the sentencing of marijuana growers is

                   In some areas, such as Surrey, judges have been slowly getting tougher, he
                   said. However, judges are bound by past case law so cannot begin handing
                   down significantly higher sentences without being challenged on appeal,
                   Learned said.

                   "Sentencing patterns are very slow to evolve," he said. Unfortunately, "the
                   profitability is moving up much quicker."



                   TOPIC - interest in plants
                   DATE - 14:08:19 10/04/99
                   FROM - landrie hoohaa
                   i am a very intimate smoker when it comes to marijuana. i have smoked a lot of different kinds of the plant, mostly the
                   shwag that is browner than brown. i was just wondering if the seeds you sell are easily grown. also, if you could send
                   me some info on ways of growing my own seeds and keeping them healthy. my friend and i had a plant that was
                   flowering nicely, and had purple hairs and crystals all over it. he must have shown the wrong person one day, and the
                   tops of our plant were picked. they werent budding yet, and we were wondering if picking the tops off could damage the
                   rest of our developing plant. please write me back or send me some info at landrie7@hotmail .com. thanks



                   TOPIC - cg and vic.
                   DATE - 13:46:55 10/04/99
                   FROM - irish


                   hope this works for you CG.

                   thanks vic, i will tell my friend to be patient.


                   TOPIC - Where's the auction?
                   DATE - 09:19:28 10/04/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   Have been prowling around the Overgrow - Special Projects messages and cannot find the url or a link for the A-1
                   auction page. Using the "search" function wasn't any help, so if you can post it here, Vic, there might be others in the
                   same situation.

                   No matter how it's handled, ( and the discussions of how to do it have been extensive ), it won't mean diddly if a Lot of
                   folks don't see it. One post suggested putting it on All the other similar boards, which might bring a lot of flakey
                   responses from trolls, but that's the chance you have to take.



                   TOPIC - sb
                   DATE - 08:34:15 10/04/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   Certainly the wattage of the light is a factor, but I'm assuming that for research purposes the light would have the same
                   wattage for all three kinds of grow... if someone had the space and time to do such an experiment. Space is a problem
                   for most growers, and there is little doubt that for small closet or cabinet applications a scrog might be the only
                   sensible way to go, regardless of the yield/time ratio.

                   I know of a grower who is moving towards a pepetual harvest program like yours under one fixed light, using clones
                   segregated by height, and suspect that it will turn out to be the best way to maximize efficiency.

                   In his recent post, Vic mentions using 12/12 lighting from the get-go on C99 seedlings and getting them up to a foot tall
                   before flowering begins. Aside from breeding/seeding considerations, why not just let them keep on flowering and
                   budding up? Wouldn't they have sufficient root growth by then to produce up to potential? Or is it more likely to
                   succeed well if clones are used instead and grown to the same height? If starting from seed, it would seem a great
                   opportunity to see which seedling produces the most, the fastest, and then re-veg it and use it as a clone mom.

                   I hope all of you outdoor growers are busy during this bountiful harvest season!



                   TOPIC - updates
                   DATE - 20:40:16 10/03/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   OK, too tired to worry about a C99/romulan/g13/chemo update, save it for next weekend I guess, or during the week.
                   However, I screwed up the timing of the pollen induction, it's day 33 and still no pollen flying. Some of the c99 and g13
                   pistals are dying, every dead pistal means one less seed, drats!! I introduced males into the room on day 14 I think,
                   maybe I should have made it day seven. Past experience told me that day zero was too soon for maximizing seed
                   production, and now it looks as if day 14 is too late, now to narrow the gap, hehe.

                   blueberry - no irish, I can't see a reason for any problems with blueberry germination. My methods are less than
                   perfect, but if you search down, you will be able to find some fairly current germination data. Here's an update on that
                   batch. Numbers are not to be taken as literal, they are more ratios. They now reflect survival rates, not germination
                   rates, as I've killed off a few runts.

                   OTBB8 - 9/9 - these are from a friend overseas
                   OTBB6 - 9/9 - these are from a friend overseas
                   BL8-99 - 8/9 - these are bcga third generation
                   BL10-99 - 7/9 - these are bcga third generation
                   BL8-97 - 9/9 - these are bcga original stock - seedbank vers
                   BL8-97 - 8/9 - same as previous
                   BBL7-99 - 4/9 - a new high yielding version
                   BBL7-99 - 3/9 - same as previous

                   The 99 stock was very fresh and had never been refrigerated, this is probably why their germ rates are so low. The 97
                   stock is the same batch that is available through the seedbanks.

                   Notes of interest: Anyone remember me mentioning my weird veg strategy of starting the seedlings in the flower room?
                   I do this because of space constraints. I've successfully raised many batches (including c99) to 12" before preflowers
                   aided in presexing. I would then move them into a veg lighting environment until ready to flower. Well I was doing this
                   with the blueberry seedlings, they have not responded well. Their growth is stunted, and at 5" many have a mini cola
                   starting to form at their tops. So blueberry doesn't need to mature before flowering, haha. And the learning continues,


                   TOPIC - blueberry germination questions
                   DATE - 19:01:22 10/03/99
                   FROM - irish
                   should there be problems germinating the blueberry?
                   friend had four of eight within the first 18-24 (papertowel/heat pad method) but the other four are dead in the water
                   (pardon the pun)
                   any hints? as the other four are already up out of the ground.

                   side note:
                   friend also germed 7/8 bubblefunk
                   8/8 eclipse (bubbleberry)
                   7/8 alien x NL (with the other still swelling, very close)


                   TOPIC - CG
                   DATE - 18:26:11 10/03/99
                   FROM - sb
                   Never any HARD data here, more like impressions and ideas, but my $.02 anyway.
                   I agree that the real measure of efficency is yield per day but would also add; per watt.
                   I run a mod sog, filling the canopy with pruned plants.This I do in order to keep plant numbers well below the "please
                   bend over" limit.I also use a stadium setup to maximize direct light usage (fixed light)and minimize the dependence on
                   reflected light.On this crop I have gone to a perpetual harvest situation which I feel exagerates and therefore takes full
                   advantage of the stadium setup.( a combination of shorter/taller plants) As plants stretch and new recruits are moved
                   in, the taller plants rotate to the perimeter.
                   Now IF I suddenly deemed it safe to grow a bazillion plants I would try pure SOG utilizing this same technique.Surely
                   one would realize a per-plant benifit over straight start to finish SOG with more efficent light usage...right?


                   TOPIC - The big question ...
                   DATE - 14:49:25 10/03/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   We've been seeing some nice photos posted online recently, and they reminded me of a question I'd asked previously
                   on another board that recieved no answers.

                   There have been some shots of a SCROG grow with two plants in large containers placed in a closet with a light. The
                   screen was filled with growing tops, ready to go to 12/12. Another shot was of a particular strain growing in a large
                   bucket with hydroponic media. It had a huge main cola and several side branches with tops that were almost as large,
                   and appeared to be growing upward without benefit of stakes, string, or other support.

                   The big question is Time. The cost of the lights, the growing accesories, the power and fertilizers are all well and good
                   to consider, but the bottom line is this: "What is the yield per day?" No matter how many small buds are harvested, or
                   how big the yield of one plant can be, it still comes down to time. Is there anybody who can say whether the additional
                   time needed to fill a screen with a SCROG, or grow a huge plant, is any more efficient than a Sea of Green?

                   Assuming that all are started from clones, under one light, I suspect that a SOG of a suitable strain will give the best
                   yield for a given period of time. This is just a gut feeling, but I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has hard data on this

                   Just curious.



                   TOPIC - Important IE browser info
                   DATE - 13:37:52 10/03/99
                   FROM - Windoze Spy
                   Just to let you all know that
                   everything that you have
                   ever searched for is stored
                   in a hidden system file
                   in the folder where your Temporary
                   internet files are, its called
                   index.dat and its keeps a record
                   called client url cache. I don't like
                   the fact that you have to wipe you
                   hard-drive clean just to delete it.

                   Also you may want to have a firewall
                   running when you leave your pc, I find that
                   there are connection attempts even when
                   im not signed on the internet or connected
                   to the phone jack, don't know what it is.

                   Firewalls @ www.signal9.com.

                   Peace & Love


                   TOPIC - security
                   DATE - 13:03:37 10/03/99
                   FROM - Blazer
                   I use a proggy called "Guard Dog" to keep My cache and browser stuff deleted...I think anyhow. I'mma puter meathead
                   trying like hell to catch up. Any thoughts on this proggy and what it worth? I also want the thing A77 and perp
                   mentioned. A 1 button delete system would be awesome if needed. Well more learning on this for Me now, read read


                   TOPIC - Best way to Harvest, Dry, Manicure & Cure?
                   DATE - 11:16:30 10/03/99
                   FROM - Canadian_Citizen
                   I have 25 White Russinas looking very healthy 3 1/2 ft tall Under 2 1000watt hps in orgainc soil fed with batguna tea at
                   every watering. They are 35 days into 12/12. Since this is my first grow, I am really inexperenced ,I have a few

                   1.How do u tell when the plant is ready to be harvested?
                   2.Whats the best way too increase your yeild the last 2 weeks?
                   3.How should I dry the buds? How long will it take before they are dry?
                   4. After the Buds are dry how do i manicure them whitout getting the THC off them?
                   5. Whats a really good way to cure the buds without getting harsh smoke and the most THC in them?

                   ^peace out^


                   TOPIC - Tuthboy
                   DATE - 07:34:45 10/03/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Let's get some more details dude, you are not describing romberry. To be honest, I'm not sure why it would matter, but
                   romberry has never been described as having small leaves. Sounds like a screwup there. Maybe a good description of
                   the current aroma and bud characteristics? Plus a followup on the resulting bud would help us figure what you got
                   instead. You are almost describing a different bcga strain.


                   TOPIC - Romberry
                   DATE - 22:16:12 10/02/99
                   FROM - Tuthboy
                   I am disappointed with the Romberry. I did get all but one female, but very small plants with low yield. Small leaves and
                   short plant. Not a strong plant for sure. I'll just hope the product is good 'cause there isn't a lot of it. I gotten 3x that
                   yield with almost every other strain I have dealt with. Almost not worth growing in my opinion.


                   TOPIC - Security
                   DATE - 19:27:31 10/02/99
                   FROM - Perp
                   CG...the particular Cat. is from Shomer Tec, Inc., Wa., USA...the device must be installed at the targets local, in-line
                   (sm.Black Box, 3 1/2" X 5 1/2").....I am uniquely close to both the PD and DA, "THEY" use EVERYTHING they can
                   possibly afford legal or not to gather evidence, then they tweek the "source" if needed to seem to have come from
                   elswhere like an Anon Tip.....thats the way it works, and the fine line you discuss is only in play when the "cats ben let
                   out of the bag" so to speak....Ha!
                   ..other Products are a monitor for your own phone @ where ever, you can listen to upto 4 extensions @ your local, and
                   the phone is still fully operational,......or a twist on that is a monitor that "calls" you if sound is detected @ the local
                   you place the device, like a remote grow room.....the first (mentioned) device was "supposedly" developed for High
                   Profile Principals who could be possibly held hostage by home/office invasion, and would allow LEO to monitor an area,
                   verify status and get real time intelligence. Haaa!...guess what they really use it for?????

                   Oh...and lets not forget the "Bug" sensing devices, very handy indeed! Ha!

                   Perp-out~ (long ass day Re-Roofing the shop today)


                   TOPIC - Off Topic ...
                   DATE - 14:45:43 10/02/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   Perp : That mention of electronic devices by was interesting, especially the one that supposedly allows further listening
                   after a phone is hung up. If there is a url for that catalog, I'd sure like to see it ... or the name and addy of the catalog
                   that features it.

                   If nothing else, the info might prove an eye-opener for some of our "readers". The LEO community can be slick, and
                   there just Might be a way for this sort of surveilance to pass legal muster ... maybe.

                   However, until we can review the literature, we'd be more inclined to believe that such a device could only be legally
                   used in conjunction with a valid warrant. ( Which is not to say that such a seemingly easy device wouldn't be used by
                   LEO without a warrant. Since it would require no cooperation from the phone company, the intrusion would be
                   impossible to prove. )

                   Be careful when researching, ordering, or using any similar device, as there are myriad ways to violate the law, and the
                   LEO folks want very badly to keep access to such technology to themselves.

                   The best advice I can give to those who wish to avoid legal hassles is simply this: "Break one law at a time."



                   TOPIC - A'man...delete THIS!!!!! Ha!
                   DATE - 19:36:24 10/01/99
                   FROM - Perp
                   Kinda hard to get this catalog (their not online), but a quick search found a web-site for a free trial of the Shredder


                   ...get an Air Pistol for those felines(sp)!!!! Ha!

                   "the more I'm with my dogs, the less I like people"
                   Perp '99

                   E-ya later!


                   TOPIC - unwilted
                   DATE - 18:23:49 10/01/99
                   FROM - spaz
                   BIG Thanks everyone for your help.
                   the girls are doing much better.
                   a small dose of vitamax worked well.


                   TOPIC - wiltdown
                   DATE - 17:48:28 10/01/99
                   FROM - hand
                   wiltdown before lights out is normal they also perk up before lights come on.they relax just before dark nothing to worry
                   about.they do it outside too.


                   TOPIC - Perp, you never .......
                   DATE - 17:20:20 10/01/99
                   FROM - aeric77
                   .........'backed outta anything' in your life.......

                   hey dude, i would like more info on that auto-destruct program and the addy for that catalog if ya got time....I hate cats
                   and got a few hanging around the back yard that I'd like to auto-pepper spray.......HA!.....show them dirt scratchers the


                   TOPIC - Thanx guys!
                   DATE - 12:51:16 10/01/99
                   FROM - Perp
                   ...jus tryin' to locate the cause by elimination, the problem is only recent , ben surfin' here a long time, and it's wacky,
                   it's sayin' MY bookmarks (Favorites)/start page is TOO big, not THIS page, Idunno...??? I'll have my Bro with a Webtv
                   stop by here, and see what he gets when he trys his "back" button, could jus be a new quirk with my ol' black box,
                   Ha!..no biggy.....

                   ...speaking of security products...because of some other interests I have, I get LEO Product Catalogs, (always good to
                   know thy enemy, Ha!)..anyway, saw a software product called "Electronic Shreadder" 2.12, high tec military grade file
                   deleation program, including a panic button to nuke it all at once, $89....I'm sure you guys may have seen similar
                   products, but I thought this was cool!..and I don't even own a 'puter! Ha!..more info on request if ya want it?....also ya
                   wouldn't believe some of the COOL Phone listening devices, like one that will monitor a room after you call up a number
                   and the other party hangs up you can still hear what's goin' on at the other end $199! Scarey! Ha!...or how 'bout an
                   intrusion alarm that shoots pepper spray/gas...or an electronic device that induces Nasea through high frequncy
                   soundwaves (High Tec Harrassment or crowd control!) Ha!,...

                   L8R dudes! Stay Safe!,


                   TOPIC - cache and cookie cleaning
                   DATE - 10:34:49 10/01/99
                   FROM - m.g.
                   perp, ya might want to try "webroot cache/cookie washer" for keeping your machine clean and uncluttered. they have a
                   free 30 day trial although it only costs 14.95 to buy and works for either netscape or explorer (you have to pick one). i
                   use their netscape version and have noticed much faster response and load time if the cache is kept clean. it also adds
                   "bleach" to everything removed so nothing can be found if someone decides to search for evidence. another plus...it
                   also removes and "bleaches" deleted emails.




                   TOPIC - apology
                   DATE - 10:21:06 10/01/99
                   FROM - bluebuddha
                   sorry, found the info. yum!


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 09:27:14 10/01/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Spaz - if you used the recipe with the manure, that could be your problem. Sometimes the soils gets too "hot" for the
                   render young plants and this is another reason to allow to compost for a bit. Also allows time for the pH to stabilize.
                   Finally, if growing in small pots (5 gals or smaller), it give the bone meal to break down and be available for the flower

                   Wilting? Looking at it from a scientific point of view, your plants are not absorbing enough water. Just go through the
                   various causes of this, starting with the most obvious. Are you watering enough? Do you have roots to absorb the
                   water? check out the health of your roots. If not, explore the reasons for no roots, like root disease, overwatering, hot
                   soil, etc. If healthy roots, then explore other causes of loss of turger, like excess heat. You gotta play the detective
                   dude, and this means getting to know your plants. Good luck.

                   Perp - HA! gotcha! hehe - webtv?? sorry, to hear that. I surf with netscape, but this is the old Shabange script that was
                   generically written and is maintained with a text editor. NL straightened me out on the hazards of editing the page with
                   a browser based editor, creating incompatibilities with other browsers. So I guess maybe it's the size of the page that
                   is screwing you up. I just cut it in half the other day, haha. Anyway, may I suggest you hit the stop load button after
                   you think enough has loaded without loading the whole page? That should save your cache collapse, hehe.


                   TOPIC - Romberry
                   DATE - 07:26:03 10/01/99
                   FROM - bluebuddha
                   God that romberry is beautiful!!! Those colas are HUGE! What are some of the specifications of it? How long? How
                   potent? taste? High? What kind of growing environment does it prefer? History of strain? I definatley must try my hand
                   at this strain. What are the cured buds like? Jeez im droolin....


                   TOPIC - Spaz...
                   DATE - 21:44:00 9/30/99
                   FROM - chronic man
                   I thought I'd try to answer your question, I'm not a pro with the Super soil or anything, but mine are doin pretty damn
                   good. The purpose of letting the soil sit for a week or two is to let the microbes break down the nutrients so that the
                   plant can use the nutrients. I let my soil sit for about three weeks before using, but I've read here that you can use soil
                   right away after it's mixed, because the plants are probably so small that they don't need a whole lot of nutrients yet.
                   The wilting, I have to ask the obvious. Do they have enough water?? Maybe too much??? And what size container are
                   you using?? If these aren't the culprits, maybe the water you've been using has a high PH. You can check the soil's
                   PH with test kits. Maybe these might help, if not maybe Vic might know.
                   Good luck...
                   cHrOnIc man


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