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             TOPIC - ROMBERRY HELP!!!!
             DATE - 06:36:40 5/01/99
             FROM - toots
             Will it hurt to put my romberry under MH for the last three weeks of
             flowering? They have been underr 430 sunag for the last 70 days. Im in a
             an awkward situation and don't really want to buy another light but if if ne


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 20:02:54 4/30/99
             FROM - LIL'JOE
             I just got some seeds from a friend and he told me they are half Turkish
             and Jamaican.Can anyone tell what kind of high that might have and is that
             a good plant.


             TOPIC - Trelaway
             DATE - 17:29:34 4/30/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi, Is that the consensus that there was a mix-up som where?
             I missed that, That possiablity never entered my mind,I figured the way RC
             part numbers the strains and all, that would be far from a possiablity, but
             as usual Im prpbably missing somthing. This girl dropped some of her
             older leaves, the more i work with these plants the more they fasinate
             me.Kinda like she wanted to reduce the distance between her leaves and
             the lamp, and like your blueberries I have a posi bigbud rigt next to her
             thats trying to get jiggy wit the lamp and closing in on it all the time.

             I saw at cann.com that KenKeman has returned, im sure he will stop by
             after he gets the new addy.

             Have a great weekend ;-))



             TOPIC -
             DATE - 12:47:05 4/30/99
             FROM - trelaway
             Budm-I was wondering if anyone would have the same problem with
             increasing lite intensity. When I went from my 400w MH to the 600hps, my
             roms took it VERY hard and drooped for a week while the blues were
             almost clapping thier leaves in excitement.

             I've been wondering if this caused my herms even tho the consensus is I
             didn't have roms to begin with.

             just a thought.

             thanx for the rockwool info OT, been wondering about the controversy. I'm
             gonna stop using it for cuttings (too bad, it was sooooo easy).

             A note on asbestos. Apparently not all asbestos is created equally. There
             are a few mines in the us that provide the cancer causing asbestos while
             the vast majority of it is purported harmless. I read this in a local paper a
             while back. Apparently the canuck gov't has spent billions removing
             harmless asbestos from gov't buildings. Not a chemist tho, just relating
             what I read.


             TOPIC - reply OT1
             DATE - 10:55:32 4/30/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi, Yes OT1 light intensity has been inrcresed, I did not think a/b
             mentioning that, yesterday she was moved from a corner to directly under
             one of the lamps, this has never happend B4 so it was confusing, should I
             watch closer for hermies because of this?

             Budboy, the same good info that was passed along to me is, when your
             canopy is about 75% full is the time to switch to 12/12, however that is with
             sexed females,being that you have 10 plants and the likely outcome will be
             5 fems, maybe you should let the canopy go to about 100% and then switch
             to 12/12, then cull out the males, with any luck you will get rid of 3-4 males
             then you should have about 75% canopy filled then, and then thats the right
             amount of space for each girl. Some one else please lend a hand here as
             all of this is very newly aquired knowledge, and I dont want to steer any one
             in the wrong direction. HTH


             TOPIC - My cabinet and when to flower?
             DATE - 10:41:35 4/30/99
             FROM - BudBoy
             Hey everyone, Im glad i found this place since the base is fuct now. I have a
             cabinet that is 5ft tall 2.5 deep x 2.5 wide,it has a door on two sides and a
             grow box on heavy duty casters.I have a 400MH in there and seedlings are
             1 week old and at the third - fourth node.(all from bag seed)I have ten
             plants in the grow box together .my question is when should i flower
             them?the fingers of the leaves are pretty fat so im thinkin mostly indica .I
             estimate 5-6 square feet grow space and i want spears to grow without a
             lot of branching.If i can flower fast enough then i can kill the males and put
             a screen in?the box has roughly 5 gallons of soil, verm and perlite.been
             watering with fish tank water and dilute peters 20-20-20 is it ok to put them
             all together in one box?wish i could get good seed but paranoia increased
             from the weedbase spook.thanx everyone


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 10:29:28 4/30/99
             FROM - oldtimer1
             Budm was there a big change in light intensity ie have they now got a lot
             more? If so they will adjust in a day or so.
             oasis no probs, perlite dust is irritating but not likly to cause any long term
             damage and what I use for cuttings.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 08:08:56 4/30/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi again all, well upon closer examination only a few of the fan leaves are
             drooped, shes only been in 12/12 since Sunday maybe its shock because
             she came from a 24/0 straight to 12/12, maybe its its Blueberry ansestry
             being sensitive to changes comming through?? Today was her day for
             water, just gave here plain water with a bit of H2O2, I hope this does not
             cause hermis, Id put her back in veg for a week or so but theres no room.

             OT1-Do Oasis cubes fall into that MMF catogory? I to have been concerned
             about the Health hazzards of RW,its only used for cuttings, but after I run out
             Id like to use perlite/vermiclite oasis, or spend the money and invest in the
             small table top aeroponic cloner from American Ag in Arizona its only about
             100$ for the 18 net cup small unit, Ive heard it is a fantastic machine with
             great sucess rate.

             If anyone is looking for new lighting, Eco Ent is having a sale till July on
             Sunlight Supply, the best prices Ive seen on the series 7 mixed spectrum
             combo lamps 400mh with 400hps for 350$us and the 600hps with 400mh
             for 475$us.Sorry for the product info, its a special that was mailed out, so
             its not on the web site. I hope it benefits someone. Yall have a great
             weekend, and a happy may 1st too!



             TOPIC - Help
             DATE - 06:25:46 4/30/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi All, Af looked in on a Rom that was put into 12/12 on Sunday and as of
             yesterday it was doing fine, this morn alot of its leaves are drooping bad,
             funny thing is yesterday was one of its off days for water, shes in a 5gal pot
             Supersoil, under 800watts of mixed lamps, no ferts yet. This ones really a
             stumper. Thanks for any guesses, the gowth tips look perky still, confused.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 01:50:31 4/30/99
             FROM - oldtimer1
             This is what the Positronics said about MMF's :-


             Asbestos is highly carcinogenic, causing lung cancer. In itself it is not
             poisonous. You can even eat it. The danger is brought about by
             the size and diameter of the small particles that form the material. When
             these parts have a certain diameter and length, they cause lung
             cancer. These parts are called Stanton parts, after the man who discovered
             them. Asbestos is intransitive and largely made up out of
             Stanton parts.

             Most MMFs contain 20-30% Stanton parts. So it would be logical to assume
             that they have the same effect. Though rockwool parts do
             deteriorate faster when they're in the lungs.

             The problem with lung cancer is that the illness doesn't manifest itself for
             15-20 years, so it is hard to trace the cause and effect.

             The rock wool industry often parades misleading test results from
             Switzerland. In these tests, rats live in an atmosphere full of rock
             wool particles. After one year the animals are cut open and they joyfully
             observe that no lung cancers have developed. This, of course,
             is not so strange as we know this takes tens of years, and a rat just doesn't
             live that long. Even if you were to repeat this test with
             asbestos you would not find any lung cancers. The only reliable method is
             to inject the material into the lungs of the test animals. Then
             lung cancers do develop, in the case of asbestos as well as in the case of

             A grower in a professional greenhouse at least has plenty of space and
             fresh air around him. Most homegrowers work in attics and
             sheds, in non-professional surroundings. When you unpack boxes of rock
             wool, dangerous parts are released, regarding
             precautions! So, never use rockwool, not to grow and not to plant cuttings
             in, it will take years off your life!



             TOPIC -
             DATE - 01:47:54 4/30/99
             FROM - oldtimer1
             stonerg providing you can revive your mum and get shoots long enough to
             take cuttings they will be just fine providing they are given good conditions,
             you cant change the genetic make up of your plant by a near death
             experience of the mum. You should consider mumming up one of the cuts
             to replace the mum as her root and bark system are probably damaged
             reducing her lifespan and vigour.

             I certainly wouldn't mix MMF's into veg garden soil as it is subject to wind,
             digging and hoeing and when dry this puts fine particles in the air that you
             can breath. They work their way into the blood stream where they circulate
             forever causing tiny lesions every time they pass through the liver.

             All the best Ot1



             TOPIC -
             DATE - 19:23:41 4/29/99
             FROM - 67ed
             I really don't think so, but I've heard that seeds produced in poor
             environments will be a large percentage males.


             TOPIC - moms and stress
             DATE - 15:49:44 4/29/99
             FROM - stonerg
             I just rescued a mother from her deathbed. I mean it was bad. Once
             healthy, do her offspring have an increased chance of going hermie?

             Thanks everyone.


             TOPIC - rockwool and karma
             DATE - 15:48:10 4/29/99
             FROM - stonerg
             Is my karma going to hell if I use rockwool and when I'm done with it start
             working it into my vegetable garden outside? I thought it would be a good
             soil conditioner, but maybe somebody can tell me a reason not to do it. I
             know it's generally thought of as bad for the environment, but I don't plan to
             throw it away, but to use it (forever I'm sure.)



             TOPIC - seedbanks
             DATE - 14:28:08 4/29/99
             FROM - Vic High
             sorry Soul for deleting your last post. I should have deleted the question
             you were trying yo answer sooner to save you the time. It was a seedbanks
             question that doesn't belong here. This will NOT become another
             seedbanks forum. I even try to avoid responding to the romberry questions
             letting others answer from their personal experience. I hope that other
             breeders/seedbanks follow my lead. This is to try and avoid problems
             between the many breeders and seedbanks that lurk and post here.

             I will try and take the time to add a set of guidelines at the top of the page to
             avoid these types of innocent mistakes. For someone to ask about a
             specific trait of a specific strain is fine, as is someone reporting their
             experiences with a specific strain. I do draw the line with generalized
             seedbank type questions.


             TOPIC - preflowers
             DATE - 11:48:12 4/29/99
             FROM - pi
             flwr smkr >>> soul helped me in that area to. just looked at 12 of vic's
             Romberries @ about 3.5weeks. 6 females and what looks like 3 males
             and 3 undiff premadoria(sp).i used a 30x loop and even with that i had to
             really look. some strains are easier to spot than others. if you have already
             trimmed the tops for a 4+ cola'd monster you may already have trimmed
             away the preflowers. that is what happened to me when a friend topped
             some of my other plants. right Sub!

             Thanks soul!


             TOPIC - pre-flowers---observations--comments?
             DATE - 09:10:35 4/29/99
             FROM - flwr smkr
             after two years of growing,veging 4-6 weeks than flowering.
             decided to try to find these pre-flowers mr.soul keeps talking about.(i never
             seen one)
             7 of 10 c-99 germed,10 of 10 romberry germed,10 of 10 strawberry blonde
             all plants under flo lites 24/7 for 5 weeks.
             took 4 romberry,4 c-99 and 2 strawberry,put under 430 hps 18/6.at seventh
             week,found pre flowers on,
             3 of 4 romberry,3 of 4 c-99 and so far none on the two strawberry
             blonde.other plants still under flo lites.
             not a single plant under flo lites showing pre flowers.
             same number of internodes as plants under 430 hps,but no pre
             flowers.can't be all males(god they better not be)
             is this strictly due to less lighting?

             have some more comments about length of veg.for healthier
             looking,better yielding plants.
             this definately goes along with some comments i 've read from ot1 about
             root size.their is method to mr.souls and ot1's madness.heheheheh
             will delay some of those comments so as not to wear out my welcome.
             be safe.
             p.s.good to see your still with us mr.soul.


             TOPIC - Allantonin update
             DATE - 08:55:49 4/29/99
             FROM - Old Bud
             Well the harvest is done, WW at 8 wks with allantonin, Very bulky resin
             glands (underside of leaves, stems, everywhere).
             Taste is harsh and very kotton mouth, I dont like it as the high is no better
             (stronger). I'm not sure if the WW is too blame but I do have some Orange
             bud comeing up in the next few weeks, They look great will have to see
             about the Kotton Mouth.
             Live and Learn, Peace


             TOPIC - spke
             DATE - 16:00:44 4/28/99
             FROM - oldtimer1
             spke why do you think your skunks should be finished at 6 weeks of
             flowering, some of them require 9 weeks of more its down to the genetics
             of the particular strain you are growing. Light hrs should be kept at 12/12
             and from the sound of you description you are starving them ie they need
             more nitrogen the plant is stripping it from the leaves to keep the cola
             growing. You cant change the genetics of what you are growing, with some
             of the longer maturing plants the final bud weight can more than double in
             the last 2 or 3 weeks. To do this it needs adequate NPK and light to remain
             healthy, not sugar water you will just end up with low quality bud and light
             weight. It is better to learn to read and follow what your plants are telling
             you they want to do than try and force them to follow what you think they
             should do.

             Hope this helps Ot1.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 12:57:48 4/28/99
             FROM - trelaway

             drop in at www.cannabis.com--the message board system there is what
             yer looking for.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 12:54:17 4/28/99
             FROM - trelaway
             Spike- do the leaves on the non-flowering plants have a gold/bronze hue to
             them? Sometimes a too rich N mixture will delay flowering.


             TOPIC - kejfls
             DATE - 12:42:35 4/28/99
             FROM - Eric

             I would say that it is one or both of two things. More than likely it is just
             differnce in genetics. It could be that those two plants are getting a little
             light shinning on them that the others arent getting...but i would bet that it is
             difference in genetics. You DONT need to lessen the light period anymore
             than it already is..just wait some more.


             TOPIC - Sexual Dominance?
             DATE - 12:02:44 4/28/99
             FROM - Ganjahmel
             I am wondering if the sex of a parent affects dominance. I have always
             heard that the female has more influence on the offspring. Has anyone
             experianced that.


             TOPIC - not maturing
             DATE - 11:59:00 4/28/99
             FROM - spike
             hi, i have a question, im at 6 weeks and 1 day into flowering. my plants are
             all baggie seed from good local skunks. they are of course about half and
             half of their parents. heres my problem, a couple of em are beautiful and
             green as ever with the calyxs swelling and covered with many trichomes
             but, not but maybe a dozen pistils have turned color. some fan leaves are a
             pretty autumn yellow. and most others range from mature to almost. ive
             used propane to produce co2 and theyre in 5 gallon buckets and are
             between 3-4 ft. high.. i just got my cindy 88's a few weeks ago and there all
             doin fine and no probs there. but these 2 plants dont show any sign of
             maturing like the others. is it just the unstable seed line or do you think i
             should lessen the daylight. there on 11/13 now and have been for 10 days.
             ive also cleared some with sugar. what should i do? thanks.


             TOPIC - kjshkas
             DATE - 11:57:44 4/28/99
             FROM - Eric

             I noticed that same growth in a flo that was reveged..if you will keep it under
             low light it will continue to grow like that longer. Flo#1 is the mostly indica
             and it shows this more than Flo#3. Three blades is the most it will put out,
             But clones from it are the normal. The Flo#1's leaves are single bladed
             with no serations. the leaves resemble a hedge bush. If you will look
             closely you should find where the plant is still or once was growing calaxas
             on the stems like an inch apart from each other as if it were tring to grow
             branches but calaxas were forming. Its kinda stuck inbetween veg and
             flowering. The calaxas actually have resin glands on them.

             just leave your addy no message and i will mail you from someother

             cinderella99 is doing great. got 8 out of 10 to germ, They will be done in a
             20'x6' plot with 4 feet of root depth
             soil is a mixture of topsoil,compost,cow manure,blood meal,bone meal,
             worm castings, campfire ashes, water poylmers, peatmoss, sand, perlite,
             vermiculite. this mixture fills the 4' deep hole with 20'x 6'. It will have first
             morning sun, and will recieve direct sunlight until 6:00pm
             so thats at least 12 hours a day. I know they will be later to start flowering
             because they are actually a foot tall now and will put into the patch as soon
             as the soil sweetins (3 more weeks) ( i forgot i also added dolmite lime to
             the mix) and i will be pouring the nitrogen to them because there will be
             multiple clones taken over the summer, which brings me to my questions.

             1. can you give me an idea of the expected yeild for those plants taking into
             consideration that they will have everything the could ever want and stress
             will be VERY little.

             2. can you give me an idea as to the expected yeild per plant for the clones
             that will be taken. They will be grown in five gallon buckets with the same
             soil mixture as the plot.

             I know that the roots have far less room in the buckets but i need an idea if
             you can help.



             TOPIC - this & that
             DATE - 09:38:28 4/28/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi all,
             Vic I got that joke this morning had a good chuckle with my coffee, at first I
             was "this is not that funny" till I opened the 2nd msg!!. Ive been using all of
             Jays lines on phone calls etc, keeps many people laughing;-)

             67ed, That is a very kind offer, and when the time is right we can finalize it
             via email, thanks a bunch, as I really want to try to continue it, even if its in a
             cross. I do have one last shot as im going to obtain 5 of the PR eggs from
             Eric, say a prayer, and any "soak" susgestions for stubborn seeds would
             be of great intrest to me, and really apprechiated, and of course 67ed, Id
             really like it if you would accept some sort of beans in exchange, the extent
             of the egg inventory is really nice, due to some really nice generosity, and of
             course after the PR has crossed with the Haze, it would be nice to compare
             grow-outs with you, and anyone that would like some, when the time
             comes Ill ask for foster parents.

             Well bit about the suprises.

             RSB,Wash,P.75,LS,--all are about 4" at about 10 days above soil on there
             3rd nodes, the washingtons seem to be the most vigerous, closely
             followed by the RSB's, all of the suprises are faster then the Peak19 F2s,
             that were started at the same time, the P19s are as tall but only at 2 nodes.

             Af did a couple of late cuttings from the flower closet that had to basically go
             through re-veg due to the lateness
             of the cloning, they took about 30 days to return to vegitative growth, and
             was it a twisted contourted dance that they went through, with leaves on
             them now that bear no resemblence at all to MJ, some auctually twisted
             around-and-around the stems like they were trying to wrap thenseves
             around the stalk, weird, a whole nother dimension to MJ growth that untill
             now Ive never seen, facinating.

             shugroz- Nice post, I was going to lend a hand there, as thats about the
             only area at this point im confident giving advice in, but you did a fantastic
             job, much better then what id have done;-))

             67ed can you please email me? Thanks



             TOPIC -
             DATE - 08:57:51 4/28/99
             FROM - Kali Mist
             Can somebody please show me the way to ew chat? I accidently wiped
             away all of my book marks and the only thing I remember is 207??????.


             TOPIC - starting seeds
             DATE - 07:35:49 4/28/99
             FROM - shugroz
             I can help with this one or at least tell u how I do it and have good success.

             U will need.

             distilled water
             An aquarium pH test kit
             PH up and pH down drops safe for fish and plants
             White, clean paper towels
             2 porcelain plates
             Vitamin B1, super thrive, or (KLN) dynagrow
             Magnifying glass
             Nail, chopsticks or something similar
             Spray bottle

             1) Test your distilled water for itís current pHÖand then correct it with the
             drops ÖI add enough pH down to get it to 6.4
             2) fold a paper towel so that none of it is hanging off of the plate ìwet downî
             the towel with your pH corrected B1 water place

             3)Carefully with very clean hands spread out the seeds so they do not
             touch each other and so that the moisture can surround them.

             4)Place a second paper towel over the seeds in the same manner then wet
             that towel downÖput the 2nd plate over the first and allow all the excess
             water to drain off.

             5)Put a sticky note on the top of the plates with the date and ìkindî of seeds
             you just started.

             6)NOW, put them in a ìwarmî place in your home and in about 12 hrs. start
             checking themÖ

             7)Use your magnifying glass and catch these little suckers just as soon as
             they start to crack open

             From here Iíll just tell you how I do it since I donít know what medium or
             method u use to grow.

             8) I use seedling 6packs fill them with soiless (promix or other) wet down
             with the same B1 water..if you catch them as soon as they start to crack
             open..it shouldnít matter how u ìplaceî them in the soilÖI use a clean
             disposable chop stick to make a small hole about ½ in deep and with a
             pair of clean tweezers (making sure not to touch the tiny sprout) drop the
             seed in hole..Put more medium over the hole and then spray them with the
             same ìwaterîÖ

             They will ìsproutî at different times so keep checking them with the
             magnifying glass and plant them as they sprout.

             They should all ìsproutî within a couple daysÖ
             Then I put them under 2 banks of 40watt floros as close to the middle of the
             light as possible and just a few inches from the light.

             Keep them moist but not ìsoggyî they should pop there heads up in about
             2 daysÖkeep using the spray bottle until u can water them without
             disturbing the soil/seeds..

             Use this ìwaterî until the seedlings are at least a week oldÖor however
             many inches high and then switch to a mild seedling/start solutionÖ

             I go from 6 packs to 4î pots to 3 gal pots allowing them to show foots thru
             the bottom of the container before transplanting themÖ

             If u want info on transplanting just post and Iíll answer!

             What kind of seeds are u using? If you are using ìbagî seed pick the most
             robust looking seedsÖif you are buying seed sprout ëem all..

             To date Iíve sprouted 99 per of my bag seeds and have no problems with
             this method.

             Iíve used the same method with friended or purchased seeds with the
             following results:

             Skunk/bag 99%

             Cg/c88 an incredibly low 50% I was told these were a less viable seed but
             still got 6 beautiful plants to choose a mother plant from

             Romberry bcga 100%

             Blueberry bcga 70%

             These % are actual sprouted growing seedlings going into veging.
             Hope this helps. Iím sure there are many other ways, but this way you get to
             know your seeds and their life cycle..

             Keep you magnifying glass close youíll be needing it for sexingÖand look
             at your plants often so you will learn and see the stages for yourselfÖset
             small goals and look to the futureÖie getting good mothers to clone
             fromÖyes u too can clone!!

             Sorry this is sooo long




             TOPIC - PR mate
             DATE - 23:08:38 4/27/99
             FROM - 67ed
             Budm: I've got a suggestion. I've got Nevil's Haze, and the seeds should be
             ready by June or before. I know you can wait that long because Kenke said
             yours didn't finish in Panama till December. I've selected a female with
             pure haze characteristics, same with the father. I'd be glad to send you
             some when they're done. Actually, some seeds should be viable in a
             month as they're already swelled up in their calyxes. This is about the
             closest to Panama Red that I can think of.


             TOPIC - Internet Security
             DATE - 22:20:51 4/27/99
             FROM - Toaster
             Hi all, first off I know that this is off topic but I think it's something to really
             look into. That said a little background about me. I'm putting together a
             grow closet based on Cha Cal's plans posted on WeedBase, should be
             starting in about 1 week. Will definatly be turning to all of you for advice over
             the next few months.
             Now what I wanted to tell you guys was that in my serch for anonimity on
             the internet (for obvious reasons) I found this company called Zero
             Knowledge that is putting together a program called Freedom. It looks to
             me like it is going to be an excellent way to aquire true privacy. Basicly the
             web page requests, e-mail, newsgroups, etc. all go through Freedom
             servers which partially encrypt/decrypt the data. That way no single server
             can read the actual data and all personal info can be striped. They are
             going to be releasing a beta soon but you have to sign up for the test at
             their site in order to participate. I've already signed up and would
             encourage all of you to at least check them out at the link below. Oh yeah,
             they are based in Montreal.

             BTW - No I do not work for them, hope you don't take this as spam. Just
             thought that those of us with this hobby should be on the look out for stuff
             like this.

                              Link: Zero Knowledge - Freedom


             TOPIC - Growing seeds
             DATE - 17:31:25 4/27/99
             FROM - L.A.B.
             I'm a first time grower, and having some problems.
             I'm soaking seeds overnight in distilled water then planting. The problem is
             some come up root first. I've read some books and all the hints i could get
             my hands on, online but i still get about 15% upside down. Now my
             undertanding is to put the seed in soil with the tap root pointing up.
             Is this right??
             As well my plants don't seem to be growing very fast. I have made some
             ajustments in humidity which i didn't have high enough for the new
             seedslings but still seeing slow growth. HELP.


             TOPIC - forgot
             DATE - 16:50:05 4/27/99
             FROM - shugroz
             xoxoxo mr.soul


             TOPIC - thanks
             DATE - 16:49:05 4/27/99
             FROM - shugroz
             6 weeks to the day found the "two white hairs" on one plant..it's one of the
             bag seed somthing/skunk...got 6 cc/c88 with pre-flowers almost ready to
             tell...used a 30 loupe and now that i know exactly where to look...pretty sure
             i can do it..thanks for the help and the pictures..still worried about
             vacation..but very confident i can sex them with the help given...this crop i
             wanted to learn to sex at pre-flower and get a good handle on ph...what's
             the 3 most important skills of a good grower??? i need new gaols...then on
             to breeding...

             thanks again all!!!



             TOPIC - is anyone experienced w/ "blue moonshine"
             DATE - 15:52:24 4/27/99
             FROM - indican


             TOPIC - Eric would you post your email addy.
             DATE - 13:06:54 4/27/99
             FROM - edhassle


             TOPIC - Bein' Helpful
             DATE - 12:54:13 4/27/99
             FROM - MrSoul
             High Everyone_~ Nice to see the familiar "faces"...thanks for the greetings. I
             decided to "run off at the mouth" a bit answering a couple of your questions

             no-one_~ I'd recommend getting pollen from a stable, heavy-yielding strain
             that complements yours with respect to her other traits most important to
             you and make that cross. You could then "tweak" the following generations
             toward the traits of the parent that they seem to ìneed more ofî over the
             course of a few generations and you'll have something that pleases you.
             Slowing down and explaining that:

             1. Make a cross with a strain that compliments yours, let's call him "B", and
             your mother "M"...just to facilitate our discussion:

             2. Observe the females resulting from the cross to determine how close to
             your ideal they came out.

             2a. If this first generation (F1) seem to need more of the mother's influence,
             cross the males from this generation back to the mother again to create
             "M.75" (This is a terminology I invented based on cubing: the decimal at the
             end of the name indicates the percentage of the name's genes in the

             2b. If the F1's still need more influence of the father, use his pollen on the
             best F1 females to create "B.75".

             3. Continue to "follow your ideal" along these lines and I think you'll arrive at
             a hybrid that pleases you.

             Budm_~ Your question derives from the difference in crossing F1's of the
             same parents together being an F2 and the other possibility: F1 x F1 from
             DIFFERENT parental stock. It's the difference between crossing the F1
             Sk#1/NL#5 and the F1 Durban/Thai, with an F2 cross of Sk#1/NL#5 x

             Vic and I discussed this before and I believe he feels that they're technically
             BOTH considered F2's. I feel there should be a distinction between the two
             categories...as they result in different outcomes. The "homogeneous" F2
             cross would give the classic F2 ratios reflecting the stable P1 elements
             which went into the F1, while the "mixed" F2 would be either wildly more
             unstable -- spitting out phenotypes from all four original P1 lines, or a lot
             more like an F1 cross where the two dissimilar parents create a fairly
             consistent "compromise phenotype" F1. Both are possibilities.

             The other KGB_~ Thanks for the compliment, you sound like you're taking
             good care of them. I think you should give it a week & see how they look
             before adding to the nute strength; 1500 ppm is strong. Having said that,
             Cinderella IS a heavy feeder, so you MIGHT need more...(to err on the weak
             side is the golden rule). Yeah, the pistils come out so fast and in such
             "clumps" they DO look like they're in loops! Wait until 7 weeks of 12/12 and
             harvest...surely you have THAT much more patience after getting THIS

             Lady J_~ Way ahead of you on that G13/C99 idea. We'll talk later.


             TOPIC - C-99 clones in ebb + flow
             DATE - 11:02:57 4/27/99
             FROM - The other KGB
             Just thought I'd comment....
             10 clones in 2-liter ebb + flow system.
             1 week into 12/12.
             Currently using GH nutes at 2-1-3 (M,G,B) plus 3 tsp. per gallon pureblend.
             PH nailed at 6.0.
             The stretch is minimal.
             Plants are incredibly bushy, its like a jungle in there.
             pistils are strange, growing in loops.
             I'm at about 1500 ppm, but they look like they want more nutes???
             These are the most vigorous plants ive seen, although I've only had about 8
             harvests of 5 strains.(NL,NL#9,Sensi star,Thai and Kush).
             I'm really low on stash, and hope I can keep my patience with these
             Kudos to Mr. Soul
             Early impressions are great!!


             TOPIC - soul
             DATE - 10:06:54 4/27/99
             FROM - Lady J
             hi all,

             soul>>thanks, I'll be in touch. Just think what that stuff will do to a g13!



             TOPIC - pollinating outcomes
             DATE - 08:44:04 4/27/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi all,

             edh- bad break sorry to here a/b it, could be much worse,if you need any
             help restocking bean inventory you have my
             addy;-) Be happy to be of assistance.

             Please excuse the ingnorance of the question, as to some of you im sure
             its as simple as 1 + 1, but im trying to learn. Im aware that when polinating
             m & f F1 it produces a F2 generation and it lays out expressions of both
             parents lineage. (like a litter of kittens I saw once, moma was a black cat
             dad was a mixed color, but one kitten was Siamese color perfectly,
             somewhere in one parents past was Siamese)
             Now my question is what does a mating of two F1's produce? I ask
             because afs Peak19 pollen is comming close to being at its end of shelf
             life, and he pollinated a branch on one of his KaliMists, just want to have a
             rough idea of what
             F1 + F1 = ? In the case of the Romberry x AF#1 so far it appears that the
             cross favors Romberry, smell, stature, etc, but the fan leaves are not as big
             as they were on Romberry, more like the Fans on the AF#1 were, Ive read
             about "achelles" is that like which traits will be resseive and which will be
             dominate. Im going to try to start on Clarkes book on-line, so I dont have to
             ask such basic questions, but Id still like to just have a bit of info of what to
             execpt out of a F1 X F1. TIA
             Nice to see the recoginized handles and the new ones;-))
             Yall stay safe.




             TOPIC -
             DATE - 08:16:46 4/27/99
             FROM - H.C.


             TOPIC - At last
             DATE - 08:13:56 4/27/99
             FROM - H.C.
             Hi gies, been searching for this site for a long time but kept missing it.I
             wound up a few doors away until now.Ot1 you must have given me this
             addy but for some reason I didnt use it, that will be remidied now. Nice to
             be back with my old aquantances and sure will make new friends.
             I see what you mean now Ot1 about the jh fan leaves.Biggest I ever saw
             and the serrigations are quite prevelant now. Just took a week longer to
             There still the runts but what lovely runts and there not that much smaller
             but surrounded by ww and nl5Xhaze they do look kinda petite.
             Nice to see ya again Mr. Soul
             Great to make your aquantance Vick High.
             Hi pie.



             TOPIC - At last
             DATE - 08:12:58 4/27/99
             FROM - H.C.
             Hi gies, been searching for this site for a long time but kept missing it.I
             wound up a few doors away until now.Ot1 you must have given me this
             addy but for some reason I didnt use it, that will be remidied now. Nice to
             be back with my old aquantances and sure will make new friends.
             I see what you mean now Ot1 about the jh fan leaves.Biggest I ever saw
             and the serrigations are quite prevelant now. Just took a week longer to
             There still the runts but what lovely runts and there not that much smaller
             but surrounded by ww and nl5Xhaze they do look kinda petite.
             Nice to see ya again Mr. Soul
             Great to make your aquantance Vick High.
             Hi pie.



             TOPIC - mr soul breeding?????
             DATE - 08:11:20 4/27/99
             FROM - no-one
             i have a strain(austrailia red devil) that is very quick to finish 42 day! very
             branchy, but dosent yeid like i would like it too! i think it is some kind of f1
             betweeen super skunk and nl#5 there is something else in there but i dont
             know what?? i would like too stabilize this strain and up the yeild!! but i
             cannot get a male due too being given the strain as a clone!! and i dont
             know anyone with seeds of this cross?? any sugetions would be greatly
             apreciated!! also all u other breeders feel free to comment???


             TOPIC - edhassle
             DATE - 08:05:52 4/27/99
             FROM - Eric

             Do you have more seeds?

             If not just email me and i will set you up.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 07:41:15 4/27/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Just got a sec but:

             best of luck Ed, I hope you didn't plant all at once and have some backups.

             Rover, I just wanted to comment on your romulan traits. Pure romulan
             doesn't have a fruity smell at all. It's more like a pine smell. If your
             experience of romulan has had a fruit smell, then that would be from what
             it's been crossed with (like the blueberry in romberry). Thanks for the
             comments though :)


             TOPIC - ed's prob
             DATE - 20:12:31 4/26/99
             FROM - you know me as a regular
             hey bud, keep us informed. hopefully there's a friend near you who has
             internet access and can keep us informed, *should* the worst happen. you
             know you have friends here who are willing and able to help, should the
             need arise.

             but if it's anything like what happened to me several years ago when cops
             knocked on my door during a grow (it's hard to knock on my door when
             there isn't one at my place), it was just the cops looking for a neighbor
             kid...or so i was told by them after waiting many long minutes for them to
             leave. yes, i opened the door with rake in hand and said i was out back
             raking up dog shit and didn't hear the knock.
             at any rate, they left and haven't been back since! (yes, i'm knocking on

             just trying to give ya a little comfort....it's not always what ya think. but you
             did the safe and smart thing.


             TOPIC - Cloning large branches
             DATE - 19:44:27 4/26/99
             FROM - Rover
             I have a RomXSkunk thats 40 days into flower and Im gonna pull them in
             the next few days but im interested in trying to remove the buds from the
             two larger branches and try to clone them. Will this work? The 2 main
             branches are fairly big, probably around 2 feet long and thicker then a
             peencil. If I leave the main fans on will they take hold and root?

             These plants are really skunky (actually smelled like cat piss when
             budding) but they look like roms. Sweet, tangy buds that are covered with
             resin, they loose their skunk smell when cured and retain that mild friuty
             rom smell. Not really big yeilders but good smoke. Nice functional but
             mellow high. These were an accident from my last crop but I think im
             gonna keep this line since it was such a fast grower. Good sticky buds
             after 38 days.

             Any input is greatly appreciated. thanks guys.


             TOPIC - one of those days
             DATE - 19:30:42 4/26/99
             FROM - edhassle
             I just thought I'd share my experience to day.I new it was going to be one of
             them days this morning when one of my 400 watt lghts cord broke and
             came crashing down on two flowering 4wk old plants.The day turned worse
             later in the afternoon when a sheriff car pulls in my driveway and officers
             come to my door and knock and rings the door bell...I did what most any
             stoner would do not answer it.Well they left after a few mintues.I had over
             100 plants growing counting the 'surprise seedling I received frm vic and
             some of bro grimms best that were going to go outside in a few
             weeks...and 6 4wk old flowering females many other nice strains in various
             stages of growth.Expecting leo to be back with a search warrant I freaked
             and got rid of all the plants by chopping them up in a gas
             woodchipper...Man those romberry and c-88 have thick stems!,Maybe I over
             reacted a bit...But In the state I reside in woud mean a very lenghty prison
             sentence.I would like wish my fellow growers a safe year.I,m going back to
             outdoor gardening for a while!.I will still be lurking..If you order seeds All I
             can say is be careful and use common sense and don't leave a paper trail
             that can be linked back to you.peace!


             TOPIC - solo cups
             DATE - 15:14:25 4/26/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi all, Due to a abudance of new starts (from 3 very generous friends) af
             went a bit overboard and started
             more then he has room for in 1-5 gal pots, so some are going to have to
             spend an extended time in plastic cups, till there are vacancies in regular
             pots in the veg area. So he found a big brother to the "Solo 16oz", its a 24oz
             cup. Does any one think there will be stress or anything like stunted growth
             if they have to stay in these cups longer than 3 weeks? The following starts
             will be up-dated with basic growth mesurements and observations,also
             will be happy to answer any special questions about any of them as time
             gos on.

             RSB sup
             Washington sup
             P.75 sup
             Peak 19 F2
             Panama Red
             JackFlash F1
             JF x BB
             Shisk x Big Plum

             Big thanks to the three great folks who made these possiable,in three
             countries,(canada,panama,and US)I love the web;-))

             A follow up on SuperCrystal from HGF, the first go around out of three
             beans only one female resulted, and she was whorled and not very good,
             med quality smoke, Super soil, organic ferts 80 watts per sqft, of mixed
             spec light, 2 gal pots no C02. The second set of 3 beans yielded 2 ladies of
             only slightly better quality,the only bright spot being that they yielded about
             40 grams per gallon. Sup Crystal will not be a repete, I guess it really does
             go to show, that cup winners mean nothing, the samples can be one thing
             and the beans sold to the public another, dont get ,me wrong no conspicery
             theroys or colusion or anything, I just mean very vairable out comes.Im sure
             allowed to grow out enough seeds, one can find examples that are like the
             plants that generated the samples to win the CCup, but they were not in his

             Thanks again to all that shared there abudance and good fourtunes, it was
             a refreshing change not to "bum out"
             because a 5-15$ seed fell on the floor, or did not germ. That was really

             af Really wants to get the Panama Red mated, to produce seed, so that he
             can pass along a bunch to the community, I hope it works out, only one
             seedling resulted from the first 10 beans, and is doing well, it looks as if
             there will be 5 more beans to germinate, keeping my fingers crossed for 1
             male and one female. Anyone with susgestions for "soaks" for stubborn
             seeds please pass the info allong, as these are the real McCoy, they were
             sent from Panama, and im sure this will be af's only shot at this strain.

             Any susgestions for a mate to cross it with if things dont work out with the
             last five beans, from someone experienced with Sativas would be great;-))




             TOPIC - Question
             DATE - 14:52:24 4/26/99
             FROM - Chichimeca
             I have not been gardening since my mama died and I have no where to go
             to get started again. Is this site legit. ? Can someone inform me and give
             me preperations to restart the garden of eden and peace for humanity ???




             TOPIC - Variance in germ. time amongst strains.
             DATE - 12:37:09 4/26/99
             FROM - John
             Has anyone else noticed that different strains seems to have different
             germination times? I just planted 10 each of El Nino, Skunk #1, and
             Romberry and the El Nino were the first to break the shell, the Romberry
             busted out half a day later but beat all of the El Nino to the surface and the
             Skunks are still below ground. Anyone else had any similar experiences?


             TOPIC - Bridge over troubled water
             DATE - 12:20:35 4/26/99
             FROM - Elminster
             Glad to see you are lurking R.S hehe
             Pleased the move went well
             Be Safe



             TOPIC - Bridge over troubled water
             DATE - 11:09:47 4/26/99
             FROM - MrSoul
             Vic_~ Having checked out this page for about a week, I just wanted to post
             a few lines to let the folks here know who's watching. I'll try to answer any
             questions that fall under my areas of expertise whenever I can.

             For anyone not familiar with me, please NOTE that I'm often misunderstood
             to be a rather pompous asshole...I assure you it's all in FUN! We all need
             personality and if mine "rubs ya the wrong way", don't take it too seriously
             (You'd probably LIKE me if you KNEW me...heehehee! {"8^)_~

             Baudelaire_~ Nice to cya! You're right to tell "shugroz" to look for
             pre-flowers...his plants are old enough now that I'd personally be able to
             see the sex of each of them from across the room. It seems strange to me
             that anyone who's EVER SEEN a female flower wouldn't be able to
             recognize them in the pre-flower stage, but even VERY EXPERIENCED
             guys tell me it's not as easy as I make it sound.

             Kali Mist info: I have clones from two females that I'm growing for the
             second time, so I can relate my experiences to those who are curious
             about this strain. I got my seeds from Serious Seed Co., which is the bank
             reputed to sell the authentic article. I read Mel Frank's review of Kali Mist in
             a sidebar article of High Time's Cannabis Cup a couple of years ago. He
             gave the description (and provided a matching picture) of a VERY
             Sativa-dominant strain that sounded quite like Original Haze. However,
             when I grew the seeds out, I got a hybrid which looked like a NL#5 had
             been crossed with the plant Mel described. The leaves were wide and the
             colas long and dense...only the individual floral clusters growing off the
             sides of the colas lokked "kinda" Sativa-influenced. The flavour and scent
             are spicy and delicious - the high's very pleasant, but not outrageous. The
             yield is GOOD, as the colas are rock-solid, but the flowering period is an
             awkward 9 1/2 weeks!

             Lady J_~ I'll have some Cinderella 99 pollen to help your UBC's "asphalt"
             flavour in a couple of weeks...sounds to me like a good mating. UBC's
             flowering period will be shortened by C99 and if the fruity flavour
             dominates, you'll have a real nice cross...PLUS you won't have to worry that
             you'll dilute the potency of UBC by using C99 pollen. E-mail me @england.


             TOPIC - Cloning during flower
             DATE - 10:03:29 4/26/99
             FROM - baudelaire
             Shugroz: Yes, you can take cuttings in early flower. They will take about two
             weeks longer to root, but otherwise not a problem.

             But a better way would be to try to pre-sex the plants with a magnifying
             glass or loupe. At 6 weeks they should just be beginning to alternate
             branching. That's your key that they are sexually mature and ready to sex.
             Point your loupe at a main stem node near the top. Check them all for two
             white hairs protruding out...Them's the babes. You should definitely be
             able to sex the Cinderellas. That's Soul's strain and he says he's never
             seen a plant that couldn't be pre-sexed.

             The other, less elegant and efficient fix is to clone all the plants before
             sexing, then throw out the males and low grade female clones when the
             original plants are flowered. But try pre-sexing first. It's easy once you've
             done it.



             TOPIC -
             DATE - 09:58:33 4/26/99
             FROM - Lady J
             hi all,

             Day 33 of 12/12. The champagne is starting to fill out and display its kush
             ancestry in full. The buds look just like the ones at Cannabis Canada. The
             "sheen" that emery talks about is very evident and the calyxes are
             beginning to swell rapidly.

             The grapefruit will have to be staked. The tops are too heavy and the plant
             wants to keel over. No growth below about 18" as anything at this level of
             the canopy just does not cut it. The nl heritage (frosted) is there for sure
             and I expect some very large aromatic tops. Not as developed as the
             champagne at this point however.

             The ubc1 is putting on some good weight and may yield a little better than
             originally thought. That's ok, as the potency is top-notch. This is the most
             sturdy of all the plants. It has a trunk like a tree!.



             TOPIC - shugroz' flowers
             DATE - 09:53:16 4/26/99
             FROM - m.g.
             they sound damn near old enough to tell now (or soon). here's a couple
             pics that show preflowers pretty well...

             female: http://www.marijuana.org/pistilatepre.JPG

             male: http://www.marijuana.org/staminatepre.JPG

             mine usually show a few by the 6th week...8th for sure on most plants. but
             there's always that one or two though...

             perhaps if you cut the lights down to 18 or 20 you'll start getting more flower
             production to be able to tell better. they probably don't need that 24/7


             TOPIC - more info
             DATE - 09:07:33 4/26/99
             FROM - shugroz
             i grow in soiless mix and all the plants have 6 sets of true leaves..not
             alternating yet...except the one the cat took a bite of..


             TOPIC - now what??
             DATE - 08:59:45 4/26/99
             FROM - shugroz
             my plants are all 10 to 13 inches tall...6 weeks old.

             i've got 6 c88...and 3 skunk

             i leave for vacation in 29 days...4 weeks..

             they are on 400hps and 400mh...24hrs.

             i want to determine the males before i go! so my friend has less plants to
             care for.

             should i go ahead and flower?...so far the soonest i've been able to det. sex
             is into the 12th day of flower..

             this is my 3rd crop..so not to good at sexing yet!

             i want to det sex..pull the best mother out for cloning and grow the rest to
             harvest..i don't plan on keeping any of the skunk mothers.

             can i take cuttings early in the flower stage or must i pull the female out of
             veg for a couple days/weeks and then take clones when i get home?

             any time table suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!



             TOPIC -
             DATE - 12:52:20 4/25/99
             FROM - terrytune
             finally made it thank you to whoever posted the link on bcgrowers title my
             server wouldnt give me this adress a little abuot myself i typ a little worse
             than i spell i live mid van island growing outdoors for about 10 yrs with
             reasonable luck its been a learning experiance i have overcome quite a
             few problems last fall i took a cutting from a neighbuor beauty indi sativa x
             we dont know each other personally hell he thinks he had a minor deer
             problem so i dont know the strain i broughht it back from bud first time
             cloning the plant had green stalks my clones stalks are now turning red
             seems odd to me its not genetic a nutrient deficiency possibly help the
             grow medium is half mushroom man half topsoil never had a problem
             before with the mix responses appreciated ttune


             TOPIC - Male Hermie
             DATE - 05:16:35 4/24/99
             FROM - Fool on the Hill
             Would a male plant showing a few female flowers be any good for


             TOPIC - Trelaway
             DATE - 11:43:04 4/23/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi Trelaway,I know HS does'nt carry JackFlash, it does go a bit long in the
             flowering, it grows in two types one very Sat/Haze influenced, tall 5'-6' with
             huge "Heads on Sticks" that dried at over 1oz each! there were 5 of them on
             one lady in a 5 gal pot, she took about 76 days, but was worth every day.
             The other type grows very Indie like, there was one special lady like this
             type, that was very fruity with a nice trippy high that gave way to a indie high
             after the first hour and the indie/dom takes about 60days to flower, also very
             well worth the wait, several conusiours said that it was amongst the best
             Indica they had ever smoked, and the taste cured is fantastic. And the strain
             is very easy to take care of. It was really nice, and it yields great in both
             forms. Out of 7-8 diffrent strains grown Romberry and JackFlash are
             definate repetes, as they are both in the Veg closet again.Theres really only
             one place to get Sensi stock (IMO) but the price is OK considering they give
             ya 16beans, in that respect there only a/b 5$ each.
             Sorry for the long post but Its a favorite and I wanted to give ya my .02!.Hth


             TOPIC - Time of day to harvest
             DATE - 08:54:16 4/23/99
             FROM - ShareCropper
             First, thanks for the input on the KM. This seed business gets out of control,
             have too many as it is and I still want MORE.

             Time of day to harvest? I know that Mel F. had a chart in his guides showing
             a significant increase in THC for a single bud that was harvested at a later
             time then the other control buds. I since, mostly due to security resons
             outdoors, have harvested at night. Indoors? Any input folks?



             TOPIC - OT1 etc.
             DATE - 08:42:22 4/23/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi all, Vic how is the Roms yield when the 10gals are used, given the right
             amount of veg time,does the yield rise in proportion to the pot size? I know
             you go 60 days, are the flowers 50-70% pistil ripe at 60days? I have
             concluded that the early ripining time(50-55days), on afs Roms was due to
             more light then the light the 60day productions recieve. The Rom xAF#1
             shows no influence of the AF1 really, it appears to resemble Rom in Veg,
             with the execption of the fan leaves are not as large as pure Rom.

             OT1- You have a email from me early in the week,it was more of an inquirey
             as to your well-being, because I did not see any posts from you for a while,
             Im happy to hear your Ok, take care and be well;-)And thanks for clairfying
             that, mis-conseption about your pals grow.Its things like this that im trying
             to learn, basic logic to me says "more veg time more yield, or at least the
             same amount as before" but 30% less.. It makes logical sense now that I
             understand the canop, in a situation like that, I wonder if some pruning
             have helped to decrese the yield loss, if the grower knew he veged to long?

             A good weekend to all;-)


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 08:29:26 4/23/99
             FROM - oldtimer1
             For the folk here that grow or are thinking of growing Romberry it has two
             distinct forms the normal tall one and a short stocky one. Vic tells me it
             represents 1 to 10 + of the normal female form so unless you grow a lot
             you may not see it. I'm at the end of week 9, the first 7 were 24-7 and the
             last 2 on 12/12 hrs. The normal RB's are between 38 and 43 inches high
             very alike and still stretching a little, plenty of bud sites developing. It has an
             ideal form for my close spacing as there are no long side branches. I think
             that Vic pulls any short form he finds as the normal canopy would close
             over them, but I think it could be very useful for those who grow outdoors
             and want a short form, once again it has short side branches. But the most
             interesting thing is the leaves they are enormous each leaf blade is 2
             inches wide they look like a horse chestnut leaves, even the colour is
             similar. I have two in this grow they are both about 23 inches tall at the
             present and I've decided to let them run. If there is any interest in them I'll
             report back on them from time to time.

             All the best Ot1.


             TOPIC - Romberry
             DATE - 08:14:17 4/23/99
             FROM - Capn Chronic
             Well this sucks. I was lookin at my four remaining romberry females and
             what did I discover on two plants....Male flowers. Looks like all the stress I
             put on em finally got to em. Oh well still got two left. Im gonna put them
             back in veg so I can take some clones from them. The clones I got now
             look like they will survive but half of them are hermies. Hopefully I can get 5
             clones from the remaining females for planting.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 07:25:00 4/23/99
             FROM - oldtimer1
             no-one. I'm from the uk I don't think it matters where you come from! Its a
             place where things relating to growing are discussed. The best bits of info
             are archived, have a look on the main page, there is no thread as such, as
             new things are discussed the oldest info goes off the end of the page, so if
             you start at the bottom of the page and read up to here it should bring you
             up to speed. Ot1.


             TOPIC - on topic?
             DATE - 07:15:10 4/23/99
             FROM - Vic High
             ok folks, maybe I should try and clarify what this page is for. Maybe it would
             be easier to say what it isn't. It's not a coffee shop to socialize. It's not a
             seedbanks page to discuss which strain is better. This isn't a newbie page
             to ask newbie questions.

             If you have some info to share, great! If not, then just lurk. If you have grown
             a strain and want to share the info, great. But don't be asking for others to
             share it. Do that at can.com's seedbank page.

             We are not interested in re-creating the wheel here. We don't need another
             general chat board, or if we do, I won't be hosting it. I'm going to be overly
             heavy handed in my deleting of posts until this gets through. This will not
             become the next popular hangout. We don't need one, fix the ones you
             already have.

             Well I was blunt to try and avoid confusion, please don't be offended. I
             prefer when people talk straight with me. Well it'sanother beautiful day out
             there, gotta go join it!

             See ya!


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 21:10:35 4/22/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Hey, interesting day here eh?

             Ganja - best advice I can offer is to do your homework first and stick to
             buying the strains that you set out for. And from the legit sources, not the
             knock-offs. Following this I've had few bad experiences in Vancouver. I've
             had good experiences buying brand name seeds from Bongblaster and
             Marc Emery. Dave Freedom was very friendly and generous but I had bad
             luck with his AK47. His superkush and kush special were significantly
             better but they were still mostly females and herms so my alarm bells still
             went off. I've only grown the DP durban from the Amsterdam cafe and
             wasn't too impressed but that is more a reflection on DP's Durban than the
             Amsterdam cafe.

             getting the beans home? well, IMHO, the safest way is to mail them home. I
             like to use foam board or corregated plastic (like cardboard but plastic) to
             protect the seeds from getting crushed. Cut a piece big enough to fit nicely
             inside a regular envelope. I like to use masking tape to hold the seeds in
             place. I then seal the envelope with transparent tape to make sure it
             doesn't pop open in transit. The reason I like this method is because
             customs cannot open regular mail without a warrent. It's pretty hard to get a
             warrent without just cause.

             Dutch - you were deleted by me on purpose, not cops. I just thought you
             were off topic for this board.

             cha cal - I think there would be many here that would benefit from your
             insite and that of your friends. Just keep in mind that this is a message
             board, not a chat site. I'm trying to keep the discussions focussed on
             growing and less on socializing.

             OT - I agree that getting weedbase or a duplicate up and running would be
             huge bonus for the community. Unfortuantely, it won't be happening here.
             Maybe RC or someone else could help out here?

             Spanky - laughing moon, cannabis.com, or Emery's new site would
             probably be a better place for your question.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 13:26:23 4/22/99
             FROM - oldtimer1
             Budm I think it was in an emey to you not a post, The right amount of growth
             in veg relates very closely to the maximum potential yield from a given grow
             space. The grower I mentioned ran the veg for a few days to long and
             consequentially the plants went too high and the canopy much to dense.
             This reduced the yield by about 30% and some of the lower buds were a
             little looser than was desirable. Getting the veg period right is one of the
             most difficult things to get right for beginners, the number of days varies
             depending on the time of year as well, with the changing max min temps.
             One thing we came up with recently was that the maximum yields were
             produced from clones that had sufficient time to root thoroughly through the
             soil in the final pot to the point of making a fine net of feeder roots on the
             surface of the root ball before putting on to 12/12 hrs.
             I hope this helps a bit Budm, I hope i don't owe you any mail I've been ill
             again and have lost track a bit.
             cha cal I for one would appreciate hearing about your developing scrog
             system and come to that any further developments with scuffing.
             All the best Ot1


             TOPIC - Ganja
             DATE - 11:12:01 4/22/99
             FROM - Mota
             Go to The Amsterdam and talk with Karen and Sita.



             TOPIC - thanks pi
             DATE - 09:05:04 4/22/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi all,
             thanks for the input pi,af is going to let the girl go a whole longer, thinking
             about 30-32" in hopes of filling up the pot more, because in the first cycle
             with Rom, the net was 2ozs per girl in 2gal pots, trying to have one take the
             place of two. Will keep tall posted as results happen.

             Its easy allready to determine that KM is going to have a unique
             bouquet/taste, its a very diffrent smell at 3 weeks then, anything else.

             OT1 or Vic or any one, One thing that continues to reverberate in my head is
             the post that OT1 put up a month or so ago, about a friend who let his
             clones veg a bit to long, and subsequently lost about 30% of the usual
             yield. Im trying to understand this, do you think because they work with such
             a small rootball/pot, that was the reason?Or the canopy was over-crowded,
             and that in some way caused it.Its kind of a tricky matter to time things
             correctly, using a prepetual flower closet, the timing of replacing a
             harvested lady, and the balancing act of elevating the shorter new girls on
             cardboard boxes and old books, untill they streach out, can be a real
             juggling act.So its impossiable to get a canopy calculated, it just seems to
             be a a objective of replacing the right Veg into the proper "hole" in the 12/12
             closet, but im learning;-)



             TOPIC -
             DATE - 07:32:06 4/22/99
             FROM - Vic High
             ganja - I'll respond later if no else has. Gotta head to work. Take care


             TOPIC - seeds
             DATE - 21:31:43 4/21/99
             FROM - ganja
             hey there fellow farmers: i'm taking a trip to bc and would like to know of
             the best place to get some seeds, and mabye a trick or two about bringing
             them home to the usa.


             TOPIC - rom
             DATE - 21:04:21 4/21/99
             FROM - pi
             my personal experience with 5 gal buckets.

             flowering at about 26-28" and a finished height of 34-38" nets me about
             2oz of cured bud per plant. i have downsized the pot size because the
             rootball does not even use 1/3 the 5 gal bucket. my point is that i would
             think you could flower at 4'-5' of plant height and still be ok pot wise using a
             5 gal bucket. i would think the controlling factor would be the max lamp
             hght and space.


             TOPIC - Ganjamel
             DATE - 17:04:07 4/21/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi all
             Ganjamel click on my handle and you will see a email addy you can write
             me at.

             Vic or any one with similer exp, what hight would you flower a Rom in a
             5galpot, it was placed from a 2gal pot at about 12" tall and its in the 5gal
             now a/b two weeks and its about 20" af is thinking about 24", sound about
             right? trying to do more with less, shooting for a lady that will yield
             4-5zs.TIA Vic do the Roms in 10gal pots yield near 10ozs?



             TOPIC -
             DATE - 15:09:31 4/21/99
             FROM - trelaway
             JA-Heaven's Stairway treated me well

             queen-www.cannabis.com is a good place to start, the message board
             system there is good for newbie info.


             TOPIC - Budm?
             DATE - 12:55:47 4/21/99
             FROM - Ganjahmel
             Budm, Do you have email addy that I can reach you at. Cool Runnings.


             TOPIC - F2's
             DATE - 09:15:38 4/21/99
             FROM - Eric
             your correct about f2's as in the choosing of a mother....I had a very nice
             satavia/indica cross made from a friends thai and it was crossed with an
             indica from another friend from california. The strain was good but It wasnt
             very drought resistant, the plants couldnt go long enough without water so
             we made an f2' cross (I am just now understanding the terminology and
             what it was that the guy was teaching me) over the next summer that was
             all that the three of us grew..from over 100 seedlings we chosethe most
             drought resistant and most potent. We got the perfect plant for what we
             were looking for BUT...I remmeber that w3as the hardest freakin crop..there
             were plants 8 feet tall..some 3 feet tall and everything inbetween..actually it
             wasnt all that bad because basically they were all the same the main
             differences were yeild as you could clearly see just by looking at them that
             some would yeild twice as much as others.

             You will see plants with traits from all the heratiges of the plants you
             crossed. If you have the room I would say do them If you liked the parents....

             If you are going to be looking for the most potent just get ready to smoke
             alot of LEAVES...HAHAHAH


             TOPIC - Kali Mist
             DATE - 08:41:34 4/21/99
             FROM - Subcool
             I picked up Kali Mist from Serious seeds in Amsterdam in 1997 and have
             nothing but good things to say it placed 3rd in an informal judging by
             growers and is a very good producer it has a fruity and lemony smell that
             borders on funky when almost ripe.
             It does well in hydro or soil and seems to trive on organics ferts.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 18:17:31 4/20/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi all,
             Excuse the amatureness of the observation, but afoaf made a few F2s of
             Peak19, so in doing some reading about the F2 generation, it seems to
             that they will be various expressions of Matanuska Tundra & Stonehedge,
             these are Indica and a Sat dominated parents, will the F2 include any
             homoginezed offspring?, or will they fall to either side of each parrent? The
             book I read says that the F2 generation is where experienced cultivators
             pick Moms, this would be if the F1 generation was not too a persons
             likeing? Or because due to the large variety/variablity of choices, that ones
             personel taste can be found? Anybody grown a bunch of F2s out, and found
             a Mom they liked better then from the F1s? Sorry to be spouting off, just
             trying to get a picture of the quality of offspring copmpared to the F1



             TOPIC - Kali mist
             DATE - 14:08:37 4/20/99
             FROM - Shaun Cavanagh
             Can some one tell me about it



             TOPIC - Kali Mist
             DATE - 10:21:52 4/20/99
             FROM - greenbear
             I got to smoke some KM bud this week( sent to a friend from a friend) The
             taste is every thing
             they say -floral,spicywith a funky stank that I've only tasted in types that
             come from the land of
             Aloha.BUT I would only rate the high at 7-7.5 AND it took 14 WEEKS to


             TOPIC - stuff
             DATE - 10:10:52 4/20/99
             FROM - Eric
             SHARE CROPPER

             Well i have never done the kali mist but i have heard great stuff about it so
             far...someone here has been posting about it though

             Marc emery swears by the hawiian that is bred by the federation seed
             company that he carries..you should try it for the hawiian. Let me know how
             it turns out because from the description of it it is close to the hawiian that i
             have .
             the one i have is said to get 5 feet tall..it is very compact and it smells just
             like lemons..like a big bowl of lemon peels. It so far is very uniform and
             vigorous..out of 7 we got 4 females..seeds will be made and before
             summers end i should know if it breeds true.

             jazz fest is the greatest in new orleans...this is my favorite city to visit.


             TOPIC - Handle and Mr.Eric
             DATE - 08:57:37 4/20/99
             FROM - ShareCropper

             Have been away for a while and noticed a reference to my handle. If
             someone has been using itÖ.normally I just read and lurk. If I can post
             something of value then I try. Been in and out of this hobby since mid 70's
             so I know what Eric was referring to about those 20+ footers. Indoor now
             with the occasional outsider, GPS sure does make finding those small
             plots easier to find.


             I am looking for the indoor Holy Sativia with that nice crystalline view so
             please keep me posted on the Kali!! Also, did I see reference to the BC
             Hawaiian? Mississippi huh! Jazz fest this Weekend and next in NO (New
             Orleans for the rest). Great Party, don't miss if you have the time.

             Vic, Sorry for the off post!!



             TOPIC - no-damp
             DATE - 07:32:47 4/20/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Mojo - as a rule I tend to grow from a farmer's perspective and not a pot
             growers. I buy the bulk of my supplies at agricultural outlets, not hydroponic
             stores. Pot growers are the not the only gardeners :) No-damp can be
             found in pretty much any nursery or gardening shop in these parts. Any
             department store selling gardening supplies will sell it. It or an equivelant
             should be easy to find in your parts. Just go to a nursery and ask the sales
             person for a fungicide that will stop your seeds and seedlings from rotting.
             It's just that easy :)


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 07:04:41 4/20/99
             FROM - test


             TOPIC - No-Damp
             DATE - 15:42:14 4/19/99
             FROM - MOJO
             thanks again for the insight. Where might I acquire No-Damp and by
             purhasing it will it send up a red flag? Should I germinate in jiffy cubes or
             will conventional potting soil suffice. Should my orders arrive I'm not going
             to have a lot to work with so consequently I want to maximize my success
             rate. You sound very insightful...give me some stellar advise on the best
             germination methods, keeping in mind that I will subsequently transplant to
             the outdoors in the tobacco belt of Kentucky.




             TOPIC -
             DATE - 23:33:51 4/18/99
             FROM - Vic High
             well this isn't the pic that I wanted to load but it's a good one as well. This is
             the UBC1 clone. Notice how the leaf edges seem to curl up a bit showing a
             silvery-white lower surface?


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 12:48:18 4/18/99
             FROM - trelaway
             Hey Jlav, you should be getting in the one-three pound range, depending
             on strain. Go to this page's host (link above to BCGA) and read thru the
             entire soil section.

             Also, are you doing some pot plant basics like letting the soil dry out
             between waterings and checking ph? Drainage is kinda crucial but easily
             remedied with perilite and sand.

             Do you mean two weeks veg from seed? If so, they need about six weeks
             @ 24 hours or 8 @ 18 hrs of lite as a minimum.


             TOPIC - were's the safest place to grow it ?
             DATE - 12:37:10 4/18/99
             FROM - Brian Hammond
             I got a plant in New albany, Indiana
             and it's about a foot tall it's getting
             really tall it's skunk to it really reaks.
             were's a perfect spot to grow it . please
             help me give me some advice .
             Thank you


             TOPIC - problems
             DATE - 11:48:51 4/18/99
             FROM - j lav
             I'VE TRIED 6 DIFFERENT GARDENS SO far and still only able to produce
             6/oz's per 1000/watt .lot's of fresh air and exsaust ,3 gllon buckets ,hydro
             food,2 week veg . 7x9 area.Drainage not so good,getting kind of green
             sludge on sides of buckets.useing 35 to40 plants under 2 lights.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 10:14:35 4/18/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Mojo -damping off is a fungal condition (Gray mold = Botrytus cinerea in
             these parts) that attacks young seedlings. It's cause by damp conditions
             and a lack of airflow. No-Damp is a fungicide common in these parts and
             is used to prevent damping-off. Active ingredients is Oxine Benzoate 2.5%. I
             get optimum success by planting in dirt as nature intended :)


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 18:57:43 4/17/99
             FROM - trelaway
             Yeah cap'n it's what I do......thought you were doing something different.


             TOPIC - Outdoor Crop
             DATE - 14:46:13 4/17/99
             FROM - MOJO

             Appreciate the brief response to my 04/10 post regarding the outdoor
             venture. You don't recommend the domes for germination and you do
             recommend no-damp. Can you elaborate on "no-damp" not familiar with it.

             Please give specifics on germination for optimal success!
             Thanks, take care!



             TOPIC - Trelaway
             DATE - 12:07:24 4/17/99
             FROM - Capn Chronic
             Didnt you say take the dome off after 3 days? then on for a day, off for a day,
             so on. Well thats what I'm gonna do.
             Man its real humid in there. Water condesating on the plants. They still look
             good. The leaves are still kinda curling under.


             TOPIC - Budm / Greenbear
             DATE - 11:25:10 4/17/99
             FROM - pi
             Budm>>> from what i remember the KM is very very tastey and a fav of
             many. i have a few nugs from my grow i harvested 3 weeks ago.
             unfortunately, EVERYTHING i grow takes at least 2 months to cure before
             the full flavor, taste, and high is present. the nugs have minimal taste at this

             if anyone has any suggestions on reducing this time, via a change in my
             grow tech or my curing method ... i am all ears. my current belief is that one
             smokes no pot before its time OR... many growers miss out on fine strains,
             cull killer plants and bitch and moan about fake seeds when the real culprit
             can be seen in the mirror hehehe. i had bubbleberry plants that had very
             little taste/smell after drying. many would have culled these plants. After at
             least a 2 month cure the taste and smell is blueberry sweet yehaw.
             hell, they cure fine tobaco and wine needs to sit tooo before it is consumed.
             any comments?

             Greenbear>>> wanna split a quart of avid? btw,i saw a-1's post but can't
             reply at laughing moon sites due to a glitch. i dl'd ie5 and am unable to
             post at present. tell him i may have a list of members somewhere. i am
             looking for it.


             TOPIC - Late clones
             DATE - 11:20:45 4/17/99
             FROM - edhassle
             Hey budm,what you friends plant is experiencing is normal rejuvenation
             process.The new growth you see looks a little strange,most have one
             blade and the leaf margins may not be serrated.This is because the plant
             reverts back to juvenille growth and the size and the number of the blades
             increase with time.Afof has a niagra female that was harvested over a
             month ago and has been under 18/6 for 30 days and are just now showing
             new growth... one blade leaf growth.He's worried if he can get enough new
             growth to make some clones to put outdoors before summer.hehe!


             TOPIC - Late Clones
             DATE - 09:04:36 4/17/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi All,
             afoaf has some clones from a SuperCrystal, that were taken at week 4 of
             12/12, they rooted fine, and are putting on lots of new growth, but the leaves
             look nothing like before, they resemble what Ive read to be 'Hops" leaves,
             smooth, oblong, no serations. My question is how long does last? Has
             anyone had a clone not return to regular pheno-growth?


             TOPIC - just started germination
             DATE - 03:32:38 4/17/99
             FROM - mota20
             I just put 80 eggs in the dirt today and will be waiting with bated breath to
             see what come up. I bought 8 diff. strains from M.E. big bud, romulan , nl x
             bubbleberry, big mac, romulan x nl/haze , joker mix, nl x big bud, and kgb x
             the black. I think the next 4 months will be very interesting, If anyone can
             give me any tips about these strains i thank you in advance. I am not an
             expert but have grown a few times in the past with the help of mels. and
             eds. books, so understand the basics. peace and fire one up for the
             weekend. mota20


           TOPIC -
           DATE - 01:58:04 4/17/99
           FROM - oldtimer1
           I posted below on the 14 th of March
           The spider mite season is coming.
           A point of interest on predators as far as spider mites and their population
           dynamics are concerned, don't bother with phytoseiulus persimilis for growing
           cannabis indoors. We know phytoseiulus just dont work below 14 hrs of light a
           day. So even when the mum area has a resident population of the predators, that
           the clones that come from them will still have a few 2 spot mites on them along
           with a few predators. Once these clones are put on to a 12/12 hr flowering, the
           predators go into diapause [go dormant ] and the mites have the urge to multiply
           like anything to prepare for the coming winter. Over one grow there will be
           several million mites in the grow area probably not enough to web the plants and
           only cause moderate damage to the plants [a little mottling of the leaves]. Most of
           the mites will be removed with the plants but several thousands will be left
           hibernating on the walls ceiling and floor. As soon as a new crop is put into the
           grow room the mites are right on to the crop especially if it is given a period of
           veg first, there will be webbing within a few weeks usually as the colas are
           starting to fill out. This is the point when a lot of growers come to pages like this
           asking for help. There is nothing that can cure the problem at this stage and
           putting more predators in is a complete waste of time and money. The best bet
           is to pressure spray with with clean water every day this knocks a lot of mites off,
           and to try and keep the humidity up. All this does is to slow the mites down a bit
           until the crop can be harvested. Once this is done the mites should be
           completely eradicated from the entire indoor mum, clone and grow area to stop
           the above becoming a cyclic problem. `There is no organic compound that can
           do this at this point of time.' So I'm afraid that a quick course of chemicals are
           needed!! Once all your growing areas are clean keep them that way!!
           I have had battles with the borg for over 40 years so a few more observations that
           may be of interest.
           Firstly you need to understand the enemy and understand how adaptable it is. In
           the UK it often has adapted to living in polytunnels and glasshouses and in the
           outdoors. The infested polytunnel mites are quite happy with RH at 90%+ even
           when the temperature is in the high 80's so believe me it adapts to high humidity
           rapidly. With the addition of a predator mix under glass/plastic and outdoors the
           mite problem disappears and a balanced environment develops. The reason
           this works is the natural daylight changes. Unfortunately this just doesn't work
           indoors, for puff growers the grow period is short and the predator population
           doesn't have much chance to reach the millions. The sudden change to 12/12
           hrs shocks the two spot to start to go into diapause and they breed like the
           clappers also their fat body changes so they become distasteful to the predators,
           in fact so much so, that they will starve or eat one another rather than eat a mite.
           Don't waste your money putting predators in the indoor grow room.
           I hope this helps a little.
           All the best Ot1.


             TOPIC - Re: Borg
             DATE - 22:48:12 4/16/99
             FROM - Ananda
             The Californicus predator mites love high humidity and the two-spotted
             spider mites hate high humidity. The combination of high humidity and
             californicus predators creates the proper environment for the predators to
             eradicate or control the two-spots. The purpose of the water wash is two
             use a strong enough spray to knock them off of the underside of the leaves
             and run them down the drain, not to kill or drown them. If the population is
             already very high the predators won't help fast enough to save your crop. So
             you knock them off with a water spray before you turn your predators loose.

             I make little foil baskets and tie them to the stems of each plant about
             midway. Each basket has some mites in it and the crawl out and start
             eating the two-spots right away. Try watching with a jewelers loop! Great
             satisfaction to watch the "mite carnage"! Ha-Ha!!!


             TOPIC - Super soil mix
             DATE - 20:49:26 4/16/99
             FROM - Dutch
             Vic High
             When I tried to acess the super soil mix page I get a message telling me
             the page can't be accesses. Will you be so kind to either give the receipe or
             direct me to an "active" page. Thanks!

             P.S. How or when can I get my hands on the G13 strain?


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 19:47:15 4/16/99
             FROM - trelaway
             Cap'n--Everything's fine tho I have a different opinion on how long the dome
             should stay on. I took some blueberry clones at week four and new green
             growth just started, two weeks later.



             TOPIC - pi / etc.
             DATE - 18:02:49 4/16/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi All,
             pi- How is the taste on the KM? They are a nice looking plant, a bit of
             varation, 3 ladies are in flower 2 weeks, two are together in a 6gal pot, they
             both look more sat influenced, one is almost 5' the other is about 4'. The
             third is in a 2gal pot, and leans more towards Indica. I have poor eyesight,
             but I think I see some lavender? in some of the pistills, pretty plants.

             Vic- The Washingtons are the most vigerous of the lot.
             Have a nice weekend everyone;-)))


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 17:49:13 4/16/99
             FROM - greenbear
             High pi!! I've only used the neem oil ( I found out that the people of India
             have been using
             neem seeds for human birth control AND as a pesticide!!!) , I'd like to get
             Avid but 3 bills a quart
             is a bit steep!
             I stop using sprays when I put the babes into flower,so I'm trying the
             predators(also some
             people that may be smoking the bud have med problems,no pesticides or
             mold can be on the
             The Biotactics addy is be

                                     Link: Biotactics


             TOPIC - Cloning
             DATE - 17:32:04 4/16/99
             FROM - Capn Chronic
             Ok I took 10 clones from the 4 Romberry females. I soaked some "grodan"
             rockwool cubes that a friend gave me. Took the clones and put them in the
             humidity dome. The dome wasnt tall enough so I had to soak some more
             cubes and recut the clones. Put the clones under a shoplight thats on 24/7.
             The clones look pretty good with minimal curling of the leaves. I put a
             electric blanket under them and its real steamy in there. Moisture all over
             the dome. Is this good? I only soaked the cubes for like 10 minutes but
             they looked and felt completly soaked. There is a little watter in the bottom
             of the humidity dome. Does this sound good? Anything I should watch for?
             How long is it usually before i will see roots? considering they were 2
             weeks into flowering.



             TOPIC - borg
             DATE - 16:11:56 4/16/99
             FROM - pi
             try Green Light Fruit and Vegetable spray which has neem oil. there is a
             product by same co called Rose Defense that costs more but lists the
             same ingredients. i went with the 1st because of price and because of its
             listed usage on edibles just prior to harvest. kicked ass for me.

             i have an place to buy Avid but it is expensive @ $300 per quart. i think the
             trick is to alternate a wide variety of sprays approx every 3 days ... religiously
             (wish i was religious rather than just a stoner) until they are gone.

             ot1 knows a good bit and Vic's home page has much.

             i have seen borg swimming in water and i have tried keeping the room over
             80% humidity with NO sucess.


             TOPIC - "Borg" killers...
             DATE - 15:12:59 4/16/99
             FROM - greenbear
             I just sent off an overnight order to Biotactics for 1000 Californicus and
             M.Longipes(spell.?) . $12 per 1000 plus $9 per. for urgent overnight
             shipping(inside Cal.).
             I'll report how Biotactics and and their products do...


             TOPIC - mites
             DATE - 14:48:19 4/16/99
             FROM - Mota
             Thanks for the help Ananda and flwr smkr. I'll give your suggestions a try.



             TOPIC - Re: Those little mite bastard - Organic Control
             DATE - 14:16:16 4/16/99
             FROM - Ananda
             First of all you must control temperature and humidity. Low humidity makes
             the mites entire life cycle run faster. Exhaust must be removed from the top
             of the room only. Temperature below 75*F, humidity above 60% is what you
             need. If the infestation is already heavy, and you don't want to trash the
             plants, set them in a sink or bathtub and try to wash the mites off with a
             stream of water from underneath. Soap is OK as long as it doesn't get on
             anything you're going to smoke because it tastes awful!

             Organic pesticides such as pyrethrums are a disaster. The kill ratios are
             very low and they wipe out any natural predators that may be present. Then
             the remaining mite population is resistant to the pesticide and has no
             natural enimies either. The result is a pesticide resistant population
             explosion. This is why they are nicknamed "the borg".

             Once the infestation is beaten down, an application of predatory mites at
             regular intervals can control and may eradicate two-spotted spider mites. I
             recommend Biotactics Benemite in California. They mail mites at low
             prices and guarantee live delivery. I do recommend paying extra for the
             faster delivery. There are several different predator mites to choose from.
             You need to look at the specs for each kind and pick the one that will do
             best in your garden environment.



             TOPIC - mota--mites=borg
             DATE - 12:18:56 4/16/99
             FROM - flwr smkr
             i hate those f@^*^rs
             the soap works,but i don't use it during flowering
             because depending on the strain it tends to turn the pistils
             the finished color so if you don't know your flower time
             you end up harvesting to early.otherwise new flowers do
             appear after the soap(pyrethiums)(wheres my spell checker)
             has damaged the ones it touched.
             personally i've gotten in the habit of spraying once every two weeks during
             veg or on my keeper mamas,then you should not have to spray during
             flowering and you don't see many
             until the very end of flowering.squish those few.then pour gasoline on
             them,then burn them ,then...oh well you get the picture,i hate those things.


             TOPIC - Those little mite bastards
             DATE - 10:38:13 4/16/99
             FROM - Mota
             Spotted them last week, heard a product named Avid works? I would prefer
             to use something organic, will Safer's insecticide soap work? The mites
             are on my mother plants, any suggestions?



             TOPIC - Ananda
             DATE - 10:06:05 4/16/99
             FROM - Capn Chronic
             I thought you said your grow area was only 4 feet high?

             Did you mean meters?

             You guys see that shit over at weedbase? Man that place is going to shit
             when I get impersonated. I never even go there.



             TOPIC - Anaconda
             DATE - 20:09:36 4/15/99
             FROM - pi
             maybe it is time to flower that badboy.

             3 years of veg should be plenty! heh }


             TOPIC - Clarification
             DATE - 16:39:15 4/15/99
             FROM - Ananda
             I, Ananda, am a ghost writer for the actual grower. He relays the info to me,
             I relay to you, then get back to him. He is computer illiterate but has a green
             thumb for sure! Maybe this is why I sound stupid sometimes. Plus I try to
             be brief and sometimes leave out pertinant info. Oh well. I would still like to
             share his knowledge with you and your knowledge with him. Last post for
             today. Hope to hear from others for awhile.


             TOPIC - Height of plant without pots.....training....
             DATE - 16:21:58 4/15/99
             FROM - Ananda
             My maximum possible plant height is 3-3.5ft not including pot. This is
             without bending or training to a cage or stakes. The plant I've been growing
             for years gets taller and I bend the tops down. I have an idea for spiral
             training to a reverse cone shape wire cage over each plant. Should make
             upside down bud cones. We'll see ........



             TOPIC - F1, F2 and cubing and other stuff
             DATE - 16:02:38 4/15/99
             FROM - Ananda
             I do understand about genectics. I just misunderstood about the
             Washington and Romulan/Strawberry Blonde. I thought they were "strains",
             not surprises. I talked to my friend today and got that info straight. Well, I
             love surprises as long as they are good surprises!!! I have never really
             been concentrating on breeding seeds. All these years I have tried to get
             seeds from any really great smoke I could and then have selected the most
             perfect offspring and cloned it forever.

             I read about the Blueberry yeild info and it sounds really good. I'm intrigued
             by the 109% increase in yeild obtained by topping when the plants were 22"
             high, cutting back to 12" high, vegging 2 more weeks then flowering at
             about 20". What is the reason for waiting until its 22" then cutting back to
             12"? Would it work just as well to top when it was just over 12" and
             continuing to veg until it got to 20" then flowering? I suppose you used the
             tops for cuttings, eh?

             I'm enthused that the internet age has made it possible for people outside
             of my country to provide me with good seeds to select my new moms from.
             Here in the USA we are not free to discuss what we do with anyone for fear
             of possible consequences. It is liberating to finally have an "anonymous"
             outlet for the knowledge we have all collected throughout our lives.

             I would appreciate any info from those growing Northern Lights as I have
             never grown it before and am currently about to start flowering 11 seedlings
             that are around 12" tall now. Should I top it first? I was expecting short and
             bushy with quite a bit of side growth, but so far, there is very little side
             growth developed. They were planted on March 7 and seeds were from



             TOPIC - Eric
             DATE - 10:09:06 4/15/99
             FROM - Budm
             Sorry for the 2x post.
             Eric can you e-mail me when you have the time please. Thanks;-)


             TOPIC - Ananda
             DATE - 09:46:44 4/15/99
             FROM - Vic High
             Well Ananda I will need to ask you a couple questions then, please email
             me at bcga@mailcity.com I appreciate your patience.

             I have deleted all the recent non-grow posts to try and keep the subject on
             topic. Please don't be offended, I got the messages so they served their

             Ananda - your question tells me that you, and many others, truly don't
             understand what the suprises are about. They are not strains! These are
             just random crosses with select clones. Unless you grow out 20 plus
             seeds of each, there is a good chance you won't find any patterns within
             each batch of suprises. I thought the webpage was clear. How can I make
             it more clear that growing these is a crap shoot if you are looking for a
             specific phenotype? I left a very detailed explaination of the differences
             between an F1 and F2 at cannabis.com's breeding page and then have
             been very clear that the suprises will grow out as F2s.


             TOPIC - KGB/etc
             DATE - 09:42:20 4/15/99
             FROM - Budm
             Hi all,
             KGB- Im still a real novice at ICQ, I only have had one sucessuful
             chat(thanks Vic). I sent you a request for auth, Ill do it again. The "PR"
             stands for Panama Red. Hopefully we will connect (ICQ) soon.

             m.g. The PR is not NCGA,its Pan Red that was sent direct from Panama
             (postmarked authentic), but the seeds had a bad viability 20% germ rate,
             and one other reciepient had none germ, af is hoping for 1 male 1 female,
             as to be able to continue the strain. If only 1 gender turns up, af will have to
             do a cross, wiyh another sativa, (KaliMistm Mexican etc)

             Some germ rates
             Wash-- 3/4
             RSB --- 3/3
             P.75--- 1/3 ;-(

             Take care all.


             TOPIC -
             DATE - 07:56:06 4/15/99
             FROM - Capn_Chronic
             You have to factor in the heighth of the pot too. Say about 12 inches. so the
             plant really can only be 1 1/2 to 2 feet tall.


             TOPIC - I'm getting some BCGA seeds.....
             DATE - 00:40:08 4/15/99
             FROM - Ananda
             I'm looking forward to getting some Romulan Surprise, Washington, and
             Romulan/Strawberry Blonde seeds from you via a good friend. Which of
             these will be the best variety for a maximum 3.5 ft. high spaceunder the
             lights. I'm hoping to improve on the average of 1 ounce per plant that I'm
             getting now from an "unknown origin" sativa/indica that I've cloned for the
             last 5 years without sacrificing the quality high. It is very potent but not very
             high yielding. Which of the BCGA varities above will come closest to
             meeting these secifications in your opinon?


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