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December 1 - 15, 1998


Time 16:22, 15 Dec 1998
From Mota

      Ever get that gift I sent you?


Time 15:18, 15 Dec 1998

      ok everybody
      my friend brought back 2 ounces of seeds from veitnam after the war. he spent
      the whole time there looking for the best pot. Well he has been growing this
      strain since then...using no breeding program.
                  Well have been told that the strain has lost its potency.
      What i want to know ..is there a way to get the potency back?

      if like 20 plants were grown would a few have the original potenecy?

Time 14:43, 15 Dec 1998
From Budm

      Hry trelaway, Its a apt, only three laides, but they are stinky ones, thanks for the
      reply, im on my way to the addy now, A merry xmas, and a high new year to ya!

Time 14:21, 15 Dec 1998
From Lady J

      vic, what is DAD? it should have a warning label...damn.


Time -1:57, 15 Dec 1998
From trelaway

      Hey Budm,

      dunno where you are or how many you are growing but I've had great success
      with this stuff called ona. Its non toxic and keeps my apartment smell free. Only
      costs me two bucks a month to keep my eight budding women odourless


Time 19:42, 14 Dec 1998
From Budm

      Hi Vic, Gawd, these Roms are smelling up the place, dont get me wrong I like it
      but the neighbors, that I dont want. If I buy I ozone mach, can I place it near my
      front door to keep the smell from creeping out of the crib, or does it need to be
      nearer the closet? TIA

Time 13:51, 13 Dec 1998
From Lady J

hi all,

vic>>all is well..:)

thanks and peace

Time 08:13, 12 Dec 1998
From Vic High

bishoptakesqueen - no idea bud. I just grow in dirt and give them more than they need. There are many hydro growers here that may be able to help though. I do know if something isn't just right, blueberry will be one of the first to tell you. Good luck.

Time 08:06, 12 Dec 1998
From Vic High

I don't see anything wrong with 13-18". Who knows, maybe that is optimal in your set up, when you consider the temps at the plant tops, and the fact that the light is stationary. BTW - I too raise my plants more often than I adjust the light heights. Being a perpetual harvest system, I often have plants of different heights under the same 3 light suncircle.

Have a great weekend as well, Vic

Time -3:43, 12 Dec 1998
From Budm

Hi Vic, excuse the first time Q's, But in flowering Rom, is 13-18in from the hps ok, or should I elevate them a bit? Is 12in really critical, Thanks, Have a great w-end!


Time 20:38, 10 Dec 1998
From bishoptakesqueen

i need information regarding nutrition for blueberry in a nutrient film technique
hydropnic system--please help the seeds are on the way!

Time 14:27, 10 Dec 1998
From trelaway

Anyone ever feel like they've had a left brain or right brain stone. I just blew a jay of this brand new stuff I grew (no-name bad seed) and it actually feels like my left brain is baked and my right is clear.

Tho i'm still laughin' out both sides of my mouth.

Time 14:11, 10 Dec 1998

I have noticed that the clone draws the nutrients from the tips of the leave to the stem.turning the leaves tips brown as the nutrients are pulled out.Leaving the tips on the leaves allows the clone extra nutrients. cutting the leaves would not let the plant use those nutrients for root development.

Time 13:27, 10 Dec 1998
From oldtimer1

Sorry pie wasn't npk's it was here :-

Time 13:17, 10 Dec 1998
From oldtimer1

Pie this is a small bit from NPK general hydro page:-

Three meters were used, each with source water that had its own unique properties. One a Hanna EC meter, where mS readings were converted to ppm (TDS) using the current 0.70 conversion standard for comparison with the TDS meter displays. Another was an Oakton TDS meter, the third a Hanna TDS442. Both TDS meters employ the 4-4-2 conversion standard for fertilizer solutions. It should be noted that EC meters do not use a conversion value, TDS meters are simply EC meters converted to readout in ppm instead of mS or uS. The conversion is 0.70 x uS = ppm. All meters were calibrated prior to the tests. In the Uk some recommend a 0.80 or0.85 conversion rate sorry if I didn't explain properly. I thought we had previously discussed that I was setting up a system to auto water from a tank with flood drippers to each plant. So I want to feed my plants with this system too. So Iíve been taking readings by the can or bucket it doesn't matter which and using different mixes on separate blocks of plants to find the best mix. Then all I have to do is add the same fert to the tank until the cf reading is the same then i can open the valve and water & feed at the same time. I hope this helps to clear up my inability to communicate properly. I just wish I was like Lady J who can say with a few
words what takes me a page.


Time 12:02, 10 Dec 1998
From pie

i too trim my leave in about the same manner as vic. i also scrap the outside of the stem that is below the soil line. i was getting about 80% suruvual rate with clones until they started farging with the water mains outside my house. now i am having problems with the bigger plants too.

i will recieve an Oakton PH meter this week and an Oakton TDS meter right around X-mas. I had a question as to wheather i could use the TDS meter with organic teas and ot1 came to the resque. seems that he is able to meter his oraganic teas. thought it would be good to bring the discussion here. Vic being the organic king and allllllllll. ;-)))))) anhoo with thanks to ot1 here is an explaination he gave me. "We tend to use Cf meters rather than parts per million but I don't think there is much difference although there is a lot of disagreement on the conversion numbers.The organic liquid fertilisers we use give the recommended Cf readings on the label just the same as the chemical coís do. I of course ignore them and their recommended doses but have made records of the best results on a bucket scalefor using tank scale for when my new setup is finished and ready to run."by ot1 my ??
- what is bucket scale and tank scale? fill-to-here marks maybe?????
- what is a Cf meter?

i know that they have another scale using mv, but all this is new too me.

Vic ... you may want to consider adding the following link ...

... which is full of information on TDS /ph etc meters.

Time 17:35, 9 Dec 1998
From Budm

Hi Vic, The distance to the ladies is about 18in, they are in 2gal pots, I could put
something under them to elevate them,at this point its more convient then
lowereing the light,to 12in, what do you susgest? Thanks a bunch.
Time 17:30, 9 Dec 1998
From trelaway

I find the same thing with clones, they don't need much luvin'. Tho, with luvin' I've
had BCBB root in three days.
Time 16:04, 9 Dec 1998

disable java and javascript and the problem is solved. its really not Hotmails
problem but more of a vulnerability by javascript to be used as a vehicle to insert
malicious programs.
Time 14:22, 9 Dec 1998

Vic ... Check out this link dude .. can be helpful

Time 11:09, 9 Dec 1998
From oldtimer1

Vic mail call. Ot1
Time 08:50, 9 Dec 1998
From toker2

thats a good tip about cuttin the leaves. i just figured out how to get more cuts in
my box.after new growth starts i usually remove those bottom leaves anyway.i
too use the same scissors that itrim and cut bud with.i do run em across
the stone occasionally.my clone box is one of those 12" deep clear plastic
storage boxes turned upside down with a 15 watt floro laying right on top.i do
make a point to remove the dome at least daily for a bit to allow air exchange
and break the life cycle of mold and fungus

Time 08:27, 9 Dec 1998
From Vic High

Budm - finishing height depends alot on growing style. I usually flower toped
plants at 18-20" and they consistantly finish at about 3'. Now that is just in my
garden. Others will have different results. A good rule of thumb with Romberry is
that they will double in height after you initiate flowering. They stretch far less
than say a skunk or nl/haze. I grow with between 20-30 watts per ft and people
are quite suprised with the quality of my nugs. They just look normal to me. I
agree with T2 that you should be fine with 60w/ft. You are keeping the light at
about 12" from the ladies?

Mr Hacker - thanks for the info. Ditto to Baudelaire and Pie, this info is very
important to us all.

Eric - Hmmmm

Aunt Nellie - Good idea, I'll have to try it. Ok, my hot cloning tips, haha

Most important to me is humidity and warmth. With these, dipping in rooting
hormone is unnecesary. There has been a couple of occasions where I did my
pruning and then found out my rooting gel was moldy so I just said to hell with it
and went without. No problems. I have found that soaking the rooting medium
overnight with a Vitamin solution such as Nutriboost is a big help, but misting with
anything other than plain water or no-damp greatly slows the rooting process.

Ok the big tip is that I prune back the clones by removing the outer 1/2 of each
leaf. This extra plant material is not needed by the clone and helps prevent the
wilt factor. I also do it so that I can squeeze more clones into a smaller area, and
most importantly, I helps reduce mold infections. With the right technique, it
takes no time at all. I fold all the leaves up past the terminal shoot (like they
bundle christmas trees) and then with one cut with the scissors, remove all leaf
material that protrudes past the terminal shoot.

Truth is, is that I offer my clones very little in tlc. I don't cut underwater, I don't
use a sterile razor knife ( just sharp scissors that I scraped the resin from the
last harvest off of), and I rarely look at them after they are set. I usually set them,
cover them with a humidity dome, place in the cloning bench, and then ignore for
2 weeks. In 2 weeks, I'll plant them into 5-6" pots containing the soil mix from my
webpage. I really don't have time to baby them, so just follow the techniques I
learned in the production forest nurseries. I do usually set about 20% more than
I plan on needing though.
Time 07:41, 9 Dec 1998
From Budm

      Toker2 Thanks for the outlook on the nugs. Im working with only 52in, to the
      bulb they are in the strech period now and have 23in left to go, before they hit
      the light,so if I have to modify my situation, I will start now, So if anyone knows
      the finishing hight of Rom , thanks in advance.

Time -3:00, 9 Dec 1998
From toker2

      budm i like those odds. your runnin over 60w/sq',you oughta have solid nugs
      with most strains

Time 18:42, 8 Dec 1998
From Budm

      Hi Vic, Well it looks like out of five RB's 4 are Female, They are under 400hps in
      my bud closet only 6sqfeet.
      With only the small 400(super soil $ pure blend), will I get tight nugs, from Rom?
      And how tall will they be when they are done? Thanks for your time!

Time 14:32, 8 Dec 1998
From Baudelaire

      long litany, et.al.>

      As I said, lpwa is opaque, therefore it forwards only the proxy IP. So, yes you can
      send and receive Hotmail, or any other web-based email, anon with lpwa. But
      you must use it EVERY time you log into your account. A single non-proxied log
      in, either to set up the account, or check it, will give you up to the G(ates)-men.

      So how's I doing, anon? Hint: I'm somewhere between Walla Walla and Sedalia.
            More or less.


Time 11:20, 8 Dec 1998
From anon/mr. hacker/asshole/and a long litany of others

      not sure if lpwa will give you their ip when sending e-mail. make sure when using
      Hotmail, to check and see if the proxy covers e-mail too! send yourself an e-mail
      from your hotmail account, to another account (whether hotmail,yahoo, or your
      ISP). When you receive the e-mail look at the Originating IP. If it's your real IP
      then you dont have "anon" e-mail! but you can still surf the web. if it shows your
      proxies IP then you can use Hotmail and all the others safely to send e-mail. Any

Time 09:28, 8 Dec 1998
From pie

      i used the lpwa to setup my hotmail account toooooo. i let it pick my hotmail
      name and password by using
      \u = username
      \p = password
      \@ = for addy
      so even my hotmail account is anon

Time 08:05, 8 Dec 1998

      one more thing all of you indoor growers need to keep in mind when thinking
      about this.....well hell you need to keep it in mind period.

      you have all heard of us outdoor farmers planting and harvesting by the signs of
      the moon and stars.

      well the moon mainly...this is a practice that most of you avoid and pay no
      attention to but you should.

      the reason that there is a difference in plant and animal life during different
      moon phases is not because of myth.

      Its because of the different gravatational pulls from the moon and its orbit
      around us. Thats were you get the more babys being born on full moons and
      other stuff.

      It also has to do with the added light at night ..but mainly with the gravatational
      pulls from the moon swinging around the earth..hence high tides low tides and

      my point is: Gravity doesnt stop pulling on those plants just because they are
      inside ya know?

Time 07:44, 8 Dec 1998

      I think if we are going to discuss the differences in potency...from an indoor
      grown plant and an outdoor grown plant, we need to establish what exactly is
      considered stress to a plant. One thing i think is that it takes more stress to a
      plant outdoors than it does to a plant indoors to cause problems with it,
      hermy,stretching,and other reactions to stress.

      im having a hard time understanding this because things that you guys are
      terming stressfull events to a plant in an indoor operation....well most of the time
      they are the norm for outdoor production.

      this is a question i was also wondering
      we all know how adaptive cannabis is..
      well when we are doing these test by taking two clones from the same mom..
      one is grown to maturity inside and one grown to maturity outside.

      we have established that they will be very different...but different in how many
      ways???and also if a plant can change itself to become a hermifadite to insure
      survival......what the hell else can it
      change...color...taste...potency...height....and mind you that the hermifaditic trait
      is self inflicted and has nothing to do with the mother...because we stressed it
      and it became a hermy..it did this on its own so it would produce pollen that
      would travel away from the hell hole it is living in..

      so what else can it change?????

      i know that breeding programs can change different things....but what about that
      indivual plant?

Time 05:30, 8 Dec 1998
From Aunt Nellie

      OK, it's time to try to give back a little for the help I'm getting.This is my
      BEST TIP since the difference, once I started doing it, was amazing!BTW,
      what's everyone else's BEST TIP?What's the best product or technique
      that you've used?

      Cloning!Clones always droop for about a day before straightening back
      up, right?I found that that "stretch" spot would sometimes begin to turn
      brown and was most suseptable to mold.I read an article in HT Best of
      Grow issue about a guy who said that he would sometimes put his clones in the
      refrigerator (for up to 2 days) if he wasn't quite ready to plant them.He
      also mentioned that he thought they actually did better after this "chilling".I
      took some clones, put them in a shallow dish with distilled water, put them in the
      frige for a day, angle cut the stems under water (I'm sure the chilling makes a
      nicer cut, too), planted them in Jiffy 7's and suddenly I could clone with the best
      of them!They never drooped and, in fact, seemed to take off growing right
      out of the humidity dome!I kid you not, you've got to try this.I've left
      them for half a day and up to 2 days.I think they'd last much longer,
      though.Remember, the guy in the article was just storing them for a while
      and that, in itself, might be helpful to some of you.The babies definitely do
      better, too!

      One other thing I discovered regarding cloning was that if I used the humidity
      dome, it was better not to mist the babies too.It definitely cuts down on the
      mold.I just remove the cover for a short time a couple of times a day to air
      things out and put it back on to let the humidity build again.I also use a
      heating pad for bottom heat and that creates all the humidity needed without
      extra spraying.

      Hope this helps.

Time 04:55, 8 Dec 1998
From Aunt Nellie

      Baudelaire--Thanks!Exactly what I was after.You seem comfortable
      with LPWA and that's reassuring.The instructions that I used (from
      Greenman's page) suggested setting up the proxy first then a new Hotmail
      address.When I set up the proxy, though, I didn't know if the new Hotmail
      name was taken and, sure enough, it was.I did set up a new Hotmail
      account that was different than the LPWA login name (someone else's Hotmail
      name) and noticed that the original login worked anyway (again, with someone
      else's name).So I just left it thinking that it would create a little confusion.
            That seems to be what you're suggesting so I feel pretty safe
      now.Thank You!

      Stix--Glad I'm not the only one getting something from this discussion.And
      yeah, Eric, I am really enjoying this page!

      One final question.Am I safe using my new Hotmail account that I
      explained above (set up after going through the proxy)?I mean is there
      extra risk (compared to posting here) by exchanging e-mail with someone? I
      used Anonymizer's remailers to send a test e-mail and it came through 2 days
      later.I don't think that someone can return that mail, though, so if I wanted
      to correspond with someone, I'd have to give an e-mail address.Is that
      OK, considering the proxy?

Time 15:56, 7 Dec 1998

      Hey yall
                   This is a good hangout aint it?
      I like this place......

Time 14:24, 7 Dec 1998
From stix

      Hey thanks guys for the security info, especially Aeric77 for the simple lpwa
      instructions. This is great, my browser is actually a little faster than before it
      Eric>>Re hermies, many years ago when we could gro outdoors out of about 8
      patches of the same seed stock we had one patch that had about 4 of the 20 or
      so plants in there go hermie. No plant in any other patch showed hermie
      tendancies. The conditions were a little worse and the light in that patch was the
      least which is what I think caused it.

Time 11:19, 7 Dec 1998
From Baudelaire


      single space, B, single space....Sorry folks, old habits are hard to break.


      p.s.- say anon, how's I doing? ;^)

Time 11:10, 7 Dec 1998
From Baudelaire

      on proxies-

      for lpwa, many folks use a@a.com or b@b.com, z@z.com, etc. as both log in
      and password.don't give em a real addy, it isn't required.and the
      more folks use one of the 'generic' user name/pwords, the less your posts can
      be tracked back to you.remember, to use your words against you, they
      must prove first that they were *your* words.

      lpwa works, its up a lot of the time, and it's owned by lucent technologies, big
      u.s. company, so its very unlikely its a dea trap. however i prefer proxies that
      don't have a log-in interface and are based outside your home
      country.the more jurisdictions you make the man jump through, the less
      excited he gets about tracking you.because after getting 30 different
      okays from his boss and drug nazi central, kissing two judge's asses for a couple
      of marginal-based court orders, and promising 15 future favors to constable
      henrik jeergens of the greater copenhagen harm reduction task force, detective
      doughnut just might find out that you really do live in denmark.or walla
      walla.what good is that to a up-n-coming oklahoma state drug task force
      agent?cops pick the low hanging fruit.set yourself up high in the

      last ***very important*** thing to remember:not all proxies are
      anon.many of the more well known are 'transparent' in that they forward
      your original IP # to the sites you are visiting.lpwa and anonymizer are
      opaque.librarysafe is transparent.to check, log on with the proxy of
      your choice, and go to this site: http://www.uiuc.edu/cgi-bin/info
             look for 'remote host' and 'remote address'.see if your IP shows
      there.if the proxy is opaque (anon) it should show the proxy's IP only.

      don't know your IP #?go tohttp://consumer.net/Analyze1/
                  without a proxy.it will tell you that and oh so much more about

      good luck, stay safe


Time 09:58, 7 Dec 1998

      aeric77>>>I think that given your question and i think about it, I say this I think
      that if you take those two clones..put one in the best growing enviroment
      possabile with all the added co2 and everything, I believ that that will not be
      considered stress to the plant as in battering it, I think that it will produce more
      area for thc glands and that it willproduce more thc because of all the available
      water and food for itself..it is programmed to produce as much as possable and
      with the added buildinhg blocks to do it it will,

      the clone outside will not have as much resin or as much of a flower, but i
      believe that the potency of that thc will be stronger than the one grown in
      I will compare this to COTTON.. you can take a field of cotton and look at the
      coton grown on the edge of the field that is covered in dust all the time because
      it is next to the gravel road and only gets water when it rains
      (seldom)...compared to the cotton plants in the middle of the field that are dust
      free and are irragated regularly.

      the cotton on the edge is 1/3 the size of the cotton in the middle and has 1/3 the
      bowls of cotton. BUT take that bowl and compare it to a bowl from the middle
      and it is twice as tuff ( meaning harder to pull apart, And the seeds inside have a
      harder shell than the middle row cotton.

      pecans from irragated and mantaned orchards have BIGGER pecans with more
      nut inside, BUT the pecans from unirragated orchards pecans are smaller
      less nut but they taste better.

      this also works with fruit, I prefer wild muscadines than story bought, pears and
      apples and even back berries

      so i guess what i think is that the fruit is bigger in controled enviroments but, the
      fruit is better from the uncontrolled. In pot i guess the seeds will taste better and
      the pot would be more potent.....Id like to ask that guy

      chooki about the seeds that he produces
      ..he made the statement that he grew some plants in pure sand and that those
      plants had an extra protective coating on them compared to the plants that were
      grown in normal soil.

      Treleway>>>>>until i had seen an indoor setup or before i came onto the
      internet i had NEVER seen a herm, growers that have been growing since the
      70's had seen it once or twice but very very very rare in outdoor gardens. These
      are growers that have never even heard of seedbanks, just traded amongst

      and they were doing inbreeding as well.
      the only difference is they never did any breeding programs year after year and
      no records were ever kept..they just took the best looking plants and crossed

      and i have always felt that indicas make me a hell of alot more paranoid than the
      beutiful satavias.
      most growers here wouldnt touch an indica...
      to give you an example. i had a patch of 6 satavias and 4 indacas..
      my satavias were stolen but my indicas were still there...
      aint that some shit..go through all the trouble to steal my pot and leave the damn
      indicas thats what you call a picky smoker..I ended up giving those away
      because the first joint made my heart beat race out of wack and every bad thing
      ive ever done came to me at that moment PARONIA CITY...that blew my damn
      ..now everyone here isnt like that...just the older guys..the kids here love
      anything that smells like pot.

      Oltimer>>>> i will send ya a sample one day.....So do you think that if a grower
      here took an indica that was very good up north and grew it here that the
      potency would be much higher here. Hell our growing season hasnt stopped for
      this year yet...i was at a friends houseyesterday and she still has 7
      satavias outside, I saw a little frost damage to the leaves but thats it...he havent
      had a killer frost yet...

      sorry dude but that wasnt me...

      67ed>>> I forgot that you and I were not living far from one another..and you are
      correct..IT GETS VERY HUMID HERE....sometimes so bad you cant breath.

Time 08:22, 7 Dec 1998
From Mota

      oldtimer1 - Yes the clones were from the same mum.

Time 06:05, 7 Dec 1998
From on purpose

      sorry Carnack you are not GREAT today. not even close.

Time 04:49, 7 Dec 1998
From Aunt Nellie

      Thanks, guys, for the continuing conversation about net security.I have
      read the anonymizer site and many others regarding this topic.Mr. Hope
      this helps/on purpose: thanks for the post explaining how a proxy works but I'm
      looking for anonymity and not necessarily surfing speed.And if I don't
      know the pluses and minuses of LPWA, I sure wouldn't recognize a good proxy
      from your list. Which is a good proxy for someone in the US?Not a list, just
      name one or two that you feel are "safe".The anonymizer and others like it
      are set up like e-mail with fields for whom the mail is being sent to, etc. but
      message board posts are set up slightly different with just optional name and
      e-mail address.How would I use anonymizer (or even Hotmail) to post to a
      message board? Sorry if this sounds really basic but computers came along
      after I was out of school and this is all very foreign to me.

      I've actually been trying to read and understand this subject for at least a year.
            I hate to sound like "I have a seed, now what do I do?" but I'm probably not
      much beyond that as far as computer understanding goes.Is everyone
      comfortable with LPWA?Yes or No.You like a different proxy better?
            Which one and how would I configure it?Anonymizer dialup service
      is not available in my area--does anyone know of something similar or am I just
      as safe using my ISP and a proxy?

      I probably shouldn't worry since I have nothing growing right now and don't really
      need to start anything soon.I experimented with different homemade
      systems and mediums and developed a really simple passive hydro system
      using coconut coir as the medium.I grew for personal consumption only,
      trying to produce as much as I could as quickly as I could, then stashing
      everything away from my premises.I could easily go another couple of
      years or so and won't start anything again until I feel it's really cool.I've
      never talked to anyone about my hobby but I'm dying to do so.After all my
      planning, though, I hate to just "advertise" it on the internet.Thanks for the
      help (again, please be specific) and I'll offer my insights when I'm finally
      comfortable posting.

      Vic--Thanks for the site and the help that you and your friends are giving me.
            I got a kick out of your "Aunt Nellie" name that you mentioned in your first
      post to me and I've decided to adopt that for my moniker.Wouldn't we all
      love a "kind" Aunt Nellie.I just hope that I can get involved here and use it.

Time -3:37, 7 Dec 1998
From The Great Carnack

      on purpose

      "Mr Hacker, do you now who i normally post as? i am trying to improve my anon
      setup. i would appreciate your help.


      Yes, you post as Eric Carr. Learn to spell.

Time 19:51, 6 Dec 1998
From Vic High

      LMAO - sorry anon hacker, but you just failed hacker 101. There are many
      many here that know just how wrong you are. I don't even know where walla
      walla is, haha. I'm a canuck who lives on southern Vancouver Island, as I'm sure
      many here can atest to. I use a local ISP and when I visit certain sites such as
      HBC's new site, it gives me the name of my ISP if I don't use a proxy.

      Nervous Nellie - please take the time to educate yourself before "going for it".
      The below post by "hope this helps" has many good links to educate yourself,
      plus many good proxy URLs. Good Luck.

      Budm - I like to flower romberry for 8 weeks. I'm not sure what you mean by
      cytokinin application. I have played with a chemical called "Blossom Blood"
      where I applied it at week 2-3 and then again at week 4-5. As for when males
      become a threat, that is a little too subjective to give a definate answer. Some
      seedlings flower in veg, and others seem to remain in veg without flowering.
      Speed of flowering will depend on age and size. Bigger and older plants will
      flower faster. I don't want to sound like a smart ass, but the males become a
      threat when the flowers start to open. Sorry, but that is the best I can do for you.

Time 19:35, 6 Dec 1998
From trelaway

      I don't think MJ people are going to get busted on the net without a global effort
      to do so. I think it would take UN level interest in shutting down the transfer of
      our info before we should be worried.

      That we can be had is obvious, the crackdown on kiddie porn proves it.

      The beauty/selling-feature of the net is its anonymity. If that goes, so do many of
      the people who buy computers and pay monthly isp charges.

      I think we're safe, but I also live in BC where the most I'd get is fines anyway, so
      maybe I'm a little cocky about it....

Time 18:30, 6 Dec 1998
From toker2

      is this you

Time 18:26, 6 Dec 1998
From on purpose

      vic sorry for the double post.

      note... the list below maybe out of date

Time 18:22, 6 Dec 1998
From hope this helps / on purpose

      you can also chain a proxy and the anomimyzer more than once but it sure does
      slow down surfing


      try thes site above for more info

      lpwa -> anonimizer -> anonimizer -> site

      The Internet Proxy Server

      A proxy server speeds up your access to the Internet. A proxy server is a
      configured with some software that serves requests from a client. The Internet
      Prolink proxy server is a system of computers that handle requests from your
      PC or Macintosh, and pass them on to these remote servers. When the remote
      responds, the response is sent back to your PC.

      How does the proxy server speed up my internet access?

      The proxy servers are very powerful Unix computers that are directly connected
      to the Internet Prolink internet backbone. They have a lot of memory and disk
      space, and can handle thousands of requests per second. Because of this high
      performance, the latency of requests between you and the remote server are

      The main advantage of the proxy server is that it can also do caching. Caching
      is the process of storing files that have been recently used on a local disk
      so they do not need to be transferred across the world for each person that
      needs to access the file. For example, if a new version of netscape comes out,
      and 10'000 Internet Prolink users want to ftp this file from California, the
      caching proxy server makes it possible that the file will only be transferred
      once from the USA, and then all other users will have what appears to be local
      access to the file. This helps three ways:

      You don't have to wait for a busy remote server;

      Access to the file is limited only by your modem or ISDN speed;

      Less internet bandwidth is used, making other users happier.

      Another advantage is that the proxy server can read data from the remote
      much faster than your PC or Mac. This means that if the remote system is not
      totally overloaded, the time for your transfer will be less. The proxy will
      "smooth out" the data transfer by reducing latency.

      What is latency?

      Latency is the time it takes to start or stop something. For example, walking
      is a low latency task, whereas flying in an airplane is a high latency task.
      Clearly, once one starts flying, it is quite fast, but it takes a long time
      to get started, since you have to arrive at the airport some time before the
      flight actually leaves.

      Why is lower latency a good thing?

      Surfing on the internet is a series of starts and stops, so any reduction in
      latency decreases the time to get a file.

      Is proxy.autoconf a Java program?

      Actually, this is a javascript program that allows some intelligence to be
      into the proxy software in Netscape. For example, if one proxy server is not
      available, it will simply go to another. Also, some proxy servers can be
      for USA sites, and others for European sites.

      last update 07/15/98
      Public Proxys
      (everbody can use them without restrictions)
      Provider URL Port Protocol Extra comment
      COM Librarysafe server.librarysafe.com 81 WWW/FTP/GOPHER
      COM I-Proxy http://www.iproxy.com/launch.html - WWW
      get your own free account
      COM LPWA lpwa.com 8000 WWW/FTP
      l: your Email p: write something
      JP Translator zip-translator.dna.affrc.go.jp 30001 WWW/FTP
      KR Kren proxy.kren.nm.kr 8080 WWW/FTP
      KR Snu proxy.snu.ac.kr 8080 WWW/FTP

      Accessible provider proxys
      (useable but the providers perhaps don't want that you use their proxy)

      Provider URL Port Protocol
      Extra comment
      AE Emirates.Net http://proxy.emirates.net.ae/proxy.pac - AUTOCONFIG
      AR UNCU noc.uncu.edu.ar 8080 WWW/FTP
      AT Wu-Wien proxy.wu-wien.ac.at 8080 WWW/FTP/GOPHER/SECURITY
      AT Merlin proxy.merlin.at 8080 WWW/FTP/GOPHER/WAIS/SECURITY
      AU Dbworld proxy.dbworld.net.au 8080 WWW/FTP/SECURITY
      AU localnet.localnet.com.au 8080 WWW / FTP
      BM IBL proxy.ibl.bm 8080 WWW / FTP
      CA Connect cache.connect.ab.ca 3128 WWW
      CA PRN odin.prn.bc.ca 8080 WWW / FTP
      CH Pingnet proxy.pingnet.ch 8080 WWW / FTP
      CH Dataway http://www.dataway.ch/ns.pac - AUTOCONFIG
      CL Intermedia proxy.intermedia.cl 8080 WWW / FTP
      CZ Cuni webcache.ms.mff.cuni.cz 8080 WWW/FTP/GOPHER/WAIS/SECURITY
      CZ Cvut cache.sh.cvut.cz 3128 WWW / FTP
      COM Silcom proxy.silcom.com 3128 WWW / FTP/GOPHER
      COM DEC cache2.nlanr.pa-x.dec.com 3128 WWW / FTP
      DE T-Online ics2f.s.srv.t-online.de 80 WWW / FTP
      DE VossNet cache.vossnet.de 3128 WWW / FTP
      DE N-W pluto.nienburg-weser.de 8080 WWW / FTP
      DE FH-Aachen http://www-proxy.fh-aachen.de:8080/ AUTOCONFIG
      DE Uni-Stuttgart infosun-fd.rus.uni-stuttgart.de 8080 WWW/FTP/GOPHER
      DK Auc http://cwis.auc.dk/proxy/always.pac AUTOCONFIG
      EDU Aubg http://www.aubg.edu 8080 WWW / FTP
      EDU DLU owl.dlu.edu 8080 WWW / FTP
      ES Softec linux.softec.es 8080 WWW / FTP
      ES Esegi dos2.esegi.es 3128 WWW / FTP
      FI Oktasys proxy.oktasys.fi 80 WWW/FTP/GOPHER
      IL IDC mail.idc.ac.il 8080 WWW / FTP
      IT Micronet http://www.micronet.it/proxy.pac AUTOCONFIG
      IT Galactica proxy.galactica.it 8080 WWW / FTP
      JO Go www.go.com.jo 8080 WWW / FTP
      JP Kyutech sama.isc.kyutech.ac.jp 8080 WWW / FTP
      KR Kyunghee cvs2.kyunghee.ac.kr 8080 WWW / FTP
      MY Jaring proxy1.jaring.my 3128 WWW
      NET EU chip.Austria.EU.net 8080 WWW / FTP
      NET IBS proxy.IBS-GmbH.net 8080 WWW / FTP
      NET MR mpls.cache.mr.net 3128 WWW / FTP
      NL CS.VU www-proxy.cs.vu.nl 8080 WWW
      NO Lofotposty proxy.lofotposten.no 80 WWW
      NO Arcticnet www.arcticnet.no 80 WWW
      NO Robin proxy.robin.no 8080 WWW / FTP
      ORG Silk proxy.silk.org 3128 WWW/FTP/GOPHER/WAIS/SECURITY
      PK AOL oolala.aol.net.pk 8080 WWW / FTP
      PK AOL magic.aol.net.pk 8080 WWW / FTP
      PL CTO w3cache.us.edu.pl 8080 WWW / FTP/GOPHER
      PL ICM sunsite.icm.edu.pl 8080 WWW / FTP
      RO Starnets proxy.starnets.ro 3128 WWW / FTP/GOPHER
      SK Stuba axp.elf.stuba.sk 8080 WWW / FTP
      SG NTU news.ntu.edu.sg 8080 WWW / FTP
      TH Hatyaiwit www.hatyaiwit.ac.th 8080 WWW / FTP
      TH Wnet ns2.wnet.net.th 8080 WWW / FTP
      TR Turnet proxy1.turnet.net.tr 8080 WWW
      TR Turnet proxy2.turnet.net.tr 8080 WWW
      US Elpaso episd.elpaso.k12.tx.us 8080 WWW / FTP
      US WA dilbert.bb.cc.wa.us 3128 WWW / FTP
      YU Telekom proxy.telekom.yu 8080 WWW / FTP
      ZA New cache.new.co.za 8080 WWW/FTP/GOPHER/WAIS/SECURITY
      ZA Pix cyclone.pix.za 8080 WWW / FTP
      ZW Cybergate proxy.cybergate.co.zw 8080 WWW / FTP

Time 18:13, 6 Dec 1998
From on purpose

      Mr Hacker, do you now who i normally post as? i am trying to improve my anon
      setup. i would appreciate your help.


Time 17:34, 6 Dec 1998
From Budm

      Vic, one more question, at what week does a male RB become a danger to the
      females, to be a pollen threat? Thanks

Time 17:15, 6 Dec 1998
From Budm

      Hi all, Hope everyone had a good weekend! Ive been lurking, and Nellie if you
      want another proxie addy, I have about 20 of them, all over the world. Just post
      back and ill figure out a way to get a couple of them to ya! Hey Vic how many
      days does RB need in the flower room? Do you have any advice, on a
      application of cytokin, once half way through the Flower stage?

Time 14:42, 6 Dec 1998

      BTW, i've never e-mailed you at any account you have.

Time 14:41, 6 Dec 1998

      vic, if your such a straight up, stand up guy who is only trying to prove a point,
      then why do'nt you admit that your ISP is Blue Mountain Internet in Walla Walla,
      Washington? whats the big deal mr. honesty?

Time 14:04, 6 Dec 1998
From (Less) Nervous Nellie

      Vic--Thanks for the excellent post and I agree that paranoia should not rule
      one's life.There was a situation in my area a while back where a guy was
      busted for kiddie porn that was on his computer when it was sent in for servicing.
            The repair guy just casually (and illegally--he was charged) scoped out
      the contents of the guy's computer and then turned him in.Linda Tripp
      might have also done something illegal but the Prez, just like the pedophile (hey,
      if Monica was a few years younger he could be both) got busted.That
      said, I'm inclined to agree that a small, personal grow wouldn't measure up to
      bringing down presidents or pedophiles.So, if you think it's cool, I'm just
      going to go for it.I do hope the discussion goes on, though, especially
      regarding lpwa specifically or if there's a better alternative.

Time 12:37, 6 Dec 1998
From Vic High

      This indoor/outdoor discussion is interesting. Here on the west coast of BC, we
      have very good outdoor and very good indoor, but they are very
      different.I'm not much of a smoker so I can't say what the differences are,
      but experienced buyers seem to be able to tell right away. I've tried growing the
      better outdoor inside and it becomes a heavy yielding but very low potent shwag
      weed. My indoor starts out real well outside, but fizzles in the end and doesn't
      finish in time. Mind you, if you take romulan and grow it in a heated greenhouse,
      you'll get some monster kick ass bud.... and lots of it. This is using natural
      daylengths. This last summer my dad grew romberry in 5 gal pails, but flowered
      them in July/August by moving to a dark place in the basement each night. He
      couldn't grow to save his soul, so he didn't end up with much, but what he did
      have was the most potent yet. I just figured the summer sun was better for THC
      developement than the fall sun? Or was it the stress that caused a small harvest
      also caused higher potency?

      Anon ?hacker? - is there more than one? my point is that your anon comments
      usually are fear mongering and serve no positive purpose other than to disrupt
      this page. Most of your smoke screens are from hacker 101. I'm more a flower
      boy than a computer geek, but even I can see through your comments for what
      they are. Truth is, if you are any good at what you do, then you know I never
      post anon or under a name other than Vic High. So, I assume your comments
      about certain posts making you sick applies to some other visitors to this page. If
      you feel someone here is a security risk and posting crap, feel free to email me.
      I'm sure you have the hotmail addy, I believe you've emailed me in the past? I
      think I recognise syntax and subject content.

      Nervous Nellie - aeric's comments are right on the money from what little I know.
      Each page you visit on the net logs your ISP number and usually logs where you
      came from and where you went. This isn't really as scary as it sounds. The ISP
      number gives nothing more than who your internet provider is. In my case, my
      ISP has a few thousand clients. This means that all the hacker can figure out is
      that I am one of the many thousands that share that ISP. Like aeric mentioned, it
      would take some heavy duty money and search warrants to get any closer than
      that. The kind of pull that is reserved for large scale crimes, such as financial
      manipulations, espionage, and kiddy porn. Well you know what I mean. Unless
      we were into large scale drug smuggling, I doubt we would ever be worth their
      time and money. Even though I'm currently cruising without a proxy to prove a
      point, I believe a non-detectable proxy is an important safety precaution. It helps
      you remain even more anon.

      Now I doubt your ISP is reading what you post. They log when you enter and exit
      their service and maybe where you go. I'm not even sure if they can read your
      post - maybe mr. anon can fill us in here. If they do, they would be breaking the
      law and setting themselves up to go out of business. Society would not stand for
      allowing an ISP worker violating our privacy and reading our letters to Aunt

      Now my habit of visiting hotmail. I've set www.hotmail.com as my home page so
      that it is always my first stop when entering the net. I'm usually short of time, so I
      usually just stop here and check my email. If I surf from here, I'm usually going
      someplace I don't want to be followed, so I make a short stop at any generic
      page, usually just the hotmail front page. Sometimes I decide to read the local
      online sports page. I hope this helps make it clearer.

      I agree with the others that a little paranoia is healthy, but I also know it is
      healthy to understand where to focus that paranoia energy. Many of us grow MJ
      to express our desire to have the freedom to do so. But if it means living in
      paranoia and always looking over our shoulders, then what's the point. I believe
      in managing my fears and not letting them take over my life. I've said this before,
      but if we let the fears manage us, then we have lost the freedom that were are
      fighting to protect.

Time 10:20, 6 Dec 1998
From oldtimer1

      Aeric 77 Are you saying I should be using a different proxy? Ot1.

Time 10:15, 6 Dec 1998
From oldtimer1

      Mik just went there on a different proxy and it all seems to be working.Ot1

Time 10:08, 6 Dec 1998
From oldtimer1

      67ed this year we saw hardly any sun and yes it is milder being a small island
      there are less extremes in temperature the gulf stream flows by our shores. If
      you take a variety that will finish mid September here outdoors identical clones
      grown indoors will be three or four times as potent with much denser buds.Take
      cuttings of the same var to the south of France and they kick the ass off of the
      indoor from here, we have been there and done that thing. I was just trying to
      explain this to Eric. Growing under glass here to get the best results with tropical
      vars you really need supplementary lighting with uv output for them to fully
      express there potential. At the present time this is just to risky.

      Mike Iím having probs logging onto some of your pages have you got a server

      On the question of lights I would use 8 x 400 w over the space indicated about
      53 w per sq ft which should produce high quality dense buds. With clones i
      would fit in 150 plants in 4 litre tall pots. The only prob with a block this large is
      that a drip system would be needed for watering / feeding.

      All the best Ot1.

Time 09:20, 6 Dec 1998
From aeric77

      hello there Old'un.......

Time 09:18, 6 Dec 1998
From Mike (mike@weedseed.com)

      Nervous Nellie>>> (love the name)
      The spookbusters pages are a cynical attempt to frighten people.there is
      absolutely no credibility whatever in anything they have posted.
      You are right to be aware of the need for security and a degree of paranoia is
      healthy and necessary. Be aware that the green man has made enemies by his
      truthfullness and several companies send out the real genetics and these are a
      target for both the authorities and for the more unscrupulous of their
      Provided you follow the advice from Aeric and other respected members of this
      community you can be sure that you are as safe as it is possible to be in a
      hostile environment.

Time 09:06, 6 Dec 1998
From Nervous Nellie

      Aeric77--If my ISP can read what I post then it doesn't seem very difficult to find
      me.After going through the proxy I'm sure it gets tougher to find someone
      but short of an anonymizer dialup service it would seem like suicide to mention
      anything illegal.Again, I'm a computer illiterate and maybe I just don't
      understand.Thanks for spending the time to help me as I can't ask friends.

Time 08:57, 6 Dec 1998
From aeric77

      I don't think there is a way to be totally secure on the net....the best you can
      hope for is to try to make it very expensive to be tracked to your door......I think
      anon will agree that with enough equiptment, time, and money aperson can be
      found.....the idea is to not be worth finding.......so don't talk about the 621 plants
      ya got growing and no one will give a shit if you happen to have 2 plants growing
      in the closet...

Time 05:50, 6 Dec 1998
From Nervous Nellie

      I am so glad to see this internet security discussion going on.I know very
      little about this and have just recently set up lpwa as my proxy.I got the
      information about how to do it at a Greenman's page.Just after setting it
      up, though, I read a page at Spookbusters that said that lpwa was run by the
      government and Greenman was a Narc and to not use lpwa.Strange thing
      is that I just reread the Greenman page and now they're not mentioning lpwa
      anymore but give instructions on setting up a different proxy.What's the
      real deal? If I'm using lpwa right now should I be OK?My ISP can read this,
      can't they?And Vic says he goes through Hotmail before going to any
      pages--why?Do you actually check your account and then log out or is
      just running the main page good enough?I'm anxious to jump into these
      discussions but my freedom is more important so your help would be greatly

Time -3:17, 6 Dec 1998
From aeric77

                   Yeah, I think you may be right...I can't remember.......67ed, I think
      lpwa.com also has the setup instructions for exploerer at their site and can walk
      you thru it.....

Time -3:12, 6 Dec 1998

      yes aeric, perfect.
      although you may have to go to lpwa.com first and sign-up for a username and
      password before configuring your computer.

Time -3:09, 6 Dec 1998

      BTW vic, i think you dont know what a "real" hacker is. I don't post only
      negatives but can reply in turn as well. It is just really disgusting for me because i
      KNOW 'who' posts 'what', ya know? Yes it is hard to believe what levels men
      stoop to. I don't post LIES. The only thing you have to fear is the TRUTH! I am a
      fellow grower too. Although I don't have ANY plants on my premises NOR do I
      know of the location of any plants, foreign or domestic and I disavow any
      knowledge of ANYTHING to which I am party. Man I am STONED! peace

Time -3:08, 6 Dec 1998
From aeric77

                   right click on the explorer icon on your desktop to bring up the
      properties window then click on properties...then click on advanced and go down
      the list to cookies and check disble all cookies then uncheck all java
      boxes.....now click on the connection tab and check the box for access the
      internet using a proxy..then click on the advanced tab beside it.....a proxy
      address window will come up...in the http addy box type lpwa.com and in the port
      box beside it type 8000......now your puter is set to use the lpwa proxy...the first
      time you start your machine now it will take you to the lpwa proxy page and you
      will have to put in an email addy and a password that you will have to use each
      time you sign on to the web.....I suggest you use a hotmail or lycaeum email
      addy.....and don't forget your password....try it...did I leave anything out Mr
      anon? maybe you could help us all instead of trying not to??????

Time -3:00, 6 Dec 1998

      use lpwa.com for now and then subscribe to a proxy server with a dial-up
      connection that is not a toll call for your area.

Time 19:52, 5 Dec 1998
From 67ed

      Well then, how do I get anonymity for explorer 4.n? Peace

Time 18:53, 5 Dec 1998
From 67ed

      correction- I meant to say you could recreate November at the 16th lat, not

Time 18:50, 5 Dec 1998
From 67ed (painetom76@hotmail.com)

      Ot, not all's lost! You realize, of course, that by flowering using a greenhouse
      darkening system in May-July, you could recreate the sun's intensity at the 29th
      lat in September, or the 16th lat in Oct. I'm below the 40th, and not too far from
      Eric, but I'm far from any ocean, and the winter temps here might kill the hardiest
      Englishman (oh, not really, but it is much colder!) I'm into palm trees, and tried to
      grow a European fan palm here outdoors in the ground by wrapping it with
      burlap in winter, but it lanquished and died within two years. This same variety of
      palm tree grows easily in England, and often escapes cultivation there! And
      Ericland (still above the 30th) isn't all that favorable for cann., it's very humid
      there, and is at a low altitude. Can anyone help: I'm trying to get a proxy for
      Explorer 4.n even though I'm nowhere near "Sedalia". I spent 2 hours
      downloading Netscape Navigator, and when I tried to install it, there wasn't
      enough memory left in my temp files for installation. I'm using a fairly new Pent 2
      with win 98. Peace

Time 14:26, 5 Dec 1998
From oldtimer1

      Eric It is well documented that the most potent natural cannabis plants come
      from between the thirtieth parallels. Reaching the most potent within 5 deg of the
      equator and at the highest elevations where the UV radiation is also he highest.
      Thc is the best natural sunscreen known and is thought to be an adaption to
      protect the seed embryo from uvc. If you take a high potency strain to England
      and grow it with enough protection so that seed is produced the next generation
      will produce less thc and will mature in a shorter time but still need protection to
      produce seed. Given 4 or 5 generations of doing this the plant will adapt to our
      conditions produce seed naturally without protection and instead of the original
      10% thc will be producing less than 1% thc. This plant is just wonderful at
      adapting to its environment. The reverse was true when our government wanted
      to produce cheap hemp fibre they decided to stop growing hemp in Norfolk and
      move production to the middle east using slave labour. The first year a bumper
      crop. the second year the plants only made 7 or 8 ft instead of 12 to 15 ft and
      had a lot of side branches instead of being whips. by the third year they were
      only 5 or 6 ft high very branched the fibre to short for sail making apart from that
      it had become very resinous. In the end they had to produce seed every year in
      the uk to send to the middle east and the Admiralty ended up spending nearly
      as much as they would have if they left the production where it had been.
      As far as you being far south you dont know how lucky you are which is what I
      was saying in my post. Ot1.

Time 12:25, 5 Dec 1998
From Lady J

      hi all,

      Remember, cannabis is a living thing and not all aspects are cut-and-dry (no
      pun intended). Some varieties will hermie under stress, others do it in response
      to genetic propensities. As far as potency goes, find two people who can even
      agree on what that means and I'll be impressed. I prefer to think in terms of
      cannabinoid profiles cbn,thc,cbd and high "types" than just potency. Some of the
      most enjoyable pot is not always simply the most potent. But then, I try to
      apporach things from a holistic view rather than right/wrong, or better/worse. If
      you know what you like, want, and prefer in a plant then you can strive towards
      that end. What one person likes, you may find less than desirable and vice


Time 11:11, 5 Dec 1998
From trelaway

      Thought I'd wade into this one with a thought. If stress is a contributing factor for
      herms (im not saying it is, just that it's current theory)would it stand reasoning
      that the outdoor clone would run a higher risk of self-fertilization?

      And many say an earlier harvest(high white hair ratio) creates a trippier/more
      paranoid stone: so maybe the aging process of the plant makes it increasingly
      desirable to animals that eat it. Kinda like fermenting fruit draws birds.

Time 11:03, 5 Dec 1998

                   No i would not do that...
      but i read somewhere I think it was written by ED Roasantal...
      seems like he mentioned that there was a process of stressing an outdoor plant
      by removing leaves...I would never recomend doing this..
      unless maybe if you had your plants in your back yard and you experimented
      with it ..

      My main concern has always been having buds PIEROD...
      As for potency I never stripped leaves
      or anything else..i tried to make it a nice and as stressless of a life as possable

      Its just life protecti9ng itself.

Time 10:39, 5 Dec 1998
From Munty

      Taking your idea to its natural conclusion: are you saying we should make it as
      difficult for the plants as possible when growing indoors in order to increase
      If it could be done safely it would be a lot of fun! Bring the outdoors indoors...

Time 10:29, 5 Dec 1998
From aeric77

                             your diction appears to have improved this am........do
      you think the force feeding and high levels of co2, along with all the other
      methods used to increase growth rates using hydro, might also make the plants
      feel battered around and thus produce more thc than normal......and wouldn't
      growing outside be the norm?

Time 08:45, 5 Dec 1998

                   I dont understand your post...
      Im far south man....
      this is the way i understand plants and potency..

      look at a pepper plant for instance..a pepper plant uses the hotness in its skin to
      protect the seeds inside the pepper, if you start eating the pepper from the
      bottom end and work your way up..it gets hotter and hotter the farther upwards
      you eat.

      its because the seeds are in the very top of the pepper and the plant is using
      the oil in the skin to make it hot so that animals will leave it and the seeds
      now after the pepper gets ripe..the seeds are mature and then animals can eat
      the pepper and deposit the seeds along their journey

      POT is the same
      but THC is the protection..if you eat to much you get sick..and if an animal goes
      to eat a bud it will not like the feeling it gets and the sickness that goes with it..
      so it learns not to eat the buds..

      so the plant uses THC to protect itself from being killed..

      Therefore if the plant is in a more dangerous ..life threting enviroment it will
      produce mORE THC, which inturn makes the buds more potent.

      now take two clones from the same MOM
      leave one inside ..in a controlled enviroment with all the love and care it can
      stand...no worries.

      and compare it to a clone placed outside
      where grasshoppers are eating leaves and jumping from branches...
      spiders biuld webs inbetween branches
      rain beatin down on her..storms blowing her to the ground...drought...over

      It will produce a more potent protection
      for itself...

Time 19:33, 4 Dec 1998
From Vic High

      Mota - I too have have found that I get better buds when MH is added to the

      Lady J - surprise surprise eh?

      Anon 1743 - you must think you are speaking with the ignorant. Most pages
      keep a log of where you came from and where you go next while surfing. A
      couple of web-site operators have emailed me thanking me for linking their page
      to mine and have mentioned that a good deal of their customers come from
      BCGA. They know this from those typical logs.

      Knowing that there are individuals such as yourself out there trying to flex their
      egos, I usually make hotmail a stop between all webpage stops so that you can't
      see where I came from and where I go from here. I pick hotmail simply because
      their front page loads quickly. Still waiting for the email. A real hacker would be
      able to email me at my legit ISP :)

Time 19:01, 4 Dec 1998
From superunknow

      hi i am waninting to grow hydro can you give em some pointers

Time 17:43, 4 Dec 1998

      vic always reads his e-mail before he comes here. vic is a creature of habit

Time 17:08, 4 Dec 1998
From oldtimer1

      Mota Were the clones from the same mum?
      Eric They would'nt be if you were 52% north you have no idea what its like. Ot1

Time 13:46, 4 Dec 1998

      sorry Vic..but this set up has got me thinkin about somethin

      Mota...thats cool...everything i have ever had inside or outside was always better

Time 11:40, 4 Dec 1998
From Mota

      White Widow Update:
      2 clones flowered
      1 indoors under 80W sq.ft (400W MH)
      1 outdoors
      Both harvested at approx. 10 weeks.
      Dried and cured for 5 weeks.
      The outdoor had a better smell and taste, but to my surprise the WW under the
      MH has a stronger high/stone.I believe this is the "edge" that Oldtimer is
      talking about.Any comments?

Time -1:18, 4 Dec 1998
From Vic High

      Eric - you have alot of questions, but this is new to me and I have little in the way
      of answers. I was just a meare tourist passing on what I saw. But I'm just as
      stoked as you. Had a meeting with my partner tonight and we are thinking of
      playing with the ideas though :)

      ky-skank- I've yet to harvest sweet tooth so I have little advice to offer. I'm not
      sure if this helps, since it is unavailable, but the grapefruit mother of sweet tooth
      blows romberry out of the water with respect to potency when grown under high
      intensity lumens. They are somewhat comparable in my garden.

      Budm - glad all is working out. I remember many instances of not being sure
      what was happening with the garden. Hell I remeber not knowing when I should
      water for fear of root rot. Hell, the garden was so dry, a cactus would have been
      thirsty, haha. Now it's second nature. I'm sure sexing preflowers will be second
      nature for you from now on and you'll get a chuckle next time you read a post
      asking the same questions, haha. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I thought
      nothing bad of your posts. Just happy for ya.

      Anon 20:20 - what the hell is walla walla? Is that another name for coastnet?
      Sure, just to prove a point, I'm still posting without a proxy, and still no-one has
      had the ability to email me at my legit ISP email account. I'm making it as easy for
      you as I can. Want me to print the addy for you?

Time 13:17, 2 Dec 1998
From lunchtime poster

      ky, go with the cinderella 88 from brothers grimm.it has a somewhat fruity
      taste and a most excellent sativa buzz. it does cost a bit more than the upper
      end of your price range ($85/10 last i heard) but is well worth every penny and
      the speed of delivery is incomparable.

Time 12:56, 2 Dec 1998
From ky-skank (asiffredi@hotmail.com)

      looking for an opinion on the sweet-tooth strain from s.o.l (taste,potency) Vic,
      how does your romberry compare in these two areas? I'm looking for an
      exceptionally fruity tasting strain with much potency for around $50-$60per 10
      seeds.(strapped for cash!) any suggestions? Thanks!

Time -2:36, 2 Dec 1998
From Vic High

      Eric - yep - fishtank water instead of tap water. and yep - roots just hung in the
      airwith no added support. they just follow the water down and therefore stay wet.

      Trelaway - I'm another who would be interested in hearing of your results.

      Aeric - I too have had one of those monsters. When growing out romberry, I'm
      usually more interested in selecting males, but one girl (RBL-4) caught my eye.
      Hate to tease you bud, but the clones from her are even better! It's now as big
      as a 1L coke bottle and looks as it may finish as big as a 2L coke bottle. This
      would be a first in my low light mushroom patch..

      sb- how ya doing bud?

Time 20:32, 1 Dec 1998
From aeric77

      hello trelaway,
                   I grew out some of Viv's Romberry and they were all excellent but I
      had one that was a monster 4' tall and only one single cola 4' tall......and in my
      usual lazy fashion i didn't take any cuts.....so make sure you take at least one
      cut from each female as a possible mother.....still kicking myself for letting it get

Time 20:03, 1 Dec 1998
From trelaway

      My ten BCGA blue and romberry took ten days to arrive from Heaven's stairway
      and Richard answered my emails within 24 hours.

      If anyone's interested I'll be starting them shortly after X-mas.

Time 15:22, 1 Dec 1998

      this 3 foot area for the roots...was it water or air....from reading your description it
      sounds like air.
      If so were there misters spraying the roots in the area????

      was there some sort of plastic mesh for the roots to sit on at every foot length ? or were
      they just hanging the whole three feet.

Time 13:08, 1 Dec 1998

      are you saying that it started out with water from the fish tank and that was pumped into
      another resavoir that led to the tubes.

      instead of tap water he started with fish tank water????

Time 12:52, 1 Dec 1998
From bb

      ya he feeds them normal fish food pellets....as for the emitters its all just filtered pretty
      good.........but yathey still clog.. :((

Time -1:08, 1 Dec 1998
From sb

      I just wanted to sayhello!
      Vic .......whatup G?

Time -2:07, 1 Dec 1998
From Vic High

      Hey guys, just back from Vansterdam. Finally got to meet with Breeder Steve.
      He's quite a generous guy with his time, and boy can he roll big joints! He rolled
      a J of brand X that must have been a whole 8th! Rope will get me stoned, so that
      was way out of my league.

      What did get my attention was his aquaponic setup that he calls "The
      Sweetwater System".It employs a double res setup, one typical, and one
      being a fish tank loaded with fish. Water in the two res's are exchanged
      regularily (something like every hour). He says he never cleans his fish tank, as
      all the plants and bottom feeders use up all wastes. Plants are fed with drip
      emmitters via the typical res. pH doesn't fluctuate and the ppms remain between
      300 and 400.

      Now these drip emmitters fed two setups. One was a traditional "dutch pot"
      system. You know, the one where each plant is grown on a 5 gallon pail? He
      used a 5 or 6 inch basket that was 3/4 filled with those red balls (I think they are
      an expanded clay called "hyrotron"?). Steve then covered the red balls with 1"
      layer of a blend of worm castings and "Steve's Special Blend". The Special
      Blend (2-6-5) is an organic mix comprised of green sand, rock phosphate, fruit
      bat quano, feather meal, steamed bone meal- regular & fine, kelp meal,
      sunflower seed hull ash, canola seed meal, cotton seed meal, alfalfa meal,
      langbeinite, corn gluten meal, pyro clay, diatomaceous earth, and calcium
      peroxide. Initially, the low nitrogen surprised me, but then after I thought about it,
      I realized that the plants were probably getting all the nitrogen they needed from
      the fish tank. I believe there was an air stone in teh bottom of each pail. Seven
      weeks ago Steve planted tomato seeds into the medium and now the plants are
      3 feet tall and have softball sized green tomatoes on them. WOW!

      The second setup was basically a large table, 4' high, covered with something
      like 1/4" dense plastic. Holes were cut in it to hold the 4" or 5" net cups. Again
      the cups were filled with the reddish clay balls and topped with the special blend
      and worm castings. Again the net baskets were fed with drip emitters. What
      interested me is what happened under those net cups.

      A large pond liner tarp was suspended under the net cups to catch the water
      and funnel it back into the typical res. There was about 3' between the bottom of
      the net cups and the bottom of the tarp. And you know what this means?????
      LOTSA ROOM FOR ROOTS! Big roots equal big buds in my book. This feature
      had me totally stoked!

      I'm one that has had little respect for the hydroponic side of our hobby for some
      time. I've watched others playing with the large numbers of clones and shaken
      my head (legal risk). I've watched them fight pH drifts and shaken my head. I've
      watched them fight root rot and shaken my head. I've watched them lose entire
      crops due to pump or power failures and shaken my head. I've watched them
      pumping in the chems (hurting the environment) and shaken my head. I've
      watched them be proud of their 1-2 lbs per light in their high intensity gardens
      and shaken my head. Well I've stopped shaking my head for this one. Steve's
      way of working with the Dutch Pot system seems to take care of all my
      hydroponic concerns. I just wish I wasn't too stoned to have asked him what he
      fed his fish and why his emmitters didn't clog.


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