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                   TOPIC - cold water trichrome extraction
                   DATE - 11:32:17 4/02/100
                   FROM - R2D2
                   Does anyone have the instruction for the cold water trichrome extraction method for making blender hash? If so I would
                   appreciate it if you could post them. TIA



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 19:47:29 3/31/100
                   FROM - KQ
                   Budm, no email at either freemail or macbox. dunno whats with that...

                   Kevin and OT1 and Pi, hopefully will mail ya Saturday. Weather is too damn nice right now! Hope you understand.


                   did anyone besides me read this?


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 18:35:06 3/31/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   no I'm not saying that. I'm saying you will have better success in flower if you are in full veg when you flip. And I'm just
                   talking about the GF clone.


                   TOPIC - spectroscopy
                   DATE - 14:48:33 3/31/100
                   FROM - ShareCropper
                   Dica420 ñ I donít think its solely an IR signature but a full spectrum one. Sort of like what the GIS people use. Most
                   ìthingsî have unique absorption and reflection characteristics. CCDís when not IR blocked have an ability to see from
                   320 ñ 1000 manometers, but are more sensitive in the visible range. The majority of consumer cameras, say
                   camcorders, have an IR blocking filter that cut off the wavelengths above 750 nm. The reason for this is because the
                   longer wavelengths really ìcloudyî up an image. So if you are asking if the bad guys can detect, that really depends on
                   whether ìitî has a unique spectral signature that makes ìitî distinguishable from the other living things that surround it.
                   The technology is definitely there. A few here and a few there would be harder, I would think, but greed can get ya. I
                   have heard that the NSA stuff can actually detect women who are having their periods from those that are not ñ this is
                   from an orbiting satellite. But then your average county mountie doesnít have that type of equipment.

                   Vic, On the preflowering issue, are you saying that once they start there is no way to turn them off?

                   Also, when using frozen pollen is it better to let it thaw slightly or apply right out of the freezer?





                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 22:47:08 3/30/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Peaceness - When pushed on his idea that the clone was virused, even Steve had to back off. It's not virused pure and
                   simple. To be blunt and crude, it is just a hormonal bitch. The trick with her is to take your production clones from a
                   mom in pure veg mode. And then while vegging, keep them in veg mode. If they are in veg mode when switched to
                   12/12, they will stretch properly and finish flowering normally. If they are in heavy preflower when switching to 12/12,
                   they won't stretch properly (shitty yield) and won't finish flowering properly.

                   I have found the heavy preflower trait is somewhat hereditary and some of the offspring can do the same thing.
                   Trelaway, any feedback on this? I've sent out quite a few GF/blueberry and GF/C99, hopefully in time, some
                   independant feedback will start coming in.



                   TOPIC - Grapefruit
                   DATE - 18:55:34 3/30/100
                   FROM - Peaceness
                   thanks for the gf feedback. makes me wonder why breeder steve was so adamant about destroying this particular gf
                   clone. is there something more to this? cant help but to be curious.



                   TOPIC - pgp
                   DATE - 13:27:45 3/30/100
                   FROM - OT1
                   thanks for the insight :) i will attempt the task this weekend and see if i can "get with the program!" lol


                   TOPIC - KQ
                   DATE - 08:28:04 3/30/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   KQ- did you recieve my email? Been having some that dont get through, thanks.



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 07:47:57 3/30/100
                   FROM - KQ
                   hey peacenss, go ahead and breed the GF to yer hearts content. I doubt that the GF has any sort of virus. SOL people
                   asserted that awhile back, but did they really do any definitive lab testing to isolate and culture a virus from this
                   clone?? LOL I think not! I think Vic would agree on this one, don't be duped by these guys into thinking there is
                   something wrong with yer babies.


                   TOPIC - Popping in
                   DATE - 06:51:19 3/30/100
                   FROM - Peaceness
                   hey guys long time, have been busy lately, thank god its starting to get warm.

                   Grapefruit clone(virus version): I am thinking about breeding to it in preps for 2001 outdoor. will the virus(stops flowering
                   at 6 week) pass over into seeds if used in a cross? just wondering?

                   Vic High: Hey goodbuddy!! thanks a MILLION!! VERY much appreciated. looks very interesting!! Hope to see you later
                   in the year. Will have a few questions regarding your new strains here in the future. do i just e-mail you at bcga?
                   thanks again.

                   Jay: You still around? e-mail up above.



                   TOPIC - DEA
                   DATE - 23:35:17 3/29/100
                   FROM - Dica420
                   Does any one know how the DEA uses infared to detect outdoor field of green goodness... or how this same camera
                   can see heat patterns in your house????
                   what is the quantity of buddies that would be picked up by an agent over head????
                   i can't find anything on line.....


                   TOPIC - KQ- Fatal Blindness
                   DATE - 05:03:33 3/29/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Ji All

                   KQ- I agree that the site Fatalblindness, is a breath of fresh air. Fulton Huxtable has a keen grasp on our prolbems as
                   a country, in particuler the becomming of a prison industry, but unfournately he wont be taken serioulsy buy enough
                   people, just to radical for the present population. Its good to see however that his type of thinking is taking a small
                   following along for his idealistic thinking;-))




                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 23:41:39 3/28/100
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   Hi MM download pgp 6.53! Generate your key! Clear all the garbage keys that come with pgp apart from your own!
                   Donít put the key on a public key server! You can then send your public key to people you want to exchange keys
                   with. To do this you just drag your key from pgp key window into the email window or private message window at
                   somewhere like CW or OG. They can then send back their key encrypted within a message.
                   Sorry I missed your post below yes I miss that place!


                   TOPIC - clarify
                   DATE - 18:00:10 3/28/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Santa Claus - your offer doesn't step on my toes in the least. I live for people as generous as yourself. But one of the
                   basic rules of these inet message boards is no personal info is welcome. US feds do NOT recognise legit medical
                   needs, they bust whoever they like whether it conflicts with state laws or not. Plus there are the less scupulous in the
                   community who should not be trusted with access with such info. But bottom line, this isn't open for debate, personal
                   info is not welcome here, period. All in the interest in safe surfing.

                   Occam - because of their social tolerance, I would probably be somewhat of an NDPer if they had half a clue what
                   fiscal responsibility was. I hate paying taxes and feel our extreme taxation is holding us back as a nation. Plus the
                   excess social safety net is crippling our society's ability to compete. Just the viewpoint of a self employed free
                   enterprise type, I'm sure it probably conflicts with many here, hehe. Boy are we off topics, haha.

                   But mm, I agree whole heartedly.


                   TOPIC - To Vic High re free seed offer
                   DATE - 13:43:36 3/28/100
                   FROM - Santa Clause
                   Dr. Compassion says bona fide medical users have no need for private addys if they are legal.

                   These seeds are for people who suffer the ailments which smoking can relieve, and who live in those enlightned
                   jurisdictions where its legal.

                   This is not competition for the high performance seeds you promote. Is this board open only to outlaws? The Doctor will
                   keep the offer open.

                   If you delete him he'll go to the jungle.

                   This hell of an offer will bring you visitors and will be good for you and HS. Don't be a prick.

                   Thank you.


                   TOPIC - TOPIC - Big political news...NOT
                   DATE - 11:55:04 3/28/100
                   FROM - mm
                   regarding TOPIC - Big political news...NOT
                   DATE - 10:51:40 3/27/100
                   FROM - occam

                   i agree with you. freedom requires responsibility. im afraid that the canadian government is not going to be so lenient if
                   the potheads do not act responsible with their freedoms over there. all it ever takes is a few bad apples to spoil the
                   whole bushel. never fails...so sad :) would be cool if everyone just grew their pot and acted responsible...


                   TOPIC - KQ
                   DATE - 11:51:08 3/28/100
                   FROM - mm
                   thanks for the addys. im going to read em. printing em out right now. i tried to get on pgp and got totally confused.
                   they had so many choices of items to get. could you simplify pgp and all that i might need in order to mail you?


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 10:38:09 3/28/100
                   FROM - occam
                   Vic...We definitely need an alternative, but the right of center parties are just too damned intolerant for me. I'm casually
                   NDP. (occam covers head to avoid brick bats) They're idiots as well, but they're well-meaning idiots. I've been known to
                   vote Green or even Rhino as protest votes.
                   It's interesting that the federal Liberal party members have voted in favor of decriminalizing possesion; I'm not holding
                   my breathe for legislation to be introduced though.


                   TOPIC - Santa Claus
                   DATE - 09:21:02 3/28/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   That is not a cool request of yours despite your very generous offer. Please, nobody post your addies here, save it for
                   private communications. Santa Claus, if you really want to help people out, post a safe email addy and let people
                   contact you in private. Definately not a public subject!!

                   Occam, I was one of the early members of the Reform party before their 1st election. Despite their Christian based
                   ideals. They did some good, IMO, but have fallen into the traps of being a mainstream political party and lack the
                   courage they started with. They look like they've been seduced. Time to look for a new alternative party fighting for
                   REAL change, not political survival, IMO.

                   Trelaway, you have had a great headstart on the GF/C99 and many could benefit from your experience. You recieved
                   beans (from the preflowers) before the plants were even harvested I think, haha. As much feedback (the good, the bad,
                   and the ugly) as you could share would be great. Have you started sampling the nugs yet? Anything worth keeping a
                   clone of?


                   TOPIC - uv and gamma rays etc.
                   DATE - 09:04:14 3/28/100
                   FROM - rx
                   Dear fellow sympathizers: Can some one please give me a crash course or direct me to links in the diffrence between
                   A and B uv and where gamma rays fit in.

                   Relax men, this site is so insignificant leo can't be bothered.Come back!

                   Vic the prick has a ring to it, but we need his savy and being a prick is not the worst thing they say about you.

                   Those who sling mud, lose ground!


                   TOPIC - Medicinal seeds - glut
                   DATE - 08:50:47 3/28/100
                   FROM - Santa Clause
                   Friends - Afom has an over supply of seeds bred for medicinal purposes.Sat mom crossed twice with Afgan pappys.
                   Matures in 104 days. Yield 140g (5oz) under 400 w hps. A single plant took up three-quarters of head room. Mite
                   resistant. Oderless.Clones easily. Kick ass high - light and heady without slowed down feeling.Time warp rush 20 - 30
                   min.No need to lightup again for 3 hours. Relieves cronic pain cuased by degenerative artheritis much more effective
                   than ibuprophen, tylenol or aspirin.

                   He has reserved 200 seeds to give to bona fide medical users. These persons should post a mailing adress where they
                   can recieve free seeds and the number of seeds they would like to recieve. Beans will be mailed discretly in a plain
                   brown envelope.



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 08:22:35 3/28/100
                   FROM - KQ
                   man i ran into this totally titular site and wanna spred the good word wherever I can:




                   I have in the past offered free beans to all who will read the entire site and help me design a kool kwiz to test others.


                   TOPIC - Big political news...NOT
                   DATE - 10:51:40 3/27/100
                   FROM - occam
                   The Reform Party of Canada, in a vain attempt to woo eastern voters, has changed it's name to the Canadian Alliance
                   Party. Other names were suggested, like the Canadian Reform Alliance Party, or the Conservative Reform Alliance
                   Party. The acronym CRAP just didn't appeal to the members. Not that it makes much difference, no matter what they
                   call themselves it's still the same old CRAP in a new package.

                   On a local note, a 2 bit municipal politician recently stated: "...all these grow ops are part of organized crime."
                   That statement, along with his repetition of all the other typical misinformation went totally unchallenged.

                   It is the destruction caused by some of the large commercial grows that are causing the most problems, and let minor
                   pissant political types get away with this sort of stuff.
                   You can't fault an unwitting landlord for being majorly pissed when his property has been heavily damaged by growers
                   hacking holes in the walls, improperly ventilating, stealing hydro, etc., but to suggest that ALL grows are part of an
                   organized crime ring is just bullshit.

                   As far as speaking out against these idiots, it seems to me that those with the most to gain and the least to lose
                   should step up. The big operators, who may actually be organized, won't do it. Small growers might have a lot to lose
                   in the legal arena. That leaves the average consumer who buys/smokes.

                   Just my $.02, practicing the fine art of passing the buck...


                   TOPIC - links
                   DATE - 03:19:38 3/27/100
                   FROM - Rx2
                   The link vic put up worked but others didnot. Dear Lurkin - thanks for the tip, but that did not work either. The posters
                   are probably doing something wrong. Vic, as we all know, is approaching perfection.

                   The UN says BC seeds are dangerously high in thc. Whats dangerous - has any one died ingesting this weed? Gone
                   blind, grown hairs on their palm.

                   The way I do it, if the weeds good and strong, I smoke less. Bottom line, is that not what the UN wants?

                   There are lots of goods on the shelf from Canada here in Yankee land. NAFTA is very good for canada. A boycott could

                   Tell the RCMP to go catch some meth, or crack, or H, or estacy. These are the drugs that are killin our children.



                   TOPIC - lamed out
                   DATE - 22:46:56 3/26/100
                   FROM - GGreen
                   Trelaway, grrrrrr. PLEASE DON'T tease me like that!

                   :-(_~ <- won't be smoking the GF x C99, but just started some BlueBell's and Creme Sodica's inside to get a head
                   start on this outdoor season.



                   TOPIC - Ooops
                   DATE - 08:29:24 3/26/100
                   FROM - Lurkin
                   The statement didn't show in the post..Anyway, it's in the "body" line and refers to link colors. Just remove one of the
                   #'s and things should be OK.


                   TOPIC - Links
                   DATE - 08:24:23 3/26/100
                   FROM - Lurkin
                   Vic....At the very beginning of your HTML code is the statement Note the double ## in 2 places, there should only be
                   one. I think perhaps different browsers handle this problem differently....Luck



                   TOPIC - Irish thanks:-)
                   DATE - 06:10:28 3/26/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Thanks Irish, I apprechiate that reply;-)



                   TOPIC - wow..sorta like a giant gaseous HID
                   DATE - 06:03:50 3/26/100
                   FROM - outsider
                   check out this news storyhttp://cnn.com/2000/TECH/space/03/23/gamma.ray/index.html




                   TOPIC - Lobbying
                   DATE - 04:03:05 3/26/100
                   FROM - arrooo
                   Caaarefull if you get into politics. McCormack, McWilliams, and Kubby all were active in the prop 215 drive and with the
                   Libertarian party and all are being prosecuted. (What happened to Kubby? He was susposed to have a jury trial a week
                   or so ago.) McWilliams was susposed to cop but I never did hear what happened to him. Harrelson has been ordered to
                   stand trial in Ky for his publicitystunt of planting hemp seeds. The stage is being set for Woody's gratest performance.
                   God bless him!

                   The witch hunt for marijuana is no difffrent than the witch hunt for witches.

                   'Tis a noble thing we do for love of this little plant and the freedom of our race from slavery by indusrtialists!

                   Rise up!


                   TOPIC - droppin' in to say howdy
                   DATE - 20:47:03 3/25/100
                   FROM - trelaway
                   I'm smoking some c99/grapefruit. Big crunchy bright orange buds. Well over an ounce out of 2.5 gallons of dirt. Smells
                   citrus. Bitchy to clone but finished in ~ 45 days.

                   Light clear perky stone of the three hour variety.


                   TOPIC - BUDM
                   DATE - 15:23:15 3/25/100
                   FROM - irish
                   hey budm,
                   leave structure may change from mother to clone, it doesn't mean that the genes are changing themselves, just means
                   that maybe it is changing due to environ. or nutrients, or growth stages...

                   a friend had an nl that would start new clone growth with three leaves instead of five+. also a green giant with small very
                   symmetrical leaves in veg, would grow out moster fans in flower...

                   i think ot1 called these actions "sports"...


                   TOPIC - compatibility
                   DATE - 08:39:13 3/25/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Thanks for the info OT. It's kinda ironic because the main webpage is built using Netscape Composer. But the person
                   that helped me put this message board up slapped my hand when I tried editting it with netscape composer. Told me
                   to learn to edit it at the code level to make sure it is more generic and friendly for more browsers, haha. Oh well, I'm not
                   skilled enough to tinker with things to make the script universially compatible so hopefully visitors can adapt as you


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 08:30:58 3/25/100
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   Just flying by Vic you have never been able to see the writing after Link useing an icab browser for macs. Even so
                   when you move the pointer ove the active bit a hand comes up and and if clicked the link works fine. On your main
                   page all the links show just fine as blue or pink if they have been used. Its a problem with icab.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 07:21:21 3/25/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   well looks like the link feature works fine, so either your not doing it right or you browser setting are not compatible
                   with the colours of this site.



                   TOPIC - testing the link
                   DATE - 07:18:53 3/25/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   BC growers definately need to start fighting back politically. Boycotting BC products is one option but I fear it would
                   have little effect. The commercial dealers will just call it what ever the public wants them to call it. But they will still
                   stick with the path of least resistance.

                   I say fight fire with fire. They are using the media to manipulate public opinion with their propaganda. So far public
                   education has also been the cannabis community's best ally as well. We need to start doing the reporter's work for
                   them and researching the truth and sending it to them. Eventually some hero reporter will have the guts to start
                   reporting the truth. Lies such as 30% THC content are easy to intelligently challange on several levels. And I'm sure a
                   few reporters have bought weed, and have a clue about the pricing structure. Maybe we need to just start putting the
                   reality of it in their face.

                   OK, lets see if there is a problem with this link feature

                                                   Link: BC Growers main page


                   TOPIC - Links
                   DATE - 06:17:26 3/25/100
                   FROM - Lurkin
                   Gonz...I think the link is working, but the color is black if you've visited the site recently. Not too helpful, but if you put
                   the cursor to the right of "Link:" you'll see it activate...Luck


                   TOPIC - various
                   DATE - 04:00:43 3/25/100
                   FROM - Gonzo
                   dear vic: I don't think the link url feature is working.

                   Dear arrooo: I think judge stewart is just taking orders from headquarters and announcing a change in social policy that
                   starts higher up.I am told the sentance won't stand up on appeal because he disreguarded the sentancing guidelines
                   for first offender.

                   Would a boycott of canadian manufactured and distilled goods help shape these policies?EASE UP ON BC

                   After Dupont was mentioned here as a possible boycott
                   target here it's stock dropped from 69 to 51 in a matter of a few trading days.



                   TOPIC - any one seen this b4?
                   DATE - 12:13:00 3/24/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi All, af has seen a plant change its leaf structure, the clones display "webbed" leaves, and the seed-mom did not. Is
                   this common? does it ever do the reverse? just curious.
                   youall have a good weekend.



                   TOPIC - ozone setup
                   DATE - 08:22:40 3/24/100
                   FROM - Vic High

                   Here is an old one I missed:


                   Hey MP, how goes it. I have about 7 - 8 feet of 10" ducting between my exhaust manifold and the outside. But that is
                   only part of the story, air pressure plays as big a role of success as anything. Too much pressure and the air won't mix
                   adaquately. Not enough and it will contaminate your garden. Some people put in big ass exhaust blowers and forget
                   about the intake, sometimes even relying on a passive intake. I've been there and this gets really tricky. This can result
                   in alot of back pressure and it doesn't matter the size of your ozone machine, both your residence and the outside will
                   stink up a storm.

                   For example, I designed my ventilation/ozone system around a 10" dayton axial fan with the help of a ventilation expert.
                   It worked flawlessly. But then I needed the silence of the dayton in another project so I subbed in a more powerful
                   ellicent fan. What a mistake, the whole place filled with the stench of skunk. I solved the problem by installing a fan
                   dimmer switch and reducing the exhaust pressure. Throwing in extra intake pressure only resulted in the outside
                   stinking like both ozone and skunk!! A balance is the key.

                   My ozone box is a 1 by 1 by 4 square tube laying on it's side. At one side I installed a 18" ozone flo tube. At the other
                   end I installed 2 ballasts. They have been there for a year and appear fine. They still work and there is no corrosive
                   buildup on them like what would happen if they were downstream of the ozone tube.

                   Good luck.



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 07:57:43 3/24/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   The Chronic - The safe number of plants is entirely dependant on how one gets busted. Like what lead to the bust.
                   Often, if the bust is the result of a snitch or accidental finding, then a small garden would just get confiscated. Whether
                   you look like a good guy or bad guy can also influence the outcome, like if the cops show because of calls of domestic
                   abuse. However, if the bust is the result of an investigation, then even just one plant will result in charges. At least that
                   is what happened the fall before last. They had a sweep of several busts all over the lower island over a two day period.
                   One poor SOB just knew the wrong person and got causght in the net.

                   Number of plants and overall complexity of garden will play a bigger role than number of lights, IMO. If there is any
                   indication that the garden is meant for market, they may throw the book at you. A 4 light garden could look comercial
                   or personal depending on the setup. 4 lights growing 16 large plants looks better on paper than 4 lights growing 400
                   plants SOG.

                   But bottom line, you risk a criminal record with even 1 light, there is no safe fine line.

                   Good luck in your studies, I had 5 fun years in that scene ;)


                   TOPIC - tubes
                   DATE - 21:26:06 3/23/100
                   FROM - oly
                   hope someone can help me out>>>
                   im just setting up my room' 8" tube system,mesh baskets with rockwool cubes.
                   can someone tell me if it is better to drip feed or bottom feed..all input will be appreciated>>


                   TOPIC - CW
                   DATE - 06:28:26 3/23/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   HI all,
                   Squinty:In refrence to the ozone question, its just a guess, perhaps the out-put is set too hi?? and the plants are
                   feeling the effects of oxydising?

                   To "..": CW site is up, but HS is not, prolly just a billing issue, there is a note on the netnations page for the site owner
                   to contact them, or maybe they are upset with the sites content.

                   Can anyone please email me a good proxy, most seem to be blocking, or are very slow.TIA




                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 05:08:24 3/23/100
                   FROM - ..
                   any one know why CW & HS, have been taken down by there www-provider?


                   TOPIC - seeking seed gestation
                   DATE - 01:56:57 3/23/100
                   FROM - alefty -aka deregdaweed
                   Dear seeking: right on for the time of seed gestation - 26 days. I had 'em right next to a uv tube. The seeds look like
                   they usually do - not smaller or darker. The smokable product is not unusually potent (but not bad either). The flowers
                   next to the uv turned a darker green (almost black) than those on the other side of the hood. But quality seems
                   unaffected. This is breeders' stock and is very consistent.

                   To all fellows:Judge Allan Stewart imosed a sentance eight times that sought by the Crown? Is this disintrest? Did the
                   UN start running his courtroom? Does anyone know any specifics about this case?

                   Judges are sensitive to public appeal by letter or E-mail and we should all give thought to sending him a polite and
                   genteel missive asking him to reconsider. The reason he cites for his severity is profit and that is the very reason a
                   deferred sentence should be imosed. Does the good Judge want to dry up our echonomy? Does it make good sense to
                   jail a taxpayer at the expense of the Crown of $40K/yr?

                   Grow on with discretion - loose lips sink ships!


                   TOPIC - judge stewart
                   DATE - 00:20:20 3/23/100
                   FROM - arrooo
                   Let me try it this way:



                   TOPIC - Judge Stewart jails BC grower
                   DATE - 00:17:28 3/23/100
                   FROM - arrooo
                   an item of intrest, maybe panic. is there anywhere the weed can be grown legally?



                   TOPIC - delivery from hs to swusa
                   DATE - 00:05:53 3/23/100
                   FROM - yepod
                   10 days. Pretty dang fast! Thanks!



                   TOPIC - Question about the law, being busted and the like
                   DATE - 20:13:43 3/22/100
                   FROM - The Chronic
                   My friend is about to complete a degree here on Vancouver Island, and he is wondering how many lights he would need
                   to be caught with to get a criminal record.

                   If the guy had one light the cops would not get a warrent for just one light. I think the guy wants to do 4 lights.
                   If he were to get popped with 4 lights, would he get a criminal record. His degree is impressive and he could be making
                   some decent $ working. How many lights would he need to get popped with to get a crim record?(I guess plant
                   #'s count for a lot as well).

                   Any and all input, by anyone who knows what they are talking about, would be appreciated.....as this is kinda
                   importatnt to him.


                   TOPIC - Message to Oak bay: re tie downs
                   DATE - 19:35:20 3/22/100
                   FROM - LungBuster
                   I think I know you, and vice versa. Are you using K2 and NL#1 cause I could give advice on tieing down ...etc.


                   TOPIC - cannabis online
                   DATE - 17:16:51 3/22/100
                   FROM - stevie
                   can anyone give me any links to buy cannabis online preferably u.k. sites but anything will do.

                   cheers Free the Weed. :)~


                   TOPIC - Ozone
                   DATE - 15:39:45 3/22/100
                   FROM - Squinty
                   Can anyone give me a good reason why everytime I allow my ozone to run, my plants seem to weep?


                   TOPIC - lumens
                   DATE - 12:03:12 3/22/100
                   FROM - skip
                   i have access to an older one sided wolff tanning bed. it's a bit bulky but the height is easily adjustable. i'd like to save
                   those few bucks on lights, but i'm not sure if it's all that practical. there are ten flourecsants that are marked "tropical
                   suns/ts71-t12-100w/preheat-bipin/02 96 D"
                   i'm wondering how to determine how many bulbs to run, if they supply the correct spectrum, so on so forth. also the
                   thought of running this beast on a 20-4 or 24 is a bit
                   frightening $$$.


                   TOPIC - strider-ph
                   DATE - 20:23:46 3/21/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi Strider, auctually just some one with too many gadgets, I picked up a soil ph test kit some time back, and forgot all
                   about it, found it the other day, and straight away put it to use, only to let the results "rent unnessary space in my
                   head" so I guess the answer is no prolbem, just brooding, LOL;-)


                   TOPIC - Budm
                   DATE - 18:34:12 3/21/100
                   FROM - Strider
                   Same to you :-) Well its not really advice, just an observation. I haven't been at this long enough to feel comfortable
                   giving advice. I have noted a diff in ph from same mix in diff pots. I can only quess as to the cause at this point, But I
                   am convinced that if enough nutes/micronutes are provided in an availible form in your media, your plants will do ok
                   anywhere from say 5.8 to 7.5. You can get into more trouble trying to tweak the ph than if you just leave it.
                   IMHumbleO. are u having a problem or are you just a broody hen ?


                   TOPIC - Strider
                   DATE - 07:09:22 3/21/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi All,
                   Strider nice to see ya;-) Thanks for the advice, only reason I asked is because some of the containers are at 6.5, I
                   guess they gat a bit more lime, then the others.



                   TOPIC - P H ---BUDM
                   DATE - 05:00:39 3/21/100
                   FROM - Strider
                   HI Budm..... if you used potting soil for your medium and u mixed ala super soil then your medium is going to hang
                   around a 7 ph, they treat the mix with lime and so do u when you mix up the super soil. I think you will find the ph will
                   hang at around 7 for the whole grow with no ill effects. you can water with phosporic acid added ect but the effects will
                   only last a day or so. I went thru that worry. unless u are watering with extreamly alkaline water its a dead end. correct
                   me if i'm wrong anyone.I found the buffering lime and the acid peat work to keep the medium around 7 hth.


                   TOPIC - ot1's rotary scuffer
                   DATE - 03:45:20 3/21/100
                   FROM - rx
                   "Credit the great oldtimer1 for the basic design of the unit, and for the inspiration to build it, and good comments from
                   the gang at . . . well, you know who you are. Dedicated to Aeric77, long may he grow."

                   This comes from cannabis.com

                   Good growing and thanks for the many tips!


                   TOPIC - OT1
                   DATE - 19:47:04 3/20/100
                   FROM - mm
                   just puffin' in to catch ya to say high cool one! miss chattin with ya like we used to on the old t2 chat.


                   TOPIC - Ph Soil adjustment advice
                   DATE - 17:43:59 3/20/100
                   FROM - skuffer
                   tell yf to make ph of h2o/nutes 6.0-6.5 an' she/he can't go wrong.


                   TOPIC - c88 x romberry
                   DATE - 13:30:38 3/20/100
                   FROM - djchef
                   this is a correction on my first post.
                   the strain is c88 x romberry...not c88


                   TOPIC - C88 and TTW
                   DATE - 13:28:10 3/20/100
                   FROM - djchef
                   i have some of the seed, now i need any info. about these two strains...can you help?
                   ,,,,,,,thanks- peace


                   TOPIC - Ph Soil adjustment advice needed
                   DATE - 12:28:52 3/20/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi all,
                   afs results of a soil ph test indicate, that two containers are 7.0, the other two tested at 6.5, gals at 7.0 are 25 into
                   12/12, any lowering susgestions would be aprechiated;-)



                   TOPIC - sex
                   DATE - 08:09:21 3/20/100
                   FROM - lemon cake
                   Im in the third week of flower and i think one of my lc is turnd male or hermy on me please help. asap thanks lc


                   TOPIC - scuffing drum (ot1)
                   DATE - 03:35:31 3/20/100
                   FROM - rx
                   My memory,at its best, faulty, nudges me to answer, I think I saw this feature at cannabis.com. When I have more
                   time I will search history and see if I find the link.

                   I am learning why you like to grow sats.



                   TOPIC - Resin Heaven mach
                   DATE - 16:40:27 3/19/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi all, If anyone has Robert Connell Clarkes book "Hashish",
                   the "Resin Heaven" site says that its "rolling Machine" is featured on pg #319 of his book, can some one comment on
                   what the description is on that page? TIA



                   TOPIC - skuff mach Ot1
                   DATE - 16:14:24 3/19/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi OT1 I was told they are only "coined" a rolling tray for legal pourposes as they are originally and still made in the
                   usa, auctually there is a tray of glass that catches the glands from the screen insert above, they are renting them for a
                   couple of guilders per day at Emerald Triangle Trading in Amsterdam, and I dont think folks will rent a rolling tray. I
                   asked a few questions about the mesh diameter, Ill post the reply if your intrested. Take care;-)



                   TOPIC - Skuffer
                   DATE - 12:21:31 3/19/100
                   FROM - Lurkin
                   OT1...There's been a discussion about a rotary skuffer at overgrow for a couple weeks now. Dunno if it's what rx is
                   talking about. It's a nice looking outfit. AF saw it and now I need to make one for her.....Cheers, L

                                                          Link: Skuffer


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 12:14:47 3/19/100
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   budm what do rolling trays have to do with skuffing I don't understand?


                   TOPIC - skuff
                   DATE - 11:46:17 3/19/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi all, anyone intrested in a simple device avaiable in a couple of sizes, at a inexpensive price visit
                   http://www.hazetv.com and click on "resin heaven" nice device, hth;-)

                                                    Link: Haze TV--Pypes Place


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 08:28:47 3/19/100
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   rx I did send some picks and text about scuffing to someone if it has been put up on a web page it is without my
                   knollage could you give me the link please!
                   All the best Ot1.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 05:55:56 3/19/100
                   FROM - mp
                   vic, how many ft of ducting are after the manifold containing your ballasts and ozone tube. Any ill effects to your
                   ballast, how long since exposure? AF has 6ft of 6in duct with 2 90* bends after the same manifold setup. Tried a tube
                   then a homemade corona discharge unit and was still able to pic up that luscious scent at harvest over the ozone
                   outdoors. How many ft of duct after ozone do you recomend, cant think of any other shortcomings. TIA


                   TOPIC - ot1's drum machine
                   DATE - 04:59:09 3/19/100
                   FROM - rx
                   Grudgingly, I have to give it to ot1, his drum machine design is ingenious. If I were to to build off these plans- rather
                   than pierce the drum with an axle, I would support the drum on a pair of rollers, one of them powered. More efficient,
                   easier to build and clutching action for the heavy load. Rock hound tumblers (about $100) are built thsi way and
                   probably would work with the screens.

                   Vic: Does pollination of buds speed up the maturing process?

                   Thanks in advance!


                   TOPIC - Reversing the Reproductive Cycle?
                   DATE - 00:01:05 3/19/100
                   FROM - Bryan
                   Is it possible to switch to a short light cycle while plants are approx. 45 cm. and approx. 1 month old in order to
                   determine the sex of the plants - then reverse the process by reverting to a 24/7 photoperiod?
                   I have a space problem, and I want to put the females in larger pots under my HID lamps to maximize growth.



                   TOPIC - Nevils Haze x Afgani (HGf)
                   DATE - 06:32:17 3/17/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi All, well afoaf is embarking on a project that hes had planned for a year, the genetics have finally come together, and
                   can be crossed, the text below, is a cut and paste of a mesg to Vic about the project, Vic susgested that it would
                   make a good topic for a community board, so any thoughts or ideas are much apprechiated. So far afoaf has 7 Nevils
                   Haze beans germing, and 6 Afgani (HGF).

                   This would be an awesome question for public posting

                   I would follow DJ's lead on this one. The reason is that the afghani should be quite uniformand chances of picking a
                   good male would be in your favour. Haze is well known for it's inconsistent results. The famous killer haze females are
                   few and far between from what I've heard. It only makes sense that the same would follow for the haze males. It is
                   easier to find the best haze female than haze male so you hedge your bets of a good cross by going with a haze
                   female/afghani male.

                   But find a good potent haze male and who knows

                   ----- Original Message -----
                   Hi Vic, I hope your well;-)
                   Ive had a cross in mind for over a year, and its finally comming together. NevilsHaze X Afgani, I just recieved along with
                   the Beauty and the Beast, HGF's Afgani, reputeably the best Afgani on the market, over 10 years of refining. Ive been
                   holding the Nevs Haze, for this cross.

                   I read the DJ Short article about breeding Blueberry, and he said the Thai x Afgani, was "much more intresting" and
                   free of hermi's, then the female Afgani x Thai. Im sure that the cross will have hybrid vigor, more diverse genes are
                   unimaginable, but which to use of the females and males as far as strain is concerned??? Id apprechiate any input you
                   might have. Im going to start the B&B as well this week. Ill let you know how they progress. Thanks for your time.Take
                   care and be well.


                   Any thoughts youall can share would be great, from time-to-time, Ill keep youall informed as to the development of the
                   seedlings. TIA and youall have a nice weekend;-)



                   TOPIC - saffron
                   DATE - 02:47:46 3/17/100
                   FROM - deregdaweed
                   Anyone please, is it illegal to grow saffron? Happy St. Paddy's day.


                   TOPIC - cloning (can be whipped)
                   DATE - 02:43:10 3/17/100
                   FROM - deregdaweed
                   First thing, you have got to have a sky hook. Look around.


                   TOPIC - weed weed weed
                   DATE - 13:49:39 3/16/100
                   FROM - canwhipped
                   how do you make a clone?


                   TOPIC - What UV source was used? At what level?
                   DATE - 08:03:51 3/16/100
                   FROM - C.G.

                   The postings on KQ indicate that this crossing produced much smaller seeds than had been anticipated. Evidently the
                   only change in your grow routine was adding high levels of supplementary UV.

                   So ... what was the source of the UV? Was it both UV-A & UV-B or just B? How high a level was there, and how would
                   those levels compare to those found outdoors in equitorial climates or high mountain terrain?

                   Since there's no telling where the G-13 clone originated, whether it was a native species or the result of a deliberate
                   cross or random hybridization, there's no way to judge the size of the seeds it will produce except by checking the
                   results of other crosses with it.

                   Have there been small seeds in other crosses under the UV, or is this the first? Were the KQ seeds all of a uniform
                   small size or were there some "oddball" larger ones? Were the SQ seeds grown under the same UV?



                   TOPIC - sex determination
                   DATE - 16:54:29 3/15/100
                   FROM - Matt
                   my friend and I have got trifolate, after leaving it at an associates house for about a month the plant has put its energy
                   into producing buds. The problem arose yesterday when my friend indicated to me it may have come into contact with
                   a male plant at the associates house. He pulled several, what looked to me like seed pods. Is this plant a female and
                   going to seed or is it both male and female?


                   TOPIC - aero cloner
                   DATE - 19:19:46 3/14/100
                   FROM - lemon cake
                   please help Im realy need directions on a aero cloner asap!
                   lemon cake


                   TOPIC - Genes from Brian
                   DATE - 15:33:56 3/12/100
                   FROM - virginia NE
                   I have the genes - a baker's dozen- Thanks


                   TOPIC - astrooman & cloning
                   DATE - 03:04:20 3/11/100
                   FROM - Rx2
                   here's how I do cloning - cut off three inch growing tip and stick it into 1" (28cm) rockwool cube.(I like the one's with
                   clothes because darkness is needed for root development) Saturate with lightly fert water. Place in plastic pan with
                   sides and cover with saran wrap. Remove the cover every twelve hours and leave uncovered for 12 hours. Co2
                   supplement is very helpful.Keep your eye onit because they use a lot of water. Don't let it get dry! 24 hours of light for a
                   week or ten days then transfer to soil. Seldom does this method fail.


                   TOPIC - diverted furnace
                   DATE - 02:56:41 3/11/100
                   FROM - duh
                   it is good that they siezed the kids away from those dumb asses as they were more likely to get carbon monoxide
                   poisining than anything else from that dumb stunt.

                   combustion of fossil fuels yields CO2 + water with 100% air for 'complete combustion' otherwise you can add CO as
                   one of the by-products duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as there is NO GAURANTEE that you alwasy get complete
                   combustion. many lives are lost every year from faulty furnaces that vented the exhaust gases back into the house by
                   accident or by dumbasses who decide to use the barbecue grill for heat.


                   TOPIC - info seeker (new guy)
                   DATE - 02:45:46 3/11/100
                   FROM - acme
                   dear info seeker, you are where I was aboout three months ago. Ive learned a lot. Most important, I have learned I'm not
                   as smart on the subject as I thought. Focus and planning are now pre-eminent in my efforts. And I have been rewarded
                   with a reinvigorated (hybred kind) grow closet. Here are the steps I took - better circulation, perfected light seal, more
                   ferts and water, combo hps and flo. Planning , planning, planning to maximize head room.(SOG) Hybredizing. HS
                   seems reliable for all I've been able to figure out. Ot1, vic, sneaky, occcam & others I dont' have on the top of my head
                   have the authority of personal experience. I' not the welcoming committee but welcome. This buds for you!


                   TOPIC - cloneing bubbler
                   DATE - 00:33:43 3/11/100
                   FROM - lemon cake
                   I have 7 in water and Im in need of directions really badly please responed asap! thanks LC


                   TOPIC - more busts today in vancouver...
                   DATE - 14:15:38 3/10/100
                   FROM - drinkin' on Moss Rocks
                   One house had diverted the furnace exhaust into the grow area so that CO2 was flooding the house. The cops seized
                   the kids because of this.

                   Could this be a safe source of CO2?


                   TOPIC - Jay!!
                   DATE - 19:17:21 3/09/100
                   FROM - sb
                   JAY!!! How the hell are ya??? it's bean awhile bro


                   TOPIC - Vic/DTHH, X-13
                   DATE - 19:15:53 3/09/100
                   FROM - sb
                   Hey Buddy... just put a few DTHH beans in the dirt.Do you remember who was growing these genes out after the

                   BTW: Also have some X-13 seedlings and would like to compare notes with others...


                   TOPIC - B.C. Crackdown (lurker)
                   DATE - 13:18:05 3/09/100
                   FROM - arrooo
                   Fellow growers:

                   The recent UN report naming BC as the source of dangerously high thc content seed development, no doubt will give
                   leo the red ass. These BC growers have got the UN advertising for them -

                   so with increased scrutiny there should be an increased, world wide, demand for quality beans.Increased demand
                   means higher prices - a boon for the BC echonomy. Every cloud, a silver lining.



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 09:46:11 3/09/100
                   FROM - Info Seeker
                   Hi all! I've been growing for several years but I'm new to the net. I just found this site and really like the info I see here. I
                   also like the fact that there is not any of the fighting and BS that I see at the other sites (what's up with some of these
                   people). I hope nobody minds if I hang out and keep my eyes open so I can learn some new things. I hope I will be able
                   to make some contributions as well.

                   Acme - It's been my experience that the seeds will take approx 4 weeks to ripen, perhaps even a bit sooner if the
                   plants are in perfect health and all conditions are optimal.


                   TOPIC - seeds
                   DATE - 03:05:11 3/09/100
                   FROM - acme
                   Please - can someone tell me how long after pollination for the seeds to mature? My guestimate is 6 weeks. Thanks in


                   TOPIC - B.C. crackdown
                   DATE - 14:02:51 3/08/100
                   FROM - Lurker
                   Hi Vic et al

                   For those in B.C., is it my imagination or do enforcement efforts targetted towards growers seem to be intensifying? Or
                   is it merely a police inspired media propaganda blitz? The number of busts appears to have gone up in the last 3
                   months n'est pas?

                   My own take is yes just on the number of FOAF's who know someone who has been taken down or have suffered a
                   similar fate themselves. The B.C.-Alberta border is one dangerous place for transporting anything heavy as the
                   mounties are sitting outside Banff and Jasper with "vehicle safety check" roadblocks on a regular basis. One FOAF
                   made it through carrying weight (no dogs thank heavens) while another made the mistake of pulling off on a side road
                   after they saw the "police roadcheck ahead" sign conveniently placed near an exit. Cops waiting just around the bend
                   whose first question on pulling them over was how much are you carrying and where is it? Dark days.

                   For what it is worth according to an R.C.M.P corporal I mountain bike with there has been some new money put into
                   enforcement as the authorities have come to realize how much of a "problem" the scene is and to reply to american
                   pressure. B.C. Hydro is also, according to him, putting more staff on power theft. Police are still more than a little
                   peeved at the light penalties in this province for growers but it is out of their hands.

                   Any other takes on current affairs in the province?

                   Be safe


                   TOPIC - pre-flowering clones
                   DATE - 11:59:45 3/08/100
                   FROM - Sharecropper

                   Seems I remember somewhere down in the list that you were having a problem with clones that just won't stop
                   flowering. Ditto. Any luck with a solution. Clones are under 24/24 and just won't stop their overt sexual expressionism
                   (dat a word?).

                   All tips appreciated.



                   TOPIC - Newbie security? There is No Security!
                   DATE - 11:37:51 3/08/100
                   FROM - Dreadlock Gnomes
                   Common Sence:

                   Hire a good lawyer.

                   Don't tell Anyone what you might or might not do.

                   Hire a good lawyer.

                   Don't tell Anyone where you might or might not do it.

                   Hire a good lawyer.

                   Don't have partners.

                   Hire a good lawyer.

                   Don't make a trail.

                   Hire a good lawyer.

                   Don't carry a gun.

                   Hire a good lawyer.

                   And for God's Sake Don't Booby-Trap the Patch!

                   It's wasted energy, bad karma, and it might nail you And your lawyer!

                   Better yet, wait until next year, and hire a good lawyer to talk you out of it!



                   TOPIC - aspirin #####
                   DATE - 08:06:04 3/08/100
                   FROM - bubba~bogart
                   Regdude- i personally think that aspirin should be used for the headaches you get when you're worried about the leo
                   coming to your door-not for your plants-dont overwater and use a good fertilizer and your plants will do fine


                   TOPIC - asprin
                   DATE - 13:43:47 3/07/100
                   FROM - Regdude
                   how much asprin do I give plants to make hermaphrodites? And how long does it take? And how long do I feed it to
                   them ?


                   TOPIC - Super Soil
                   DATE - 07:37:04 3/07/100
                   FROM - Lurkin
                   Frost, there is a discussion on super soil, and some variations at the link below.

                                                        Link: Super Soil


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 07:15:54 3/07/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Frosty, you are just at the message board part of BCGA, you can find the rest by following the link above to the BCGA
                   main page. It's directly above where you type in your name when posting here.

                   There you will find a whole lot of resources, of which the soil recipes are just a small part ;) Enjoy !!


                   TOPIC - super soil mix
                   DATE - 05:29:01 3/07/100
                   FROM - Frosty
                   Sirs: I can't seem to find the formula of your super soil mix,could you please direct me to the right site or email me the
                   mixture contents of soil? keep up the good work & thanks in advance.......Frosty


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 18:46:27 3/06/100
                   FROM - help me to C.G.
                   thanks for the information. No parking required :) any tidbits on security measure that you might be able to pass my


                   TOPIC - Lj, UBC
                   DATE - 10:08:50 3/06/100
                   FROM - sb
                   Hey Bro.I don't recall hearing LJ talk about a c99 x ubc, but I'll ask her just in case (she's been away from the net as of
                   We both tried UBC in our respective grows however.Unfortunately it didn't make the cut.Nice potency, gaggy
                   harshness, smelly...cool looking knotty, bunched up buds tho.If you're looking to try something new, drop me a line.I
                   have a couple berry interesting beans lying around.hehehe

                   Well Victor..
                   Getting a mass batch of super soil ready for the green house....do you think it is too hot for the average veggy?



                   TOPIC - "help me" - help yourself -
                   DATE - 06:06:57 3/06/100
                   FROM - C.G.
                   There's no way to cover the subject of guerilla growing in one or two or twenty posts ...
                   but here are a few basics to keep in mind:

                   1. Enjoy yourself ... getting outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, taking a hike, getting some exercise, these should
                   be appreciated. Even if you do get ripped off, you're still getting a spiritual benefit.

                   2. The more you plant in any one spot, the higher the chances of getting ripped off.

                   3. Be realistic about the amount of energy you can afford to invest.

                   4. Growing from seed lowers the risks. You can't hide a dozen clones in your underpants.

                   Where are you going to park?


                   TOPIC - Beauty & the Beast ?
                   DATE - 05:46:19 3/06/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi All, Vic afoaf has decided to try out the B&B cross, I recall in the past maybe last summer reading about "Lady-J"
                   trying a "UBC x C99" is the UBC the same as Chemo?? Just curious to find out if theres any experiences to read
                   somewhere about this awesome sounding cross. Also when you refer to Chemos "Lack of charcter" is this to mean it
                   has no distinct smell or taste? TIA.

                   Pruning question, in a HT's article Kyle says, to promote lateral branching, he removes one leaf at the nodes that have
                   5 blade leaves, anyone have any experience with this techinque? up till now af has only pinched the main shoot, at the
                   4th-6th node.



                   TOPIC - storing pollen (Budm)
                   DATE - 03:24:23 3/06/100
                   FROM - Rx2
                   Dear Budm - thank you for the time and trouble giving me a straight answer. At your sugestionI visited weedbase and
                   was pleased to see some new stuff there.

                   Thanks again! Grow on.


                   TOPIC - Budm ph adjust
                   DATE - 01:27:47 3/06/100
                   FROM - pizzas
                   I grow in soil i check the ph in my water everytime wether im flushing or feeding and its seems to very from 8.8 to over
                   9 i use ph down 10 tbs for 80 liters most of the time then i add ferts


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 12:57:35 3/05/100
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   Hi all been down with a flu bug feeling better enough to be bored now. Budm before I used Ro water I used to mix my
                   compost to about ph 6 to 6.2 our tap water varies from 7.6 to 8.5. There was never a problem with the compost
                   becoming to alkaline the highest it ever reached after our 14 week cycle was 6.5. The problem we were getting was salt
                   build up on the edges of the rootball sometimes to the point that it was getting toxic to the plants. I donít think you can
                   resolve the problem by using ph down, I think that if the bicarbonates and other caustic elements are causing your
                   plants problems it is much better to bite the bullet and get a small Ro for watering them. This will also remove most
                   heavy metals, nitrates, nitrites and a host of other nasties. You should be able to get a complete analysis from your
                   water supplier! You might find you want an Ro for drinking water or take to drinking bottled mineral water LOL.

                   Hope this helps Ot1.


                   TOPIC - rx-t&t
                   DATE - 05:13:01 3/05/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi All,
                   Theres a good spidermite info page I found here,
                   Nice pictures and they explained how Diatomeious Earth works as a mite killer, its ground up particles have very sharp
                   edges, that pierce the mites body and it dies of dehydration.

                   Rx2- Yes the freezer does increse the life/viability of pollen, I read a post by a community member, who had a great
                   sounding method of storing in the freezer, it went somthing like this. First dilute the pollen with flour, or in the case of
                   this poster, he was using pollen collected from a tree outside as the dilutent, then fill up some cut-up "drinking straws"
                   with the pollen to be stored, closing
                   the ends with tape(I think), that way when you need some you can take out of the freezer 1 "portion controlled" straw,
                   with out having to remove all of the pollen from the freezer, this could come in handy if one was working on a "cubbing
                   project" with pollen as the method of backcrossing instead of a female clone/mom. Then keep all of your filled straws in
                   a glass jar with a tight fitting lid, along with silica, rice, or any descant available. Im not sure of the life expectancy of
                   pollen, using this method, however I would assume it to be a year or so, as a cubbing project would take at least that
                   amount of time or more. Afoaf has kept pollen in a film can with desacant packs in the fridge, for about 10 weeks with
                   some drop off in viablity in the later weeks, but still viable enough. Also hes experienced, that there was a higher
                   percentage of females from the stored pollen then from the fresh, the fresh made seeds that were 50/50 M-to-F ratio,
                   when the same pollen was used about one month later it went up to 70% female. Anyone else experienced this
                   Rx2 I hope this helps some, if you look through the BCGA mesg-board archives, you should find the post about pollen
                   in the freezer, and can get the exact method.

                   Does anyone growing in soil, take the time to Ph-adjust there water, that they feed with?? Tap water being very high
                   (8-8.5), would'nt it be better to lower it before watering??



                   TOPIC - Budm
                   DATE - 04:05:43 3/05/100
                   FROM - Rx2
                   Dear Budm - thanks! I like to hear it here at BCGA because I found other boards to be less reliable than those I find
                   here by contributors such as ot1 and VicH. There is no substitute for knowledge from first hand experience.

                   Still, my question is: Can the viability of pollen be extended by frozen storage?


                   TOPIC - C.G.
                   DATE - 14:02:12 3/04/100
                   FROM - help me
                   could you tell me more about how the guerilla farmin' operation does best from your experience? Any advice would be
                   utilized greatly! thank you


                   TOPIC - thanks johnny lil
                   DATE - 14:01:04 3/04/100
                   FROM - help me
                   thanks for answering my question. someone put clones out a while back in the past and they vegged, budded, vegged,
                   budded, vegged budded, three times outdoors, regardless of that it wasn't the right time of the year...does anyone
                   know why i got three harvests off my 20 clones throughout the summer? They didn't grow tall but they were bushy and
                   the stuff kicked ass. The last batch was the most potent!


                   TOPIC - C.G.
                   DATE - 13:49:02 3/04/100
                   FROM - thc-positive
                   I don't know you but I just wanted to tell you I really appreciated your last post because it was rippled with insightful
                   humor. Very good :)


                   TOPIC - We were afraid of that ... ; )
                   DATE - 10:44:52 3/04/100
                   FROM - C.G.
                   Vic ...

                   Thanks for the feedback on those new crosses ... the question of mold and mildew is Rarely discussed in public by
                   breeders ... we appreciate your bringing it up. ( Wouldn't a small de-humidifier prevent mold and mildew in the first
                   place? )

                   Wasn't aware that Romulan had such a strong aroma ... that's good to know... we try to keep everything low to the
                   ground and sweet ... you can get lucky sometimes and have folks walk right past a plant if it doesn't smell like a skunk
                   in heat.

                   We certainly regret asking that question about Sodica ... but hey ... you're up in the Great White North, probably in
                   spitting distance of those islands ... it's not much of a stretch to think that from the description and posted photo you
                   might have a good idea what kind of herb it is/was. No doubt all breeders have loads of info that they don't share
                   outside of the business, we can dig that. It's also *quite* possible that Steve and those breeders don't really know
                   themselves what's in the stuff. It's the dirty little secret of outdoor grows that breeding there is a royal pain, and often

                   There's no way we'd stir up a lot of crap on purpose ... especially after that flurry of flames between you guys lit up the
                   web like Las Vegas.

                   Whew! It was *painfull* to wade through all of it! Maybe you both should adopt formal second identities just so you can
                   heap abuse on each other and leave the rest of us out of it. ; )

                   Besides, it confuses the kiddies and frightens the horses.

                   Where's my shovel?



                   TOPIC - t&t
                   DATE - 08:18:15 3/04/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hello All,

                   Vic, I can say from what Ive experienced in life, the RomB, may share a trait (stealth) with the Fl-"Krypt", but thats IMO
                   the only thing they have in common, at least from a smokers standpoint.

                   You spoke of resistance to molds and mildew, how come some plants seem resistant to mites? some Dutch strains
                   are even advertised as having "mite resistance", do these strains taste bad to the little buggers ??

                   One more question, has anyone ever noticed a clone change morphology/apperance, dramatically from its original
                   seed-mom?? afoaf has seen this happen! Mom had much narrower leaves, and the clone had leaves that were fatter,
                   and looked webbed, hes 99% positive that there was no "switch-up in the nuserey" LOL! But it will take a bit of time to
                   account for the other 1%. Youall have a nice weekend;-))

                   rx- all of those questions can be answered in great detail, at least the pollen storage, seeds, and oil, questions, at
                   OGrow's "Weedbase" archive search engine, HTH ;-)



                   TOPIC - pollen
                   DATE - 04:45:30 3/04/100
                   FROM - rx
                   dear friends: can any of you advise me if pollen can be kept viable in the freezer? Does it damage pot to freeze it? How
                   about seeds? Does any one have a reciepe for hash oil? Be well and thanks in advance. rx


                   TOPIC - Mailing Auction Seeds
                   DATE - 23:32:24 3/03/100
                   FROM - a bidder
                   I would think that the seeds sent from the auction(which will trickle out from HS in the weeks after the auction)will not
                   constitute a "surge" by HS's standards and I am doin my bit to get some of those beans coming "downunder" ;-)
                   Who knows? maybe there are a quite few not from the US? ;-)


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 21:38:53 3/03/100
                   FROM - jay
                   peaceness and nc please contact me...


                   TOPIC - another day over with rye in hand :)
                   DATE - 19:05:37 3/03/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Johny - just razzin ya dude :)

                   Lurkin, It wouldn't suprise me if LEO is aware of the auction, but it also wouldn't suprise me if they were aware of
                   Heavan's Stairway prior to the auction either. Hell I assume they are aware of me too ;) But I hear what your saying. I
                   think the most observable surge would be with Heavan's Stairway's incoming mail and it won't contain anything illegal.
                   Leo would have no reason to open these so your only real risk is if you place your real name and addy on the outside
                   of the envelope. As for HS's outgoing, they've been doin gthis for a while and they have given it alot of thought so I just
                   trust their experience. I personally think my mailing method is better, hehe, but I don't tell them how to ship and they
                   don't tell me how to breed. And they definately are more experience than me in getting the product safely to the

                   CG - If you notice, I only rate my strains indoors simply because I only grow indoors. However, both blueberry and
                   romberry have been successfully grown outdoors in Nevada, California, and Vancouver that i know of. Romberry
                   finished earlier than blueberry despite it's longer flowering period. I attribute this to the fact that blueberry has
                   undergone a longer period of indoor selection than the romulan parentage. Actually, romulan seems to have more of an
                   american west coast outdoor heritage. It is very similar to an outdoor oregon strain my friend calls Emerald Triangle.
                   They definately share the same pedigree, and another Florida friend who has sampled and grown the Emerald Triangle
                   genetics feels it is very similar to the infamous Florida krypt. With respect to stealth, anything with romulan in it will be
                   a security risk, the stuff stinks!! Also, FWIW, romulan is very bud mold resistant but is succeptable to powdery mildew.
                   The C99 and G13 parents also contracted powdery mildew. Blueberry parents are powdery mildew resistant as are the
                   majority of their offspring. Chemo mom is fairly resistant to powdery mildew but will eventually get it if the infestation is

                   As for your spefic timing, I couldn't even hazard a guess, I don't have a clue where you are, haha. But yes, someone
                   will have to grow them outside and share with us how they did. Space queen will stretch the most. Romberry and killer
                   queen will be moderate strtchers, and Beauty and the Beast will be the least.

                   Beauty and the Beast was designated for Seed-Bank to carry since they were behinf me securing the chemo genetics.
                   However, due to Bong's current situation, they will be going to Heavan's Stairway. They will be limited supply (40
                   orders) and should have arrived at HS yesterday or today.

                   As for comparing to Cream Sodica, LMAO. Come on!! Your asking me to compare to a strain that Steve won't share
                   the parentage of and it hasn't been tested yet?? And the queens haven't been tested either?? No offence but that
                   sounded like a shit stirring question.


                   TOPIC - Would the new bcga strains work outdoors?
                   DATE - 17:50:04 3/03/100
                   FROM - C.G.
                   Vic, those new crosses sound very, very, interesting. Since another planting season will soon be upon us, our juices
                   are begining to flow and we're getting psyched up for another guerilla growing campaign.

                   However, on the HS site, Space Queen and Killer Queen are both listed as indoor strains. ( Beauty & The Beast isn't
                   listed at all ... are those all gone? ).

                   Which, if any, of these three would grow well in the great outdoors? Would they all be short and thick, or would they
                   tend to stretch a lot during a normal US growing season?

                   The description of Space Queen indicates that it would require a little less light than other strains. Does this mean it
                   would survive and produce in a semi-shaded spot? Would these crosses tend to finish early ( Sept. 1 ) or late ( Oct 15
                   ), or is it too early to tell how they'll react?

                   Here's a question we'll probably regret asking: How would you expect those new crosses will measure up in yield,
                   taste, and potency, against the Cream Sodica variety being offered by your long-time bosom-buddy, blood- brother, and
                   potential kidney donor, Breeder Steve?

                   Just curious.



                   TOPIC - Mailing Auction Seeds
                   DATE - 16:11:49 3/03/100
                   FROM - Lurkin
                   Vic et al: I've been following a thread at CW's members forum about stealth in mailing seeds. Most likely LEO is aware
                   of the auction, and that after it's over there will be a surge in mail from HS to the US. Seems like maybe folks could
                   help with stealth by mailing their funds in a returnable package of their own design. Might help HS's shipping as well.


                   TOPIC - BIG is ugly
                   DATE - 04:05:30 3/03/100
                   FROM - johnny lil
                   yeh i fully forgot to look at the screan until the end ,then i saw the loadness of it and thought .to big to re do..so
                   yep..now i know...cool


                   TOPIC - ouch
                   DATE - 19:46:16 3/02/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   hey, turn off the caps lock please, some people interpret it as hostility :)

                   Welcome to the new names.


                   TOPIC - re- cloner
                   DATE - 08:17:28 3/02/100
                   FROM - johnny lil
                   hey cloner i did it on a full moon so the moon pulls the water up into the cuttings yeh high tide style



                   TOPIC - RE- CLONE
                   DATE - 08:12:30 3/02/100
                   FROM - JOHNNY LIL
                   THE PLASTIC


                   FROM ROUND THE AREA ABOUT 3-4CM






                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 03:22:33 3/02/100
                   FROM - help me
                   can anyone tell me how to clone outdoors without indoor lights?


                   TOPIC - haha
                   DATE - 02:22:48 3/02/100
                   FROM - carlin
                   if clothes make the man,
                   why do i get so much attention whe i go around nakid?


                   TOPIC - pickup
                   DATE - 20:36:09 3/01/100
                   FROM - kr01
                   thurs,april 2
                   @corner store {26}@2250


                   TOPIC - the fugus thing
                   DATE - 11:00:51 2/29/100
                   FROM - johnny lil
                   well so far the other war has been fought two ways COPPER OXYCHLORIDE was used to hit the fungus - which did
                   bad things for my nice chem free world idea , then enviro change 24 hour a day 250w lighting on the soil and fungus to
                   upset its moist humid thing . leaf feeding of fish seaweed juice and co2 water
                   well cool the war continues
                   some good info http://www.commonlink.com/~olsen/HEMP/IHA/iha03111.html

                   there pretty cool info on diseases in cannabis


                                        Link: http://www.scisoc.org/ismpmi/common/names/cannabis


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