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January 15-31

Time 15:52, 31 Jan 1999
From oldtimer1

budm its the nickname of the place where it was grown, not the white stuff. The real name would bring attention to the area if you get my meaning. The picks were to show how one type of sat fills out the buds. Ot1

Time 11:14, 31 Jan 1999
From Dr. Evil

budm: you (should) have mail. The cyber gods have been losing most of my
outgoing mail.

Dr. Evil

Time 11:09, 31 Jan 1999
From dep mode

Heya Vic, would like to get in touch.

Time 10:15, 31 Jan 1999
From Vic High

Whew - speaking from personal experience? One of the first tools employed by
the cops is to spread paranoia and distrust. Kinda fits your actions now doesn't it?
Why don't you get the guts to just come right out and say what you're trying to
accomplish here? Or are you as we suspect and just a bored and immature soul?
Too inept to be a cop.

Time 15:15, 29 Jan 1999

trel, you could goto this site and check it all out... quite abit there worth reading.


Time 15:07, 29 Jan 1999
From trelaway

Hey vic, when you clean up the crap (again) can you leave the 'by Tony Serra' post? I wanna read it later when the screen isn't screwed up thanx.

BTW, I guess it's obvious but DD2's post below wasn't posted here by him.

Time 10:52, 29 Jan 1999
From Budm

Hi all, Vic, Do you have an opinion one way, or the other yet as to the effectivness in soil application of 'Blossom Blood" Just wondering,no controll to go by,so I need to ask.

OT1, Ive had a look at the latest pictures that u have posted. Why did one pic get tagged "Charley Hill" is that because of all of the glisiting whitish tricomes?

Dr "Heads Up"

Have a great weekend everyone;-)

Time 06:21, 29 Jan 1999
From Butch

Has anybody else been reading about the guys on Cannabis.com that have been having there computers busted into and files wiped? Is that possible here?I mean I remember when guys were implanting programs that would tell who you were and stuff on different places at Hempbc. I guess what I am asking is this a safe place to come and read posts. Im pretty worried after readng the stuff over at Cannabis.com I like to hear any comments. thanks

Time 18:10, 28 Jan 1999
From Vic High

Mota - I look forward to hearing your critique, that sounds like a good mix.

Budm - Don't resond bro, it's not worth it. You Too terminator, please just silently
wipe the page.

Budm, don't get me wrong, I think that site is an excellent idea. I look forward to
seeing where it will go in the long run and your right, it could become a great
compliment to the greenman's report. One site to judge the seed delivery and
another to simply judge the breeders. Judging 10 - 20 seedlings would be a must
though, but we all need to start somewhere.

Time 16:32, 28 Jan 1999
From Mota

Vic, The Fig Widow will be harvested this weekend. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Time 08:45, 28 Jan 1999
From Budm

Hi All, I wish the BS would stop! It serves no pourpose at all.

DocE You have mail!

Vic, Your right about your opinion a/b that site, the 1-3 bean grow-outs are not fair.

OT2 Can you plese describe the set up, utilizing the "Aquarium Stor Protein Skimmer Ozone" Im a Reef Tank hobbiest, and a protien skimmer will reduce the routine water changes, by removing food/feces waste from the water, and will generaly increse animal vigor, through better water quality. I to have noticed, that As soon as your out of the "Grow Shop" arena, prices are more reasonable. Some hobbys are purely for the fun of it, and have no rationalization as to the money the hobby may save you in the long run. Hence that hobby has its followers not able to indure trhe higher retail markup. It would take a lot of hobby aquarium fish to fill a plate!lol;-))


From Vic High

Thanks Terminator.

STM - I don't live in Vancouver, I just head over now and then. I definately don't have the time to hire my self out as a Tour guide. We could meet for a weekend and I could show you around though? I hope you don't mind, the only peeler bars I know of have girls on stage and not guys, except those drunk yanks that are about to be tossed, haha.

MG, wow! Hope that's not really you hanging amongst these twits. I'm lucky, daddy's kicked them off his computer by the time I get home, haha.

Time -3:21, 26 Jan 1999
From Vic High

mg - haven't looked for the blues since I last talked to you. Really being careful
with my tracks these days. RC, this is why I have been slow with you. Don't want to
take any cjances of having ANYTHING in my vehicle until something local is
worked out. Don't want to make a search warrant easy.

Time 20:33, 25 Jan 1999
From m.g.

have yet to get a request...

any moody blues yet?

Time 20:24, 25 Jan 1999
From Vic High

treleway - haha. I also remember when I was a kid how important it was that others
agreed with my point of view. Now I have the security to simply accept that I have
my point of view and others have theirs. It would be pretty boring if we all thought
the same way.

Back to something more pressing, any Vancouverites know anything of Emery's
legal status? It troubles me what I heard and that there is no public info available

PS - new icq so Jay, Lady J, SB, MG and others, that strange ICQ authorization
request is me.

Time 19:39, 25 Jan 1999
From trelaway

The only explanation I can come to is, somewhere in the world, there is a cop with
too little to do and fills his/her time with puking on can. com. specifically and the
MJ community in general.

Time 15:49, 25 Jan 1999
From Budm

Hi all; Anyone that likes the taste/buzz of the Columbian/Panamian Golds/Reds
circa late 70s, will really love the JackFlash from Sensi,the three girls are in two
catogories, for simplicty, one that is more Indica influence, and one that is more
sativa. There is only one, of the three that is the sativa type, its 4.5' tied down, if
not it would be about 5.6-6'. Its more "Tree Like" than the indie type. A quick
dry/try sample, of the sativa type is so very reminicant of the conisuier columbos
of the past(the kind that allways commanded 100$ more than comersh and LB,
when "five finger" lids were 25usd$;-), great wake & bake, spicy/sweet, great
morning with coffee puff;-)
Eric the "flip up" magnifer sounds great especially for me I have imparired
vision(as well as spelling) especially with "Hermi Inspections". Im going to try to
find a pair.

Time 15:08, 25 Jan 1999

Budm...DAMN..30x man how do you work with that thing..I am a hyper person
naturally and my hands wouldnt be able to hold that thing still enuff to even
see...shit i bet you can tell what the genetic make-up of those plants are with that
thing..hahah all the way to the dna threads..haha....when going to garden using a
visor that flips down when needed..flips up when not. For the spots that need
more magnifaction just a 10x loop.

DR.Mezz...YOU KNOW I DO!!!!!!email me ericcarr21@hotmail.com.....

Time -3:34, 25 Jan 1999
From Vic High

Oh yeah, has anybody heard what happened with Emery's charges this last
week? I heard a rumour that he pleaded guilty but haven't been able to confirm
this yet. Anyone?

Time -3:29, 25 Jan 1999
From Vic High

OT2 - Here's another flo ozone setupavailable from comercial lighting
stores. You gotta assemble yourself but isn't that difficult. Here's the info from the

Specialty Bulb Products Inc.
20010 - 100A Ave. Unit2 Langley, BC, Canada
1-604-513-8500 or 1-800-663-1120

IS-36-PUV Ballast, Robertson for 36" Ozone Tube ..........45.44
1 - G36T6/VH/CB VO 39W 110V Germicidal 7,500 hrs .........40.23
1 - 214 (468/002) Static Slimline Socket ..................................2.84
1 - 215 (469/002) Spring-End Slimline Socket .........................2.84
plus taxes...............................................................................---------
Total ......................................................................................$104.15 Canadian

This 36" germicidal lamp is supposed to create 1000mg ozone per hour. They say
it can handle up to a 10 light setup I believe. Jay is the real expert on this subject,
maybe he can fill in what I missed.

Time 20:19, 24 Jan 1999
From Old Timer (2)


You asked how the More-Zon 30 works? FANTASTIC! I am a 'hobby' grower - just
a single "Poot" PL-90 light from Holland and grow very smelly indicas and this
product turned out to be a very inexpensive solution.

I still can't believe the price - $64.95 - funny how when one goes outside of the
'grow-store' cabal you find items used by other folks and the price just seems to

Like a rock. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Go figure, eh?


Time 18:32, 24 Jan 1999
From Munty

One of the local grow stores sells the mor-zon 30 for $160!!!!
Hey I know it's dear but everythings like that here :-(
I thought that this being an aquarium ozone-generator meant that it was for under
water use only and therefore didn't pay any attention to it
So how does it work then out of the water?


Time 17:41, 24 Jan 1999
From Old Timer (2)

Ozone Generators

In doing some more research I found what MUST be good deal for many folks - an
ozone generator for $64.95 - complete.

It's 'brand' name is "More-Zon", Model 30 and is widely used by saltwater
aquarium hobbiests in conjunction with protien skimmers
(whatever the hell that is).

Anyway I picked one up this afternoon and it is incredible and for ME (a guy with
limited technical skills) I think it is a good value and wanted
to pass on the information.

One of the BEST features is that you don't have to get this from a 'grow' store,
though Alternative Garden DOES carry them.

Check with your local aquarium shop (one that is heavily involved with saltwater
systems) and see if they'll let you have one with the option to
return it if it doesn't do the trick for you.


Time 16:21, 24 Jan 1999
From Munty

Hi all,
Budm>> Well done on your Romberry grow!
If I ever feel confident enuff to order again I will be trying to get Romberry,sounds
so good and it is very gratifying to have such an approachable breeder as Vic.

>>OT (2)
Here is a link for ONA
Hope to find some in this part of the world!


Time 13:14, 24 Jan 1999
From Old Timer (2)

Trelaway - I've seen "ONA" mentioned before. Where does one find this product?

Is it available in the states or just in Canada?

Thanks for your input.


Time 12:12, 24 Jan 1999
From trelaway

Hey ot(2)--I've been looking at (i think) the one yer referring to. It measures about
two feet long, four inch wide, two inch tall. Has a fan at one end and a 3/4 inch
pvc pipe hole at the other end.

I talked to the retailer and he said it would do very well with my grow, budding with
a 600w ~ 8-12 females in bud.

I decided against it and have been using a product called ona for the past five
months. Costs me about five bucks a month and totally kills the smell. Further, it's
non toxic.

Time 12:06, 24 Jan 1999
From trelaway

Hey Budm-congrats on the harvest, smoking yer own bud rules. Getting four oz.
out of four gallons of dirt--yer doin' well.

Time 12:04, 24 Jan 1999
From Old Timer (2)

There is a ozone generator manufactured by a company located in BC called

They have generator that costs about $190.00 US dollars.

Is this a good deal? Is this big enough?

Time 09:50, 24 Jan 1999
From Dr. Mezz

This is for Eric or anyone else who is interested.I will be getting Oaxacan
seeds in about 9 days.So if you are interested in trading still, please let me

Time 08:57, 24 Jan 1999
From RC

You've got mail Vic

Time 00:12, 24 Jan 1999
From 67ed

Budm-the first I grew was a haze hybrid and some "supposed" thai. They flowered
for 5 months because of the extreme heat(near 100). The humidity was near
100%. The potency was nada! No potency! As bad as wild hemp.

Time -3:58, 24 Jan 1999
From Vic High

Budm - now look at what you did! My hat won't fit!

Seriously, congrats on bringing it in so nicely. As for what you didn't harvest, it
should be ready in a week or two. Blueberry was always ready to harvest all at
once and leaving the little ones was of little benefit. Meanwhile romulan could
easily be harvested twice (week 9 and then 11) to really improve yields. Romberry
seems to be a mix of the two.

Time 18:34, 23 Jan 1999
From Budm

Hi Eric Im using one of those Radio Shack pocket 30x with the litte light in it. You
really have to be steady with yer hand and very paitent.How many mag is a
loupe?, cause that looks eieser to use.

Time 14:58, 23 Jan 1999
From Budm

HI All, Well its a real great feeling! After raeding your answer Vic,I took the three
Roms from the closet, the HPS light sure makes for a diffrent picture, They were
definetly ripe(In regular lighting, there was no doubting it). Heres the weigh-in for
two of the three ladies, bear in mind that these two were only picked to about
70%, the lower floweres were left on in hope of more ripeing, as they are 30-50%
still white hairs. So with only two plants in two gallon pots of BCGA"Super Soil Mix"
and organic "BioBlend" two-part soil ferts. And a total of 105days, (55veg
24/0,400mh and 50 days 12/12,400hps), and with 30% bud still on the plants
back in the closet, the wet un-cured wieght was, drum roll please, da da da da
404 grams!!!!!!:-)))
For a first timer Im TOATALLY amazed and Impressed, these plants will each
bring in over 2oz cured weight. I know that is not that amazing, but for the first
time out, Ive got to say its amazing to me. Thanks Vic and everyone else, who
direcrly helped answer my newbie, inpaitent, naging questions, or has posted,
because Ive gleaned so much from the BCGA archives, they are so knowledge
rich in so many diffrent asspects of the hobby. By the way the bigest top weighed
85grams and was very very frosted white with tricomes. What a way to start off!! I
have some Dutch strains in 12/12 in weeks 2-4 and none of the Indies look as
good as Romberry, Vic this puppuy is a yielder(as if you did not know) imagine if I
really knew what I was doing. Now I can fully apprechiate the potential of
Romberry in a commerical situation, its so lush, and requires a much lower light
amount, to yield denseity. I thought I would need 1000watts to do what 400 did.
Well enough rambling.I may be new but I dont think Im going out on a limb saying,
Romberry is very unique, if not in a dimmension of its own in the fact that its
awesome quality, amd is a production champ, that anyone with reasonable skill
can drive a 100mph:-) Thanks again.
PS: After the "assult of harvesting" on these two ladies, will they keep the rest of
there flowers going so that they will contiue to mature?

Time 12:23, 23 Jan 1999

I just got threw talking to a friend that stayed in Oaxaca for a year
looking and collecting seeds. He says that what we all call oaxaca isnt really that
cut and dry. Just like anywhere else you have different strains within a country.
Some where tall some short some friuty some not and so forth. I guess this
comes from the different striansd that have been sent there over the
years.I will be recieving an assortment of the seeds he collected there and
will do some of each to get descriptions. But if someone knows someone that has
the original oaxacan that gets to 20 feet tall and wants to make a trade just email
me. I know two guys here that grew it for years and they confirmed the height of it.
see ya


Time 10:01, 23 Jan 1999

67ed I g=still recieve mail there i just delete everything that comes to it. But i got
your mesage and sent you someback.

Budm what are you useing to magnifie the resin heads..the reason i ask is that a
jewelers loop works wonderfully

Time 09:50, 23 Jan 1999
From Vic High

Budm - the ripening window is usually about 2 weeks for many strains. They are
probably ready now or you could wait. The sooner you harvest, the more "up"
high you get. The later harvest simply means more buds but a more indica high.
There is no hard fast rules, it's purely taste and priorities.Harvest some now
and then a bit every 5 days and see what you prefer? Just a thought.

Time 07:22, 23 Jan 1999
From Budm

Hi All,
Can someone tell me, how many of the resin heads shpold be cloudy under
magnifaction, to indicate ripeness, as some buds on my Roms are 70-80% Brown
hairs, but not all of the heads are cloudy.
Vic, I dont even post at cann.com any more those folks are so ungratefull, I tried
do something nice, I could only help a couple of them, but they get offended
buy ones limitations.Sorry for any grief I may have started.
Dr Evil you have mail.
good weekend to all:-)
PS: Vic do some of the Roms buds usually ripen early, They are at 50days and I
think some are done?Thanks

Time -2:03, 23 Jan 1999
From Vic High

Eric - don't worry about it, I'm not. Things will happen when it's right to do so. This
isn't my cup of tea and I offer no apologies. If they want service, maybe they
should simply pay for it. Just my tired and exhausted viewpoint tonight, haha.

Time 19:22, 22 Jan 1999
From 67ed

Eric: I sent mail on your old account/

Time 15:47, 22 Jan 1999

For what it is worth Im not the oneposting at cannabis.com. I
dont post there anymore. I would have sent you email but i dont have your addy
      anymore . I screwd up and didnt save it to my new email account. Sorry I had to
      post here, If you need me to clear up what im talking about just email me

Time 14:34, 22 Jan 1999
From O.M.

      Evil.... the mother is not flexible( thick branches)the clones look more like a
      normal plant with normal branching system, the branches are flexibles on the
      clones.i did let the clone grow to about 20 inches before flowering, they are wide
      and now at 26 inches, Since they will be like the Mother, it should be the largest
      yielding clones i have had so far.
      it is a bit too early to tell but it sure look like it. The only thing is that with some big
      buds from holland my job would be almost finish now, so does it worth the extra
      time ? we will know in 5 weeks.

Time 09:26, 22 Jan 1999

                  noppers i didnt get any of the red, kenkeman told me that he would
      send it as i emailed him when he made the post. but i then saw that he posted
      some folks didnt get any....guess i was one of them. So you are getting the malwia
      too. COOL. It should finish for us (by the way i forgot how far you are from
      me..email me and give me an idea..from what i remember you are north of me a
      couple of hours)

      as for blueberry it will do fine here but im worried about the yeild so i went ahead
      and got the romberry also to try both. I wanted the blueberry mainly for breeding
      but i may have to wait and listen to your results because i have to now do these
      two strains from the hawiian guy,,( they sprouted from the soil last night, they are
      fast) hey i will probably want a clone or 4 from your Panama Red if possable.. i will
      trade you some clones thats why i want to know how far you are from me. well
      email me and let me know how your plan is coming along maybe i have a few

Time 07:56, 22 Jan 1999
From Budm

      Hi all,
      Alpha Dog, Im glad you are looking for feedback, on "Killer Blue" as Im intrested in
      that one too.

      One Peak19 seedlings that is 18 days above soil, at its fifth node and its already
      displaying alternating phylotaxy, has anyone seen this before this early? Is it
      mutation, or a very early developer?

      Naughty, The seedlings are doing great the AKXAK is slightly behind the AKxNL#9

      The AkxAks are at 4nodes and 5"tall
      The AkXNL9 are also 4nodes but 6"tall so they have grown about 3" in the past
      Thats it for now, I hope everyone has a great weekend, Be safe.

Time 04:59, 22 Jan 1999
From Al Phadog

      Lady J or someone with prerelease experience with NCGAs new stuff -

      Killer Blue
      Two Blue

      Opinions.I must say that I am disappointed at pricing.I was a
      supporter of NCGA when he first started. I know we would all like something for
      nothing, which is what pretty much what he did with original releases of MCW,
      NLW, etc.$50USD maybe fair, but $100 !!??I also used to contact
      him occasionally under different name, but then he just became too busy to reply.
            Oh well, its all really about money anymore.It probably always was
      except to some of us old timers.

      Thanks for your time,


Time 01:39, 22 Jan 1999
From Dr. Evil

      O.M. : I've been meaning to ask- how do you think kong would do in a scrog ? It
      sounds branchy enough, but are the stems flexible enough? Any opinions

      Dr. Evil

Time 00:03, 22 Jan 1999
From 67ed

      Eric: Sounds right to me! I'm still thinking about that thing we talked about in the
      hills. That's the place for blueberry! I'll have malawi soon too. Did you ever get
      any of the PR?

Time 20:55, 21 Jan 1999
From Orchid man

            Quiet Kong update... 2 main mothers with 5 weeks left to go. one of them is
      a super plant , flowering big time, the other is more leaffy waiting for I don't know
      what, to do the same as the other. I have another female from seeds that seem to
      be like the big mama. So over all the 10 seeds would give at least 3 super
      mothers. I don't think i will be able to make it on time , the flowering time will
      exceed 10 weeks from the start of 12/12.They blast a lot of humidity but the
      clones from a good mother are more managables. The Mothers drink at least 4
      liter a day of salt fert solution. Sunmaster warm , LOT'S of it.....lot's of fresh air

Time 19:36, 21 Jan 1999
From sb

      try to catch me on icq.
      I f*cked up and lost my all user info, but still have the same number

Time 19:33, 21 Jan 1999
From sb

      breed a female
      then use a resulting male to breed her(or a clone) a second time.This gives a
      50/50 mix.
      Use a resulting male to breed the same line again.75/25.
      hope you can follow my sub-par explanation

Time 15:20, 21 Jan 1999
From Al Phadog

      Dr Evil -
      Very perceptive on your part.Name came from that and a guy I used to
      work with.He considered himself the alphadog, the rest of us considered
      him the north end of a south bound mule :)
      Glad to see you're back up!


Time 15:04, 21 Jan 1999
From eric

      any luck in finding some Oaxaca seeds yet?

Time 14:40, 21 Jan 1999

      oky doky,
                   From what i understand of cubing. you can take ANY female you
      want and make (well i guess any male too) a seedline form that plant threw cubing
      and after 4 generations of backcrossings you will have a stabile seed line that
      offspring replicate the mother almost and theoratically identical...

      Is this correct someone.

      placed order for malwia and blueberry and romberry should be here in couple

      germed the purple seeds that came with the mowie from the medicine man. 100%
      now waiting to see if they come out of the soil..should be up tonight or tomorrow
      evening. they germed in 24 hours.

Time 06:42, 21 Jan 1999
From Dr. Evil (doc_evil@anti-social.com)

            Hi All,
                       Have more or less fixed the computer problem, so I'm back.
      The power supply problem began a whole chain of really annoying problems (it
      spiked the hard drive, cd rom controller, etc. when it died).

      Budm: I think CO2 would probably be very helpful for your setup. I think the
      determining factor is more light intensity than overall wattage, i.e. a 70w hps
      lighting a 1 sf space could benefit as much as a 1000w @ 70w/sf. You're well
      within the light intensity level that most recommend for CO2 use. I think with the
      sizes of area you are working with, the bottle route would be more practical. The
      CO2 generators are little more than an open propane or natural gas flame,
      enclosed in a box to reduce the fire hazard, and may put out a good bit of heat
      close up. For big growers, the generators would be more practical. On that seed
      germination issue we discussed, check out this link:


      They discuss using GA in conjunction with cytokinens, ethylene, and auxins to
            promote germination in stubborn seeds. I'm going to round up some shwag
      seeds and try a few things to test how much effect this will actually have.

      Aunt Nellie: re cold storage, here is a link you may find interesting:

      It talks about cold storage of tissue cultured plantlets. I think tissue culture could
      be a really useful technology for us all to work on. Imagine being able to send or
      receive petrie dishes containing an undifferentiated mass of plant cells, rather
      than clones that may be recognized if opened. Might make international trading of
      genetics, other than seeds and pollen, practical. Plus, being able to store
      genetics easier. I want to do more work on the idea, but, due to the complexity,
      space, and expense, it is about number 99 on my list of 100 projects to get done.

      Justice: On the light mover idea, I think the using a screw drive is easier and more
      practical for a linear mover, but the chain version might work well for a sun-circle
      type. If I ever get time to build one, I'll be sure and post the plans for everybody to
      see. I have a method already for switching the drive direction at each end of the
      track, using switches and relays, but somebody with more electronics background
      could come up with a more elegant solution. Maybe I can post what I've worked
      out so far, and we could make a group project of it? The hardware issues I have
      to work out concern coming up with proper bearings and mounting hardware for
      the threaded rod and track. I can search through parts bins and come up with
      something, but I'm trying to come up with a solution that doesn't need unusual or
      difficult to find parts, or a lot of specialized fabrication skills. I can build just about
      anything, but a design to post for others to use should try to follow the K.I.S.S.

      Alpha Dog: (like the nick, btw. Reminds me of the expression "Life is like a dog
      pack, unless you are the lead dog, the view never changes". :) )
             I'm inclined to believe that by having the awareness to understand reality
      as a concept, itfollows that a creature having that capacity would be
      naturally be curious about ways to alter it. Cannibas is kind of unique in that fact
      that human brain cells have a receptor site that binds only to cannibanoids, which
      new research has shown certain kinds to be manufactured in the human body, to
      control pain and inflamation (thus supporting medical MJ arguments). This would
      indicate that the human brain is uniquely "hardwired" for mj, but I think the desire
      to alter reality is the result of humans being somewhat unusually aware creatures.
      Possibly dolphins and whales could appreciate mj as well, although they would
      have a problem lighting it... LOL.

      OT2: I use the aerocloner, and generally use distilled water + a little of a
      superthrive knock-off called black leaf vitamin b-1 plus (contains b-1, 1NAA, and a
      wetting agent. Kind of a poor name for a product, but it works ok). I've tried the
      cloner with and without, and it seems to take a couple of days off the rooting time.
      I never had a great deal of luck cloning until I built the aerocloner, but if what you
      are currently doing works well, don't mess with success, IMHO.

      Well, I think I've rambled on long enough for now, hope I didn't miss anyone. Take
      Dr. Evil

Time 12:50, 19 Jan 1999
From m.g.

      vic, you have hotmail and icq messages.

Time 11:26, 19 Jan 1999
From Spliffie

                  On that outdoor Romulan the potency was pretty even, it was really
      some potent herb, however have never tried the plain Rom, so nothing to compair
      too, see where Emery is selling what he claims to be the orginal...hummmmmm.
      Yah Mark...

Time 07:36, 19 Jan 1999
From occam

      Thanks Pie; good to see familiar names here. Take care...occam.

Time 06:05, 19 Jan 1999
From Frank

      Vic,you have hotmail.

Time -2:27, 19 Jan 1999
From Vic High

      hey my silence is because I had another interesting Vancouver weekend. The
      source for BCGA genetics is is quite clear on the BCGA webpage. If I'm mistaken
      please let me know and I'll see what I can do to make it more clear. Heavan's
      Stairway was the only seedbank willing to work with me on a level that I was
      comfortable and has treated me very well ever since. They are the exclusive
      source for romberry at this point for both seed dealers and individuals alike.

      Budm, I simply water the plants up to the day they are harvested. There are many
      other ideas on this but I like to stick with what's simple. On a personal level, I have
      absolutely no interest in producing the best bud. Last thing I need is to be
      producing the best that gets lots of attention and becomes very popular. I simply
      grow, cut, dry, and process. That gets more compliments than I care for. The best
      harvesting advice would probably come from those that think of it as an art, its
      just a process to me. Hope you understand what I'm saying.

Time 19:12, 18 Jan 1999
From trelaway

      I talked to Vic earlier, via email, about buying romberry thru him (we live relatively
      close) and he said he's got to go thru Heaven's Stairway.

Time 18:58, 18 Jan 1999
From sb

      OT(2) and Duckhead
      I've been up to the amsterdam on a couple of occaisions.
      calling ahead couldn't hurt.Some strains that I was looking for were out of stock,
      but the selection of BC seed-stock is fairly broad and they're sure to have
      something interesting .(and the BC stock is usually pretty cheap)
      Nice place.

Time 17:38, 18 Jan 1999
From pie

      occam, i will see what i can do.

Time 12:19, 18 Jan 1999
From OT (2)

      Thanks for the input regarding cloning solutions - I was just curious if anyone felt
      there was a better product that the Dip 'n Grow solution I've used in the past. The
      OTHER advantage is that it is available at HomeBase, Home Depot and other
      retail outlets NOT associated with 'grow shops' as such.

      Also, following up with 'Duckhead' and his question regarding Vancouber, BC - I'd
      be interested in the answer to that question also. I plan to be up there on
      business next month and I would like to get my hands on a couple of BC strains.

      I've been to "The Amsterdam Cafe" web site. Are they legit? Would it be better to
      call ahead and make sure they have the particular strains on hand?

      Thanks for any help on this.


Time 11:11, 18 Jan 1999
From Duckhead (tortugito@hotmail.com)

      I forgot to put seeds, can I get seeds over the counter in Vancouver?

Time 11:10, 18 Jan 1999
From Duckhead (tortugito@hotmail.com)

      Can I buy Romberry over the counter if
      I come to Vancouver?

Time 08:55, 18 Jan 1999
From Budm

      Hi All,

      Vic, The Rom that got pollinated, by the AF#1, is way ahead of the other two, the
      hairs are 50% brown,is this in line with a pollinated female? Its not all of the colas,
      so should I give the ripe ones a few more days to get around 75-80% brown, then
      pick them? Any final advice for the final days, such as watering(friday I started
      plain water with just H2o2), Just before I take down the un-pollinated females
      should I stop watering for the final 3 days or so? As alaways thanks for the help,
      its my first harvest and I dont want to mess up.

Time 00:38, 18 Jan 1999
From oldtimer1

      Ot2 I go with t2 I've used Bio jell for years and get 100%. The grow shop
      persuaded me to try clonex and 50% went over i went back to the Bio and its back
      to 100%. Grow well Ot1.

Time -3:13, 18 Jan 1999
From t2

      ot2,if somethin works don't fix it

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