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              DATE - 19:33:13 5/15/99
              FROM - trelaway
              On the heels of a major bust of a marijuana grow operation last week,
              Parksville RCMP
              have announced a new task force to stem the tide of the illegal substance.

              On Wednesday, police seized some 700 plants and about $3,000 in
              equipment from a
              commercial premises in Errington rented specifically for the purpose of
              growing the illicit

              The same day, local police announced the formation of an "intensive
              enforcement initiative
              to combat illegal marijuana production and distribution within the area."

              Police say the unit was formed in response to "several violent incidents"
              perpetrated in the community involving individuals associated with the local
              drug trade.

              In the first month of operation, police report 20 search warrants were
              executed. Grow
              operations that were discovered ranged from one light bulb in a shed to a
              underground bunker with 10 rooms and 60 lights.

              More than 4,000 plants were seized during those searches, along with some
              $150,000 in
              sophisticated growing equipment.

              Police say more busts may be coming soon as their investigations continue.
              As well, the
              detachment stressed that local law enforcement officers are working with a
              federal Crown
              prosecutor in Nanaimo to seek severe penalties where a commercial
              operation can be
              proved or where children have been endangered.

              So far, the new unit, dubbed the "green team" has led to criminal charges
              against 20
              people, chiefly for possession and trafficking of marijuana, as well as
              charges of possession
              of stolen property and theft of electrical power.

              According to police, grow operations in the area generally involve rented
              converted to the cause of pot production.

              In many instances, hydro-electric power is stolen by by-passing meter
              systems, or
              illegitimate occupants simply disappear before paying their bills.

              Damage to these buildings is common, and police report that some of the
              rented houses
              have burned to the ground.

              "Investigators were especially upset that in come cases small children were
              living virtually
              surrounded by growing marijuana, chemicals and unsafe high voltage
              lighting with open
              wires," says a report from the Parksville RCMP detachment.


              TOPIC - busts
              DATE - 19:12:49 5/15/99
              FROM - trelaway
              I heard it on, I think, the Q on friday but it may have been CBC 1.


              TOPIC - ph
              DATE - 15:45:37 5/15/99
              FROM - ben
              my tap is 150 ppm the low ph is from fox farm 3tbs per gal


              TOPIC -
              DATE - 14:48:11 5/15/99
              FROM - oldtimer1
              Vic and Budm you have mail. Ot1


             TOPIC - busts
             DATE - 13:54:04 5/15/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Trelaway - I've been listening to the Q for abitthis morning but haven't heard
             anything yet. Thanks for the headsup. In the last wave of busts, the whole
             lower island was affected over a few days. I hope Duncan and Victoria aren't
             next. Frenchie, hope all is well with you if you are lurking.

             Occam - pi is having trouble posting and asked me to pass on a message
             that he tried emailing you again.

             Blazer, those are just plain old romberry above. A more complete
             explanaition is down below.


             TOPIC - The pic up top?
             DATE - 12:47:51 5/15/99
             FROM - Blazer
             Hey fellas, anyone now what strains are up there? Most look identicle to My
             AK47! WOOHOO that 1 plant gets My rocks off hard! The total package IMO;)
             Thats the only plant I've ever gotten from A'dam that's a keeper out of many.
             WE have made the best strains I've ever seen in N.America and they are
             free! Screw the tourist A'dam weeds IMO;)
             Blaze out


             TOPIC - Sub
             DATE - 12:44:07 5/15/99
             FROM - Blazer
             I've had wonderful luck w.o pvc or the pepper shaker config.. Nestaa was the
             1 that brought this to Me months ago and Az, Rhu, NL, IMGC, Nestaa and I
             are all using the method I described. The butane will travel thru 1 hole easily
             as it's under pressure, it'll blow thru 1 hole as well as it will many IMO. I just
             loved the coffee filter idea the most as it made My oil the cleanest yet. IMGC
             and I met in Texas a couple weeks back and combined our techniques w/
             His knowledge of making oil in the old days, I like Our plan the best. But just
             like growing, I bet there are a few diff. ways to achieve the same results. The
             hardest part IMO is finding affordable containers of butane. I found 300 ml
             bottles for 6$ while the cannucks are buying 4 packs of 8oz. botlles for under
             10$! I dont get that at all! BTW they have found it in Ontario and BC at those
             prices for You in Canada. I emptied the HW(the only 1 I found that had it in
             bigger sizes!) store of all they had and they havent restocked any yet. I'm
             looking into My welding supply connections to see about BIG cylinders at
             wholesale prices. I'll let Ya's know what I find.
             Peace Folks, Blazer


              TOPIC - nanaimo busts
              DATE - 10:52:19 5/15/99
              FROM - trelaway
              I heard they got like fifty growers with a task force set up to tarket indoor

              Just a bunch of people stealing hydro again?


              TOPIC - BC
              DATE - 09:52:23 5/15/99
              FROM - Ash
              I love THC


              TOPIC - Pan Red
              DATE - 09:00:48 5/15/99
              FROM - Budm
              Hi All, Well if any one is following the story of the one PR seedling that
              germed out of the 10 beans that were attempted, he/she is at about 1 month
              old 12" tall and 7 nodes, the distance between node 3 and 4 is about 5"'s, its
              starting IMO to show satavia traits, and it also has a unique feature, running
              almost the entire lentgh of the stem from node 2 to the top are dark red
              stripes. Ive decided to cross this one with Nevs Haze, as my friend in
              Panama has indicated that at years end there will be mare PR seeds
              avaiable, thus the concern of this being a once-in-a-lifetime chance, to breed
              a set of real PR seeds will have another chance.

              Nico- Best of Luck, Ive worked with MicroSofts "Front Page" wysiwys program
              (what you see is what you get) for building web sites, and its very easy.
              MSofts web site sells a trial version of it for about 8$us, so if its not what you
              want, no big expenditure done. And its just point and click, no HTML skills
              needeed. And the whole Msoft website was developed with Front Page, and
              it looks great, Ive seen many Front Page developed sites, that look as if a
              HTML artist costing big$$$ built it, good stuff. HTH

              KQ- I was able to decrypt OTs email, but im having a problem with yours, Ill
              figure it out today and mail ya.

              Have a great weekend all, and stay safe



              TOPIC - Aust/NZ site ..
              DATE - 06:47:08 5/15/99
              FROM - Nico
              Vic , do you think you could give me a little insite into setting up a page like
              you have ? *** Email me Aussies and Kiwi's , we'll get this shit 'a movin'.. all I
              have is time at the moment .

              180 ,
              Many States of Australia are decriminalized and large scale grows (outdoor)
              are big in both countries.
              Indoor is pretty big too .. Hydroponics in Australia is getting bigger , though
              NZ hasn't court up yet..

              Thanks for the info ...
              anyone that can help me with my task at hand .. email me at the above


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 04:44:27 5/15/99
             FROM - subcool
             i'd suggest gloves for the static electricity.
             i also i'm interested in BC give me the scoop


              TOPIC -
              DATE - 04:35:43 5/15/99
              FROM - subcool
              so blazz would one hole at the bottom of the cylinder be better than the
              peper config?
              i'm going to try this today
              i'm using 1-1/4 pvc thats 18" long


              TOPIC - Moving to BC
              DATE - 00:34:37 5/15/99
              FROM - ^~^Probert^~^
              Is it worth it to move to B.C. to get involved. Im looking to move in the the next
              year and it its either. Northern cali, B.C. or amsterdam. please respond.
              Thank you all


              TOPIC -
              DATE - 23:46:26 5/14/99
              FROM - spectro_
              ben your pHup is likely to be KOH(potassium hydroxide),or some other metal
              hydroxide.sounds like you added 650 ppm potassium to your reservoir.if i
              remember right, K and Ca have an antagonistic relationship,whereas an
              overdose of K would limit your plants Ca uptake.it may also affect other
              nutrients,if its way out of balance.pH of 4?is your ppm sky-hi?


              TOPIC - ph
              DATE - 21:14:24 5/14/99
              FROM - Homer
              Ben try to calibrate your pen
              4 is very low ph for domestic water



              TOPIC - ph
              DATE - 21:09:11 5/14/99
              FROM - ben
              i have had to add ph up to bring ph up from 4 to 6.8 and i want to know how
              much ppm of up is to much of the up.was at 1100 took me up to 1750


              TOPIC - what a great site
              DATE - 20:41:14 5/14/99
              FROM - Homer
              Hi all ..this is gotta be the best site i have found..
              keep it up.


              TOPIC - Vic, NICO, Honey Oil
              DATE - 19:46:08 5/14/99
              FROM - Blazer
              Vic Hey Amigo! Nice site;) I gave up on all the boards, but I like this 1. May
              have to check it out more often, I see it's pretty "civilized" for the web;)

              NICO Great seeing You out and looking to learn! I was reading all the replies
              to Your questions, all are great. There are several ways to grow this fine
              plant and get what You want, You just need to find the 1 that suits YOU the
              best. It sounds like 180 and I think exactly the same on lighting, lamp choice,
              and when to use which bulb in flower etc(except He likes playing w/ poop of
              all kinds to grow in;).. Using the MH in 1st few weeks of flower seems to
              keep the stretch down better than a HPS by far IMO. I also switch to the 940
              conversions 180 uses, I think they are the shit! But they are awful
              exspensive. Your gonna have it made w/ all these Gents here to help You,
              but sadly You'll have to pay Your "dues"(fuck up a crop or 2, lol) untill 1 gets it
              down good IMO. I know My 1st yields sucked hard, I spent a full year just fine
              tuning a system b4 getting it predictable and reliable. I know several of these
              Men in here stumbled along w/ Me at the same time. I know You like Your
              engineering so I'll draft up a diagram of the hybrid system I preffer to use.
              Some think it's crazy, but I think thiers are too. Like I said, soo many ways to
              achieve nice results... Just more fucking time huh? LOL BTW don't fuck
              around w/ buying small lights, get a couple 1K's from the beginning so You
              don't have to look for a way to pawn them off later to buy 1K's then. I think
              that's 1 more thing most of Us here have in common, extra 400's and 250's
              collecting dust!
              Well I think I've babbled long enough. Great to see some of the names in
              here I havent chatted w/ in a long time. Sure am glad sub's here to keep
              someone from getting gasses to death w/ furnace fumes etc., He knows that
              shit WELL fellas, listen.
              OH Ya! I forgot about our playing w/ the butane trick over the last few months!
              I never used any pvc. I preffer 32 oz. Gatorade bottles to soak the weed in.
              Then I have a 2nd bottle full standing by to pour the butane thru again before
              boiling it off. This way I can see the leaf as it soaks allowing Me to save on
              butane, only use enough to get it all wet. Then I collect all the solvent from
              the small hole in the bottles lid I used to fill it w/ by tipping it over a mason jar.
              Oh You gotta put a small hole in the shoulder of the bottle too as a vent hole
              for filling. I use a coffee filter inbetween the plastic bottle and jar to keep the
              veggie matter out completly. Then I pour the contents into a cake pan and
              cover it w/ another to catch the condensation from the boil. The pans allow
              for greater surface area resulting in a much faster boil and a easier surface
              to scrape the oil out of IMO. This has given Us the cleanest Oil I've seen in
              tens years or more and it's all from compost! That part just kills Me, LOL. I've
              been using a little grain alchohol trying to thin the oil to a more user friendly
              product and getting it ALL collected from whatever it evaps. off into. Collecting
              the oil is the biggest/hardest part of the whole process IMO. I've yet to get a
              vial full, I'm lazy and take it from the pan as needed.
              WOW I'm windy tonight! I'm really done this time. Peace Folks, Blazer


              TOPIC - butane extaction
              DATE - 16:48:57 5/14/99
              FROM - drA
              tried this last night and got about enough to smear on a joint. excellent
              quality, it had the same taste and smell as the stuff i've made with solvents
              that aren't explosive.
              yield will be better on the next shot, i drilled too many holes in the "pepper
              shaker" and they were too big, so by the time i shot the second can in, the
              pressure was forcing the liquid butane out the bottom. i think i will try a slight
              modification in order to maximize the time that the butane spends in the
              pipe, by sealing one end with an end cap, shooting the butane in through the
              cap with the single hole, then removing that cap and replacing it with the
              pepper shaker and turning the whole apparatus upside down.
              in a well-ventilated area, of course.

              i'm a little worried about static electricity, though, i noticed that it's easily
              generated by handling the pvc pipe.
              any suggestions on how to ground myself so i don't make a spark and


              TOPIC - 90% efficiency furnaces
              DATE - 09:24:50 5/14/99
              FROM - subcool
              i have a bacharack co tester and even a proper vented water jeater puts off
              100 pmm before flue pipe warms up and creates draft.
              the only flue gas i would even concider is 905% condensing furnaces these
              are vented with pvc pipe and are very clean burning but seems aweful risky
              to me.
              fuel oil boiler/furnace use differant grades of oil according to distributor 32 oil
              is some nasty shit and no telling what is in its exhuast gas. just please be
              careful also the pressure of the room seems important is it positive in
              pascals or negative?
              sup 180 ;0



              TOPIC - Flue gases
              DATE - 09:11:14 5/14/99
              FROM - occam
              Commercial greenhouses often use CO2 derived from flue gases. However,
              special stack scrubbers are used that separate CO2 from the noxious
              Some fuels have a high sulfur content, which can lead to sulphur dioxide in
              the flue gas.
              As has been pointed out, improper combustion is usually due to inadequate
              oxygen supply. Other causes can be dirty nozzles, off-center fires, delayed
              ignition, or pulsating fuel pressure.
              Although using flue gas as a CO2 source in a greenhouse run may make
              economic sense, using it in the place you live is not a smart move.



             TOPIC -
             DATE - 07:20:12 5/14/99
             FROM - Vic High
             67ED - ya need to check the archives here and at can.com, this has been
             covered several times. I don't grow outside, period. All my plants are induced
             to flower at 12 hours so there is no way of seeing which ones will trigger

             Also, they are suprises meaning that they are variable. Don't expenct two
             plants to behave the same. I suspect some may work and some won't. You
             are the one that is growing outdoors down there so how about you try it and
             report to us how you made out :) I only have a small indoor garden up here in
             Canada and can only report on my obseravtions here.


              TOPIC - hehe
              DATE - 04:51:34 5/14/99
              FROM - 180
              hi subcool!


              TOPIC - nico, subcool
              DATE - 04:50:26 5/14/99
              FROM - 180
              nico, greetings and salutations :-) i know your bro.
              you're right about the need for oz/nz-oriented weed sites.
              do you have any idea what the state of affairs is in your country, with regard to
              medical marijuana? i imagine this could become a "personal project" for you

              the agrosun MS bulb is a good product. they now come in two colors, classic
              and gold. gold is the newer, redder lamp. the gold's light still looks like MH,
              but it is quite "warm". it's the nicest balanced light for a single bulb setup.
              rather expensive, though: $100 US apiece. another drawback is the short
              lifespan of MH lamps.
              if you wish to use two lamps, you can choose either 1hps+1mh, or two
              "enhanced spectrum" MS lamps. the 2MS setup will produce the
              best-balanced lighting, even with the addition of a mover. however, the
              1mh+1hps combination may be cheaper. i DO NOT recommend buying
              more ballasts and lamps in lower wattages, unless you want the flexibility
              that it would provide (with more lamps you could create more, smaller
              spaces, for various projects). ballasts and reflectors are expensive and take
              up space. another thing to consider is the possibility of using MS for the first
              1/2 of flowering, then switching to an HPS conversion lamp (940w, runs with
              1k MH ballast)...
              2 x 1000 should be fine for a 5x10, better with a rail-type mover. keep in mind
              that the ACTUAL floor footprint of your plants in the grow will be more like
              4'x9', because of need for air circulation, etc.

              there ARE some aussie companies producing hydroponic products, and
              there definitely is a HUGE population of stoners, but they are "below the
              horizon" on the www. at one time there was a very nice website belonging to
              "the High Society", with alot of information for growers...i don't know if they are
              still in existence.

              good luck with your grow (and the rest!) 8-)



             TOPIC -
             DATE - 02:59:55 5/14/99
             FROM - oldtimer1
             Welcome Nico nice to see you out and about on the boards I'll let blaze know
             your here. Hope you two had a high high birthday back a bit hehe. If you want
             get my emey addy from your bro and I'll help with any specific probs I can ok!

             Joker as far as natural gas boilers [furnaces] are concerned any of the old
             type with a conventional flue and that take air from the room they are in do not
             combust completely, every year nearly 10,000 people die from leakage of
             incompletely combusted products! Apart from that CO2 alone can kill
             mammals quite quickly and plants more slowly. Because conventional flue
             boilers and fires are so dangerous they are being phased out for domestic
             use in Europe and only room sealed appliances are now approved. Of these
             only the forced air balanced fan flue type come anywhere near complete
             All the best Ot1.


              TOPIC -
              DATE - 23:17:12 5/13/99
              FROM - 67ed
              Hello all!
              Vic,,do you have an idea when Romulan Surprise would finish outdoors, a
              little below the 40th.


              TOPIC -
              DATE - 19:33:16 5/13/99
              FROM - Vic High
              Nico - good to see you up and at em. Heard so much about you that I almost
              feel as if I know you :) You should get a Australia/New Zealand page going.
              It's actually pretty easy to set up and run once you get going. There is already
              three of you on this page that I know of, and that's not counting the lurkers,

              Combining MH/HPS is the norm for those local growers with the resources.
              The MH keeps the plant healthy and produces UV for added potency. HPS
              makes the flowers bigger. Normal ratio is 2HPS:1MH but I imagine 1:1 is
              fine as well. Our UK friend here uses the efficient combo of the 600W HPS
              and 400W MH

              Area illuminated by 1000w bulb will vary depending on strain and how the
              light is applied. Some strains need more light than others. Also, it depends
              on if you are growing for production or whether you want to create those
              photogenic colas. A moving light can cover more area than a stationary light.
              A light on a suncircle can outperform a light on a track or rail.

              I looked into the agrosuns when they came out but they weren't locally
              available. Suppliers said that was because they were all hype. Well A-1
              swears by them so maybe the local suppliers were just speading shit since
              they didn't carry them. What finally appeared on the local scene was the
              sunmaster warm deluxe by Venture lighting. It seems to do the job well and
              is an MH with added red spectrum.

              Joker - your spelling gives you away. Feeling left out? - Anyway, One read of
              Stiny's question and one would know that this guy should not be playing
              aound manipulating his furnace. He doesn't even know that plant need O2
              not CO2 st night. Second, he makes no mention of the type of furnace used.
              Ot refers to an old smelly boiler, subcool is an HVAC dude, you assume
              natural gas. These are very different types of furnaces. In these parts, older
              homes (very popular amongst growers) are predominately heated by an oil
              furnace. Many of these are older oil furnaces and it is common knowledge
              that a new gas or oil furnace is far more efficient than the old oil furnaces.
              What do you think makes the new furnaces more efficient? Maybe that they
              burn the fuel more completely? The old furnaces are not considered clean
              burning, this means that the exhaust contains more than CO2 and H20. You
              think that extra stuff in the exhaust is safe? Please explain.

              BTW -no need to hide behind your anon name. You will be treated with more
              respect if you use your known alias anyway.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 19:01:48 5/13/99
             FROM - trelaway
             Nico-in a room you plan to bud in I'd say you need at least 2000 lumens /
             sq.ft.----3000 would be preferred.

             A 1k hps puts out around 130,000 lumens, MH about 115,000


              TOPIC -
              DATE - 15:59:37 5/13/99
              FROM - Nico
              Hey Vic ! I thought I'd just come and check out your site that my bro put me on
              to (Mirage) and to ask a few questions....

              1... someone mentioned before (down the list of posts) about the use of MH
              lighting in bud, has anyone used both 1000wHPS and 1000wMH ? can you
              tell the difference ?

              2...What if you had 1x 1000wMH and 4X400wHPS to provide a large amount
              of both the spectrums needed ? Has anyone tried this ?

              3.. Can someone give me the specs on the Agrosun 1000w bulb.. I have
              heard that it's Red spectrum output is more than a normal metal Halide...

              4.. Any recommendations on good lighting coverage for 10ft X 5ft room ? Is it
              true a 1000w MH/HPS covers 2.5m2 well ?

              Blaze ~ Do you frequent this page ? Need to know how to grow some good
              stuff ! I think there needs to be a Aust/NZ growers page as well! most of us
              are secret smokers and with dope being decriminalized in alot of the
              Australian States , we need a group!


              TOPIC - my two cents
              DATE - 13:39:49 5/13/99
              FROM - spectro_
              its not so black and white..here`s the balanced chemical equation for the
              "complete" combustion of Methane.

              CH4(methane)+ 2 O2------->CO2 + 2 H20 + 803kJ(the energy)

              but..CO,and other carbon compounds are byproducts of an incomplete
              burn.Does anyone think a furnace is supplying enough oxygen to give a
              textbook clean,complete burn?i doubt it.tip:use your furnace ducts for an
              exhaust:not an intake.spectro



              TOPIC - Dr E
              DATE - 10:41:46 5/13/99
              FROM - Budm
              Hi all dr e heres a better addy(sometimes). Sorry for OTP.


             TOPIC - Vick High and his buddies
             DATE - 09:34:30 5/13/99
             FROM - Joker
             DUde, furnaces exhaust is CO2(carbon dioxide) and H2O (water)
             That is what natural gas is turned into when it is combusted.
             Any CO produced is TRACE amounts. If that were not true then we would die
             when we cooked food.
             I know alot of people who use this method but it must be done correctly. You
             still need ventilation.


             TOPIC - Romulan sprouts
             DATE - 08:47:37 5/13/99
             FROM - Old Bud
             I planted 11 romulan seeds about 12 days ago, all 11 sprouted (lucky) but
             there is something odd happening to them. The stem root is curling up so
             the sprout looks like an upside down question mark? and some have done
             a complete 180 and begun poking out of the ground. Will the plants grow out
             of this stage? Could this be my fault? the chronic beans I started at the
             same time are normal enough looking and in the same medium (coco
             coir)with 1/3 strength nutes.


              TOPIC -
              DATE - 08:11:38 5/13/99
              FROM - greenbear
              We will overcome!!!!!!!


              TOPIC - Carbon Monoxide and stuff
              DATE - 05:20:16 5/13/99
              FROM - Subcool
              A: From A HVAC guy trust me don't vent your boiler,heater, or any fuel burning
              appliance into the same space humans are.
              I heard that A-1 went down another warrior eats the drug war assfucking. :(
              If I can help let me know.
              Hey vic good to see ya.


             TOPIC - Budm
             DATE - 22:04:07 5/12/99
             FROM - Dr. Evil
             Budm, Still having trouble getting through. Mail sent to the "across the pond"
             address keep bouncing back. Would you mind sending me one to respond
             to at the same old address? Apparently the 'net gods are not smiling on me.
             Must be time to sacrifice a goat or something :)

             Be safe
             Dr. Evil

             BTW , sorry about the wasted bandwidth


              TOPIC - stinky
              DATE - 17:27:59 5/12/99
              FROM - Vic High
              Stinky - are you fucking with us or what? Like OT says, it's a dangerous
              game to play. Your question also illustrates your lack of understanding basic
              plant biology. Therefore I say, learn to walk before trying anything dangerous.
              Learn what makes you plants tick before trying to manipulate them. That way
              your manipulations can at least be in the right direction :)


              TOPIC - CO
              DATE - 12:00:58 5/12/99
              FROM - oldtimer1
              stinky boiler fumes contain CO as well as CO2 and is as near toxic to plants
              as to you just don't do it.
              KQ I'll look. Ot1.


             TOPIC - KQ
             DATE - 10:57:12 5/12/99
             FROM - Budm
             I was exp the same prolblems, today they seem to be up and ok. sorry for
             the OTP.


              TOPIC -
              DATE - 10:43:28 5/12/99
              FROM - KQ
              Oldtimer, dear friend, you have email!


             TOPIC - Co2
             DATE - 10:27:46 5/12/99
             FROM - Stinky
             VIC HIGH
             would it benefit my girls if i piped a little exhaust from my furnace into my
             the furnace only comes on 3-4 times a night.
             is this ok when the girls are sleeping??


              TOPIC - 3.141592654...
              DATE - 07:44:02 5/12/99
              FROM - occam
              Pi...no email yet; try it again if possible...thanks.
              Apologies for the "off-topics", Vic.


             TOPIC - Hash oil
             DATE - 06:44:03 5/12/99
             FROM - Rons
             Amendment to yesterday's post. The Ronson torch cannister will not
             discharge without the torch head. To use the 2.5 oz lighter refills and keep
             Pi's proportions of butane to shake, use 13 inches of 1" (I.D.) pipe.


              TOPIC - outdoor grow/ozone effects.
              DATE - 00:51:24 5/12/99
              FROM - peaceness
              hi guys , i have lurked for many months now and have got to "know" many of
              you. I have also had the plaeasure of meting a few of the regulars and
              getting high with them.I am planning to do an outdoor grow this year and
              was looking for some advice. I am currently growing romberry, g13, nlxsk1,
              some ncga strains, and a few of the commercial strains. I also grow indoor.
              today i went out to the mountaious forest close to my home and found a very
              good spot. the problems i have are:
              1. how big of a hole should i dig if planting 6" clones? how tall will they get by
              harvest in order to support roots. i was planning on using 5 gallon pots
              submerged in soil but think that might be too small.i plan on putting 6"
              clones out doors within this week.

              2. when i water plants, should i adjust ph outdoors as i do indoors. this
              would require me taking ph up and down, along with my hanna ph meter in
              the field(which is not a problem).
              3. i am also growing indoors and am using an ozone generator (uvon 5000
              sq ft) what types of effects does ozone cause? it is currently hooked up to be
              exhauled with the exhaust.
              i have many more questions but will post them later. thanks guys, this forum
              has been extremely helpful towards my ongoing education of the


              TOPIC - Budm::::::::::
              DATE - 22:42:23 5/11/99
              FROM - KQ
              I havent been able to access freemail for some reason--wont let me login!


              TOPIC - air cooled
              DATE - 21:55:27 5/11/99
              FROM - old hand
              i don't get this air cooled lights having glass covers,with the glass removed it
              should have better air flow,and run cooler.is the glass just for radient heat
              block,that sounds cold, if i'm a plant looking for energy from light.use a
              thermometer and see,not your skin,rays and heat too different things.uv wear
              your sunglases,every bulbs likely different,as any experiment plants will be
              your guide.thanks to irish for calming my fears of ingesting harmful


              TOPIC - cool observation
              DATE - 19:22:07 5/11/99
              FROM - Budm
              Hi all, Today af was checking out 4 Kalimist females that are at day 43 of
              flower closely, and about 10% of the pistills are lavender/violet in color, on
              one of the ladies, she seems to be absoulty thriving, and really putting on
              size this week, never saw that before ;-)

              ed- please email me, lost your addy. Thanks.



             TOPIC -
             DATE - 18:43:37 5/11/99
             FROM - trelaway
             niner-I have a 600w in my one bedroom apartment with a small 100w clone
             chamber. To make it real looking I rented a place with a washer/dryer and

             The lites add about 17$ cdn to my bill of ~ $80/mth. I also have elec heat.



             TOPIC - electric bills
             DATE - 16:12:49 5/11/99
             FROM - Niner
             I'm planning to grow indoors using a 15 plant hydro system and a 400W Son
             Agro Hps light. I am moving into an appartment soon, and will start growing
             then. Should I be worried about my electric bills? How easy is it to get
             busted? Thanks in advance for any information you can give me.


             TOPIC - lambert green formula
             DATE - 15:15:40 5/11/99
             FROM - edhassle
             Has anyone had any experience using this soiless mix?I went to my local
             garden center to get a bale of pro-mix and they stopped carrying it.They have
             this lambert green formula mix made in quebec it looks like the same
             ingredients as pro-mix.I was thinking of only using it on a few test plants until
             I know its safe to use in vics super soil mix.


              TOPIC -
              DATE - 15:09:43 5/11/99
              FROM - no one
              just a proxy check. please delete after...


             TOPIC - Shu Groz
             DATE - 11:18:45 5/11/99
             FROM - Snowman
             Lower the pH of the solution you water with...pretty easy eh? [|:')


              TOPIC - FAQ
              DATE - 10:28:28 5/11/99
              FROM - Lilow
              Is there a faq for this msg board.


              TOPIC - Honey Oil
              DATE - 10:25:34 5/11/99
              FROM - Rons
              Some times people use the names Propane and Butane interchangeably.
              They are different products with Butane producing a hotter flame and easier
              ignition. In the states I use a butane tourch to melt gold for jewlery casting.
              It's made by Ronson (the lighter people) and the refills came in 16 oz. cans.


              TOPIC - lower ph
              DATE - 07:43:12 5/11/99
              FROM - shu groz
              my girls are i week into flower..potted in soiless..how can i lower the ph while
              in this stage?


             TOPIC - hash oil
             DATE - 18:34:28 5/10/99
             FROM - drA
             sb, many thanks for the tip! i have been unable to process the leaf using my
             favorite solvent (methylene chloride) due to a broken condensing tube in the
             still. the darn things are $150 and i would rather put that towards a light and
             get going on the indoor thing.

             pi, yes it's me, we all need someplace to call home now, don't we?
             heeheehee. i'm glad you thought to put that recipe here.

             mg, thanks for the cd, me and mrs doc love jazz


              TOPIC -
              DATE - 17:44:43 5/10/99
              FROM - Vic High
              Budm - man do I read you loud and clear. I too love to tinker and try new
              things. Problem is that I get distracted and try more than one thing at a time
              and then in the end I don't know what affected what, haha. Also, there are so
              many factors that can affect yield from crop to crop that one attempt of
              something really isn't enough. But playing is more fun than being scientific,
              haha. Without playing, how would we learn?

              I wasn't intimately involved in that garden so don't know all the details. They
              were from clones. I remember there was a screwup in veg so it took longer
              than buddy would have liked, but can't remeber what that was. Flower was 9
              weeks, picture was at 7 weeks about. Just after the picture was taken, an
              odour leak freaked out buddy and he panicked and flooded flower room with
              eye watering amounts of ozone. It heavily burn't the plants and stunted
              growth. He also fought with powdery mildew right to the end. Canopy was too
              dense to effectively control the mildew. CO2 was used at the start of flower
              and it's effects were underestimated resulting in the overgrown canopy.

              Budm, it's hard to give an exact setting for the ozone. What is safe is where
              you can't smell the plants or the ozone. I slight sea breeze smell is ok as
              long as it isn't too overpowering.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 14:44:05 5/10/99
             FROM - KQ
             Budm, you need nothing more than PGP. P-Idaho or JBNimble is not
             needed. You could post your public key here by launching PGP keys from
             your task bar, select your key, right click for properties, and "copy"--this puts
             your public key on your clipboard, then just paste it here if it's okay with Vic. I
             will then add your key to my ring and send you a short message via email
             and tell you how to decrypt it. Come to think of it, just send me your key via


             TOPIC - PGP/ sorry 2x post, I forgot this
             DATE - 10:15:31 5/10/99
             FROM - Budm
             OT1 or KQ,
             Ive d-loaded PGP from MIT, and generated a "key set" and sent one to the
             key server. Now I need a little more help
             I know some sort of "front end" s-ware is needed,like P-Idaho or JBNimble.
             This is where im at and need help. Do I need to buy this software, or can id
             be found on the www in a trial or cost free version? Thanks ;-))


              TOPIC - BCGA Gardner
              DATE - 10:06:11 5/10/99
              FROM - Budm
              Hi all,
              Vic even though the yield was comprimised by Ozone?
              at 100 gallons of SSoil and 80ozs of yield, IMO thats still very good. Can you
              tell us about were they from clones or seedlings, and how long was each
              period of Veg and Flower.As im also considering a small ozone device,
              because allthough I like variety,Romberry I feel is a excellent strain that offers
              a great yield without quality comprimise, but the ozone is a requirement,
              what is the best setting for a 20sqft closet, that the grow utilizes half of that
              space? Id just like to know where to start the output out.

              Does any one see any merit in using 3 liter soda bottles, for a complet
              veg-flower grow, from seed if the veg is about 40 days, no topping, no co2,af
              is trying a couple of bottles now with Romb x Af1 and a Shiske x BigPlum, to
              see how it works out. But any advice, would be great. TIA

              pi- been using acetone(100%), with Ok results, if the trim is to fresh how ever
              the terpines and the chlorphyll are present, and the quality shows poor, im
              thankfull for your post, and next month will post the results of a small trial.

              Stinky- afoafs first grow utilized the SSoil, and although, they were
              augmented with a light organic fert every week(BioBlend) it was not
              nessesary, the reson the fert was used was the SSoil was not allowed to
              age for any real time, and af thought that it might be nessasary, but the Veg
              cycle is prob wher fert might be nessesary, by the time
              12/12 starts, IMO the soil is working and the additives are leaching there
              nutes to the roots.Ive played with some of the fert "toys" like blossom blood
              additive, kelp extract,fish emulision, etc, and Ive come to the conclusion to
              keep it simple, is better, give em what they need in the soil, and water,
              period, saves money and headaches;-)) Unfourtantly im a hard head when it
              comes to learning, and I love to tinker. I knew when I found BCGA's site, just
              prior to the first grow, I said heres a suscessful "blueprint" especially
              considering the genetics that were picked for the first grow(Romberry), and
              its really a rflection on my own stubborness, not to just follow the pros, but
              thats usually the case for me in things like this. Im just happy I only tried to
              improve on things, instead of trying to re-invent them, good thing I wasnot
              taking up skydiving;-))

              The one thing that continues to look IMO to be a good
              thing to use in addition to the SSoil is Kelp extract or MaxiCrop in 12/12. A
              controlled test is really needed to confirm this. Man I wish af had more room,
              10 sqft is nothing when you love to tinker, but then again Id prob be saying
              the same thing in time, even with 10x that space.

              sb- Thanks for confirming what I was considering, about the Ronson refill



              TOPIC -
              DATE - 07:13:02 5/10/99
              FROM - Vic High
              Stinky - yes just water from start to finish.

              mg - all I can offer from first hand experience is that it is better to harvest at
              the beginning of the day rather than the end of the day. And also using MH
              with your lighting will increase potency. The rest I haven't done because I had
              always used a perpetual harvest system, so extended darkness wouldn't

              However alot of the local old pros advocate leaving the lights out prior to
              harvest for up to 48 hours I believe. These are the same old pros that kept
              telling me to ignore all the HPS hype and always have MH during flowering.
              Use both if you can, that's best, but if you have to choose only one, pick MH.
              I've slowly come to realize that they are right with the MH, therefore I figure
              there may be something to the extended dark period.

              Say, remember that broken 400 optimarc that I wrote about a couple of
              months back? Well I'm thinking of using it as a UV source during my next
              flowering period. My main lighting will be aircooled (I expect heat to be a big
              problem) but I'm worried that the glass cover will reduce UV output. Thinking
              of having the broken bulb lit for maybe 3 half hour bursts through each day
              period. any thoughts?

              oh yeah, MG please don't feel reluctant reporting on those fine genetics (BG
              and NCGA) you are working with. I think many hear would like to hear the
              reports on them. Reports on any strain is welcome. I'm just trying to avoid
              obvious spamming and generic seed bank questions. Cannabis.com has a
              great page for that, hehe.


              TOPIC - long nights during flowering
              DATE - 22:48:44 5/09/99
              FROM - m.g.
              vic, i've seen a few details scattered around the net about extending the
              nights during the final faze of flowering. i have some approaching week 9
              with most having 60% +/- hairs turning and glands JUST beginning to cloud
              over. i'd like to try the method on half of the ones i have duplicates of
              (finishing nc7, tnr x ww, g13nl x bw, p75, and aunt j) along with a few others
              that are singles. would you mind giving me the rundown on the method? it's
              very close to harvest now and figure (hoping) there still may be time to try
              something different which i can/will report on. all the plants mentioned above
              are very similar in growth and overall appearance so i think they will be good
              test subjects.

              all else are welcome to advise also if you've had experience with dark time

              sorry to bring in another's product but it's all i have in flower at the moment
              and you got me interested in trying out a new trick.
              BUT...the next harvest will be a mostly bcga harvest. had great germination
              with the durban, champagne, romulan surprises along with the romberry.
              planted 8 of each and all but one is growing well, especially the rom.
              surprise. those are double the size of the rest of the bcga produce and
              others planted at the same time. the only one being weird is a champagne
              that refuses to start adult leaves. 4 weeks old and still has the baby
              leaves...but 4" tall and nice and green...and i'm patient enough to wait for the
              little retard...hehehe

              pi...thanks much for that oil recipe. it will be used very soon!




              TOPIC - soil
              DATE - 22:09:39 5/09/99
              FROM - Stinky
              Vic High..
              soil soil mixture sounds good
              do tou feed with this mix or just water??


             TOPIC - new pic
             DATE - 19:53:33 5/09/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Here's a picture of a BCGrower's garden near harvest. Plants are two
             romberries, a typical tall one and an atypical short stocky one. The colas of
             the tall one on the right had to be bent over to the left to keep them growing
             past the light in a sorta scrog (actually you can only see the colas of the plant
             on the right). The tall plant out yielded the short plant by about 3 times.

             Garden was 6 by 9 and was lit by 2000w (1 HPS hortilux, 1 sunmaster warm
             deluxe MH) for a light intensity of 37 watts/ft. The tall plant was under the
             sunmaster. There were 10 plants in 10 gal pots of the Vic mix. Ozone
             overdose (future pic) and powdery mildew knocked yield down to just over 5

             If all you see is the old image all twisted out of shape, then you need to
             reload the image. You do this in netscape by placing your mouse pointer
             over the image and clicking the right mouse button. Then select reload.


              TOPIC - thanx vicbhigh
              DATE - 18:47:32 5/09/99
              FROM - stinky
              ill give it a try


              TOPIC - overfert
              DATE - 18:38:13 5/09/99
              FROM - Vic High
              Stinky, slow down on your feedings. You are probably over feeding and may
              be getting a salt buildup. May be a good time to give your plants a flush.


             TOPIC - dried leaves
             DATE - 17:40:38 5/09/99
             FROM - stinky
             i need some help .....
             my room is 1 week into bud and im having quite a lot of dried and spotted
             leaves appearing at the lower part of the plant.i have no visible pests or
             mold .
             plant are in 2 gal pots and are fed every second day. they are growing
             beutifully but theese dry spotted leaves are driving me nuts ...anybody


              TOPIC - DrA
              DATE - 17:31:52 5/09/99
              FROM - sb
              I couldn't find the 8oz camp stove bottles.Instead I opted for 3 (2.5oz) bottles
              which are available as lighter refills everywhere.
              A 1/8" hole in the top allows you to insert tip and press downward until the
              can is empty....


             TOPIC - DrA / occum
             DATE - 16:35:55 5/09/99
             FROM - pi
             drA>>i have not done it yet. i suspect you will have to improvise or find the
             type dispenser that uses a flex tube .
             sorry. are u the same DrA i know and love? hehehe

             occum>> message to ya!



              TOPIC - hash oil
              DATE - 16:14:57 5/09/99
              FROM - drA
              pi, that is by far the easiest method i've ever seen!! how do you get the
              butane from the can into the pipe? you can't just punch a hole in it, can you?
              my camp stove screws on to one of those cans and punches a hole in it as
              you turn it, did you use a similiar setup? eme with details or post here, i've
              got a few bags of leaf that i can't wait to run through it!


              TOPIC - pvc and butane
              DATE - 03:09:38 5/09/99
              FROM - irish
              rated as marginal or conditional , depending on application.

              other better materials are :
              nylon,unplasticized nylon, acetal, kynar, polypropylene, buna-n (rubber)
              epdm (another rubber material), viton

              you can most likely find what you need in any industrial plumbing house
              (suggested materials: the nylon or polypropylene, most common. usually
              white and black, respectively)

              the pvc will be fine, due to the fact that it is not containing the fluid for a long
              period of time. there is ample ventilation, and very little pressure.


             TOPIC - Romberry Surprise
             DATE - 23:23:23 5/08/99
             FROM - Maudib
             On recently receiving my Romberry surprises I germinated 5/5. Four are
             indica looking but there is one that is looking very sativa. I was just
             wondering if anyone has any knowledge as to whether the RBS were more
             likely to be fathered by the Durban or the Peruvian. On reading Shiva's post I
             am less inclined to let the peruvian grow out but very interested in a Durban

             Thanks in advance!


              TOPIC - honey im home
              DATE - 23:09:06 5/08/99
              FROM - old hand
              I see a slight problem,butane solvent might pick up things from pvc.a harder
              plastic might be better or some other material?anyone know?what are
              lighters made out of?thank you pi


             TOPIC - honey I'm oil (or something)
             DATE - 21:06:58 5/08/99
             FROM - sb
             I tried that extraction method this afternoon....
             BEAUTIFUL !
             You're in for a treat!



              TOPIC - Peruvian trial
              DATE - 20:01:45 5/08/99
              FROM - Shiva
              I got some of the Peruvian seeds also and had so-so results ... the resulting
              buzz wasn't all that for the length of time it flowered ... I thought a Peruvian
              might be a faster to flower sativa but that was not the case. I didn't keep the
              Peruvian around after the first round of 12/12. It wasn't that bad of a plant, if I
              had an outdoor garden it would be cool to have around but not inside.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 18:55:34 5/08/99
             FROM - trelaway
             Thanx Pi, good timing--I'm probably going to be able to try this in june.


              TOPIC - hey honey
              DATE - 16:53:13 5/08/99
              FROM - pi
              Hope you do not mind Vic!!!

              I didn't innovate this, I'm just spreadin' the good news.
              The Boffo Butane-PVC Hash Oil Extractor: Trash leaf to honey oil in minutes
              by Indra

              For those of us who never quite got over the loss when fine-quality hash oil
              disappeared from the market, and for cannabis connoisseurs of all ages
              everywhere, it would be my honor to write up what has to be the easiest,
              highest-yielding and most selective cannabis oil extraction method available
              to date. This method has its basis in a fascinating industrial extraction
              method known as Supercritical Fluid Extraction. It uses totally
              over-the-counter butane gas (8 oz can, camping supply store, ~US$4.50) as
              the extraction solvent, and requires nothing even remotely suspicious or
              difficult to purchase. The only other thing needed is about $2.00 worth of PVC
              pipe: a
              section 1.5 (one and a half) feet long and 1 & 3/4" diameter (outer diameter I
              believe), and two end caps. Threaded PVC is not necessary.
              For reasons not yet clear to those of us investigating these things
              "unofficially," butane and CO2 (and perhaps other gas/solvents with similar
              ultra-low-boiling properties) selectively solvate the desirable fraction(s) of
              cannabis oils, pulling out only a beautiful amber "honey oil" and leaving the
              undesirable vegetative oils, waxes, chlorophyll, etc. behind in the plant
              matter. Even unsmokable shade leaves produce a wonderfully clean and
              potent gold oil with this method. I have every reason to suspect that this
              would work splendidly to extract a super-strong and tasty oil from gross,
              unpalatable "schwag" commercial pot too, and of course, the better grade of
              herb you put it in, the better the resulting oil.

              1) In one of the PVC end caps, drill a single small hole in the center. This
              hole should be correctly sized to snugly receive the little outlet nozzle of your
              butane can.
              2) In the other end cap, drill a group of 5 or 6 small holes clustered in the
              center (like a pepper shaker).
              3) After putting a piece of paper towel or coffee filter inside it for filtration, put
              the end cap with several holes on one end of the pipe. Push it on there real
              tight. This is the bottom.
              4) Fill the pipe up with plant matter that has been pulverized into a coarse
              powder. You want it filled, but not packed down. (Full pipe estimated at 1.5 oz
              capacity, but this is a guess. I did not weigh it.)
              5) Place the top end cap on the pipe. Again, push it on as securely as you
              can by hand.
              6a) Find a location outdoors with a decent breeze. You want these butane
              fumes to be quickly carried away. Seriously.
              6b) Mount the pipe (single hole-side up) over a vessel that can hold 300mL+.
              Beakers are perfect. A lab stand and clamp are ideal for the mounting, but a
              regular shop clamp or anything that can hold it sturdily is fine. (Avoid metal if
              you can, to reduce the chance of sparks.) Position the bottom end of the pipe
              immediately over (1-2") the receiving
              vessel to eliminate splatter loss.
              7) Turn the butane gas can upside down and dispense the gas into the pipe
              via the single top hole. A whole 8-oz can takes about 10-12 seconds to
              evacuate. Be brave, swift, and careful. A spark at this moment would spell
              disaster since you have basically created an incendiary explosive device that
              is leaking.
              8) When you've exhausted the can into the pipe, back off to a nice distance
              and let it do its thing. The butane moves down the pipe, extracting the
              cannabis as it goes. When
              it gets to the bottom (~30 seconds after dispensing), it begins to drain into
              the receiving vessel. Notice the pale, glowing yellow-green-gold hue of the
              extract. It is obvious no chlorophyll was pulled out of the herb.
              Over approximately five to eight minutes, the butane extract will finish
              draining from the pipe to the receiving vessel. Maintain caution with the pipe,
              however, since there is a lot of residual butane still evaporating from within
              the pipe (notice the stream of fumes coming from the top hole). When it
              slows down to a drop every few seconds, you can tap on the top hole with
              your finger and it will help push the last of the liquid butane out (or one can
              gently blow into the top hole to do the same thing). Remember, NO
              SMOKING, unless you wish to immolate yourself in grand fashion.
              Being very low-boiling and volatile, the collected butane will likely begin
              boiling at ambient temperature. The receiving vessel will gradually frost up
              as the butane cools it down, slowing down its rate of evaporation, but you
              can speed this up again simply by holding it in your hands. A better way is to
              set it in a saucepan containing a little bit of warm water. Watch the butane
              start bubbling madly with the increase in temperature and marvel at its low
              boiling point. Again, be doing this outdoors with a nice breeze! It takes about
              20 minutes or so to allow the
              butane to evaporate, or quicker if you help it along. You are left with a deep
              amber, almost orange oil of amazing purity.The best way to collect and store
              the oil is probably to let all of the butane evaporate off and then redissolve
              the oil in some anhydrous or high-% alcohol, and then pour this into a vial
              and let it sit out for a day or two to allow the alcohol to evaporate. Trying to
              transfer the oil
              into a small container while it is still solvated by the butane is too risky. I
              learned the hard way about this, thanks to the volatile temperament of
              butane. I had filled a vial almost all the way to the top and was preparing to
              drop those last couple drops in, so that cleverly, I could let the last of the
              butane evaporate from the vial and the oil would all be neatly contained. But
              when the last drop hit the mother lode in the vial, it changed the temperature
              of the solution in the vial upward by a hair and it all "superboiled" out of the
              vial and onto my fingers, which
              of course startled me and caused me to drop the vial. I suggest dissolving it
              in alcohol as I mentioned above. If you can get pure or 99% isopropanol
              (isopropyl), use it, because THC's photosensitivity reportedly does not occur
              in isopropanol.
              The final product is a deep yellow-amber oil of the highest quality, incredibly
              pure and potent. I remember well some of the prime "honey oil" hash oils
              that hit the market in the late 1970s, and this stuff stands up to (if not
              exceeds) any of them. It's amazing how this method extracts only the good
              fraction and leaves the junk in the weed. But that's
              exactly what it does. Note also that this oil has a somewhat higher
              melt/vaporization point than traditional hash oils; the traditional dispensing
              method (dipping a needle or paper clip in, getting some goop on the end,
              and warming it with a flame to get it to drip off into your bowl) still works with
              this stuff, but it seems you have to be more careful with it because it doesn't
              heat to liquid state as quickly or in the same manner, and it can more easily
              be allowed to burn up on your needle. So be careful.
              Those who prefer a tincture-like preparation can of course thin the product a
              little with a bit of warm high-percentage alcohol like Everclear or
              90-whatever-% isopropyl, then drop it onto buds or let a joint absorb some,
              then let the alcohol evaporate. I also observed that unlike hash oil derived
              from traditional methods, this product is not immediately soluable in
              room-temp alcohol; it needed to be warmed before it dissolved fully. So there
              it is. Spread the word far and wide: honey oil is BACK!



              TOPIC - pi
              DATE - 12:06:45 5/08/99
              FROM - occam
              Hi pi, addie above.



              TOPIC - sorry
              DATE - 11:59:39 5/08/99
              FROM - pi



              TOPIC - worm poop
              DATE - 11:57:56 5/08/99
              FROM - pi
              here is a link for killlllller worm castings
              cheap (i pay $11 for 25#)
              no fillers
              has been petitized
              and they are looking for outlets



             TOPIC - Orange Bud Harvest Report
             DATE - 11:24:16 5/08/99
             FROM - Old Bud
             Finnished at 84 days, 85w/ft, 1.5oz/ft, co2 15-1800, a mix of mh to hps, gh
             nutes with pure blend and Allatoin.
             Never did peak the nutes, stayed around 12-1400 ppm, added bud blaster
             with allatoin last 4 weeks (1 tsp/5 gal). Although I did not like the taste of the
             WW with allatoin the Orange Bud is very nice, the citrus flavor is sweeter and
             less tangy and the high is very trippy (good concert weed). The OB I have is
             said to date 20years and is very sativa dominant 80%, the buds are rock
             solid shaped kinda like a corn dog. I controled the extensive stretching with
             tomato netting and strings, the stock and side branches are very thin and
             easy manipulate, not much manicuring needed at harvest.

             On another note, I started some extra seeds last week, Chronic- serious,
             Romulan- fed, via Adam cafe. Must have been my lucky day got 100% germ!


              TOPIC - occam
              DATE - 11:21:07 5/08/99
              FROM - pi
              do you have an eme ?
              i need to holler at you for a minute. thnks


             TOPIC - BUDM & thanks vic
             DATE - 09:33:40 5/08/99
             FROM - Damion
             appreciate the peruvian info, now why can't peru come out w/ an indica dom.
             pure sativa :)
             a shame

             Budm, any word from Don/Patty on those old collectors items? Thanks,


              TOPIC - Sunshine Mix
              DATE - 09:05:55 5/08/99
              FROM - occam
              j....my results have been quite different. I've used S.Mix #1 & #4 many times,
              no difference in results; #4 holds less water due to a higher aggregate %,
              and requires closer attention to irrigation/fertigation rates.
              BTW, S.Mix is not soil, it's a peat/perlite soiless mix.


              TOPIC -
              DATE - 01:21:56 5/08/99
              FROM - oldtimer1
              Kenkeman could you get my email addy from Budm or 67ed and drop me a
              line TIA.

              terrytune I'm not sure what you were asking in your question, it had to many
              bits without a clear point to answer so I'm guessing that this is what you
              want. Cutting back a centre leader and revegging tends to lead to a crap yield
              and often going hermaphrodite. I would tend to take cuttings from the lower
              branches they should be rooted in 2 weeks then put them under strong 24/0
              hr light until the climate is ok for them to go out. It doesn't matter if the
              cuttings are small when planted out at this time they should make good
              plants by September and you can just put out a lot more plants to fill your
              space. Of course this will only work if there is no ruderalis in your strain.

              All the best. Ot1.



              TOPIC - Red Devil
              DATE - 23:24:02 5/07/99
              FROM - 67ed
              You'll need to do some special things to prevent Red Devil from flowering too
              soon. Even though it's a late indica, I'm afraid it would trigger into flowering
              as soon as it sprouts where you're at. If you shine a light on it for an hour and
              a half, sometime after sunset, that will prevent it from flowering. Any kind of
              light will do, even a 40 Watt incandescent, that's close to the plant. Do this for
              a month. After that, you let the natural photoperiod take over. If it were me, I'd
              keep it in a container during vegetation so I could move it around, then, after
              a month, plant it in the ground. I'll send you an e-mail sometime tomorrow.


              TOPIC - terrytune
              DATE - 21:20:06 5/07/99
              FROM - Vic High
              Terrytune - we are not here to kiss each other's asses, whether we are from
              BC or not. And I'm not going to attempt to answer all questions and in doing
              so dominate the board. Finally, I'm not an outdoor grower so your question
              didn't interest me. That is not to say that there isn't any other people who may
              have been interested in your question. You question wasn't the first to go
              unanswered and it won't be the last. It just meant that no one was in the
              position to answer it when it was asked. Take that to mean that you have
              something to offer so go out and get the info and enlighten us.

              As for this being a support bcga only board, try reading it again, you need to
              improve your understanding of the english language. Only posts to be
              deleted are blatent troll posts or any generic seedbank posts attemping to
              turn this page into a seedbanks page. As for there being a clich? Well hang
              around and contribute something and your confusing questions will be
              better received.


              TOPIC - interesing news
              DATE - 20:33:55 5/07/99
              FROM - j
              For all dirt farmers,discovered that sunshine #4 sucks.Retains to much
              mineral salts and water.Did research useing excactly half plants with #4 mix
              and 1 half with sunshine mix#1 .Sunshine #1 had twice the growth and yeild
              as #4 .I thought i was just imagining things so i did it over 4 crops and had
              same results. Hope you'll find this helpfull.


              TOPIC -
              DATE - 18:59:16 5/07/99
              FROM - TerryTune
              Thanks Vic as far as I can see hell of an attempt General posting} I am a
              local fella BC who arived on this site thinking I struck gold . Finally people
              with the same thoughts and ubstructions as me. Growing{good} pot is not
              easy. I have been going outside for many years now with success I have
              been lucky and survived{only missed one mortage payment}Does anybodies
              shit here stink as bad as mine I have posted here three times, to no avail, I
              feel shunned I am local {British Columbia } and my prelimanary vieu of this
              site was of people with the same mindset getting together and discussing
              problems of what we do and technics to make it better.From what I can read
              there appears to be a click here with your own strains and ideas on,and only
              feedback on your own strains. {oops im sorry getting ahead of myself} What I
              realy mean to say is we have the best in the world! by sharing information
              among locals we can keep it that way .If a fellow BCer askes for advice give it
              to them {Foreigners your choice} lets keep it at home we get the best price.
              My year is going now balls to the wind ,in planted, hope for the best, cant turn
              back. take care all could possibly post a question later in the summer. no
              maybe not I dont think it would be answered . remember ignorance is not




              TOPIC - Red Devil from GreenHouse!
              DATE - 12:38:26 5/07/99
              FROM - Kenkeman
              Thought I´d place an order with Heaven's Stairway. No one seems to know
              much about this plant. Or maybe someone does. The description sound
              interesting and since I will be growind outdoors in the tropics the final
              outcome should be nice...any info would be appreciated...


             TOPIC - Hey Damion...
             DATE - 12:16:28 5/07/99
             FROM - shaggy
             Thought I'd check if HempWorks' site was up and running...almost is! The
             T.H.Seeds section is still not up and running, but at least we get a list of
             some current offerings...





             TOPIC - BCGA Supersoil Mix Oudoor Suitability
             DATE - 11:58:18 5/07/99
             FROM - Irie Eye
             I have been very successful with the BCGA supersoil mix indoors. I plan to
             have a small garden outdoors this summer and was wondering if anyone
             had tried this mix outside. I am concerned that the blood and bone meal
             might attract rodents. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 03:51:23 5/07/99
             FROM - reposter
             How to use Earth Juice



             TOPIC -
             DATE - 18:52:03 5/06/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Damion - my light levels weren't high enough for the peruvian sativa. They
             just kept flowering, and flowering, and flowering, and suddenly one day
             strted to die. They never really "finished". High was good but didin't feel done.
             Bud looked like shit in my garden and was real loose and fluffy. Priorities
             finally took over and the peruvian project has been shelved for the time
             being. Oh yeah, germination was poor on the seeds I recieved but I don't
             know if that was a genetic thing or a storage thing. I think this plant has alot
             of potential in the right location, my garden wasn't, haha.

             Bud Bundy - I wouldn't waste the time and space on those confused males.
             As for the confused girl, I would flower her, enjoy her bud and then say good
             bye. I would make backup clones of the "straight" girls only as someone
             else here suggested.

             stonerg - about a year ago there was a pretty good discussion at LM gen
             indoor about EJ and it's acidity. A crazy electrician called A1 was a big fan I
             think and felt that in a soil that contains dolomite lime, the EJ acidity wouldn't
             be a problem as it would be buffered. The point was also made that
             fluctuations of pH between waterings was probably a good thing. Different
             nutes are more available at different pH's. I played with the EJ in 2 and 10
             gal pots and found that the low pH was in fact buffered by my soil and posed
             little problem. However, recently I tried it again on smaller 5" (1-2 cups) pots
             with disasterous results. I guess there wasn't enough buffering action in the
             tiny pots. I prefer using Alaska fish ferts as an organic veg fert suppliment.
             And for flower, I don't fertilize, I let the soil feed the plants.


              TOPIC - Electric Savings
              DATE - 18:19:57 5/06/99
              FROM - Thunderheart
              I just saw a pretty new little device over at Home Depot. It is a little plug that
              you put between your electric outlet and major appliances. It claims to
              regulate the power going to your fridge and stuff, and will actually extend the
              life of these appliances because they run more efficiently. Your savings
              would be in the reduced electric cost. This could be a good thing for those of
              us in the US, who have to worry about our electric bills and such. It claimed
              to make the purchase price back in just a few months. You may want to
              check it out.



             TOPIC - culling hermies
             DATE - 17:44:33 5/06/99
             FROM - drA
             bundy, i guess it depends on your situation. i had some f2 durban last year
             that did the same thing outside. i culled one obvious male and let the other
             one go after clipping off the male flowers. no more male flowers appeared
             and it produced quite a nice cola along with some nice side buds that i took
             for sampling. but i was dry because of a poor harvest the year before, so....

             irish, sorry, i have never grown nlxblueberry. im pretty much an outdoor
             gardener and need fast finishers.


              TOPIC -
              DATE - 15:52:38 5/06/99
              FROM - Niner
              Thanks for the info Budm. Any other suggestions?


             TOPIC - "earth juice"
             DATE - 13:48:43 5/06/99
             FROM - stonerg
             Does anybody know anything about this product? It seems very quality,
             guano/kelp type mix, but soooo acidic. How should I lower the pH? Hydrated
             lime? So far its the perfect pH for my little rockwool cubes, but later...?


             TOPIC - Shaggy-no problem
             DATE - 10:49:08 5/06/99
             FROM - Damion
             I'll ask Adam your questions, and make the website suggestion.
             Sagarmatha finally set up there own shop and they are no longer working out
             of the Hempworks. I'll be visiting both though. Can't wait to see what color
             Adams hair is this time :) he's too great!


              TOPIC - Prolific flowering Roms and sage
              DATE - 10:25:37 5/06/99
              FROM - shaggy
              High there Mr. Bundy (Damion keep reading),

              So, you've got 4 prolifically flowering Guys do you? Hmmm...well, I guess it
              really depends on your personal feelings. I'm from the "kill all hermies"
              school--mostly because I don't like the genetics spread through-out my
              garden, making seeds, etc. Since I grow simply for my own personal
              comsumption, I want the cleanest buds possible. A 430 watter is actually a
              lot of work--adding hermies to the mix just seems to make things more
              difficult than they need to be. My advice--kill 'em now. I'm sure you can find a
              great mother out of that batch. I feel it's important to find her, clone the crap
              out of her and grow like the wind ;)-~.

              Hey D, nice to see you. Yes, the low-light levels may have had something to
              do with it. I forgot about that. I've got about 40 ft2 in my little setup--not too
              much. Actually, the sickliness came from poor medium pH or something. My
              other male sage looked fantastic. However, the L_O_N_G flowering period
              and feathery floral clusters may be due to the light. I'm certainly not putting
              the Sage down--I feel that if treated right, she'd kick ass. It just may not be
              ideal for the personal-use, micro-system I use. If you're going over the A'dam
              soon (have a blast!) do me a big favor and ask Adam what his feelings are
              about the sage--ferts, light-levels, etc. I'd love to hear what he has to say.
              Also, bug him to get that Hempworks web-site set-up! It's been "inthemix"
              now for about a year.

              Stay safe,


              TOPIC - OOPs
              DATE - 09:43:49 5/06/99
              FROM - Bud Bundy
              Guess I didn't hit STOP fast enough.... sorry for the double post.


              TOPIC - I am STRUGGLING!!!!
              DATE - 09:39:55 5/06/99
              FROM - Bud Bundy
              - please help....you mentioned the prolific flowering of a Romberry female
              during veg. Did you cull this female, or keep it going? I have the same
              problem with a plant from Romberry surprise. At 4 weeks, the plant showed
              both male and female, but now, at 5.5 weeks, its only producing female
              pistils, but ALOT of them. The male balls it produced are starting to have
              pistils coming out of the same region. It looks like full bud set compared to 2
              other Fems that just have the two "preflowers." Any help you can give would
              be greatly appreciated.

              Also, I had 3 males, according to preflowers, set aside to collect the pollen
              later. After looking more closely, these males are developing female
              preflowers on the upshoots from the main stem. So, I have 4 confused Rom
              surprises, and of the 20 started, these 4 looked the most alike throughout
              the grow period. They are very strong slightly reddish stemmed, with large,
              wide, dark green foliage. They were always the most vigorous, and stretched
              more than the others.

              The area is 3.5 x 3.5 and is lit by 430 hps. Temp maxes out at 85, but not
              often, avg temp is prob 80. Never gets below 75.

              I plan on switching them all to 12/12 on monday. Any advice would be greatly

              Also, to whoever was wondering about using 2 and 3 liter bottles.... I used 2l
              bottles for th first 4 weeks, and I think they are great. You can see the roots
              and gauge if they are root bound. Also, when transplanting, you can squeeze
              and move the shape of the bottle so that the roots and soil come out
              completely in tact, with little to no stress whatsoever.


              TOPIC - I am STRUGGLING!!!!
              DATE - 09:38:07 5/06/99
              FROM - Bud Bundy
              - please help....you mentioned the prolific flowering of a Romberry female
              during veg. Did you cull this female, or keep it going? I have the same
              problem with a plant from Romberry surprise. At 4 weeks, the plant showed
              both male and female, but now, at 5.5 weeks, its only producing female
              pistils, but ALOT of them. The male balls it produced are starting to have
              pistils coming out of the same region. It looks like full bud set compared to 2
              other Fems that just have the two "preflowers." Any help you can give would
              be greatly appreciated.

              Also, I had 3 males, according to preflowers, set aside to collect the pollen
              later. After looking more closely, these males are developing female
              preflowers on the upshoots from the main stem. So, I have 4 confused Rom
              surprises, and of the 20 started, these 4 looked the most alike throughout
              the grow period. They are very strong slightly reddish stemmed, with large,
              wide, dark green foliage. They were always the most vigorous, and stretched
              more than the others.

              The area is 3.5 x 3.5 and is lit by 430 hps. Temp maxes out at 85, but not
              often, avg temp is prob 80. Never gets below 75.

              I plan on switching them all to 12/12 on monday. Any advice would be greatly


             TOPIC - to vic high & reply to shaggy
             DATE - 07:40:47 5/06/99
             FROM - damion
             vic, how did the peruvian sat. make out? flower time, yield, description of
             buzz would be great if you could.

             shaggy, glad to see your still around and still working with Adam's SAGE.
             Perhaps they appeared a little sickly because haze typically demands
             mucho light?

             goin back to adam in a few weeks so I'll post a report for all sometime in
             June. Hope it helps, Peace


             TOPIC - Dr. A
             DATE - 17:41:48 5/05/99
             FROM - irish
             would you mind looking down at the last post by irish.
             very curious could be used to describe this situation. almost no info on that
             strain, and any input would be greatly appreciated. sorry vic for clogging this
             up. no spam intended. thanks in advance doctor.


              TOPIC - gibb acid
              DATE - 17:30:54 5/05/99
              FROM - drA
              budm, parts per million would be .000250, so what's on that label would be
              parts per billion if it's a percentage and parts per 10 million if it's not, both of
              which are a little ridiculous, the stuff sounds more potent than Sandoz acid,
              imagine one bottle being diluted among that number, that's a lot of bottles!

              i've heard of gibb acid being used to produce %100 female offspring, but for
              increasing yield, i'd stick with pushing the plants with the proper nutrients
              during each phase of their growth.


              TOPIC - harvest report follow-up
              DATE - 17:10:32 5/05/99
              FROM - shaggy
              Hey there Budm--and any other interested party...

              To answer your question about the Sage--1 of the 2 was Female. She looked
              sickly all grow, but snapped out of it just before flowering. She was very very
              haze influenced. The flowers grow in big, prickly masses. The pistils are so
              fat they're like needles. It really looks bizarre. However, the haze also means
              fluffier masses of flowers and a longer flowering period. I finally stopped
              mine at 11 1/2 weeks. I'm sure it could have done better if given another 2
              weeks or so. My real hope are my Cinderella88/sage seeds. Hopefully it will
              solidify the nugs while shortening the flowering period. Who knows?

              And the high? Well, let me just say that whatever it was that I smoked in
              A'dam was the most devestating stuff I've ever touched. My sage has never
              quite done the same, but last batch had a nice energetic up buzz. We'll see
              how this goes after a nice long cure. All in all, cindy is better, but this is a
              great one to have around for personal stash...



              TOPIC - Dr. E
              DATE - 13:10:32 5/05/99
              FROM - Budm
              Still no mail try again>


              TOPIC - oh please....
              DATE - 12:14:31 5/05/99
              FROM - irish
              my questions are for dr atomic...
              any sort of info on the NLxBlueberry you could share?
              need info on the essence of this "stabilized strains". times, smells, tips, etc.
              my friend will be trying these in an nft setup, 6" centers. 75w/sq ft - 111
              wts/sq ft.



              TOPIC -
              DATE - 03:23:03 5/05/99
              FROM - oldtimer1
              Budm ~s is back in the driving seat at LM so WB is ok now. He has changed
              the script slightly so regular posters names are protected.
              All the best Ot1


              TOPIC - Budm
              DATE - 21:23:28 5/04/99
              FROM - Dr. Evil
              Budm, re-sent mail to old address "across the pond"


             TOPIC - thanks
             DATE - 18:00:17 5/04/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi all,
             Dr Atomic thanks for the directions to the page on the gibb/acid. My math
             skills leave much to be desired, the
             number percentages are correct that I posted, do they co-inside with the
             correct ppm that is necessary? Id do a search at WB to figure out how to
             apply and all, but we all know whats up with that.

             Niner- af First grow was Romberry, and it could not have turned out better
             considering, 3 plants under a 400 watt lamp, yielded just over 6ozs, veged
             for 50 days flowered for 50-55 days, easy to grow, wonderfull to smoke. Try it
             youll love it.

             KGB- I recieved your mail, I hope no one minds the note, nice report on the
             Cronic. Ill try to catch ya on ICQ.



              TOPIC - would like to buy
              DATE - 16:11:25 5/04/99
              FROM - just
              is it possible to buy


             TOPIC - bud to veg
             DATE - 15:56:02 5/04/99
             FROM - terrytune
             inside to outside indi sativa x clones i started the kids to early they are into
             hard core bud they are to short under a 1000 if i can get them back into veg
             they are excellent oudoor producers i could get up to 20 times whats on
             them now they are at 15 and 9 now and i was considering cutting the kids
             back to the bottom branches and bringing the light bach to 18and 6 then
             putting them out first week of june mid van isl had frost this morning
             everthing is a month late in the bush. any help on this matter of bringing
             them back to veg would be greatly appreciated thanks


              TOPIC - nice board/gibb acid
              DATE - 15:50:49 5/04/99
              FROM - dr.atomic
              well, vic, i've been lurking long enough...nice board, i like the way you run
              it...it's good to see some familiar names.

              i will have the opportunity to grow out some of your durban
              surprise outdoors this year. i hope it finishes in time for me (lat 45), any

              budm, i don't think you'll have problems inducing hermies with that blossom
              set stuff, check the link below for general info as well as guidelines for
              concentrations that produce the desired effects. i think the concentration to
              produce male flowers on female plants is between 100 and 250 ppm, which
              is a several orders of magnitude greater than the concentrations you posted,
              especially if they are indeed percentages.

                                  Link: Gibberellic Acid Info


             TOPIC - Whats Kind?
             DATE - 14:22:08 5/04/99
             FROM - Niner
             I'm a first time grower and I'm using a 15 plant hydroponics system with a
             430W HPS San Agro lamp. I'm interested in growing buds that would be
             considered "kind" not commercial. What "kind" should I grow?


              TOPIC - ATTN Budm
              DATE - 13:51:51 5/04/99
              FROM - KGB
              Hey Bud ń

              KGB here. Sorry if this post is repeated. Thanks for the
              message and sorry for the screw up on ICQ. I donít know why
              the thing cut out but Iíve never experienced anything like
              that before. I usually chat with AOL Instant Message
              software, which is also a free download. If youíre
              interested lemme know and Iíll send the URL.

              As for the Chronic, Iím extremely impressed. All the claims
              of high yield and potency seem to have been true; havenít
              got the total weight of my grow yet cause the MONSTER colas
              (two feet long x four inches thick) are still drying, but
              the first three plants (which werenít the biggest) gave over
              100 grams, which I consider a lot. The last three look like
              theyíll weigh in even more. There is a bit of variance in
              the strain. I saw two distinct phylotaxies/growth patterns
              indicative of the Sativa/Indica mix: thick, luscious buds on
              short plants, and thin, slightly fluffy buds on stretchy
              tall plants. Nevertheless the result was excellent. The
              high is half body, half mental and will lock you to your
              couch for a long time. Iíd give it a 7.5 or 8 out of 10. I
              posted about it about two weeks back on ADPC, so if you do a
              search (not archived, however) of recent posts you might be
              able to find it under "Chronic."

              Iím really interested in WW, esp. the Peacemaker you
              mentioned. Are there any reviews of it online? I also saw
              raves on the BCGA board about Cinderella 99, which sounds
              awesome. I should say that I prefer a heavy Indica plant,
              short and dense with thick trichomes. Iím thinking now
              about ordering some Romberry and the Cinderella.

              Have you used the Positivegrow place? I checked their site
              briefly but didnít see any seeds for sale. Might be in an
              area that I didnít explore. Iím pretty faithful to Heavenís
              Stairway though I know theyíre not cheap. They are really
              honest and have a great selection though. Do you have any
              of their Big Bud beans? Iíd like to trade some Chronic if
              you do. I grew a clone of BB last year and it was

              The trim I usually give to a friend of mine whoís too wimpy
              to smoke the budsÖafraid to get "too high" ;-). If youíve
              got any of those WW beans lemme know.

              - KGB



              TOPIC - New Prods at Nusery/ Vic a Question
              DATE - 13:47:46 5/04/99
              FROM - Budm
              Hi All, Well thaere is a nice nursery walking distance to my home, usually
              there is not much there in the way of organics, but they have brought in some
              great products for the spring planting season. They have Bat Gauno 10-3-1
              Castings in 2 gal containers the real good kind "Orcan Brand". But there
              were some products that are new that I wanted to ask you guys how to use,
              like Rock Phosphate 0-45-0 its granulated, can this be used as a top
              dressing in flower? And I found a "Blossom Set Spray" that Ive never seen
              before, its for tomatoes & peppers, up untill now the set-sprays ive seen
              have the active ingredent of "cytokin" this one has .0000240% Indolebutyric
              Acid and .0000224%
              Gibberellic Acid, now the manafacture (Ferti-lome) claims eariler harvests
              and increse in yields for Toms & Pepers, but will this concentration of Gib
              Acid be enough to do the
              male flower on female plant reaction? Vic? This is the first year they decided
              to sell organic soil amendments, and said they would increse with more
              variety if it sells well, I like going to these nurserys to get ferts and soil and
              pots and stuff, its nice to see organics getting a foothold.

              Chemo- Ive been to the island many times mon, its obivious by your very nice
              post, that the indicas are getting interbreed into the strains in Jamaica now,
              thanks to all of the european visitors bringing seeds, 10 years ago, anything
              from jamaica would have streached big time, as 90%
              of the island strains were pure sativas. I love the airport in Montego Bay, you
              cant even claim you baggage without 2-5 offers from airport dealers selling
              the herb. if anybody ever needs travel advice on Jamaica, just ask ;-))



              TOPIC - time to post again
              DATE - 11:57:26 5/04/99
              FROM - Chemo
              High all

              I haven't posted to any boards in ages. Some of you may remember me from
              HempBC boards and IRC. I figured it was time to join in again and help out
              whenever I can.

              I'll start by giving my latest harvest report

              Harvest end of March:

              Thai x Haze Skunk (Dutch Passion originals, my own cross)
              Thai F2 "
              Stawberry Blonde (Breeder Steve via Amsterdam coffee shop)
              Jamaican (unknown genes direct from the Island)

              All were very nice but different

              out of 10 seeds of each (6 of thai x hs)

              Had 6 thai fems
              1 thai hs
              4 Strawberry Blonde
              3 Jamaican

              Grown in rubbermaid buckets (11 liter) with bubbler in bottom for veg. Under
              160watts florescent

              Took clones and sexed moms. Clones then put into 1000watt garden. Mh
              first 2 weeks then hps after (sunblaster conversion hps to mh good
              bulb).hydrocorn buckets with drip pureblend 3tbsp/gallon. SCROG system

              PUreblend by itself is very tricky


              typical thai taste. some hermes on 3-4 of 6 but had a high stress period with
              fert problems. varied 10-14 flowering time but all harvested at 12. Potency
              exceptional on one and good to very good on others. very up. taste nice spicy
              to piney depending on plant. kept exceptional mom , taste isn't as good, but
              best yield and higest potency.
              70g on one plant started at 9 - 12 inches flowering

              thai x hs

              one mom. best taste of all. tropical. potent not as stretchy as thai. finished at
              2.5 ft, thai up to 5 when straightened out.

              Strawberry blonde

              Hats off to breeder steve
              all moms finished flowering at 10 weeks. 3 of 4 are very potent and probably
              highest of crop. Nice taste but nothing extraordinary. finished at 2.5 feet.
              lower yield on these though 20-30/ plant


              nice smmooth musky fruity flavor. lowest yield down to 10-15/ plant. nice up
              high, but still relaxing. (thai is myuch more anxiety producing). have crossed
              with pollen from best thai male and will be cubing as well. I love the overall
              blend of this smoke but yield problematic. may do better if veged to 2-3 feet
              as opposed to 1 foot, stretched very little.

              Overall a very nice crop. I don't know if I'll try pureblend by itself again. seems
              to work better combined with gh.

              if any questions my email is above


             TOPIC - Budm you should have mail!
             DATE - 07:56:29 5/04/99
             FROM - Kenkeman
             Sent you my thoughts yesterday. Hope you got them.


              TOPIC - Dr E
              DATE - 17:05:51 5/03/99
              FROM - Budm
              Dr E The mail did not show, please try again!


              TOPIC -
              DATE - 16:15:40 5/03/99
              FROM - m.g.
              budm, i recently received a dozen large clones brought up in plastic soda
              bottles. they were packed fairly tight with vermiculite only surrounding broken
              up "grodan" cubes and all had a dense set of roots at one month. i did notice
              two holes in the bottom (for draining, i imagine as this guy doesn't do hydro)
              when i transplanted them into soil. so they seem to work great for rooting
              clones. easy to remove for transplanting too.


              TOPIC - Shaggy/h-report
              DATE - 16:01:27 5/03/99
              FROM - Budm
              Hi All, Shaggy Great Report ! I was wondering a/b the Sage, Ive been
              following you and Dr Ts repots at the WB, and you did not mention to much
              about the 2 that were harvested, were they fussy to grow, and were the two
              uniform? Thanks for a great and humorous/honest report.

              Any one grow in 2 or 3 liter soday bottles ? af is tinkering with a couple of
              diffrent layering of medium experments, any feedback would be great.
              Stay Safe yall.


              TOPIC - blue moonshine
              DATE - 15:57:27 5/03/99
              FROM - stonerg
              nugs - I didn't report on it because 1)I only had three and that's hardly
              representative 2) I know Vic doesn't want this to turn into a seedbank board.
              That said, I liked it a lot. It's mellow, wierd, trippy yet down to earth. I crossed
              it with my best NL female and so far, NL-BM smells like heaven. I'd say it
              smells like bubblegum, but I know there's a strain out there with that name.
              But that's just what it smells like (right now.)
              So anyways, I found B.M. alot like the description; strong but don't get it if you
              want your ass kicked (it isn't that way.) However, if you like mellow, different
              stones, I highly recommend it. Yield pretty good; nugs too hard if such a thing
              exists, quick: takes about two months or so; sorry I'm too busy to get terribly
              scientific about it. (and as I grow in about 12 CUBIC feet, you don't want my
              numbers. I doubt anyone shares them.)
              And these are only my experiences and current opinion. I reserve the right to
              change my mind, which I may. Oddly, I'm just not sure about the Blue
              Moonshine, which is wierd because I have an opinion on all others. Going to
              start all B.M. beans soon (Moving to bigger local and I swear I'm starting
              every bean in my possession when I get there (and I'm going totally
              organic!)) and I'll know my opinion better then.
              Blue moonshine wouldn't be my choice if I could only grow one strain. But I'm
              superstoked to have it.


              TOPIC - Harvest Report
              DATE - 10:57:35 5/03/99
              FROM - shaggy
              High everybody,

              BTW, Vic, is this OK here? I figure everyone would like to see a harvest

              Well, well, well. I was going to post this over at the 'base, but...you know.
              Anyone know what the hell is going on? I just hope ~S~ is OK...

              Ok, here we go. This may be a little long.

              Seeds: Romberry, BCGA Blueberry, Cinder88, Greenhouse GWS, and Sage
              (a Haze/Afghani hybrid from TH Seeds in A'dam). I lost one Rom seed in
              transport--no worries.

              Great germination on all--no problems except that the castings seemed to
              attract fungus gnats which ate some of my emerging seedlings. all in all nice

              Grown in castings, perlite, vermic, and cocofiber. I don't know why I use the
              cocofiber since I hand-water, but I dig the stuff. All toasted nicely under an
              air-cooled 430 Hydrofarm HPS.

              I ended up with 20 seedlings--3 blueberry, 2 sage, 5GWS, 5 roms, and 5
              cinders. I initially had some pH probs as I wasn't checking the pH of all the
              water I was using. Also, the dolomitic lime does take a couple of weeks to
              kick in--so plan accordingly. Maybe a little of the hydrated at the beginning?
              As a result of the pH, things got a little funky, yellow and slow-growing. Also, I
              decided to use organics this time 1/2 way through--not a great choice, but I
              stick with my decision. Was yeild hurt? Hard to say but the girls have an
              aroma heretofore unmatched!

              OK, getting ahead of myself...Of the 20, 8 were female--1 Sage, 2 GWS, 2
              Cinder, 1 blueberry, and 2 Roms. Actually, I thought I had 3 Roms, but one
              had "sexual problems". No big deal. Watch your roms--and look for females
              with prolific pre-flowering. Also, keep in mind that I like to veg for a long
              time--2 months min. This time I let them go 72 days. Actually, I wouldn't have
              done it if I didn't have those pH/slow growing probs--but everything worked
              out in the end.

              Each plant yeilded 1-2 z's each. Not bad for a tiny closet. Hell, that's enough
              to set me up for MONTHS!

              Comments:Romberry's a peach. What a nice high--ya can't get that grin off
              your face. The flavor's coming out as the cure progresses.

              Gws: My wife's fave. Just a little to indica heaven--but not too lethargic.

              Cinder: There's been a lot of talk about this strain. All I can say is that I'm very
              glad I grew this one. Fast, nice yeilds, great high. Harvested at 49
              days--maybe even a little too long. While most really bite ya in the ass, the
              occassional bud out of my jar is simply wicked. I actually got lost a few
              blocks from my house--shit that hasn't happened in 10 years.

              All in all a big thumbs up to Vic and Soul. You guys couln't have done any
              better--although I'm really looking forward to future creations.

              Soul--you said I'd love the Cinder and you were right! hope to see you around

              I'd be happy to anwer any questions, etc.

              Happy trails and thanks again Vic!



             TOPIC - hey STONERG, how'd that blue moonshine end up?
             DATE - 07:26:52 5/03/99
             FROM - nugs


             TOPIC - Just a Quick hello to all!
             DATE - 06:15:06 5/03/99
             FROM - kenkeman
             Hey folks, Just wanted to drop you guys a line and tell you that I am back
             from abroad and ready to start working again. I will start my small forest in
             the Panamanian highlands within a couple of weeks. I will be growing
             outdoors in a humid but cool spot with sunshine only part of the day. Does
             anyone have any suggestions as to what might do well under these
             conditions. Temp never goes above 75 or below 50. Thanks for any input.

             Fumen motta y dejen vivir "smoke buds and let live"


              TOPIC - Budm
              DATE - 17:39:15 5/02/99
              FROM - Dr. Evil
              Budm, you have mail (at the last address you wrote me from)

              Hi All


              TOPIC - biohydro
              DATE - 16:39:25 5/02/99
              FROM - TerryTune
              water 3ft down keep digging till you see the slants in there eyes, what are
              you growing a tree no standing water in an 18 inch hole is fine all the better if
              a tap root can find water less work .this is the second time i have heard of
              people on this site digging huge holes{anything over a 5 gallon pot seems
              stupid to me}why? am i missing somthing
              also i would like to post a question i am from cent van isl and am trying
              clones for the first time {seed man} i have my lights set for the end of may 15
              and 7 the girls are budding they will come back to veg{i hope} will the buds
              dry and dye or do i have to cut them back any info would be helpfull thanks



             TOPIC - I mean
             DATE - 16:09:23 5/02/99
             FROM - biohydro
             I mean that water has accumulated at the bottom of the hole I dug and its not
             from rain.


             TOPIC - Outdoor planting
             DATE - 16:07:52 5/02/99
             FROM - BioHydro
             I have a area that I plan on planting in. The vegetation has accumulated at
             the bottom. Im planning on filling this hole with potting soil, and vermiculite,
             but will drainage be a problem because of the water or will this make it
             unncecisarry to water since the roots can just get there water below them.
             Should I make a mound? Or just scrap the whole idea here.around the area
             includes shrubs, mosses, some pine, grasses, etc. The soil is very rich and
             contains many worms. The soil is slightly clay like but appears to be slightly
             reddish. The problem is 3 feet down you get water. I dug a 3 foot hole and


              TOPIC - Re: Re: Starting seeds
              DATE - 12:46:36 5/02/99
              FROM - Shugroz
              Have read that starting seeds in paper medium is not advisable due to
              questionable Ph of paper! I suppose that some methods are more
              acceptable than others. I have had success with using a one gallon zip-lock
              freezer bag, placing a dampened white cloth towell, (preferably one NOT
              laundered with a bleach product)folded in half with the little puppies
              stragically placed on one half prior to folding and then putting the towell in
              the zip-lock and blowing it up with your exhaled air. Then place the balloon
              like bag atop your refrigerator. I think the carbon dioxide promotes
              gemination. I have had nearly 100% sucess rate with conventional seeds.
              Sounds bizarre but does work. I wouldn't fill the ziplock after a heavy night of


              Receptive to other germination ideas!


              TOPIC - Female Seeds or Femme Fatale
              DATE - 09:11:51 5/02/99
              FROM - R.C.
              Sammy & Thunderheart:

              Although I was reluctant at first to carry all female seeds from any breeder, I
              did get a small batch last November when D.P. introduced them at the H.T.
              Cannabis Cup. I didn't list them till about Jan. as I was worried about their
              outcome myself. Since then, every report I've received has been extremely
              positive and have yet to hear one complaint. So far not one report on any
              males or hermaphrodites being produced, and all have had germination
              rates in the region of 100% with excellent growth characteristics. All female
              seeds isn't for the grower who wants to breed, but they are an asset for
              someone limited in time and space.


             TOPIC - Hey Yall!!
             DATE - 23:41:58 5/01/99
             FROM - Perpetual Harvest
             .....well....this is where y'all are , Hmmm...Ha! Nice to see some familiar
             names! ben back online a couple days now and couldn't find a soul! WEIRD!
             Good to see yoose guys!
             Special high to Vic, Soul, Pi(no E 3.1415), A-man, Subcool, kumquat, Lady-J
             & mg.
             It's late, I'm beat, see y'all soon!


              TOPIC - Female Seeds: reply to Sammy
              DATE - 19:06:01 5/01/99
              FROM - Thunderheart
              While in a-dam, i got to talk about the all females from Dutch passion.
              Apparently they have found a way to produce these reliably on some strains.
              They do this by basically stressing the mothers in certain ways. Personally i
              wouldn't trust it. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. I feel this would
              greatly increase you chance of hermies, and i try to avoid that like the plague.



             TOPIC - Malawi Gold
             DATE - 16:49:50 5/01/99
             FROM - Bongo
             Just go me some of these seed fresh out Zimbabwe. Supposed to be the
             best weed in africa. I want to give it a shot in a scrog set up. Has anybody
             come across this plant? What is it, Indica? Sativa? Will it work for a small
             scale closet grow? My friend who got the seeds said it had fat Indica like
             leaves, but was 6ft tall.



              TOPIC - FEMALE SEEDS
              DATE - 16:10:18 5/01/99
              FROM - SAMMY


              TOPIC - back from the shadows.....
              DATE - 15:00:06 5/01/99
              FROM - aeric77
              for a minute or two anyway......hi ya Vic, BL, Soul, OT1, and all.......see there's
              been a shake up.....hope everyone is safe.....I'll stop back soon....aeric77....


              TOPIC - kdfhdsik
              DATE - 11:24:25 5/01/99
              FROM - Eric

              Its really hard to say what you have because of smuggling seeds by growers
              to these different countries.

              It sounds like it is an indica/satavia cross both of those countries have for
              100's years cultivated pot. The only way to know is to do them and see what
              comes up. Growing "unknown" seeds is always the most fun anyway, you
              get disappointed more but it is like going treasure hunting, it is the wait that
              makes it worth while, and you never know, you might have a really good


              TOPIC -
              DATE - 08:37:18 5/01/99
              FROM - Budm
              Hi All,
              toots-IMO, Do what you need to do, many have grown with great results with
              MH exclusivly, so no prolbem.Afoaf did his Romberries the reverse way, MH
              for the first 3 weeks, then he bought a 400hps, and finished with it. Dont
              woory you'll get great results, the genetics are so good.

              KGB What happened ????

              lilJoe- Imo just give it a try, most discriptions especially from "friends" are of
              dubious origins, besides
              even if I had a opinion on what that cross may or maynot be like, it would
              prob not be accurate for the auctal genetices that those beans are really
              made up of, give
              them a shot,HTH



             TOPIC - ROMBERRY HELP!!!!
             DATE - 06:36:40 5/01/99
             FROM - toots
             Will it hurt to put my romberry under MH for the last three weeks of flowering?
             They have been underr 430 sunag for the last 70 days. Im in a an awkward
             situation and don't really want to buy another light but if if ne necesary.


              TOPIC -
              DATE - 20:02:54 4/30/99
              FROM - LIL'JOE
              I just got some seeds from a friend and he told me they are half Turkish and
              Jamaican.Can anyone tell what kind of high that might have and is that a
              good plant.

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