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                   TOPIC - pickup
                   DATE - 20:36:09 3/01/100
                   FROM - kr01
                   thurs,april 2
                   @corner store {26}@2250


                   TOPIC - the fugus thing
                   DATE - 11:00:51 2/29/100
                   FROM - johnny lil
                   well so far the other war has been fought two ways COPPER OXYCHLORIDE was used to hit the fungus - which did
                   bad things for my nice chem free world idea , then enviro change 24 hour a day 250w lighting on the soil and fungus to
                   upset its moist humid thing . leaf feeding of fish seaweed juice and co2 water
                   well cool the war continues
                   some good info http://www.commonlink.com/~olsen/HEMP/IHA/iha03111.html

                   there pretty cool info on diseases in cannabis


                                        Link: http://www.scisoc.org/ismpmi/common/names/cannabis


                   TOPIC - Pot Ash.
                   DATE - 19:16:35 2/28/100
                   FROM - Sneaky Pete
                   Read somewhere recently that potash was mined..?

                   Seemed kinda strange to me since I thought it was plain old fire ashes( wood fire, no newspapers or garbage), and just
                   that went in last summers Guerilla mix.

                   Also I think the "Alaska fish ferts" "Mor Bloom" had quite a bit of potash as it's main ingredient.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 12:06:43 2/28/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Anyone patiently waiting for something from Vic land, keeps your eyes open :)

                   Fellow travlr - basically potash is just the ash left after a fire. I can't see how it could be a petro chemical, but I'm not
                   certain on that. I really am not up on the science of fertilizers. I'm still trying to get a handle on exactly what NPK
                   means precisely.

                   Jonny - you planning on saving that girl instead of just harvesting her? If so, please keep us tuned on how you make
                   out ;) Say, have you used this same planting hole in the past?

                   Budm, hey bud. Please don't worry about that auction deal, it has worked out better than anyone anticipated. Sure
                   there was a couple small bumps but they pale compared to the great thing that was accomplished. Just think, what
                   you initiated has turned into a whole new cannabis forum and C-Bay!! And if shit didn't happen with you, chances are
                   Cannabis World and C-Bay wouldn't exist, so some real good things transpired from your misfortune. Life works in
                   mysterious ways ;)

                   And don't worry about the negative propaganda posts, they try but they never are able to do any real damage. Just look
                   at how much was raised for A1, and now look at the selection and bids for A77. Most of the community is too bright to
                   fall for the troll BS. I just pipe up to make sure both sides are heard so people can make intelligent decisions, ya
                   know? They would have tried their BS whether you left or not.

                   Good luck with the avid search. I have no way of knowing whether the product I've used in the past was indeed avid.
                   There is also a couple good threads at cannabis world about avid, the most recent one initiated by Suzy Creamcheese
                   in the Jungle. In the process of waking up our social conscience, she brought out a few new ideas :)

                   When I used avid, it was in a perp harvest setup. In fact, if I wasn't perp harvest, I wouldn't have needed it. Don't expect
                   it to work right away, it will take a few crops to completely wipe them out. In fact you may want to use it a couple days
                   after using something like Safer's soap to knock the major numbers down. I'm completely confused whether the stuff is
                   safe for mammals or not, but to play it safe I wouldn't use it on flowering plants. Spray as you introduce your girls to
                   the flower room, that should hold the mites off until week 6-8 of flower. At least that is what happened when I grew
                   treated plants next to infested plants. You may be better off delaying the introduction of new plants so that the treated
                   plants will still be resistant when you harvest the infected plants?

                   The scary thing about using avid in a perpetual harvest garden is that you are opening the window for the mites to
                   develope a restance to avid. We have a great weapon here that kicks borg but, but we have to be dilligent that when we
                   use it, we use it to completely irradicate the mites, not just control them. No survivors.

                   Another tip I had to use was toss all the old soil and bag recycling it for a bit until I got a crop completely mite free. Soil
                   just harbours the mites. I had soil in storage for a year, (bone dry) that I pulled out to use for ornamentals on my patio.
                   Well those outside plants ended up with mites. Luckily predators kept them at bay and I've been able to just ignore

                   Kinda goes with the soil notes, but cleanliness goes a long way when fighting the borg.


                   TOPIC - Some experienced knowledge needed PLEASE
                   DATE - 18:47:43 2/27/100
                   FROM - johnny lil
                   This hidious fungus has attacted one of my babies. I'm growing outdoor organic style. All has been going so well ,this
                   plant is 5 months old and was just starting to flower. the weather here has been hot and humid and wet .Overnight my
                   plant went from happy happy to full tilt sad ass wilt. Man panic wow. This was yesterday.
                   Looking at the stem under the luciene mulch i found this white cotton looking fungus about 10 cm (4inch)long .it totally
                   covered the stem , digging into tho roots i found more -less full on but still there . it was in the soil to.
                   this morning looking at it , small white spots had grown under the main part of fungus

                   someone said ---FUSARIUM ROOT ROT ---but the guy in the nursury said (Knowing it was cannabis)---SCLEROTIUM
                   STEM ROT---and showed me a pretty good pic of it . He sad Bad bad bad any more help would be cool




                   TOPIC - Avid -Hey Vic
                   DATE - 15:47:53 2/27/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi All,

                   Vic I read the BCGA main page cut and pastes about Avid, was the product you originally bought un-labled auctually
                   Avid? How is it best instituted in perp-harvest situation. TIA



                   TOPIC - Water PH in organic medium Question
                   DATE - 09:50:46 2/27/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi All,

                   I know that Ive been asking many questions, but having just returned from a 6 month hiatus theres lots of backlogged
                   questions afoaf has for me to ask.

                   He reciently started using a GeneralHydro Rainforest aeroponic clone machine, he is amazed at the results!
                   Anyhow it came with a set of GH-Flora-ferts that he has no need for, however he also has a PH testing set with
                   up/down buffers that came with it, his question is that his tap water is very hi in PH
                   about 8-9ph, it needs to be lowered for the aero, now having the buffers, he has the ablity of correcting the water he
                   uses for his gals in the supersoil medium, should he do so? Up till now he has not corrected his water, and there
                   seems to be no ill effects, but hes thought that perhaps it may benefit the medium/bacteria in some way.

                   Also reciently I saw a pictue of Sensi Ruderalis Indica, and was suprised at the cosmetic quality of it, and a thought
                   came to mind, has anyone ever flowered RI out in a Veg closet under 24 hour lighting?

                   SB- Its nice to see you again, I hope your doing well;-))

                   Vic- I just now got up to speed with the happings in the community, if there is any volunteer help that I can lend a hand
                   with please let me know, it seems af is to late getting back on the net to donate beans for a77, however id be happy to
                   help any other way needed.


                   TOPIC - Water PH in organic medium Question
                   DATE - 09:50:36 2/27/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi All,

                   I know that Ive been asking many questions, but having just returned from a 6 month hiatus theres lots of backlogged
                   questions afoaf has for me to ask.

                   He reciently started using a GeneralHydro Rainforest aeroponic clone machine, he is amazed at the results!
                   Anyhow it came with a set of GH-Flora-ferts that he has no need for, however he also has a PH testing set with
                   up/down buffers that came with it, his question is that his tap water is very hi in PH
                   about 8-9ph, it needs to be lowered for the aero, now having the buffers, he has the ablity of correcting the water he
                   uses for his gals in the supersoil medium, should he do so? Up till now he has not corrected his water, and there
                   seems to be no ill effects, but hes thought that perhaps it may benefit the medium/bacteria in some way.

                   Also reciently I saw a pictue of Sensi Ruderalis Indica, and was suprised at the cosmetic quality of it, and a thought
                   came to mind, has anyone ever flowered RI out in a Veg closet under 24 hour lighting?

                   SB- Its nice to see you again, I hope your doing well;-))

                   Vic- I just now got up to speed with the happings in the community, if there is any volunteer help that I can lend a hand
                   with please let me know, it seems af is to late getting back on the net to donate beans for a77, however id be happy to
                   help any other way needed.


                   TOPIC - guano
                   DATE - 03:34:39 2/27/100
                   FROM - rx
                   thanks to sneaky and budm for the link to co2 generator info.

                   there is a guano mine near by. i can probably supply guano. if anyone cares, I'll check it out.

                   Grow happy!


                   TOPIC - petrochems
                   DATE - 02:13:42 2/27/100
                   FROM - fellow travler
                   is potash a petrocem?


                   TOPIC - OT1, Budm, T2
                   DATE - 19:34:30 2/26/100
                   FROM - sb
                   Reading your post is always a pleasure as well as an education.Cheers

                   Welcome back man.

                   HEY!!! anyting?



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 14:51:06 2/26/100
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   OT1...That's a nice bit of rhetoric, comrade...I'm not sure what your point is, except perhaps to rant and rail against
                   those evil fertiliser companies. Hydroponics by any other name is still hydroponics.
                   Hell sorry I wasnít trying to rant I do tend to be a little flat earth though! I apologise if I was being boring! As a small
                   aside. Its kind of a shame that for the first petro chemical companies to be able to develop they had to make marijuana
                   illegal before they could do so!
                   1) Plants only absorb basic minerals in very limited combinations and only when these elements or combinations are
                   dissolved in water.
                   2) A plant makes no distinction between an element which is dissolved from a rock or broken down from organic matter
                   by decay and decomposition. The mineral elements are identical.

                   No matter what arguments organic zealots like yourself put forward, the minerals used in hydroponics are exactly the
                   same as those provided by an organic source. The difference is hydroponic minerals are not contaminated by pollution
                   as are the organic sources.
                   Zealot > hehe!

                   I donít know where you get those ideas from, below an extract written by L D Hills from the HDRA. All tagging research
                   since has confirmed this!

                   ìThere is a clear distinction between organic and inorganic manures and fertilisers which has been established by the
                   work of the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, reported at the 1955 Geneva Conference on the Peaceful Uses of
                   Atomic Energy. Their researches showed that a wheat crop could take only 2 per cent of the phosphorus in theory
                   available from a chemical fertiliser, but when the grain was fed to cattle and turned into manure together with the straw,
                   the next crop took up almost all the radioactivity-tagged molecules. Just as water has light and heavy molecules, it
                   seems that those of plant foods also vary and that roots pick out one sort, like a girl choosing all the hard centres from
                   a box of chocolates. All the mineral molecules, even those of trace elements, in our compost heaps are 'hard centres',
                   already root-selected and ready for immediate use.î
                   Your personal philosophy is all well and good, but has nothing to do with BOG's "argument" regarding hydroponics
                   versus soil propagation.
                   Hmmm I donít want to play semantics! Hydroponics is a system of growing plants in water and chemicals completely
                   omitting the need for soil or other substrates inert or otherwise! Growing organically is a method using living soil and
                   feeding it with organic products that breakdown naturally in that environment, and of course not using any artificially
                   produced chemicals. You can feed that soil with partly broken down organic remains diluted in water, this is what true
                   organic fertilisers are! If you take that same watering mix and put it in a hydro system the plants will get virtually no
                   nourishment from it. If you test it with an ec meter you will see why, hardly any reading, the plant selected nutrients are
                   locked up in the organic particles. Even if you use air stones the next thing that will tend to happen will be putrefaction,
                   because the bacteria, fungi etc needed to break down and release the nutrients naturally cant survive in that
                   environment. It is just not a natural eco system. I haven't read any of BOGís articles apart from below and what he is
                   saying to me is that he is feeding his soil with organic feed not the plants. As hydroponics [I think translated
                   hydroponics means waterworks in English] is a method of growing plants without soil Iím afraid you have lost me
                   completely! Strictly speaking ebb and flow and drip systems using inert subs traits such as rockwool etc are not true
                   hydroponic systems! It sort of depends where you take your definition from! Its all a bit of a laugh really, donít you think!

                   All the best mate Ot1.


                   TOPIC - gas chromatograph euip.
                   DATE - 11:58:08 2/26/100
                   FROM - interested 3rd party


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 10:02:33 2/26/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Strider- Thanks for the intrest in my situation, theres more to it then a modem prolbem, long story short, the machine
                   was sent to a relative for repair out of state, and
                   that person came down with a serious health peolbem, that esentialy placed the puter stranded for about 6 months.

                   The loss of the internet, had its ups and downs, I found that having a prolbem or concern that normally I would get help
                   on the net with, had to be figured out with books and guessing, theres nothing like friends with experience on the net,
                   who so un-shelfeshly share it;-) One thing that was not around- was the slight paranoia that living in a opressive socioty
                   inflicts on all of us, that the browsing on the net excerbates, allthough I believe that distrust in
                   the govt and evil-doers- in moderation is healthy and is important for self-preservation. I did miss the community
                   alot, and it felt great to be welcomed back so nicely. I only wish, that my computer fiasco had not happend when it did,
                   right-in-the-middle of setting up the auction, and NL420 if your lurking, im sorry for jumpping on you about you opinion
                   about my modem prolbem, I was having a bit of a tough time and I reacted poorly. Well enough rambling, as alaways
                   Vic thanks for the space;-)



                   TOPIC - Avid
                   DATE - 08:47:59 2/26/100
                   FROM - Lurkin
                   Budm: I bought a 2 oz bottle of Avid for AF at 1-800-771-0899. They are African Violet people located in NC (I think)
                   Cost was about $20 including shipping. At 1/4 tsp per gallon it'll go a long way. She used it once on her plants last
                   August and hasn't seen a mite since. Wonderful stuff. They also have a web site but if I remember right you can't order
                   from it.


                   TOPIC - measure
                   DATE - 07:38:53 2/26/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   I forgot to ask this conversion question,
                   In a cubic foot of potting mix, are how many liters or
                   gals??? Just being a bit lazy, if anyone knows this "off the top of there head" Id apprechiate it, TIA.



                   TOPIC - t & t
                   DATE - 06:46:34 2/26/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi All,

                   Sneaky Pete- thanks for posting that link and saving me a trip to the newstand LOL!!

                   OT1- You ilustrate the process of the EJ Bloom like nobody else in the comunitty, makes me want to get my wifes
                   chem-ferts and toss them out, shes just lazy and likes them for the house plants. That grain field you write about do
                   they grind the grain hulls and return them to the soil??

                   Any one have experience with a product Nitron Enzyme Formula A-35 Soil conditioner?? Supossed to unlock soil, a EJ
                   cat type product.



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 06:33:24 2/26/100
                   FROM - Law of Parsimony
                   OT1...That's a nice bit of rhetoric, comrade...I'm not sure what your point is, except perhaps to rant and rail against
                   those evil fertilizer companies. Hydroponics by any other name is still hydroponics.

                   1) Plants only absorb basic minerals in very limited combinations and only when these elements or combinations are
                   dissolved in water.
                   2) A plant makes no distinction between an element which is dissolved from a rock or broken down from organic matter
                   by decay and decomposition. The mineral elements are identical.

                   No matter what arguments organic zealots like yourself put forward, the minerals used in hydroponics are exactly the
                   same as those provided by an organic source. The difference is hydroponic minerals are not contaminated by pollution
                   as are the organic sources.

                   Your personal philosophy is all well and good, but has nothing to do with BOG's "argument" regarding hydroponics
                   versus soil propagation.


                   TOPIC - RE:
                   DATE - 05:07:46 2/26/100
                   FROM - Sneaky Pete
                   Electro CO2 link:


                   Was curious myself.


                   TOPIC - co2 generators (budm)
                   DATE - 02:58:22 2/26/100
                   FROM - rx
                   Please - I would like to know more, if you can supply a link.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 20:23:38 2/25/100
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   law o parsimony That is a very interesting outlook! By your definition every chemical farmer is growing mainly
                   hydroponically and have been ever since petro chemical fertilisers have been available! The ìmainlyî comes from the
                   fact that soil has huge reserves of potential nutrients but they in turn canít be released in dead soil. At Rothampstead
                   they have been taking the same grain crop year by year off the same piece of land without adding any fertilisers for
                   nearly a century now. There has been a small loss of basic elements but they think there are several thousand years
                   worth left in the top 8 inches of soil! Although that soil has not had any fertiliser the crops are only slightly down on the
                   original yields. This is because it is a living eco system and the micro flora work to keep a balance. The chemical salt
                   fertilisers used in modern farming kill or seriously reduce that micro flora trapping the farmer into a cycle of repeated
                   use of those chemicals. All plant life receive their nutrients dissolved in water if that is how you define hydroponics. I
                   donít quite see it that way, to me it is a method of delivering very high levels of pure chemical salts to the roots of
                   plants in oxygenated water! It is an inert dead system. In making those chemicals, the production byproducts are large
                   amounts of greenhouse gasses, several times the finished product in heavy metal salts and other toxic waste, plus
                   large amounts of energy used. After they have been used for growing there is no safe way of disposing of them, what
                   do you do? Pour them down the drain? They are toxic on land and more so in water courses. In organic soil the
                   nutrients are derived from the breakdown products of millions of years, rock releasing mineral, metallic elements and
                   gasses. They have been used thousands if not millions of times root selected by plants which in turn are eaten by
                   animals becoming parts of their tissue structure! They in turn die and are reabsorbed by the soil to be reused. The plant
                   remains slowly breaks down becoming humus, a store house of organically selected elements. If BOGís soil mix is
                   really organic it will have billions of micro organisms in it. Because we grow in containers limiting root growth yes
                   readily available nutrients will become reduced and the micro flora may not be able to release more quickly enough for
                   the plants needs. Say it was short of phosphorous and you watered with say earth juice bloom, you would be adding
                   very fine ground steamed bone flower in a water suspension, this would filter through the root ball, there is virtually no
                   free phosphorous at this point apart from the little released by the bacteria in the concentrate. That suspension of
                   easily digested bone flower is now throughout the root ball, causing a population explosion of bacteria thousands eating
                   living and dyeing every second, and other types eating the dyeing ones they in turn die releasing phosphorous and
                   nitrogen. If the phosphorus level gets to high it inhibits the bacteria that break down the bone flower until the plant
                   reduces the level, it is self balancing and to my mind wonderful. One soak of that root ball with your chemical fertiliser
                   and all those micro organisms are dead, and yes it becomes a little like a chemical hydroponic system from then on,
                   crude, dead, wasteful, part of the non caring, gready, make a quick buck polluting society!


                   TOPIC - New Co2 Generators No Flame or Tank
                   DATE - 19:36:28 2/25/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi All

                   Afoaf told me about 2 Co2 gens imported from Oz, one is unit for 200 cuft areas or smaller, its 12volt powered with a ac
                   adapter, its fueled by a salt/crystal, it brings a 200cu' area to 1500ppm in 15 min, it can be put on a timer, and uses
                   about 8$us worth of the fuel per month and the cost for the unit is about 180us complete. The second machine is for
                   larger areas and uses a muraticacid/bakingsoda reaction to supply the Co2,my question is has anyone heard about
                   these machines from "down-under"? With no aditional heat like the Greenair machine, and no bottles to refill, they do
                   sound worthy of looking into. Ill get the web addy if there is any intrest, they were advetised in Growing Edge.

                   Oppressed- That site only lists there African Violet cultivars, unless I missed something??? They are in Holland, is Avid
                   not available in North America?

                   A good weekend to all ;-))



                   TOPIC - Budm
                   DATE - 18:41:59 2/25/100
                   FROM - Strider

                   HI... Budm ! you are too kind. my spelling, puncuation and WP skills are so poor, I am glad somthing has some
                   merit.:-) Good to see your handle again. It was kind of a worry when your posts ceased for so long of a period.
                   Especially for a modem problem. Which brings me to a thought i'll get to later. In answer to your question: MF uses a
                   modified super soil; adding to it green sand and compost made from oak leaves/horse bedding and grass clippings.
                   sub's kelp meal and worm castings for the n source and recomposts everything. He let this last batch age about 3 mo.
                   As far as nutes/feeding. From surfing the sites/boards 3 or 4 common mistakes new growers like himself seem to
                   make are, overfeeding , overwatering and not enough light or just messing with thier plants too much.
                   He watches the watering and fed with fish emulsion and kelp exstract. relying on the soil mix for the most part. He only
                   fed about 4 times total and 2 of those at less than 1/2 strength. And not all the plants got fed that many times. The
                   skunk and ak47 ate the most, the BB the least. Nothing fancy. can't get earth juice ect. here and dont want to order.


                   TOPIC - avid
                   DATE - 15:17:44 2/25/100
                   FROM - oppressed


                   TOPIC - cough, cough
                   DATE - 13:47:09 2/25/100
                   FROM - arrooo
                   Today is one of the two or three ( maybe four) of the happier days of my year. The reason for my glee is the famous
                   pygamy kush derived from sssc indica stock. This is the breeders' strain. It's taste is somewhat harsh but tolerable in
                   small puffs. Light, nutty taste. Aroma is light skunk but considerably less than the full fledged skunk. The rush (
                   euphoria) continues for about 30 minutes. Other effects three hours longer. Light, dry high without torpor. recent
                   memeory is impaired. Excellent for the hearbroken! Grow on!


                   TOPIC - Avid?
                   DATE - 12:59:10 2/25/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi All,

                   Can some one help afoaf locate the mitecide "Avid", he cant seem to locate a retailer.

                   Strider very nice report!! your diction is great, can you elobrate a bit on your medium and nutes? TIA


                   TOPIC - Vic..Feedback.
                   DATE - 08:38:02 2/25/100
                   FROM - Strider
                   Hey All.........! Hope everyone is at peace. Vic.. Promised you some feedback on the Surprises Santa provided a
                   couple of Xmass ago. Some basic info follows.........
                   AF put 8 plants in flower and finished 6. 830w hps... 15sq ft canopy.(3x5) 5 strains.Veg 11wks. Semi closed
                   system/ac cooled. co2 kept at 400 ppm-more or less. Soil. 5gal pots. Buds heavily manicured and completly dry b4
                   weighing. A fruit grow..ha.

                   3RSBS. 1 male did not show sex till 2nd wk. Had no pre-flowers (short idica phenotype) plant culled. 1 sativa
                   dom...This plant was heavy with trichomes, to the point some buds were white with resin. Buds: tight/n/hard. High is on
                   the up side of down, :-) but fairly clear... with a Subtle visual flow. Slight body stone.Taste/ Aroma...Smoke is
                   surprisingly smooth..considering resin content. Aroma is fruity, aftertaste is fruity, piney.I like this smoke it has just the
                   right intensity for entertaining. 3 male floretts were present in 2 buds on this plant. The plant had no hermie sighn
                   durring veg/early flowering. flowers noted at wk
                   6. Plant was not fed for 3 wks b4 harvest. Plant was basicly yellowed except for inner bud leaves by harvest.
                   Subsquent clones (2) are fine at wk 5. 1 mother clone on 18hrs light is ok This plant had the most savoy, and
                   BIGGEST water/fan leaves. They were huge...made me feel like tiny Elvis.ha.ha. Dad must be Peruvian..? Yeild: 64
                   grams @ 7 1/2 wks. (see note).
                   1indica dom. short somewhat squat leaves. Buds fairly Tight.Good resin production. High:..very stoney indica. That..
                   I've been gone for awhile, but I'm back now... kind of stone, but very visual. Things kind of breathe and flow. Good for
                   those times u need to get redeyed and laid way back. lasts for a time.Taste/Aroma...Smoke will make u hork up a
                   lung. expands big time. Fruity taste. Fruity aroma. Yield: 75 grams @ 6 1/2 wks. (see note).
                   2Blueberry BCGA (varigated). 1 male retained due to its heavy, sweet berry smell durring veg. flower production was
                   profuse, plant would not shed pollen. 1 female with good aroma. trained in a sort of 'sundae glass' profile. every other
                   stem left on. topped at about 14"(thought I would polinate) This plant was harvested past its prime, 8wks+. Its safe to
                   asume that taste/aroma suffered as a result. As a decline in bouquet was noted b4 harvest, and a musty smell had
                   developed. Got some nice coloured buds tho..
                   The high is decent but by no means killer. Taste is still sweet with a fruity quality but has a musty element to it. That
                   mistake won't be repeated with her clones. MF has vegged BB on 2 other occasions and transplanted them outdoors to
                   finish. but none have made it to harvest. This is the first on this strain. Contrary to what he has read around the web, he
                   has found BB to require the least amount of care of the strains he has grown It is definately not a heavy feeder and in
                   his experience, doesn't use much water untill well into flower. Yield: 68 grams.@8+wks. 1Ak7 Trained/pruned to a
                   champagne glass shape. open center. Four main branches.This method seems to work well with this strain. The open
                   center is filled with buds of good size, as well as having the 4 large main buds. had to use string and stakes on this
                   one. Yeild: 125 grams. @ 81/2 wks.
                   1Cali-o HFantaseed. Germed 3 seeds, got 1 female of small
                   stature that had buds that were full of male florretts. The plant was as advertised in the smell dept, as this plant
                   developed a thick sweet orange smell at about 5wks. It was kind of sickining durring manicure. smoke is smooth, kinda
                   sweet with a burnt orange whang. Buzz is Ok but seems to lack character IMO. Yeild: 39 grams. @ 7wks. 1
                   Skunk/personal. good smoke. haven't found how it wants/needs to be delt with indoors yet as far as yeild goes. 45
                   grams @ 9wks
                   Note:The RSBS were too vigorus. they litterly grew themselves into problems it took a while to figure out what was
                   going on They sufferd from arrested growth, curled down leaves(leaves became leathery) some necrosis and ultimately
                   yield suffered as a result. they were trained/pruned in the same style as the ak47. The cause/problem was they
                   became root bound 3 times durring the grow. developing 1/8 to almost 1/4" thick mass of root material on the outside of
                   root ball. Repot them and they resumed growth and damage ceased untill they became bound again. this happened 3
                   times. one finished in a 10 gal pot the other, in a 7.5 gal. A verticle cut down thru the root mass after harvest revealed 3
                   distinct and thick root/pot outlines. and the inner tissues seemed more woody looking than some of the other root balls
                   examined. I think resperation or the lack of, was the problem. they weren' over waterd or over fed ect. had they grown
                   without these problems I think yield would have been much larger. thier clones are doing fine at close to end of week 6.
                   perforated pvc tubing was inserted verticly on either side of
                   the root mass when the clones were moved to 3 gal pots. all is well so far. Well, i have rambled long enough. many
                   thanks to you Vic.... P.S. Don't breed out that twisted sister trait on those BB I think that varriation has merit on its
                   own. The non varigated/twisted var. Is ok. and i must say I have not tried any of that vars bud. I just like the looks of
                   those twisted sisters. Peace: .....Strider.


                   TOPIC - pruning
                   DATE - 20:59:20 2/24/100
                   FROM - HItop
                   could anyone tell me if it is benificialto start pruning the extra large shade leaf.im into my 10th day of bud


                   TOPIC - bog
                   DATE - 13:09:14 2/24/100
                   FROM - yepod
                   There are several soil growers attending this board including the main man - vic high. I'm dittto with you on the effigacy
                   of soil but I like to hear from these others who are experimenting.Personally, I'm experimenting with uv. What kind of
                   light do you have in your flower room? What is your gram per watt yeild? Good growing!


                   TOPIC - definition
                   DATE - 07:56:24 2/24/100
                   FROM - law o parsimony
                   OT1: The best definition for hydroponics I've come across is this, by E. Muckle:

                   "Hydroponics is the technology of applying the science of caring for the root zone requirements of growing plants. The
                   delivery of water, nutrients and oxygen in such a fashion as to allow the roots to achieve optimal uptakes of these
                   inputs and allow effortless exchange of root effluent gases."

                   Most people don't realize they are probably already growing hydroponically. Even if you start with soil, once the soil is
                   depleted of nutrients, it becomes an inert grow medium contributing nothing to plant nutrition. The only nutrients the
                   plant receives is from the water and any plant food you give it. Feeding the plants nutrients in solution is BY
                   DEFINITION hydroponics. If you feed the plants while watering, you are growing hydroponically, whether it's
                   hand-watering in containers, using ebb and flow, NFT, or whatever.


                   TOPIC - high!!!!
                   DATE - 07:40:52 2/24/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   just a quick hello :)

                   OT - thanks for the security tips :) can't have too much of that :)

                   OR - My experience has been that size doesn't matter, it doesn't alter the genetic potential. However, there is a huge
                   perception in the marketplace and with a few other breeders that it is a big deal. People just seem to prefer bigger
                   seeds ???? So I mentioned it in the description to prepare those who feel differently than myself.

                   As a breeder with limited resources, I have to make decisions on what traits are worthy of selection, no indoor grower
                   could possibly select for all desirable traits. One simply couldn't grow the numbers required to accomplish such a task.
                   Each breeder will have his/her own priorities and they won't always coincide with other breeders. My main priorities are
                   vigour, potency, yield, and flavour in no particular order. IMO, none of the above are of any value without the rest. Like
                   potency and yield is worthless if the seedline lacks the vigour most growers would require to make it grow. For me,
                   seed size ranks way down the list below other traits like flowering time, cloning ease, stem size/strength, etc.

                   BOG - thanks for the input ;)

                   LOP - please explain your reasoning, ya lost me too.

                   TR1 - yep, cannabis is in the media almost daily. It tends to flip flop from side to side, but lately it has been
                   concentrating on the evil criminal indoor growers. The organised indoor growers are giving indoor growers a bad name
                   and making enemies wherever they grow by causing damage to rental homes. And stealing electricity. There is a
                   movement on local levels to remove the right of privacy many renters currently enjoy to combat this problem.
                   Destroying other's homes and stealing electricity is criminal and these growers should be shot and pissed on in my
                   opinion. They are making it harder for the rest of us, giving the propaganda machine an easy target.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 02:56:31 2/24/100
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   law of parsimony >>> How do you define hydroponics?

                   Occasional Reader >>> There have been articles about their data gathering in the papers here, also about AOL! Neither
                   have ever bothered to contest it ! Apart from that, every time time you log on to a msn site it interrogates your machine
                   for other data about you, like real email addies and the progs you have on your comp the processor number that is just
                   legitimate data gathering! It is quite within their agreement with you to look at what you write it is a simple bit of
                   keyword scanning no humans involved untill you get tagged! On your side you agree not to use their service for any
                   illegal purpose! Iím also sure you have paid for and registered every piece of software on your computer. Are you using
                   IE as a browser more importantly are you using its companion email package! Nearly as risky is Netscapes
                   Communicator! Sending mail from a tagged hotmail account to another virtual account will get them tagged as well!
                   You canít avoid surveillance but you can at least try and minimise the risk! The Opera browser is pretty good with lots
                   of security features.

                   Take a look at:- http://www.emailaddresses.com/email_web.htm for loads of virtual email accounts.

                   Check your comp security at:- http://www.tamos.com/privacy/anonen.htm

                   For non transparent proxies:- http://www.lightspeed.de/irc4all/index.htm

                   Iím no expert on these things but there are others here that are, I hope this helps a bit!

                   Budm we did a 48 plant grow, 24 normal fertilisation and 24 were treated with Bcuzz in addition. The normal side
                   produced a gram or 2 more ie there was no noticeably difference in yield. This may just be that our compost has an
                   adequate balance for the plants needs. We did a smiler test with earth juice catalyst and had the same results!

                   I cant say how it would work in a hydro system! Should you ever get any BioBizz fertiliser products your side of the
                   pond I can recommend them as being good!


                   TOPIC - oops
                   DATE - 00:20:28 2/24/100
                   FROM - TR1
                   Sorry,the below comments were in ref. to Occasional Readers link story

                                                 Link: powerless to stop seed sales


                   TOPIC - No World Order
                   DATE - 00:17:36 2/24/100
                   FROM - TR1
                   Reading that made me feel queezy....
                   I think they will probably pull that one off though,in the minds of the vast majority of unthinking voters,the lies will
                   increase...20%THC! 30%THC!! oh my god! save the children! 50%THC!!!


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 19:52:55 2/23/100
                   FROM - Occasional Reader
                   Vic, why would you be disapointed by small seeds? I found that point in your description of your new seedline odd.

                   I am quite content with STS, small seeds and all. I breed my own seed, and the next generation is performing nicely.
                   The potency is very good. In fact, too good. The first time I smoked the finished product, I had to immediately lay down
                   on my side, and lay very still to avoid extreme dizziness.
                   It's been a looooonnnngg time since I got too high. Four small puffs to do that, too. Given that performance, the
                   g13/C99 sounds like an overkill. Could be interesting.

                   I just have to let the seeds set a bit longer. I got used to my NL, which sets quickly at 3 weeks. These need 2 more
                   weeks, I only got 50% germ on these. No matter.

                   I hope you all play it safe, for you are being noticed in Canada.


                   OT1- Do you have any direct evidence of these activities by Microsoft? Is it rumor? On what do you base this assertion
                   they are monitoring accounts? I always assumed they would cooperate with authorities (narcs), but I never thought
                   they would be proactive.

                   I do avoid using my account since the whole JavaScript/cookie bit got going, but I do still use it occasionally. Not for
                   rec chat thought. For politics. I am curious how sure you are this is going on. Have people captured the hack attempts
                   from them?



                   TOPIC - this and that
                   DATE - 19:46:11 2/23/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi all, I spent the better part of two hours reading the "Strain Base" that Budalair authored, I remember when he was
                   compiling that info last year, if your lurking I think you did a great job, and hope you will continue to update it, a great
                   resource fer sure. It was also nice to see some handles that are not around anymore, Prince Caspian,Airborne, ~S~,
                   Shaggy etc, I hope they are all doing well..

                   OT1 you nailed my thoughts exactally in the strain base, about AK47, it gets me there for a short time also, then I have
                   to light up again. Can you refresh my memory about the
                   "B'Cuzz" bloom stimulator ? I remember you posting somthing about it last summer-- did it work or not, as it is now
                   avaiable on this side of the pond, and I was wondering if the 20$ per 12oz bottle is worth trying ????




                   TOPIC - Hydroponics by any other name...
                   DATE - 14:40:54 2/23/100
                   FROM - law of parsimony
                   Hey BOG, what you describe is simply a HYDROPONIC SYSTEM using organically sourced nutrients.



                   TOPIC - Bonanza of Green (BOG) My indoor organic system
                   DATE - 08:22:50 2/23/100
                   FROM - BushyOlderGrower
                   Many growers think that to be a sucessful indoor grower you have to go hydro. I would like to present an arguement for
                   my organic system.

                   First of all you should refer to Bushy's Indoor organic tips for beginneers in the basic grow room.

                   All knowledge is practical and has worked well. It is a very simple organic system that is much easier to master
                   wuickly than Hydro systems. No meters required, hand watering allowed. This system is cheap and easy to set up but
                   it requires some space, some electricity, and some work.

                   First the grow room should have at least a 400 watt metal halide light and a few florescents for clones and/or seedlings.
                   A 1000 watt MH is preferred depending on the size of your flowering room.

                   400 watt in the grow room is minimal for a 2500 watt flowering room to stay maximized. Under the 2 or 3 (4 ft.
                   florescents start your seeds/clones) keep the growing tips about 1-3 inches max from the light tubes if they are regular
                   40 watt flor tubes.

                   I start mine in about 1 Qt pots as seedlings or clones ( I do both) I usually start about 10 every 2 weeks. The perpetual
                   harvest is never all at once, it is more of a production line system, with continual harvesting. As the seedlings reach
                   about 8 inches they are moved into the bigger grow area with the 400 watt metal halide light. Soon they are big enough
                   to transplant into 3-5 gallon pots, depending on size plants desired.

                   After transplant into big pots the plants need to veg for about another 1-2 weeks until fully or mostly rooted. Rushing
                   this process will hurt eventual yeilds. I like bigger plants, this is nothing like SOG. If you want to make hundreds of
                   clones and go hydro then SOG is a high yeilding system but I like killer larger buds.

                   The plants spend about 5 weeks in vegetative stage. When moved to the flowering room they are rooted into large pots
                   and usually about 2 feet tall (this varies with your set up, head room, genetics, etc.)

                   If you have used good soil mix (refer to Basic Tips) and the plant is healthy it should be shooting in fast growth as it
                   goes into flowering. Amazing beautiful bud growth will be seen if all is well. Healthy plants will stay dark green until late
                   in flowering, keep feeding them organic ferts with some Nitrogen in them like Pure Blend or add grow fert to the no Nitro
                   fert if the plant gets yellow.

                   Make sure you add some co2 to the air twice a day at least in flowering. I water every other day usually and I feed
                   them every other feeding generally. Keep them happy and large yeilds can be obtained in a 3 month total grow and veg
                   time. 3 oz per plant is not uncommon. Under a 2600 watt flowering room about 24 plants of this size can be grown.
                   This means 4 plants per week to harvest. Ideally it is possible under about a 4k system to grow 10 oz of organic dried
                   bud per week!

                   It takes work but the product can be unsurpassed! There is nothing about hydro that makes the pot better. So if you
                   are growing for quality but think indoor has to be hydro, think again! :) BOG is my Advice



                   TOPIC - KQ
                   DATE - 00:56:39 2/23/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi All,

                   KQ- Nice to see ya;-)) I hope alls well with you.

                   OT1- I managed to retrieve it, no need to resend. you have mail.
                   I just read about A77, he will be in my prayers and thoughts. I hope I live long enough to see sanity as far as MJ laws
                   go in my country.

                   CG, nice to see that great opinionated wit is still around, I enjoy your posts;-)


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 23:45:45 2/22/100
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   KQ I'm fine I will write in the next day or so!

                   Budm I will resend!


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 19:33:42 2/22/100
                   FROM - KQ
                   OT1 i'm still alive and kickin! Hows it going?


                   TOPIC - new email
                   DATE - 13:45:50 2/22/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi all

                   Vic, OT1, and DE, cann you please drop me a line at a new email addy, as the old one is prolbamatic, if you wrote
                   there I did not get to read it. Having prolbems with a new OS and browser, as well as a disconnecting modem or ISP,
                   all I wanted was my modem fixed, a well meaning relative thats a computer tech is frustrating ;-( Oh well maybe youall
                   can answer a couple of "browser questions" on the newer virsion of Netscape.



                   TOPIC - ___
                   DATE - 11:38:25 2/22/100
                   FROM - silhouette



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 03:42:31 2/22/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hi All,

                   Great to see ya OT1 and Dr E;-)) Cany you both please drop me a line at the addy listed on this post, as I no longer
                   have your addys. I look foward to exchanging emails again;-)) Well im off to a early start today,ill check the box later.
                   Have a great week, and stay safe.



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 05:00:41 2/21/100
                   FROM - HC
                   Ya I did but having trouble with everything. Sili will be over wednesday to fix things up.
                   He should have it working by thurs. Hopefully I will be able to get to you then.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 03:40:44 2/21/100
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   HC did you get my emey ok?

                   Hi Budm really nice to see you alive and kicking! I look forward to your emey>

                   one observer. You should be able to find my observations on both uv and Co2 in the archives here. Blacklight tubes are
                   highly filtered and give virtualy no light I cant see them having any effect whatsoever. My experiances with uva and uvb
                   havent increased yield, only potency!

                   Hope this helps Ot1.


                   TOPIC - Hi Budm
                   DATE - 23:24:18 2/20/100
                   FROM - Dr. Evil
                   How the hell are you :)? I've been wanting to get in touch with you for a while (scroll downward). Drop me a note when
                   you get time, so I'll have your e-mail address. I hope things have been resolved favorably re the health problem in the
                   family. Talk to you soon

                   Be Safe
                   Dr. Evil


                   TOPIC - Finnally Back On Line !!!!!!
                   DATE - 10:14:31 2/20/100
                   FROM - Budm
                   Hello Again All !! Finally back on the web;-))))
                   and im happy as can be!! I missed everyone a lot.
                   I have to reinstall pgp and reestablish ICQ. I have to run, Ill be email Vic and OT1, later today, I hope everone is doing
                   well, since my departure, looking foward to emailing and posting again. See youall soon;-))



                   TOPIC - black light
                   DATE - 03:16:46 2/20/100
                   FROM - one observer
                   Dear Friends:It's reported one grower has doubled his yield using a combination of co2, black light flo (uv), and 5kmz.
                   This particular grower is famous here abouts for chasing rainbows and other antics. He claims each of these grow
                   enhancements add about 17% by weight.

                   Ot1 - do you know anyone with experience with this combo, or with uv?


                   TOPIC - Vic,about gro-shop surveilance...
                   DATE - 17:08:27 2/19/100
                   FROM - Drinkin' On Moss Rocks
                   I read your posts about being watched by the cops and you surmised that they saw you at a local gro shop.

                   I think this happened to me too. Around Oct.99 i was at a gro shop twice, once to look at a light and once to buy it. A
                   couple of months later a cop shows up at my door and asked me a few completely bogus questions, very suspicious.

                   My question to you and other folks in this fine city is what grow shop(s) should be visited? I have 6 within a 10 minute
                   drive so I (we) have lots to choose from. They can't be all under the watchful eye of LEO!?!

                   thanks for any info people!

                   ps, they're sure busting 'ops right left and center as of late!!


                   TOPIC - old timer
                   DATE - 21:27:00 2/16/100
                   FROM - mm
                   thanks for the info on being safe. i have other avenues, lots of other avenues that i use. :) they are encrypted and
                   secured and safe, very anonymous. hotmail is simply a diversion...can u dig it baby!!! lol Our mutual buddy came down
                   and made sure i had all the proper security on my puter, so kind...


                   TOPIC - wheel of fortune
                   DATE - 18:21:25 2/16/100
                   FROM - oak bay
                   after viewing the pictures of the wheel of fortune i almost lost it. what a piece of work.. i did the math and it states that
                   you can get 6.5 lbs per light every three months. i find it hrd to believe, yet i am sure it is possible. if the estimates are
                   true it is well worth the 10 grand sticker price... i can already picture two of these beautys in my basement.. vic high
                   have you seen this unit in action... what strain would you advize to use i asume there is no veg time involved, am i
                   correct... thanks...


                   TOPIC - mm, HC
                   DATE - 15:10:33 2/16/100
                   FROM - the dayhiker
                   Hello to both of you, nice to see you're still around.

                   HC - had all kinds of problems & never got those ww f2's started, but will get around to it sometime


                   TOPIC - I lost it all.
                   DATE - 12:09:53 2/16/100
                   FROM - HC
                   I lost everything. Please send me a mail.
                   Just got a new putr. and the bugs havent been worked out yet. Not by a long shot.
                   Ill ask this question again: Has anyone tried growing with BIADOMIC COMPOST? (indoors )



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 11:52:51 2/16/100
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   Hi mm thought it might be you nice to see you are still around! Vic is right about hotmail they run keyword survalence
                   for the US government mention porn fine! mention puff and they will track you, try to hack your comp for real email
                   addy and IP. Be carefull!

                   HC I wrote to your old addy with my new one did you get the emey?

                   All the best Ot1


                   TOPIC - Lite
                   DATE - 06:48:35 2/16/100
                   FROM - Sky High
                   Lite=photosynthesis=carbohydrates=growth... I can see waste`n engery on wattage, but hours?


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 05:49:11 2/16/100
                   FROM - A_hosseyni
                   I like to connect to some site,but I can't.
                   becuse I have restricted by SurfWath(TM).
                   please help me!

                                                      Link: www.yuorlink.com


                   TOPIC - 24hrs. of light.
                   DATE - 04:47:12 2/16/100
                   FROM - HC
                   I was allways under the impression that 18 hrs. was the optimun and that more was just a waste of energy.
                   High people; its been a long time since I posted in here but have been lurking and picking up some valuable
                   information. Ill be arround from now on.


                   TOPIC - powdery mildo
                   DATE - 00:28:56 2/16/100
                   FROM - oak bay
                   can some one preferably vic high give me some info on powdery mildo. this stuff is really frustrating. have used the
                   benamyl with little success, followed instructions to a tee... also wiped my plants down repeatedly. air flow in my room
                   is good temp and humid are optimall. recently misted plants down with bakingg soada and water, waiting for results..
                   what can i do to combat this trcherous problemm it is sucking the life right out of my otherwise vigorous plants..


                   TOPIC - I have a guestion (for my science fair project)
                   DATE - 14:49:56 2/15/100
                   FROM - joe
                   Hi I was wondering if you would know if colored water (food coloring) effects plant growth? If you have any information
                   that could help me i will be realy thankful.
                   If you might have any information on plant growth it could also help me.

                   Thank You


                   TOPIC - oldtimer1
                   DATE - 07:51:45 2/15/100
                   FROM - mm
                   high oldtimer1. been awhile. miss the old place. too bad its not still running...thanks for all your help last year :)


                   TOPIC - vic
                   DATE - 07:48:47 2/15/100
                   FROM - mm
                   thanks for being so unhelpful. i won't bother you again.


                   TOPIC - autoseeding/hermaphrodite causes
                   DATE - 23:58:17 2/14/100
                   FROM - dorf
                   This is the second time a friend of mine has encountered this phenomena. Is there anyone who knows of any reasons
                   why this seemingly rare occurence has visited him twice and what he might be inadvertently doing to sponsor
                   hermaphrodites in his garden.


                   TOPIC - 00000 and others
                   DATE - 11:06:07 2/14/100
                   FROM - knob
                   Last night I was able to access the site and download
                   ZoneAlarm... appears to be working very well. thanks!
                   My IP(temp) and therefore my isp are still visible.Any IP masking/spoofing apps I can use in conjunction with this


                   TOPIC - Lites
                   DATE - 07:48:59 2/14/100
                   FROM - Sky High
                   Is there such a thing as to much lite, indoors ? & what about this plants needing sleep? I though lites out was for
                   equitment cool down...I run a 1000 watt MH in a 8x8ft. in the veg. state 24hrs.Cut back to 12-12 and add 1000 watt
                   HPS to flower.Thanks


                   TOPIC - Zone Alert link out of order
                   DATE - 01:10:03 2/14/100
                   FROM - 00000
                   Yes, it seems the page is down today (of course the day I post a link to it). I haven't posted or seen any inquiries about
                   it today on any other boards either. Perhaps with the sudden increased interest in Net Security after the DoS attacks
                   earlier this week they are rethinking their "free license" for non-commercial user policy. (Businesses and Institutions
                   have to pay for a license).

                   Just have to see what the score is with it in the next couple of days. People I know that use the program have been
                   very happy with it. I prefer BI myself.


                   TOPIC - hackers
                   DATE - 23:22:06 2/13/100
                   FROM - proxy
                   I have been trying ZoneAlert but cannot get it to allow me to go through anon proxies,any thoughts anyone?


                   TOPIC - re: hacker punks
                   DATE - 13:45:26 2/13/100
                   FROM - 00000
                   Get Black Ice Defender, it keeps a log of the intrusions hitting your comp and it will tell you exactly what is happening
                   and whether you should be concerned or not. These days you can expect approximately 1 to 2 intrusions per week on
                   a dial up account and at least 5 to 7 per day on a cable modem. Most of these are "script kiddies" running scanners
                   across whole subnets looking for open ports that they might exploit.

                   If you begin see the same IP systematically trying different intrusions then you have somsbody trying to get in to your
                   comp. If not, it was probably just a random attack not directed at you. Welcome to the New World Order.

                   Black Ice is very good because the information support is top notch and it has excellent intrusion logging.

                   You can also get a very good dynamic firewall for free called Zone Alert which has some extra features talored
                   specifically for cable modems that Black Ice does not have but as yet does not keep an automatic intrusion log, you
                   have to do it manually. The informational support is not as good as Black Ice but the protection is just as extensive.

                   Black Ice here: ($40 US) http://www.networkice.com/

                   Zone Alert here: (free) http://www.zonelabs.com./



                   TOPIC - Hack Flack Jack
                   DATE - 08:15:05 2/13/100
                   FROM - Wooly Wombat
                   Vic-o-rama -

                   Keep a good record of the hack, and make sure that the ISP noted in that log is quickly contacted and made to retain
                   all records and files of the attempted intrusion. Leave a paper trail, with copies and return receipts and a list of phone
                   call times and dates for every time you contact that ISP. Don't just do it online ... use the phone and the mail. That's
                   number one ... .

                   Next ... take a deep breath. You're not in bad shape. None of the likely scenarios are an immediate threat. You did the
                   right thing and were properly prepared for the uninvited "guest".

                   If this was a deliberate, authorized, intrusion by LEO on a national or international level, they would have gotten into
                   your system. They would have been prepared for a firewall and penetrated it in a matter of moments. Local LEO do not
                   generally have a lot of computer power or experience at their disposal. It is possible that local or higher level LEO folks
                   who dabble in computers made the attempt, and that is the reason you must get good records from the ISP.

                   Without good records in hand, it will be impossible to prove that LEO, or their lackys, accessed your system without a
                   valid warrant, should some legal log-jam be thrown in your lap.

                   You might have to file a suit to get the ISP records ... and small claims courts would be the quickest and cheapest
                   way to do it if the ISP is in the US and refuses to cooperate.

                   If the attempt was just some punk kid flexing his computer chops, you might have to tweak your system to keep ahead
                   of him, but the worst he can do is become a pest.

                   ( There is also the slight possibility of a hybrid hack if LEO has some gung-ho Hitler Youth doing their dirty work.)

                   Come to think of it, this could turn out to be an opportunity. If it Was an agent of LEO or one of their minions, you could
                   sue their slimy asses big time! It could be worth a lot.

                   There are probably some legal avenues available that would not neccessarily require that you or your business recieve
                   unwanted publicity. Take it one step at a time. Get the records, find out who made the hack, and go from there.


                   TOPIC - green frankenstien machine
                   DATE - 01:39:40 2/13/100
                   FROM - justme
                   That machine is awesome! Does it work? Are they going to sell plans? I could not stop thinking about it for two days. It
                   made me laugh outloud. I was wondering where rube g went. I'll need a scaled down model.

                   How much uv. Do you mix it with hps and mh? Same cycle as hps? Please tell me more about uv. I saw flo uv at the
                   store and I want to try it. Somehow it makes sensei to me.


                   TOPIC - hack alert
                   DATE - 18:21:40 2/12/100
                   FROM - sam sara
                   I have found that getting an ISP to do anything about hackers operating from their network is very hard to do - most
                   say that security is your problem. Cable modems are more vulnerable than dial-up modems, so one needs a good
                   firewall. I use and like BlackIce.



                   TOPIC - Vic
                   DATE - 15:40:07 2/12/100
                   FROM - Raydavies
                   Looks like someone on cable connection using gaurd Dog software. There IP address is important because cable is on
                   all the time so an assigned IP address should be easy to track down. Dial up connection prvide Dynamic IP address
                   each time you log on cable remains constant. To all who have cable intrenet connections be advised security SUCKS.



                   TOPIC - The "General G" low light in the AM theory
                   DATE - 10:38:31 2/12/100
                   FROM - Jess Wastingtime
                   In the Seeds and Strains thread of his site, Marc Emery passed on the opinion of his guest breeder,
                   General "G", who claimed that low, shaded, light in the early morning caused plants to grow faster and yield more than
                   plants in the open who were slammed with bright sun at the crack of dawn.

                   Could this be even Close to the 25% gain that was claimed? Is it possible that this technique could be successfully
                   applied to indoor grows? If so, would a few fluoros do the trick? Does anyone really Know about this?

                   It's a very, very interesting idea, and it might even make sence. Plants have rhythms of respiration reactions that flow in
                   a predictable pattern. There must be parts of a plants system that have evolved in response to sunrise at the beginning
                   of each daily cycle. If these electro-chemical pathways for a gentle "wake up call" are built-in to the genetic code of the
                   plant, they are there for a reason, and should be utilized.

                   Plants probably don't like waking up to a bright light in the eyes any more than we do, and indoor growers might be
                   altering the progression of the chemical reactions in the plant by not making use of those portions "designed" for low
                   light. Come to think of it, the same thing might be true in the PM as well.

                   Give it a thought.


                   TOPIC - Hack attempt
                   DATE - 23:35:27 2/11/100
                   FROM - Dr. Evil
                   Take a copy of your log from your firewall program and mail it to abuse@home.net . Most ISP's can be contacted to
                   complain about these sorts of things at abuse@(ISP name). Be sure to include your time zone info (PST in your case,
                   of course), and they will check it out. Most ISP's do a pretty good job of pursueing these matters, if they don't respond
                   to complaints and a hacker causes damage they are legally liable for their negligence. Do this soon though, most ISP's
                   only maintain logs for 24 hrs, after that it may be untracable. Most ISP's will give warnings to hackers on a first
                   complaint, and pull the plug on them on the second. If you make a point of going after these guys, it seems as though
                   word must get out , and they start leaving you alone (or change methods of attack).

                   OT1, I'll go drop you a PM at CW right now

                   Be Safe
                   Dr. Evil


                   TOPIC - hack alert
                   DATE - 21:37:51 2/11/100
                   FROM - sam sara
                   vic -

                   The trace route gives you his IP address. Whois tells you who owns the network this guy is working from. Doesn't give
                   you much. What is more important is what alerted you to the attack(?). I assume a firewall of sometype? What was it's
                   message to you. What firewall do you have? Did it tell you what the nature of the attack was? Are you on a dial-up
                   connection or a cable modem?



                   TOPIC - hack alert
                   DATE - 19:07:07 2/11/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   This fella just tried illegal entry into my PC. If there is anyone that can make sense of it, I would be grateful :)

                   [02/11/2000 19:04:29.550 GMT-0800]Report Generated for ATHM-216-216-xxx-179.home.net (
                   1 pri3.pinc.com (
                   2 vcr.pinc.com (
                   3 (
                   4 (
                   5 (
                   6 inetgw2-b.bctel.net (
                   7 (
                   8 corerouter2.SanFrancisco.cw.net (
                   9 acr2-loopback.SanFranciscosfd.cw.net (
                   10 bpr1.pax.cw.net (
                   11 (
                   12 c1-pos3-1.snfcca1.home.net (
                   13 c1-pos4-2.sttlwa1.home.net (
                   14 bb1-pos6-0-0.rdc1.wa.home.net (
                   15 w1-fe0-0-100bt.rdc1.wa.home.net (
                   16 (
                   17 ATHM-216-216-xxx-179.home.net (
                   TraceRoute Complete.


                   Whois Server Version 1.1

                   Domain names in the .com, .net, and .org domains can now be registered
                   with many different competing registrars. Go to http://www.internic.net
                   for detailed information.

                   Domain Name: HOME.NET
                   Registrar: NETWORK SOLUTIONS, INC.
                   Whois Server: whois.networksolutions.com
                   Referral URL: www.networksolutions.com
                   Name Server: NS2.HOME.NET
                   Name Server: NS1.HOME.NET
                   Updated Date: 28-jul-1998


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 11:33:09 2/11/100
                   FROM - claysparrow

                   iplayed some parts ina
                   iam out ofcharvatr &i
                   speak openly&truthfully

                   ihave learnded. what iz
                   and im learning how to
                   nosaint.artist). like all..
                   who personally believes




                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 11:05:09 2/11/100
                   FROM - claysparrow
                   iplayed some parts ina
                   iam out ofcharvatr &i
                   speak openly.

                   ihave learnded. what iz
                   and im learning how to
                   sense it.
                   nosaint.artist. like allÖ
                   that personally believes
                   in LOVE.EVERNOW!!



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 10:13:48 2/11/100
                   FROM - bonk
                   anybody else having trouble accessing CW or OG?


                   TOPIC - Vic: DTHH
                   DATE - 10:05:15 2/11/100
                   FROM - sensi
                   Check your PM at CW !


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 08:01:42 2/11/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   mm- bcga@mauimail.com. But please keep in mind this is a public addy so be careful what you say. I think a slightly
                   more secure option would be the Private Message feature at Cannabis World. Plus ditch that hotmail account, they are
                   known security risks, plus tells me your surfing with your cookies on ;)

                   Dr Evil - I did have success with it in the larger low light grow as you mentioned. However, my first closet grow was also
                   16/12 lighting, and that crop was a flop, only about 1 lb per light. To reduce variables and come to the the root of the
                   problem, I switched back to 12/12 for the second crop. It was a bit better, but still was a flop overall. So I've had both
                   success and failure with 16/12 and have no opinion on whether it's a good thing or even has any effect at all, hehe.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 05:55:47 2/11/100
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   hi-top you donít say what var you are growing, but when put into flowering some vars show the rapid physiological
                   changes taking place first in the leading tips. They become more compact looking, more like a rosette and are
                   generally a paler yellow green in colour especially when the lights first go on! If this is what you are seeing don't worry
                   about it as its only a temporary phase and no amount of feeding, soil or foliar will change it! More plants are killed or
                   damaged by overfeeding than any other problem! If you were short of N the oldest leaves would already be going yellow
                   and dying first! If it continues after a week or so look to Fe and Mn! This seems pretty unlikly as GH has plenty of
                   these nutís!

                   Dr E I donít have your addy drop me a line at OG or CW private messages


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 05:54:58 2/11/100
                   FROM - mm
                   vic high. i sure would like to talk to you. my email is wesleytoy@hotmail.com i don't know how to get a hold of you.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 00:53:36 2/11/100
                   FROM - Dr. Evil
                   OT1: I thought that FR lighting idea might interest you. I intend to try it myself, but it will be a little while until I have
                   established a baseline with AFOAF's project. Until then, any data gathered would be worthless. From the intuitive
                   standpoint, it seems as though it could work. Of course, how that translates into reality is anyone's guess.

                   I experimented with using a 16/12 lighting cycle once, and the different varieties in the crop reacted in different ways.
                   The Sat. dom. plum bud cross never seemed to want to finish, and grew huge and airy. Bubbleberry did the same, only
                   worse. Shiske was substantially unfazed. I know Vic had used the same light cycle successfully with romberry and
                   others. I attributed the difference in my results to different lighting levels (mine was around 50w/sf of hps, I believe his
                   was around 30w/sf of mixed hps and mh). Also the different strains had something to do with it, no doubt. The most
                   indica plant in the crop was the one which tolerated it the best.

                   P.S., if you should happen to hear from Budm, would you pass along my e-mail address, and ask him to drop me a
                   note. Thanks.

                   Hi-top: I agree with verdant about the N, you may also want to add some Mg, using epsom salts to your ferts, as the
                   symptoms are similar, and GH is lacking enough of it for our favorite plant. I used to use about 1 tsp per 5 gal. of fert

                   Stonerg: I think the intention of the supersoil is to be pretty much self-contained fertilizer wise. You may have to
                   top-dress it at some point (not sure, never used it myself), but you may want to try it unchanged first.

                   Be Safe
                   Dr. Evil


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 22:32:47 2/10/100
                   FROM - verdentURSUS
                   hi-top...check the Nitrogen in your mix...maybe bump it up a little for the next 2 weeks..then
                   back off
                   Magilla.... use high N bat gauno insted of the blood meal,bears and dogs pass it by here...don't
                   know about the critters where you are ;- )...you may want to add a little Iron (any of the garden
                   suplements will work) to make up for the lack of Fe in the gauno compared to the blodmeal..


                   TOPIC - light green
                   DATE - 20:09:31 2/10/100
                   FROM - hi-top
                   maybe someone can help?
                   i have just turned my room to flower{6 days}.
                   using sunhine mix,g.h. nuits,2 gal pots,5000 watts,12x12 room,light temp75 degrees/dark 65 degrees.plants are about
                   40days old 26"-28"all of my new growth is much lighter than the mature stuff.any usful advice would make my day.


                   TOPIC - blood meal outdoors
                   DATE - 16:01:44 2/10/100
                   FROM - Magilla
                   In a previous post from yesterday bubba-bogart mentioned to "watch the blood meal, it might get get plants dug up or
                   stompd on". I believe I have had such problems in the past. Is one animal that can be avoided or repelled
                   responsible?Does anyone know some of the culprits that might be responsible in the midwest (Ontario-Michigan) or are
                   ubiquitous critters such as raccoons, opossums, coyotes, dogs and deer that have this reaction to blood meal. Just
                   trying to avoid previous mistakes.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 02:00:48 2/10/100
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   Dr E Sorry for not getting back to you before Iíve been having ongoing computer probs! No I haven't heard from Budm
                   since September!
                   Iíll think about doing some small experiments with IR! The pigmentation of all equatorial sativa vars Iíve seen are pale
                   green and totally lacking the blue green seen in indicas. It would be an interesting project to match the leaf colour of
                   known vars to a standard colour chart and see if there is any correlation to flowering times!

                   Interestingly I recently subjected a mix of vars vegging from 18/6 to 3 weeks of 11/13 to initiate flowering then finishing
                   them on 12/12 there were 2 pure sats one went hermy at 6 weeks and had to be pulled, the other has finished flowering
                   at 9 weeks giving an average weight of 31 grams per plant, bud density was normal! Its normal finish time on just 12/12,
                   is 12 plus wks and an averages 45 grams! The finished height was reduced from round 6 ft to 4 ft 6 inches! There were
                   12 of this var out of 78 so it was a good sample!

                   Of the mixed sat dom x indica vars, well they have finished a little earlier or at their normal times by variety! The bud
                   density is not as good on any of them! Crop weights are down by 35 to 40%! Plants by variety are about 1 ft shorter on
                   average with less thickness and ribbing on stems, the plants were very healthy right to the end with good leaf colour
                   and root structure!

                   Understanding this was done with pure and sat dom plants, I think that putting them into flowering mode with 11/13 hrs
                   [this would be the equivalent of mid winter in equatorial zones] Does speed up flowering initiation, but at the expense of
                   the plant not fully developing the framework to flower on. Bud sites were further apart and although given 12/12 in the
                   latter flowering period they never joined up as normal. It seems to me that what happens during the 2/3 weeks initiating
                   flowering is pretty crucial to the final yield. That the shock of 11/13 made a plant that I have grown for 17 years produce
                   male flowers for the first time ever. All the plants must have been severely stressed by this as every var had the odd
                   stamen in the buds right at the end of flowering, There was nothing left to pollinate so it was not a problem! Interestingly
                   I put a few of these under the dissecting scope and there did not seem to be any pollen formed just the casing!

                   All the best Ot1.


                   TOPIC - stonerg ferts
                   DATE - 01:02:21 2/10/100
                   FROM - eros
                   nurserymen use time release chem fert in bedding plants. It looks like bird shot ( only its yellow) Its susposed to last 6
                   mos.Ive tried it and I like it. At ten weekws I put heavy doses of bloom booster on top of the time release with out
                   burning the plants. What ive got is schultz 18-6-12, TM "oscote". Overfeeding kills more plants than the dea.good luck!


                   TOPIC - stonerg and organic ferts
                   DATE - 22:02:12 2/09/100
                   FROM - bubba~bogart
                   stonerg-still haven't figured out why you want to double up on the ferts-from what i've seen of the recipe you are going to
                   be using that should be plenty-one way to find out plant some in the heavy fert mix and see what happens-you still got
                   awhile before spring planting-you can always dig a bigger hole and use more of the regular mix-better watch the blood
                   meal-it might get your plants dug up or stomped on-



                   TOPIC - Rom vs. TTW
                   DATE - 19:38:22 2/09/100
                   FROM - Dr. Evil
                   Hi All

                   Vic, what I was mainly curious about is if you noted a similarity in flavors and type of high, as though they may be
                   closely related to one another. Not so much a question of whether one was better than the other. It was just my
                   impression on a first time smoke of both varieties.

                   Be Safe
                   Dr. Evil


                   TOPIC - my outdoor fertilizer formula question
                   DATE - 17:17:10 2/09/100
                   FROM - stonerg
                   I'm sorry I didn't get my question across quite right. More specifically: If I double the proportion of say, bone meal, in a
                   soil mix, what are the consequences? And when I asked about doubling the ferts in general, I meant all of them: kelp
                   meal, fish meal, whatever organic ferts I had used. (I know this is probably dangerous with blood meal.)
                   Vic, when you said I would need to let it compost a long time, is that to say that instead of the two week period that
                   you let your super soil sit before using it, I would need to let it sit maybe 4 weeks? I guess that makes sense to me.
                   If properly decomposed, though, can too much organic ferts hurt?
                   On another note, I'm saddened to see all of the mayhem going on with these other growers. Really saddened. I was
                   going to write something last time, but I didn't know what to say. Now I think there's only one thing to say: please be
                   careful everybody.
                   Our time is going to come!

                   PS I doubt anyone really remembers me from when I was able to post more frequently, but I did want to say that this
                   board influenced my to go organic. Thank you. It works much better for me, and gives me more joy to boot!


                   TOPIC - horses
                   DATE - 16:13:55 2/09/100
                   FROM - bubba~bogart
                   don't recollect ever reading about horses learning to shoot in the civil war. lol kinda thinking that ol stonewall jackson
                   might be in the picture somewhere. at least he was shot by his own troops. werent no yankee bullet that got him.
                   on the serious side, did you know that more people died in the civil war of disease and infection then were actually
                   killed by gunshots.
                   delete away vic


                   TOPIC - U.s History Question
                   DATE - 10:57:43 2/09/100
                   FROM - Amanda Turley
                   Who was the Confederate Genral that had 29 horses shot at his feet during the Civil War????



                   TOPIC - gascanhitch
                   DATE - 10:21:22 2/09/100
                   FROM - junior
                   got an happy easter looking? flower?
                   not sure what to make of it. yeah its
                   graet round here. thank you vic high.



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 09:41:46 2/09/100
                   FROM - freinky
                   que pasa new york?


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 09:03:20 2/09/100
                   FROM - mm
                   this seems to be the most mature site around


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 09:02:35 2/09/100
                   FROM - mm
                   im sure you have heard of a strain called sticky 3. i chose not to put this up on the shark tank so that everyone can
                   bash poor stickman. he is pretty cool and his bail is very low. im not sure its his wife over email. im waiting for her to
                   give me true factual info before i take it totally seriously. but im pretty sure it is her.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 07:34:20 2/09/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   mm - be sure to post your message on cannabis.com and Overgrow to be sure Smedley and Baudelaire can see it. I
                   think they both volunteered to take over the fund raising initiatives. As for Stick, who is he? Has he been one to share
                   his knowledge with us? Or his resources? Anyways, if what I heard about Stick's episode was correct, man do my
                   sympathies go out to him. Talk about dumb blind loyalty heading back south to pick up Bong. Obviously his heart was
                   bigger than his wits.

                   Dr Evil - hmmm, a comparison wouldn't be fair since most all who had Timewarp experience acknowledged that this
                   year's crop (or what we were sampling) wasn't the best. And romulan quality fluctuates big time depending on growing
                   conditions and the source of the romulan. I've experienced romulan at it's best, can't say that about the warp.



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 05:38:07 2/09/100
                   FROM - mm
                   sorry to interupt and change the subject again. please excuse my burden...


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 05:35:02 2/09/100
                   FROM - mm
                   just wanted to pass this email onto the brothers/sisters of the worlds.
                   I haven't been able to get to a computer until today. I'll be around here for a
                   few hours. I'll check Stick's mail before I leave. It's kinda weird talking to
                   someone I don't know but stick asked me to get a hold of you and ask if you know
                   any ideas for helping him. I don't know if you've heard or not but he and D are
                   being held in Spokane County Jail. Stick's been granted bail but it's for
                   $35,000 US and we just don't have access to a lot of funds. He needs $3500 plus
                   colaterol for $35,000(which I'm hoping someone here can put a lean on their
                   vehicle or house or something) but for the rest is there anyone online who can
                   help in raising funds? Is that something people online would even be able to do
                   for him? Please let me know if that's even a plausible idea? I know things
                   will work out okay eventually - it's just hard to hear him in this situation and
                   not be able to do anything right now. I usually don't find myself asking for a
                   lot of outside help but this one we need all the support we can get. Even
                   letters from friends online would help. They can be sent to Stick's hotmail
                   address and I can print them out and send them to him. He's needs all the
                   encouragement he can get right now. Some of his friends here have turned their
                   back and that's really hurt. Letters of encouragement would be a definate
                   boost. It was also his birthday on Feb. 3 and he had to spend it in jail - so
                   belated birthday messages would probably help to brighten his day. I know I'm
                   rattling on but this has been a hard time - I can't talk to a lot of people in
                   my life about this but those I have are very supportive. It's Daniel who can
                   use all the extra added support right now.
                   Hope to hear from you soon. Mrs. Stick


                   TOPIC - Vic-- Comparison between Rom & TTW
                   DATE - 23:50:32 2/08/100
                   FROM - Dr. Evil
                   Hi all, hope all is going well.
                   Vic: I was wondering how you think the pure romulan and texada time warp, after comparing them. A mutual friend of
                   ours :) had some of each not long ago, and to me, they tasted very similar, with a possible edge in potency going to
                   the TTW. It was my first time for trying both types, which I sampled on subsequent evenings, to make a fair
                   comparison. I'm just curious what you think, after having smoked a lot of each.

                   OT1: Are you still in contact with Budm? If so, could you please forward my e-mail address to him and ask him to drop
                   me a note. I'd like to say hello to him and see how he is doing. I lost contact with him during my tribulations last year.

                   Be Safe
                   Dr. Evil


                   TOPIC - this and that
                   DATE - 19:41:54 2/08/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   First, check out this new hydro setup. This thing rocks!!


                   OK, now to work down the list:

                   Yes Bong was busted. He is rotting in a US jail.

                   shayne - Look for Blunt Bros on Hastings, just a few doors up from the old HempBC.

                   stonerg - maybe I don't fully inderstand how you plan to double the dose, but a double strength soil mix will fry most
                   plants unless it has a long time to compost. Good luck :)

                   yepod - liquid gold is supposed to stimilate nutrient uptake, but I never noticed any benefit. My bottle is still sitting on
                   the shelf ;) I think if a plant is lacking in micronutrients it can be a big plus, or if you are a chem grower. I think foliar
                   feeding with it is supposed to be the best way to use it?

                   oak bay - I thought everyone there was too old to be into growing (pre 60s folks, hehe). As for your question, the yield
                   you can get will depend on your genetics, and how you pruned those babies. I've seen some get a pound per romulan
                   using your style. If in grow bags, don't move your plants much to maximize light. I found that each time I move grow
                   bags, they go into shock and stall growing. I assume the outer roots get crushed by the moving? My 2 cents :)

                   Zip Lock - hope you don't mind, I shared the B with some of the BC boys you know. As for UV, still a long way from an
                   conclusive information. But I did find one thing interesting with the last seed crop. I flowered way past the prime for the
                   girls like G13 went something like 10 weeks and romulan went way past 3 months. Plus a little powdery mildew started
                   settling in, so I didn't expect much from the weed. I didn't bother manicuring these and just ground up the whole plant
                   (shade leaves and all) and sifted out the seeds. I just put them aside for someone to make oil if they wished. Well
                   some got shared and both the G13 and romulan dust (shake) was considered better than what was available to a
                   certain group. They actually wanted to buy this shit, haha!! They said G was more potent but R tasted better. I just
                   mixed the two for even better reviews, LOL. I tested some of the Romulan dust and it knocked me flat. I know I'm
                   biased, but the truth is I found it more potent than normal. And the high was trippier than I'm used to with romulan. Only
                   explaination I can come up with is that The intense UV played a role.

                   If I ever get this new twist up and running, I'll be adding a UV flo tube to each arm.

                   As for using UV for breeding, I'm a long way from anything concrete yet, but I have been observing a link between those
                   plants that thrive under the UV, that heavy skunk smell, and resin production. I have the male pods drying, I'll get to
                   doing blinde taste tests on them soon.

                   Terminator and Terminator2 - hey lurkers, I just can't get them to die!! That bubbleberry pulled through on both
                   accounts. New green shoots are coming from the dried out stump. Plus the top that I tossed in the toilet before I left
                   was plump and looking full of piss'n'vinigar!! haha. I'm glad it's not contageous!! haha.

                   Now back to working on this judges kit from the first annual Cannabis Culture cannabis cup :) I could use a hand if
                   there are any volunteers ;)

                                                      Link: Wheel of Fortune


                   TOPIC - BB faking it?
                   DATE - 16:07:05 2/08/100
                   FROM - Xpack
                   Whats the deal with Bongblaster? Does anybody really believe that he was busted?


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 15:06:07 2/08/100
                   FROM - AFOAF
                   'brid vigor
                   you have an E

                   sorry to waste space vic.


                   TOPIC - seeds
                   DATE - 13:16:21 2/08/100
                   FROM - shayne
                   overcounter sales in Van.-or brothers willing to help
                   disabled in usa



                   TOPIC - seeds
                   DATE - 13:02:58 2/08/100
                   FROM - shayne
                   overcounter sales in Van.-or brothers willing to help
                   disabled in usa



                   TOPIC - ferts for my ourdoor
                   DATE - 19:07:16 2/07/100
                   FROM - stonerg
                   Hi all... I haven't posted hear for some time, as I moved and didn't have decent computer access. I have tried to lurk
                   though, and am constantly amazed by the discussion. In any case, I have a question. I had some success outside last
                   summer (thanks again to some of everybody's tips.) This summmer, I hope to raise even bigger plants. I have only
                   about 100 litres of soil for each plant, as I must haul it in. Can I go with Vic's supersoil recipe and double the fertilizers
                   safely? I won't be able to return until they're done, essentially, because of where they are so I need to give them
                   everything all ferts right away. I just thought an outdoor plant might need more. Ideas?


                   TOPIC - liquid gold folic (oak bay)
                   DATE - 01:53:40 2/07/100
                   FROM - yepod
                   Please tell me about liquid gold folic - I never heard of it.


                   TOPIC - 3 month veg
                   DATE - 22:32:53 2/06/100
                   FROM - oak bay
                   i have some plants that i have vegged for approximately 3 months ( nice local genetics) i have controlled the height by
                   training them to grow horizontally,due to excessive pinching the number of bud sites are very high.. i cureently have
                   them in 10 galon bags. i plan to put three plants under each one of my brand new sun masters. my question is it
                   possible to see close to or more then 1 lb of each plant. with the way i tie them down the amont of light that hits each
                   branch is truely impressive.. have never veggerd for this long so dont quite no how well i can do .... peace to all.
                   feedback would be much appreciated....


                   TOPIC - Tie downs...
                   DATE - 11:43:40 2/06/100
                   FROM - chronic man
                   I use those tie downs that stretch, so that you don't strangle the plant. Also, regular thumb tacks work to secure them.
                   I have been doing it for a while, and yes, it DEFINITELY makes a huge difference when concerned about yield. It
                   causes a hormone to be released when the branch is tied down, which increases branching, not flowering. I only tie
                   down the larger shoots, and allow the littler one to remain, and then they in turn seem to turn into large shoots. Some
                   of my friends who keep their plants in veg for a really long time, tie the branches over 3 times. Then I guess they figure
                   they are ready to flower, although they seem too big to me, but to each his own. Also, some of the lower shoots never
                   will give you any decent sized buds, so I remove them. I'm not sure you know but pinching between the 5th to the 6th
                   node is also a great method of increasing yield. I guess that's about it...
                   cHrOnIc man


                   TOPIC - pizza venting
                   DATE - 01:30:48 2/06/100
                   FROM - rx
                   Heat rises ( like unnamed other, baser, material) aand collects along the ceiling. I exaust up high - at the top. Keep in
                   mind your exaust will create an infared signature.Insulate the floor only if it needs it. Hope this helps.

                   Okay bay - turning tops is recommended by mel frank. I don't know what advice to give - pull em over, careful not to
                   break, secure with a twistee tie down. It's a wrestling match. In a matter of hours the tip will be hearded skyward again
                   giving a "S" shape, and in a day or two you will have to repeat the operation. It helps more plant get better and brighter
                   exposure to the light. Somewhere I heard bending the tips released a hormone which promotes flowering. personally, I
                   don't know about that. Good luck!


                   TOPIC - tie downs and crimping
                   DATE - 15:43:26 2/05/100
                   FROM - oak bay
                   can anybody give me some advice on the art of crimping and tie downs. i have come to the conclusion that more is not
                   always better. i was under the assumption that placing 5 to six plants under a light would thoroughly out yield a few
                   monsters. what i now realize is tieing down the branches and crimping with only 3-4 plants under each light is much
                   more productive. it amazes me daily the growth rates of the buds when they are trained to grow horizontally. not only
                   does this increase the density of my tops it also allows the inside growth to excell. does anybody use the liquid gold
                   folvic. i love this product to death. any how if any body could give me some feedback on their experiences with tie
                   downs and or crimping i would greatly appreciate it. way to go vic high you are a truely patient teacher. keep the faith
                   my friends.....


                   TOPIC - Results if the UV Experiments?
                   DATE - 14:55:59 2/04/100
                   FROM - Zachary Zip-Lock

                   Pray enlighten us with the results of you experiments in the nether-world of UV radiation. Have you used their fiendish
                   energy to open the dark secrets of nature? Is the herbal potion of Satan bringing you closer to the pit of eternal

                   What's shaking with the "B" baby?



                   TOPIC - sr 486
                   DATE - 09:43:37 2/04/100
                   FROM - zap
                   Dear mm, Is the sponsor of sr 486, Orin Hatch, one and the same as got less than 1% of votes in NH primary? As
                   chairman of senate judiciary committee, was he not the one who sponsored ken starr? Will congress follow his lead
                   again? This could be good news for maijuana activists.


                   TOPIC - venting &cement floor
                   DATE - 20:39:06 2/03/100
                   FROM - pizza
                   im doing a little re&re on my space.in your opinion where is the best place to exhaust& intake. also i have a 4x8 table
                   up off the cement floor should i insulate the floor .


                   TOPIC - just had to say hey
                   DATE - 18:51:43 2/03/100
                   FROM - High-see
                   hey all ...keyboard is on the mend
                   anyway got a shot at my budz keyboard and thought I'd say hey ...been awhile ,everythings great ... got my aero unit
                   up and pumping donate to a persons legal defense, hmmmmmm should be okay well gotsta rasta
                   take care -n- be safe


                   TOPIC - Auction Inflation ...
                   DATE - 15:25:13 2/03/100
                   FROM - Jelly Roll Jack
                   Couldn't help but notice that the winning bids for those "left over" beans at the A-1 Auction were at least 4X higher than
                   the first time around.

                   That's good in one respect ... more money was raised. In addition, a new system that discourages bullshit bids was
                   set up ... which will certainly help in the future.

                   But ... it also looks like the days of snatching up bargain beans are over ... drat!



                   TOPIC - Vic High
                   DATE - 13:01:22 2/03/100
                   FROM - friend
                   You have ogmail.


                   TOPIC - bonzai kush
                   DATE - 04:34:43 2/03/100
                   FROM - caylx
                   mm - it looks like the aclu will have another winner. ACLU v. Reno (internet - porn) crashed and burned the commo
                   decency act. Judges are going to lead the way to the land of milk and honey. (aclu will show them the way.) Viva free

                   Enough of politics. Vic,hypothetically, I am smoking bonsai kush (cough, cough.)Not bad. I'm trying to cross breed for
                   vigor and this sat is first generation. Its characteristics are predominatly sativian. It is very vigorous with lots of leaf and
                   thick stems. Early flowers are more individual than clustered and the milky whites are long. It has scrogged on its own
                   without chicken wire. The absence of fragrance alarms me. "The nose knows" is my motto. Question now: if it's low hit
                   should I go on with another generation hoping to jazz up the potency or should I just throw it in and take a trip to HS?
                   This is a hypthetical question - of course.


                   TOPIC - bong
                   DATE - 15:02:46 2/02/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   MM - what I heard is that he is now in state jail, but I wasn't able to get specifics. Maybe when they say released, they
                   meant transferred? I have no idea, hopefully I'll get a clearer picture in a day or two.

                   coyote - no idea on sat question. Other than that, whatcha smoking?


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 05:35:45 2/02/100
                   FROM - mm
                   spokane jail 509/477-2278


                   TOPIC - strange
                   DATE - 05:35:00 2/02/100
                   FROM - mm
                   hippie chick was on legalize last night. Said boy went to court. no bail. in for at least 70 days, till next court date. said
                   is staying informed by attorneys from states and canada and will keep everyone posted.

                   strange three internet peeps called the spokane jail last night. all were told that boy had been released on january 30
                   and sent on his way. that is a sunday.

                   go figure!!!????


                   TOPIC - the witchhunt has begun. think smart-stay safe
                   DATE - 05:32:10 2/02/100
                   FROM - mm
                   This is the single most scary piece of legislation I've seen on the fast track. We need to call our US Senators and
                   Representatives about this. The US Capitol Switchboard is (202) 224-3121, ask for your rep's office and tell them to
                   stop SR 486.
                   Newshawk: http://www.MAPinc.org/drugnews/
                   Pubdate: 26 Jan - 1 Feb 2000
                   Source: Village Voice (NY)
                   Copyright: 2000 VV Publishing Corporation
                   Contact: editor@villagevoice.com
                   Address: 36 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003
                   Feedback: http://www.villagevoice.com/aboutus/contact.shtml
                   Website: http://www.villagevoice.com/
                   Author: Russ Kick
                   Note: This article is the result of a MAP press release.
                   Related: http://www.mapinc.org/alert/0146.html

                   WASHINGTON 451

                   This is how the burning begins. Down in Washington, D.C., the censors
                   gather into a pile the books and Web sites they hate, grab a gallon of gas,
                   and strike a match. But they call this bonfire a bill, a piece of
                   legislation, which is legal and tidy. It's happening now with S.R. 486 --
                   remember that number -- which has already passed the Senate with unanimous
                   support. The bill sits in the House, awaiting the same blessing. If it
                   becomes law, the publishers of a large number of pro-drug Web sites and
                   books could wind up in jail, or out of business.

                   Drug war reformers suspect they are the true targets, and this week they're
                   stepping up lobbying efforts against S.R. 486. Angry e-mails are on their
                   way to Washington, and several sites devoted to trashing the bill have been
                   launched. But the protests may be in vain.

                   "We want to make it difficult for people to produce illegal substances,"
                   explains Chris Cannon, the House sponsor of the Senate version introduced
                   by Dianne Feinstein and Orrin Hatch. "We are hoping to have hearings in
                   March, and pass the bill this year, sooner rather than later."

                   It should not be overly difficult. The Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation
                   Act, as it's called, contains several politically attractive clauses that
                   portend its passage into law. Drug warriors love the additional narcocops
                   it sends to the front, and the way it stiffens sentences for
                   methamphetamine distributors and cooks. But while these are standard
                   measures in the war on drugs, zero tolerance for pro-drug data expands the
                   battlefield from deeds to words.

                   The bill makes it illegal "to teach or demonstrate the manufacture of a
                   controlled substance, or to distribute by any means information pertaining
                   to, in whole or in part, the manufacture or use of a controlled substance"
                   if a prosecutor can prove the info figured in a crime.

                   That's a mandate as big and broad as Montana sky. It covers information
                   about safe dosage levels of illegal drugs, which combinations pose dangers,
                   and which do not. It covers explanations about how to use marijuana to
                   fight nausea and glaucoma. It covers tip sheets on how to harvest opium
                   from poppies, identify psilocybin mushrooms in the wild, or extract codeine
                   from Tylenol 3. In short, anything that could possibly be "intended" to
                   encourage drug use.

                   Not only that, but under the bill, advertising any information that could
                   lead to the sale of drug paraphernalia counts as a felony. So if you post
                   the address of a head shop to a newsgroup, or the e-mail address of someone
                   who makes bongs as a hobby, it's a crime punishable by three years in jail,
                   even though head shops themselves remain legal.

                   There's a strong possibility that the law will shut down an entire class of
                   drug advocacy. Already, publishers and activists are preparing to pull in
                   their wares, or go overseas. Mark Greer, the executive director of Drug
                   Sense, a nonprofit dedicated to accurate drug policy information, fears his
                   archive of 30,000 clippings regarding drug policy could be the target of a
                   federal suit brought by a D.A. on a scalp hunt to prove the new law works.

                   "Given the vague and inclusive interpretation of federal conspiracy laws,
                   almost any information about criminalized drugs and any dissent against
                   existing drug laws could be construed by federal enforcers as furthering
                   drug crimes," says Greer. "Any anti drug war Web site would be shut down
                   directly, or indirectly because Internet service providers, fearing
                   prosecution, would refuse to host such sites." Greer is preparing for this
                   eventuality by exploring steps to move his site offshore.

                   But even if he relocates to a cyberdomain beyond America's jurisdiction,
                   anyone linking to his site from within the States could be punished under
                   the proposed law. "The main thrust of this law is toward the Internet,"
                   explains Marv Johnson, an ACLU attorney specializing in the legislation.
                   The Internet's free flow of information "has Congress running scared." And
                   when it comes to drug paraphernalia, Congress is running far ahead of the
                   First Amendment. Under this bill, even linking to a paraphernalia site is

                   But in the final analysis, it's less the prosecutions than the censoring
                   effect this law will have that worries civil libertarians. "It's clearly
                   going to chill publishing," says Johnson, and he's not exaggerating.

                   The American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression believes bookstores
                   will be forced to withdraw certain drug titles, according to its president,
                   Chris Finan.

                   Over at Ronin Publishing, one of the leading publishers of drug titles,
                   tension is in the air. "Will the police storm into my house?" asks Beverly
                   Potter, the company's president. She fears the law will criminalize every
                   aspect of the book industry that deals with drug literature. "Every
                   printer, every truck driver delivering these books will be a criminal."

                   "If it passes, we would probably pull all of our drug books, since I am
                   unwilling to spend several hundred thousand dollars that I don't have to
                   prove that my 'intent' satisfies Big Brother," says Mike Hoy, president of
                   the radical publishing house Loompanics Unlimited. "This bill is the single
                   most un-American thing I have ever seen."

                   Perhaps. But under the Clinton administration, it's as American as apple
                   pie. Last August, Clinton set the precedent for the methamphetamine act by
                   signing a law (also Feinstein's handiwork) making it a felony to
                   disseminate instructions for making bombs, destructive devices, or weapons
                   of mass destruction. And while that move came in response to the Oklahoma
                   City bombing, its effects are still being felt. Paladin Press no longer
                   publishes any material involving explosives recipes, and Loompanics doesn't
                   sell books exclusively about explosives. On the Internet, where bomb-making
                   instructions were once abundant, there is now a void.

                   If this drug bill passes, the most immediate and concrete impact will be on
                   the two dozen or so sites which currently sell drug paraphernalia, from
                   bongs to paper -- and the countless places that link to them. These sites
                   will become illegal, even though brick and mortar head shops will still be
                   able to operate within the letter of the law.

                   The deeper question, of course, is whether S.R. 486 violates the First
                   Amendment. Representative Chris Cannon, the House sponsor, is unconcerned.
                   "We have worked a lot with the attorneys at the Department of Justice; we
                   have been pretty thorough there," he says, adding, "We don't even expect a
                   court challenge."

                   That may come as news to the ACLU, but Cannon's confidence is based on
                   strange but safe legal ground, territory already strewn with the bones of
                   another Paladin project: Hit Man, a murder how-to book. After a
                   killer-for-hire allegedly acted on the book's step-by-step instructions,
                   the victims' families sued Paladin. The courts allowed the lawsuit to go
                   forward, and Paladin settled for a reported $5 million. The ruling that the
                   lawsuit could proceed is being cited by the Louisiana Court of Appeals in
                   the legal action against Oliver Stone over Natural Born Killers, which
                   allegedly incited two 18-year-olds to go on a violent crime spree. And it
                   sets a precedent for holding publishers accountable that could make this
                   bill legit in the eyes of the courts.

                   From the ACLU's perspective, Johnson thinks that "in theory" prosecutors
                   would have a hard time proving "intent." In a case, they would have to
                   prove that a publisher knew beforehand that some reader would find in a
                   book the motivation for a crime. Nevertheless, the results of the Hit Man
                   case are troubling, he says, and the future of this area of law is still

                   If the Meth Act becomes law, Johnson says the ACLU's likely course of
                   action will not be to challenge the bill immediately, but rather to save
                   its attack until someone is prosecuted, and then defend that person. Any



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 05:25:40 2/02/100
                   FROM - mm
                   this site has some informative articles in it. read the interviews, the judges rationale, and the letters.
                   Watch PBS and check out website:

                   Frontline: Busted
                   How effective is
                   America's war on
                   marijuana? Join
                   the discussion.




                   TOPIC - fragrance-potency co-relation?
                   DATE - 01:52:00 2/02/100
                   FROM - coyote
                   Dear Vic, if an unpolinated female sativa has no fragrance at the second week of flowering does this forecast low hit or
                   no hit shit?

                   Do you people like playing the fox at the fox hunt? The auction brings you attention of leo. What do you expect?

                   If they get too tough in BC bring skills MJ prosecution in the US is at an all time low. There is strong sentiment to
                   legalize. Seven out of seven compasionate use initatives have been approved by the voters. Jesse Ventura (among
                   other prominent politicians). If they get too tough in BC bring skills to the US. wants to legalize.


                   TOPIC - Delay 24 hours....
                   DATE - 22:21:17 2/01/100
                   FROM - happy traveler
                   Stuck in a rut. 24 hour set back....will contact you soon.


                   TOPIC - Bongblaster
                   DATE - 22:39:35 1/31/100
                   FROM - watchin em fall
                   #3 or is it #4? Is this just another coincidence?....


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