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TOPIC - grapefruit
                   DATE - 10:01:03 12/01/99
                   FROM - Gfruit
                   I just have to ask this and Im sure Ill get no answer .But never hurts to try..first off We are kind of upset that we found
                   that some one has already developed a grapefruit strain.because up until a few days ago when we found your site and
                   read that grapefruit was one of grower3's favorite strains..we WERE trying to developing grapefruit in fact we kind of
                   accidentaly stumbled on it from seeds that were accidentaly made by a hermie excaping our eyes the only prob is that
                   lost the records of what strain the hermie was and didnt think to make a mother cause we didnt know it was going to
                   turn so wonderfully grapefruit..(we expirement loosly alot-I know its our own stupid fault))all we know is its VERY
                   predominatly sativa with a moderate yield .and if this isnt the kicker it was polinated with another unknown Indica
                   hermie so we have these mystery grapefruit X ? seeds that we are making a mother with..we will of course post the
                   results now that we'v found you all.the point of all this is, Is there any way in hell that we can at least have a little tiny
                   weenie hint of what the recepie is. we are hooked on the g-fruite..and would love to stabilize t


                   TOPIC - nexus
                   DATE - 16:38:46 11/30/99
                   FROM - trelaway
                   not familiar with the stuff but I just smoked some bud neem was used on. The guy'd discontinued use ~ month b4
                   harvest. Smoked fine, we're all still alive. Weekly should be okay. A

                   Wow...just heard Seattle had been declared a state of emergency (or one of those 'cops clamping down' phrases)and a
                   curfew may be imposed. I think they've even loaded thier guns with rubber bullets. It's too bad that something useful,
                   like WTO bashing, just turns into a mob scene.

                   I have an anon email: trelaway@mailcity.com


                   TOPIC - trelaway
                   DATE - 20:53:14 11/29/99
                   FROM - nexus
                   Well instead of avid i went to a nursey and bought this stuff calld Saf-t-side by montery its a oil misxute that u dilute
                   into water and after a few time of using it it kills them off ,have u heard anything about this? (there web site is
                   www.monterelylawngerden.com) the guy said this stuff is kinof like neem-oil just not all organic but its preaty clean ,
                   also it does not spay when to spray it on 4-5dyas? soo i guess i willspary them every week or so?

                   hey whats your e-mail?


                   TOPIC - nexus
                   DATE - 19:15:36 11/29/99
                   FROM - trelaway
                   from what I've read, avid will simply kill them all--problem solved. The soap/pesticide mixture only really works if yer
                   diligent in it's use. It should be done every five days but weekly is all I can do--even with that I managed to rid myself of
                   them in about two months. A hassle really; if I'd had a larger (esp. commercial) grow I wouldn't have played this long
                   with them.


                   TOPIC - Jeb's request
                   DATE - 10:57:27 11/29/99
                   FROM - Skinman
                   GH Bloom 0-5-4
                   GH Gro 2-1-6
                   GH Micro 5-0-1

                   Hope this helps in your quest for the proper #s.


                   TOPIC - have ya
                   DATE - 23:02:44 11/28/99
                   FROM - bandog
                   Has anyone heard of sweet skunk afghani or maple ridge rhino?


                   TOPIC - trelaway
                   DATE - 22:49:54 11/28/99
                   FROM - nexus
                   Well i am preaty sure its the mites but since last night i soaped them they seem to be looking a littebetter , I know its
                   not ph becuase i have 7.0 for ph and i know its not defencity because i use a special tes of liquid sea kelp, pure blend
                   grow & bloom, also fox farm grow & bloom mix. I also ordered some avid and that should hopefully kill them all , but for
                   now i sprayed them with soap is that really effiective?


                   TOPIC - nexus
                   DATE - 20:11:13 11/28/99
                   FROM - trelaway
                   pyrethrum/soap mixtures are pretty common at any nursery or garden supply store.

                   If yer whole plant is a faded lite green, almost yellow, it does sound like yer plant's not got enuf N, either not enuf there
                   or, maybe, ph reasons.

                   fish ferts are a great supplement for a lack of N.


                   TOPIC - Hydro / Soil Hybrid?
                   DATE - 18:24:23 11/28/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   Thanks for the outline Lothar.

                   Do those long roots just dangle there in the air below the mesh or is the bottom a sealed unit where the fluid is pumped
                   back out? Is it tricky to get the roots out the mesh without tearing them up? This seems to be an entirely hydro trip.
                   Having large roots and short stature prior to flower sounds like a winning SOG recipe.

                   So, after 2 or 3 weeks in the blaster before being transplanted, how long do they take to finish in the flower room, and
                   how does the Total time to finish, and the yield compare with your previous results with the same strains?

                   Transplanting root-blasted clones into 1 - 2 gallon pots of soil mix would be interesting.
                   It would retain some of the best features of both styles of growing, a hybrid approach to SOG. Soil and hydro, HID
                   lighting and fluoros.

                   You'd get the benefit of having just a small hydro set-up, with as little of the bottled nutrients and the ph and ppm
                   monitoring and all that techie stuff as possible, and then finish up with the cheaper, natural, low-tech soil mix.

                   Does that sound feasible?

                   Just curious.



                   TOPIC - GF
                   DATE - 09:51:03 11/28/99
                   FROM - KQ
                   heeheehee, Lothar, we like the original GF down here too.
                   Someone was telling me that it was the defective one, but not as far as I can tell! I guess the defective one stops
                   flowering at 4 weeks or some such thing.
                   Currently got it knocked up with ABC dust.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 02:00:14 11/28/99
                   FROM - Lothar
                   As dan kass Wrote

                   "GF= Grapefruit
                   X= Brand X
                   both I believe are local BC strains."
                   Exactly both BC strains....rumour says that X was gotten from a University in Hawaii Who knows for sure
                   And as for MY GF Well well well only a few of us with the original left (if I may take a moment to brag) You may have
                   heard of Sweet Pink Grapefruit some people call it just GF this is not so GF is the MAMA from which a long list of
                   children where nurtured, haveing THE original is well an honer so to speek.

                   Now to the Root Blaster rig
                   Flos X 4
                   1- warm
                   1- cool
                   2-grow types --umm the ones with the swirl down them

                   medium - hydroton = the expanded clay pellits

                   container 4" mesh bottomed pots (same size that fits flower room so I just pick um up and drop em in the holes)

                   clones are made in oasis as soon as roots appear put them in the pots cover with hydroton

                   The table is 2'x 4'
                   I built a frame which I covered with mesh wire to fit ontop of the table to create an air space of about 6" from the bottom
                   of the pots to the table--this had the effect of makeing the roots grow directly out of the bottom of the pot rather from
                   out of the sides of the pots (better and easier to pull them in and out of the individual holes in the flower room)
                   From there its just a 150 gph pump into a header with regular speghetti line drip emiters 1 per pot

                   My guess is that the time in the root blaster does count as veg time so I guess you can say that I went from 6-8 days
                   of veg to about 2 - 3 weeks of veg ha ha.

                   When I place them in the flower room well lets see GF goes in at about 8 inches and X about a foot (roots are all over a
                   foot long as well)

                   The beauty about this system is that the veg growth is slow and bye keeping the feedings light you can prolong the
                   time just incase you need more time for your flowers. anouther thing is you can build up the formula strength before
                   you put them in the main room- about 6 days before I place them in the flower room I leach them for 3 days then start
                   my flower formula 1/2 strength for 2 days add more on the 3rd day and next day I put them in the flower room fully
                   nutreint adjusted.
                   please feel free to ask any questions at all

                   Oh how I happend to be a holder of an Original GF, A freind named Steve gave it to me himself a few years ago.



                   TOPIC - trelaway
                   DATE - 19:22:34 11/27/99
                   FROM - nexus
                   hey trelaway thanks where can i get that product at , My leaves are yellow is becuase i first throught this was a fert
                   problem but then i was reading about mites and found out it was a mite problem, i hope i can save my plants all the
                   c99's are a pale green yellow ish and the mr.nices are not as bad , but tonight i think i will spray them with some soap,
                   then tommarow i will pick up something , they are also spreading to my g-13xFW's (very worried becuase i have some
                   great strains) oh yeah it seams its just strating to affect the GFW...

                   peace out


                   TOPIC - nexus
                   DATE - 18:28:06 11/27/99
                   FROM - trelaway
                   I have good success with pyrethrum/soap mixtures. Trounce, by Safer's, is a brand name. If yer still in Veg this'll be
                   easy--just truck them to the bathtub and douse them with a misting bottle (soil should be fairly wet first) concentrating
                   on the underside of the leaves. Let sit for ~ ten minutes and mist again with just water til the leaves are dripping wet.
                   Be careful on the bigger plants, they may tip over with the extra water weight. Do this weekly. If the budz have formed
                   on flowering plants, wipe the underside of the fan leaves with a trounce soaked sponge weekly, taking care to not get
                   the pesticide on the flowers.

                   Yellowing lower leaves could be a few things. If ph is okay, you've been letting the soil dry between waterings, and the
                   yellowing is a general fade--they likely just need a dose of higher N fert.


                   TOPIC - HELP !!
                   DATE - 16:26:41 11/27/99
                   FROM - nexus
                   My leaves on mostly the bottom of the plant are yellow and dieing and other are a green yellow with white stuff webs on
                   the leaves and black spots also what can i do my plants are slowly dieing (mr.nices and c99s) i want to try to get rid of
                   the bugs organicly if i could but if not what can i do? i really dont have time to do mail order but if i have i will but what
                   can i pick up at homebase,orchid, gardening shops ect...


                   TOPIC - Curious George
                   DATE - 22:07:54 11/26/99
                   FROM - dan kass
                   GF= Grapefruit
                   X= Brand X

                   both I believe are local BC strains.



                   TOPIC - Root Blaster questions and Necrosis addendum
                   DATE - 19:48:38 11/26/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   Lothar, old boy, you have certainly piqued our interest . A complete A - Z explanation is certainly in order. If you're
                   using a drip system for clones, in what kind of medium and in how large a container? What is the basis of the "X" ... ?
                   Does it just mean your personal cross, or something else? Doesn't the time spent getting the roots "blasted" count as
                   veg time? How tall are the clones when they go to the flower room? And by the way, what's "GF"? Inquiring minds want
                   to know!

                   Occam: I should have been more specific with that last question. I don't know why I asked about the "frozen dead",
                   since I've had some experience that way in the distant past and it's just as you described. What I was really interested
                   in was those stories we used to hear about plants that were allowed to grow seedless in warm climates until they died.
                   What happens to them? Has anyone let an indoor plant go that long?

                   Just curious.


                   TOPIC - hey lothar
                   DATE - 08:30:16 11/26/99
                   FROM - oldcowboy
                   any way i could get you to expound a little on the root blaster rig you are running?some help could be used on keeping
                   things lower to the horizon for periods of 4 to 6 weeks,it would sure make things a lot less needful of attention.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 02:23:38 11/26/99
                   FROM - Lothar
                   Vic: Just a note to say hi
                   I just developed a little system I call the "root blaster" This thing works wonders all it is is a drip system under flos...I
                   get to keep my plants very short and get outstanding root growth, then when I flip them into the Flower room no veg
                   time needed
                   First time Ive done a whole room of my "X" and I must say I am sooooo impressed Probubly The Best SOG plant Ive
                   ever seen just one large Cola I mean Large 16" long bout the width of a coke can and its got 2.5 weeks to go, The few
                   Ive topped Twin nicely (like haveing 2 plants) same size as the single cola plants.
                   Did a GF crop last time be interesting to see who yeilds better, I must admit though the GF is better than X but the
                   girls seem to like the X better Whatever both are deadly smoken
                   Have you heard of "R2" ???? New clone going around Don't know anything about it but Im doin a whole crop next turn
                   around went in the root blaster today.
                   I Got a favor to ask you if your traveling any time sooner or later...Need a male plant (a good one) going to Cross it with
                   X and Probubly one called Real MaCoy not my project...and not a seed bank thing more in the lines of a science
                   And if we meet up remind me about Amsterdam and we will chat some intresting stuff.
                   Any how long time but I am Unimployed for real this time till after Xmas so chat soon K email me



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 00:51:29 11/26/99
                   FROM - Jebediah
                   Howdy. Can someone who has any of the following General Hydroponics fertilizers please look on the side label and
                   tell me the NPK values (%)? The reason I need to know is because these fertilisers are not available where I am, and I
                   need to make up an equivalent mixture to that on the laughing-moon clone handy hints page.
                   Flora grow
                   Flora micro
                   Flora Bloom
                   Pure Blend growth formula
                   Your assistance is most appreciated.


                   TOPIC - Hey there...
                   DATE - 23:08:32 11/25/99
                   FROM - Bongblaster
                   Hey Vic ...just a note to say hello ...think ill have your jacket here soon........Ncga mailed it with my stuff...


                   TOPIC - The post below mine
                   DATE - 16:38:38 11/25/99
                   FROM - Pusherbetty
                   Now this has got to be a mistake. LOL you don't really think she wants information on what we are growing to hand out
                   to the kids!

                   Vic, don't you dare!



                   TOPIC - Teen Wellness Conference
                   DATE - 13:46:21 11/25/99
                   FROM - Mrs. Marilyn Kuss
                   Dear BC Growers Association -

                   I know that this is not the correct address but I couldn't see what I needed. I hope that you will pass this along to the
                   appropriate people.

                   I am writing to request BC Growers Association's participation in our Teen Wellness Conference.

                   While financial assistance is always appreciated, we could also use help with brochures and hand-outs for distribution
                   at a booth. Also, we are interested in recipes that provide quick and easy healthy eating for teens who are juggling
                   school and jobs and other activities.

                   Finally, we would appreciate any ideas you could give us as to who to contact for similar support.

                   Yours truly

                   Marilyn Kuss


                   TOPIC - Natural death in the Great White North
                   DATE - 07:49:30 11/25/99
                   FROM - occam
                   Curious George... probably a bit more extreme than you had in mind, but...
                   Afoaf once inadvertently let a few plants die in the snow. Put out in May, by the end of Nov. there was 6" of snow at
                   that altitude. 2 plants were compost, laying horizontal with a few decomposing branches sticking out of the snow. One
                   6 foot female had not fallen over; large leaves and 50% of the flowers were dead and decomposing. Salvaged the
                   remaining 50%. Wasn't great. Looked fine, no odor, somewhat metallic flavor, hardly noticeable buzz.


                   TOPIC - thanks
                   DATE - 22:12:50 11/24/99
                   FROM - irish
                   thanks perp....
                   and everyone, watch out for the tryptophan deetee's on friday.


                   TOPIC - spooks
                   DATE - 19:33:55 11/24/99
                   FROM - Perp
                   irish...Happy T-Day to you and All!

                   I believe that info monitor base is in Great Britain, jus' down the street from Weedseed.


                   TOPIC - vancouver island
                   DATE - 16:21:43 11/24/99
                   FROM - trelaway
                   heard thru the grapevine that there's been some new federal money thrown around in Victoria targeting indoor grows.
                   Apparently BC hydro is in on the plan.

                   anyone else heard anything? Last I heard, cops were facing budget cuts like everyone else.


                   TOPIC - Genetic Heritage etc.
                   DATE - 18:08:57 11/23/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   In the weekly "Science Times" section of the 11/23/99 issue of the N.Y. Times, is a very interesting article on the
                   genetic code of wine grapes. Since both cannabis and wine grapes have been cultivated for thousands of years, many
                   of the same issues of lineage seem to apply.

                   "There are at least 5,000 varieties of wine grape in the world, several of which have been grown at least since Roman

                   "Though wild grapes come in male and female forms that breed sexually, those in vinyards are usually propagated by
                   hand from rootstock, so that in principle each new vine is a clone ... identical to its' parent. ... Types believed to be very
                   ancient, like pinot, have not had sex for some 2,000 years, yet varieties of pinot exist, their genetic variation
                   presumably caused just by mutation."

                   Evidently, a researcher at U. C. Davis has done DNA analysis of wine grapes and achieved some surprising results as
                   far as the lineage was concerned.

                   The point being that the same sort of analysis could be done on cannabis, especially New World varieties, to
                   determine where they originated, and where they mutated. To the best of my knowledge, the herb came to the Western
                   Hemisphere via African slaves and indentured East Indian workers and then spread through Mexico, Central, and South

                   We know that over the past two centuries, many regional varieties took hold, and even within Mexico there was wide
                   variation. It would be very interesting for some enlightened individual with the equipment, training, and experience in
                   DNA research, to begin the "Cannabis Genome Project" and lift the veil of mystery from the hybrids of the West, as
                   well as from some of the presumably "pure" srains of Africa and Asia.

                   If the experience of the wine grapes is any indication, we are in for more than a few surprises.

                   In the meantime ... pass the joint.

                   Has any one had experience with letting nature take it's course and allowing a plant to complete it's life-cycle by
                   growing until it dies either from a cold snap or "old age"?
                   How does it effect the taste, potency, and quality of the buzz?

                   Just curious.



                   TOPIC - damn strange. internet post related.
                   DATE - 16:34:56 11/23/99
                   FROM - irish
                   check it out if you get a chance. a man is banned from posting on the net. turned in by australian government worker,
                   to seattle police...

                   wasn't there a "spookbuster" kind of post which had said the US monitors all communication from a base in

                   i am not worried about this, but i thought it was interesting. the guy had made threats to the seattle police.

                   just note the part where "if threats are made..." expect a phone call. kind of like mentioning explosives on planes. uh
                   oh did i say that?...hehe.

                                                   Link: internet policing by courts


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 04:11:18 11/23/99
                   FROM - Søren lLøvfelt Larsen
                   I love hemp..


                   TOPIC - mites
                   DATE - 19:42:01 11/22/99
                   FROM - trelaway
                   a note to those interested. It is possible to rid yerself of mites using pyrethrum/soap. I have an admittedly small grow
                   that's easy to work with but after about eight weekly spray's on mom/clones they were gone. It's been a month since
                   the last spraying and no borg.



                   TOPIC - Male musk
                   DATE - 14:34:25 11/22/99
                   FROM - Skinman
                   Been lurking daily but my daily life hasn't left much time to post much lately. Saw a few things that got me thinking
                   and just had to post some mental gymnastics that occurred to me.

                   Pretty interesting train of thought concerning the scent of the males. Is this scent picked up on by the females in the
                   area? If so, what is the affect on them? Could this scent be produced in a spray or aeresol form, and if so would the
                   effect to the females be a desirable one?

                   I guess my line of thought here is a holistic one from the plant's view. If we can actually provide for them as Mother
                   Nature does so completely, then would the outcome be a more potent product, and does a happier plant transfer to a
                   happier buzz?

                   Hope this can fuel some new topics for discussion if anyone is interested in bending the bean a bit.

                   A quick Hello to Pi and Ru hope you guys are doing well and YES Ru I'm about to soil myself waiting for our trip in
                   December. Can't wait to see the Dam in person Brah! Good to know I have a brother for a guide.

                   Skinman out but never down!


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 12:15:31 11/22/99
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   loop_hole the final clone mum was only now being selected, unfortunately last week it was found that the timer was
                   sticking and the so called 12/12 was any thing from 12/12 to 24/0 this has now been rectified but makes the results
                   null and void as far as clone times and yield are concerned so a new grow is going to have to be done. The final yield
                   for this grow will drop a bit as far as this grow is concerned. Iím going to take a look tomorrow will take some picks but
                   they wont be representative as far as the time flowering is concerned. What other info do you want? I will do my best to
                   answer you! Iím not in the seed business but have had very good feedback on this cross from friends around the net.
                   So when A_1 went down, I put up a some to give A_1 some early funds also to give folks a chance at some cheap sat
                   dominant genetics. From feedback and my own experience it has a couple of faults firstly it produces slightly more
                   males than fems. Secondly the fems fall into two finish times of 8 weeks and 10 weeks. Both have a good up high but
                   the later ones are much stronger, They like plenty of light and do better if there is some halide in the lighting mix to the
                   end, this may be due to the equatorial in the genetic makeup. Hope this helps a bit

                   All the best Ot1.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 09:57:36 11/22/99
                   FROM - loop_hole
                   Evil one
                   Glad to see you back on your feet. Lost your e-mail addy during a hasty purging of my address book. Iím still at hot
                   mail, so feel free to drop me a line. Havenít been taking part in the forums much myself lately, staying pretty low key.

                   RE: leaf trimming. Last year I did a quick experiment on trimming some of the larger/older leaves off a crop off shisk.
                   Half the room I trimmed and left the other half alone. Donít have my notes here but If I remember correctly, I got a gram
                   or two more per plant (3 per foot) than the untrimmed. Donít forget that the shisk has some of the largest leaves Iíve
                   ever seen even dwarfing the romberry. Tried the same thing on my NL x Hawaiian and she didnít like that at all.

                   Vic: how are your UV experiments going?

                   OT1: any more info on the ESB would be appreciated.



                   TOPIC - Hi all!
                   DATE - 22:52:45 11/21/99
                   FROM - Dr. Evil
                   Just a note to say hi to everyone. Been lurking occasionally, but do to circumstances beyond my control, forum
                   participation would have been indiscete until certain matters resolved themselves. I'll be happy to elaborate to those
                   who are interested, but posting details here would also be indiscrete. Real life was getting too real for a while is all I'll
                   say here. Enough about that for now.

                   Vic: I'd like to help any way I can with either the A-1 or M.G. situations. I realize I'm late on the trigger with the A-1
                   auction and all (my own problems began shortly after A-1's). I am however even more sympathetic than most to both
                   causes, due to some of my recent experiences. If you get an opportunity to, drop me a line, I'll help in whatever
                   capacity that is appropriate.
                   P.S. You mentioned being concerned about smell during power outages over at cann. world (would respond there, but I
                   just registered tonight, went to retrieve my password and found that my mail service is down till sometime tommorrow).
                   What about connecting a flourescent ozone tube up to a computer type UPS so that it will continue to run during
                   outages. Flo' tubes don't draw that much wattage, so it should be able to stay running for quite a while. Just a thought.

                   be safe
                   Dr. Evil



                   TOPIC - People for the Ethical Treatment of Cannabis?
                   DATE - 17:54:29 11/21/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   Funktified might have a point about "tampering with mother nature". When husbandry seeks to stem the natural
                   procession of breeding, could it be part of the "secret life of plants" that the Cannabis females production of more THC
                   is only a by-product of turning on their little hemp vibrators while seeking to alleviate their severe sexual frustration?

                   Could we be guilty of inducing a neurosis in these poor, defenseless plants? Do we have a duty to give the plants some
                   sort of therapy, to help them overcome this artificially induced handicap?

                   ( We can't ask the plants themselves, since discussion of breeeding and seeds in polite hemp socety is probably
                   considered to be in very poor taste.)

                   Plants are very complex, and react in ways that can't always be accurately quantified. Simply stated: We play with
                   them ... they play with us. It all works out.

                   Vic, do you consume the plant material of the seed plants that you grow? Except for the increased THC per unit of
                   weight, how is it different ( if at all ) from the stone of the same plant cloned and grown seedless?

                   Just curious.



                   TOPIC - avid
                   DATE - 07:37:10 11/21/99
                   FROM - champ
                   Howdy,scored some avid and sprayed last night .one question i have ,what is the point in spraying the walls floors etc.i
                   sprayed liberally all around by the way,im just wondering what spraying inanimate objects does for the cause of
                   eliminating the borg.


                   TOPIC - la bluberry ce magnific!
                   DATE - 21:54:50 11/20/99
                   FROM - coco Beans
                   Ms B, the sounds of your blueberry is wonderbar!
                   also your discription of a male is right on!the clean teeth that's a hard one in europe! hehe

                   is anyone out there sensitive to the mites? like do they give you the itch?I have used the avid on avs and it does work.
                   do a blueberry for me I need a good laugh!well back to work I go! beannie


                   TOPIC - Bunch of Stuff
                   DATE - 18:44:08 11/20/99
                   FROM - PusherBetty
                   Psycho - I too used to sniff the B.O. of the male species before going out on a date with them. If they smelled good,
                   had clean teeth, pretty eyes, and a good heart, I went out with them. If the B.O. was unbearable, well, then there was
                   no need for us to even move towards finding out how sticky he was or could get. (Sorry, no harm intended, just couldn't
                   pass that one up babe!)

                   The Borg is back! Avid is the only thing that works guys, neem oil will hold em off, kelthane will do the same, but to kill
                   them DEAD, you gotta use the AVID.

                   I am giggling my arse off like back when I was 16. Just smoked some of my CAREFULLY cured Blueberry x G13 x
                   Northern Lights. The blueberry smell is so potent it makes my mouth water, and the TASTE!
                   MMmmmmmmmooooooouuuuuuuaaaahhhhh, or however the Italians do it when then kiss their fingers and do that
                   thing when something is magnifico!

                   Ok, enough babbling, time for some more Blueberries.




                   TOPIC - A question for Vic.
                   DATE - 16:56:24 11/19/99
                   FROM - Psycho
                   funkdified: I subscribe to the school of thought that you must balance the competing interests. I.e. just remove a very
                   few pairs up top of the plant, if you are growing without tying down or clipping tops. Of course, tying the plant is a better

                   Also, I agree with you. This board is superior.

                   Vic: I have come to an observation I would like your input on. I like to breed my own seed, improving the strains that I
                   buy. This is great fun, except for the evaluation of males for breeding. But, I have been noticing something that never
                   appears to fail. In terms of potency, the best plants always give off that certain aroma. Y'know, the plant gets to four
                   weeks and older, and if your nose happens within three inches of the top, you just whiff and say, "Ummmm!" You touch
                   it's leaves, and your fingers come away especially
                   sticky with that aroma. I like to select males for potency,
                   growth characteristics, and quickness/earliness of flowering. I am becoming convinced that I can hone in on a select
                   few males based solely on their B.O., and then select for other characteristics, as well as a quick smoke test to
                   confirm potency.

                   BTW, finished some Sweettooth Surprise: too potent! Four light hits the first try, and I was dizzy and headed for bed. I
                   learned my lesson. Definitely a potent bud, I have rarely seen my eyes so bloodshot. I will have to breed it with
                   something a dash more moderate, with other desireable characteristics.


                   TOPIC - mimicing nature
                   DATE - 12:37:18 11/19/99
                   FROM - funkdified
                   Sorry to change the subject here guys but there has been something on my mind lately. Of all of the message boards
                   on the net I have found that this one has the most focused group of people as well as some of the most accomplished
                   and I was wondering what all of you thought about this. The debate about cutting fan leafs off was what lead me to start
                   thinking about this. Some say that by exposing bud sites you will have better growth. Others say that by cutting off the
                   fans that you are diminishing the plants ability to grow and say that if mother nature didn't think that they are
                   necessary then why would they be there. This why would they be there statement started me thinking about what
                   mother natures goal is. Every living thing on this plant has an inherent need to pass on its genes. So, I feel it is safe to
                   say that cannabis is concerned with producing as many seeds as it can to perpetuate the species. As drug cannabis
                   producers we are trying to produce as few seeds as possible. (Damn, would I be pissed if someone wanted me to be a
                   virgin for my entire life - hehe) I feel that this in and of itself weakens the mother nature put it there argument. I have
                   always approached growing from the viewpoint that I wanted to give the plant everything that mother nature does to the
                   best of my ability. Granted, no matter what we are trying to do the basics will always be necessary. But, how
                   concerned as growers should we be about the goals of ma nature beyond the basics? I mean, we already circumvent
                   ma nature by growing only females. I realize that this is somewhat vague, but what are your opinions on this?


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 19:46:02 11/18/99
                   FROM - KQ
                   Thanks Hibe, I hope we all learn something from this.


                   TOPIC - its just words..
                   DATE - 12:34:14 11/18/99
                   FROM - hibe
                   KQ:the no trespassing sign, in itself, has some legality. ..where you are telling someone to leave your property....they
                   will be required by law, to step to the other side of the sign.no sign?they can stand on your porch all day if theyd
                   like,legally. Even if you had a sign, and they went past it and found you out,but couldnt use the information, you are
                   still FOUND OUT,and your plants are history,and now your on the list of badguys.Everyone should understand that leo
                   doesnt play fair mann.If you think they will,you are sadly mistaken.Its too hard to catch you by fair play, so they come
                   up with creative ways to bend the rules and, until someone calls them on it, it continues to suck the life out of all kinds
                   of nice people.When it finally gets discovered that its illegal, they say to themselves,"ohwell, we took out 2000 growers
                   anyway.It got us that raise we wanted".

                   They will go through the open gate,come to the door as an actor,(while they`re inventorying the contents of everything
                   they can see through the windows,on the porch etc..they know the law is that,if its a felony in plain view,its
                   punishable)they`ll come up and tell you "oh,im sorry,wrong house", or whatever nifty trick they`ve devised amongst
                   themselves,smell bud, leave, and come back as a swat team with a search warrant.You have no idea how you got

                   Not to mention, the accidents that happen with an open gate.Do you think the UPS guy gives a damm about the
                   sign?He`s got things to do, same with all the others who invade your space,and cause problems.The sign is just words
                   to many people.If you have the ability to put a gate up,by all means,save yourself.Apartment people...hmmm..be extra
                   careful,you cant gate your situation.
                   Its peace of mind too..you dont have to worry about coming around the corner with a 3 footer or a tray of cuts and be
                   surprised by your square neighbor, coming over to talk to you about something.be prepared,or learn to enjoy reading
                   books in a 6x6 with Bubba.


                   TOPIC - help me grow
                   DATE - 11:09:15 11/18/99
                   FROM - Paul Gould
                   Please help me grow the skunk indoors. Ive made attempts and they keep dying


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 09:02:04 11/18/99
                   FROM - KQ
                   Hibe....what if your gate is always open but you have a "no tresspassing" sign?? Wouldn't that be the same message?


                   TOPIC - neems oil
                   DATE - 04:13:27 11/18/99
                   FROM - pizza
                   i had a bad infestation of mites tried several different brands of mite killer a friend turned me onto neems oil 2 soakings
                   and a havent seen any mites since


                   TOPIC - Hibe...
                   DATE - 21:51:45 11/17/99
                   FROM - chronic man
                   Thanks for the info about the cops and the gate thing, I didnt know that. VERY good to know about, again thanks..and
                   as for Avid, ever since I started using it, I've NEVER had a mite problem again. Maybe a few here and there, 10-20,
                   hehehe, but nowhere near the little colonies they were erecting, which I basically just kept in check with various spray
                   concoctions, etc., you know the drill, I wonder if Neem oil works as well. Have you or anyone tried that??
                   Stay free, be careful
                   cHrOnIc man

                   P.S. Vic, the Romberry is looking better and better every day....


                   TOPIC - knock/talk/avid coverage
                   DATE - 11:28:19 11/17/99
                   FROM - hibe
                   knockntalk:i know from our local experiences that the cops who are looking for a grow op. will come to your door with a
                   WIDE variety of excuses..dont assume anyone at your front door is who they say they are..in order to check you
                   out,and maybe get a whiff of bud,they like to play Hollywood actor..For example..theyll come and play a convicing role
                   where they`ll ask if you know where so n so lives on this road, or "is this the house for sale?"..i dont find the excuse
                   that this guy using out of the ordinary to be a COP,playacting as someone else.In oregon,the knock and talk is the
                   MOST effective tool to knock out growers.Its only a matter of time until the word gets around to other copshops..But, if
                   you do some things to keep you safe,its all good. Get a gate. The gate implies Private property,which they cannot
                   (legally)breach.With no gate, you, in actuality,have INVITED the cops to come to your front door.Its PUBLIC DOMAIN
                   outside your front door(your doorstep is public),but the gate extends your private domain,and keeps other accidents
                   from happening.(btw:its usually an "accident" that gets ya.things you never even considered...ie.phonebook delivery
                   people smell and report you,..UPS guy drops a package onto the porch and sees fan leaves you spaced out and forgot
                   while taking cuttings yesterday...neighbor kids think that an open gate is an open invitation to run around YOUR
                   yard,discovering a skunky smell they tell their parents,or their teacher at school next week.,Cable guy,power
                   guy,phone guy,doortodoor salesguy,wrong addresses,..etc.)With the gate,you are safe in your domain.The gate
                   negates the knock and talk..they really HATE the GATE.;)

                   Avid:a friend did an Avid experiment with seriously infested greenhouse plants this summer.He sprayed one branch on
                   a plant with avid.ALL the mites on the plant died.He sprayed only down the one half of whole plants but the systemic
                   action of Avid took the whole mite population out.Point is:its not as important to "apply liberally,or thoroughly
                   soak".....its more important to expose ALL the areas to SOME Avid..ie.walls,floors,cracks,outside the room.
                   hope this helps..................................hibe

                   Vic:..sorry if this isn`t on topic for the page mann...the Triangle make it?



                   TOPIC - New Grow
                   DATE - 11:17:46 11/17/99
                   FROM - PusherBetty
                   As far as nutrients go in hydro's here is my experience?

                   Seed stage - use plain water.

                   Veg Stage - 24 hours of light and I use GH Flora Bloom 4ml per gallon, Grow 16 ml per gallon, and Micro ml per gallon.

                   I let the plants get about 8" tall then turn the lights down to 12/12 and use the following ORGANIC nutrient solutions:

                   30 ml Fox Farm Big Bloom per gallon
                   4 ml Pure Blend Grow per gallon
                   8 ml Maxicrop w/iron per gallon

                   With organics, you will need to change your reservoirs more often than with the Chemical GH Flora nutrients.




                   TOPIC - starting out
                   DATE - 07:21:41 11/17/99
                   FROM - new gro
                   I've been growing outdoors for a few years, and make a little money from it; but I have some seeds I want to grow for
                   personal use hydroponicly indoors. Could anyone give me a simple recipe for a good nutrient solution? I constructed a
                   small 4 plant setup, but have no experiance in hydro; please help. The seeds are from an extremely potent Niagra
                   strain I had the pleasure of barely remember smoking(THC>19%) it's killer, but the source said they almost never make
                   it outside, and closet grow isn't possible. Feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions. memnoche@excite.com


                   TOPIC - knockNtalk
                   DATE - 18:33:45 11/16/99
                   FROM - trelaway
                   My understanding is rom is stinky. Has your friend got a reason to think the cops would be intereested, like: does s/he
                   deal (esp coke), recent relationship break-up, does the grow have lite leaks, does yer buddy like to show it off etc?
                   Does his/her landlord have a key to the present dead-bolt; if so...don't necesarily assume they follow the 24 hour notice
                   rule. You don't have to answer these question here, just consider them.

                   Rule of thumb: if you grow, never answer the door to people you don't recognize. In a security apartment, never answer
                   a knock to yer door--tell those who know you to buzz up.

                   The reason the cop gave sounds phoney but that doesn't necesarily mean s/he was searching for a small apartment
                   grow--maybe just looking for someone.


                   TOPIC - clones
                   DATE - 17:02:21 11/16/99
                   FROM - stiener
                   BACK OR PAGE ME AT 622-962



                   TOPIC - thanks pusher betty mucho appreciated NFM
                   DATE - 14:43:00 11/16/99
                   FROM - champ


                   TOPIC - LEO knock and talk in BC
                   DATE - 09:00:03 11/16/99
                   FROM - knockNtalk
                   A friend is growing 6 plants in his apartment (Romberry Surprise BTW). A plainclothes cop came to the door and
                   asked how long he'd been in the apartment and if he knew a tenant that lived there in 1997. He claimed to be doing a
                   background check on an applicant to the RCMP.
                   The cop didn't look like he was trying to look into the apartment and didn't try to get close for a sniff.

                   Should my friend be worried about this?
                   This happened in Vic High's neck of the woods.


                   TOPIC - Mites
                   DATE - 07:50:59 11/16/99
                   FROM - PusherBetty
                   Champ, I got my Avid at www.african-violets.com. It is half strength, but one application on all walls, floors, every leaf,
                   stem, pot and the critters never reared their ugly heads again. Only $16.95 per bottle, they have a 1-800# to order from,
                   bottle is 2 ounces worth. Not sure if they ship to Canada though.



                   TOPIC - avid by the ounce
                   DATE - 15:54:28 11/15/99
                   FROM - champ
                   Hey all,recently my hard drive crashed causing me to lose all links i had saved as well as all other information.One very
                   important link i cant seem to find and i desperately need it now,is the link to a place were you could buy avid mite killer
                   by the ounce.I just found a mite infestation and i need to BLAST the little suckers as soon as possible.I am most
                   grateful to all who can help me find the link.


                   TOPIC - water clones
                   DATE - 15:22:11 11/15/99
                   FROM - coco Beans
                   thanks GP for the rooting info.All the clones are still striving and it's been over 4 days in water.
                   I have them in dark ceramic jars.



                   TOPIC - water cloning
                   DATE - 14:31:10 11/15/99
                   FROM - Ganja`Peg
                   hey pi .... yes i do water cloning exclusivly .... my success rate is 95% or better {no bullshit}... i've only lost 5 or 6
                   clones in a year with my method.I just took a couple known facts and reasoned it should work, ie that cannabis needs
                   3 things to root well ... water, darkness, and oxygen.And they responded beautifully . Here are the basics : i use small
                   narrow necked bud vases commonly found at walmart in craft section,they are cheap but thick glass. I paint the
                   OUTSIDE black to cut out any light, the mass of leaves from the clones prevent any light from getting in from
                   above.Next i make sure clones are the normal 4 - 5 inches and remove any leaves and stems close to the main stem
                   to prevent rotting. For light i use normal cool white flouro tubes and keep temperature at 80 constant during the day and
                   no less than 70 at night.I change the water everyday to keep oxygen content up and make sure bottom of clone is cut
                   with a razor blade at about a 60 degree angle. After about 2 weeks the stems change noticibly, they thicken and swell
                   and the cut end starts to seal itself. A couple weeks later the customary root bumps appear.Some strains i let go a bit
                   longer in order to have roots more established but generally i plant em as soon as root bumps appear. I do give em a
                   light dusting of rootone to prevent any rot in the soil while it makes the conversion to soil roots, and to give it a boost ( i
                   do realize water roots are very different, and do not function well in soil } . I have successfully rooted the following
                   strains using just this method 1.G-13 2.Puna Butter 3.Genius 4.Stonehedge 5.NCGA Bluelight 6.Princess x Shiva ...
                   the only total failure i had was with cali-o and that was due to marginal clones ... they rooted in water well just as the
                   rest but didnt survive the shock of converting to soil. Im sure there will be alot who say im nuts .... but im doing it and
                   it's ALMOST idiot proof ... anyone no matter what thier botanical savy can do it ...its just that simple ;} ... peace la ...
                   its time for the idiocy to end bro ;}



                   TOPIC - Blueberry
                   DATE - 13:17:14 11/15/99
                   FROM - Confused
                   Hey all :) All my BB are showing really heavy indica traits...the pictures i have seen didnt look as chubby as my babies
                   but i have a slight problem.Towards the end of their 18 hr period the bigger leaves start to droop around the plant kinda
                   like when you dry the buds with the leaves still on....they seem to close around the stem as if to protect it.Anyway i
                   wasn't sure if this was a problem or just an indica thing...i saw the post about the 21 yr smoker....hell i haven't even
                   been alive that long! :) so i have a lot to learn....any help would be mightily appreciated :)

                   ps. The babies are at about 2 1/2 weeks and the whole room STINKS! I have never seen this type of odour at 2 1/2
                   weeks Veg.I have a bunch of Indoor Mix which i thought might be the problem but it seems to be the blues that are
                   giving off the strongest smell...really nice unlike the sweat smell of the Indoor Mix :)


                   TOPIC - oops / cloning in water/ wish i was there
                   DATE - 13:53:43 11/14/99
                   FROM - pi
                   meant to include this with the post below...

                   i have tried it with no success in the past however ganja pegs does this almost exlusively with a 100% success rate or
                   so he tell me.

                   -uses floral vases from wall mart
                   -paints em black on the outside
                   -uses unadulterated tap water
                   -does not use any cloning gel
                   -changes the water daily
                   -takes about 30 days to see bumps

                   this is all i the facts i know. pegs is somewhat shy and a lurker. i will direct him here for more info

                   vic and all... hope you are having a jam up time wish i was there. hope a-1 is gaining on em!


                   TOPIC - spazz vic
                   DATE - 12:58:44 11/14/99
                   FROM - pi
                   vic i guess i should get some fire from you as my smart alecky remarks to spaz could be construed or misonstrued as
                   personal attacks.

                   didnt mean for my post to be anymore than smart alecky and i apologize to spaz if it caused he or she to think of 4
                   letter words in reprisal heh. btw spaz i been smoking since 73 (early twenties) and have seen bunches in my time. no
                   youngin here either.

                   43 years eh. than you really are an OLD fart too!


                   TOPIC - outdoor weed
                   DATE - 11:17:10 11/14/99
                   FROM - trelaway
                   This may seem wierd, me living in BC, remarking about outdoor weed. Thing is, I rarely get to smoke any. A buddy
                   and his son did a guerilla grow this year and last week began passing it 'round to friends.

                   This stuff didn't get harvested til late october, went thru two frosts and still totally rocks. Think I'm gonna have to buy a
                   place in the boonies someday and have me a garden.


                   TOPIC - water and clones
                   DATE - 21:09:31 11/13/99
                   FROM - coco Beans
                   ok I 'll stay on topic. How about rooting clones in water anyone have any tips. Someone on the other board suggested
                   film cans.
                   anyone have info on the sweet tooth suprises? What kind of suprise are we in for.



                   TOPIC - spaz
                   DATE - 10:40:08 11/13/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Spaz, beat it with your personal attacks, they are not welcome in the least!!

                   PB, just getting close to you girl, hehe. Trying my hand at being the ugly Canadian In this fine State of California,
                   haha. Nice place, but so so smokey!! hahah

                   Hey BD!! got a couple of gifts from the bros for ya, haha!!



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 07:13:08 11/13/99
                   FROM - occam
                   Coco Beans: I always enjoy a debate, but let's try to stay on topic before Vic gets the delete button working. ;)

                   spaz: Thanks. The concern you expressed for my well-being is so important to me.


                   TOPIC - Smart Assizm
                   DATE - 05:32:13 11/13/99
                   FROM - PusherBetty
                   I am soooooo embarrassed. Pi was right, I didn't read all of the posts and when I did read the posts that I did read
                   (hahah), I was stoney stoney stoney and had my head up my arse as usual.

                   My apologies Occam, I thought you were the one that was into the astrology thingy. Outerspace does interest me, but
                   I have never studied it so I guess I shoulda kept my mouth shut :), hard for us women aye? hehe

                   So do any of you Canadians have extensive knowledge in hydroponic marijuana growing? Maybe we can exchange
                   some tricks. I have been growing in hydro (flood and drain) for 5 years now and soil for geez 25 years or more.

                   Oh and Spaz, smoke another one! hehe

                   Vic - Where are you?????

                   Sweaty Betty



                   TOPIC - 41 yrs
                   DATE - 01:33:55 11/13/99
                   FROM - spaz
                   pi it took a bit to figure out just how long i have smoked for,well the grand total is 41 years.
                   the first 20yrs was recreational,the last 21 were medicinal{lukemia} .ive probably smoked more weed than youve seen


                   TOPIC - no heat
                   DATE - 23:43:38 11/12/99
                   FROM - spaz
                   pi.. no im not a cop.love to get high{purple sweetness, oh and i to often find myself contemplating female navels


                   TOPIC - malawi star and skunkowsk?
                   DATE - 14:05:30 11/12/99
                   FROM - nexus
                   I am getting some malawi star and skunkowski from a friend they are freddy's seeds .but he has no info on them, Does
                   anyone have anyinfo on these strains?

                   peace out


                   TOPIC - pi
                   DATE - 10:43:48 11/12/99
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   More like your Bro, thanks for your thinking of me hope things are better for you. Ot1


                   TOPIC - yuck / ot1
                   DATE - 10:26:32 11/12/99
                   FROM - pi
                   aeric... are you saying occam needs to take a shit? ;0)

                   pb... you need to read occum's post closer. seems to me that he does not believe in that stuff either duh ;), just trying
                   to stir up debate and opinions is all. Maybe i am reading it wrong... ya think?

                   spaz... your just another four letter word in my book hehe. i question weather or not you even smoke... your not a
                   piggy are you? maybe you never get spaced out when you smoke. hell, i have been know to contemplate navels,
                   female navels that is when i really get spacey.

                   ot1... hope you are feeling better and i hope you dont have what i have had the last 6 months!


                   TOPIC - what moon!
                   DATE - 19:09:33 11/11/99
                   FROM - coco beans
                   occam has a life and I'm glad he chose to post here. Hell with the moon, his post were the best I have read in a long
                   Occam PLEASE lets meet here again. by the way what is your sun sign? beannie


                   TOPIC - Just a Hello to you Canadians
                   DATE - 13:26:25 11/11/99
                   FROM - PusherBetty
                   Hey Vic, I bet you never thought you would meet me here in Canada! :)

                   I like these guys attitudes in here. Kinda like me, they tell it like it is.

                   No offense occam - But I don't believe in the astrology mumbo jumbo either. But if it is true, the moon, stars, and every
                   milky way in space must have been wacked out when I was born! hehe

                   Any hydro heads in here?



                   TOPIC - ?
                   DATE - 11:43:17 11/11/99
                   FROM - Phranklin
                   Vic High-
                   Did you get the private message I sent you over at the Cannabis Culture message boards? Wasn't sure if the message
                   got sent - was not familiar with their protocols.


                   TOPIC - occam
                   DATE - 09:49:42 11/11/99
                   FROM - spaz
                   BLAH BA BLAH BA BLAH !!!!!!
                   observing your last ten posts your are obviously an educated person... my concern is do you have a life??
                   or does that depend on the moon also?


                   TOPIC - hey occam,my friend.......
                   DATE - 08:37:51 11/11/99
                   FROM - aeric77
                   ......dog says to tell ya it takes you quite a walk sometimes to say you think it's dog shit, but he really enjoys the run
                   getting there.....he thinks you guys are a little whacked but ya can share his bowl anytime......


                   TOPIC - Recent election ...
                   DATE - 07:31:34 11/11/99
                   FROM - Cannabis Conduit
                   On Tuesday (11/2), voters in Maine came out in force to say "Yes" to Question Two, a ballot measure that will protect
                   certain patients who use marijuana medicinally from prosecution under the state's drug laws. Question Two was
                   approved by 61%, with voter turnout at 45% - -ten percent more than election officials said they expected to see at the

                   "We felt likely to win, but support for Question Two went up even more over the last ten days before the election," Craig
                   Brown, a spokesman for Mainers for Medical Rights, the group
                   that sponsored the measure, told The Week Online. Brown
                   credited Cumberland County Sheriff Mark Dion, who announced his support for the measure at a press conference two
                   weeks ago, with the last minute boost.



                   TOPIC - B-9
                   DATE - 08:28:53 11/09/99
                   FROM - Jahman
                   This is just a quick post and I'll probly try again later...
                   Does anyone have any experience using vitamin B-9? It's standard application is to shorten internode length and
                   promote flowering. I'm particularly interested in its use on clones but would like to hear anything about it. Namaste


                   TOPIC - Up, Up, and Away !
                   DATE - 18:43:18 11/08/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   This has gotten just a bit spaced-out, but that's good! Better we hang out on the edge where "outside the box"
                   correlations can happen than go round and round with the same old crap that pops up in some of the other weed

                   occam: Great quote from Kepler ...

                   coco beans: Thanks for the new reading on my moon sign. For many years I've been under the mistaken impression
                   that all the moon in Scorpio did was make me incredibly horny!

                   My bottom line on Astrology for growing / living / predicting : "Pass the joint." If it works for you, that's Fine ... if not,
                   then we'll just have to just shine on.

                   Maybe we can't fully appreciate the influence of the moon until we paint ourselves blue and dance naked around an oak

                   Who's got the mistletoe?

                   Just curious.


                   TOPIC - And again...
                   DATE - 10:45:14 11/08/99
                   FROM - occam
                   Sensi: You've opened an even bigger can o'worms, but I'm going to stick to the original topic: moon phase and
                   astrology and their effects on plant growth.

                   Your personal observations on mushrooms is interesting, but proves nothing. Correlation does not prove causality. At
                   the risk of repeating myself, scientific research has shown that there is no statistically relevant evidence to support a
                   lunar effect. There is one study I found that suggests that light in miniscule amounts (moonlight) may have some effect
                   on germination, but this deals with outdoor growing and is not relevant to indoor applications.

                   In astrology, the position of the sun, moon, planets, etc., at the time of birth effects one's personality and traits. Other
                   initial conditions like mother's health, the delivery place conditions, forceps, bright lights, dim room, back seat of a car,
                   etc., seem more important than whether Mars is ascending, descending, etc.. Why isn't the planet Earth, much closer
                   to us at birth, considered a major influence on who we are and what we become? Why the moment of birth and not the
                   moment of conception? Since the birthing process is not instantaneous, how do you pick a time? Do you pick when
                   the water breaks? The first dilation? The first hair or toenail appearing? When the umbilical is cut? First breathe? Or
                   when the nurse or physician looks at a clock or watch to note the time of birth? Just a few questions of many that
                   believers in astrology tend to overlook.

                   It is possible that the position of the planets, stars, moons, comets, asteroids, quasars, black holes, etc., at the
                   moment of birth effects personality. However, there is no reason to think that this possibility is more likely than the
                   opposite possibility, that these matters are insignificant and irrelevant to someones "destiny".

                   I sincerely hope no-one has been offended by my posts, it's just that I can't find a single good reason for believing any
                   of this astrology/moon phase stuff.

                   "You shouldn't dismiss as incredible the possibility that a long enough search might reveal a golden grain of truth in
                   astrological superstition." -- Johannes Kepler



                   TOPIC - It's hard to be humble...
                   DATE - 09:08:20 11/08/99
                   FROM - occam
                   Rejecting explanations that require belief in occult, supernatural or paranormal forces in favor of simpler and more
                   plausible explanations is called applying "Occam's razor", a general scientific principle attributed to William of Ockham
                   (ca. 1285-1349), and from which I humbly derived my online handle.



                   TOPIC - Occam-Mysterious Forces
                   DATE - 09:04:33 11/08/99
                   FROM - sensi
                   In your post below you ask "What is this mysterious force, generated by the apparent differences in position of various
                   celestial bodies, that would have an effect on plant growth?" I would put forth the idea that since no one has really
                   studied this, WHO KNOWS? For example, the Sun spews forth its solar wind composed of charged particles,
                   electrons, etc. No one knew, scientifically, that it even existed until the invention of radio communications. Then its
                   effect upon the ionsphere of the earth became well documented. Now with the advent of sophisticated satellites, etc.
                   scientists are BEGINNING to understand that Sun Spots and the Solar Wind DO affect the weather, and perhaps much
                   more on this planet! Or the fact that the Earth's magnetic field acts as a barrier to dangerous Cosmic Rays and
                   radiation that would otherwise sterilize the planet (and oh yeah, scientists STILL don't know the origin of cosmic rays!)
                   Since our Solar System is just that, an interlocked SYSTEM, no doubt there is some relationship between these
                   Billions of Billions of tons of orbiting rotating matter and gravity and magnetic fields, and perhaps who knows what! Man
                   has only made the tiniest teeny weeny scratch in the surface of understanding of hoe the universe operates. As a final
                   note, I grew mushrooms for years and the phases of the moon definitely affected things like spore and Fungi growth,
                   mushroom formation, etc. Coincidence or.....???


                   TOPIC - eau claire de la lune
                   DATE - 05:34:05 11/08/99
                   FROM - coco moonbeans
                   Why is man so cocky as to think that the moon can not effect him?
                   Does it not effect the ocean,wind,ect?

                   Curious G,your scriopio moon is what makes you sooooo curious!



                   TOPIC - personal favorite from occam's list
                   DATE - 16:37:30 11/07/99
                   FROM - irish
                   "behavioral outbursts of psychologically challenged rural adults"

                   are we speaking of "deliverance" here? did you just sneak that one in or what? hehe.

                   vic~ www.sensiseeds.com

                                                      Link: Sensi homepage


                   TOPIC - occam earlier post you made
                   DATE - 16:01:07 11/07/99
                   FROM - wimpole
                   one of the items on your list was seizure disorders. i keep a record of all of my seizures day and time. "wife does" i'm
                   gonna to some searching and see if there is anything to the phase of the moon and seizures. i feel most of mine are
                   either stress related or not having my smoke. my diabetes may come into play to.


                   TOPIC - Forgot to cite references...
                   DATE - 15:53:33 11/07/99
                   FROM - occam
                   The three researchers mentioned:
                   -Ivan W. Kelly, PhD Professor, Dept. of Educational Psychology & Special Education, University of Saskatchewan.
                   -James Rotton, Professor of Psychology at Florida International University.
                   -Roger Culver, Astronomer, Colorado State University.
                   Newspaper article on their research: http://www.eiu.edu/~scienced/3290/science/whatisscience/moonmyth.html

                   And a more recent study from 1996:

                   Personal experience ignores the possibility of self-deception and confirmation bias. Such evidence may be unreliable,
                   but it is nonetheless persuasive to the uncritical mind.


                   TOPIC - Lunar Effects upon Psychological Functioning
                   DATE - 14:32:35 11/07/99
                   FROM - Moose
                   Those who work psychiatric ER know that full moons are correlated with higher rates of psychological distress,
                   violence, suicidal intentionality and succesfully completed suicide. Not necessarily on the day of the full moon, but
                   more the days leading up to it. There is no question about it. As the moon waxes emotions grow both more intense
                   and more volatile. One study, written by the psychiatrist Michael Stone in the 1970's, documented the phenemona
                   convincingly. I have looked for the citation in my records but I cannot find it at present. Anyone interested could do a
                   search of Psychological Abstracts or Indicus Medicus under the author.

                   As someone with a keen interest in astrological, circadian and other psychologically sensitive rythyms, I have been
                   engaged in a research project over the last few years in which I have systematically noted and recorded my mood as a
                   function of time of month (full moon being ground zero as a data point). You can say that I am biased by virtue of my a
                   priori belief in the powerful effect of the full moon but I will say this, the reliability of the day of the actual full moon each
                   cycle in predicting post-peak emotional intensity in MY life is uncanny. Month after month. And a chart of my level of
                   emotional bouyancy peaks four or five days before the actual full moon each month and bottoms some two weeks
                   before the next. In a reliable pattern that is remarkably persistant over the years.



                   TOPIC - Circadian Rhythms
                   DATE - 11:56:59 11/07/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   While there might room for argument on whether, or to what degree human behavior is influenced by the phases of the
                   moon, we cannot deny the existance of circadian rhythms. These overlapping timing patterns regulate the progress of
                   the various metabolic pathways in every living organism.

                   These natural clocks evolved over the ages and had the phases of the moon as an intregal part of the cycle. If I recall
                   correctly, there are very subtle magnetic fields in the earth that change with the phases of the moon. Between the
                   gravitational effects of the moon, and the regular seasonal changes in the output of the sun ( not the angle, the output
                   ... sunspots, etc. ), I suspect that a case can be made for planting and harvesting by the clock.

                   Thanks to Dr. Turner and his government research in Mississippi, we know for sure that THC levels in cannabis vary on
                   a monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly basis. Whether he kept track of the moon phase is the big question.

                   I'm going to ask a real live botanist about this and report back. It's a very important point, especially when many indoor
                   growers use 24 hour lighting as a regular part of their program. It just doesn't make sence that this practice doesn't
                   stress the plants in ways that we don't realize.

                   Speaking of stress, what are the pro's and con's of starting seeds in paper until sprouted and then planting them in
                   medium versus soaking them in water and going directly into the medium? There seem to be as many recipes for
                   starting seeds as there are for martini's.

                   What's your favorite?

                   Just curious.



                   TOPIC - Circadian Rhythms
                   DATE - 11:53:29 11/07/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   While there might room for argument on whether, or to what degree human behavior is influenced by the phases of the
                   moon, we cannot deny the existance of circadian rhythms. These overlapping timing patterns regulate the progress of
                   the various metabolic pathways in every living organism.

                   These natural clocks evolved over the ages and had the phases of the moon as an intregal part of the cycle. If I recall
                   correctly, there are very subtle magnetic fields in the earth that change with the phases of the moon. Between the
                   gravitational effects of the moon, and the regular seasonal changes in the output of the sun ( not the angle, the output
                   ... sunspots, etc. ), I suspect that a case can be made for planting and harvesting by the clock.

                   Thanks to Dr. Turner and his government research in Mississippi, we know for sure that THC levels in cannabis vary on
                   a monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly basis. Whether he kept track of the moon phase is the big question.

                   I'm going to ask a real live botanist about this and report back. It's a very important point, especially when many indoor
                   growers use 24 hour lighting as a regular part of their program. It just doesn't make sence that this practice doesn't
                   stress the plants in ways that we don't realize.

                   Speaking of stress, what are the pro's and con's of starting seeds in paper until sprouted and then planting them in
                   medium versus soaking them in water and going directly into the medium? There seem to be as many recipes for
                   starting seeds as there are for martini's.

                   What's your favorite?

                   Just curious.



                   TOPIC - My last post on lunacy...
                   DATE - 07:59:51 11/07/99
                   FROM - occam
                   So if research indicates that there is no lunar effect, why do people continue to believe that there is?: "...many believe
                   in lunar myths because they have heard them repeated many times by members of the mass media, by police officers,
                   nurses, doctors, social workers, and other people with influence. Once many people believe something and enjoy a
                   significant amount of communal reinforcement, they get very selective about the type of data they pay attention to in
                   the future. If one believes that during a full moon there is an increase in accidents, one will notice when accidents occur
                   during a full moon, but be inattentive to the moon when accidents occur at other times. If something strange happens
                   and there is a full moon at the time, a causal connection will be assumed. If something strange happens and there is
                   no full moon, no connection is made, but the event is not seen as counterevidence to the belief in full moon causality.
                   Memories get selective, and perhaps even distorted, to favor a full moon hypothesis. A tendency to do this over time
                   strengthens one's belief in the relationship between the full moon and a host of unrelated effects."
                   Robert Todd Carroll


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 07:34:58 11/07/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   moose - a big thanks, every time I started searching I would get distracted, haha

                   trelaway, and heaven forbid if that full moon cooresponds with Welfare Wednesday!!


                   TOPIC - Greenhouse Seed Company Link
                   DATE - 02:18:35 11/07/99
                   FROM - Moose

                                                 Link: Greenhouse Seed Company


                   TOPIC - the moon, especially full ones...
                   DATE - 23:04:29 11/06/99
                   FROM - trelaway
                   I have a social service job that brings me in contact with group homes. Ask group home workers about night shift on a
                   full moon.


                   TOPIC - Lunatics...
                   DATE - 20:40:30 11/06/99
                   FROM - occam
                   It's probably a reasonable assumption that light reflected from the moon could make some difference in growth to
                   plants that were exposed. However, this doesn't account for the improvement in cloning an indoor plant, as was

                   Furthermore, three researchers examined over 100 studies on lunar effects and concluded that the studies have failed
                   to show a reliable and significant correlation (i.e., one not likely due to chance) between the full moon, or any other
                   phase of the moon, and each of the following:
                   -the homicide rate
                   -traffic accidents
                   -crisis calls to police or fire stations
                   -domestic violence
                   -births of babies
                   -major disasters
                   -casino payout rates
                   -aggression by professional hockey players
                   -violence in prisons
                   -psychiatric admissions
                   -agitated behavior by nursing home residents
                   -gunshot wounds
                   -emergency room admissions
                   -behavioral outbursts of psychologically challenged rural adults
                   -sleep walking

                   Magnetism? I'll have a go at that, too, hehheh.
                   Anyway, do what works for you, occam.



                   TOPIC - Luna - ey Tuna ...
                   DATE - 19:30:44 11/06/99
                   FROM - Curious George
                   Does it have to be Astrology vs Astronomy ? Well, not really ... the two have co-existed since the dawn of time. I don't
                   have much use for the whole "signs" bit, and assigning values to different aspects of planetary movement, but ... keep
                   in mind that almost Any set of values, or systems can and will work for X numbers of people. Almost Any type of
                   focused energy can and will achieve results. Think of it like another form of I-Ching ... .

                   As for the phases of the Moon ... that's another story entirely. I believe it works. As for the exact "whys" and "hows" of
                   the effect, I have no idea ... but suspect that it's somehow tied to the constant movement of the ocean tides in the
                   primordial soup that was the source of all life. Both animal and vegetable life began in the sea, and was bound to be
                   influenced on the most basic level by the rhythms of the tides, which are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon
                   combined with the rotational spin of the earth.

                   The effects can be subtle, and vary with the season, but they do exist. Check out the national magazines for outdoor
                   sportsmen. They contain Moon Charts that not only show the best days to fish, but also the best times of the day (
                   both major and minor periods ), and they work in both fresh and salt water. These charts also predict with a good
                   degree of accuracy the times of day that land based game animals are inclined to be most active.

                   Even better, go to the botanical abstracts and search the cannabis work of Carlton Turner in Mississippi. Since he did
                   a lot of long term charting, I'll bet there is something in there that goes to the question.

                   As for claims that Astrology had something to do with the building of the Pyramids, the Druid circles at Stonehendge,
                   or the temples of Central and South American tribes, I'll have to take a pass. Certainly all these edifices functioned as
                   observatories and as very sophisticated timing devices that enabled members of the priestood to predict the changes of
                   the season, eclipses, and other celestial events with a very high degree of accuracy, but I doubt that any other forms of
                   divination based on the moon and stars were, are, or ever can be as effective.

                   Just for the record, I'm a Capricorn with Virgo rising and the Moon in Scorpio.

                   What does that tell you coco?

                   Just curious.


                   TOPIC - that old blue moon
                   DATE - 18:44:28 11/06/99
                   FROM - cc beans
                   okok Occam,
                   Not even a light science? Your right about tradation! It part of my old north african ways(planting by the moon). Astrolgy
                   is Like chicken soup,It wouldn't hurt? ps. the planet mercury is retrograde don't sign any contracts!



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 17:49:07 11/06/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   well, I can't believe how many links are broken, this is going to take a bit.

                   In the meantime, don't know how scientific it is, if at all, but farmers have been following the lunar cycle for ages. I
                   guess they feel the magnetic force of the moon's gravity affects the performance of their crops. For those plants that
                   are light sensitive (such as ours), I can see how timing the appearance of the full moon could influence a plant's yield?
                   There must be a point where the full moon's light interupts the plant's dark period. And there is this magnet craze
                   sweeping the world, my aunt is one of the nuts selling those, haha.

                                                      Link: Farmer's Alamac


                   TOPIC - clones
                   DATE - 17:26:19 11/06/99
                   FROM - la.bud
                   Kato: check your astrology tables... your moons may be outa wack


                   TOPIC - pseudoscience...
                   DATE - 16:31:54 11/06/99
                   FROM - occam
                   coco Beans: Actually, astrology is a form of divination and is not science. Astrology is not falsifiable; it is in fact

                   Your argument in support of astrology is the fallacious argument from popularity and tradition: astrology is believed by
                   millions of people and it has survived for thousands of years. These claims are true, but are irrelevant to the "truth" of

                   Anecdotal evidence may be interesting, but is not necessarily accurate. When ANY peer-reviewed research is
                   published that demonstrates evidence that different phases of the moon and/or relative positions of planets, etc. have a
                   positive or negative effect on plant growth I'll retract this post. (Unless Vic deletes it first ;)



                   TOPIC - bartering for beans?
                   DATE - 15:54:24 11/06/99
                   FROM - irish
                   not a bad idea, but still silly as.... hey wait, i have some old sweaty hats for trade... hmmm...maybe


                   TOPIC - Da Moon
                   DATE - 15:28:46 11/06/99
                   FROM - coco Beans
                   Supersistion has nothing to do with it . It has to do with the phases of the moon. Farmers have been using the phases
                   of the moon and astrology for planting their crops for centuries. The egyptians used astrology for creating the pyramids.
                   Astrology is a light science. Make a test if you have anything to clone do it on november 8, keep a chart check it out.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 14:49:36 11/06/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   sorry, busy fixing links and finding new ones. Will reply later. Mind some of those are too weird to reply to.

                   Say, greenhouse seeds link is dead and can't find a new one. Anyone have greenhouse addy?

                   And here is a hilarious idea for those on a budget looking for beans


                                                       Link: Seed Traders


                   TOPIC - astrology????
                   DATE - 13:39:24 11/06/99
                   FROM - occam
                   I don't have an answer as to why Kato has a cloning problem, but I do have a question. What is this mysterious force,
                   generated by the apparent differences in position of various celestial bodies, that would have an effect on plant growth?
                   Or anything else, for that matter. No offence intended, but superstition isn't going to get those clones going. Of course,
                   it probably won't hurt, either.



                   TOPIC - Kelp Meal for supersoil
                   DATE - 11:23:58 11/06/99
                   FROM - NBS
                   Hey vic,I went to the feed store and found=SOURCE micronutrients for horses.Its a blend of dehydrated seaweed
                   Analysis=salt(NaCl)max.6% Potassium(K)min2% lodine(l) 0.07%
                   Is this it??


                   TOPIC - da Moon
                   DATE - 09:21:29 11/06/99
                   FROM - coco Beans
                   I have always used the Lunar Aspectarian tables with any of my graden or animal breeding projects. A great book to
                   get is llewellyn's moon sign book.It is easy to read and has some good moon tables in it.
                   The Moon is in Scorpio today a GREAT time to Prune,WATER and fertilize(organic)!
                   Anyway, I can tell you after many years breeding animals that there is some thing to it. A GOOD Astrologer( not some
                   CRAZY TV Kenny Kingston Psychic Hotline crap)But someone that Knows astrology can also be helpful.
                   The frist Quarter(increasing moon)is a good time to start cuttings. The 8 th of Nov is a PERCECT. anytime after nov 7
                   10.53pm , 1st quater of the moon in scorpio!!!
                   Moon in scorpio very Fruitful and moist.watery and feminine. also almost as productive as Cancer!Try it what do you
                   have to loose? As Hand said" mark it down"! test it. I have and I find it on the mark! some it scary. You must still
                   remember only Mother nature has the last call!!!



                   TOPIC - this'll stall you'all
                   DATE - 23:12:49 11/05/99
                   FROM - hand
                   moon cycles old farmers trick might have some fact to it?just make a mark on appropriat calander and see i would
                   guess when you first take the clone to make a mark.four cycles sounds like it'll line up with some phase of the
                   moon.to fix just delay that cloning cycle slightly to a different phase of the moon. this looked ok when i wrote it but
                   later it may not.i just like to play with words.i'll likely read this a 100 times befor i hit submit.


                   TOPIC - Stalled plants
                   DATE - 21:02:31 11/05/99
                   FROM - Kato

                   I posted this at CC and Overgrow and didn't have much luck. Perhaps someone here could help me out.

                   I've been growing for quite awhile and produce very nice buds. With paitence and experience I have solved all problems
                   but one. Occasionally I will put a new set of clones in my perpetual harvest garden and they just stall. The clones are
                   healthy when I put them in, I use the same method I always use, but for some reason they just won't take off and start
                   growing. 3-4 weeks later the clones are still just as big as they were when I first put them in. I've gone over everything
                   and can't find anything that I've done differently that could cause the plants to stall like this. Has anyone else had this
                   prblem? Can anyone help me with this? TIA


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 15:17:10 11/05/99
                   FROM - stickycat
                   Hello has anyone any info on c99. is it sweet,I just lost my blueberry after 5 years,and I would like to find a sweet and
                   yummy tasting bud is there any as sweet as blueberry


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 15:16:49 11/05/99
                   FROM - stickycat
                   Hello has anyone any info on c99. is it sweet,I just lost my blueberry after 5 years,and I would like to find a sweet and
                   yummy tasting bud is there any as sweet as blueberry


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 15:00:21 11/05/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   trelaway, I may have been misleading. I definately have not done any real searching, sure hope you find something. I
                   need to spend a day or two there myself. If you see a tradesman there with a green tape measure, say high, haha.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 14:30:24 11/05/99
                   FROM - trelaway
                   Thanx Vic, that's pretty interesting. It never crossed my mind. I have pretty regular contact with some people who deal
                   with seizures so maybe I'll spend an afternoon at UVic wandering thru some medical journals.



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 07:07:01 11/05/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Trelaway - yeah I definately remember dilantin as one of the 4 pills he was taking. It was a long time ago, so I can't
                   remember who the bad boys are. Just know they were killing my dad. He does a bit of cooking with it and if he lived on
                   the island I could make sure he had lots of cooking material, but getting it to Van isn't a risk I'm comfy with. I would like
                   to see him eat more and smoke less just for the health of his lungs. Smoking joints like cigarettes can't be good, IMO

                   As for medical studies, I'm not aware of anything legit or open minded. I can just go by my personal observations. I do
                   remember my dad's doctor "unofficially" suggesting that real MJ could help his condition so there must be some
                   papers lurking in the medical abstracts. I have since met several epileptics and most seem to have found their way to
                   smoking MJ as a way of assisting it's control. Most are still on the pills unlike my dad who dropped them all together.

                   A while back, my dad came over to the island to work, and stayed with some family where smoking isn't cool. Out of
                   respect for their beliefs he never touched the subject and just didn't smoke there, inside or out. Then at work, smoking
                   is taboo, just not good when being in customer homes and working around power tools. Dad was doing fine for a few
                   days, but after about a week, his motor skills and facial expressions started to change in a sorta disjointed way. Kinda
                   like a nervous twitchyness but way more subtle, reminiscent of the old seizure days and I knew the seizures were not
                   far away. Had a blunt talk with the relatives and explained what was happening. They were actually more open than any
                   of us expected, and had noticed the changes as well. So smoking resumed and all went back to normal.


                   TOPIC - seizures
                   DATE - 20:13:10 11/04/99
                   FROM - trelaway
                   Any quality studies y'all know of related to cannabis and seizures? I never thought of cannabis as an anti-seizure med
                   but would like to hear a little more.

                   Sounds like it fits more into the dilantin category of maintenace meds? Too bad there isn't more research into medical
                   mj. It'd be nice to figure out things like how the drug works for medical issues. Like, is it the thc or some combination
                   of cannaboids and thc etc...esp since things like dilantin have such shitty side effects.

                   Have y'all ever tried cooking it? I'm guessing the lasting slow release would provide more control than the shorter
                   spikier affect of smoking.


                   TOPIC - Depate on Marijuana
                   DATE - 11:31:56 11/04/99
                   FROM - Ernie Cortez
                   I need information about related topics that include: lnformation on prohibition on Marijuana. Please notify as soon as
                   possible thanks.


                   TOPIC - duh
                   DATE - 23:11:45 11/02/99
                   FROM - hand
                   dont anybody be so stuipid as to just through white stuff on the ground where it dont belong.seen fields of white plastic
                   and vegtables,grapes,gardens,greenhouse,nurseys,lots of places you could do this.every day after the first is a
                   bonus.when do the helicops come?


                   TOPIC - wimpole
                   DATE - 21:45:13 11/02/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   sorry to hear you still haven't got a control for them dude. My dad was up to a couple a day and had permanent rug
                   burms on his face and knuckles. To be honest, I figured he was headed to the grave, he was falling everywhere.
                   Sidewalks, staircases, etc. It's amazing he didn't break his neck. I did learn how to tell when a seizure was coming on
                   though, he would get a telltale facial expression. Tell him he may want to lay down or find a soft spot like a lawn, he
                   would and sure as shit, he would start doing the chicken. Those were ugly days. I still catch him having a petite mal
                   every now and then, but most people don't even notice, they figure he is day dreaming or just dozy, or stoned, haha. I
                   hope your situation improves. I'm sure this is old news to you, but I noticed my dad's main triggers where stress,
                   drinking, and a shitty diet/health. He now excercises, smokes about 3-4 oz per month, divorced my mom, stopped
                   smoking cigarettes, and eats more home cooking. I'm sure his sucess is in there somewhere ;)

                   hand - we just went to different schools, that's all. Gotta concentrate to figure what your saying. But this is an
                   international community of several cultures, so is expected.



                   TOPIC - your dad
                   DATE - 20:41:20 11/02/99
                   FROM - wimpole
                   glad he found the bud controls his seizures, i've got grand mal, smoking doesnt totally control mine, still have 9 or 10 a
                   year, but it sure puts a dent in them. on the serious side my brain would be fried by now if it wasnt for smoking.

                   just saw where maine passed its medical cannabis. great to see it happening on the east coast finally. maybe it will
                   spread like it has on the west coast.

                   hope you are keeping you dad in good bud!! lol


                   TOPIC - How is it made ???????????
                   DATE - 14:14:14 11/02/99
                   FROM - Dog
                   Can anyone tell me how Black, Leb, Zero the like`s like that is made ?
                   Thanks in advance


                   TOPIC - deflate me
                   DATE - 14:10:59 11/02/99
                   FROM - hand
                   why does it show? are my eyes purple and my hair green? no no,i cant hit that submit button high, very often.but that
                   was reason for learning this art of cultivation. may be vague,not misleading for those who know subject.every little trick
                   or tip may be important to someone.never had someone to ask or even talk to who understood the subject,take my
                   lumps and dont look back.its hard to post for possibly the whole world to look at and judge,choose words carefully,no
                   misunderstanding for the needful.feel free to deleat anything i might post,thick skin is asset


                   TOPIC - Another forum?
                   DATE - 10:23:38 11/02/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Hey, is it ok if I spam here? I have a bud who is taking over the forums that RC put together for the A1 auction. I've
                   known him since I started surfing and has always been a good friend, although a little fishy, hehe(inside joke). He
                   informed me today he is ready to let it rock and would like some attention over there. Like Overgrow, Cannabis.com,
                   and Cannabis culture, Cannabis World has several forums to create a place of interest to people of various growing
                   abilities and interests. He also has some cool ideas to make his place unique, but will leave that to him to explain
                   when he figures out if they are technically feasible, hehe. This is cool how our cannabis community just keeps


                   Oh, I think I will be a temperary moderator there while it's getting off the ground, but my heart is here so hopefully
                   someone will replace me soon ;)

                   wimpole - seizures? you talking epilepsy dude? My dad has suffered from that his whole life, but it was never a real
                   problem until he became an unstanding citizen and playing the role society expected of him (less smoking). Thsi still
                   wasn't too bad, only suffered petite mal seizures, but then some quack diagnosed him and felt a need to treat his
                   "problem". Well that is when shit hit the fan and the grand mals (flipping and flopping) started happening (his late 20s).
                   The docs kept throwing more and more drugs at him (he was on 4 epilepsy drugs at the end) and he turned into a
                   walking zombie who was always having seizures. Then he learned one of the drugs was just a clinical form of THC, so
                   started smoking again and killed that pill. Things improved, so he weaned himself off of all but the weed. His health and
                   life returned (minus the marriage to my mom) and can again function in society without worrying about the next
                   seizure. Hasn't had a seizure in over 10 years.

                   Mzzmo - I'm growing a seed crop, not a sinse crop, haha. nah, only the romulan buds are still growing at a steady
                   pace, the others have slowed considerably. Crystals show that C99 is past it's prime even though the plants look like
                   they have a ways to go. sizes at flip time are posted below.

                   Peaceful peasant - growing small plants and big plants are completely different ball games. Still learning this small
                   plant deal, but don't like it in the least, seems like a waste of space and time. But maybe that will change as my
                   learning increases, hehe.

                   For big plants, you can get away with less light intensity and parabolic reflectors are way more efficient than horizontal.
                   However, one very big concern, regardless of pot size is root developement is root developement. Many of us have
                   observed this, but Oldtimer is the fella here who has documented it. He has a writeup on it someplace in the archives. I
                   had extremely good success with low light intensity (25-30 watts) using a mixed spectrum on a suncircle. Many of the
                   comercial growers using large plants and stationary lights will bag the reflectors and simply hang the lights between
                   the plants. Whatever you do, always keep in mind that your most productive canopy will be withing 3-4 feet of your
                   lights, so you want to manipute things so as much canopy as possible falls into this area. If you want to maximize
                   efficiency, you will need a dedicated veg room and move to the perpetual harvest method. 1K veg should be able to
                   support a 5-6 K flower room in a perpetual harvest setup. This way you can get a complete harvest from the flower room
                   every 8 weeks or whatever your flowering period is. Then your flower room will never have any down time or dead space
                   waiting for the small plants to become big ;) And bigger plants/roots does equal bigger buds!!

                   hand - whatcha smoking dude? looks like more than weed!! haha


                                                   Link: Cannabis World Online!!


                   TOPIC - Vic/c99
                   DATE - 08:03:30 11/02/99
                   FROM - Mzzmo
                   I read a ways down. you have been growing c99, and i noticed you let it go til day 60? did it seem to grow any more
                   past the day 49, and, how tall was she when you induced her, and what was the yield from one plant, (estimate).


                   TOPIC - Very large pots
                   DATE - 02:23:40 11/02/99
                   FROM - Peaceful Peasant
                   Hey Vic

                   I really want to lower the amount of plants that I have in my garden and have been thinking of using bigger pots (12
                   gals) to grow fewer bigger plants. I remember you used to grow in 10 gal pots. I was hoping you, or anyone else who
                   has any experience in this area, could answer a few questions's for me. How long did you let the plants veg and how
                   big did you let the get before you put them into flowering. What was the point of diminishing returns? What size did
                   they finish at and what were your yields? TIA.


                   TOPIC - sativa woes
                   DATE - 21:58:32 11/01/99
                   FROM - hand
                   the southern growers are pulling males and crushing seeds.hence hermies grrr.can anyone grow a bag sativa inside to
                   equal the original i'd like the recipe.i did stop discarding them outright,as they pass on there good qualitys to there
                   hybred children.missed a lot of good crosses till this sank in.kick me kick me.now good sats are harder to find.after
                   contemplating our english brothers outdoor problems ive come to the conclusion that genetics alone is not the answer,
                   its there rotten weather just how many days of sunshine do you average in a growing season?average temps too?the
                   only thing to help is to take indoor tricks outside.this wont work for everyone sorry.too start, area for grow must be in
                   open field,max hours sunshine.use five gallon black buckets,to max root temps.cover ground area with white
                   anything,to max refection of sun there is.short refective wall on north maybe,use fastest showing cuttings,cuttings beat
                   seeds to finish every time.do not top,create drought conditions once flowering starts,choose a fast thin hybred.cross
                   fingers.ot1 your outdoor observations show how cannib.survives extreme and varied conditions without genetic change.if
                   you took a cutting off all of them and brought them back in they would be as they always were.if you could by chance
                   produce seed on them outside,you would see just how fast genetic + enviorment work to change them,by planting
                   those seeds outside.not a pretty sight.sept 1 finish is not a problem with good conditions and right plant.expound if


                   TOPIC - my garden gawd vic!!
                   DATE - 21:32:12 11/01/99
                   FROM - wimpole
                   as some may know my wife wont let me grow at the house. one of my trustworthy kin folks told me he would rent me a
                   storage building no questions asked for 50 a month. he sails most of the year and wants someone in and out and
                   check on his place while he's gone. works good. i'm working with some of souls in and out right now. gotta say got a
                   few that are looking good. two plants i cant figure out though. growing like a sativa but has huge leaves. 7 blades on
                   the first set of fans. about as wide as my hand "kick ass odor to. the rest are regular looking sat and indica mixes.
                   since i'm just getting started again i'm growing bush so i can take some clones and get started with scrog grows. i'm
                   hoping to get a good mother out of this bunch. then i'm going with the nc5aXwhite widow and the northern fantasy from
                   the auction.
                   i've been growing veggies with organics and went that route with my grow. "love organics so easy" it has been a couple
                   of years since i planted and it sure is feeling good. i decided to grow with a 400 hps, not interested in anything but
                   personal stash. using two cabinets. one for mothers and one for my scrog. nothing fancy to say the least. tell you the
                   truth i'm not that heavy of a smoker. i'm trying to keep my seizures down and some pain away. a couple of doobies a
                   day is enough to stay sane and keep some of the flipping and flopping away. gotta say my if it weren't for my favorite
                   cuz, i wouldn't have a grow and the crazy thing is he doesn't smoke but he believes me when i say i use it for my
                   health. cool dude. should be ready to take clones in a couple of weeks then i'm going to flower the rest and start the
                   weeding out process. my setup is a lot like scw's except i'm not going hydro. well vic thats my garden pretty weak
                   compared to guys like you and the others here. gonna get stoned though thats all that matters.


                   TOPIC - Pure Sats...
                   DATE - 16:58:21 11/01/99
                   FROM - Moonshine
                   I recently saw a documentary about a tribe in Zaire....they were always smoking these little pipes and the narrator
                   made a point of talking about their smoking sessions....they would all smoke up and then go climb these huge trees to
                   collect their only source of sweetness..Honey.Then they would sit around and munch crazily on all this goo.....now if
                   that isnt a pure sat then i dont know what is.....climbing these amazingly tall trees in search of good munch.....i like
                   the idea of all these unknown forest strains....
                   BTW recently asked Tony from Sag about any hawaiians they may be doing ....he said they were more interested in
                   keeping up the current menu but it was a personal favourite of his and that they were slowly working with some for the
                   future.....i'm still looking for an exceptional haw. to work with indoors...any ideas..thanks :)


                   TOPIC - Oh yeah...
                   DATE - 13:32:38 11/01/99
                   FROM - Soul
                   Vic_~ Thanks for the KIND words my friend. Actually, I do have F2 seed from my female D/T and one of her
                   brothers...this makes a much better starting point for the re-creation of the Durban Thai Highflyer. When I get the
                   opportunity, I'll germ them in search of a male. None of the original D/T males survived. I may be able to get a few pics
                   of the D/T female in full flower posted in a month or so.


                   TOPIC - hey! I found my way home!!
                   DATE - 08:05:53 11/01/99
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Long time no post, anything happen while I was gone? lala

                   Soul - So that's what those beans from the auction are!! heh heh ;) Yeah I had a few from that same buddy but not
                   enough to seriously play with. I would like to collect as many as possible and then sift through these F2's and try and
                   rebuild a replica of the original DTHF. Lots of work, and it will take patience and time, but I think something the
                   community could enjoy. Pictures would go a long way in helping me define my directions, hint hint ;) Say, a good
                   project for you would be to grow out those DTHH and cross the best half dozen males back to your DTHF clone. Those
                   backcrosses could be valuable to a few of us that know what to do with them, wink wink. Any may offer an alternate
                   route to select from than a DTC99 backcross, I figure that is where your headed? hehe.

                   Soul - good move on getting that shit off US soil bro, the added coin wasn't worth the risk IMO. And had a few of us
                   more than concerned.

                   esay420 - I think those are sold out on all fronts. The suprises were a mistake that I was going to toss, but a few
                   friends set me straight and said it would be better to share, glad I listened to them, they were recieved better than I
                   expected. I have a few more of the romulan strawberry blonde (RSB) left to play with, but plan to wait and see what
                   Spice of Life has up their sleeves. Genetics are more theirs, so no need to step on their toes, if they are back in the
                   game, haha. A cross to my romulan (different than the one used in RSB may be something to play with though.

                   CG - Yep, I know the odds, that why I want as many as I can get my hands on. Besides, I'm curious too!! have a good

                   wimpole - we thought it was your turn to contribute what your working on ;) lets hear about your garden dude.

                   Wadsworth - when it comes to developing film, communication is the key. Just go into a smaller owner operator outfit
                   and ask to speak to the owner or manager. Simply tell that person you have some film with cannabis pictures on it.
                   Ask if it will be a problem. If it is, they will tell you, but this has never happened to me. They want your business and
                   it's not like it's child porn or anything. Asian operations tend to be very open minded in these things, haha. Just avoid
                   suprises and placing people in an awkward position. Last thing you need is to drop the film at a large chain and have
                   some anal retentive panic and phone the cops. It will be your fault for putting them in that position in the first place. Oh
                   yeah, give fake name and stuff of course, haha.

                   Spaz - how many wings did the little black bug have? Wasps will have 4, while flies and true bugs will have 2. But this
                   is mute, I doubt whether they will have any effect on a thrips population indoors, I think the lights would keep the wasp
                   population very low. Predators that can't fly are your best bet.

                   well, I know I missed loads down there, but can only do so much, haha. If I missed anything pressing, just repost I
                   guess ;)

                   Oh and I spent an extended time in the garden yesterday, day 61 of 12/12 and many of the beans are ripening nicely,
                   but many more have a long way to go, so gave them a shot of a nicely balanced organic meal. They will probably go 90
                   days I suspect. Blew a role of film on them, and made notes this time of what was what, haha. As for yield and vigour,
                   C99 is the clear winner this time around, her extra stretching really paid off. Romulan hates this closet setup and just
                   won't expand the way it does in the bigger rooms, but she does have another 10-14 days to go. But then, P75 didn't
                   like the big room, so I guess they all have their favourite niches, haha. Oh and what's all this talk of C99 needed lots of
                   nutes? At day 60, she still has most of her shade leaves (and they're green) while G13 and romulan have yellowed and
                   died. I'll try to make some actual notes on the entire garden.



                   TOPIC - There's Durban/Thai and there's...
                   DATE - 05:51:20 11/01/99
                   FROM - Soul
                   GG_~ I liked your hint...

                   Sensi_~ Original SSSC Durban/Thai Highflyer seed is totally RARE nowadays...I know of NO ONE who has the original
                   beans anymore. The seeds you're referring to are from the A-1 auction, right? - THOSE are hybrids of Durban/Thai
                   crossed to NL#5/Sk#1 x Hawaiian...the breeder (my buddy) calls the cross Durban Thai Home Hybrid, or DTHH. I had
                   50 from this generous friend & he even gave me his last 7 original Durban Thai seeds (11 years old), which is how I got
                   my special D/T lady. I repay him by giving him seeds of crosses I make with her.

                   Curious Geo_~ The difference is Bros Grimm are now strictly wholesale. Heaven's Stairway is their exclusive retailer.

                   The original SSSC Durban/Thai cross is one of my personal favourites that I grew back in the 80s - I know that the
                   mother was the Thai and she came from the fourth generation of selecting individuals which best suited indoor
                   cultivation. This Thai mama was SWEET, I'm sure it's the the Thai you remember (circa 1977?) with a head trip high? I
                   now have a SUPERB female D/T that I flower clones from. I really wish you could see/smoke this plant! In 8-9 weeks of
                   12/12 she's ripe...a really FAST Sativa because of the Durban influence, the ripening buds smell like foot
                   perspiration...really FUNKY. Thankfully, the weed cures to a delicious licorice scent/flavour and is wickedly cerebral.
                   DTC99 resulted from pollinating THIS female with my best C99 male.

                   The above is not an advert, just info requested below. :)

                   {"8^)_~ Peas y'all!



                   TOPIC - D/T and S.S.S.C., or should I just say...
                   DATE - 21:55:06 10/31/99
                   FROM - GGreen
                   Those Durban/Thai mommas were propagated by a lucky grower who found and grew out 10 year old beans. The seeds
                   were the original Durban/Thai High Flyer's from the Super Sativa Seed Club in Amsterdam. I think they went to Africa to
                   find the perfect Sativa genetics for the Durban, but I'm not entirely sure about the Thai. I heard the Thai had an
                   uncommonly sweet fragrance, but that doesn't give me any help as I'm ignorant to pure Sativas. I've never had the
                   pleasure. LOL. The grower said the D/T HF smelled like anise, almost licorice smelling. Yum. It should be incredibly
                   psychoactive, that's all I know! Well, I hope that quells your thirst for some info on the D/T... {"8^)_~~~ ahemm, âme de
                   Monsieur... aah had a frog in my throat. uhhaaaaacccumm sorry. not trying to put anyone on the spot here. hehe.


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