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From Vic High

OK guys, time to get back on topic. I've done a little housecleaning and all the relevent info is posted at:
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Vic High



Time 20:48, 12 Jan 1999
From Naughty

      Hey Budm....thanks for the link....have they updated there site since 97....grow big

Time 20:39, 12 Jan 1999
From justice

      doctor evil- man if you ever figure out that light mover, post some info on it 'cause
      i know i would definitely try it out. i was always thinking about one but i'm too
      damned lazy to figure it out. what i did think was using a bike chain rigged up to a
      motor like the one you would find spinnin a disco ball, mounted on a linear OR
      circular track. either way it seems my ass is heavier than my heart for this one...

Time 17:27, 12 Jan 1999
From Orchid man

      VIC , always interesting here :) You might want to consider the new O.M. thread in
      problem board weedbase for an addition to the salt fert and soil story.After
      one month of reading here, bulbs and ballast won't have no secrets anymore...

Time 14:51, 12 Jan 1999
From Al Phadog

      Dr. Evil,

      Ha Ha!!Good thought.I too have speculated on same thing.I
      bet they saw some interesting things.Reminds me of an old song by Jim
      somebody where he talks about getting high on a farm and "watchin' all the little
      animals runnin' around".I believe it is hardwired into humankind too get high
      in one form or another.Hope you get things squared away with your


Time 12:34, 12 Jan 1999
From Budm

      Hi All,
      Kenkeman, The PR is in the Casa, Many thanks. Please write when you return.
      Naughty did you get my email?

Time 05:17, 12 Jan 1999
From Dr. Evil

            Hi All, have to keep things short. I'm having technical difficulties (power
      supply on my computer died, so I'm on a
      borrowed computer). It'll be friday before things are fixed and I get back here

      Kenkeman: The PR arrived today, was the bright spot in an otherwise lousy day.
      Thanks a lot. I owe you big!!

      Budm: Everything's fine for the most part, you have mail.

      OT1: thanks for the bulb/ballast info. If I understand correctly on the bulbs, a hqit
      on a sodium ballast is the optimum mh type bulb. I looked at venture's website,
      which did'nt cover horticultural bulbs, and they mentioned a 44k lumen bulb called
      the pulse star (with an angstrom sign). Is this the one you are referring to? Do
      you havea part number handy? I just want to make sure to get the right one. On
      capacitors. I was not aware of the variety of different ballast designs within each
      of the wattages, making it impossible to make a blanket statement on cap. size.
      Now I understand. Lacking the ocilloscope mentioned, would a light meter reading
      be a valid test when trying different caps.?

      OT2: One place you might check for the transformer is:
      They have an online catalog with a listing for a trans. that looked like it would work
      for about $12 if I remember correctly. They have all kinds of cool stuff. I'm working
      on a design for an easy to build linear light mover with surplus parts from there. It
      looks like it can be built for about $35. Uses a low rpm motor to turn a piece of
      threaded rod which the light tracks on. Should be reliable. Just have to work out
      some hardware issues to keep it cheap.

      Aunt Nellie: The refrigeration tip seems to have cut about 3 days off my average
      rooting time on shiskeberry. They usually take me about 10 days in my
      aerocloner (will have to upgrade pumps and sprayers some time, I usually get
      close to 100% success, just slower than some others). I'll be using that trick

      Lady J: Now that I understand what you were saying, I have to agree
      withyou. You know, if you turn things around, with the assumption that
      non-drug types evolved from drug types, it could explain early man's interest in
      the plant. I could imagine a scenario where a group of hunters built a fire to cook
      the days kill one autumn, and the nearest available fuel were dead cannabis.
      Upon inhaling smoke from the fire, and deciding it was pretty cool, they brought
      some to their next site, inadvertantly scattering seed all the way, and so on.
      Primitive cultures were probably not that much different from modern ones in
      placing a high value on their intoxicants, and when you are traveling on foot for
      long distances, you only carry what has the most value to you.

      Bill Clinton: Sorry to hear about the pest problem. Sounds like republicans :)

      All: So far, the shiske x big plum seedlings seem to look more like shiske than the
      bp. Odd looking leaves, some look almost like strawberry leaves. Never saw that
      before. Oval and serrated.

      Well, I'll try to stop by a couple of times over the next couple of days, if I can get
      more use of this computer.
      Stay safe
      Dr. Evil

Time 00:30, 12 Jan 1999
From Budm

      Hi all.
      Naughty I found a description of Silver haze from Sensi, that you were looking
      for,its in the 1996 Cat at www.lycaeum.org/~sky/data/sensi.html

Time 00:28, 12 Jan 1999
From oldtimer1

      The spec now :-
      Haze---Indoor--Strong, compact plant, mellow.--10 weeks Five seeds. fl. 27.00

      I have a copy of the firstpositronics seeds list This is the spec for The
      Original Haze. :-



      ------------------- SILVER-BLUE, OR PURPLE HAZE.



      HEIGHT : 2 - 3 M

      YIELD : MED - HIGH




      This is close to the stock I had except that some could go as much as 18 wks +
      unless the lighting was kept on 11 hrs during flowering and I reckon that only
            4 to 5% were very special. But as you can see the spec seems to have
      changed a lot.
      Hope this helps Ot1.

Time -1:59, 12 Jan 1999
From Munty (munty@indiasite.com)

      I prefer Autumn.....the bountiful harvest! ;-)

Time -2:09, 12 Jan 1999
From justice

      hello peoples of the green thumb
      does anybody know of a couple of strains called congo or godzilla? they're both
      supposed to be PRETTY DAMN FAT so i fgure the first one is kong, but as for the
      and by the way just to clarify no huge yielding geneticly indoorized mommas would
      do too well outdoors? could crossing these with a good outdoor strain (just once)
      help much?
      summer is my favorite time of year

Time 20:38, 11 Jan 1999
From Naughty

      Hey Budm.....i hope all is going well..no need to thank me any further...you have
      shown your gratitude just buy keeping me posted....good growin to ya.....

Time 20:34, 11 Jan 1999
From Naughty

      Hi all...i was wondering if anyone had any opinion on a GREAT outdoor strain for
      southern ontario....good yeild,taste, quality of high, ease of growth......that time if
      year is creaping around.......gotto think about some clones soon.....thanx

Time 18:13, 11 Jan 1999
From Budm

      Hi All, OT1, Ive read that you think that HGFs Haze,is not like Wernards anymore.
      Ive been considering ordering some of Posi's 1999 stock from CSB of Adam, they
      are the suposed "Keepers of Wernards stock Parents, untill he returns to the
      business, what do you know about this? if anything. Heres were I read it

      Kenke If your lurking, Nada Yet on the PR.

      Dr E, Let me know how things are doing.

Time 16:13, 11 Jan 1999
From Mota

      Aunt Nellie,
      Thanks for the link.I just started using grow coir in my soil mix.


Time 15:30, 11 Jan 1999
From Al Phadog

      Point well taken, of course I expect variations in a hybrid strain.However, I
      didn't expect 2 of 5 indica type high and definate indica look from something
      advertised as 4 of 5 soaring sativa high and a mostly sativa plant.I just felt I
      should post MY results.As I stated, the Doc offered something that I turned
      down and I feel he is indeed a good man.Others may have entirely different
      results as may I next time.But, I was rather disappointed after all hyped up
      posts I read.Should know better that to believe most things at can.com.

      Always nice to see your thoughts posted.


Time 10:20, 11 Jan 1999
From Vic High (bcga@mailcity.com)

      Mirage - how was your trip? Heard you made it to a pretty good party with JH and
      WH and such. So what's up? New email is above. Old one still works as well.

Time 09:28, 11 Jan 1999
From ERIc

      Niagra is a cross of an indica and a satavia. In the description (i think not sure
      though) of the plants it gives the hieght as 6-12 feet. That alone shows that there
      is variations between each plant. I think that the Doc is more into
      introducing "untouched" genetics with the introduction of his new strains and the
      fact that the niagra isnt "uniformy"...not that uniformity is what im looking for..in
      fact the less alike they are the better for the guirella gardner. But just from what i
      have learned on thiese boards, you do 10 and keep the best. I have 50 Niagra
      and 18 Niagra early, and am sending for malwaia. I havent tried any of them...next
      spring will tell. I hope that it is everything the doc said it isand I feel that he
      has grown them for years and knows them..but now..he is mailing those same
      seeds world wide to many many different growers and enviroments..so i guess
      that in itself will be a test of the quality..and i feel that the final tally will be in by
      next august. With more people doing them outdoors next year. Im so out of my
      league discussing genetics because to tell ya the truth. The best i have dont even
      really have names..two are labeled "seeds from jeff in lousiana" and strain from
      the girl at the festival". Im learning so much from all of you guys though. So keep
      the info flowing ya"ll.

Time 09:08, 11 Jan 1999
(Bill Clinton)

      Haven't been here for awhile so I just wanted to say "Hi" to everyone. Got 3 out of
      4 female on my Romberry which went into flower 12 days ago. I had a major pest
      problem that damn near ruined everything so I decided to flower my mums. I did
      take clones a few days ago so I don't have to start entirely from seed.
      Take care all!

Time 09:02, 11 Jan 1999
From aeric77

      you too......Mirage......

Time 09:00, 11 Jan 1999
From aeric77

      Vic.......check your new mail......

Time 05:01, 11 Jan 1999
From Al Phadog

      I'll make a statement I've seen somewhere before, seedbanks are a crap shoot at
      best.That's why paying some of the prices asked is no guarentee that you
      will get 10 dyno plants.I see posts all of the time on variation within many of
      the high priced strains.
      Makes it difficult to shell out big bucks with so much uncertainty.Of course
      one could say well you'll never find that holy grail, so to speak, if you don't take a
      chance.But, I'm not interested in something that would be so powerful that I
      couldn't function at all.Maybe when I was young and tripping on other
      things, but now too many other things in life.Just something that feels good
      to me.An up for daytime and functioning and a down for nighttime and
      those old aches and pains.Unfortunately the aches and pains become
      more so with each passing year.I should have both of those ends and make
      my own seeds.Hope to bred something decent to carry me
      through.Got maybe another 20years on this old earth, the higher power
      willing.Much beyond that and I won't be functioning well enough so it won't
      matter.Sorry, got too deep there.

      Best to all good people here.


Time 03:57, 11 Jan 1999
From MIRAGE (mirage@lycosmail.com)

      Aeric , can you email me about all that's been going on ? Got back from California
      this morning and need to catch up with everyone.

      Vic , you still around ? Need to chat ..

Time 17:27, 10 Jan 1999
From aeric77

      Lady J,
                   you have mail......
                   Vic you should have mail too....

                   Do you guys happen to have Marko's, repo's, or Occam's email

Time 14:55, 10 Jan 1999
From Lady J (ladyj@postmaster.co.uk)

      Almost forgot, Aeric please email me.


Time 14:49, 10 Jan 1999
From Lady J

      Hi all,

      Vic>>email me.

      Ot1>>You have mail.

      Last night transplanted Chemo, Duncan, UBC1, Cali-O, Grapefruit.

      I'll wait a week or two before putting the Champagne in new dirt. The photo from
      Cannabis Canada shows a beautiful example of it.

      Two G13's well rooted and beginning to grow.


Time 12:35, 10 Jan 1999
From Vic High

      oops 11:55 was from me

      Oltimer 2 - you can buy the parts within most communities. Neon sign
      ballast/transformer can be purchased through most sign shops. May need to
      order in smaller communities. Rest of the materials can be found at any hardware
      store. I can build one as powerful as the $800 ones for under $100, that is what I
      was trying to say.

      OT1 - please keep that electrical coming. Takes me a couple reads to
      understand, but I'm soaking it up. Those that don't want to open the dictionaries
      can just skip over them, haha. Just kiddin ya mg and alpha :)

      Al Phadog - I think the same way about the seed market. I figure it is all a matter
      of perspective as to the quality of seed bank seeds. Because of my location I'm
      exposed to some excellent weed and clones that most of teh seedbank seed can't
      measure up to. I've mentioned this in the past but I figure it is partially due to the
      selection processes that the mother clones go through as time goes by. I've
      brought this up in the past, but growers keep getting and trying new clones. The
      best is kept and inferior ones dropped. Therefore as time goes by, that keeper
      clone has become the best of the best of the best. Well the seeds you grow have
      not had the benefit of all that selection and are going to have some variation in
      potency. It would be pretty lucky if one of the 10 seedlings was able to stack up
      against that favourite keeper clone. For some reason, alot of the seedbank critics
      expect the seedlings to behave like clones with respect to uniformity. It should be
      clear that all the plants are related and share the same genetics, but they also
      need to have some variation. Just my thought anyway.

Time 11:55, 10 Jan 1999

      mg, well said, haha. You wouldn't believe the number of emails from people
      wanting me to say mine are the best, haha. I just figure they are something a little
      different. Speaking of something different, I finally got aeric's cali-o in the flower
      room and can't wait to see how this turns out.

      Budm, I'm no expert that can tell you exactly what to do and then promise you'll
      get great results. I can only relay what I've tried and gotten away with. With
      reusing soil in 10 gallon pots, I've gone so far as to pull out a harvested plant and
      then plant a new clone into the hole without remixing. Then during this second
      veg stage, I water every now and then with fish ferts. Bone meal takes over ayear
      to break down so no need for anything other than water for the second flower
      cycle. I've done this a couple of times to try and figure out what nutes are being
      used up. Yields didn't drop so I figure the soil had all it needed. Personally I
      wouldn't suggest this unless you like screwing around also in trying to learn more
      about the plants. Every now and then I get bit in the ass and something screws up
      big time :)

Time 09:31, 10 Jan 1999
From Old Timer (2)

      Vic - over on the 'other' board you mentioned that you had a ozone generator
      available for $100.00 or so. Is this a product one could order from a retail store as

      Just curious.

      As usual.

Time 06:45, 10 Jan 1999
From oldtimer1

      Hi Al its unlikly that you will be flamed here all inputs of info are welcome that
      advance the craft. Ot1

Time 06:11, 10 Jan 1999
From Al Phadog

      Reread my post and need to clarify something so I don't get fried.Doesn't
      seem to go on here, but just in case.My friend is not a computer oriented
      person, so I helped him set up
      anon email accountant through my computer access.He sent email and is
      now convinced they will come and get him.

      Also, the reason we both decided to not
      take the Doc up on his more than generous offer is this - he sells a product and
      just like any other product
      you read about it and normally ask questions.Since this product is illegal
      kind of hard to do that. So you check boards and read what people
      say.You don't know whether what is being said is true or not so unless all
      bad, you try.Like any other product, if you don't like it, you don't buy it
      again and you inform other people so they can make up there minds.We
      might have isolated experiences, who knows.
      We just want the community (is it really?) to know our experience and that the Doc
      himself is as advertise IMO.


Time 05:56, 10 Jan 1999
From Al Phadog

      Eric -
      About 3 months ago.By the way, a friend had similar problem with Niagra.
      He emailed the Doc and the Doc was very
      nice.Doc wanted to replace.But my friend and I both are old farts with
      old ideas and weren't trying to get anything free.My friend never posts and
      normally I don't either, but we felt we should inform people without flaming and I
      have computer access.

      m. g. -
      Glad to see I'm not the only one who's not an expert in electricity, biogenetics,
      history, or whatever.Just a little guy trying to do this for his own personal
      pleasure.I think I remember you from Hempbc chat under another handle.
            I too, enjoyed the NCGA strains -esp MCW (still have a few beans put away
      :)).All were easy as
      could be to grow.When you're not a pro
      that as appealing if not more so than the all of the other points. High of course is
      important, but if you can't get it to grow what good is it to you?

      Thanks for your time.


Time 01:10, 10 Jan 1999
From oldtimer1

      Hi m.g. Iíll shut up about lights, I will be starting some romberry next month in a
      new improved grow place 62.5 w per sq ft i would prefer the desert Ill look it up on
      the map and be envious. Its good to know that it can take a lot of light.
      All the best Ot1.

Time -1:07, 10 Jan 1999
From m.g.

      Al pha, finally one who's talking my language! i agree with ya, it can get to be
      pretty hi-tek-talk here. especially concerning a plant so easy to grow (hey, try
      orchids for a realchallenge!)

      but anyway...i grew out vic's romberry and blueberry outdoors in the mohave
      desert last summer. both did just as good as any other strain here, including
      imgc's, ncga's, and the "other usual suspects"(RC's experimental peruvians
      were stolen, but that's another story). the rom is still a favorite toke! luckily a
      friend kept a few of the clones going so next summer's crop will also have a fair
      share of the romberry. i guess what i'm getting at is, i can't see anything different
      or special about growing them verses anything else you have grown well. they are
      both very hardy and handled the extreme stress of the desert w/o any probs. i
      prefer the rom over the BB only because of the better yield i got with them and
      heavier buzz...but the blueberry still has that awesome flavor and is no lightweight
      either. good luck with yours.

Time 18:31, 9 Jan 1999
From Budm

      Hi All
            Vic, In recycleing this soil could I just make sure I add pearlite and
      wormcastings & chop up the roots real good, considering its only supported a few
      males to 6-8 weeks? Guess im just looking for the easy way out, if possiable.

      Naughty, The four AKs are looking great starting there secomd set of leaves,
      even the one I accidently damaged.

      Does anyone know anything about the realibity "CSB" they are the suposed
      keeper of 'Wernards Posi Genetics untill he gets back in business, Im considering
      a Posi Haze and a Posi Haze19xSkunk1 cross, they are real inexpensive about
      14usd for 5.
      Well my Roms just keep looking better and better:-) at about35days 12/12
      the top colas are 7-8inches tall and 2-2.5inches wide, they are under 400hps in
      (BCGA)super soil mix.Would they be much bigger with a 1000hps?

      Does anyone have any pointers on "KaliMist"? Ive read they are for "advanced
      gardners" Im gonna try the anyhow. Im germing some next week.
      Everyone have a good weekend.

Time 17:03, 9 Jan 1999
From oldtimer1

      Hi there frenchie, Sorry I'm just a little tired its been a long day and its after 1 am
      here. If you have a sodium ballast with an internal igniter that runs horizontal 400
      w son t plus sodium lamps. A 400 w HQIT can be used in place of the sodium
      without changing any thing else. I think Vic said that he is trying one and I reckon
      he will like it a lot. I think he said he was using one from Osram, my personal
      favourite is ventures clear HQIT but the Osram is pretty good. Osram also make a
      replacement for the 1 k horizontal sodium lamp It is a
      1 k HRIT.
      Hope this helps Iím off to bed. Ot1

Time 16:20, 9 Jan 1999
From frenchie

      Oldtimer 1 : It is the life of a teacher to repeat :) What about those
      horizontal MH superare they HQIT or HPIT. Does it worth while to get a
      newer ballast or just change the capacitor on old ones? A newbie on
      ballast :)

Time 16:12, 9 Jan 1999
From eric

                   when did you order your niagra from HS

Time 16:07, 9 Jan 1999
From oldtimer1

      inthedark If you have a modern sodium ballast the simplest thing to do is buy a
      HQIT Metal halide lamp it is a horizontal type and directly replaceable with with a
      son t plus sodium. They give a much better light than internal igniter types they
      should be replaced once a year if used 12 hrs a day at this point the lumen
      output reaches 80% of the initial output. Quite honestly internal igniter types of
      MH lamps are very inefficient and are usually vertical types which is even worse. A
      400 w HQIT lamp in a good horizontal reflector will get more light on your plants
      than a vertical 1 k internal igniter HPIT and with a more even spread. As far as
      igniters are concerned seeing as you aren't switching it out of circuit while it is
      firing the switch current rating need only be adequate for the lamp current. The
      contact open gap needs to be big enough not to carry an arc. How easy it is to do
      depends on the ballast and igniter there are 4 types. If it is a simple make and
      break type in line with the bulb you simply put a shorting switch across the igniter.
      If it is a 3 or 4 wire solid state one it is a much more difficult job.Personally I
      wouldn't consider using such an old design with an internal igniter its just a waste
      of electricity! Buy a decent lamp it may cost more but you get it back in lumens
      and in turn a lot more bud.
      Sorry if I seem to be rambling on but Iíve written about HQIT lamps several times
      in the last year and feel a bit like a puppy chasing his tail.
      All the best Ot1.

Time 15:55, 9 Jan 1999
From Al Phadog

      Lurking here for quite a while.Sometimes posts are a little too technical for
      person like me, but mostly
      informative.I would like to post results of a grow.Thought here would
      be better than other sites.I'm trying to inform not flame.Niagra from
      promix/perlite/worm castings.Start & veg under floros. Flower under 430W
      One female out of 6.Looked definately
      indica, but were supposed to be mostly sativa.Trashed males.Started
      at 14" 6 weeks preflowered and was very
      easy to distinguish.Fans leaves were
      wide fingered and HUGE.Topped once.Very few leaves.Buds
      production was
      not much to speak of (thought should be
      great with 1 plant under 430W).Bud leaves had purple cast to
      was average.Overall opinion - not as advertised in type, production, or
      As far as production/high could have been me, but type was not as advertised.
      Have seen other posts stating same thing.
      Vic, working on BB and RB now and sent
      you email with questions.

      Thanks for the place to post and everyones time.


Time 15:52, 9 Jan 1999
From Frenchie

      Budm, a overdose of micro element is lethal or very hard to fix, better use less
      than too much. Like Vic said they are easily found in organic ferts .

Time 15:25, 9 Jan 1999
From Spliffie

      67ed, ya most of the colombos had lots of mottle'ing, reds too, most sativas from
      down there were like that, also small compaired to indica's,you know how mother
      nature is, birds have a tough time see'm huh, later,

Time 14:44, 9 Jan 1999
From Vic High

      Budm - those trace elements can be found at anyplace that sells garden supplies
      up here, I imagine the same down there. Maybe just ask a sales clerk for help, if
      they don't know what your talking about, they shouldn't be working there, haha.
      With the castings or manure those trace elements aren't mandatory but more of a
      preventative measure. Seaweed ferts will do the same thing if your still stuck.

Time 13:01, 9 Jan 1999
From Dr. Evil

      Budm: You have mail, all on board ok. Will write in more detail once everything is
      settled in.
      Dr. Evil

Time 12:46, 9 Jan 1999
From 67ed

      PR seeds just arrived; thanks mucho Kenkeman! I'll e-mail you soon. Anybody
      else?Small and mottled, look similar to the 'Bo seeds of old. Were they
      mottled? I can't remember!----Peace

Time 11:30, 9 Jan 1999
From Budm

      Hi all, Vic I dont drive due to a med condition, so when the ole-lady drives me to
      garden shops, I like to find stuff in a hurry, at as few places as possiable. Heres
      what id like to know, I did the BCGA soil recipe my first grow,now that ive culled
      out my males, and Ive got some new seedlings started Im recycling my soil, I cant
      find "Fritted Trace Minerales" are they more comonally known as something else?
      Or a brand nome or something? I did fine without them originnaly, but after one
      set of plants have used the soil, I think it sounds like a good thing to add.

      DocEvil. So Yes or No and in what cond. E-mail me

Time 05:39, 9 Jan 1999
From Strider

      INthedark: Let me redeem myself here. a circut breaker while electricly, would
      handle the voltage/current, may not, take the heat in a ballast enviroment. its
      poss it may trip from the heat. however a good, 120v 240v sw with a 20 amp
      rating ( NOT A LIGHTING SWITCH) used for ac or heating aplication would work
      ok. there are single pole double trow ( one lever breaks 2 contacts) or single
      throw single pole switches readily avalible at app partshouses. while the
      voltage produced, the 2-5kv is high the amp draw is nominal. much like the coil in
      an auto. which produces around 10,000 v it has little amperage. any of these
      heat/air appliance type switches will work ok. another place to find them is as "vic"
      sugjested is and electrcle supply house that caters to the trade. tho they may say
      whosale only in the addin the yellow pages. i have found most will sell to
      you if you go by, While i am not an expert. i do repair appliances for a living and
      in the case of microwave ovens deal with voltages of around 4,000v ac/dc with up
      to 17amps in current draw. now that will kill you dead. the application you are
      dealing with is not so dangerous. just make sure your mounting and wire
      connections are sound.

Time 04:30, 9 Jan 1999
From Aunt Nellie

      Mota- I use Growcoir and love it.Holds lots of water and air, rehydrates
      easily, keeps your PH right where you want it and, although I haven't tried it yet,
      it's supposed to be perfect for hydro organics.Check out

Time 03:13, 9 Jan 1999
From Strider

      In the dark: Guess I am butting in but
      maybe OT1 won't mind and may confirm my Idea. you can get a good switch at
      any appliance parts house ,with various amp ratings. there are several universal
      types availible. single pole double throw ect. but the simplest tho mounting may
      be a problem. would be a circut breaker.found at any hardware. lumber yard. Or,
      remember the old monster movies where the villian would throw the old bar type
      switch to let the juice flow? this type sw. is simple and will hold/carry the
      voltages/amerages you will be dealing with. tho harder to find. most any heavy
      duty sw. will work ok just use one with a high voltage/amp rating. and pay close
      attention to howyou mount it. ie>> shorts and arcing. Strider.

Time 00:30, 9 Jan 1999
From inthedark

      OT1 Since you seem like an expert in electrics, can you help me.I want to
      know what type of switch I would need to bypass the ignitor in a HPS setup. Since
      the that electric pulse you talk about is 3-5kV, would I need a switch that could
      handle that much juice? I know I could manually bypass it be taking the ignitor out
      of the loop, but a switch seems to be a more practical idea.

Time -2:25, 9 Jan 1999
From Frenchie

      Old timer1:I tought i was a bulb maniac took me few time to digest it
      HAHA but i don't have antwin beam oscilloscope under my bed to
      tune the darn thing :))))) lol

Time 17:49, 8 Jan 1999
From 67ed

      God Oldtimer, Are you an electrical engineer, or what? I thought I spoke English,
      but I'm still trying to piece your post together, and I do have an associates in
      engineering! (from a hundred years ago).Peace

Time 11:02, 8 Jan 1999
From oldtimer1

      Hi Dr Evil The ballast is a big inductive coiland limits the current drawn by
      the arc coil 4.5 amps for sodium 4 amps for MHand 3.5 amps for MV 400 w.
      Modern electronic igniters produce pulses 3 to 5 kv to strike the arc. The lamp
      voltage is around 100 v. The inductive coil lags the supply and
      withoutpower factor correction would draw a lot of current with little output
      [the lamp might not always run. If you add capacitors beyond the inductive lag of
      the coil you would have what is called a leading pf and the more you added the
      less output you would get. For the highest out put to the lamp the the inductive
      coil and capacitors should be in balance with the phase voltage. My light with
      parry 400 w control gear has a 45 yF cap Phillips control gear come with 2 x 32
      yF caps = 64 yF all rated 250 v ac so it cant be that critical. If you want to do a
      really good job of it you need a twin beam oscilloscope and you add same value
      caps in parallel across the input to the ballast until phase of the output to the
      lamp match the mains supply. Basically its just a simple tuned circuit. The caps for
      you should be 120 v ac dry construction type [no fluid leakage] metalised
      polypropylene film are best. If you found 100 yF was the best value it is better to
      have 4 x 25 yF in parallel . Our 1000 w sodium ballasts have just that across the
      input. Not much more I can say I hope it wasn't to boring.
      Vic you have mail!
      Lady J will mail you soon.
      All the best Ot1.

Time 10:11, 8 Jan 1999
From justice

      hey all whassup
      i was just thinking about how often i come around (which isn't too often) to check
      this place out and then leave without a trace. i'll jump in now and again when
      there'ssomething for me to say but for the most part i'm just soakin it all up.
      so here's an extended thank you from the silent crew at BCGA. keep the spirit
      alight anf FUCK THE MAN.

Time 09:28, 8 Jan 1999
From sb

      Lady J
      Bravo !
      Now if "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny",can the complete evolution of
      the plant be plotted by studying the development and subsequent growth of a
      single seed?
      can I have your e-mail again?

Time 09:24, 8 Jan 1999

      Lady J
             How tall does your Oaxacan grow to?

      I had heard that there is a strain growing in the highlands in mexico that is actually
      a cross between a native satavia and an indica brought there by exploring
      spanish soldiers. they gave the indians in that area some seeds to grow for them
      and the indians naturally ended up with a cross. Now i would also be willing to bet
      that the idea about the hemp was also true but it having less flowers to produce
      seeds for food
      I think it would have been kept completely seperate ..only grown for the fibers for
      cloths and nets. It only makes sence...I would like to see what that tribe has done
      with that cross made hundreds of years ago.....

oops missed a day or two

Time 15:19, 6 Jan 1999
From Dr. Mezz

      i unfortuenetly can't give you a precise height for the Oaxacan, since it has only
      been cultivated indoors, where a factor such as this can be
      controlled.However I imagine it could attain heigts of up too 13-15', with 7-9
      being the average height.Although I don't have oaxacan seeds at the
      moment, I would be interested in trading or buying some if at all possible.

      Vic; In the description of the blueberry it says that, the seeds were treated with
      colchicine.Although the effects would be less pronounced with successive
      generations, do you still obtain polyploids?

Time 14:51, 6 Jan 1999

      ya'll want to know what pisses me off?

      I was doing a search for certain drug relaited things and a banner add came up
      about why drugs are bad for you..so i decide to go and read it......

      Man it is so full of shit...nothing but half truths and lies..it is targeted for students.
      What gets my goat is that it isnt true, they are warning people to not do drugs so
      they will not be like us. But what is funny to me is that at leats we dont lie about
      it...we are very factual people. They lie about us and pot and we are the
      enemy....what gives man.....stop the lies and let people decide for themselves..If
      anyone wnats to check it out here is the link..its such shit. they even say that the
      pot available now is 500 times stronger than 10 years ago. and it is worse for you
      than cigeretts....anyway ..we have all heard it beforte..it just pisses me off


Time 14:46, 6 Jan 1999
From Mota

      You got mail.


Time 13:58, 6 Jan 1999

      Otimer 1...yes i have an addy..it is hotmail..if you dont want to send it to that addy
      just let me know where i can get a new one and i will go get it..if you dont have a
      problem thought just send it to ericcarr21@hotmail.com

      PIE.... I have the original mowie wowie
      from a grower from hawaii I only have a total of 25 seeds right now but the guy i
      got them from is contacting the source..it is a seedbank of growers that are all
      based in Hawaii..then i should be abloe to get more....but YES i would like to
      trade..i have no problem ttading a clone...you can drop me a line at that addy
      the only thing i know about it is that it gets about 6-7 feet tall..one bowl full fucked
      up two expericeneced ( both oltime hippies from 60's and 70's and to tell you the
      truth they still are) and that the medicine man that he got them from only grows a
      pound a year he sells it to pay for his stay in hawaii he told me he gets $8,000 a
      pound. I know this guy has smoked forever...he also uses peyote and opium when
      he joins his medicin brothers...but thats really all i can tell you because i havent
      seen or tried it myself. should be wonderful stuff though. he kept the poor plant
      raped as he only grew it for himself he also crossed it to a purple plant that was
      also given to him so i can do that one to. as it is winter now that is nexdt springs
      first project....

Time 10:12, 6 Jan 1999
From Mota

      Which Widow hybrids are you vegging?


Time 09:52, 6 Jan 1999
From Frenchie

      What did happenned in Vancouver with the COPs (birtday party) might teach
      them some restrainwhen it come to pot busting, The same day they have
      raid a house merely because the windows had condentation on them and there
      was some smell outside, There was NO growing operation in there. I think they will
      start to redefine the way to deal with pot bust and lower those guns now. it was a
      bad thing for the kid and the dogbut a good thing for the cause.

Time 09:44, 6 Jan 1999
From pie

      Vic>>> yup that is the book. have you seen it or just read the review from the
      growihg edge.

      see everyone getting rid of hotmail!!! what did i miss??? is it the thing about
      encrypted java script cookies hidden in eme's?

      Mowie Wowie ... there was a thread or post about the real deal mowie wowie
      awhile back. i have access to some old genetics that seems to be real popular. i
      am interested in a trade ??? interested???

Time 09:42, 6 Jan 1999
From oldtimer1

      You have an addy Eric?
      Vic I thought your system in Canada was supposed to be tolerant that stinks. Ot1.

Time 08:40, 6 Jan 1999
From Vic High (bcga@mailcity.com)

      Speaking of stupid, the Vancouver police force seems to be trying to replace the
      LA force for having the worst public relations. First the APEC(sp) scandle and the
      way they assulted the protesters. Now last weekend they busted a childs birthday
      party. Crashed the place in riot gear and blew away a family pet. Splattered the
      b-day girl with the dog's blood. What kind of surveilance can't tell the difference
      between a bunch of children having a birthday party and a bunch of drug
      dealers!!! That survailance team should be fired outright for endangering public
      safety as they have done! They caused more trauma for those young kids than
      what any homebased MJ dealer could! It's a sad thing when society needs
      protection from it's police force.

Time 08:35, 6 Jan 1999

      the only problem those knats will cause is other than annoying you they will get
      stuck in your buds and then you have little bugs on your buds. if you dont have
      any "good bugs" in the room and only seedlings just put a bug bomb in there if
      they are really bad...if just a few buy a can of spray and manually spraythem out.

      Otimer1 where are your pics man?

      Dr mezz... did your friend happen to know how tall the Oxxcean grew to?

      Hey Vic a friend of mine recieved you blueberry from heaven's stairway?
      cant wait to smoke some..

Time 08:27, 6 Jan 1999
From Vic High (bcga@mailcity.com)

      Frenchie - I posted some time ago about my thoughts about which bulb I thought
      was the best. Basically I like a combo of light sources and couldn't pick a best.
      Each bulb had it's good points and bad points. In every case, the plants between
      two dissimilar bulbs outperformed plants directly under the bulbs even though
      they were farther away from the light. The osram bulb did very well and growth of
      plants under it were not much slower than plants under a 1000w MH.

      Many tease me about how long I play with a seedling or new clone in veg before I
      finally flower it. It is so that I can really get to know that clone or seedline. Well,
      quiet a while ago I planted a bunch of seeds and they are still in the veg room.
      The two white widow hybrids are under a 1000w sunmaster warm deluxe and the
      g13/nl, bubbi blueberry, and kushes are under a 1000w SMH. The seedlings
      under the sunmaster have stretched significantly more but this may simply be a
      genetics thing. Again, plants between the bulbs are doing the best.

      As for the high voltage switch, I would go to an electrical supply or comercial
      lighting supply outlet and ask for a suitable switch. They would be up on what is
      safe and what isn't.

      RSB is still on the line. With everyone's New Years resolutions, there is not a big
      demand within my circle of contacts so no rush to finish. Not a good idea to get
      too far ahead on packaging. Usually the New Years resolutions are slowly
      forgotten as the month progresses :)

Time 08:20, 6 Jan 1999
From Lady J

      I never said that African culture was younger than Mexican. The difference is that
      African strains are predominantly wild types. Even those who live and smoke
      there will tell you that finding African weed that was purposefully cultivated is a
      rare instance. Most Africans you will buy there are harvested wild plants. This is
      far from the case in Mexico, where virtually all cannabis is cultivated.

      I'm always one for learning more. If I'm wrong and you can show it I'll admit it. Your
      the first historian I've ever seen call someone stupid. You must an umemployed
      historian if you're one at all.



Time 07:47, 6 Jan 1999
From lurker

      trelaway thanks for the link!

      the war on pot... governments putting otherwise law-abiding citizens in jail over a
      plant..major stupidity.

      maybe what was being suggested is that the people from the oaxacan region of
      mexico have an older pot culture (and therefore breeding programs) than do the
      africans... even in north africa its mostly hashish not pot.after all wasn't it
      the mexicans that introduced pot smoking to us north americans? and I'm glad too
      or else I'd be mixing tobacco in with my joints.. nasty $hit

Time 02:04, 6 Jan 1999
From happy bongmore

      fungus gnats and they may be not a problem or harmful to death to your crop ,
      depends how bad they get ..... the little flies are harmless and annoying but their
      larvae can damage roots ......they thrive in damp warm rotting conditions...your
      medium might be too damp. ...let it dry out between waterings , I mean really dry
      out so the pot is noticably lighter......hang sticky yellow strips to trap the
      adults........nuke the bastards with a knockdown spray..... prevention is
      better than cure.......if you aregrowing in a soil/peat mix.....an old grower
      told me to put an inch/26mm layer or more of washed river sand on the surface of
      the pots....this will prevent the buggers from laying .

Time 01:02, 6 Jan 1999
From inthedark

      Sorry, one more thing. Can the reverse be true? Add an ignitor to a MH ballast
      with that switch to make a switchable ballast. Would this work? What do you guys

Time 00:53, 6 Jan 1999
From inthedark

      Can anyone find info on that special switch? I am really interested in converting to
      a switchable ballast. Where can I get this switch and how can I install it? Thanks
      for the info on the Osram, Vic. I been on a wild goose chase looking for that lamp.
      I'm glad you settled it. I just started my Bros. Grimm beans. I seem to have a little
      problem. I have these little knat-like bugs in my grow. They sit around until I come
      close. Does anyone know what they are? Are they harmful? How do I get rid of


Time -1:47, 6 Jan 1999
From trelaway

      Hey historian dude,

      If what lady J said was the stupidest thing you've read, you should read some

      O.J. getting off, that was stupid.

      Telling kids HIV came from africans and monkeys fighting over food scraps in
      dumps --- well, that's pretty stupid.

      Auchwitz --- another biggie in the stupid department.

      It's possible Lady J is merely misinformed; maybe you could lighten up on the
      critism a bit.

Time -2:32, 6 Jan 1999
From Orchid man

      Budmbroi like to use more metal halide than HPS untill the last 2-3
      weeks of flowering. Using HPS at the end does a nicer finish ,the budzz get harder
      (fuller) . If one is not in an hurry, Metal halide coated or sunmaster warm do a
      really nice job, the plant seem to produce flowers for a longer period of time than
      with HPS alone.

      old timer1: i went to see your pics on the site VERY Nice

      As for the Historian Oaxacan weed exist since long before you and me , i
      used to smoke this stuff in Palenque MX. for Months. As far as i knowthe
      indian there did not get the seeds from marc emery. As for Africans weed it is as
      old as Homo sapiens.

Time -3:36, 6 Jan 1999
From Munty (Munty@Indiasite.com)

      Hi all
      On the subject of flouro lights a countryman of mine who is an electrician came up
      with an addition for flouro light fittings a few years ago that has apparently turned
      him into a millionare.
      It is called Tri-Lux and apparently it TRIPLES the light output at the desk in office
      It consists, I believe, of a concave mirror behind the tubes but I may be over
      simplifying it here
      I have stood under them in office environments and they are certainly much
      brighter than conventional setups..food for thought?
      Vic: How is that Romulan Strawberry Blonde Surprise coming along?(sounds like
      icecream that you might get on the Starship Enterprise! ;-) )


Time -3:36, 6 Jan 1999
From Budm

      Hi All: Treleway I forgot, I had no leaves like that on my roms, but i did get one like
      that on my first 3 SupCrystals and 2 males the 3 way is sexless so far.

      Everyone, If ya had to either finish the last two weeks of a 12/12, that had 400hps
      and go to 400mh for the last two,
      Or have another batch get just mh800 for the fist 4 weeks then a mix which would
      ya do. I just bought a 400smh, I have one closet in 12/12 with a 400hps 5thweek,
      and another 1st week 12/12 with a 400mh. So im trying to figure the best way to
      play "Musical Lights" Ultimately I want a mixed flower 400hpsx400mh and a
      400smh veg, its just the current circumstances that are tough with my limited
      experience.Thanks all!

Time 19:46, 5 Jan 1999
From trelaway

      Hey Lurker,

      Here's an ona link, the only one I know.


Time 19:36, 5 Jan 1999
From Orchid man

      who is this dude with his caps lock and bird brain? A meter is a meter maybe the
      damn meter was fucked up like ya,who knows. posting crap ,i know...

Time 17:31, 5 Jan 1999
From Frenchie

      Geezz Vic you sure put out more lumens than those bulbs.. Case Closed haha!
            anyone here using growth hormone during flowering time. I don't know if i
      should use Vitamax during flowering as it might interfere with the flowering
      hormones of the plant??

Time 16:55, 5 Jan 1999
From Vic High (bcga@mailcity.com)

      here's what osram had to say.


            RE: Web Enquiry

            01/05/99 08:59:50



                                                    Dear Mr Loges

                                                    Thank you for your e-mail

                                                    Most of our HID lamps in the
      400Wwill give between 30,000 to 54,000
                                                    lumens. To achieve around
      85,000 lumens the lamp wattage would have to
                                                    be around 1000W.


                                                    Dhiru Galani
                                                    Technical Support, Marketing
      / 1307
                                                    e-mail: GalaniD@osram.co.uk

                                                    > -----Original Message-----
                                                    > From:
      bcga@theheadoffice.com [SMTP:bcga@theheadoffice.com]
                                                    > Sent: Saturday, January 02,
      1999 11:58 PM
                                                    > To:
      Subject:Web Enquiry
                                                    > Below is the result of your
      feedback form.It was submitted by Vic
                                                    > Loges
      (bcga@theheadoffice.com) on Saturday, January 2, 1999 at
                                                    > 23:57:33
                                                    > =

                                                    > -----
                                                    > addresstype: Home=A0
                                                    > discharge: on
                                                    > yesnoregistered: on
                                                    > occupation: research &
                                                    > Message: I've been hearing
      about a 400 Watt HID put out by Osram
                                                    > gives off 85,000 lumens. I'm
      interested in this product but can't =
                                                    > any info on it. If there is any
      such product could you email me the
                                                    > part number of the bulb and
      any specs on it. Thanks for your time, =
                                                    > yesnoproblem: on
                                                    > =

                                                    > -----

Time 15:07, 5 Jan 1999

      Dr Mezz

      well if you happen to get like a pound of it and can take all the seeds out then i
      would like to be able to trade you for some.....see even with an f2 or 1 or
      whatever ..i can still get a good mom. But really i want a truebreeding to cross
      back to a strain i have from Guadaljara...
      I have a friend that is bringign back some original form there in two months..he
      went to go find the best.

      let me know man...thanks

Time 14:42, 5 Jan 1999
From frenchie

      Victhanx for the info, so you would recommend this bulb instead of a
      regular 400w MH or Sunmaster cool? Do the leaves like the CRI of this cool white
      bulb? The tomatoes seem to love it at the store. What do the plant under this bulb
      compare to the others around the other bulbs? I know it might be hard to answer
      this if you have an HPS close to it.

Time 14:13, 5 Jan 1999
From Dr. Mezz

      thanks Lady J, and Evil.
      The seeds are indeed F2s because the original F1s that were crossed were
      derived from different parents.While all the parents were Oaxacans, they all
      came from different crops.I wanted and still want to start a selective
      breeding program, however due to space and time constraints this is just not
      possible. I only have a few seeds, left, and will not be able to obtain more from my
      friend till aprox. early march.At this point I am only interested in cultivating
      these for the high that I first remembered from them. If i had time, i would love to
      try and develop a strain which retains the original high, but posseses, better
      indoor growing characteristics.Pure Sativa indoors? Last experience wasn't
      to pleasent. Maybe you or someone else is up to the task?

      btw, what were you implying by ok...

Time 13:50, 5 Jan 1999
From loop_hole

      Vic and all> re flo tubes. Just picked up a few of Philips new-ish 4 foot flo's called
      50 U ultralume. 5000K temp and 3400 lumens with a CRI of 86. That's almost 50%
      more output than other wide spectrum bulbs. Just got them so I report on the
      results soon. About $10 CAN though (through an industrial lighting source).
      People use them in the treatment of SAD. I was just sad that my mothers didn't
      have enough light:-)

      Jay > the special switch is required due to the high voltage. BothHPS and
      MH run at about 430V but the starter fires at about 3K volts. Special switches
      should be used to prevent arcing.

      All> just drying up my shisk yield and should be able to report on results soon.
      Looks like my best yield so far even though shisk is not my best yielding plant.
      Don't think I'll use a pure shisk again though. This may sounds stupid but I just
      don't like the way the plant looks.
      Thanks all, my yields have been steadily increasing no doubt due to the excellent
      advice here.

Time 10:31, 5 Jan 1999

      Dr. Mezz
                   ok..first..if this is original Oxxacean then if your friend crossed it to
      another origanal from seeds that came from the same bag or field of pot..then it is
      still a true breeder not an f2. But growing out 20 would tell ya more

      can you tell me how tall this strain reached?
      can you get more seeds from your friend?

      are you willing to make a trade with some of us?

Time 10:27, 5 Jan 1999
From jay

      mr evil...all i do is take the igniter out of the ballast setup..3 wires,2 going to bulb
      and one from the ballast itself..i remember a store owner saying that to place a
      switch in your setup you need a special pricey switch,why i cant remember,but it
      made such a difference in price for him that he never did add it to his ballast kits...

      as far as a bigger capacitor for 400 watt bulbs you might want to email a hydro
      shop and ask them...not sure but i imagine if the 1k bulbs can be switched why
      not the 400's...

      pie not sure on the lumen thing either...i find cool whites work fine for
      me..btw-hope all is well with ya,good luck bro...

Time 09:39, 5 Jan 1999
From Vic High

      Budm - only ncga stock I have growing is BW. It's still in veg and i have little in the
      way of comments. Haven't even taken clones from them yet.

Time 09:35, 5 Jan 1999
From Vic High

      Frenchie - I really appreciate your input so please don't be offended but my
      hunch is that the Nanaimo store is blowing shit up your ass. I own one of those
      Osram Powerstar HQI-T bulbs that fits in a 400w HPS ballast. The product sheet I
      have on the Optimarc bulb also says that it fits in a 400w S51 HPS ballast. I
      always ask for a product sheet when some salesman tries to get me to try a new
      product. Victoria Tridon and other local stores told me that that 400w osram bulb
      was the same as the optimarc bulb.Don't get me wrong, I'm really
      impressed with the performance of this bulb, but I've only used it as a suppliment
      to other bulbs.

      Pie - sure share anything you find interesting. If it's too big maybe you could email
      it to me and then I could add it to the webpage? Is that the Van Pattan book? Lots
      of good info there.

      Budm - Blossom Blood is more meant for hydro growers but it has directions for
      soil growers so I have been playing with a bit. First attempt was with two plants,
      leaving another two as controls. Treated plants yielded a bit more but sample size
      was too small for the results to be reliable. I did a second trial but data was
      inconclusive. Although the treated plants averaged more, the numbers were too
      varied to make the data reliable. I can definately say that it doesn't hurt
      production, but I'm not convinced that it is a benefit either. No experience with
      sensa spray yet. I tend to avoid MJ hype products.

      Dr Evil - no I didn't check out the numbers for the high output 400 capacitors. As
      for switch, I'll need to ask Jay. He disconnected the ignitor and I don't know if he
      simply disconected it or bypassed it.

      Anon - ST is still on the line and isn't highest priority right now. Want to make sure
      I take my time and collect as much data as I can. Yields were much lower and with
      less chrystal than the Romulan strawberry blonde seedlings. I never worry about
      seedling yields though. Clones from those seedlings are now in the flower room.

Time 08:46, 5 Jan 1999
From Budm

      Hi all, I culled out another Male SuperCrystal, I only have one left and its whorled
      so it looks like SC is going to have to wait till I do the remainder of the eggs.Has
      any one ever had a "whorled" plant turn out a Fem?

      Vic, Can you update on the ncga's you are working with? in particlur the

      Trelaway. The Ona is doing the job even on the Roms, not directly in front of the
      closet but that is ubderstandable:-). I sliced it in half, then took one half and sliced
      that in 4, and placed the 4 in stratigic locations around the crib, great product!

      Nuaghty,The initial germ rate was good, however a couple look as if they "ran out
      of gas" and could not raise there cotleydons.Maybe the aging solidifys there initial
      food souce some? It looks as if a couple of each will mature, And now im glad im
      saved some of each to "age" forthe future. Again Naughty Thank You. Ill
      keep ya posted with stats weekly.

      Everyone- If anyone can tell me anything a/b "SensaSpray"and
      "BlossomBlood" Id apprechiate it!

Time 07:44, 5 Jan 1999
From Lady J (ladyj@postmaster.co.uk)

      Please note my new email addy.

      ot1>>please remail me, thanks.

      vic>>nevermind below.


Time 07:27, 5 Jan 1999
From Lady J

      vic>>send me your new email addy.

Time 07:21, 5 Jan 1999
From Lady J

      Oaxacan sativas are amongst the oldest varieties known. They have been a part
      of the native culture for thousands of years. Why do you think they are
      legendary? Africans are novelty strains. Oaxacans have been cultivated since the
      dawn of mezoamerican culture.


Time 07:18, 5 Jan 1999
From pie

      jay >>>> maybe the 33 actually stands for the lumens

      i belive the sylvania bulbs i have are rated at 3250 or 3300 lumens or 33 for short

Time 05:44, 5 Jan 1999
From OT (2)

      Dr. Evel

      Thanks a million. At the very least the seeds I have identified as 'Velvet Rush' are
      either the 'Blue Velvet' or the parent.

      The one time that I did grow the seeds back in 1990 to rejuvenate the genetics
      and create new seeds the few ladies I let finish unpollinated looked EXACTLY like
      the photograph.

      I was NOT able to let them finish as professionally as I wanted and since I wasn't
      going to 'switch' over to that strain I never gave it much thought - but the bud I did
      get was really cerebral and long-lasting.

      RE: BEL - from just having the genetics you mentioned I would think that your
      friend was, in fact, a member of the BEL. Quite an exciting time. Insofar as LSD -
      the BEL was the group that manufactured and distributedthe most popular
      psychadellic of all time - Orange Sunshine which was TECHNICALLY not LSD-25
      but a smiliar ergot - ALD-52.

      Check it out - the decision was made to use ALD-52 because it was much more
      stable for shipping and storing. LSD-25 is very unstable and virtually has not
      shelflife before it starts to change properties.


Time 05:21, 5 Jan 1999
From anon

      hey vic.... been out of town for a month or so. no internet access where i was at.
      how'd those sweet tooth turn out??? my nl and silver pearl were all mildly self
      pollinated :) love that chicken shit tea in flowering period....

Time 04:00, 5 Jan 1999
From Dr. Evil

      Hi All, I hope everybody is doing well,

      Budm: you have mail.

      Vic and Jay: Did you happen to hear anything about capacitor sizing for 400w
      hps? I have an address for surplus electronics, that has some capacitors in
      various sizes, all are pretty cheap. When you speak of adding a switch to take the
      ignitor out of the circuit on an hps, I assume you are talking about putting the
      switch in the leg that goes to the bulb from the ignitor? Or does it matter?

      OT1: Here is the link from the Osram-Sylvania (U.S. subsidiary of Osram)site that
      talks about new phosphors
      With a lot of reading between the lines, I guessed that this could explain the new
      bulb, however, this is conjecture on my part. I also think that it is not unlikely that
      such a bulb could exist as a new product for several reasons. One being that
      mainland europe would be first to receive it, being Osram's headquarters.
      Being somewhat lower on the food chain, we would hear about it later. Also, since
      400w bulbs make up the largest number of bulbs sold (parking lot and store
      lighting) it would be logical that this size would get introduced first. Catalogs,
      websites, and sales reps are usually a bit behind on the latest information. Just
      my thoughts on the matter. I think the use of a new phosphor could explain the
      increase in lumens. Since all of the electricity going into the bulb minus
      resistance, comes out as electromagnetic radiation, some as light, and some as
      heat, a change in phosphors to one that produces more light and less heat
      seems possible.

            After re-reading what you said about anti-social.com, my only thought was
      that maybe you were trying to use their password for the "chat" board that they
      give you to retrieve mail. Both your e-mail address, and the password for the
      account, are in one e-mail together, when you first start the account. Use the
      other only for the chat feature. And yes, they are very unresponsive about
      support questions, but what can you expect for free? :)

      OT2: Here is a link for all I know about Blue Velvet:
      I figure that the Oregon genetics they mention could be related to yours, due to
      the similarities in name and locale. However, that is only my guess.

             Funny you should mention the B.E.L., I haven't heard that name in years. I
      used to know someone who claimed to be an original member. I don't know if it
      was true, but he was the best grower I've met in person, and he had the best LSD
      I've ever tried, and never gave me cause to doubt him. He used to grow in
      Humbolt county, and bring things down to L.A. when I lived there years ago. He
      worked with a few different strains, and some had quite a bit of afghani in them
      (although my 2 favorites of his were an Acupulco gold and his Orange bud).
      Would sure be cool to get to work with any of those old time genetics.

      Dr. Mezz : As all of the state of Oaxaca is in the tropics, I think it's likely to be a
      tropical strain :) . I wonder if the strain is native to the region, or was introduced,
      seeing as how many sativas from the Americas were supposedly introduced from
      other places.

      All: Well, hopefully this will post. Proxies have been uncooperative for me over the
      last couple of days.

      Dr. Evil

Time 19:52, 4 Jan 1999
From Naughty

      Hey budm....what was the germ rate on those beans?...i hope they all popped for
      you...i`m concerned because i`ve heard that beans need a few months to (rippen
      ) b4 they are ready....hope all is well

Time 19:40, 4 Jan 1999
From trelaway

      Hey all,

      Budm, yeah the ona was a very cool discovery. I could hardly believe it worked
      when I tried it. Does it work well killing the Romberry odour? I've got it growing
      now. Did any of your's come up with triple leaves? Three of my twenty have,
      though I didn't mark them blue or rom, could be either.

Time 19:24, 4 Jan 1999
From phriendly

      Can anyone give me info on Flo by Dutch passion?

Time 19:04, 4 Jan 1999
From Dr. Mezz

      Hey Eric, sorry about the late post. My modem was temporarily down. About the
      Oaxacan though. I've never grown this strain before, but have smoked
      it.These were seeds obtained from a friend, and have an extremely high
      germ. rate. Normally I wouldn't bother attempting to grow Oaxacan indoors, but
      these seeds are supposedly F2s, coming from different Oaxacan parents. (Seeds
      are still supposed to be pure though) The bud I smoked was grown from the same
      friend, and had a vibrant, slightly hallucinatory high, quite similar to a 2grm.
      cubensis buzz. I am assuming that along the lines of this Oaxacan there were
      African traits because African herb,(Malawi gold) is known to have the analog
      compound THCV, which produces mild hallucinatory experiences.THis
      could just be due to my personal interpretation of the high, but anoter friend of
      mine, reported the same effects.This is new to me, because I have no
      knowledge of Oaxacan being a tropical strain.I'll let you know more details
      on the plants, as they mature.If anyone else has some insight, please "let
      em' know".

Time 17:58, 4 Jan 1999
From Lady J

      hi all,

      Ot1 you have email.


Time 17:48, 4 Jan 1999
From Budm

      Hi Vic & Co. I have seen these two products, they have both caought my eye, Ive
      heard a/b folks using them but im not clear what there intended use is or if they
      work any info would be great.
      They are "Sensaspray" & "BlossomBlood".

      Trel- That Ona de-odorizer is great! Thanks.
      lets talk about "Clif Claven"

Time 17:20, 4 Jan 1999
From pie

      great thread on lights ...

      i ordered the book shown in THE GROWING EDGE that has a study on bulbs and
      hoods using a light meter.

      if i buy it i will make the info available here if it is ok with Vic and i can scan it!

Time 15:04, 4 Jan 1999
From Frenchie

      Old Timer, is it possible that because of the hood this osram bulb was in, we did
      get a reading of 80,000 L. at 2 feet under. The bulb by itself might not be 80,000
      L. Because of the hood the Lumen output was near double maybee??!!
            What did puzzled me is that beside it ,there was a normal 400 W mh with
      normal hood :reading of 40,000It is why i am talking about it so much. The
      manager of tridon order them directly from germany, they come in cool and warm
      type.Anyway if someone buy one of these soon ,let us know. It is a very
      clear bluish color. I should of took a reading of a 1000w MH under similar
      hood to see.

Time 14:29, 4 Jan 1999
From oldtimer1

      Hi there jay hows it going. No wouldent use energy saving tubes these are 40
      watts. Just found my lamp catalog colour 33 was called cool white or
      daylight light temperature 4000k.Then you have colour 35 was called white
      temperature 3500k and lastly 29 was called warm white temperature 2800k. We
      just use the 33's on their own this is what all the micropropergation Co's use.
      Hope this helps. Have looked in the Osram cat as well and as I said before the
      highest output 400w sodium listed is 56000 lumins. The new catalogues come out
      March/April time and I suppose it would be anounced then if its going to be releast
      All the best Ot1

Time 14:26, 4 Jan 1999
From Frenchie

      I went back to Tridon Hydroponics ,they have a store in Victoria.The Osram
      400w HPS convertion is not the optimarc. The optimarc work with a MH ballast.
      The other one is :POWER STARHQ1-Tto go with HPS ballast.

Time 12:34, 4 Jan 1999
From jay

      Ot1-could the 33 actually be an energy saving type stating that 33 is the wattage
      instead of 44..?we have found many types here but nothing with the 33 on
      them,our energy saving flo tubes use 34 watts instead of 40 and have a 34 stamp
      on them..?

Time 11:20, 4 Jan 1999
From oldtimer1

      Vic I have two boxes of tubes phillips and general electric they both say 40 w
      followed by a 33 it might be a euro thing as a standard but it is cool white.
      All the best Ot1

Time 00:33, 4 Jan 1999
From Frenchie

      I will have to investigate this bulb further to make sure.osram 400w. I'LL go have
      another good look and keep you posted. I am starting to have some doubts
      myself . But with the damn meter it was 80.000 Lumens under an expensive hood
      . Gonna investigate some more BYE

Time -3:17, 4 Jan 1999
From Vic High

      Ahhh back home. What a good weekend.

      Budm - I never really go by hard fast numbers when scheduling plant
      developement. There is just too many variables between gardens. Just plan to
      harvest around 8 weeks is all I can say. As for molasses, just try it for the last
      week of flowering if you like. Maybe just try it on half of the plants and see what
      You like better? It's more of a taste issue.

      inthedark - Actually we remove the igniter, not the capacitor to operate MH bulbs
      in an HPS ballast. There is switchable ballasts out there that operate on this
      principle I believe. A bonus is that your MH gives off more lumens. Downside is
      that the bulb burns out faster. I like the idea of using this technique to get a last
      ditch burst of use from year old MH bulbs. Don't know if this is efficient but I figure
      it's worth exploring.

      OT1 - been having trouble tracking down those 33 Flo tubes. We have warm
      ones, cool whites, designer full spectrum, daylight, HO, 5100K,etc haha. Got a
      part number for me to use to cross reference?

      Frenchie - also looking for a part number for the osram bulb your speaking of.
      The only osram 400 bulb that I can find is the 28,000 lumen optimarc bulb. The
      $129 price tag fits as well. Maybe the wrong data was quoted to me for the
      Optimarc bulb? I'll check out the websight that budm mentioned. BTW - that light
      company is also an excellent source of the high ozone output flo tubes and

      67ed - no idea here

Time -3:03, 4 Jan 1999
From Nonames

      Started plants from seed and A dozen or so are males they've been in bud for 6
      days with the females. Is there a product on the market that can be used to
      convert males to females? Such as a spray or chemical and if there is, is it too
      late to use if I take the males
      and put them back into a veg cycle.Can anyone help mewith this problem

Time 18:37, 3 Jan 1999
From 67ed

      Thanks for the discussion on lights! It's not one of my forte's, but I'm learning alot
      more. Just how much uv-a and uv-b light does a sun t agro bulb for 400 hps
      ballast produce? How does this compare to the real sunlight at say 2000 ft on the
      30th? Thanks

Time 16:28, 3 Jan 1999
From Frenchie

      We took the meter reading under a air cooled hood with the osram 400
      converstion at 2 feet from the hood 80,000 lumennew bulb. way more than
      the normal 400w beside it wich was at 42,000 lumens. I have to buy one sonn to
      see if the CRI is good for veg.

Time 07:20, 3 Jan 1999
From Budm

      Hi All, I culled out another AF#1 male yesterday. I only have one left of the strain, I
      hope its Fem. My 2 JackFlash girls are entering there 2nd week in the flower
      closet, there bud structure is sooo diffrent, then the early weeks of the
      Roms,more elongated and wispy, Is this typical because of the Haze influence? I
      also moved one of Ingmars WWxSSkunks into the flowere closet. again I hope its
      a Fem,I only have one, but on the WWxCalOrange I have two. My veg closet
      starts 12/12 today. I have to figure out a way to keep my Peak19s,AKxs,& WWxs
      seedlings in more than 16hours light, I bought a small florecent, I think im going to
      put them under it on the dark cycle, then replace them each day, on the light
      cycle. A pain in the butt, its like love ya do certain things for it!

Time 06:15, 3 Jan 1999
From oldtimer1

      Vic mailcall. Ot1

Time 05:43, 3 Jan 1999
From OT (2)


      Poot has too models - a "M" and a "W" for Medium and Wide. on their reflectors.
      Keep in mind that these were developed in Holland for greenhouse supplemental
      lighting. In an experiment I did using a light meter - the 'even distribution' of the
      lumens was amazing.

      If one were going to have a 'one-light' personal situaion, I would recommend the
      PL-90M model and would more than adequately cover a 45" x 45" area - a 36" x
      36" that you mentioned would be even better and I agree with you're assessment
      that the Osram 400-watt, 5100k bulb would be killer.

      One thing also about the 'Poot' systems - the quality and engineering are
      light-years ahead of anything offered by 'grow stores' - if you'll pardon the pun.

      Good luck on your project.

Time 02:16, 3 Jan 1999
From inthedark

      Budm...called Abby's on Thursday. They said that the osram 400 in the catalog
      was the optimarc model.He did not know about this 85k lumen bulb. Actually
      he was a little surprised at how many lumens this bulb produced for 400w. He said
      he would talk to his distributor and find out about it by Tuesday. He is a really cool
      and helpful. Prices are great. Keep up the good info on the diff' strains.

      Vic...I am really interested in your light setup. How do convert a HPS to a MH? You
      talked removing the capacitor? What are the negative aspects of this
      configuration? Lower lamp life? Dangerous? If you could do this by disconnecting
      the cap, you could install a switch and Presto! you have a switchable ballast.
      Wouldn't this be great. No more debate about which lamp is better because you
      can have both. Great board. I think this is the most interactive board. The posters
      are responsive.

      OT2...Can you tell me about your Poot reflector? I considering between the
      Diamond Lumenarc 3 and the Poot. What is an effective area coverage with the
      Poot(3x3)? I also think that osram 400 would be killer with a Poot.

Time -1:57, 3 Jan 1999
From aeric77

      hey Vic.....could you have jay give a call on icq??? thanx......

Time 17:08, 2 Jan 1999
From Budm

      Hi All, Vic my Roms are at the halfway point 30 days , some of the pistils are
      brown only on some of the colas maybe 15-20% is this normal at 30days?Also on
      what day should I start clearing if im going to use Molasses?On New Years
      eve I had a great experience, I cut a small bud off the Roms, and quick dried it.
      Hear in my hand was Kind that I used to pay mucho$$$ for, and in 90 short days
      with alot of great peoples help, I became self-sufficent, It was a real cool feeling,
      so was the awesome "Early Romberry" THANKS EVERYONE!

      Vic & Jay Abbys/BC has the Osram, I think there prices are great, Im buying my
      second 400 there, this time im getting a 400superMH with a aullimum ballastbox
      for 110us in kit form, but the last one was a HPS400 and I got a Bat wing reflecto
      and it only cost 140us complete, and it took 45min to put together.
      Abbys--- www.gardeningbc.com/abbys
      PS:OM Nice to see ya again I hope ya had a good holiday!

Time 17:07, 2 Jan 1999
From Budm

      Hi All, Vic my Roms are at the halfway point 30 days , some of the pistils are
      brown only on some of the colas maybe 15-20% is this normal at 30days?Also on
      what day should I start clearing if im going to use Molasses?On New Years
      eve I had a great experience, I cut a small bud off the Roms, and quick dried it.
      Hear in my hand was Kind that I used to pay mucho$$$ for, and in 90 short days
      with alot of great peoples help, I became self-sufficent, It was a real cool feeling,
      so was the awesome "Early Romberry" THANKS EVERYONE!

      Vic & Jay Abbys/BC has the Osram, I think there prices are great, Im buying my
      second 400 there, this time im getting a 400superMH with a aullimum ballastbox
      for 110us in kit form, but the last one was a HPS400 and I got a Bat wing reflecto
      and it only cost 140us complete, and it took 45min to put together.
      Abbys--- www.gardeningbc.com/abbys

Time 16:18, 2 Jan 1999
From Frenchie (sunmaster)

      Sunmaster warm ... i did not find any increase in bud production,the leaves
      seemmeed less stressed than with Metal halide. The mix :Coated metal halide
      1000w and 400 HPS gave the same result as the sunmaster. The Sunmaster is
      better for seedlings. Better rooting .I took my sunmaster out of the flowering room
      and use it now for seedlings and up. The plant stretch a bit more than metal
      halide but seem in better shape with more roots. The plants go under metal halide
      after one month.Keep on testing :)

Time 15:40, 2 Jan 1999
From Frenchie

      Victhey sell the osram 400w in Victoria at Triton Hydroponic (The manager
      told me they had a store in Victoria) It is for use with a HPS 400w ballast. 129$
      can. Tridonor Triton ??!!

Time 15:37, 2 Jan 1999
From Frenchie

      Again sorry :)The 1000 watt version is on sale in Europe. Will be here in
      Canada this year but it might be a bulb that would not last as long anyway.

Time 15:36, 2 Jan 1999
From Vic High & Jay

      Well we spent the day picking the brains of lighting distributors. Can't seem to find
      anyone who knows anything about this 85K bulb. Is is 400 or 600W? Learned a
      little about capacitors though. Typical 1000w HPS ballast usually comes with a
      28mFD capacitor. By replacing that capacitor with a 32mFD capacitor you can
      kick out an extra few lumens but you run hotter resulting in shorter bulb life (two
      shows per bulb). When back in Vic land lumen output will be measured.

      sunmaster vs HPS trial started flower cycle today. Hps side was veggged using
      hps ballast (w/o ignitor) and a clear MH bulb. There was no noticeable difference
      between the sunmaster (warm deluxe) and the MH operating on HPS. Both lights
      are moving on a light rail side by side.

Time 15:34, 2 Jan 1999
From Frenchie

      The osram 400w conversion bulb 85,000 lumens seem very clear blueish ,i would
      see this bulb with a 400w HPS ,must be a very good mix.

Time 15:26, 2 Jan 1999
From oldtimer1 (http://emeryseeds.com/seeds.cgi/browse)

      Ot2 have you looked atD J Shorts list at Mark Emeries seed Co?
      Dr Evil yes i got the mail I still cant get into anti-social I gave my hotmail acc as my
            backup address but haven't had a reply from anti-social. When you sign up
      with them you get two emails in your in box with two passwords and I pasted them
      both to my desk top but I cant access either my mail or the chat pages it just
      comes up with invalid id/username. Any suggestions? Iím very interested in this 85
      kL lamp If they have managed to add some metallic phosphors to the sodium
      base the improvement could be like it was with the Mv lamp and the addition of
      halogens making the MH lamp. It was only a tiny addition but what a huge change
      that was. Do you know of a url where I can read about it ? If it runs on a standard
      ballastthey cant have altered the length of the arc tube to much, to up the
      output by 52% you would think the ballast would need to change. In the press
      release do they say it is 100% compatible with standard ballasts?
      The capacitors are for power factor correction, the nearer the ballast is in phase
      with the mains frequency the more goes to the lamp and the more efficiently the
      lamp runs. If you increase the capacitance past that balance point rather than
      lagging the mains frequency it will go out of phase in advance and you will start to
      loose power again.
      Frenchie does the light look the same as a standard plus lamp or is it whiter? I
      hope they apply this technology to the 600 and 1000 w lamps, not a word about
      any of this here.
      All the best Ot1.

Time 13:38, 2 Jan 1999
From Frenchie aka orchid man

      I have done some testing in the last few weeks with ferts.
      I did use normal fert like (GH) for 2 weeks then i did switch back to salt ferts,just to
      see. 3 days after going back to salt ferts, they did start drinking double amount of
      water and the plant look much better. I was doing this to make sure it does worth it
      to talk about salt ferts. First time i was using normal fert since ages, never again.
      Salt fert RULES . Just to see the amount of water they are using now i can tell
      they breathe better. The Kong is doing great. Super plant, nice. Hello to my
      friends. Happy to see you again.Frenchie

Time 12:30, 2 Jan 1999
From t2

      ot1 they were from sensi.the auto-bitch grew more like a sativa.her sister is a
      good yielding normal indicai type,both finish in 7-8 weeks.i actually preferred the
      taste and buzz of the auto-flowerer,but i will keep the indica mom on for its yield.it
      yielded double what my blu-widows did in 7 1/2 weeks.tastes similar to big bud

Time 11:17, 2 Jan 1999
From trelaway

      I dropped my twenty Romberry/bluberry seeds into rockwool cubes four days ago
      and they all sprouted.

      Not too shabby.

      Any thoughts on growing these 16/8 for green growth.

Time 09:52, 2 Jan 1999

      Having better success with original Oaxacan seeds,

                   What kind of "sucess" have you had with Oaxacan seeds. Please tell
      me what you like most about this strain.

Time 07:20, 2 Jan 1999
From Lady J

      hi all,

      Pure ruderalis, despite flowering automatically, finishes in no less than 10 weeks if
      AT ALL. There is absolutely no use for the plant other than setting flower in
      equatorial varieties. This comes directly from Nevil and my own experience.


Time 06:16, 2 Jan 1999
From Old Timer (2)

      Old Timer (1)

      The 'strain' I was concerned about perhaps having 'Ruderallis' predates both
      SSSC and the Seed Bank (Nevil's). It was developed in the late 1970's or early
      1980's - I know it was around prior to 1983 according the the anecdotal
      information that was given to me.

      I saw a plant, grown from clone, and it was about 3 ft high and was absolutely
      gorgeous - strong, Afghani-dominate but with a very pecuilar aroma when I
      rubbed the stalk. Like I said earlier the 'back' smell was similiar to Nepalese

      Then the fellolw showed me a 'Poloroid' of the strain in bloom and I was absolutely
      floored on the size of the colas.

      THEN he really blew my mind when he stated that it finished in 42 days or less -
      now either one of two things are true:

      1. He is correct and this is wonderful.

      2. He didn't know didly-squat about how to tell when a plant if finishing.

      And the reason I was concerned about Ruderallis is that I had read somewhere
      several years ago in 'Sinsimillia Tips' magazine that strains with Ruderallis finish
      very early and have huge buds - so I hope this strain isn't some weird deal that's
      all show and the end result is a joke.

      Like I said I was just given a couple of clones and I never did finish them off
      because I was moving and had to shut down for several months. But I DID cross
      these clones with a pure Afghani 'hash-plant' strain from AFOF.

      And THOSE seeds I planted a couple of weeks ago are on their set of 'true'
      leaves and it is very Indica and extremely strong smelling - typical 'skunk' kind of

      That's what I do and do not know about my mystery plants. LOL

      Dr. Evil - Any information you miight have on this Velvet Rush would be
      appreciated. I planted 10 seeds 3 days ago and 5 are pushing out of the soil this
      morning. If it IS a 'sativa' I'll be happy - I have some great pure Afghani moms I
      can cross it with.

      And I will keep you in mind on a couple of other strains I have - African Sativa
      (pure), 2 different pure Afghani strains that have NEVER been fooled with by
      breeders - came direct from Afghanistan to America from the Brotherhood of
      Eternal Love in Laguna Beach, CA and of course the Velvet Rush seeds - I have
      over 200 left.

      And I'll be interested in reading more about the Osram 400-watt HPS - it's be
      perfect for my 'Poot' fixture - my favorite ballast and hood - bar none.

      Thanks to OT (1), Nevi and Dr. Evil for your help and comments.

Time 02:52, 2 Jan 1999
From Dr. Evil

      Happy New Year everybody,

      Budm And OT1 (I hope), you have new mail.
      Budm: Sorry to hear about the problem with the western winds. I had that happen
      a while back with some jamaican seeds, and it is always a disapointment. The
      shiske x big plum are doing well, 5 of 7 have broken the surface, the largest 2 are
      about 2 1/2" tall and working on their first true leaf. It will be interesting to see
      what combination of characteristics this cross comes up with.

      Eric: I think a coordinated approach to developing the PR is a good idea. If we all
      work together on this we can cover a lot of ground quickly.

      OT2: I wonder if your velvet rush seeds are any relation to blue velvet, which I
      believe was produced out of Oregon stock. The blue velvet is supposedly pure
      sativa (according to the seedbank, Sensi?). I'll look up where I saw the reference
      and post it if you want. P. S. I am quite interested in swapping some stock, but
      need some time to get together some appropriate return swap material and make
      space to give yours a proper home. So keep me in mind!

      Aunt Nellie: I tried the refrigeration on 7 shiske clones. I put the clones in the
      fridge for 48 hrs with the stems submerged in distilled water with a light dose of
      rooting solution and h2o2. We'll see how they turn out in a few days.

      OT1: re: the 85k lumen bulb. I was skeptical about this bulb until I found out that
      Osram has been working with some new phosphors that have "special properties"
      (something that is not explained in the press release), and also that Frenchie had
      put a light meter on it and said that it seemed like the number was at least close
      to accurate and that it was on a regular 400w ballast. So I'm skeptical, but willing
      to spend the money to try it. If it does what it says, it'll be a great advance in bulb
      technology. I also meant to ask your opinion on changing capacitor sizes on hps
      setups to increase output. Supposedly, its only trade off is reduced bulb life, and
      if the increase is sufficent, to me it would justify more frequent bulb changes.
      Since you apparently know your way around a ballast, I'd like to hear what you
      have to say about it, since I've found a source of cheap capacitors of various
      sizes, and wouldn't mind trying it out, if it's safe.

      All: Well, I have lots of chores to do on the ranch over the next couple of days, but
      I'll be stopping by frequently. Take it easy

      Dr. Evil

Time 02:31, 2 Jan 1999
From oldtimer1

      t2 was it from sensi? With the afgani type it has a lumin threshold as well as time
      so under an hid it will grow and produce just a few pistils under fluo it is very slow
      was it this type? Ot2 if it has ruderalis in it would normaly turn up in the F3
      generation this one being F1. Ot1

Time 19:17, 1 Jan 1999
From OT (2)

      OT (1) - this strain originally came out of the Pacific Northwest in the early 1980's
      from the Sacred Seed Coop. Your comments about only a 'little' experimentation
      with Ruderallis having gone on by Nevil is reassuring.

      I would doubt that the folks in Oregon & Washington would have fooled around
      with that type of plant - they were too busy trying to figure out 'indoor' techniques.

      Thanks again for your input.

Time 18:58, 1 Jan 1999
From t2

      ot i have an oddball shiva shanti that has rude in it.i couldn'tget a clone to
      veg under 18/6, it just keeps on buddin

Time 18:50, 1 Jan 1999
From Dr. Mezz

      got the BCGA blueberry from heaven's.Excellent service. Though I'm
      concerned with the viability of the seeds.split the order in half with a friend
      (five each) all five opened within 24hrs, but died two days later.Having
      better success with original Oaxacan seeds, and superthrive.THis shit's

Time 17:27, 1 Jan 1999
From oldtimer1

      You cant tell if the gene is in a plant by the look. A friend of ours was developing
      a version of white widow from a Canadian source extremely potent and resinous
      after several generations auto flowering turned up so they destroyed the whole
      line seed stock and all. Why do you think there might be ruderalis in your strain it
      seems pretty unlikely to me. A couple of Canadian seed banks have used it quite
      a lot . In Holland its hardly been used at all, Nevil experimented with itand
      dropped it.Sensi sell a hybrid version and it is in Swiss miss / myst but thats
      about it. Pure Nepalese is one thing I would like to have, it has the instant rush
      that comes from thcv.
      Sorry I cant help more.Ot1.

Time 16:18, 1 Jan 1999
From Old Timer (2)

      Old Timer (1) - thanks for the good information regarding pollen - and your advice
      to take a couple of clones is really an outstanding idea! I want to do a cross on a
      couple of pure strains and regenerate the 'parents' of this particular one to make
      sure I NEVER have to deal with a seed bank. After reading all of the horror stories
      I wouldn't want to.

      Not trying to complicate your life - you're very generous with your information
      already - but am I to understand you correctly that IF the host plant that I took the
      cutting from had HUGE colas, and the 'smell' was there - very strong Indica and
      kinda of Nepalese Sative smell also - that then this 'mother' plant does NOT have
      Ruderalis in it's genetics?

      Thanks again for all of your information.

      Have a good New Year to you and yours.

Time 15:46, 1 Jan 1999
From oldtimer1

      Hi there namesake how's it going. ëPollení I collect it on a sheet of paper put it in a
      warm dry place [not hot ] for a day funnel it into a film canister and put a small
      sachet of silica jell in with it and seal it up and put in the salad crisper tray in the
      fridge. never tried keeping it for more than a few weeks but it seems to keep well
      like this.The slightest damp will kill the pollen. If I might make a suggestion as a
      backup I would take some tip cuttings from the lower branches removing any
      flower buds, if it is a good male its worth keeping a copy.
      ëRuderalisí real ruderalis is a single stem plant like a willow whip andx
      number of weeks after germination will begin flowering irrespective of light hours.
      Once this is in a strain it never goes away even if all auto flowerers are weeded
      out, it will reappear after a generation or two when the genes recombine to the
      dominant form its like sickle cell anaemia except you cant tell the carriers with
      ruderalis. Ruderalis doesn't have large colas either. In the early days of wild strain
      collection, indicas from western Afghanistan were often mistakenly called ruderalis
      they were early flowering with large colas. They also will often initiate flowering
      early, but can be reveged. The difference is that with real ruderalis once flowering
      is initiated it cant be revegatated you can root cuttings with just a few flowers
      under 24 hr lighting and it just makes tiny colas. its not a thing to pass on to
      future generations.
      Aunt Nellie I check the cuttings every week in case any go soft or any leaves go
      rotten. I forgot to mention that when I mist them I use 1 ml of 35% H2O2 in 1 litre
      of water. Since I have been doing this there have been less rot and fungus probs.

      All the best Ot1.

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