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Time 16:56, 30 Sep 1998
From Vic High

      Eric - all is well, thanks. yourself? Are you Mr Carr, BB's center of attention? If
      so, I like your sense of humour. Welcome.

      Justice, hows it hanging neighbour?

      Kaboom - first question is legit and dealt with long ago by Marc Emery. Basically
      Marc claims he was buying the seeds through a contact in Amsterdam. After Sag
      posted that on their website, he started buying them direct from the breeder.
      This pissed Sag off so they quite buying from the breeder and decided to make
      their own. Now the original breeder sells to marc and dutch passion and Sag is
      selling their knock-offs.

      One strange thing is that my second batch of blueberry grew up to look exactly
      like the pics at the sag site. (the medusa type buds) These were stronger
      seedlings and decent producers but lacked the intense blueberry aroma of the
      older version. Mind you BB had no complaints, haha.

      I had figured that Sag's line would have been made from the older blueberry
      genetics but I guess it is from the new stock as well. From what I hear, the
      breeder crossed blueberry with bubbleberry(blueberry/bubblegum) to increase

      I have both the old and new versions but because no one else is offering the old
      version, I think I'll collect some seeds from the new version as backup and then
      dump the line from my current breeding program. I want to concentrate on
      maintaining that intense blueberry flavour from the original genes. That is why
      we tolerate the blueberry's shitty growth habits, right?

      Sunshine #1 and worm castings? I often use #1 when #2 isn't available. I have
      found no problems with it. With all the castings, you might want to add some
      perlite or vermiculite to improve drainage.

Time 16:16, 30 Sep 1998
From kaboom

      hey vic, nice site you have over there. alot of good info, keep up the flow of info!
      i got a couple questions for ya
      1. you say the blueberry seeds you got from marc emery are from sag.
      well, sag says they never sold emery anything. use your link and check it out.
      this is not a flame, but a legit question dont you think?
      2. What do you think about 1/2 Sunshine Mix #1 and 1/2 Worm Castings?
      The #1 mix is the only one i can get. What should i use in conjunction with it?
      thanks vic

Time 14:52, 30 Sep 1998
From justice

      hey aeric try chekin out the laughing-moon.com site they feature an article on
      aeroponics. never really read it that hard but sounded like too much work, just
      for a few clones.

Time 13:41, 30 Sep 1998

      guys were can i get instructions on an areophonic set-up

Time 10:16, 30 Sep 1998
From Vic High

      Hellraizer - this ending in darkness is new to me but the logic seems ok to me.
      Leaving the plants in darkness for 7 days seems a bit much to me though.
      Maybe 2-3 days? I grow a perpetual system so I won't be trying this idea though.

      blueberry - well when I first grew blueberry, I would have tossed the seedlings if I
      hadn't paid $28.50 each for the seeds. Being the cheap bastard that I am, I had
      to at least grow them out to see what I wasted my money on. They started out as
      shitty and runty little deformed seedlings. Well, got that first harvest and I was
      still disapointed. The yield was tiny and the bud didn't even come close to teh
      romulan bud that I was growing. I had no idea how good romulan really was when
      compared to some of the other 'kind' strains. Funny thing was that I started
      getting lots of requests for bud that was a 50/50 mix of the blueberry and
      romulan. People really like switching back and forth between the two. I decided
      to keep moms from the best and flowered a second batch. Second batch turned
      out much better and I was finally impressed. The blueberry needed time to
      mature and I needed time to learn how to treat her right. She is still the first
      strain to tell me if I'm doing something wrong. I did try several other "dutch" type
      strains this year and blueberry did definately hold it's own. Especially in the taste

      Pebbles - I sprout seedlings in sunshine #1 using a plastic seedling flat. After
      they have grown a set of leaves or two I use alaska fish ferts every 2-3
      waterings. I often plant seeds and take clones long before I need them and
      because of space limitations will keep them in the seedling flats for 6-8 weeks.
      They more than outgrow this home but the fish ferts keep them healthy until they
      can be potted on.

Time 00:13, 30 Sep 1998
From Bongblaster

      well i would check the food...but repotiing in more soil would definately help...

Time -2:17, 30 Sep 1998
From pebbles

      oh yeah would maybe some trace elements help? like from sea kelp or
      by the way this is a cool chat room...

Time 15:44, 29 Sep 1998
From pebbles

      hey my babies are about three weeks old, four leaf sets, and all are about three
      inches tall...
      they all look really pale. is this N deficiency or genetics? they are all white rhino,
      and they are under a 400w HPS. would bat guano help? maybe repotting (right
      now i can see their roots at the bottom of their plastic cups...)

Time 15:31, 29 Sep 1998
From # 2

      they'll grow out of it. i too had a few bb's from mr. high and they all started out
      that way but outgrew it by about the end of the second month.

Time 13:05, 29 Sep 1998
From Dan K.

      im know someone that knows someone that got your bluberry via heanens
      stairway. He has had it gowing for a week and one half. He says it looks really
      scraggely liked described on your trial page. I am curious will this persist? He
      has some skunk#1 next to it and it is doing much better.

Time 10:25, 29 Sep 1998
From Bongblaster

      WELL i have some blue going too and a couple of them look like that
      also....weird a bit....i was thinking it was mebe the food....
      but also the others i have in the same table are looking wicked......mebe its just a
      weird genetic thing...??

      vic your input?

Time 09:57, 29 Sep 1998
From chunk

      Hi vic,
      I was wondering if you could describe for me what the wrinkled and variagated
      parts of the leaves on blueberry look like? Some of mine look crappier as they
      grow,there are almost bubbled looking. Is that normal or something i'm doing?
      thans alot

Time 07:57, 29 Sep 1998
From R.C.

      Hey Vic,
      could you drop me a line. TIA

Time 00:29, 28 Sep 1998
From Hellraizer (Hellraizer_666@hotmail.com)

      HELL-o all,
            Meandered over here to HempBC to ask a question.....

            An unrealiable source stated that ........
      Leaching for the last 2 weeks and leaving ALL lighting OFF for the last 3 to 7
      days before harvest will increase THC or cannabinoids by up to 30% because
      there is no heat or thc debilitateing light, also it uses up stored glucose, leaveing
      the leaf a very light green and less harsh budz.

      I know about the leaching for the last few weeks, but NO lighting?


      Has anyone ever heard of this method or tried it?

Time 15:14, 27 Sep 1998
From Bongblaster

      well if they can afford to grow they can afford a lawyer....

Time 14:26, 27 Sep 1998

      Thats cool . It's just that not everyone can afford a Lawyer..

Time 14:22, 27 Sep 1998
From Bongblaster

      ya i have a good lawyer who was telling me how to do it all ..but ya that sounds
      about right....i wont have to worry about a new house for a WHILE so .......well
      you get the point...just wanted to try and help someone else from getting the
      same thing done to them........

Time 01:18, 27 Sep 1998

      Bongblaster >>The thing you are trying to describe is "Trusteeship". By mearly
      transfering your assets to a holding company , you are not assured of protection
      , since you have to have a Director. To maintain control of those assets under
      your "company" , you have to be Director.Under Canadian Law and under British
      Colonial Law , the Director has a "responsibility" under the Acts and Statutes
      created for Companies Etc in your Govt .

      In short... "A company is defined as a Legal entity of its own"

      A "Trusteeship" is someone else owns it, but I look after it.

      You are on the right track though , but check it out throughly yourself before you
      go to a lawyer , because sometimes you may have to ditch the place if times get
      hot , so make sure that you aren't listed as anyone to do with it , because you
      are the first they investigate.

      My advice , don't SHIT where you live ..( don't grow where you live) if you are
      thinking of commercial , that is .

      Good growing and keep toking !

Time 20:24, 26 Sep 1998
From jay (haha....)

      islander what sort of neuts are you using..?and what kind of soil..wormcastings
      have really helped people i know who thought they had there system tweaked
      also have you tried veg booster and bloosom blood???...ok ok...what about
      co2..??give us a little insight on you knowledge and your experience both past
      and current and maybe you will learn someting here...maybe not but all our
      heads are better then one...haha

      have you tried northern lights..?and what do you think about shiskaberry?i am
      interested in that strain...please tell me more about it..

Time 20:07, 26 Sep 1998
From chronic

      i would like some ones advice on commercial grow ops.... how safe
      is it to rent a home{ rental agency] and set up a nice 4 maybe five light show....
                  i have grown indoors previoiusly( did farely well but was unhappy
      with house i was living in...
      ]any how now have some serious capital to invest.. have a friend(
      serious yield master] who will assist me in my venture...not to worried
      about hydro or smell (green avenger} butm think possibly with my full time job, i
      could get farely busy.. how many hours a day will i spend( doing my ladies in
      soil} would you do something a little smaller ....

Time 17:59, 26 Sep 1998
From islander

      this is to any experienced grower out there... i am trying to improve my
      yields i would like your friendly advice on the best high yielding/potent strains..
             my ladies are grown in 8 gallon grow bags and stratigically positioned
      under my 4 1000w bulbs.i veg for approximately 2 weeks and then
      throw my girls into flowers( highly recommend the grow lux 1000w bulbs} can you
      give me your advice on what might be my most productive strains may be i have
      used big bud and bluberry, as well as shiskaberry. could you
      recommend any other heavy ladies i can add to my harrom.... thank you
      PS right now i can get 1.5 lbs per 1000w but am shooting for 2 lbs plus
             peace and out

Time 00:09, 26 Sep 1998
From Bongblaster

      islander ...yes it is scarey...but a reality.......just be careful and all will be well :)
      good luck and good grow!

Time 18:00, 25 Sep 1998
From islander

      thasnk you kindly bongblaster...i really appreciate the
      advice....home forfiture really scares me i cant believe the damn pigs can
      grab your home...i do have a legitimate job( this could help)
                  i even came up with my large cash down payment for the home from
      a legit source( mini inheritence)my plan was to grow hard for a year and
      then rent my house to a babysitter( under ficticious name} and split the healthy
      cash down the middle... it is very scary to think that the government can
      arrest you for something as harmless as cultivation and then turn around and
      take your main asset.........thanks again

Time 02:47, 25 Sep 1998
From oldtimer1

      jeremy there have been reports of Canadian white widow seed being sold that
      has ruderalis crossed in and folk having to give up a couple of years breeding
      from it and scrapping the whole line.Its like GMOís once in a line they are
      in there forever we are the people who are making the plants for tomorrow and
      need to think whether we we need auto flowering irrespective of light hours and
      loosing the ability to propergate with cuttings. People like myself and I dare say
      Vic and many others take great care to never include this gene and its important
      to know about it if you breed. Enough rant I don't know how many cuttings you
      need to produce and every one has their own methods of keeping mums and its
      their choice so Iíll tell you mine as its at the other end of the scale to yours.
            I keep them in 1litre square pots with an organic soil mix under a four tube
      40w colour 332 ft *4 Ftlayin unit[ as used with false
      ceilings ] and keep 21 to 24 mums per unit .Each mum produces 20 to 25
      cuttings a fortnight so in full production a box can produce up to 1200 cuttings a
      month. Once a year a third of the root ball is cut away and fresh soil added. The
      oldest mum is just turned 15 years old with out recloning but this is a big
      exception the normal lifespan is 3 to 5 years. They usually get die back on the
      bark and as soon as thats seen its time to make a copy otherwise production is
      lost for that var if its left to late making a replacement. They get a weak balanced
      feed once a month and water the rest of the time. Theyget a foliar spray
      once a week 10 ml Maxicrop and 1 ml 35% H2O2 to a litre of water. Basically
      thats it Iím not suggesting you follow this in any way but from this info and your
      knowledge of growing you should be able to work out a better system of keeping
      mums. Some respected growers disagree about small mums but basically its
      gardening and if it works for you go for it members of our Co-Op are consistently
      returning 850 g to 1 k of good bud per sq metre and I don't think thats to bad.
      Hope this helps. Ot1
      Oh yes I always keep two copies of every var I once lost a mum of the best thing
      I ever made and have never forgotten it!!!!!!!

Time 02:22, 25 Sep 1998
From Bongblaster

      Ok dude heres the story , i have had my house taken before under the procedes
      of crime act..i lost a house worth 230K........pretty much if your only doing a large
      crop will they try to do this....i dunno about now....but back a few yrs ago i was
      the first around to have it done to, i fought it in supreme court for 3 weeks and
      ulitmately lost..it sucks..but it is a fact taht they can go after the house if its in
      your name..ok heres what i learned from the experience...if you own your own
      house ...get a offshore holding company (costs about 2-5 K to set up) then
      transfer everything into the company name then lease the place back out to
      "whoever" on paper...this way nothing can be siezed because you dont own it
      ..the company does....a few good lawyers will set this all up for you...do it..is
      worth it if something goes wrong..besides you can use it for other tax purposes...

      this is what i learned to do to try and protect your investment in a home, cause
      lets face it if they can take it they will..they like the money...and a house is a
      good seize for them..

      as for hydro...4 lights aint to much.....i used to run 8 in a house and just pay the
      bill on time....keep in mind though hydro dudes do get a reward if they find a
      grow that leads to a bust...you might wanna try to hook your ballests up to 220
      or more if available and keep your amperage down...(i have mine runnin on 3
      phase 208 and only draw 2.5 amps)....

      hope i helped..

Time 20:49, 24 Sep 1998
From islander

      this question is for vic high or any other reputable adviser on this chat
      form!!!!!!!!ok what i want to know is 4000 watts to much power to
      run [ i am very skilled at conserving power] i keep hearing conflicting advice
            , myself i figure hydro doesnt give a fuck how much power you run as long
      as you pay your bill on time, I have also been told that where i live hydro
      will inform the rcmp of suspicious use , the way i figure it as long as you are
      consistent with your power consumption there should be know problems.. My
      house is around 2000 sq feet so i think it is a prime candidate for farely high
      usage my bill is around 175 a month is this suspicious....my
      next question is in regards to the laws on house forfiture,is it true that if
      you alter your home for a grow show you can have your home seized( what
      constitutes altering ones home) if i put up a few 2x 4 and some plastic to
      section off a room is this considered altering my home..... does it matter if
      you had no criminal record..... any advice you guys could give me would
      be very helpful...... peace and out

Time 18:01, 24 Sep 1998
From jeremy

      ot1, by main kola, i mean the main grow tip of the plant in veg.
      also, at 7 feet i dont think its much ruderalis involved.
      definately taking some backup cuttings tho

Time 14:52, 24 Sep 1998
From oldtimer1

      JeremyYou donít get colas on mums because they are on a minimum of 20
      hrs light a day and preferably continuous light. If you are giving her that much
      light timesheís got to have a lot of ruderalis in her genes. Try taking some
      clones if they regenerate ok you have backup copies and its not the ruderalis
      gene. If they root but wont regenerateits the gene and you have lost it,
      flower the mum off and start out fresh its the best I can suggest sorry. Ot1

Time 10:55, 24 Sep 1998
From VAN

      islander...ok freedom is a "seed dealer" but not a very good one....he knows
      nothing about the stuff he sells and it could be anything...like in all reality hes
      been shunned from the local group.......and it would be a good idea to go
      ANYWHEREelse... even emery would be better..my .02 cents..

Time -3:47, 24 Sep 1998
From islander

      i just sent an order out to mr freedom on the advice of a friend can any body tell
      me anything about his strains is this guy reputable what our his top
      guns...... thanx yall

Time 19:01, 22 Sep 1998
From Vic High


      I put both the skunks and sativas into flower on sept 11th. All seven skunks are
      showing female, shit! Strangely, the four sativas are not showing yet. They went
      in around 24" but are all well over 36" now, they are just rocking. The skunks
      look very similar to BB's sensi skunk #1. One of the sativas is starting to just
      explode and is really looking special with purple highlights.

      If you end up with some skunk pollen, with RC's permission I wouldn't mind
      keeping the skunk line going. It seems like a good hardy strain. Jury is still out on
      the sativa but I think it wouldn't hurt to preserve it as well.

      I too have some of that haze pollen coming my way and hope to make a limited
      supply of blue haze or hazey romulan. What do you think? They would probably
      do well in your climate.

      It's strange that blueberry took so long to start flowering outside. I figured that a
      plant with a short flowering time would finish earlier than other strains but I guess
      that was a wrong assumption.

      None of this will take care of your immediate needs, but I have a few samples of
      some of NC's strains but still haven't had a chance to grow any out. I think there
      are a few BW there.I also recently picked up some of Homegrown
      Fantaseed's WW special (I think it is a ww/afghani hybrid) that I'm really looking
      forward to growing out.

      well talk to you later, Vic

Time 09:24, 22 Sep 1998
From # 2

      vic, what's new with the peruvians from R.C.? mine are finally growing (!!!) with
      the sat. now about basketball size and just now showing some f. preflowers. the
      indi's are about 18" tall (the tallest) and but don't look very indi-like unless
      compared to the peruvian sat. which have the skinniest, longest leaves i've ever
      seen. unfortunately, i only have one sat. and the rest of the eggs aren't viable
      (cracked). what i'm getting at is...do you have any of the sat, producing pollen?
      have you harvested any yet? if so, are they worth fertilizing? i'm getting some
      haze pollen this week from a friend and thought i'd cross some of that with the
      sat. and just remembered you are also growing a few of these...also crossing
      haze with princess, j.herer, goldenburm. and NL. if you're interested in
      anything like that, drop me a line.

      btw, if you or anyone have some WW or similar pollen, i'm in desparate need
      ASAP...my line on it fell through and now i'm concerned i might lose the BW line
      as ncga doesn't make them anymore and i've passed on all my spares.

      the bb's and romberries are still in the ground getting plumper and smellier by
      the day! i figure another 2-3 weeks for them. half of nc's crop is in (stnbl, MCW
      and NC5) of which i've sampled the NC5 and stnbl...WOW!!! not heavy
      producers but i've never seen any plants that sparkled more, tasted better or
      looked better! especially the MCW, although i haven't sampled any yet (just
      picked and cleaned yesterday), they are just about one solid crystal and got
      about 1/4 g. of scissor hash off of one smallish plant. have yet to sample the BW
      from my garden but have tried some indoor grown which is why i need some WW
      pollen ASAP...it's just too good to lose!

Time 09:43, 17 Sep 1998
From Mota

Thanks BB.El Nino really changed the weather here N. Cali
and my girls are finishing 3 to 4 weeks early.Has anyone
grown Orange Bud outdoors?I have a bud the size of a two
liter bottle, never got that big indoors.

Time 09:30, 17 Sep 1998
From BB

hmm sounds like harvest time to me......:)))

Time 09:27, 17 Sep 1998
From Mota

Vic, BB, m.g. and anyone else that can help,

When do you harvest your plants?I have a skunk#1 outdoors
that has 85% brown hairs and the gland heads are still translucent,
some are amber.Should I harvest now or wait until more of
the heads turn amber?

Time 00:45, 17 Sep 1998
From BB

YUP MG i was there........but jay ..umm its usually 8 weeks flower
good yeild off it...and about a 8.7 ON MY DOPE SCALE.......and i
am also outta of it.......:>(

the sticky#3 has a pic on my site now.....nice....

Time -2:37, 17 Sep 1998
From m.g.

btw...i think bong was even with me when i bought them at HBC. he
also set me up with some of the 1st (?) sticky #3's on that trip. i
hope to head up there again this winter before the scene goes to

Time -2:29, 17 Sep 1998
From m.g.

also...i can't see it used in a scrog setup. it's one of the most brittle
plants i've ever worked with and easily bends/breaks while training...

btw, sorry for all the space.gifs in last post. i forgot....

Time -2:21, 17 Sep 1998
From m.g.

jay, i'm finishing up shishka right now in the great
outdoors.from what i can see, it's very stable, good producer
and judging from a broken branch being sampled now, also a very
buzzy plant (heavy indica-type). my guess, it will be finished in
about 2 more weeks... maybe sooner.i'll post full results real

however, i did have some probs with it indoors last winter.i'm
not really an indoor specialist though but i have been doing it for a
few years now to supplement the outside stuff and i use 1500W of
hps and mh so i'm not sure what the prob was...but personally, i'd
recommend it.i haven't seen the price lately and i bought
mine in person at HBC last january but i have no reason to think it's
changed at all as far as i know.

Time -3:55, 17 Sep 1998
From jay

bb-tell us about shiskaberry..steve is the originator but what about
the stability of the strain..? i have heard its not to stable..and what
about flower length and yield...? thanxs bb..

Time 11:17, 16 Sep 1998
From bb

just thought i would check in and say hello

Time -3:19, 16 Sep 1998
From helpful

you can log on and setup hotmail using lpwa and \u=username,
\p=password, and \@=user e-mail addy and be even more anon

Time 20:23, 15 Sep 1998
From chunk

I took the advice and setup at hotmail.
You"ve got mail check it out
peace out

Time 18:30, 15 Sep 1998
From Vic High

chunk - justice's advice to use hotmail is good. I've found it to be
very secure. It's real easy to setup and well worth it. If you email me,
I can also help you set up a proxy to make your surfing even safer.

Time 18:30, 15 Sep 1998
From Vic High

chunk - justice's advice to use hotmail is good. I've found it to be very secure. It's
real easy to setup and well worth it. If you email me, I can also help you set up a
proxy to make your surfing even safer.

time 12:20, 14 Sep 1998
from justice

hey chunk check out www.hotmail.com
i don't know exactly how secure the info is, but at least no one has to know who sent or recieved it, eh?

time 11:02, 14 Sep 1998
from chunk

Hi vic,
I have'nt had access to the internet for a while. I need to know how to get a safe e-mail to e-mail you?
see yah

time 12:20, 11 Sep 1998
from DelcampO

Hola amigos,
Baudelaire, you caused me a great deal of turmoil as an undergrad...I hope you're happy:) I think that the eggs were acquired before 1998, probably in the Fall of '97.Oh, I seem to remember August. They all looked similar upon hatching as far as most eyes can see. If I learn anything of use for others, I'll share it here.

ps -Calm waters are great, but sometimes a lot colder than slightly wavy, you know. All I can hope is that lurkers are tied up reading the Starr Report* and not watching those who like to float, swim, tread water or otherwise.

time 19:39, 10 Sep 1998
from Baudelaire

DelcampO>> Was that "time" within the year? I'd sure like to i.d. the other half of the cross.Although my eggs had distinct differences that indicated multiple crosses to me.

So nice to swim in calm waters for a change.

time 14:32, 10 Sep 1998
from Bill Clinton

pie - try mailing them in a cardboard disk mailer - they're strong enough to protect floppies in the mail. I suppose you could root one in about 1/4 of a 1" RW cube then seal up the cube w/plastic, tied around the stem, and slide into the disk mailer. Return addy from any bogus software co. should ease any suspicions. The only problem is you'd have to next or 2nd day air it (big $$$). Anybody else got a good way of mailing them?
Or good ol' Juan Valdez could make the delivery! He seems to be gettin around pretty good lately.

time 12:27, 10 Sep 1998
from jeremy

i'll definately keep in touch vic, thanks for the help

time 08:00, 10 Sep 1998
from pie

sounds like you have clones. you will love it.

just as i mentioned below...
- .25/.25/.50 soiless mix in 10" pots (3 gal)
- .50-.75 peters 202020 per gallon @ every watering with some tip burn evident. used 2 gallons each time.
- 12/12 ... a77 uses 50, i tried 53 and 56 and like the high a little better closer to 50. more sativa like.
- this info is from memory so you know it may not be exact ... seems like they were about 18" when they went into flowering and i harvested @ about 28" while using a 1k MH only!
-revegs and clones fairly easily

i do not know how i did it, but i was able to burn a fresh bud at about 45 days and it was a pure OJ taste that the finished buds did not have. At 35 days it has a Columbian Gold taste which tended to be more spicy/hashy. Maybe that a77's 50 days is about right if the max high is not a problem. sure would be nice to kong this plant. i have 3 in reveg and i will be using sensaspray to see if my yield increases. seems like i got about 160-210 grams wet per plant while still leaving about 1/3 for reveg. i will try to reveg them again just to see what happens.

we need to get our English brothers some of these cuttings! any suggestions on how ?

time 07:58, 10 Sep 1998
from DelcampO

Hols friends
Thanks for the response. If I learn anything useful about it that I can share with you, I will! Apparently, m.e. was substituting this cross for any MM cross at some point, either because his stock of others was running low, or (as I'm sure he put it) it was superior to the other crosses, and either parent, but what's new in the world of sales and marketting, right?  I like the BCG site, and hope you guys stay organized, safe and clear headed, because it makes all the difference!



time 00:00, 10 Sep 1998
from Vic High

hey jeremy, please keep in touch and let us know how you make out. Diagnosing problems without seeing the plants takes skill, one that I'm very much a rookie at.

pie, didn't know we were keeping track, haha. Actually I think I probably owe you and email as well, haha. Say can you give some details on aeric's cali-o? I keep forgetting to ask aeric and figure he must be quite busy as well. just looking for stuff such as flowering time, whether it is a hog for nutes while flowering, how much it stretches, etc.  Thanks bud. I really like the vigour of this strain. The only other plants that are in the same league as it in my garden is romberry and romulan.

DelcampO - not ignoring you, I just don't have any insite there.

mirage - email me and tell me what's up bud. hope you got it figured out by now.

time -3:13, 10 Sep 1998
from Baudelaire

DelcampO> Grew out a MM mix from m.e. this spring. Got the shortest plant I've ever seen. Eleven nodes and 13" untopped at 16 weeks. Little foot tall christmas trees. Potency was medium, bud was airy. Wouldn't grow it again other than to breed with something very potent in order to bring down height. Maybe your Chemo cross is the ticket.

I've heard MM has a good dose of ruderalis in it.  I would believe it, these things matured like clockwork, even after I put them outside in 15 hour daylight to try to bulk them up.

Good luck.

time 11:58, 9 Sep 1998
from pie

OT1>>> if you meant that it looks like i am feelings better because of my excessive posts and yaking. you are right. had hit rock bottom last week and am feeling somewhat better. thanks.
hope your vacation is going well. i envy you being on a farm and all!

Vic>> i owe you an e-mail my friend!

Jeremy>> hope i did not confuse you. i was just throwing stuff out there in the hopes it would help you. BTW, for comparison sakes, my fert is 202020.

time 10:22, 9 Sep 1998
from GGreen

I had the same type of thing but maybe a bit wilder of a mutant.  A sprout I gave a friend was normal until the third node then bamm! By itself it split 3 ways with the center stalk still being the most dominant but also changing to 3 sets of fan leaves per node all the way up(only the center)  Unfortunately though it was sacrificed because it had balls.  In retrospect it would have been cool to cross it with something and see if this trait would be breedable or just some natural fluke.  It did outgrow everything else in the garden but maybe that was because of being male.  Who knows?

time 07:08, 9 Sep 1998
from DelcampO

hi again,
sorry i forgot to mention the _name_ of the variety...i guess that would make it easier to solicit comments! :)  I was referring to MightyMite x Chemo.  If anyone has grown or otherwise experienced a plant that goes by this name, could you please post some results.  I understand that it is a BC variety, expecially MM, which has its own unique characteristics.  any help is appreciated.



time 04:13, 9 Sep 1998

OT1 >> Thanks for the info ..

Vic >> Problems still haunting me ..clone central is in dire need of help.

time 02:35, 9 Sep 1998
from oldtimer1

pie you must have some good puff by you you have a really nice attack of the verbals how are you you sound in good form. I agree about watering it takes .75 to 1 litre to soak my 4 litre pots from dry with my soil mix.

Vic the meadows here are dotted purple with autumn crocus all the animals were born here and never touch them but they have trouble if they buy in any new stock and have lost the odd one to the crocuses until they learn. Every other farm around here has eradicated them, this one is registered organic and never had any chemicals used on it in living memory I think its brill that places like this survive.

Jeremy I keep 24 mums under a 2 ft by 4 ft 4 tube layin unit total 160 w. Each mum is in a 1 litre square pot and trimmed like a hedge or bonsai each mum produces 20 to 50 cuttings a month. The oldest mum is now 15 years old without recloning they get one full strength feed a month and water the rest of the time and foliar fed once a week with the mix I gave below. So it just goes to show the diversity in methods of keeping plants and as long as it works for you go for it but do experiment!

There you go pie you have me at it as well now or is it this haze cross???

time -3:02, 9 Sep 1998
from Vic High

#2 - did I forget to email a thanks bud? Sorry, thanks, the music arrived safe and sound. So did your CD, OT. Thanks guys, they are in the fridge waiting their turn.

Ot1,  thanks for pointing out about testing the pH first, it sounds like I was jumping the gun.  I use a similar medium and have found that the pH drops over time and with a 32 gal container, just assumed this would be happening here too.

#2 - MJ needs more calcium and magnesium than most plants and are often the nutrients that first become deficient. Epsom salts supply the mg and dolomite supplies the calcium. By adding these two additives, you are basically taking care of the three most common nutrient problem with growing MJ indoors. It's hard to overdo dolomite lime with negative effects but overdoing epsom salts has been reported to put the plants to sleep.

jeremy - I fully agree with the other posts that mention watering until water pours out the bottom. that is important for making sure that excess nutes get washed out and that the nutrient balance in the soil remains healthy.

If I missed anything, I'm sorry, it was a long day and I'm hitting the hay.

oh yeah, babbs, you are asking alot of questions that I've also asked. There are mostly just guesses for most of them. Colchicine is an extract from the fall crocus that blocks cell division, thus creating polyploids. Blueberry is a fast maturer but it wasn't until the mothers were 6 months old that I was able to get a good indication of it's true value. It was a disapointment up until then.

time 19:17, 8 Sep 1998
from jeremy

thanks pie, i'll keep you posted

time 15:45, 8 Sep 1998
from pie

i'll bet that the roots at the bottom of your container are never seeing any water. when i was using 5 gallon pails, i drilled holes in the side of the pail at the half way point and near the bottom so i could get my moisture prob in to the soil mix and determin how wet i was getting it. i am currently using soiless with a .25/.25/.50 mix of pearlite, vermiculite and promix.  i do not want to water everyday but i do not want a mix that holds too much water.

i would increase the amount of water and decrease the amount of ferts per gallon. not being familar with what you are using, i would hate to steer you wrong.

with my mix i hold about . 8 gallons per 3 gallons so if you apply the same ratio .8 to 3 = 8.5 gallons to 32. there again i am not familar with your mix, but i would think that 5 gallons @ .5 teaspoon would not hurt anything ... i hope.

it may have taken a year for roots to reach the bottom of your container, so you would not have had or noticed a problem until now.

even with wetting agents and the over watering  i still get dry spots in my soil which my affect a particular part of the plant ie one branch may yellow and no others. to get over this problem, i kick  the hell out of my pot in order to break up the compacted soil and give the roots some breathing room. actually, with 3 gallon pots, i just flex the pot 'all the way around' starting at the bottom and working my way up. with a 32 gallon monster you well may have to kick the pot to break up the soil from time to time. i know others who have done the same thing.

once again, you may have to do some things a little different then anyone else because your grow is unique to YOU!

for sure make a few holes at the bottom of your pot to see if you are getting those roots wet with fert solution.  i would want to see runoff all the way around my pot to ensure that i am getting the lower roots wet!

hope i helped.

once you fix your baby, send me a couple of bows fors evaluation. hehehehe

justice ... i read sly's posts and he has good points about wet dry cycle. when i water twice per week, i experience a light pot. i no longer use a probe as i can tell that i need watering if the leaves droop and the pots are 'light'. could be that your soil has poor drainage and stays moist.

time 15:37, 8 Sep 1998
from jeremy

so what are you saying pie?

time 15:31, 8 Sep 1998
from pie

jeremy, i give my plants 2 gal @ .5 tsp fert per gallon twice a week and some can take as much as .75 tsp per gallon.
i purposely over water and allow for about about 1.2 gallons runoff so it is kinda like flushing the salt buildup every time i water. i add .25 tsp per gallon epsom salts twice a month.

kicker .....

i am using 3 gallon pots NOT #32 gallon!

time 14:29, 8 Sep 1998
from jeremy

thanks vic and ot1, i checked the ph of my mother today. it's neutral.
is it possible that i just havent been giving it enough nutrients? i've been feeding her Earth Juice 'Grow' but damn man, it's in 32 gallons of Sunshine Mix#1. like i said before, i can put in 2 gallons of water (with 2 Tspns of EJ) EVERY day and there is NEVER any runoff. is it possible that this big bitch aint getting enough N-P-K?????????????????????????????????????

time 13:24, 8 Sep 1998
from # 2

vic, i hear the tape arrived. the "mix" is not what you were probably told...not from that "mix". email me....i'll fill you in. nothing shabby was sent.

time 12:06, 8 Sep 1998
from babbs

i'm wondering how blueberry got it's taste and smell? I heard crushed berries mixed in with the medium,for generations. What is the chlorochide stuff that blueberry is treated with?what does it do? How fast can blueberry grow. I'm very interested in this strain so all information about history and more would be really appreciated.
nice sight at bcga

time 09:50, 8 Sep 1998
from toker2

#2,whitney farms is a premium mix thats already got what it needs.

justice,epsom salts are a quick fix for a magnesium deficiency

time 09:15, 8 Sep 1998
from oldtimer1

Oh yes Hi Vic hows it going? its looking much better here. All the best Ot1

time 09:12, 8 Sep 1998
from oldtimer1

Don't mess with your soil by adding lime until you have checked its Ph it should be 6 to 6.8 Take a core of soil with a piece of thin walled pipe from the top to the bottom of the pot and mix in a bowl then :-
To check soil Ph :- use a calibrated flask, to 200ml distilled water add soil till flask reads 300ml  then mix or shake for about 1 min leave to settle for 2 hrs then read Ph with pen.

For checking potting compost made with any amount of peat or coir in, use 150 ml of distilled water and add compost to 250ml  then  repeat as previously.

I have to say It sounds like you are over fertilising to me, if this is the case the soil will be well below  Ph 6 if this is the case the soil should be flushed with plenty of water to clear the salts from the soil then a couple of spoons of dolomite lime watered in.
For the immediate heath of the plant spray  with 20 ml Maxicrop 1ml hydrogen peroxide, 10 ml epsom salts and 5ml EJ grow to 1 litre water just after your lights go off.

You should also take a few cuttings in case your mum is on its way out like as a back up if you know what I mean!

Justice, No 2 and all.  Epson  salts get locked up in soil very quickly reacting with any free lime so it is best used as a foliar feed. Dolomite lime has both lime and also a lot of magnesium. All plants use a lot of magnesium when flowering and fruiting and a deficiency at this time will reduce crop weight. Most commercial potting composts use dolomite lime in their mixes as it is long lasting and tends to keep the Ph stable. Peat and Co Co fibre composts tend to go acid more rapidly than soil based ones so it pays to add  dolomite lime to these before using with plants that like a lot of Mg when flowering. Garden lime should not be used except in an emergency as it is so easy to over do it where as Dolomite lime is difficult to over do and will never take the Ph over 7.
If you have it your side of the pond calcified seaweed is even better having a similar Cl to Mg balance but in addition 50 odd trace elements!
Hope this is of use. Ot1.

time 08:44, 8 Sep 1998
from DelcampO

Hola folks,
I'm curious about all aspects of this variety, which was (and may still be) sold by Hemp BC. I'd love any observations based on experience.



time 01:48, 8 Sep 1998
from justice

Jusst out of curiosity, what is the epsom salt's effect on the soil or the roots?

hey i wanted to tell you guys about my plant Storm. She's some kind of kush, real young, too. but damnit she is beautiful. the reason i call her storm is because she was born with three cotyledons and a set of three 'first' leaves to match. the second set of 'true' leaves is also a set of three. that's all she's got right now but i'm watchin her closely. oh yeah and she's a mutant just like Storm from the X-men.
Vic i thought you might have some insight into the possibilities that lie within this genetic deviant, being a bio buddy and all. i was curious if this one genetic 'flaw' would be an isolated trait or would the 'flaw possibly streak throughout more of the plant's genetic codes. like what does it all mean, anyway??? mutants, man, mutants!

anyway i'm outta here but hey, GG, if you come back to read this man, you ought to hang out here more often, you would really dig it.


time -3:47, 8 Sep 1998
from # 2

hey vic and everyone...

am i missing something with the lime? i use "whitney farms" premium potting soil mixed with their cactus mix at 2:1 and have never used lime or anything beyond the fert mixes at half strength every other week. i read quite often of other soil growers adding epsom salts and lime to adjust their soil but it still puzzles me as to why the need? i have about half the crop in the ground and the other half in 5 gal (min.) pots and both are doing well. i did use some micro-nutes this season because of a friends insistance but i notice no difference from years past of not using anything beyond the standard ferts.
i have read up on the uses of lime and epsom salts but thought of it as a way to treat problem soil and not to used in a general manner...it just makes me wonder if this is why it seems so many people are having trouble right now when harvests are drawing near. am i thinking correctly here? also i thought one of the two were not to be used during flowering...i forget which one and my books are loaned out right now. something about it decreasing potency...

oh well, i'm buzzin' and wanted to post somewhere about this and seemed like it would fit right in here! thanks for the finger exercise...talk back to ya soon!

btw...Vic, cassettes yet?

time -3:08, 8 Sep 1998
from Vic High

jeremy - hydrated lime is rapid lime and it will work but like I said before, be careful and don't overdo it.

GG - My experience has been that plants start responding within a couple of days when they are fed epsom salts.

time 18:55, 7 Sep 1998
from Jeremy

thanks Vic. I have some Hydrated Lime, will that work? is it the same as dolomite lime? thanks alot

time 17:11, 7 Sep 1998

I was just surfin' through and wanted to say hello.  BTW I was interested in the last post. How quickly does the plant absorb the Mg from the epsoms?  Does it leach from the soil quickly after a few waterings since it's so soluble?
Thanks Vic,

time 16:27, 7 Sep 1998
from Vic High

jeremy - I didn't see you mention anything about lime in your soil. As the organics (sunshine mix, guano, earth juice) breakdown, they release acids. If there is no pH buffer in the soil like dolomite lime, then your soil will become acidic and create the symptoms you describe. You could slowly solve this by mixing about a 3/4 cup dolomite lime into the soil surface. Then add 1/2 teaspoon of epsom salts per gal of water and water into the soil. If you are concerned about overwatering, add 1/2 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide per gal of water.  If you want to change the pH quicker, then you could also use rapid lime but be careful, as this stuff can burn the roots if overdone.

time 14:14, 7 Sep 1998
from jeremy

i have a mother (mango) that looks like hell. yellowing and necrotc leaves. she looks like she isnt getting enough light, but i know she is. she is under TWO lights cuz she's so HUGE! a 1,000 watt MH and a 400 watt MH. i have her in a plastic trash can. it's not 55 gallons, but the next size down. she is in it by herself and is about 6 feet tall and not even a year old. i feed her Earth Juice Grow and just added 2 cups of bat guano, High 'N'. could she possibly be 'N' deficient? is it cuz the container is so big? oh yeah, i use Sunshine Mix #1. please help me give life to my big momma, she deserves to be big AND beautiful.
thanks to all

time 15:51, 5 Sep 1998
from Vic High

Justice - your back again? That sonagro 430w is just a fancy HPS so will fit in a regular 400w HPS ballast.

The only mostly sativas I'm currently growing is Mr Souls .75Princess and some Peruvian sativa from that I'm testing for Richard at Heavan's Stairway. I'm also growing out some Dutch Passion durban poison that is said to be 100% sativa but it looks to be more indica than anything.

time 14:04, 5 Sep 1998
from justice

hi all good to see things are still kickin'
to all the new fellas (and ladies) welcome aboard you can look forward to checkin out some quality info at this site any question no matter how complicated or trivial can be answered by all the fine growers hanging out here. for example, my question is thus:
can i get a son argo bulb to phit in my trusty old 400w hps? that would save me the time, trouble and money of going and buying a new ballast.
vic- just curious but what sativas are you growing?

time 09:17, 4 Sep 1998
from toker2

no problem on the packing worked fine. styrofoam ceiling tiles would be cheap and readily available sources of foamboard.i realized that when looking at your package

time 08:20, 4 Sep 1998
from vic high

toker- yep, I got the message but forgot to reply. Thanks for the message and hope they crank your world, haha. packaging ok? so far i've had 100% sucess with it. Oldtimer has definately sent me the best "Stealth" packaging to date though.

To all people mailing to Canada, don't use cardboard. Our heavy rollers will still crush your seeds. Sign board is much better and comes as a corrugated plastic (plastic cardboard) or foamboard. During elections we have lots of it on the sides of the roads here :)

time -3:45, 4 Sep 1998
from toker2

vic don't know if you seen my other post but thanks buddy,eggs are fine

time -3:38, 4 Sep 1998
from Vic High

islander - if you are from the lower island, the discount will depend on the product. Their markup on lights is very tight so very small markup here.  Other things such as light movers, rockwool, CO2 gens will have more room to play with.

time 11:45, 3 Sep 1998
from islander

how do i become a member of this fine organization....  one quick question    how much of a discount should i expect at my local grow  store  ...   i have spent some serious coin there

Time 18:41, 2 Sep 1998
from Vic High

email vic_high@hotmail.com

hey islander, how about emailing me so we can continue in private. My email is above. Glad you dropped by.

Say anyone heard of the strain Homegrown Fantasy, a special white widow? I have some on the way and curious what to expect.

Well, my peruvian genes are starting to take off (thanks RC). I germinated them some time ago but due to space limitations I held them in the seedling tray for over a month. They are now in 2 gal pots in the super soil mix w/ worm castings. The skunks are keeping pace with the romberry controls while the sativas have fallen a little behind They have been topped and are about 18" but already have changed to alternate growth. I'll flower within a week I guess.

Time 15:44, 2 Sep 1998
from islander

this is my first visit to your wonderful site. is it possible for me to become a membere of your organization.i am a recent college graduate who is very intrigued with the industry. in the last few months i have started to see nice results with my semi commercial grow[ with the help of a close friend] i am very dedicated to the cause and wish to brooden my knowledge   thanks

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