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Time 16:24, 15 Oct 1998

                   lest make a secret site for us...some shit we dont want to post about were
      ANYONE can come read....lets make a site that only people we check on and like can
      enter......its not fully safe...but it would be safer than here
      at leats they would have to make friends with us and prove themselves before we allowed
      them into our spot.....i mean nothing is 100% but hey..we spend all day talking about
      improving our growing skills...why dont we spend a little more time protecting
      ourselves..our friends..and our investments...ya dig?

Time 18:10, 14 Oct 1998
From crane

      Hi Vic, and everyone else, I got back from my vacation just in time for 3 thanksgiving
      dinners... excellent luck! We came back earlier than planned, but I had a great time. Now
      to get my hands back in the dirt.

      Has anyone seen lothar around lately? If you see this L, there's an annoying little plea in
      your mail box ;-)

      OT1>> Thanks again for the info on Bio Bizz, now that I'm back I will be looking into
      that. I got the impression that you thought I'd have better luck waiting for them to start
      selling it in north america on their own, but it can't hurt to try right?

      Square pots >> If you don't find any, you could try this... I only tried it on one pot, but it
      worked okay. It won't increase the volume of the pot, but it'll let you fit more pots in the
      same area. I guess you could use bigger pots, which would give you more volume but
      the same number of plants:

      Take a regular round plastic pot and heat it in the oven till it gets nice and flexible then
      form it yourself into a square. Building a small jig/form out of plywood would probably
      help here as you have to hold it that way till it cools. I just squished the one I did between
      some bricks.

      I know it's a cheapo solution, but if you've already got the round pots, why not?

      Good luck guys.

Time 17:39, 14 Oct 1998
From jeremy

      nice link spliff, they seem to have it all.
      ot1, i dont know where to order square buckets from. fortuneately for me i get them
      locally from a guy who sells buckets (i'm serious).
      but now that i think about it, the buckets are used for strawberries cuz they are
      sometimes stained still and labelled on occasion as being strawberries. so if you check
      out some fruit vendors for bulk or something maybe you can find em. good luck

Time 13:00, 14 Oct 1998

      you mean thats not genetic but is a curing trick.....do you know how they cure to get
      that smell

Time 11:25, 14 Oct 1998
From stix

      Eric>>"breeding for taste and smell
                  the only way im going to be able to do this is to grow it to maturity and
      keep records of which plant
                  is more fragrant right???????
                  that means smelling the leaves as the plant grows....then take clones from
      each one throughout the
                  year and flower and test...and eliminate anything that isnt fragrant
                  so im going to have to pick the most fragrant male too.....
                  sssssssssshit.....i need a football field to do this man.....
                  any ideas will be appreciated"
      stix replies- hehehe, thats why id rather buy the seeds and why I respect the successful
      breeders so much!! It aint as simple as it first sounds! And its also why a good seed
      should cost so much money, it takes time, space and work! Eric i got some of that choc.
      thai bout ten years ago. When grown out, it wasnt choc but what a plant! Branches grew
      upwards instead of horizontal, got so heavy with bud the weight would split them from
      the stem. Grew a lime-green color, potent, potent and potent. Smell reminded me of cat
      piss more than anything. I dont know if I would cross it with anything if its same as I
      had and you're gonna grow outdoors, I dont know if it could be improved that much, it
      was my alltime favorite outdoor variety. I would test the viability of the seed you have,
      cause the curing process that make it "chocalate" can sometimes kill the seeds. Try a
      couple to see if they germ before too much time goes by.
      Vic>>Read with intrest a comment you made on another board bout Dutch Genetics. As
      a long-time friend of Dutch varieties, I didnt order any for bout 7-8 years, started
      ordering again bout 1and a half years ago, mostly old varieties I'd tried in past and liked.
      What Im finding is the strains appear to be "tired" or something. The hybrids just dont
      have the vigor and "zing" they did 10 years ago. Could this be that after so long they're
      getting so many common genes? Or are the strains just running out or am I just getting
      old. Whats your opinion? Im in the process of finishing up on latest batch of orders and
      am going to try some of yours, Ncga, and Bros Grimm products to compare in coming

Time 07:01, 14 Oct 1998
From Spliff

      ERIC.. If the original mom is closest to what you want you should take pollen from the
      first seed batch and repollinate the original mom. After 3 or 4 seed crops from the same
      mom, most plants will be nearly identical to the original.The process is called
      cubing. You can ask Mr. Soul for more info on the general indoor forum at LM.

Time 06:58, 14 Oct 1998
From Spliff

      ot1... Don't know about order from the states but here is a place with containers you
      may be interested in.


Time 06:51, 14 Oct 1998

      ok..once i find the perfect most fragrant mother and father....i will take clones from
      each.....save those clones..properly marked and tagged..then
      get as much pollen saved as possable
      and then pollente the shit out of the mother....take all the seeds...and then what do it
      again..or do i cross the resulting best female with the pollen from dad.....or vise
      versa...best resulting male ...pollente with clone from mom....

      i want to stabalize the strain of the the most fragrant chocalate before i cross.....
      so tell me guys what would you do if you were me

Time 05:34, 14 Oct 1998

      ITS GONE!!!!!!!!!
      no more tia......all gone...and there is no more coming either...got hooked up last
      night...not tia.....not half as good.....its more harsh....
      but i have about three hundred seeds....so i have got to be careful.....ok
      guys...now....what i want to do is keep this strain as close as possable to what it is
      now,,,,which means...im going to HAVE TO breed for taste and smell....
      thats the only two traits i HAVE to keep
      now sure potencey would be great....but i think it was potent enuff to even if i lose some
      potency it will be ok..as long as i keep the taste and smell....once i stabalize it i will make
      a good cross or
      2 or 3 and then we got a product.....
      breeding for taste and smell
      the only way im going to be able to do this is to grow it to maturity and keep records of
      which plant is more fragrant right???????
      that means smelling the leaves as the plant grows....then take clones from each one
      throughout the year and flower and test...and eliminate anything that isnt fragrant
      so im going to have to pick the most fragrant male too.....
      sssssssssshit.....i need a football field to do this man.....
      any ideas will be appreciated

Time 00:11, 14 Oct 1998
From oldtimer1

      Jeremy Iím looking for square pots 7 x 7 x 9.5 inches high if you point me in the
      direction of a manufacturer or retail out letI would be most interested.
      Thiswould give me the best soil to space ratio at 2.4 plants per sq ft my ideal
      spacing. There is a company in the uk that uses this type to market roses but had
      them manufactured holds a patenton the mould and design. My Co-op needs 300
      of them and Iím blowed if I'm going buy enough roses to plant a 1/4 of an acre. All the
      best Ot1.

Time 16:56, 13 Oct 1998
From jeremy

      thanks eric and ot1, i'll take both of your advice and let you know how it works out.
      ot1, yes i use 3 1k lights on a 6' Suntrac w/ 10' parallel bar.
      i'll let ya know how much i end up with. this is my first harvest with these bigger
      buckets. i was using 6" squares and averaging a little over 50 grams per sq. ft.

Time 01:44, 13 Oct 1998
From oldtimer1

      dognuts That doesn't rate at all in history class here but I have seen something in in an
      Addams family movie. It makes more since now. We brits go to America get chucked
      out later then don't talk about it typical!
      Looked at wall-marts web site and couldn't find a garden section so don't know what
      they are like.
      The main thing Is that your tank can hold enough to water all the plants in one go. That
      the main feed pipes are big enough to get the water to all your small pipes to pot at the
      same time in your case 3/4 inch should do then tee off to each pot in 1/8 inch. Last but
      most importantrather than drippers or woodpeckers you need flood pins/stakes.
      They are a spike that you push into the soil with a small cage at soil level it has an input
      nipple with a bore of just over 1/16 of an inch and its virtually impossible to block. when
      you turn the water on it floods out of the cage watering without disturbing the soil. We
      have tried conventional drippers, adjustable and woodpecker drippers and come to that
      seep hose with organic nuteís they block and as you know trying to unblock a dripper in
      the middle of 3 or 4 ft plants 2 or 3 ft in means ripping the whole thing apart and not
      recommended. The only other thing I would say that when feeding mix your fertís fresh
      strain through some old tights so there are no lumps put into your tank stir and let it
      down straight away.
      Hope this helps. Ot1.
      I assume you are using a min of 3 k of lighting for this area that should be producing a
      minimum of 3 k of top bud and with good cultivation nearly double! Thats a lot of bud!!!

Time 17:47, 12 Oct 1998
From toker2


Time 17:11, 12 Oct 1998

      its in the gardening section...very simple and cheap...i am incorporating it....like i said if
      you use a little brain you can make it work in any application

Time 16:40, 12 Oct 1998
From dognuts

      eric, whats the name of it? what section of walmart is it in?
      ot1, 10" X 10", 8 rows=80" or 6.6.feet
      11 rows=110" or 9.6 feet
      Thanksgiving? are you pulling my leg? its a holiday that was designed to honor the
      pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock and the "Indians" who helped and taught them to
      live in the wilderness. Whatever it is for, people make some HUGE meals to celebrate it
      and i like to get nice and stoked while waiting for the food to be done.
      BTW, approximately 20 yrs after the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, they massacred
      the Pequot "indians".

Time 13:05, 12 Oct 1998

      I dont know Olt1
      i was in there yesterday and looking at their set ups...they are very simple...

Time 11:15, 12 Oct 1998
From oldtimer1

      ERIC does walmart have a url ??

      dognuts 8 across 6.5ft makes the pots 9,75 inches and 11 pots in 9 ft makes the pots just
      over 8 inches if they are are 16 inches deep they still hold about 20 litres each or
      according to t2, 5 of your gallons. Question are you pulling my chain!I can not
      explain in much more detail than I have I could take photos but would have to send or
      post them.Ot1
      By the way what is thanksgiving?

Time 09:50, 12 Oct 1998

      walmart has a kit that would work for you.....it has everything...but you will need more
      tubing.....will that not work for you....it is designed to water 25 plants...the timer has a
      custom programming data base...very easy to use....and it cost $25.00
      timer is $40.00
      and it works very well

Time 20:35, 11 Oct 1998
From dognuts

      ot1, i cant really picture the setup exactly.
      i also dont think my buckets hold 25 litres either. maybe 10-12 litres.
      the buckets use a 9'X6.5' area. 8 rows of 11buckets. i want to automate the feeding
      using organic ferts and need some ideas.

Time 15:32, 11 Oct 1998
From west coast

      vic highcan you give me youre opinion on pacific north west garden supply. peace
      and out

Time 15:22, 11 Oct 1998
From toker2

      ot1 for all intents and purposes a litre = a quart,and 4 quarts= a gallon,i have been
      thinking about a gravity system as well only i dilute feed with every watering.occasionally
      i use plain water to flush.i guess what you call flood pins we would call drip emitters.i'm
      thinking of using 1/4" soaker hose in a circle around the pot instead of the drip emitters to
      get better coverage.i have a 5 gallon plastic can with a lid threaded for 1" pipe to use as
      the reservoir

Time 12:45, 11 Oct 1998
From jeremy

      just thought i'd let all who helped know that my momma that was giving me all the
      problems is dead R.I.P.
      i was trying to slide her out of the pot to get a look at her roots cuz she was still looking
      haggard. anyway, i inadvertently uprooted the entire plant!! she was being held in place
      by the strand of a single root. she was only using as much dirt as a small styrofoam cup
      can hold. NO WONDER SHE LOOKED LIKE SHIT! (you were right kane) imagine a 7ft
      plant in a strofoam cup and that is what she looked like evn though she was in a 32 gallon
      oh well, i have 75 cuttings i took from her and will replace her with the BEST two and
      force the rest. thanks to all for your time and efforts. this has been a very traumatic
      experience to say the least.

Time 06:44, 11 Oct 1998
From oldtimer1

      dognuts thats about 25.5 litres a potis this right? I live in the UK and don't
      understand your gallons as they are different to ours. So I'll tell you what I use and do,
      then you should be able to take any bits you want and adapt them to your methods of
      growing ok!!
      I use an organic soil / peatbased system. The pots are 4 litre 7.25 inch d x 8.5 ě h
      and are 6 rows of 13 per 8 ft x 4 ft with 2 k of light. This means there are 78 plants per
      32 sq ft ie 2.4 plants to the sq ft. There is a 20 mm feed pipe across the 4 ft end and
      three 15 mm runs between the pots down the 8 ft length and joined at the ends. The pot
      feeder pipes are teed off the 15 mm pipe where each pair of pots meet they are 4 mm not
      6 mm and have a 3 mm bore and plug strait into each flood pin. The pots are set on a
      dead level capillary matting bed so share any run through. This system will be
      commissioned In January, the prototype system was done on a 5í x 4í same spacings
      but using 1 k of light. In the first three weeks each pot needed 3/4 of a litre each every 3
      days. from the middle to the end of budding they needed 1 litre ea every 3 days so the
      tank was set to fill to 36 litres and then 48 litres. Yields over a couple of grows are
      averaging about 93 grams per sq ft. We met a couple of problems, the water in our area
      is very hard full of bicarbonates and who knows what else, we use sat heavy varís so are
      on 9 to 12 w on 12 hrs and have had probs with toxic saltbuild up. This requires
      moving pots and flushing through [not a good idea when they are rooted into the matting]
      so the new rooms water is being fed through an RO unit to deal with this. This should
      give you all the info you need to design a system. I will have a lot more info come April
      next year and maybe you will have some feed back to input for us all as well.
      All the best Ot1

Time 15:50, 10 Oct 1998
From dognuts

      ot1, i use square buckets 10"X10"X16"
      can i use this setup on about 100 of these in soil?

Time 15:48, 10 Oct 1998
From dognuts

      ot1, i'm interested in what you described. i'd like to try it too.
      will you help me get started. just tell me what to do and i'll make it happen.

Time 14:44, 10 Oct 1998
From oldtimer1

      Hi Iím in the process of putting a gravity system together it has a 100 litre heading tank.
      A slide adjustable ball valve to adjust max fill amount. A gardena programmable water
      valve. 20 mm down feedbranched to 15 mm runs between pot runs 6 mm feeder
      pipes to netafim flood pins rated at 4 litres per hr. Iíve seen this system working at a 5 ft
      tank head dead reliable and no pump to worry about. Liquid organic feed is added to the
      tank every other water manually.
      Hope this helps Ot1.

Time 13:44, 10 Oct 1998
From dognuts

      im only interested in indoor.
      i am familiar with timers eric, thanks.
      i want to know a system or setup idea for doing it though.
      like maybe a 55 gallondrum with submersible pump (Rio 2100??) and woodpecker
      drip emitters for each container.
      i dont want to use a big tray or table. i want my individual containers of soil!
      is it possible??
      feedback please

Time 12:04, 10 Oct 1998

                   what is the most potent strain you have
      and i think i will be ordering your blueberry and romberry from richard

Time 08:23, 10 Oct 1998

      dognuts>>>>are you talking about indoors or outdoors?????
      indoors you can buy and automatic timer at wal mart (or almost anyplace like it) for
      abouyt $40.00 you can use it outdoors in your back yard.....
      but outdoors guerilla gardening...its to risky to leave a water hose.
      you can build resavoirs to hold water..but i havent seen or used anything that would
      automate it......
      if you have a few handy man skills..you can probably rig that timer into an automatic
      watering devise.....the resevore would have to be big enuff to give enuff pressure

      hayseed int>>>> how do you guys keep up with me...yes my nuts are warm....your
      girlfriend has them in her mouth most of the time..so id say YES they stay
      very,,,,very.....VERY warm inside there

      anon>>>>i was fronted 5 from the ten..the other 5 was fronted to a friend
      close friends..gre up together..not just anybody,ya know?
      actually i would say this..i tell you guys more about whats up than anyone around
      me....matter of fact..i discuss growing with you more than growers iv knone for
      years..helped them in their patchs they have helped me...weird huh?

Time 07:27, 10 Oct 1998
From dognuts

      does anyone know a good way to automate the feeding of plants in soil? could a 32 or 55
      gallom drum be used as a resovoir to conserve space?
      all ideas welcome

Time -3:39, 10 Oct 1998
From anon

      eric.... glad you're not broke. your connect fronted you a ten pound brick of exotic???
      sounds like the scene there is way cooler than it is around here.

Time 19:02, 9 Oct 1998
From hayseed intl

      howze our oaf doin'?
      ya keepin yer nuts warm ERIC?

Time 13:27, 9 Oct 1998
From eric

      besides..th brick was fronted anyway

Time 13:18, 9 Oct 1998

      man..im not broke..and i wouldnt have let someone send me seeds if it was because they
      thought i was broke.....i was just coming onto the board in good spirit.....im not broke at
      most of the time im straight up....but im full of shit the other times..if you are ever in
      doubt...im an honest guy..i will tell you straight up how it is,,,

Time 09:44, 9 Oct 1998
From anon

      eric... sometimes you confuse me. wasn't it just last week when you were claiming to be
      too poor to buy seeds. now you've got a big brick of exotic from thailand. how'd you
      manage to score the exotic.... rob a bank??? [laughing]

Time 08:21, 9 Oct 1998

      well guys,
                   i thank all of you...im saving them
      until i have the knowledge and room to do what needs to be done..but im telling you
      guys....i rolled a pinner last night
      this shit is just fucking good....it has leaf in it but it isnt too. harsh..i can only imagine
      what it will taste like when i take care of her and cure and dry her correctly and
      perfectly.....i did a long taste test on it last night...it smells just like fucking chocalate
      or rootbeer maybe....this is a keeper..
      i will be consintrating on it if it is actually a genetic trait and not a curing trick.......when i
      bought the brick ..everyone had already told me about the high and smell...i had joked
      with them and told them some mexican sat around all day spitin tabacco juice on it after it
      cured to give it weight and taste....but we will know for sure in about 8-9 months.....then
      we will see..
      oh yeah.....MARC EMERYS SWEET LEAF SUCKS......BUT..i have it right next to
      MARC EMERY'S flo...and im impressed with flo..no smoke yet..its just that hefer
      never even wilted in cloning(all but 2 sweet leaf died)...flo is taking my heat..and my cold
      ......i watered her with ice water last week...not so much as a fucking leaf dropped...this
      is a keeper if its stoney

Time 05:38, 9 Oct 1998
From oldtimer1

      I have grown high mountain Thai and it is very difficult to grow. We used to get loads of
      it at one time, the stuff that comes in now is lowland commercial crap probably from
      Cambodia. Never seen a chocolate Thai, a lot of skunks have been taken to Thailand its
      probably a hybrid of some sort, it sounds like it came from a mixed bag. If you want to
      preserve a specific female that has a characteristic that you like either mum it up and
      keep her to make cuttings from. Or if you want to make a pure breeding strain you will
      still have to keep a mum and then cube itthis will take 4 to 5 generations.I have to
      tell you breeding for smell and taste is difficult. even IBLís like blueberry have variable
      smells and taste.
      hope this helps Ot1

Time 02:04, 9 Oct 1998
From Niles

      Honu, its hard to feel sorry for you man.Many others got ripped off and you were
      one of the ones defending Weedseed as on the up and up and that those "complainers"
      (just like you btw) should be ignored.So you may well have gotten some other
      sucker to buy from Mike because of your defense of Weedseed.I guess what
      comes around goes around.

Time -1:22, 9 Oct 1998
From Vic High

      now there are some good ideas there pie. Plus maybe the brick had chocolate tai and then
      filler weed. I've known more than one grower to mix killer weed with other weed extend
      the batch.

      Eric - you want to trade pollen for seeds? I gotsa da lotsa da pollen, haha.

      Also, if you want, I could make sure that chocolate tai keeps it's punch for you, haha.
      Just send it my way.Actually seriously, Pie's advice of reading clarke is a great
      place to start. Picking the right parents to maintain a strain is a bit of an art though. It
      takes more than just picking the best looking parents. Sometimes, the healthiest plants
      would be ones of lower potency so by selecting them, you would be selecting for the
      wild type (and not the more potent domestic type).

      Good luck, you should have fun with this one. A weed that takes care of the munchies -
      so cool!

Time -2:26, 9 Oct 1998
From pie

      eric, this may be a guess on my part but seems like seeds react to heat by getting bigger .
      so maybe the big seeds came from the buds at the top of the plant and got smaller as you
      went to the bottom or maybe the brick had plants grown on different parts of the slope
      and some were exposed to higher temperatures.

      the color difference i would attribute to the black garbage bag effect. take a black
      garbage back and stretch it. it gets lighter and turns kinda grey. the film on seeds can be
      scraped offand some time you will see these little bits of seed film in your rolling

      then again maybe i am full of it!

Time 18:58, 8 Oct 1998

      I'm posting this open letter to weedseed at places like this on the net, hope it does not
      violate the rules here.
      Mike and Brenda:
      Thats it, I give up. I'm sick of giving you the benefit of the doubt. I ordered Shiva Shanti
      seeds on JULY 17, you told me you've sent it 4 times, I gotten no seeds, no customs
      letters, and now no response to my emails. Heres how stupid I am: I actually felt
      GUILTY when you lied to me and said you were re-shipping my order! I didn't want you
      people to be out any money! What an idiot I was! You must have had a good laugh then
      eh? Dumb HONU doesn't even know when he is being ripped off...

      And what makes it evil, what makes my stomach hurt, is that Mike posts like he is this
      100% honest, decent man just trying to make a living and sell seeds. Mike, you are a liar
      and a con man... and a thief. HOW DARE YOU pretend otherwise! Looking back at your
      emails, I dont think there is a grain of truth in any of them. Thats what really hurts. I
      believed the bullshit i read over at cannabis.com, I wanted nothing but to become a loyal
      customer, and you took my money and never looked back.

      I was angry at Bongblaster for the way he ran you off the seeds board, but you are
      worse. at least BB acknowledges being a ruthless prick. But he never ripped people off!
      You hide behind your "morals and principles" like a coward. You play games with
      people's minds. That, to me, is evil.

      So what happens now? Well, I have decided I'll never see the seeds or the money again, I
      am not going to play Mike's game of 'he who complains loudest gets seeds'like Mike did
      with DDHD2. I'd rather have something Mike will never give- the truth. I'd really like to
      know why he ripped me off, that is worth the $70.

Time 15:58, 8 Oct 1998
From oldtimer1

      pie you have mail. Ot1

Time 14:56, 8 Oct 1998
From eric

                   i plant to make the strain available if it is as good as i hope....not going to
      ruin my name with sorry weed

Time 13:52, 8 Oct 1998
From pie

      Eric ... get the book or better yet go to Vic's BCG site and start reading "marujuana
      botony" by clarke for a start. it has a good dicussion on breeding and such. i am still
      learning every time i read it.

Time 13:46, 8 Oct 1998
From pie

      ot1 ... just read this post pasted below and not sure what you mean ...


      pie just grow the seeds they may suprise you!!!! Ot1"

      re: your question about fortnight ... you were talking 2 weeks right? webby admits to the
      fact that he is not a literary genius and Shakespeare is one of the only places i can recall
      where one can view that kind of language in the states anymore. hell, i do not know half
      the slang used nowadays.

      your insight on your growing methods is very instructive to me and many others. bonzi
      'ing the mums and your techniques are very helpful. thanks bro. you are light years ahead
      of me.

      Eric >>> i thought that BB gave you bunches of seeds when you visited him? sheez i
      thought he had the best!

      would you be interested in getting rid of any of those tia seeds?

      btw, i took the liberty of directing some of my buds to your articles about shabang and
      his/her bikini and they were rolling!

Time 13:25, 8 Oct 1998
From pie

      I forgot ....

      Go Jackets
      stomp the pack and to hell with Georgia

      (y'all will beat LSU handily BTW)

Time 13:22, 8 Oct 1998
From pie

      stix >>> we have 2 things in common. hehehe.

      "to hell with Georgia" and Visor Boy coached @ my alma mater ... Georgia Tech.

      You areright about UGA having a fine team. They have Champ Bailey and their
      QB, Quincy Carter,originally signed with GT. Coach Donn_an has made sure to
      rub it in pur faces every chance he gets!!! payback is hell!

      used to live in jacksonville and go to the cocktail party and root for 'neither'. sorry, but i
      worked with tooooooooooo many obnoxious Gator fans who liked to make the arm / jaw
      movement in my face. you know the one.

      Hopefully GT will be up to the task of beating the Dogs come Thanksgiving. The fact
      that both Fl schools are having off years ( Miami of the Big Weak Conference doesn't
      count) has thrown both conference races wide open!

      btw, do you post @ the Swamp? or the Vent?

Time 11:34, 8 Oct 1998

      another thing,
      looking in the handfull of seeds i have from this tai..there are some small dark black,
      some regular grey, and some HUGE grey seeds.....it came in a 10 pound brick so im sure
      there all kinds of genes in there...ill have to grow them out to see which i like....
      my question is......
      lets say i have a huge mom perfect...i tested her buds from cloning...and i know she is
      the one....i will take lots of clones before she naturally flowers and take indoors to keeo
      but what about the pollenation....
      do i just get the best male in all the others.... i know to pick the one that has the
      caractoristics i want my babies to have but its mainly the smell that i want...so do i pick
      the one who leaves
      are the most fragrant..or do you guys smoke the tips from your males to test them.
      now im a little worried about the blueberry....i want to keep that chocclate smell....
      ssssssssshit now i dont know what the hell to do...i think im just going to cross it with a
      male just like it....
      if i do that year after year..without crossing it out..how long until it looses its punch....
      i know a guy that brought some tai back from the war..
      the hippies around tell me thast his was the most fire theve evr had when he first came
      back....but they say now...it lacks the punch it used to have...
      so how do i keep the good traits in..is there an article somwhere explaining this

Time 11:20, 8 Oct 1998

                   i think i will take the advice and cross it with blueberry....
      who has the best blueberry????
      how well does blueberry do outside????
      thanks guys....and you know you will get
      some of the resulting seeds....

Time 08:46, 8 Oct 1998
From stix

      Pie>>Hehe, that was a good curve-Visor boy, beloved by us all!!! I had such high hopes
      for this year, all not lost yet if we get past LSU this week and those )(&*%*( bulldogs
      later. Seriously, Im not sure where the team we expected to show up this year went,
      gators got some great talent but game-day it doesnt allways show up! It sort of looks like
      u of ga is creme in sec east this year so far. FSU giving the ACC a little room this year
      for other teams too, it appears. Yep, this time of year is my favorite too, been a fan
      forever. However, losing to Tenn sure put a damper on it so far tho. Maybe Visor Boy
      will have an answer-he's gettin back to one quarterback for the LSU game, maybe that
      will help. I wish he'd teach'um how to run the ball a little bit. GO GATORS!!!

Time 18:38, 6 Oct 1998
From Vic High

      david - the peruvians aren't mine to distribute. They are from another breeder
      who trusted Heavan's Stairway with a few sample seeds. I am testing out the
      seeds for Richard at Heavan's Stairway with the idea that they are not mine. I'm
      not sure if I'm even allowed to make hybrids with them.I'm pretty sure that
      if the end results are good, they will become a new product for Richard, but just
      not from me.

      outdoors - I don't grow outside, so it would be hard for me to breed for outdoor
      genetics. I had some early pearl genes come my way this summer, but they
      didn't make the cut and are gone. I always thought blueberry would do well
      outside, but even though it is a fast flowerer, many growers in the US reported
      that it was late at starting to flower. I do know that romulan kicks in a greenhouse
      if you can manipulate the light period or heat it in the late fall.

      jeremy - I'm an old fashioned dirt boy that has never used a tds meter. I only
      worry about monitoring the pH of the tap water, and don't really even worry
      about that. Maybe Jay can help you. I think he has done something similar.

Time 13:52, 6 Oct 1998
From pie

      stix>>>> ah yes another name from the past ... gainesville green. seems like that
      was my first exposure to seedless pot. also seems like i remember that it had a
      little stronger home grown taste than now, but still very pleasurable.

      one of the guys i met years ago and re-kindled an acquanitance with used to fly
      some of those planes from columbia. he got out of that business when the
      market went to the white stuff.

      i have heard that the infamous Bow's still exist and are not exported but sold to
      tourists only... the white stuff is tooooooooo profitable to mess with smoke. i have
      talked with him one time and plan on trying to see if he can get me some seeds.

      BTW, i thing his name is 'Visor Boy'. hehehe. do you know that nic?

Time 12:35, 6 Oct 1998
From jeremy

      vic, can you tell me how to use my TDS meter?
      i mean, i know how to operate it but at what ppm is best for marijuana, etc?
      thanks. i want to check out my tap water and runoff

Time 12:13, 6 Oct 1998
From david

      vic high,
      I was over at buds page and saw you might work on sweet tooth and grapefruit
      crosses,i would be very interested in them. I was also wondering if your ever
      gonna make seeds of your peruvians for retail sale,i never had a chance to get
      In the future i'd love to see a strain from bcga that is just for outdoor,fast
      flowering(september) very fruity (blueberry hybrid,sweet tooth,grapefruit with
      early pearl or something)easy to grow and an up high.
      That would a kickass outdoor strain.
      see yah

Time 07:59, 6 Oct 1998
From west coast

      msg to lothar....some one recommended you as a person to chat with
            about my grow video idea.. please leave me a msg if you wish to talk in
      further detail..i am very interested in giving it a try in the near future...
             i would be more than happy to put up the capital to make the video , if
      some one could maybe help me distribute it , could you help??? What is
      the worst that could happen?i want to produce approximately 100 copies.
      if i couldnt happen i would be more thanb happy to give them away for free, or in
      exchange for some favours... Peace and out!!!!!

Time -2:49, 6 Oct 1998
From Vic High

      No Jay, this was their second treatment. They started flowering on Aug 23 so are
      well on their way. I couln't notice any difference between the two after the first
      treatment but a week after the second, I can really see a difference. Especially
      the treated romberry. It's blowing the doors off the romulans but the romulans will
      have an extra two weeks to grow in the end.

Time -2:15, 6 Oct 1998
From jay

      hey god...um i mean vic was that the second round of the blossom blood or still
      the first...?and how far along are they..if your seeing this much difference without
      even being 1/2 way threw wow!!!...

      bd-97 you have mail bro...

      oldtimer,good to see ya round bud..have you ever tried using a foilar feed
      method to increase plant growth for quicker veg periods?i was reading an article
      i will try and find it so you can see it..

Time -2:01, 6 Oct 1998
From Vic High

      oops sorry guys, that post below (-3:56) was from me.

      Blossom Blood - Jay, now I can see a difference. The buds treated with blossom
      blood are no taller but are definately thicker. I used it on 4 plants and left four
      plants as controls. The treated plants look as though they are a week ahead. I'll
      keep doing side by side tests to see if this was just a fluke or if this stuff really

      Aeric, thanks bud

      growing for profit? never! that would be illegal :) I'm just a soil boy who likes
      growing flowers :)

      Speaking of which, it looks as though I had a supreme being looking out for me
      one the weekend while I was away. LMAO

Time -3:53, 6 Oct 1998

      Eric, congrats on the new genetics. That chocolate tai sounds interesting. Mowie
      Wowie was the name of some kick ass herb that I smoked back in 84. Definate
      1-2 hit wonder stuff. It was grown locally by a family friend who frequented

      Breeding - Is white widow even an F1? From what I here, it is quite variable
      indicating that it is just a hybrid and not an F1. Anyway, crossing an F1 to an
      unrelated F1 will give you an F2 and not an F1. F1's only come from crossing
      two stable inbred lines or strains. Your right about your conclusions about vigour
      though. The problem is that many who grow a seed would like to be able to
      predict the outcome. That is why one would cross two similar plants. It all
      depends on what you want to get from the cross.

      Westcoast - I think Lothar is into videos, he pops in from time to time. Your ideas
      sound interesting and could really help out alot of people. We didn't put bcga
      together to create a comercial enterprise and therefore don't think we would be
      interested in selling them though. Your best best may be to track down some
      supplliers of the hemp and grow shops and get them to distribute them.

      As for donations for the webpage, there really is no need, but thanks for asking.
      The webpage space is free, and I just add to it from time to time when I can. As
      you can see, I don't dedicate alot of time keeping it up to date.

      indicaa - I kinda lost track of the three and fourleafed blueberry seedlings I had.
      As they grew, they slowly reverted to two leaf pattern. I never tagged them so
      eventually lost track of which ones started with the three leaves so have no idea
      if they turned out to be males or females. One did remain a runt and was
      eventually tossed, but the rest blended.

      Bill Clinton - thanks and good luck finding the Nigerian seeds. I think I seen some
      listed at a seedbank someplace but can't remeber where. I'll keep my eyes open.

Time 19:39, 5 Oct 1998
From Bill Clinton

      anonymous- that shouldn't offend anyone really. We've all probably bought dope
      before from some commercial source. Most people wouldn't have had the
      chance to try pot if not for the commercial growers. In that sense, commercial
      growers are far more important than closet growers. I only grow for personal use

Time 18:11, 5 Oct 1998
From anonymous

      i grow strickytly to sell .where i live it is simple to unload the heafty
      quantity.i wouldnt take the risk to grow just for personal use( i smoke very
      infrequently) the shit around here is just too potent for me to smoke it daily.
             hope this post doesnt offend anybody....

Time 16:52, 5 Oct 1998

      Well justice. i will tell you.....i have grown alot of pot....but i just smoke it...or i
      have given to a friend before..to tell you the truth its too damn risky to
      sell...because see..hell everyone here knows how to grow their own...so all you
      have left is the friends at home..but they can grow too.
      so you have a small market..on top of that what we grow is primo..they will not
      pay our prices..so we let the dealers deal that mexican brown..we just grow and
      trade seeds to each other...thats it.....besides if my wife knew i grew to sell she
      would KILL me...
      see if you sell you are risking loosing your plants..plants you have born and
      watered and feed for years....it is bad to sell...we are perfectionists..but we grow
      perfection for ourselves..hope this answers your question..good luck with your

Time 11:47, 5 Oct 1998
From justice

      just out of sheer curiosity, how many of you grow to sell???
      please answer anonymous-like

Time 08:04, 5 Oct 1998
From stix

      Pie>>Yep, pretty close, 300 miles south of Hotlanta on I-75 in Fl. I remember a
      lot of the primo stuff had links to Atlanta from here. We never got the primo
      Mexican here tho, different route. Best came in early days when it was being
      flown in in small planes, no bricking or packing and no compost smell, just bales
      of loose bud. The "commercial" went for bout $300 lb and the "sorted"
      orprimo a little more at between $450-600 for the Coloumbians. Hey,
      thanks for the memories Pie, hadnt thought of those days for awhile. Our first
      growing attempts was with the Colombian seeds, when we learned to grow it
      sensi, it started getting really good, and couple years later some Afghanni
      showed up and it got crossed with the Col. and we had some very good "home
      grown" as we called it.(others called it Gainesville Green, among other names)

Time 19:50, 4 Oct 1998
From pie

      stix>>> was in Hotlanta at the time. also had the red leaved jamacian and the
      gold mexican with huge seeds but killer bud that was sweet hashy and expanded
      like shit.the prices i remember were $280 for a lb with an increase to $400-$480
      over a 2 year period. killer mex was going for about $180-210 a lb.

      were we close? from your prices i would suspect you were on the east

Time -2:52, 4 Oct 1998
From aeric77

      hello Vic.
                   wouldn't want to jinx it but i have to say it's nice seeing your page
      get back to were it was.....and were i you i would drfinitely watch the peruvians
      for male flowers....seems to be a prevalent trait in 'in the wild' sativa genetics...

Time -3:47, 4 Oct 1998
From stix

      Pie>>Hmm, Pie your comment on the Columbians sure hit a warm spot in me!!
      Your access to those buds make me wonder if you and I werent neighbors
      during that time. I live in one of the areas that was major entry point for the
      Columbian and Jamacian during that era and consequently we got access to the
      cream of the crop so to speak!! I remember one morning a student rode his bike
      to my house with a quarter pound of the prettiest golden yellow coloumbian buds
      Ive ever seen, smell like mint, only wanted $160 for the lot. I agree completely
      about todays strains versus then. They are plenty potent today, but the high is
      not as exciting as the strains then. Good Jamacian had a buzz that was so
      intense and buzzy it made you feel you had a finger on an electric wire or
      something. Boy those were the days!

Time 20:22, 3 Oct 1998
From Bill Clinton

      I remember once about 15 years ago my brother got a gram of some killer hash.
      A friend joined us and we smoked the whole gram at once because we
      were too stupid to know better. I've never laughed like that since.
      Vic - hope the Peruvian turns out good, or at least maybe isolate the non-hermy
      genes. I'm also looking for Nigerian, I've heard it's the best hands down. I don't
      believe HempBC sends here & can't find it anywhere else. Perhaps one to look
      for one day? (major hint, eh?)JK, but I would like any info on where to find it. TIA

Time 18:14, 3 Oct 1998
From indicaa

      A question for Vic>>> just germinated 10 of your Blueberry -10 germinated and
      9 have sprouted. Of the 9, three have 3 cotyledons with 3 true leaves emerging.
      A while back there was a discussion about this over at Weedbase, but no one
      seemed to post the end results. What were your results? Did they turn out to be
      male, female, duds? Or is this just the weird initial growth you mentioned?


Time 14:43, 3 Oct 1998
From west coast

      this might sound stupid but do you guys except donations from people( dont
      know how much it costs to keep you web page gowing) would be more than
      happy to send you a hummble donation . really appreciate the web
      page..... peace all

Time 14:03, 3 Oct 1998
From pie

      stix>>> yo dude pie here. i agree with you as well re: the old OLD strains.

      my memory of the early seventies and the columbian i had access to leaves me
      perplexed wrt to today's strains.

      i smoked red bud, gold bud and hash bud ( columbians all ) that had seeds out
      the ass and STILL had a better taste and smell than most designer strains i have
      sampled. the high was not lacking either. i still miss he hash bud which was and
      still is my personal favorite!

Time 13:37, 3 Oct 1998
From West Coast

      have done some screwing around with my camcorder ( basically filmed my
      buddies room over a 3 month period} what i producedwas definetly on the
      budget side, but it was very cool and helped many friends see some great
      results. The three friends who used it as a reference were all farely
      inexperienced growers yet they were all able to see results that satisfied them
      immensely... Even i was stunned that these dudes did as well as they
      did.....any how dont want to rammble on too much but am very interested
      in some feedback PEACE ALL

Time 13:30, 3 Oct 1998
From West Coast

      this message is for vic high..Have you guys at BCGA ever
      considered producing stsp by step instructional videosand
      selling them over the net....Just an idea would love some feedback.....

Time 13:07, 3 Oct 1998

      ok ,
                       question....if you cross an f1 hybrid white widow..to an fi
      hybrid white widow from the same mom..you will not have as much vigour.....
      but what about croosing an fi hybrid white widow...with an fi hybrid skunk
      now you should get a damn good cross from this right....i think that if you cross
      say two plant s from seed you order from same (say white widow..same package)
      well the resulting f2's will have more of the recesive traits...but crossing an f1 to
      a totally unrelated f1
      should give you a good f1 not an f2..right....like if i buy..say white widow..f1
      green house seeds (this would be a cross of the original white widow and
      something else) is this how it works.....or if i buy white widow from grren house ..it
      is original white widow....what will happen if i cross the best mom to the best
      father from the same package of seeds...what will the babies be like? wouldn't it
      be better to cross the best mom with a good father from another strain?

      aeroponics>> guys this is the way to go..i have been doing some research ..man
      this shit is awesome...i see no disadvantages to it from soil...less waste..less
      work....more descreet..cleaner...faster..more...i have some links that would be
      useful if you are researching it.....

      Hey Vic>>>i like the new hang out...

Time 12:06, 3 Oct 1998
From oldtimer1

      pie just grow the seeds they may suprise you!!!! Ot1

Time 09:25, 3 Oct 1998

      I have recieved seeds from two of the
      breeders i met....mowie wowie...and
      chocolate Tai.....
      does anyone know anything about either..
      i have 7 mowie seeds...and 300 choalate tai...the tai came shipped with some
      buds...the buds are dark....orange hairs
      and smell just like a hershey bar...

Time 06:30, 3 Oct 1998
From pie

      stix>>> yo dude pie here. i agree with you as well re: the old OLD strains.

      my memory of the early seventies and the columbian i had access to leaves me
      perplexed wrt to today's strains.

      i smoked red bud, gold bud and hash bud ( columbians all ) that had seeds out
      the ass and STILL had a better taste and smell than most designer strains i have
      sampled. the high was not lacking either. i still miss he hash bud which was and
      still is my personal favorite!

Time 20:02, 2 Oct 1998
From Vic High (vic_high@hotmail.com)

      hey stix, email me please. Trying to figure who I know you as. (sitting here
      scratching my head)

      got it Toker, (a HUGE THANKS!) BTW I read my mail first before I cruise the chat

Time 10:08, 2 Oct 1998
From toker2

      vic you have mail. hey any chance for a sweet tooth/romulan f1?

Time -2:03, 2 Oct 1998
From stix

      Mirage>>Only thing that I can think of done wrong is heat, this has been a bitch
      of a summer here, but I dont think it would affect them that much, bout six other
      varities growin with it did ok. Mine bud from tip to stem abundantly, if they would
      just bud tightly, they would be impressive. My light may not be enough for it. Let
      me know if yours get tight nuggies.

      Eric>>Do a search on aeroponics at Laughing Moon site, some good info and
      links there.

      Vic>>Hey, I hope your future clone is of the old stock too, that was some real
      killer stuff. HeHe, hope that per. stuff doesnt have hermies, but all those females
      are one of the first clues they may be comin tho, isnt it.

      Oldtimer 1>>Man, Im glad someone agrees about the strains today. Had I never
      grown some of the early stock out of A-dam I may be happier with todays
      product. Most of the crosses then had such a good balance of taste, potency
      and yeild(especially Nevilles crosses) that seems to lack in lots of strains today.
      Another thing Ive noticed is the strains today seem to require more light to really
      produce. I just started serious' ak47 and paradise sensi star, hoping to find my
      nirvana so was hoping to hear you say the ak would make your socks roll up and
      down.Hehe Luck with the JH, I ordered a pack for a buddy when I got the
      nl5xhaze but he lost all of it with the heat we're having here so cant comment on
      that one.

Time -3:23, 2 Oct 1998

      STIX >> I have NL#5 Haze , and it's going really well . Both are over 5 ft tall and
      budding like Mutha fu*kers. Doing everything right ?

Time 11:54, 1 Oct 1998

      shit number 2 i can't afford the gas to go find a job......i would like to know if
      anyone has seen instructions on this airophonics..looks intresting enough to
      check out

Time 11:51, 1 Oct 1998
From Vic High

      Oldtimer - track has only been up for a week so too early to tell, but IMO that
      track won't be able to touch the suncircles for light efficiency, at least not until I
      adopt your system of combining MH and HPS into each hood. The plants under
      the track (HPS only) are not as big as the ones under the suncircle with the
      2HPS 1MH combo of lights. Plants under suncircle have thicker stalks and bigger

      I plan to use the track to do a side by side comparison between the Sunmaster
      warm deluxe MH and Eye Hortilux HPS. That is after I get ahead on the seedlings
      I have on the go.

      Stix, sorry to hear about the bad luck you had with NL/Haze. I have a buddy with
      a clone, and now hope it is from some of the older stock.

      I have some peruvian stock that I'm testing out for Heavan's Stairway. The
      skunks are setting buds real nicely but the sativas are starting very slow. I was
      just able to sex them this week and they went into flower on sept 11. Very high
      female ratio, 7/7 on the skunks, 3/4 on the sativas. I hope this doesn't mean that
      I have to worry about hermies popping up.

Time 11:34, 1 Oct 1998
From oldtimer1

      Mota The Lamps are hung from the centre of the area on a pulley and spaced 2
      ft apart, the are rotated180 deg every day the reflectors are specular ally
      wide beam from 21st century garden in theUK.

      stix I agree with you entirely the only good thing Iíve had from the dam recently
      was blue berry and that came from sag direct and they got that from this side!
      We tried NL 5 * H got it over the counter from sensiís shop and that turned out to
      be a straight NL. We also tried AK from bluebird [serious seeds] we didn't rate
      thateither. I have some Jack Herer to try when I have time we will see what
      they do.
      All the best Ot1

Time 11:17, 1 Oct 1998
From # 2

      damn dude, maybe you need to get a job instead of hanging on the net all day.

Time 11:14, 1 Oct 1998

      damn dudes,
                   I'm so broke i can't even afford rollin papers..i have to use tampon
      wrappers..and thats only when i can get my hands on those (once a month)
      all the other times i just use a beer can...the only weed i can afford is dicarderd
      stems and seeds...the stem smokes..the seed explodes to take my mind of the
      headache from the stems and ink from the tampon wrapper..come on vic..give
      me some seeds man

Time 09:53, 1 Oct 1998

                   You like my sense of humor???
      i will make you a deal...send me some seeds and i will tell you a joke. I f had
      somethin to grow i could descuss it with you..but i am a poor bastard. I can't
      even afford a p.o. box...i smoke
      flowers that i pick of the road side..and pretend that it is pot, because i can't
      afford it. i have smoked
      Mexican brown my whole life...i thought that was all there was until i started
      talking to you guys...what is blueberry?
      damn i am broke...send me some seeds man

Time 09:08, 1 Oct 1998
From stix

      Hi folks, just finished/gave-up-on some NL5xHaze from Sensi and Im very
      disappointed. The original cross by Neville was/still-is one of the best Ive grown.
      This new cross from Sensi however is very disappointing. The orig. leaned to
      indica, tight large buds and more potent than anything. The cross Im workin with
      is the opposite in almost every way. Sativa, really loose buds, unwilling to finish
      up(they've had one of my budding rooms tied up for so long Ive lost track), and
      the potentcy Ive sampled is very average. Anyone have any better luck with
      todays cross? Im using about 40 watts sq/ft, maybe I need more light or
      something, dont know but I was surprised how poorly this cross performed. The
      strains I got from SSSC and The Seed Bank circa 85-90 seemed to have more
      vigor and potency than most of what I see from a-dam today, does anyone else
      who has experience with strains from both then and now have a comment on

Time 08:34, 1 Oct 1998
From anon

      well, looks like this may be the spot now. hi all.

Time 08:30, 1 Oct 1998
From Mota

      Are your lights on a sun circle or mover or are they stationary?If stationary
      do you rotate the plants?


Time 03:30, 1 Oct 1998
From oldtimer1

      Vic sorry about all the square jobs on the post just pasted it from wp doc's will
      look more closely at them in future.All the best That new light setup sounds
      wicked you should get way better buds and yields. All the best Ot1

Time 03:25, 1 Oct 1998
From oldtimer1

      Hi Islander [Iíve posted bits of this elsewhere so I hope iííííím not boring any one]
            you might like to know about the soil/peat based system used by our
      We use an organic soil and peat based system, using 8 inch 4 litre pots this fits
      42or with 7.24 * 8.5 inch tall 4 litre fit 48 to 20 square feet.From
      rooting through the plants are fed and watered with a dilute organic feed every
      three days about 3/4 to 1 litre per plant.Humidity is kept between 35 and
      50%, temperature minimum 65 maximum 85° F.The grow area is
      surrounded by mylar drapes. In addition the plants are given a spray once or
      twice a week with a mix of 1 ml 35% H2O2, 10 ml Maxicrop and one drop of
      wetting agent to 1 litre of soft water this is done untilplants start to form
      proper flower clusters. Lighting is at 50 w per sq ft using a mix 600 w son t plus
      and 400 w clear metal halide. [venture make the best halide lamps] We have
      found that halides improve the quality of the stone most with sativas and to a
      lesser extent with indicas.We also decrement time from veg to flower
      period, in fact a lot of what we do is to suit the types of plant we use which are
      mostly on the sativa side.
      The Bio Bizz products we use in litres by volume are:-
      Premix [a composted base fertiliser]5 litres
      Wormest [some sort of worm casts]10 litres
      the rest of the ingredients get from a horticultural sundrysman
      sterilised organic loam15 litres
      perlite15 litres
      sedge peat25 litres
      moss peat30 litres
      TOTAL100 litres
      1 tspn compost wetting agent
      calcified seaweed or second best dolomite lime added to balance mix to ph 6.5
      [ about a medium cup ]
      We have tried their premixed composts and about 10 other mixes in our own
      trials and the above produces the best results consistently time after time.
      Method :-
      when ready cuttings are moved to 3 or 4 L pots under 18 hr lighting and just get
      water when needed. A week afterthey have rooted throughwe start
      feeding with a mix of Bio bizz grow and bloom 20 ml of each to 10 Levery
      water from then till we take down the harvest there is no with draw period and it
      gives a sweet smoke.We like to keep the ratio of phosphorus lower than
      the potash we have tried just the bloom at the end and you have flush at the end
      with a weeks withdrawal of fert even then the taste is not so good and there is
      very little difference in finished weights.
      Bio Bizz bloom N 2% P 6% K 3.5% Mg .3% Cal .3%
      Bio Bizz Grow N 3% P 2% K 8%

      Question have any of you tried using higher potash than phosphorus
      ratios and what were your impressions?

      These are the rates we use with 35% H2O2 :-
      For sterilising equipment(pots, trays, watering cans and Hydro pipes,
      trays, pumps etc)
      10mls per litre.
      For first watering of compost while sowing seeds. 2.5 to a max of
      5mls to the litre.
      For watering seedlings or cuttings..5 to a max 1 ml to the litre and in
      addition when misting 10 mls of Maxicrop of similar and one or two drops of
      wetting agent .

      With the above system we use 1k mixed light [ 600 w son t plus and 400 w Mh ]
      to cover 20 sq ft5 ft * 4 area.
      Out of about 30 grows a year the lowest yield per sq ft was58.5 grams and
      the best 95.24 grams. This represents 1.17 k to 1.9 kilo per 1 k of lighting. All
      plants used are clones from selected mums. These mums have been selected
      over many years from growing out hundreds of seeds and only picking the very
      best . Selection is all important! So you can get good yields but it takes a lot of
      time, meticulous recording and a quite a lot of work. IMHO specs given by the
      seed coís areunreliable to say the least. Hope this helpsthere is no
      quick easy way!!! This is only one method there must be hundreds out there
      hope this helps a little bit``grow well.î
      All the best Ot1.
      By the way the above yields represent good bud the rest and the trim go through
      the scuff machine.

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