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                   TOPIC - Delay 24 hours....
                   DATE - 22:21:17 2/01/100
                   FROM - happy traveler
                   Stuck in a rut. 24 hour set back....will contact you soon.


                   TOPIC - Bongblaster
                   DATE - 22:39:35 1/31/100
                   FROM - watchin em fall
                   #3 or is it #4? Is this just another coincidence?....


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 19:30:42 1/31/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   I got this spam mail today, thought a few may be interested.

                   To Whom It May Concern,

                   I have written and published a book on ozone that may be of interest to you
                   or your associates. The book is mostly about alternative therapies for
                   treating most all disease using ozone to its fullest potential. It not only
                   states the risk factors we face in our daily life but how ozone is used as
                   the solution to these risks. This book covers most all air and water
                   applications of ozone including the use in food processing. Some of these
                   applications you may be aware of and some may be new. This vital
                   information can help save lives! You can use it as a tool to promote new
                   customers or share with old clients. In any case, it could be a great asset
                   just knowing the information it contains. If you love ozone you will love
                   this book.

                   A description of its contents and a picture of the book can be found on my
                   web page at www.foothill.net/ozone and click on to "The Breath of Life"
                   button at the bottom of the page. The book can be ordered on the last page
                   of the products section or you can send your order to me directly.
                   Discounts apply on larger orders. Book price is only $22.95 plus $4.50
                   shipping in the US. Get it while supplies last!



                   TOPIC - Computer Problems
                   DATE - 14:51:11 1/31/100
                   FROM - Black Budget
                   I and some other friends experienced internet related problems in that time frame. HOWEVER, keep in mind there was
                   a MAJOR snow and ice storm that hit the D.C. Virginia area that Tuesday. Since major Internet portals, routers, and
                   circuits concentrate in that area, no surprise. Word is a couple of major switches and circuits went out.....


                   TOPIC - Still more unpleasant surprises ... oops!
                   DATE - 13:40:40 1/31/100
                   FROM - Moo Goo Gai Pan
                   Yet Another one bites the dust ... do bad things come in three's?

                   There was a press clipping from AP ( Associated Press ) dated the 30th that said the NSA had a "serious computer
                   problem" last week. "This problem ...did not affect intelligence collection, but did effect the processing of intelligence

                   It said that the computers went down on Monday at 7 PM and went back up on Thursday ... about 72 hours.
                   It also says "Contingency plans were immediatly put into effect.".

                   Does this period coincide with computer problems folks have been experiencing?


                   TOPIC - BongBlaster
                   DATE - 11:14:26 1/31/100
                   FROM - Marcel
                   Please do not send any orders to seedbank.com All sales are on hold for the next few days.

                   BongBlaster is currently a guest of the state in Spokane W.A. More information will be coming forward at the end of the
                   week. Also an Auction to raise funds .

                   The above can be verified through his current attorney Christen Phelps

                   Donation can be mailed to Mr Phelps ( he is listed in the phone book although information will be posted as soon as it's
                   cleared by Mr Phelps)

                   This information was verified through Mr Phelps as well as a Phone call from BB today( Collect from the jail). We at RI
                   are only a source of information. If you are interested in helping out please contact us at the above email address.

                   There has been no compromise on the business issues. The Seed-Bank .com sever is still secure. BB and the seed
                   bank are separate insulated entities.

                   No shipping records are involved. A request for the server information has been denied, from our Canadian office and
                   email information has been removed form the server.



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 07:12:21 1/31/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   the hack attempt has happened twice; Jan7, and 22. I'm pretty sure who the second one came from, it happened right
                   after I authorized him on ICQ. But if I'm wrong????

                   Like I said, on it's own it's no big deal. I just don't want to blindly ignore the subtle signals if you know what I mean. The
                   fact that two of those recently busted were tied to the inet is what caught my attention.

                   Hey maybe some lurking hacker can get some meaning from the intelligence report? I was just happy to close the
                   door, but results of this could be interesting ;)

                   [01/22/2000 19:19:39.170 GMT-0800]Report Generated for machine48.intelx.com (
                   1 pri1.pinc.com (
                   2 vcr.pinc.com (
                   3 (
                   4 (
                   5 (
                   6 (
                   7 oc3-sea-2-bctel.starcom.net (
                   8 starcom-oc3.above.net (
                   9 sjc-sea-oc3.sjc.above.net (
                   10 iad-sjc-oc12-1.iad.above.net (
                   11 core3-core1.iad.above.net (
                   12 att-iad.iad.above.net (
                   13 gbr1-p00.wswdc.ip.att.net (
                   14 sar1-a300s2.wswdc.ip.att.net (
                   15 (
                   16 machine48.intelx.com (
                   TraceRoute Complete.

                   Finger Timed Out.


                   Whois Server Version 1.1

                   Domain names in the .com, .net, and .org domains can now be registered
                   with many different competing registrars. Go to http://www.internic.net
                   for detailed information.

                   Domain Name: INTELX.COM
                   Registrar: NETWORK SOLUTIONS, INC.
                   Whois Server: whois.networksolutions.com
                   Referral URL: www.networksolutions.com
                   Name Server: RUTH.INTELX.COM
                   Name Server: ESTHER.INTELX.COM
                   Updated Date: 27-dec-1999

                   >>> Last update of whois database: Sat, 22 Jan 00 01:17:58 EST >> Last update of whois database: Fri, 7 Jan 00
                   01:54:35 EST <<<



                   TOPIC - paranoid we should be
                   DATE - 18:05:21 1/30/100
                   FROM - meduser2
                   saw a show a while back on how the police use the net to bust chucky child freaks. i did not see where they were
                   busting people through ip's. what the cop was doing was emailing the "pedo freak"and setting up deals to send films to
                   him when they got the films they checked for fingerprints on the film "typical police work" then they eventually set up a
                   meet. then the bust would come down. i've got a feeling that they needed more then just people talking bullshit on
                   message boards-but they sure got it via emails and packages and meets. don't remember but i think this was local
                   police work, not the feds. bottom line line is busts can and do happen. lots of times you never know where the info
                   really comes from. cops lie you know!! i know that i've run under a proxy that i check on the tamos site and i use
                   protectX for hackers. don't know for sure if either works but it helps the noia.i have never sent or received a package
                   from any indivual or email contact. and i don't grow at home anymore.
                   if i get busted over the net cant say i didnt have fun. lol

                   vic, did your hack come when on one of the boards or through another way icq? just wondering, quit mirc because of

                   stay sane, fuck it they cant put every body in jail since were already in one in the great usa.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 16:19:26 1/30/100
                   FROM - ultra-sane
                   only a fool would believe we were not being watched! that, i would expect, has been going on since day one. it's why i
                   have wondered about the sanity of why we are even here exchanging our useful anecdotes with each other...it makes
                   no sense.

                   the only possible use i see is showing whatever powers-that-be the fact that we believe in what we are doing and will
                   not be denied our right to exist and function in a way that poses no harm to anyone...even ourselves.

                   i will not fall into that dark hole of paranoia...


                   TOPIC - Whats "Lime Green"
                   DATE - 13:32:10 1/30/100
                   FROM - Thunderfuck
                   Hey everyone,

                   Anyone knows whats a lime green stian and whats the big deal about it?



                   TOPIC - noia
                   DATE - 12:21:25 1/30/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   DT - just general noia. Nothing concrete for the most part, just many small bits of info pointing to a bigger possibility.
                   Just listening to the instincts that have served to save my ass over the years, hehe. My mind works in a twisted way
                   and asks weird obscure questions. Like when the media is simply reporting BS from a cop, what is the cop's motive for
                   making such a statement.

                   And for the record, after being exposed to a fair bit of private and inside info, I see no indication that any of the recent
                   busts are the result of the internet. But I do see a link to the internet in two of those cases. Suggestions that two of
                   those busted were on a list of internet investigations and or watchdogs. Whether these internet investigations would
                   have ever lead to a bust, who knows. However, it is obvious that the internet is being watched, but we already assumed
                   that. right? Overall, nothing has changed except our suspicions have been confirmed.

                   But all in all, nothing concrete and mostly noia.


                   TOPIC - Internet & Govt.
                   DATE - 10:42:59 1/30/100
                   FROM - DT
                   Vic: Are there definitely confirmed "problems" or just general 'noia? Interesting side note: Some email that was sent to
                   me thru HotMail ( non mj related) came thru with a date that was THE NEXT DAY'S DATE. When I asked the sender to
                   trace the route, he told me it was "diverted right before it got to the Hot Mail Servers" where it picked up the bad date.~
                   Also, certain other Public free mail sites have been acting wierd past few days. Keep your eyes and ears open folks! I
                   hate to say it, it may be theirs, but it is a WAR nevertheless that's going on. Keep that in mind.


                   TOPIC - The shit may come down ... maybe not.
                   DATE - 10:17:06 1/30/100
                   FROM - whozits whatzits
                   There's no telling for sure what the DEA and the rest of the Feds are up to ... but one things for sure, no matter what:
                   ... they'll take the easy way out. If they think they can make a easy sweep, with various state and municipal forces
                   doing the heavy lifting, they just might do it. ( Even though they have Much bigger things to worry about than reefer. )

                   It's just politics. In the final analysis, it come down to that. The Cannabis Community is a tempting target because it
                   gives the Feds a chance to show that they are "computer hip" and are "doing something about Internet Crime", setting
                   up the reefer straw man for another go round, while at the same time they Know that the chances of meeting any
                   resistance are very slim.

                   Look, they don't Ever do raids with less than overwhelming force, bust the doors, masks, body armor, the whole bit.
                   They especially don't want to chase Meth labs where rural white trash might be wired-up and heavily armed to boot. As
                   for the Latino heroin and coke dealers, the same goes ... they are both very violent And have big-buck computer
                   systems and cryptography that's hard to decipher. By comparison, a bunch of pot-heads are easy pickings. Big
                   headlines - minimal risk.

                   Dig it: crime is Down ... they need a phony "menace" to keep themselves employed while not risking any physical
                   harm to their ample asses. Plus, they use the busts as a funding source. Heck they've even stooped to confiscating a
                   kids video games!

                   Whether or not they actually do a "big crackdown" is another question entirely. Canada is a Big problem for the Feds,
                   since they can't do an international operation without Canadian cooperation, and there's too much money coming into
                   the Northern economy as a result of the seed/weed trade.

                   Even though the "Justice" department might not want to jump into this thicket right now, federal prosecuters on the
                   local level are Always looking for ways to make a big splash and pump up their careers. ( Look at Gulliani in NY ... ).

                   Postings through proxies should be the rule, preferably via one that's based overseas. Also, someone should post
                   another complete list of privacy sites and instructions.

                   Vic, did you inquire of the sysop at mauimail if they had any problems on their end recently?

                   Everybody hold your breath and stay cool.



                   TOPIC - kickt16
                   DATE - 07:49:54 1/30/100
                   FROM - Squaeky Fraen

                   dr evil,..sir.

                   hey 4&20 yeah.
                   ihad to do that one time.
                   igot a jane. named pooper15(smellsbabeypoopy) that's pretty kickt
                   ta meÖ
                   got uruly though after awhile and so I had to move her out

                   she was slow to harden and eventuually did leather up rite
                   so we'll see if it was worth the time sinse idont make clones ovem
                   much. she better kicxkasumask+ after all that[:o]>.

                   setmaker-sir. at your service



                   TOPIC - i-net activity
                   DATE - 06:17:13 1/30/100
                   FROM - bl
                   we all new the push from the DEA was gonna come. when was the only real issue.

                   elections are coming up and those crafty old politicians who backed the war on us want it to appear to the masses that
                   it is a successfull war soo... an i-net version of operation Green Merchant is in the works.

                   be careful, keep a low profile and change your nic often at public forums or just lurk as vic suggested. soon it will be
                   over and things will NORMALIZE again.


                   TOPIC - mold prob ... help
                   DATE - 05:59:30 1/30/100
                   FROM - 4&20
                   i got mildew on my DAB. never had it before

                   it was in the middle of my budding plants. none of the others have it that i can tell. i moved the plat out of my grow and
                   hope to save it.

                   the leaves have a spotted white appearance

                   looking to order some sm-90.

                   does anyone have any sage advice.



                   TOPIC - dr.evil, red light and photoperiod
                   DATE - 03:40:27 1/30/100
                   FROM - rx
                   Sounds like its worth a try. Please let us know if you reach any conclusions.


                   TOPIC - Theory on light manipulation
                   DATE - 23:43:55 1/29/100
                   FROM - Dr. Evil
                   Hi all,
                   Hope all is going well. I managed to get my bids for 3 haze crosses at the A-1 mini auction, so I'm a happy camper.

                   I have a theory that I'd appreciate comment on concerning lighting/dark periods, and a way to manipulate them to our
                   advantage. A poster at overgrow last month posted something that made me recall something from a plant bio course I
                   took in college. Here is the post in its entirety.

                   Member posted December 05, 1999 09:26 PM
                   Phytochrome is a blue-green pigment found in all plants. It is found in two forms; the Pr form absorbs red light (660 nm)
                   and is converted into the Pfr form. The Pfr form absorbs far red light (730 nm) and is converted back into the Pr form.
                   Pfr is also slowly converted to Pr during the dark phase. The net transformation from the inactive Pr form to the active
                   Pfr form during the course of a changing photoperiod affects the flowering mechanism (Hartman, H.T., W.J. Flocker and
                   A.M. Kofranck. 1981. Plant Science Growth,
                   Development and Utilization of Cultivated Plants. Prentice-Hall, Inc. pp. 676). Interruption of the dark phase (night
                   break) by a brief period of light can inhibit flowering of short day plants and initiate flowering in long day plants. Red
                   light (incandescent lamps) are commonly used to effectively produce night break.


                   OK, here is the idea. During the dark period, if Pfr slowly degrades over a period of several hours into Pr, and Pr is the
                   hormone which is causing the flowering response, why not hit the plants with a burst of far red light at the beginning of
                   the dark period, to rapidly change all of the Pfr into Pr in moments, rather than hours.

                   I think this might be a worthwhile strategy to shorten the total flowering period before harvest. If, for example, the
                   normal flowering period includes say, 6 hours for the Pfr to degrade, and the plant is exposed to 6 hours of Pr at full
                   strength, could you not reduce your dark period to 6 hours with the far red light at the beginning of the dark period, and
                   still achieve the same flowering response. In turn, that would make your days 18 hours long (total day/night cycle,
                   maintaining a 12 hour light cycle), which in theory would reduce time to finish by 25%. It might also help tame those
                   difficult tropical sativas (OT1, you out there? :) ) . I suspect that tropical sativas either produce less total phytochrome,
                   or are less responsive to it, so this might be a way to trick them into picking up the pace a bit during flowering. At least
                   it should be easy to test out. Any comments appreciated.

                   Be Safe
                   Dr. Evil


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 14:13:17 1/29/100
                   FROM - Spraen Fraen

                   when i went to draw the walls lately (as always) they were
                   complex,they were bigwatched, and i search out the virginbrick.

                   imust learn to waatch where im going, caause it was the cli
                   mbing undeer the threw, that spelunkt, andkept my
                   attvention,bent my brush,crushed my rocks,blindly
                   fiddled w/ the faded shadowsnsmoke, and almost got mouskbit
                   mcdisneyfied squared, statuestaticfrancist..then canonblasted

                   4daze w/a borrowed broken mechanical pencil, that workthard
                   dead script
                   to no avail, the unryt, (and i mean like could not make the simplest voice). otherwise r pitchspaeldark
                   digitallianmazed intercept didn't and will notwork. and then,
                   like a
                   moon beam (prolly witha twinklywinklybodinkly ..but it looked pretty ordinary actually)(godhelpus)..

                   wanyway, shined softlywoftly.

                   and there, where the blankn'acorner.. uhÖnext to nothing,
                   or at least ajacent ..if.. there was already a scribble: o

                   dam'n shite,&mothjerfackhre,roosterpumpr,twiddledeeless,mo...

                   and then crawled out to see where thafact...





                   TOPIC - safety
                   DATE - 13:22:11 1/29/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   There have been subtle hints that The US feds may be stepping up their interest in cannabis online. I've just noticed a
                   few small things like my bcga email account acting up and I nabbed someone trying to hack into my PC. Then there
                   are the weird posts like the anon below and the troll at OG and Cann.com trying to stir shit with A1 auction. Plus a
                   couple other things where the interested parties have chosen to keep private for some reason. I disagree with that
                   decision, but it's not my call. Each of these seem innocent enough on it's own, and probably are. However, I think it
                   would be prudent for everyone who isn't already, to play it safe when it comes to posting here and other public sites.
                   Like maybe limit yourself to lurking if you are surfing from your grow location. Many already are, myself included.

                   I don't think lurking can be dangerous in any way and it does give you access to info. Communication is the best
                   defense. And helps one make informed descisions. For most, I don't think anyone outside of the US has anything to
                   worry about. This warning is more for those living in the US. I'm probably reading more into this than nescessary, but
                   caution can't hurt.



                   TOPIC - anon bait
                   DATE - 13:01:08 1/29/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   I think your second name says it all

                   well either your Jay or Webby (yeah right!!), or sticking your nose where it don't belong (more likely). If any of the
                   concerned parties are still in the dark and need to know, there is nothing stopping them from making contact from a
                   safe place. If they haven't, it's because they've chosen to keep their distance. Those with better access to them have
                   been informed and asked to pass along the info. I've shut down most avenues of communication so troll pig, find
                   someone else to jump through your hurdles.



                   TOPIC - tsk, tsk, Vic
                   DATE - 11:47:51 1/29/100
                   FROM - bored member
                   posted January 28, 2000 08:38 PM



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 10:05:37 1/29/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   which post?

                   If it concerns you so much, and you feel it's that important, then get off your as and post it. Don't be waiting for others
                   to do it for you, you are just as responsible for passing along info as anyone else.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 08:42:06 1/29/100
                   FROM - board member
                   vic would you please treat people responsibly and forward the info from aerics last post at CW.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 19:37:34 1/28/100
                   FROM - ncga
                   VIC and Jay would you get in touch



                   TOPIC - my apology
                   DATE - 23:02:49 1/26/100
                   FROM - mm
                   my apology for going off topic, but I wanted you all to get a chance to sign this petition if you were interested. great


                   TOPIC - sign petition if you will
                   DATE - 23:01:26 1/26/100
                   FROM - mm
                   Hello,I thought you might be interested in this petition. Please
                   sign and pass it on...Workplace Drug Testing Reform
                   Click here to sign this petition:
                   We believe that mandatory drug testing in the work place is
                   faulty, an invasion of our privacy, and deters qualified
                   workers from applying to jobs; thus negatively affecting
                   our economy. Under the present system, everyone is being
                   tested regardless of what their job entails, and this is a
                   blatant violation of their rights. We ask that U.S.
                   legislators recognize this common violation, and bring
                   about legislation to help end these harmful practices, or
                   reform the system already in place to narrow the scope of
                   testing so that tests are given only with probable cause.


                   TOPIC - digital camera
                   DATE - 07:17:26 1/26/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Thanks for the thoughts sharecropper. My scope is a binoc dissecting scop, not an actual slide microscope. I prefer it
                   for my needs as it allows me to look at the 3D anatomy of whole plant tissues. It has 10X eye pieces and a choice of
                   2X and 4X main lenses making for choice between 20X or 40X magnification. Not enough power for checking out cellular
                   structure, hehe.

                   The test shots I posted were at the 20X setting, need more light and less coffee to get a decent shot at the 40X setting,
                   hehe. I shrunk those images down a few steps to make them easier to load, but was stoked at how well they turned
                   out considering I didn't know what I was doing, hehe.
                   I see alot of potential here.

                   I agree a tripod won't work, I will need a mounting device that will allow my camera to ride up and down with the scope
                   as I focus it. The sample shots I posted were done simply by balancing the camera on the left eyepiece. Being hand
                   held, the focus was a bit tough, but for the most part, they turned out better than I hoped for. I think I'll hit the metal
                   shop and grab some precision tubing to make a mounting bracket. I'll make it so it will snuggly hold the camera firmly
                   against that eyepiece. Then I'll just have to get on top of the lighting problem, but I don't expect that to be a big deal,
                   but I'll ask a few questions at a local camera shop for ideas on what will enhance the natural colours the best. I'm just
                   stoked than now I can share what I see under the scope. May not be the best quality, but it looks like it'll get the job
                   done ;) In addition, when I get a full blown scope, I can't see why it won't work on it either, same focal length ;)

                   any thoughts?

                   ok, off to check out that link, thanks :)

                   Oh yeah, you hermie king you, hehe - maybe some of the RO people here can give you some water softening tips. No
                   experience personally.



                   TOPIC - Up close and personal
                   DATE - 16:30:54 1/25/100
                   FROM - ShareCropper

                   Saw your post about digital photomicrography. Difficult with the built in lenses most of the digital cameras have. If you
                   cough up the bucks and get one with a C mount then its much easier and you have a wider selection of lens
                   magnifications. Assuming you have a binoc and not a trinoc stereo scope, the only way to go is through the eyepiece.
                   Check this site out and see if your camera is on their supported list, should help. Setting up a tripod and trying to focus
                   through the eyepiece doesnít usually cut it.


                   Grew out 10 Romulan Surprises and 6 NCGA BlueBells along with a few ěhomebrewsî based on an NCGA PR. Of the 4
                   female RSís all hermed lightly except one that did not and one that went overboard, it was also the tallest. Both of the
                   BlueBell females hermed in the main cola. Bummer. The one RS that did ěsurviveî produced some very tight pear
                   shaped buds. All are cloned so if the budís good...... Just waiting on the cure. I do have a serious hard water problem
                   that I have tried to ignore but it seems to stress the ladies out with the resultant nutrient lockup. Iíll have to fix that
                   problem. All tips are appreciated.




                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 14:19:47 1/25/100
                   FROM - the dayhiker
                   irish - thanx for the help

                   ot1 - good to see you too buddy! hermies? no friggin way man!

                   take care folks


                   TOPIC - fishtank
                   DATE - 09:52:42 1/25/100
                   FROM - rw
                   Im looking for a page that has a build your own cpu tank.
                   Kind like you pick the tank fish and decorations and the page displays what you pick. I have been there befor but dont
                   remember whre.
                   thanks in advance


                   TOPIC - Jack's thrips
                   DATE - 07:32:01 1/25/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Jack, they sound like thrips. I found a couple a few days ago. I nuked them with safer's soap. I wish I waited till after I
                   got this new camera, then I could show you what they looked like. However, follow the link above to BCGA's main
                   page and there you will find a link to various pest pages. One will have a picture of thrips at various stages of growth.
                   Good Luck


                   TOPIC - critters
                   DATE - 00:17:04 1/25/100
                   FROM - jack
                   Hey peeps@ i noticed on my plants some little, long narrow critters of some sort. if you touch them they jump alittle.
                   they are tan or white, i seen something flying around . any idea on what they are and how to kill them? thanks for your


                   TOPIC - finishing a bean
                   DATE - 08:57:29 1/24/100
                   FROM - greenbean
                   how dry does it need to be.
                   seems like lately my beans are made,in bout half time. they
                   seem ready sooner than used to. i really like the moms and dont want to take (ogod) achance on loosing them by
                   them to quick.
                   other times jus dont think, dont look, dont see, sleep,
                   dream.and cant remember memoruy freaked new grandad wow.
                   please forgive.
                   so on. forward.



                   TOPIC - thanks vic....
                   DATE - 21:50:38 1/23/100
                   FROM - anon
                   i'll definitely be bidding on those beans.


                   TOPIC - The root of your problem
                   DATE - 20:57:55 1/23/100
                   FROM - Sneaky Pete
                   Rotten: Af had a bad case of rot in a big GH aeroflo setup due to too high nutrient levels(partially). It damaged the roots
                   and they got covered with brown slime. Knucklehead also let light get in by the drain tubes and algae grew like crazy,
                   and was less than hygenic overall. It got to the point that no amount of bio bran, or cannamax, or h202 would reverse
                   the damage. A few actually were saved and moved to an E&F setup, and caused no further contamination of other
                   plants, after sitting in sick bay for a few weeks. Big aeroflo sits in storage, while it is time to learn to drive with a new
                   aero 30 in test lab A. 23 days in and roots are still pearly white. Low nutrient levels and h202 are being used. There is
                   still a lot to learn. Can you offer any tips/observations.

                   I think Pusherbetty beat her root rot problem a few months agoÖ or at least controlled it. Prevention is key.



                   TOPIC - esb/ romberry x ak47
                   DATE - 20:16:06 1/23/100
                   FROM - pi
                   waddya wanna know?

                   this is from memory heh so i might be off a little on some of the details

                   -germinated 10 beans. all 10 popped but only 8 sprouted.
                   -6 males 2 females
                   -was about 36" when i started 1212 which was too tall
                   -seemed like it finished around 5.5-6.0'. prob hurt its final weight. i believe i got a little over 3z's dry wt.
                   -went 67 days
                   -the buds were tight and not overly resinous. they were almost olive green with darkish golden hairs. they looked like
                   miniture dreadlocks.
                   -do not recall much smell
                   -the taste of the first go around was a very pleasant sweet taste with a hint of a sour aftertaste.
                   -hi was very nice up hi. washed all my dirty dishes (all the dishes in the house ;0) ) with the first joint. the hi comes in
                   waves and is long lasting 4-6 hours
                   -like all smoke you can buildup a tolerance to it
                   -reveged it to get clones but i lost all the clones due to a heat prob i had at the time
                   -the resultant smoke on the reveg was not as good as the first grow. dissapointing yield, taste and bud structure
                   compared to the first grow but still nice.
                   -it is reveg for the second time and it is taking forever! as ot1 said.
                   -it is a keeper in my book and i will evetually grow out the remaining seeds i have to get the best mom i can.

                   would be more than willing too compare smoke of any other growers in order too get the best mom

                   oh yea ... imho it would be a good sog plant as it grows columnar in structure. next time i grow it i will not top it (i
                   topped the 2nd female) and will grow it in 6" or 8" pots. it had few fan leaves but a fair amount of smaller leaves. i would
                   consider it to be a better than average as far as trimming goes.

                   cant waite to grow the es.

                   romberry x ak47... a foaf grew out a seed he found in a ak47 i grew. the ak had been pollenated by a romberry.
                   i highly recommend this cross as having vg potential. unfortuately i lost the ak during my heat problem. i hope to get a
                   clone of the akberry as it was cloned but the clones were mixed with jack's cleaner. this was an accidental pollination
                   so i would think that it could be improved on.



                   TOPIC - root rot
                   DATE - 17:28:35 1/23/100
                   FROM - rotten
                   Hello,I have a question I hope someone has the answer to.
                   I've got a bad case of root rot in my aeroponic system and
                   I have tried several products and have had limited success.
                   I have done some research on the net and found a page that suggests using Benomyl-50 systemic fungicide in the
                   reservoir with the nutrient solution.
                   My question is does anybody know how much to use in a 32gal. res tank?
                   Thanks rotten


                   TOPIC - sorry strider
                   DATE - 16:23:05 1/23/100
                   FROM - Vic
                   - cut them blueberries dude, I've found that they are like Aeric's CO clone, longer you flower, the more you get, but at
                   the expense of flavour.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 16:21:03 1/23/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   anon, those beans are for the aeric auction that will follow the cleanup of the A1 auction.

                   Billy Bud - right below the pic there is a link to the BCGA main page. Check it out, you will find a soil page that will
                   provide a few soiless mixes. I'm biased, but I feel the super soil mix with the worm castings rocks, haha. It's idiot proof
                   for the most part.

                   Hey Pi, there many looking for an unbiased grow report on ESB. If you get time, we would really appreciate your
                   insight ;)

                   whoo hooo!! got a new toy, going back to playing with it in a few minutes!! Looks like I will be able to take pics of what I
                   see on the dissecting scope!! May have to built a bracket to improve the quality, but never expected that bonus. These
                   smart cards look interesting as well, looks like a good place to hide sensitive info ;)


                   TOPIC - esb1 / ot1/on cloning
                   DATE - 14:34:18 1/23/100
                   FROM - pi
                   peaceness... i grew esb1 and ot1 is correct in that it is very slow to regenerate. it also has a hi rate of males when
                   grown from seed.

                   ot1... have been looking for that product you wanted but have not seen it lately. if my memory serves me
                   correctly...www.ecogrow.com carried it at one time but they no longer list it on their site nor their hardcopy catalog

                   was having a difficult time cloning. w/o going into all the details my most recent cloning rate is 20 of 23. the only thing i
                   am doing diff is i went back to the cleanliness i had gotten away from. new razor blades...clean my scissors
                   thouroughly and than dip in alcohol...spray and clean the entire area with Clorox cleanup before starting.

                   a friend of mine was getting 100% from all his clones using straight tap water in vases painted black. drawback was
                   time... it took 3 weeks to develope bumps. he has since added air curtains to a small plastic container and shortened
                   the time to about 7 days or less and he gets roots not bumps. he adds nothing and uses no cloning powder or solution.

                   the plastic container is filled full of water. the cuts are placed 3 per 3/8" hole and the air curtain is postioned so that the
                   bubble curtain is directly in line with the row of cuttings. somewhat diff than, cheaper than and easier than the
                   areocloner that is so popular. less than $20...

                   gonna try it myself as i already bought the stuff ($10). will update. will also try dipping some of the clones in cloning
                   solution to see if that helps even more.



                   TOPIC - esb1
                   DATE - 13:48:27 1/23/100
                   FROM - pi
                   peaceness... i grew esb1 and ot1 is correct in that it is very slow to regenerate. it also has a hi rate of males.



                   TOPIC - ot1 / green giant
                   DATE - 13:10:37 1/23/100
                   FROM - irish
                   my friend has been playing with this same clone for over a year... has had it indoors and outdoors... no sign of it
                   leaving his grow any time soon... this is just the first time he's let me post a pic of it... also the first time he has had
                   them so big, (changed systems numerous times, plant matured, grower matured, finally worked out most the
                   bugs/quirks, etc...)

                   i still won't believe the hermies thing... i won't i won't i won't... LOL


                   TOPIC - seeds and soiless
                   DATE - 11:39:25 1/23/100
                   FROM - Billy Bud
                   I live in edmonton alberta and i need to make a lot of soiless any one have a good formula, also dose any one know of
                   a good strain that grows this far north


                   TOPIC - hey vic....
                   DATE - 08:04:00 1/23/100
                   FROM - anon
                   are you gonna put any of those c99xgrapefruit up for bid???


                   TOPIC - Vic...trelaway...
                   DATE - 06:20:21 1/23/100
                   FROM - Strider
                   Hey... guys... a question for you. I have a couple of blueberrys close to finishing. Any optimum time to harvest as far as
                   taste/smell go ? The girls are at 8 weeks and I have noticed"that fresh berry smell" seems to be diminishing. About a
                   third of the bud hairs have turned and stalked glands are still mostly clear. Tia.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 06:07:39 1/23/100
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   peaceness esb1 is a selected clone grown from esb seeds I sent to AF in 98! Selecting a keeper is what it is all about!
                   You have enough that you should have no problem doing that! As esb is slow to regenerate once flowered It is worth
                   keeping backup cuttings of all the fems untill you have selected your favourite then you will have your esb1 or whatever
                   you want to call it.

                   I think it should finish ok in so-cal the later esbís finish 10 days after the later romberries indoors and they finish ok in

                   irish the "feminised seeds" will go in the bin. Although as the et mumís clones are normally stable, they could be
                   interesting I suppose! Why you would in denial that I would ever experience hermies I donít know! It seems inherent in
                   equatorial sats, they seem to have a built in time clock as to how long they have been growing and photo periodic
                   changes have a lesser part to play when it comes to flowering. When you think they have two 6 month seasons and
                   the total time variation over 6 months is 2 hrs! From 11 to 13 and back, at the maximum point of change it is only a few
                   minís a day. So keeping vars with a lot of these genetics in require a slightly different growing methods and
                   understanding! As well as a more rigorous selection for genes that will stand 18 hrs of light, and more to the point the
                   shock of the sudden cut to 12 hrs of light!

                   .. left them when they started making chocolate cake and giggling.>>

                   Hmm sounds like it has some up energy I like weed like that LOL! I hope you kept a backup cut!

                   All the best Ot1


                   TOPIC - ot1
                   DATE - 02:07:09 1/23/100
                   FROM - irish
                   i am sure they don't measure up to the haze x's you seem to have such a fondness for (not to mention expertise..)
                   hehe, i am in denial that you would ever experience hermies, but seriously awaiting the "feminized seeds"... LOL

                   as far as potency... whew. amazed, even with the bigbud portion (and all its rumors) lemony sweet skunky bud. great
                   crystal, mmmm the taste... the bros really did a good job on this one.

                   this plant is so stealthy when growing, stealthy when flowering, stealthy when cut, but keep a little nugget in your
                   pocket for more than a minute.... funk of the skunk... no hiding that...

                   had to help a friend do some handy work at his parents, and both of them kept staring at me, walking close. i was
                   totally on the spot..LOL... until the dad handed me some orange rolling material... left them when they started making
                   chocolate cake and giggling...


                   TOPIC - miguel herrera
                   DATE - 01:48:43 1/23/100
                   FROM - rx
                   Look down in the posts on this board. about two weeks ago there was apost with a link to geneticly altered tomatoes.
                   there was a free seed offer. mine own english ain't that terrrific!


                   TOPIC - ot1, clearing
                   DATE - 22:47:33 1/22/100
                   FROM - Peaceness
                   OT1: sorry to hear about the herms. am stil so intrigued about the esb potency an yields, have yet to sow mine. By the
                   way, are esb and esb1 the same? do i have the esb or the esb1? Also, when do you think esb will finish outdoors in so
                   california? will be sowing my od seeds in about 3weeks or so.

                   clearing: i am at day 47 with apollo 13 and romberry. doing ebb n flow in rockwool. just filled the reservoir with fresh
                   water only. and am planning to feed straight water till day 60. does this sound right? should i go for a longer or shorter
                   clear? is it too early to start claring for the 60 day romberry? i hear that the plant will use the nutes stored in its system
                   to finish off the plant. am trying to avoid any chemical tastes and am going for a clean burn.



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 17:34:17 1/22/100
                   FROM - Freinky
                   oh and thanks trelaway, irish, all


                   TOPIC - Cannabis Culture
                   DATE - 13:17:24 1/22/100
                   FROM - Freinky

                   hey yall.
                   was cieged with an inspiration to take a few proxyfree days.
                   was headed to the tank in case i needed to be tortured and just
                   stopped by on the way.
                   and saw the C.G. info. thx.
                   i am groing over to CC minyawna and dont know much about cluture.
                   i have been to other countries before w/out forsight or preparation
                   and know that an unknow accidintal offense in the best intentions
                   can wreakp havoc through un understanding as well alterstandings,
                   etc. etnertia... (ie ..sometimes grins are taken as a show of teeth.)

                   any other travelers obs?



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 12:10:30 1/22/100
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   Irish those are very nice looking buds you posted at OG! Whats the potency like? Whatever well done!

                   Vic you sandist you!

                   Hi there dayhiker nice to see you, I reckon your best bet long run is to get a cheap Ro unit!

                   Now to my bit ======>

                   I have just had a minor disaster with my latest grow. I have been experimenting with time changes when initiating
                   flowering! one of the main problems we have is some of the pure sats get so tall using 12/12. Well I initiated flowering
                   with one week of 12/12 then switched to 11/13 untill stretching stopped [3 more wks] then went back to 12/12. Well
                   they stopped about 2 ft shorter than normal and the etís were not much taller than than the haze hybrids and on par
                   with the esbís. Well last the weekend I noticed a few brown hairs on most the plants, so looked as best I could for
                   male flowers couldn't find even a stamen. Tues there were a lot more brown hairs so I took all the plants out one by one
                   and the etís had full male flowers inside the bud clusters never seen a hermy like it. Iíve been growing et for over 18
                   years and have seen her produce the odd single stamen if I took flowering past 14 wks but nothing like this. I had
                   noticed the effect of one hour less light a day had reduced her height from an av of 7 to about 4 ft, but would have never
                   thought she would hermy like that! the es, esb, 4 types of haze hybrids and C99 have stayed hermy free! So I have had
                   to chop all 8 et and calculate I will be lucky to av 12 grams per plant and this from a clone that easily makes 50 grams
                   per plant with 2.4 plants to the sq ft ie she easily makes 4 oz per sq ft and has done nearly double!

                   Conclusion it pays to test on a small scale and this old fool dint do that! Its an expensive lession as the remaining 70
                   fems are lightly seeded and this seriously reduces the amount the buds grow I am seriously pissed with myself!

                   All the best Ot1.


                   TOPIC - dayhiker
                   DATE - 11:50:46 1/22/100
                   FROM - irish
                   two weeks is about right.
                   can do it once a week, but if buying distilled from a store or distributor, they may get a little curious. probably won't
                   relate the use to this hobby, but have a back up story.

                   "refilling my fishtank with only the best" or "koi pond gets a little low really fast"

                   also topping off the solution will have to happen mid cycle usually (when doing every two weeks) general thought is
                   "half strength" on the refill. but check ppm and adjust accordingly.


                   TOPIC - information about tomahigk
                   DATE - 09:06:46 1/22/100
                   FROM - miguel herrera
                   i´m from spain and my english is very bad but i want information about "tomahigk",i want some seeds for make one
                   salad :) please said something to me,thanks. how i can take this?


                   TOPIC - Irish
                   DATE - 07:36:53 1/22/100
                   FROM - the dayhiker
                   Hey, thanx guy, but I lucked out & found a distributor that sells distilled cheap, after you make the deposit on the 5
                   gallon bottles that is. Anyhow, how often should the solution be changed? I seem to recall reading every 2 weeks
                   somewhere but I might have been hallucinating. Can ya help me on this simple question?



                   TOPIC - cannabis culture mag
                   DATE - 22:20:42 1/21/100
                   FROM - trelaway
                   I've bought the mag a number of times over the years and have never found it interesting enuf to buy the next month.

                   I pick it up periodically to see if things have changed but it has yet to fascinate me even once--a single article would

                   Adbusters magazine, for those interested in sarcasm and parody, rocks.


                   TOPIC - critique
                   DATE - 16:38:27 1/21/100
                   FROM - C.G.
                   We've been critical of High Times in the past, so it's about time to let fly at out bretheren North of the border at
                   Cannabis Culture.

                   There are several pervasive problems need to be addressed.

                   1. The combination of very small type on top of photos or graphics is Very hard to read. The same goes for all the
                   reversed-out text.
                   They should top trying to be cute with the layout ... it's confusing.

                   2. The editorial position of the magazine is clear. There is no need for "rah-rah" cheerleading and grandiose
                   pronouncements. The
                   content often reads like a High School newspaper, maybe worse.

                   3. The "martyr" bit is always overplayed. The politics of the situation are much more complicated than they would have
                   the readers believe, but they are not helping the
                   situation by being strident, shrill, and angry. Second-rate cartoons of cops with guns are the lowest form of

                   In addition, they need to find writers and editors who know fact from fairytale. Case in point: page 61 of the Nov./Dec.
                   issue. The
                   description of the Eleusian Mysteries was woefully deficient, and any assertion that ergotamine was even partially
                   responsible is
                   pure supposition. There are no written records of the Eleusians, and little in the way of accurate description since the
                   penalty imposed by the Greek government for revealing these teachings was death! It is possible that rye grain was one
                   of the ingredientsin the beverage, but no one is really certain. People who have spent years studying the group, and
                   digging at the site of their
                   temple, still know very, very, little about them. If Mr. Czolowski knows better, let him publish in a reputable, scholarly
                   journal, instead
                   of running off at the mouth with rank speculation and second-hand drivel.

                   Anyone else?

                   Just curious.


                   TOPIC - vasaline???
                   DATE - 21:16:59 1/20/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Out of the night came a scream.....

                   Who put sand in the vasaline?



                   TOPIC - the power of vaseline
                   DATE - 17:04:46 1/20/100
                   FROM - meduser2
                   a friend sent this to me and i was needing a good laugh and this joke did it. hope nobody minds.

                   The Power of Vaseline

                   This guy has always dreamed of owning a Harley
                   Davidson. One day he has finally saved up enough money
                   so he goes down to the dealer.

                   After he picks out the perfect bike, the dealer tells
                   him about an old biker trick that will keep the chrome
                   on his new bike free from rust. The dealer tells him
                   that all he has to do is to keep a jar of Vaseline
                   handy and put it on the chrome before it rains, and
                   everything will be fine. He happily pays for the bike
                   and leaves.

                   A few months later, the young man meets a woman and
                   falls in love. She asks him to come home and meet her
                   parents over dinner. He readily accepts and the date
                   is set. At the appointed time, he picks her up on his
                   Harley and they ride to her parents house.

                   Before they go in, she tells him that they have a
                   family tradition that whoever speaks first after
                   dinner must do the dishes.

                   After a delicious dinner everyone sits in silence
                   waiting for the first person to break the silence and
                   get stuck doing the dishes. After a long fifteen
                   minutes, the young man decides to speed things up, so
                   he reaches over and kisses his woman in front of her
                   family. No one says a word.

                   Emboldened, he slips his hand under her blouse and
                   fondles her breasts. Still no one says a word.

                   Finally, he throws her on the table and has sex with
                   her in front of everyone. No one says a word.

                   Now he is getting desperate, so he grabs her mother
                   and throws HER on the table. They have even wilder
                   sex. Still no one speaks.

                   By now he is thinking what to do next when he hears
                   thunder in the distance. His first thought is to
                   protect the chrome on his Harley, so he gets his
                   jacket, reaches in his pocket and pulls out his jar of

                   The father says, "Okay dammit, I'll do the dishes!"


                   TOPIC - Police State
                   DATE - 08:59:20 1/20/100
                   FROM - Revolutionary
                   Just when you thought the Constitution actually protected your rights, Uncle Sam has other plans!

                   All I can say is, keep voting for these guys and keep sending them your money.


                   TOPIC - Naming the New strain - Go for the Marketing Coup!
                   DATE - 21:16:47 1/19/100
                   FROM - C.G.
                   Vic: That new strain/cross you're working on with California Orange ... why not just go ahead and call it "Orange
                   Sunshine" ??? It's already got great "brand name recognition", and the real thing hasn't been seen in over 30 years. Go
                   for it!



                   TOPIC - T2
                   DATE - 19:49:16 1/19/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   T2 long time no see. Been thinking of you lots lately but not sure how to get in touch. I owe you buddy and would like
                   to fix that up. Can't remember if things are the same for you or not.



                   TOPIC - Skools In seshion.
                   DATE - 19:46:50 1/19/100
                   FROM - Sneaky Pete
                   High-See, check this out..

                   AF has had success moving 1"rockwool cubes into 5" baskets of hydroton in an E&F setup and watered 15 min every
                   3 hrs, no problem. Also has moved 1" cubes into aeroflo with success, key here is add a lot of rocks to the bottom of
                   the cup, keep water level in tubes just below rw cube or it will stay soggy. Cover the top of cubes completely with gro
                   rocks, or you get algae for sure. On that note keep the res covered and all holes too, over plant holes and drain tube
                   access or algae will grow. Anything dirty that gets introduced to that warm oxegenated nutrient solution will grow into
                   The Thing, and then it will attack your roots, so keep it clean from the get go.

                   Never tried 4" cubes in the aero, but suggest keeping water level below cup and let the cube sit in splashing/humidity.
                   Soggy rockwool is bad. Using that much non-inert medium is a potential ph nightmare(as if aero isn't tricky enough)
                   You want your roots out of the cube and into the bottom of the pipes so the rw stays dry as possible, prolly should
                   flush the rw from top down every couple of days. Just guessing. New things are learned everyday, check my posts with
                   aero starting this month.

                   Observation: rooted cuttings placed into 3" net baskets and gro rocks blast new roots out of mostly the bottom of the
                   cup, cuts in cups lined with polywool then gro rocks shoot new roots out of the sides and bottom, and at 20 days can't
                   even pull the cups out of the aeroflo anymore, root growth is all intertwined and am beginning to trim roots away from
                   the drain tubes. Girls are begging to flower at about 6" but have to wait until the end of month until system is full. The
                   polywool took an extra day or two to root out, but the plants are much WIDER .

                   Also some gro rocks like Hydroton(perfectly round) have wicking properties, while the popcorn ones(like GH sends) do
                   not wick. Isn'tthatspecial.



                   TOPIC - dayhiker
                   DATE - 17:52:10 1/19/100
                   FROM - irish
                   you can fix the hard water problem by using about an 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of water (my friend used 1/2 tsp to
                   five gallons, no problem, then moved on to reverse osmosis) , always better to let the water sit, and do the lime, but not

                   also epsom salts will work to combat the nute lockup caused by hard water same measurements. (but preference
                   leans toward the lime)


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 16:56:55 1/19/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   oops, last sentence should be

                   Also, some additional background on Aeric77's situation can be found below in post 29068

                   not A1's

                   Thanks to all :) :)


                   TOPIC - hello all! - hydro question
                   DATE - 16:55:39 1/19/100
                   FROM - the dayhiker
                   Sorry to hear about A77 & would be glad to help any way I can. Would like to say hello to the folks I haven't spoken
                   with in a few weeks as well as the new names

                   To all you hydro folks - do I HAVE to use distilled water in my ebb & flow? Stores are still empty thanx to Y2K scare &
                   I can't find any. Was thinking of letting tap water set out for 2 days but won't the minerals screw up the system?

                   thanx for any help


                   TOPIC - SEED AUCTION IS OPEN!!!!!
                   DATE - 16:53:59 1/19/100
                   FROM - Vic High

                   the doors have been opened on the seed auction script. We are christening it by cleaning up what's left over from the
                   A1 legal defense fund auction. Some of the
                   best beans are still available and the funds will go to A1's lawyer to help finance his California case. This will help the
                   auction host work out the bugs in preperation
                   for the Aeric77 defence auction as well.


                   In the meantime, all those willing to donate genetics for the Aeric77 legal defence fund, please contact me via email or
                   through the private message feature at
                   Cannabis World. (sorry for the CW spam, not sure how else to
                   spread word). Discussion is taking place here on what is happening:


                   Also, some additional background on A1's situation can be found below in post 29068


                   Thanks to all :) :)



                   TOPIC - heeeeeeeelp
                   DATE - 16:49:31 1/19/100
                   FROM - High-see
                   K guys here we go ..
                   a bit on the room...
                   4'x 3'x w/variable heigth aprox 2' now 400w MH at 8-10" in 1"rockwool cubes placed into 4" rockwool cubes I've had
                   them on 1/2 strength rockwool formula one I topped them at the 2nd node and they are all showing topgrowth but one
                   and that one is the ugliest thing I have ever seen I gave them half strength rockwool form 1 all perked but the one and it
                   is still alive just looking very very ill I guess I could loose the one but really dont want to but I do have other strains I
                   would like to get in their also
                   more importantly I need some help with a watering and nute. regimen as I have never played in the rockwool before I
                   hear "nahhhh you cant over water less you leave then sitting in standing water ...then I hear let the RW get almost
                   completely dry before watering again I am hand watering right now so I can give the healthies 1/2 strength hydrafarms
                   bloom for the high P and the sickie 1/2 strength of the R.W. form. #1 but am soon as I get the thing built going to
                   aeroflow in pvc tubes but its gonna ne a day or three so I need to know how often to water the rockwool the PH of the
                   h2o in the cubes is 6.0-6.2 so I dont think it could be lock out specially when the others are doing fine ...cant figure it
                   out ...heeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeee
                   any ideas , suggestions or hints will be mucho apreaciated ...MUCHO!!!
                   thanx guys -n- gals
                   take care -N- be safe



                   TOPIC - blueberry
                   DATE - 16:27:10 1/19/100
                   FROM - t2
                   hey vic i finally started those bberries ,one of them is a polyploid


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 10:45:53 1/19/100
                   FROM - occam
                   Unfortunately, threats were directed at the old guy after he turned in the grow last year. The media jumped on it, and
                   that's what will stick in some memories. Seems to me that the further we distance ourselves from violence, real or
                   implied OR imagined, the better off we all are.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 09:04:44 1/19/100
                   FROM - KQ
                   See? we need more handyman laws, not more drug laws! NOT


                   TOPIC - killer druggies in vancouver
                   DATE - 20:01:20 1/18/100
                   FROM - trelaway
                   Seems the terrible druggies had nothing to do with the double murder reported below. It was a handyman who'd been in
                   the couple's employ.


                   TOPIC - Romberry
                   DATE - 15:30:56 1/18/100
                   FROM - Wadsworth
                   Vic - my romberry plants are getting near harvest and I have to complement you on breeding a very tastey and potent
                   plant. The buds are crystally and have a noticable taste to them. Because I'm using small containers, 44oz cups, the
                   yeild is very small. I'm going to use the current plants as mothers by regenerating them after harvest. The blueberry
                   female that survived the cat is smaller than the romberry, not as potent but just as tastey. The purple passion plants
                   are quite tall, 4'+, but not ready for prime time. Many complements to you Vic for breeding romberry, a superior plant
                   that will continue to be grown in my neck of the woods, er, I mean,I'm in NYC, my corner of the block!

                   Bravo Vic, viva las Romberry marihuana plantas!



                   TOPIC - rebarnys
                   DATE - 15:19:43 1/18/100
                   FROM - barney

                   you candoe whatevr with my name [:o]




                   TOPIC - C'mon in, The water's fine.
                   DATE - 10:54:30 1/18/100
                   FROM - Sneaky Pete
                   Mr. M : Things like that do happen :]

                   O.G. : AF has decided to take the indoor to a new personal level. Has had success with E&F, and hand watered semi
                   soilless. The plants grow fine in soil and has worked best companion planting in the veggie garden and greenhouse.
                   Things can easily get buggy inside with castings even, so they try to stay away.
                   IMO nothing beats the sheer beauty of an outdoor stand shining in the midday sun. Some people are content with
                   watching the grass grow, some are interested in remaking "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes". The ones who succeed
                   know not to F with Mother Nature too much.

                   E&F was the most wasteful with weekly dump outs of 1800ppm solution 50 gallons each res.

                   The next level with the aeroflo would be an addition of a bioponic life system and constant circulation between the two.
                   Fish waste water could be perfect for that setup after some tweaking.

                   Cowboy: UPDATE: The ladies stood straight back up, and look great. I suspect that if they were shocked the leaves
                   would droop a little, but this time the plants lost all turgidity and looked like microwaved spinach, but 24 hrs later they
                   are fine. (Don't know if this is the right way of saying) Was the water drawn out of the plant because the mix was too
                   salty? This is high school science, I know.

                   I think bi-weekly partial res changes with lukewarm water and mild nutrients are the way to deal with this.

                   Vic: Thanks for letting me take up space.



                   TOPIC - Sorry for using the Sneaky Pete nick
                   DATE - 06:41:12 1/18/100
                   FROM - Mr. Mistake
                   Sneaky Pete: Just realized that I'd used your nick in a post in the Overgrow Shark Tank a few days ago ... . I'm not
                   sure whether I'd seen it before and it lodged in my subconscience, or if it was second choice to "Mad Dog 20-20" ... . In
                   any event, sorry for sowing confusion. It won't happen again.


                   TOPIC - Hydro...just say no
                   DATE - 20:42:42 1/17/100
                   FROM - Hank Scorpio
                   "... but they look like freaks of nature,
                   Frankenstein buds, unclean mutants crawling forth from the dark sewers
                   of science."

                   LOL!,absolute poetry! :-)


                   TOPIC - Various & Sundry
                   DATE - 19:00:34 1/17/100
                   FROM - C.G.
                   occam: Yeah, that's a nasty story all right. There's no telling what spin the media will put on the situation, but it doesn't
                   look like a big weed problem so much as a big junkie problem. Unfortunately, many ordinary citizens can't distinguish
                   between the two.

                   Vic, Sneaky, Lothar, & Jay: Every time we see a post with expensive, complicated, store-bought, contraptions, and all
                   that hydro-hoodoo, we just have to laugh. A rotating garden? For crying out loud, this is lunacy! It might even work, but
                   for crying out loud, why bother?

                   Isn't it hard enough to get HID lighting and good ventilation happening indoors without making things even More
                   complicated? Heck, if you're going to put That much work into it, why not just put the effort into a Job, buy your weed,
                   and have money left over?

                   This is agriculture folks ... getting your hands dirty is good for your soul.

                   When growing takes that much tech tool tinkering and chemical weirdness, when it takes constant attention and all
                   sorts of extra crap that can't be recycled, it just isn't worth the hassle. Heaven knows what it does to the poor plants!

                   We've seen those shots of huge plants and monster tops posted online with hydro this and hydro that, but they look
                   like freaks of nature, Frankenstein buds, unclean mutants crawling forth from the dark sewers of science.

                   Anyone ever see "The Day of the Triffids"?

                   Just curious.



                   TOPIC - Hot and Cold
                   DATE - 17:16:08 1/17/100
                   FROM - Sneaky Pete
                   Cowboy, Using cool water never seemed to be a problem in other hydro systems AF has tried, but today ???, so they
                   were thinking one of two things. The plants were wilting because of shock from the cold water, or the batch mixed up
                   today was too hot. The aeroflo has been up and running for two weeks with today being the first full res change, the
                   system was being topped up with very mild nutes, 2 gallons every 3 days. Clones with small roots were inserted in a
                   few sites, the other sites were filled up with fresh cuttings to try rooting in this system. Lots of roots on the pre rooted
                   ones, and some of the testers went crazy with roots in 9-13 days others are parked and losing colour rapidly but
                   showing significant bumps. Fully rooted ones showing much new growth and are very squat with much branching
                   although a few twisted leaves on 1 or 2(MrNice.) Intial formula was GH 1-1-1 at 1/4 strength. Today was a drain and
                   refill at new 1/4 strength GH 1-1-1 @ ph 6 where it has been kept at constantly since day 1, except the solution was
                   pretty cold. It could have been the new mix was a little stronger than the old and it caused an R/O effect and made the
                   plant wilt. We all probably have seen a water deprived plant regain it's turgor in under an hour, and we are hoping we
                   will see the same as long as the new mix wasn't so hot it damaged the roots. We wont know the condition until
                   tomorrow. We conclude that a much lower Ec is maintained in this recirculating system than in other types of growing.
                   That Bugbee paper suggests not ever completely changing the solution, but it was noticed in the aeroflo after a few
                   days the res developed that 'organic' smell, much like a fresh water fish tank. All holes in the res/ tubes are covered to
                   prevent algae. Is it better to have a weekly full change or a twice a week partial change? H2O2 is being used, but I
                   asked about the ozonater a few days ago. Ebb and Flow was cake compared to this.


                   TOPIC - tumble weed
                   DATE - 15:34:55 1/17/100
                   FROM - jay
                   yes lothar a nice setup indeed,i have seen the contraption your talking about and have seen the video...all i can say is
                   ahhhh...if we all do the math 160 sites at minimum 0.5 o a piece thats 80 ounces with 2400 watts of power...no heat
                   problems and optimum use of co2 can only make it work better,like 1 ounce a piece..plants are very thick and strong
                   because of the movement..your clones need to be vegged in a table or something in 4 inch oasis or rw cubes,i think
                   this may be the thing of the future...

                   couple of drawbacks i see is one there isnt alot of room for roots,they just bunch up in the 4 inch tube holding it and
                   they cant get real big,another is the spin motor and or drive belt,if something should happen to either of those you
                   would be in for a surprise thats for sure...


                   TOPIC - cold water
                   DATE - 13:55:54 1/17/100
                   FROM - cowboy
                   Hey sneaky,a friend uses cold(winter)(only water available at the grow) tap water to change res and his hands turn blue
                   when he is hooking pumps back up and never has this caused any shock at least not so you would notice it.Are you
                   sure you didnt pound them to hard with nutes or add something bad?I would double check the nute strength and the
                   Hey Lothar,what kind of dollar figure are we really talking for the rotisserie grow?Actualy at some site a while back
                   some people discussed/invented something that sounded very similar.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 13:35:06 1/17/100
                   FROM - Lothar
                   To all those that frequent Van.
                   Just went to a new shop that sells only one product, its a rotating garden, pretty cool really.
                   The shop is located on marine drive about 2 or 3 driveways after you get off of the oak St. Bridge. right hand side.
                   I checked this thing out for about an hour, only fault I can forsee is the amount of space inbetween the bulbs(water
                   cooled 400's) and the base of the plant.
                   Sorry a short discription:
                   6" pcb pipe 8-10' long with 4" holes drilled through.
                   a 6" piece of 4" pipe is placed inside the holes on the long pieces-...so basically the pots are just a piece of 4" pipe
                   open at both ends.
                   The long pipes are placed on a large wheel (about 5 foot)
                   like a ferris wheel plants faceing inward.
                   A string of water cooled lighting runs down the center.
                   Rotation takes about 70 min.
                   At the bottom of the rotation the bottom tube (the only one that is faceing straight up) has jets of water sprayed
                   upwards into the open bottom of the pot (timed with a photo synth dealy)
                   This is no toy for sure it looks great....don't know how it will work for our crop standards (they have a vid Im going to
                   check out) but they had pepper plants in it they where wide with large stalks.?? The price about $10,000 cdn
                   aproxamatly $18.34 American
                   In there defence it triples the space used so if this works it will work real well. Its about 6' hi 6' wide and however long of
                   tubes you use. Like haveing 3 pipe dreams.


                   TOPIC - stupidity
                   DATE - 10:12:16 1/17/100
                   FROM - Sneaky pete
                   Man, am I stupid. I changed the solution in an aeroflo today with water that was too cold, and subsequently shocked
                   my plants( they are drooping like mad). I've been mean to plants before, and they survived. will these pull through?


                   TOPIC - Paradise Lost?
                   DATE - 15:22:34 1/16/100
                   FROM - occam
                   A very tragic, disgusting story, underscoring the violent revenge posts:


                   I can only hope that the general public understands that growers are for the most part non-violent. Unfortunately, I
                   expect LEOs and lawmakers will use this senseless tragedy to make it appear otherwise.



                   TOPIC - and furthernore ...
                   DATE - 14:44:29 1/16/100
                   FROM - Scratch & Sniff
                   Vic, pi, & Been There:
                   Didn't know that A-1 had been growing that much, that openly ... only knew that he had the medical bit covered ... .
                   He's made himself a martyr, for better or worse.
                   Lots of good advice below ... glad to see it. One other little reminder: Don't Ever believe Anything the cops say to you in
                   a stressful situation. They are under No obligation to tell the truth! Here are a few examples: "We have you on
                   videotape.", "You left your fingerprints." , "Your partner has already ratted you out.", "Your wife has confessed.", "We
                   don't need a warrant.",
                   and especially, "You don't need a lawyer."
                   One other little thing: when that troll was here recently spouting violent revenge against snitches, we were reminded
                   that having Any firearm in proximity to a grow ( in the same house ) can be used to bring charges of "using a firearm in
                   the commission of a felony". Even though William Renquist and the Supremes recently put a crimp in these cases, it's
                   just not worth the risk.
                   The cops are absolutely Terrified of guns, and finding one during a bust only reinforces their belief that All growers are
                   violent drug dealers who need jail time.
                   Remember, the cops are just people ... they are as lazy and shiftless as any other group of HS graduates. They want
                   an easy days work with as little stress as possible. If you don't make it easy for them, you're likely to slide by.



                   TOPIC - Cubic Orange
                   DATE - 14:39:37 1/16/100
                   FROM - bonk
                   Hello there Vic
                   Cubing a clone that is as widely distributed as Ae's CO is interesting indeed.A wholly different prospect from Mr.Souls
                   cubing of princess.
                   Any one of the holders of this plant can start the process and the resultant eggs can then be distributed for
                   serial/parallel development in the cubing process.A community effort to be sure.Any grower with the clone and
                   CO.50/CO.75/CO.88 etc eggs can take the next step.




                   TOPIC - magnets
                   DATE - 14:21:52 1/16/100
                   FROM - trelaway
                   If you have a pair of dead speakers around, the woofer magnet (the biggest speaker) is very powerful, esp. if you have a
                   quality sound system.


                   TOPIC - Cops Continued 2
                   DATE - 11:42:02 1/16/100
                   FROM - Been There
                   Check out this addy. I printed it out and keep a copy in my vehicle glove compartment and posted on the wall to remind

                   A high powered ceramic magnet is VERY useful for wiping diskettes clean. You can pull em out of old microwave
                   ovens or buy em at Radio Shack and other places. Data CANNOT be retrieved from diskettes if done properly. And of
                   course, DO NOT bring magnets around any computer disks that you DON'T want to loose!


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 10:12:02 1/16/100
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   Vic did you get my mail, the server was a little flaky again.


                   TOPIC - busts
                   DATE - 09:29:35 1/16/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Sound advice Pi. Both Ae and A1 are friends but agree that they had very different styles. A1 was very open and a
                   security risk, many feel he was asking to get busted. But on the other side, he is being used as a political pawn as
                   you mentioned. I helped him because he was a friend, many others helped because of the political reprocusions.

                   Ae is nurotic when it comes to inet security and was probably one of the smallest risks to the inet community.
                   However, a search warrant is a sign that he screwed up somewhere in his peronal dealings. And like you said, they
                   have no family leverage on him and nothing politically to gain. The investigating team just has their pride and credibility
                   to protect after spending so much energy investigating him. My motives to help him is because he is a friend. Others
                   may want to help because of the subtle ways he has improved many of our gardens. Or simply to help one of the good
                   guys do less time out of compasion. One nice thing is that Ae has decided to stick around and communicate with us.
                   Not alot of help to a canuck like me, but the first hand experience and discussion may be valuable to many of my
                   neighbors to the south. I get the feeling that Ae represents the worst case scenario for american growers. I think it's
                   good for american growers to get a realistic view of this worst case scenario, it may help motivate them to clean up
                   their act as was suggested below, hehe.

                   For the record, I too feel that we need to be careful in how we help Aeric. Having the dirty work done from a non US
                   based outfit is the smartest route, IMO. And careful thought each step of the way to make sure our efforts reach their
                   intended destination. Since we are aware if the situation, it will be easy to do :)


                   TOPIC - Cops Continued
                   DATE - 09:12:22 1/16/100
                   FROM - Been There
                   Just putting an exclamation point on some the points made below:
                   1) NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER tell the cops ANYTHING!!. In fact, you don't have to say anything unless a
                   lawyer is there. The cops will tell you "yeah, we really didn't want to bust you, we don't like the laws either, just doin
                   our job" and then to proceed to pump you like Monica on Bill for info! If you feel you have to give info, make sure its bad

                   2) NEVER EVER let em in without a warrant!! When two cops came to my door, which by the way I didn't even open,
                   and tried to talk their way in for 10 minutes, I told them to go get a warrant first and slip in under the door. They were
                   hopping mad, but thats what they did. AND that took em and hour and half......

                   3) You may want to think about the ultimate: having a plan of escape. I personally will NEVER do time in a Nazi prison.
                   You may want to have cash and id documents, passport, etc in a safe place at the ready if you have to flee. Also
                   contacts with "friends" who could hide you or assist you in your "travels" to safe haven. Not for everyone, but
                   something to think about.
                   Doesn't it suck that we even have to worry about this shit at all? I feel like an first Century Christian in the catacombs.


                   TOPIC - and for God's sakes
                   DATE - 07:16:53 1/16/100
                   FROM - pi
                   ... if you use AOL... get rid of it like YESTEDAY!


                   TOPIC - more
                   DATE - 06:53:17 1/16/100
                   FROM - pi
                   -yes they did get his puter and that was one of the first things they carted away
                   -he saw a women cop get on his puter who was very pc literate
                   -he has a thread going at www.overgrow.com @ the shark tank and i am sure he will answer questions within reason
                   -the cops have a program that will recover wiped info from your hd and they used it on a-1


                   -get into the habit of del'ing all info of this type on a weekly or at least monthly basis using PGP and a 3xwipe. i believe
                   that anything beyond an 8x wipe is non recoverable so if you 3xwiped every week only 3 weeks info could be recovered
                   -use a proxy server period. a foreign based proxy would be best
                   -you can chain proxies and the anonimizer multiple times if you are really noid- at the expense of surfing speed
                   -if you use icq you need to be aware that a del message is not del but put into a deleted folder. the message archive is
                   where you need to go to make sure all info is deleted


                   be proactive on your precautions...
                   -odor control
                   -mouth control
                   -greed control
                   -stupidity contol
                   -karma is important
                   -seperate your grow trash for your house trash
                   -if you vacuum invest in a vac dedicated too your grow only
                   -change grow stores periodically
                   -avoid parking in front of a local grow store as vid cameras are cheap
                   -get a safe addy

                   one should assume the worst case and prepare for that as well. What is worst case? YOU get popped.

                   -never keep any reciepts of grow equip and remove all price tags and bar codes. they will try to date your grow
                   -pay taxes on your gains if you do sell. the irs has a form for gardens. would be bad enuf to have the DEA on your ass.
                   -number your pots do not write strain info on them as that may help date your grow (example: 4 pots with 4 diff strains
                   written... hmmm 4 grows)
                   -have a story concocted
                   -NEVER give them any info period NO MATTER WHAT THEY PROMISE. they can not bargain at that stage so they
                   promises are lies. once you say something it cant be taken back
                   -grit your teeth and be courteous
                   -buy something that will explain hi power usage. a kiln a hottub etc to help discredit that issue.
                   -Never allow them access to your car or your house by allowing them to search on your ok. make them get a warrant.
                   they may NOT have probably cause or the warrant may be wrong in which case ALL evidence is inadmissiable.
                   -make sure you know where all the schools are and how close you are to them.
                   -know your local laws




                   TOPIC - some info on ae
                   DATE - 06:07:22 1/16/100
                   FROM - pi
                   ... a grandpaw and divorced so no family to squeeze
                   ... houses he used were rented
                   ... got rid of his assets long ago
                   ... very paranoid about puter security-ie pgp, bodetect, netbuster, did not keep many addys (snail or eme)on pc,
                   reformatted HD at drop of a hat, pushed using this site http://www.zeroknowledge.com/ (look into it all), always used a
                   proxy, yadayada
                   ... kinda a guy who would not snitch (met him on a couple of occasions)
                   ... was considered an asset to the community
                   ... cooperated with the fuzz (within reason)
                   ... has a prominent local politician as his attorney

                   a-1 was not commercial? i think not. he had 300 plants and his statements on his usage helped the state dispute his
                   claim of med use only. personally i think a-1 is and was 10 times the risk ae is.


                   ... flaunted his grow
                   ... thumbed his nose at the feds
                   ... the feds want to make the case a landmark case against med usage
                   ... puter illeterate
                   ... talked mj to ANYONE who would listen
                   ... posted his real (i think) phone no on the net

                   sorry a-1. no offense intended. just want to put things in perspective.



                   TOPIC - scratch and sniff
                   DATE - 05:30:00 1/16/100
                   FROM - thc-positive
                   thanks for the enlightenment. looking forward to more profound thought from you...do you know of any sites where we
                   could find more information about the feds and how they operate?


                   TOPIC - Is it time to clean up your act?
                   DATE - 22:52:18 1/15/100
                   FROM - a local
                   scratch and sniff makes salient points though...


                   TOPIC - correction for scratch & sniff
                   DATE - 18:23:00 1/15/100
                   FROM - br549
                   doing federal time you do 85% if you don't lose good time.
                   there is no parole. but you can gain 15% for being a good
                   boy or girl. 10 year sentence = 8.5 years. still no fun people.


                   TOPIC - Is it time to clean up your act?
                   DATE - 16:30:07 1/15/100
                   FROM - Scratch & Sniff
                   Sad to hear about A-77 getting busted ... but there still may be time to keep * your* ass out of a sling.

                   Anyone who has had direct E- contact or mail contact with the dude should clean up their act now!

                   Make no mistake, the Feds might be slow, but they are thorough. They have probably already cleaned out his
                   computer ( whether he knows it or not ) and since this was evidently a major commercial production, they will lean on
                   him big-time.

                   All of his phone records are certainly under review, and there has probably been a pin register on his number for a
                   while. Same goes for his postal contacts. They can review return addresses without a warrant.

                   Keep in mind what happened to A-1 ... one of the very first, and most effective, threats the cops will make is "We're
                   going to take away your kids and throw them into foster homes." The Feds and their local henchmen are especially
                   nasty in this regard. They bully, threaten, and coerce, woman with small children as a matter of course.

                   If you have any reason to worry, take steps. If you can move ... do so. If you have an E-account with a board or a
                   proxy, change it. Wipe your system and get rid of any and every contact with the dude.

                   Having another auction to help A-77 is OK ... but it is another matter entirely from the A-1 situation. As a commercial
                   operation, everything the guy owns is going bye-bye. His bank account will be frozen, all his assets locked up, and
                   everything of value stripped from his home since the Feds will "adopt the seizure".

                   Unless the original warrant is found to be defective, and the chances are probably slim, this poor devil is looking at a
                   Very long stretch. There is no parole in the Federal system. You do 100% of the time.

                   Any funds going to A-77 or his attorney should be handled very carefully. It wouldn't be surprising if the Feds tried to
                   grab it, trace it, or otherwise make pests of themselves.

                   Now for the good news. The DEA does not, usually, have quick access to the highest levels of Federal computer
                   power. There was a very interesting bit on the tube recently indicating that the heavy Columbian smugglers do business
                   from boats using satelite computer uplinks to post encripted messages on bulliten boards. Evidently, when the DEA
                   and Customs asked the NSA to tackle the encription, it took several weeks to crack. Given that the program was
                   produced in cooperation with the cops, there is certainly the chance that misinformation was being spread, but it
                   makes sence. ( Remember, the government would Never have approved the export of stronger encription if they couldn't
                   already crack it! ).

                   If you have Anything to worry about, consult an attorney Now! Pay him for the consultation, and take his advice to
                   heart. They don't need to catch you with bush, and a conspiracy rap is Very hard to beat.The laws in Canada are
                   different, but there is always the chance that conservative elements in some province might hook up with the DEA to
                   make a big international stink.

                   So, let's give A-77 some help, but carefully. We can't do him any good if we're the next to go!.



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 10:39:23 1/15/100
                   FROM - thc-positive
                   my heart goes out to you a=77. i know how it feels to be violated by those nazi's. uggggg so how do i bid or contribute
                   to the help a-77 fund?


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 18:27:10 1/14/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Pete - I guess I broke the links when I was reformatting my setup. I think they are fixed now dude. Feel free to let me
                   know of any other broken links you find.

                   I guess I've never mentioned this here, but I've been working on compiling a list of references to cannabis related
                   scientific papers. You can find it here:


                   I am attempting to find these papers and then add them to BCGA for all of you to review. The most recent paper I
                   reviewed contradicted current thought and showed a direct correlation between gland numbers and cannabinoid
                   content. It highlighted several interesting points such as how vegetative leaves have similar cannabinoid profiles as their
                   corresponding flowers. Here's a direct link to the paper.


                                          Link: Interrelationships of glandular trichomes and cann


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 16:11:28 1/14/100
                   FROM - Sneaky Pete
                   Can any of the seasoned growers impart any of their aeroponic wisdom(general tips, lessons learned, etc.) I have
                   searched the archives and would like to hear the first suggestions they feel they could offer a newcomer to this type of

                   I agree with Vic, most of the info I have found on this style of growing has been from our community.
                   We are a very passionate bunch of gardeners. He he , Cough cough
                   Also Vic, some of the older BCGA archives do not work, or is it just me?

                   Have any of the hydro growers here used an ozonater (sp?) to keep their solution clean? AF has a large one for an
                   aquarium setup, not one of those puny "uv sterilizers", a big stainless steel unit that has a uv bulb the size of my
                   Uvonair, and input and outlet ports to hook to an airpump and bubbler. The unit exposes the byproduct of its operation
                   (O3) to the solution, not the light it emits. The only info I have found on it's use is that it requires silicone hose. Right
                   now the top cap is off and it is being used to mask the smell in an adjoining room.

                   Of course this info is for a Friend. If They snitch, I'll kill em' . J K

                   Hang in there Aeric.

                   "Expect the Unexpected"



                   TOPIC - Aeric77 fund raiser
                   DATE - 08:57:30 1/14/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   repost from Cannabis World:

                   Hey, about a week ago one of my good internet friends got busted with over 300 hundred
                   plants. His bust story from OG:

                   aeric77 posted January 13, 2000 08:02 PM
                   released.on. my.own.recognisance......
                   son. sign.a.50k.surety.bond.

                   Aeric has been one of the silent leaders of the internet and has been a driving force behind
                   much of the sharing of genetics that has been going on. Word has it he was part of
                   encouraging the holder of the g13 clone to release share his gem.

                   Last night, he asked for my help, and I plan to do what I can. We helped A1 on many levels
                   and raised roughly a total of 10K to help him keep his lawyer on side. I'm hoping we can do
                   something similar for Aeric. I haven't been able to make contact with RC since last night's
                   conversation with Aeric and I definately don't want to step on any of CW's plans, however, I
                   would like to get a fund raiser for Aeric under way. I've been holding onto some special beans
                   for such an occasion. For those looking for a fast flowering uplifting high, with unbeatable
                   flavour, I have some select grapefruit/C99 hybrids for auction. These will be amongst the best
                   genetics made available this year for the personal stash grower. Only reason I didn't make a
                   commercial batch was becaused I promised the person who shared the grapefruit clone with me
                   that I wouldn't use it for comercial breeding

                   I'll dig through my archives and look for other beans to donate as well. Anyone else out there
                   willing to donate, please do. Aeric is up there with the likes of Shabang when it comes to being
                   amongst a group that has really donated to the community.

                   Full disclosure: This will eventually come out so I would like to put everything on the table now.
                   As many here know, Aeric is the source of that special 20 year old California Orange clone
                   floating around. I've had it for about a year and a half. I really like this clone, it's the only
                   newcomer to my garden which I consider worthy to take as much space as my romulan clone in
                   high end comercial grows. It being older genetics, it can handle the more efficient lower light
                   levels and still put out a quality product. A product that smells and tastes just like Tang!!

                   About a month before Aeric's bust, he approached me and asked me to cube it. He said I was
                   welcome to use it comercially, but with a catch. I was to give a whole shitload of seeds for him
                   to share with his friends and archive. I know this commercial connection may make my motives
                   look questionable. All I can say is that my desire to help Aeric has nothing to do with my desire
                   to cube his clone.



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 07:46:56 1/14/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   glistening - different strains tell you they are done in different ways. You just need to get to know your strains and go
                   with it. Swollen calyxes, dead hairs (brown or red or??) and the change of trichome colour to cloudy or amber are just
                   some indicators. You need to watch then all and not just rely on a single method, IMO. Some strains will more likely
                   turn cloudy than amber when ripe.

                   Anyway, mikado (grapefruit?) is not likely to be the cause of your delayed ripening, at least not directly. Your delayed
                   ripening (if that is actually what's happening) is more than likely an environmental response. Light leaks and warmer
                   night temps are just two factors that can unfluence ripening rate. Some genetics will respond to them more so than
                   others. Good luck :)


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 07:35:06 1/14/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Peaceness - hey dude, how goes it? That's an interesting example from Steve. Have you gotten a chance to grow that
                   grapefruit clone yet? I think a few in your region have given it a go. I've been playing with it for a couple of years and
                   have come to the conclusion it is best suited to a hydro environment. Lothar grows it hydroponically using chems, I
                   grow organically in soil. After all this time, I've only had 1 grapefruit crop come close to the quality that Lothar puts out
                   and again it was only close. When I first smoked it I was flattened by it's overall quality and thought to myself I couldn't
                   wait to see how good it would turn out in an organic grow, haha.

                   In a basic hydro grow, ever notice how the growth of some strains are improved and others seem to go to shit? I think
                   this trend will carry over to the aquaponic setup. Hydroponics is the future, and I sure like the directions aquaponics
                   could take it. I too have had trouble finding much in the way of quality info on it. I did find some seminars on it though
                   that will be coming up this year. These are non cannabis releated seminars. I think attending one or two of these would
                   really excellerate the learning curve and also help create knowledgeable contacts.

                   In the end I think it will be this community that will take the concept mainstream and work out the kinks. I've been
                   surfing many horticultural corners of the internet looking for advice and nothing comes close to the flow of info we have
                   here in the MJ community. I wouldn't be suprised if the mainstream gardeners don't start learning that the cannabis
                   pages are the places to learn (if they haven't already). I find hundreds of gardening sites and message forums, but they
                   seem to get put up and then forgotten, haha.

                   Back to aquaponics, (totally rambling this AM, haha) I think the next step in the learning curve will be happening on
                   these pages. More of us just need to bite the bullet, dive in, and then share what we learn. And not think of it as a
                   marketing tool, thus holding back on various key points. One key point I'm focussing on is to learn how to build the
                   nutrient mix added to the plant medium to suppliment what the fish provide. Sure I could just buy the mix, but I figure
                   taking the time to learn the specifics will take us further and help more people ;)

                   Looking forward to hearing your experiences, I think I will be giving it a go sometime this year as well.


                   TOPIC - Aquaponics
                   DATE - 01:20:28 1/14/100
                   FROM - Peaceness
                   Have been going back and forth to different aquaponic sites, not many. Having initially read Breeder Steve's
                   experiences with aqaponics, It really got my imagination going, and have became increasingly interested of the
                   possibilities and improved quality of the smoke. Said something about aquaponicly grown grapefruit, and how MUCH
                   better it was. Well, anyways is anyone currently growing in aquaponics? Am currently working on a small unit. . I'm
                   also interested in edibles outdoors. Any good links?



                   TOPIC - Harvest time?
                   DATE - 00:00:05 1/14/100
                   FROM - glistening
                   Well, I have a question here I have been flowering for 9 weeks big mac from federation seeds a makido big bud cross.
                   Now I have had several crops of big bud they were usually 8 weeks of flower. Mikado is suppose to be 45 days thus
                   making Big Mac 7 weeks with my previous crops I picked the exact harvest day by the white hairs changing to red and
                   looking at the crystals changing to amber but it has been 9 weeks no red hairs and the crystals are not changing to
                   amber. Is this a mikado trait? Does anybody know? Help


                   TOPIC - BCGA Photo
                   DATE - 14:17:43 1/13/100
                   FROM - sensi
                   Hey Vic! Time for a new Photo up top. That one's been around awhile! How about some nice Bud shot??


                   TOPIC - Chirp...
                   DATE - 13:11:23 1/13/100
                   FROM - High-see
                   Istopped by a freinds place today -n- true to his word he has begun the "sound blaster" testing got one of the little
                   "chirpers" -n- true enough it does sound just like crickets chirp chirp chirpin away. it sets about 3 inches from the BB's
                   which at this point average 65-100 mm's tall going today from flouro.'s to the 400w metal halide he's hand watering till
                   they go into the 4" cubes but is doing one cycle every 8 hours bottom feed w/ a blend of 1/4 strength each hydrofarm
                   bllom -n- grow with whalf strength rockwool formula one then three to four times foliar with half strength rockwool
                   form.#1. they began popping theri pretty little heads up on 01/00 -n- R putting on top growth like crasy tried to get a pic
                   to show how its tossed together but polaroid doesnt seem to do the job ...heh go figure once I get over the drain o
                   resetting up I'll get a digital -n- y'all can get your two cents in. oh yeah he's got a variety of strasinadge in ...C99
                   northern lights -n- jack herrer oh -n- a white widow cross Iknow Iknow their gonna all finish at different times ...the
                   reason I dont scrog them ...well, that -n- the male thing too heh> k I'm done sorry its run on like that but its been
                   awhile ...had a lot to enpart

                   take care -n-be safe

                   High-see wwwwwwwwwwww


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 12:35:15 1/13/100
                   FROM - thc-positive
                   ok then just brand them across the forehead with "RAT" that way all will know and the ostercization will be complete.


                   TOPIC - story of snitches
                   DATE - 10:12:47 1/13/100
                   FROM - charas
                   This is a story of snitched getting what they deserve.
                   In the mid 80's,at the height of Reagan-drug war madness a friend was picked up stepping out of his car by the
                   FBI-with 6 guns pointed at his head. When asked what he was being busted for the feds would only say he'd find out.
                   They interragated him for 8 hrs offering him immunity for turning in everyone he knew-he wouldn't do it-so they put him
                   in a holding cell with 6 big black men who were murderers and bank robbers, lucky he knew karate and when they saw
                   no fear on his part they became friends.
                   So this friend went to trial and the Only evidence was two snitches who said he gathered and imported 20 tons of hash
                   along with 35,000 lbs of Thai. All the people in the Thai scam rolled over on each other so there were 14 snitches at the
                   trial, the 2 who said they knew my friend pled for their immunity got 7 years.My friend lost in the jury trial and was
                   sentenced to two 8 years terms. He went to fed prison and hired a new attorney to file the appeal. After 10 months the
                   appelite court ruled in his favor, the indictment was revoked with prejidice-he was set free, able to stand tall as he stood
                   up to the system and didn't become a rat. Over 90% of people arrested turn snitch, this is a fact. The rats who turned
                   on him ended up doing their time-way more than he did.
                   Sometimes the karma is just. Of course it would be better if it was legal but it's taking a long time to turn around.



                   TOPIC - Hi everybody
                   DATE - 08:51:24 1/13/100
                   FROM - saeid
                   Ilike veryverymuch this site ,photo,


                   TOPIC - Snitches and provocations ...
                   DATE - 08:39:32 1/13/100
                   FROM - C.G.
                   Snitchery is always a problem, but one that can't be killed off. Whenever I see postings suggesting that snitches be
                   wasted, my very first reaction is that it was put there by LEO to provoke responses that can be pointed to as proof that
                   growing boards are fronts for violent criminals and "narco-terrorists". The "brotherhood" bit is either the wishful
                   ramblings of a kid with little real-world experience, or useless blather from a LEO poser who knows even less.

                   It just doesn't make sence to kill snitches. # 1: There are plenty more where they one came from. # 2: Once they are
                   dead, they can no longer be suitably punished. # 3: It plays into LEO's hands since they have all the guns and it will
                   just inflate their budget. # 4: It's just too easy to figure out who did it! Whoever got popped is the prime suspect, and
                   even if they didn't do it, they are going to have a shitload More trouble than the original bust if some "friend" decides to
                   do the dirty work.

                   The Amish have a way of dealing with these sorts of situations: Shunning. Nobody in the community will talk to,
                   socialize with, or do business with the offending party, or any member of their family, and Everyone in the community
                   knows who and why.

                   If we can just make sure that the stain of snitchery never washes off, we'll be doing well for all concerned.



                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 05:48:07 1/13/100
                   FROM - thc-positive
                   well, i can see why they are running amok.

                   VICTORY FOR CHRIS CLAY!!!! silent prayer...


                   TOPIC - safe
                   DATE - 02:24:18 1/13/100
                   FROM - khan
                   be safe to one another


                   TOPIC - thanks to all
                   DATE - 02:19:09 1/13/100
                   FROM - rx
                   To every one - reading over my post from yesterday, I don't want to limit my thanks for valuable information only to vic,
                   although his posts are very authitative. Many of you have taken your valuable time to coax me out of my miserable
                   misconceptions about growing. Thanks to all!

                   I agree with every antibrotherhood post. Smoking and growing have made me a pacifist and I abhor violence. Even the
                   constant TV depicition of people striking one another in the face is so repulsive to me I have a physical, gut wrenching
                   reaction. You people have just got to stop it - shooting each other and beating each other up. It is the stupidest thing in

                   Growing puts one in harmony with natural rhytems, like doing tai chi, or yoga, or zen or judo. I can't immagine how thc
                   positive can have the view he expresses and be a real grower, too. Smoking also quiets my natural anti-social
                   tendancies. It makes me happy, not in a mood for homicide.


                   TOPIC - snitches
                   DATE - 18:46:49 1/12/100
                   FROM - skuffer
                   i know somebody who snitched on me, my friends red-neck brother. called the sheriff said i was transporting mj,
                   sheriff came out looked around, asked to look further, was politely told "no" and left.
                   i'm not going to kill him, " i pitty the fool" (to quote mr. t) i just don't go around him and my troubles have gone away. i
                   smoke the best ganja in these parts, that is reward enough for this old hombre. i love my friend and he smokes the
                   best ganja too, as for his brother, he can join the brotherhood for all i care.


                   TOPIC - snitches
                   DATE - 15:28:09 1/12/100
                   FROM - arrooo
                   If a person is dumb enough to put himself in a position a snitch can turn him in, he deserves it. Nobody visits my grow
                   room and I don't go around town bragging about it. Do you want to socialize or grow pot?


                   TOPIC - snitch control
                   DATE - 10:13:05 1/12/100
                   FROM - rx
                   By avoiding memberships in brotherhoods I have avoided snitches. Do we criticize in others those faults we find most
                   repulsive in ourselves?

                   Vic - thanks to the tips I have found on your board, I am happy to report, I have the happiest plant growing on my
                   window sill I have seen in several years. Thanks again.


                   TOPIC - Snitches
                   DATE - 09:45:58 1/12/100
                   FROM - KQ
                   Can anyone tell the worst snitch story? I mean the story where it seems that the snitch is "bulletproof" and in the end
                   they go down in flames bigtime??


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 07:23:48 1/12/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   I personally wouldn't want to hurt my persoanl karma by killing a snitch. Basically, you gotta feel sorry for the cowards.
                   Karma will get them anyway. Local cops almost alsways show the snitche's statement to you when trying to get a
                   confesion, so doesn't matter what they tell the snitch. Basically, even though they will use a snitch, they have no
                   respect for the bugs and will give them up in a heart beat. Then you just tell everyone about it and the bug is labelled a
                   snitch for life. Life will get rough for him without you needing to get your own hands dirty. You only hurt yourself by
                   killing snitches, a very dumb idea, IMO. Why become a "REAL" criminal?


                   TOPIC - killing people
                   DATE - 19:03:25 1/11/100
                   FROM - trelaway
                   just to add, you wanna get cops interested in yer life or yer business start killing people.

                   I too started growing because I didn't think risking my safety for some bud was worth it.

                   I'd gladly pay taxes on my pot. In fact, I luv paying taxes--those that don't should have a look at personal safety stats in
                   places like Brazil.


                   TOPIC - I detest rats, but...
                   DATE - 17:50:28 1/11/100
                   FROM - occam
                   Pi is right.
                   The main reason I started producing my own material was to stop supporting violent organized criminals with my
                   purchases. I will not be associated with any "Brotherhood" that is involved with violence of any kind.



                   TOPIC - snitches
                   DATE - 14:38:59 1/11/100
                   FROM - pi
                   ill pass on killin the snitches thank you very much.

                   let them decide their own fate ala Judas.

                   cops hate snitches
                   and most people avoid snitches like the plague

                   if we started doing that we are no better than the hard liners selling coke and heroin.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 14:25:40 1/11/100
                   FROM - thc-positive
                   most excellent thought. very provoking. you all have come to the same legalization solutions as i have. screw them.
                   let's keep it in the hands of the people. for the people. by the people. they can't touch us. let them do their little law and
                   tax shit and let's just keep on keeping on with the grass growing high and selling high. they don't really affect us. we
                   need to rebuild the brotherhood and kill all snitches no matter what! snitches (used to be extinct) are not running amok
                   because the brothers have softened. if snitches were killed and the brotherhood stood together tight no cops could
                   penetrate this culture. we would be safe from big brother and their bullshit would never touch us. its much simplier than
                   decrim, legalization, rewriting laws, lobbying, boycotting, etc. just restore the BROTHERHOOD!!!


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 07:04:25 1/11/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Sevin - carbaryl - is accepted as a fairly safe insecticide. It can be purchased in powder and liquid form. And yes, it is
                   often found in home flea control kits. However, we found that those households that relied on it alone during flea
                   season, found it stopped working so well. Fleas were adapting. This was in the Cordova Bay area of Victoria, BC. It is
                   not an effective miticide, and although it is registered for use on agricultural crops, very rarely would a farmer use it for
                   mite control. I think carbaryl can be an effective component of a home pest management program if used alternately
                   with other control methods. Diazinon is another chemical of similar status.

                   As for light leaks, your right, they will bud anyway. The difference will be noted in yield and quality.


                   TOPIC - insecticide (sevin)
                   DATE - 02:51:41 1/11/100
                   FROM - rx
                   Dear Vic: What do you think of sevin dust? It is susposed to be harmless to humans and pets. I have used used it in
                   the past as an effective curb for fleas, more currently, I have used sticky fly paper for these critters. Sevin would also
                   be effective against whitefly and spider mites and most other pests.(IMO)

                   Also - How important is total darkness to initiate & promote flowering? My feeling is they are going to flower when
                   the're ready and will flower even under 13 hour of light and with light leaks during dark periods.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 19:36:37 1/10/100
                   FROM - pi
                   hi guys and gals and all my old friends
                   happy ky 2 ya ;0)

                   anyone know where i can buy larger sizes of the hi quality coir? the kind that is low in sodium?


                   TOPIC - the industry
                   DATE - 14:06:28 1/10/100
                   FROM - trelaway
                   I have some friends in media who I've been bugging to do a story on the pot industry. I'm personally convinced that the
                   export MJ trade is supporting the British Columbia economy. Current estimates rate it at a 2-4 billion dollars/year.
                   Given that fishing and forestry are in free fall, what else is there? Tourism? Well.....

                   The spill over from this money influx can't long be ignored. Ever wonder why BC hydro only goes after those who steal
                   power? Because it costs about 10 million dollars in electricity to grow a billion dollars worth of pot. You pay yer bills,
                   they'll leave you alone.

                   I have a friend whose life fell apart years back due to coke use that turned him into a dealer of the kilo variety. Cops
                   investigated him for a year and on the way to the cop shop they said had it been green they wouldn't have wasted their

                   I don't think this is entirely true but this episode occured ten years ago and I think represents the attitude of British
                   Columbia's community. You couldn't, for example, grow a billion dollars worth of pot in Nova Scotia or Alberta without
                   some tacit allowance by gov't/power companies/police.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 12:05:15 1/10/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   yep, avid will definately get the job done on any insect pest of cannabis. But, imo, it's overkill. We need to learn from
                   our past mistkes. We have had wonder chemicals in the past that were like the holy grail. Anyone remember that
                   wonderful pesticide called DDT? It was going to revolutionize the world, wipe out malaria and all that shit. It was used
                   for everything under the sun. Naturally, two things happened. 1) the insects adapted a resistence to it. 2) the
                   environment revolted and it became more of a threat than a cure. Using avid to control something as simple as whitefly
                   in a small indoor garden is like using a neutron bomb where a BB gun will be just as effective. A few drops of dishsoap
                   in water will kill the whitefly without risking the over use of our secret weapon ;) Save the avid for where it's really
                   needed, IMO. Sorry G F for the harsh tone, this is something I'm passionate about, haha.

                   BTW - isn't marijuana now BC's second largest industry? Even being illegal, it's generating a shitload of tax revenue in
                   just the sales tax being collected, haha.


                   TOPIC - white flys
                   DATE - 09:30:39 1/10/100
                   FROM - Gentlemans Farmer
                   ---will not Avid kill these critters since it is a systemic and attck the nervous system? Or is that how that Avid works? If
                   mites eat the leaves or juices and dies, why not the white fly? ----Vic clear this up for me would ya!

                   ---shhhhh don`t tell anyone, but it`s the marj.trade that is keeping BC alive and kicking. Don`t let the gov. get their
                   hands in the pot, ohh i kill myself! A few years ago is was estamated that it is getting close to a multi million dollar a
                   year indusrty AND thats was just the 10% of the grow operations that they knew about! Making it a billion dollar a year
                   industry. And you want to take that out of peoples pockets, i say fck em. Sure half of the money is going to the BIG
                   BOYS but shit dick tracy, the other half is divided up among us peon`s and i kinda like it!


                   TOPIC - Taxes ... a bad idea ... etc. etc.
                   DATE - 08:44:52 1/10/100
                   FROM - C.G.
                   Offering to pay taxes on weed is a bad idea. For one thing, it buys into the notion of a "sin tax" - that's used to justify
                   higher taxes on alcohol and tobacco. Why cop to those sanctimonious idiots? Taxing store purchases is one thing, but
                   taxation of home grow is quite another. Home brewers pay no taxes, and neither do the makers of homemade wine ... .
                   ( though I seem to recall that there is some nominal yearly tax that's supposed to be paid but often ignored )

                   Remember, the first revolt against the American government was the Whiskey Rebellion, when rural folks resisted
                   Federal taxes on home brewed whiskey. That revolt continues to this day.

                   Legalization of All drugs is, quite frankly, a pipe dream for Libertarians that only clouds the issue of weed. I certainly
                   don't want coke and speed heads messing up on the highways or anywhere else. Opiate heads would be OK. If given a
                   regular supply, all they want is more junk ... speed and coke heads want to go out and Do stuff, and often hallucinate
                   in the process. They are a clear and present danger.

                   While there is something to be said for social Darwinism, it would take a while for most of the speed and coke heads to
                   kill themselves off ... and they will undoubtedly take a lot of innocent people along with them. It's just not worth it.

                   It's easier to push the envelope in the media ... they have an insatiable appetite for the sensational ... and publicity
                   stunts are a great way to open up the debate. So, for example, whenever an anti-pot activist makes an appearance,
                   show up with embarassing questions from the audience: "How many college credits do you have in organic
                   chemistry?", "How many courses did you take in statistical analysis?", "What are the names of the reffereed journals
                   where these "studies" have been published?" Police spokesmen are especially vunerable to this line of questioning.

                   So much for the rant. I'm planning for the spring ... at the grass roots level, planting pot is the most subversive thing we
                   can do.



                   TOPIC - tax marijuana
                   DATE - 03:36:18 1/10/100
                   FROM - rx
                   CG: The Gov of a western state (NM) is creating a controversy proposing legalization of Marijuana. He had a look at the
                   bill from the penetentiary and decided the money would be better spent (in part) building roads. Before politics, he was
                   a contractor. AND he thought he could raise additional money for roads with a tax on marijuana. It is a very appealing
                   argument that you are going to shift a part of the tax burden to someone else.

                   Boycott for a tax on marujuana. It has a ring to it! What do you think?


                   TOPIC - HELP FOR GARDENERS
                   DATE - 01:38:04 1/10/100
                   FROM - 2_BUDS
                   Go here for the experts.

                                                        Link: Help is here!


                   TOPIC - Various & Sundry
                   DATE - 18:31:43 1/09/100
                   FROM - C.G.
                   Boycott has a nice ring to it ... it also puts a zen-judo twist on the situation ... doing by not doing ... so to speak.

                   Carefull targeting is essential ... a player in the beer industry might be good start. Be sure to understand that no matter
                   how nifty the cause, any boycott must be Sold ... with a capital "S"... to the public. The goal should be clear, and
                   reasonable ... the reasoning sound, the rhetoric polished, and the slogans slick.

                   In the first place, a groundwork must be put in place ... a paper trail ... . Then, no matter what the targeted firm does
                   from then on ... we've formally given them the opportunity to respond and comment and "play ball" with us well before
                   we drop the Boycott on them.

                   Where is the soft spot? How do we make them squirm? Well, for one thing, actually hurting them in the pocketbook is
                   going to be very hard. It's good to aim high, but there should be a few less obvious goals. A Boycott can and will create
                   a lot of publicity whether or not it's successful.

                   I'd like to take it directly to the enemy ... to their propaganda aparatus ... the "Partnership for a Drug Free America." If
                   the Partnership is such a wonderful cause, why should anyone want to hide their support for such a worthy group?

                   So ... we demand that one of the major brewers admit to funding the Partnership, and make public the amount and
                   duration. If not, we announce a boycott of their product. Dig it ... a switch of beer brands is fairly easy for folks to do,
                   there are lots of alternatives out there ... .

                   Reason and science mean absolutely nothing in this struggle ... unfortunately.

                   Could it work?

                   Just curious.



                   TOPIC - New Westminster Hemp shop
                   DATE - 15:06:29 1/09/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   Hey, I got an email from one of the proprietor of the hemp shop in New Westminster. Anyone here have any dealings
                   with them? Any thoughts on their business? Any info would be appreciated, thanks.

                   rx - really pissed??? hehe, I think you read more into my rant. Just relaying a twist look at reality ;)

                   Truth is, I tend to agree with Occam. It's hard to beat the organized crime organization we live under, hehe.

                   pizza - white flies are not really much of a problem in a grow room, not much more than aphids anyway. You could
                   manually squish them in a small 1K garden. Good air movement will keep them off balance. Safer's soap and most
                   other insecticides will kill them in larger gardens. After other pests like mites and thrips, you should find whiteflies fairly
                   easy to deal with. They are usually more of a greenhouse pest.


                   TOPIC - lock stock ...etc
                   DATE - 12:39:01 1/09/100
                   FROM - irish
                   hehe, "copius amounts", soul, every time i see that movie i think of ot1 too... LOL


                   TOPIC - white flies
                   DATE - 07:45:44 1/09/100
                   FROM - pizza
                   after more investigating the little white bugs and a buddies help my plants have white flies what is the best method to
                   get rid of the little begers


                   TOPIC - Auld Lang Syne
                   DATE - 05:45:36 1/09/100
                   FROM - Soul
                   Oldtimer_~ Sorry not to be in touch much lately. However I thought of you last night while watching a video. Ever hear
                   of "Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels"? Sting plays a small role in it. Check it out, you'll laugh your arse off mate!

                   Most drugs ARE legal. The government's mistake is allowing SOME to be illegal. If they can successfully regulate
                   trade in 99% of all drugs, plus alcohol and tobacco...isn't it a bit silly to allow organised crime to regulate trade and
                   take enormous profits in the remaining drugs?


                   TOPIC - drug law reform
                   DATE - 03:40:06 1/09/100
                   FROM - rx
                   Sir ot1: Further thoughts on positive actions for drug reform have brought me to consideration of a boycott by persons
                   who share the belief drugs should be legalized against products of industrialsts who support current laws.

                   The internet could give the boycott (which has always been a powerful tool) new vigor. If I have correctly analyzed
                   Dupont as the oldest lobby favoring current restrictions - they would seem especially vulnerable to boycott. I'll bet they
                   sell products in Canada and in UK (all over the world). The current incapacity of that company's figurehead might make
                   them especially sensitive.

                   The first step in a boycott is to communicate the threat of boycott; the second step is to stop buying that company's
                   products. Believe me it's very effective. American companies have nightmares about boycott. One man can boycott,
                   and it brings fear and loathing to the executive meeting table.

                   Vic is super pissed - he might like to organize such a boy cott.

                   I mark the 8th of January or the comming dark of the moon as an auspicious time to begin the early crop. Days are
                   begining to lengthen.



                   TOPIC - politics, philosophy, and bullshi**
                   DATE - 01:46:43 1/09/100
                   FROM - rx
                   Dear Sir OT1: At last we agree on something, viz.,drugs should be legalized. I have felt that way for thirty years and not
                   much has changed. Our challange is to make up an argument that will win over the hearts of our legislators. teehee.
                   Despite every body who wants herb can and does get it, King cotton is thriving as are synthetic fabric makers like
                   DuPont, and brewers and distillers, and last but not least the pharamacudical companies, all are creating vast wealth
                   at the same time everybody who wants to get high is doing it, protectionism for the foreging industries is unwarranted.
                   This argument should be made to the industries who are shelling out big bucks to finance poitical campaigns. teehee.
                   Congress has proved over and again to me it is incapable escaping special intrest influence and exercising independant
                   judgement based on reason and evidence. Buisnessmen are mindful of their bottom line and they might stop buying
                   votes if they thought they could remain profitable even if herb was legalized. Nobody likes to pay bribes and they are an
                   expense subtracting from the bottom line. Industry must be persuaded. Congress is too far gone.

                   The alternative is for dopers to come up with more money than other special intrests, and start buying some friends in
                   congress. Money talks, bullshitwalks.

                   Personally, I have no causes, but I am reminded of an Andy Warhol quote: "Life is politics."




                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 08:33:04 1/08/100
                   FROM - oldtimer1
                   Vic you should have mail the Maui servers seem fine now!

                   rx I think all drugs should be legalised, drug cartels can only exist when what they produce is illegal! The whole black
                   economy only survives because the products are illegal. The more the government tryís to suppress it the more money
                   there is to make out of the market. Well thats the way it looks to me, looking in from the outside!

                   All the best Ot1


                   TOPIC - transnational misconceptions (philosophy)
                   DATE - 02:04:26 1/08/100
                   FROM - rx
                   Dear oocam: Despite draconian drug laws, not every american stands behind their government in it's war on drugs. (Nor
                   on any other issue.)America is preeminiently engaged in reform. There is terrific tension here as various groups activly
                   seek to win public approval of thier agendas. The noise is deafening. Canada probably does'nt have race relations
                   problems. At the moment thre is a line drawn on the ground and the combatants (White v. black v.hispanic v. natives v.
                   asians v. gays v. baptist v. catholics v jews. muslims and so on) are rolling up their sleeves or have already begun low
                   level hostilities. Drug law reform is pushed to the back burner because it is stigmatized as illegal and because few
                   people care or are effected by the laws since they are not generally enforced against users. Trafficing is targeted.
                   Consensus seems to be the govt should protect its self and its people from mexican and south american drug cartels. I
                   go along with that.

                   Meanwhile, I go along growing my little garden, unmolested except for paranoia. It is a game with authority and gives
                   me a chance to ventilate my antiauthorityism in a relative harmless way. Cultivating these plants builds character and
                   puts one in touch with natural rhythums. Building and maintaining a garden (undetected) is a very creative thing.

                   I agree, God bless another day in paradise!


                   TOPIC - peat & perlite
                   DATE - 18:19:36 1/07/100
                   FROM - Hank Scorpio
                   trelaway- thanks for the safety tip :-)


                   TOPIC - grow shop sting
                   DATE - 15:19:46 1/07/100
                   FROM - arrooo
                   Vic: I have always been suspicious of grow shops. I never take my own car. You can see the survelliance camera at
                   most any other buisness but, strangly, nowhere in sight in the grow shop. Pretty sneaky, huh! I am also leery of the
                   welding shop ( co2). Fuzz can take a look at their demurage record at any time even with out a warrant.

                   Frankly, I don't understand these moronic drug laws. Special intrests are the answer and today the loudest special
                   intrest is the drug enforcement industry. Every police force and every sheriffs office get supplemental income to staff an
                   antidrug force - extra prosecutors, bailiffs, judges, wardens, etc and etc, tens of thousands of jobs trying to catch me
                   and you. It costs $40,000 per year to keep a prisoner in jail. Who gets that money?Uniform police on the street are
                   more tolerant. Many smoke themselves and they know its keeping the lid on their powder keg.


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 15:00:40 1/07/100
                   FROM - trelaway
                   hank--I've been buying plain peat for Vic's mix and have found you should mix the peat at least 3:1 with perilite--less
                   than that and I had drainage issues.

                   I think the only real issue to canadian decrim of pot is our southern trading partner. I think we're headed more toward
                   the way a-dam operates in that it'll be illegal but the busts and penalties will progessively deteriorate.

                   Damn, I new Nova Scotia was scary from a pot perspective in that growing was automatic jail time, but jail time for
                   possesion--shit, that sounds like texas in the seventies. Pot must be expensive out east.


                   TOPIC - Peat Moss
                   DATE - 11:23:54 1/07/100
                   FROM - Hank Scorpio
                   Vic- Thanks for the info, Yes local Sphagnum Moss Peat is available here in 100 litre bales,so will be giving it a go with
                   that,cheers again


                   TOPIC - a Proud Canadian...
                   DATE - 09:37:16 1/07/100
                   FROM - occam
                   Hi Vic & all... I agree that the form of democracy we practice here in British Columbia and Canada is far from perfect,
                   but I'll take it over any other anywhere. I'll stay alert, pay my taxes, put up with the pork, & keep smilin'.
                   Just another day in paradise...


                   TOPIC - truth
                   DATE - 09:20:09 1/07/100
                   FROM - cowboy
                   The truth is not spoken any clearer than right below this post,vic read my thoughts exactly.Good thig he read my mind
                   and we didnt discuss it, because that would be conspiracy,he he he.


                   TOPIC - organised crime
                   DATE - 09:08:26 1/07/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   villified citizen - I agree with you. I can't intelligently speak of other regions, but I feel very comfortable saying that
                   governments of North America are really nothing more than organized crime. They want to control the vices like cigs
                   and alcohol, and ban what they cannot control. They want you to pay protection (taxes) and if you don't pay, you will
                   be destroyed. Most rights we think we have (like home ownership) are illusions they create to keep us paying for our
                   protection, but the reality is that those are rights that they can and will be taken away when it suites their needs. Or a
                   crime war causes the replacement of one organized crime organization with another. Think there would still be home
                   ownership in North America if Russia won the cold war? We hold onto our organized crime organisations to protect the
                   illusions of rights that these particular crime groups give. Otherwise, they would have been gone long ago.

                   If rights such as land ownership were not an illusion, governments would not be able to seize our lands when we didn't
                   pay property taxes. The land does not really belong to us despite what is written on paper. We are only being given
                   access to it by the organized crime group in power.

                   A rare polital rant by Vic, haha.


                   TOPIC - Government and courts
                   DATE - 08:44:16 1/07/100
                   FROM - villified citizen
                   government and courts if you think about it use illegal/imoral tactics....you dont follow OUR beliefs and we kidnap and
                   imprison you,if you have an income gov takes 1/3 not that i freely give but it is taken,if you fight it gov will imprison
                   you,its called blackmail if i do it and kidnapping,go figure that the crooks arent paying attention to voters.
                   villified citizen


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 08:02:24 1/07/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   rx - almost missed ya. Yes, growing is still illegal here. Hell, if you grow in your own home you risk loosing your house
                   just like in the US. We too have the tough laws. The only difference is that our judges are helping us change the laws
                   by refusing to hand our harsh penalties. In addition, even our police force as a whole doesn't agree with the laws
                   against cultivation to the point where the RCMP cheif (of all canada) has recommended to parliment to decrim
                   cultivation and simple possession. Only group that is fighting change is the government, but they are also giving in
                   slowly, they really don't have a choice, just trying to not piss off the neighbors to the south too much, hehe. We are
                   each other's most important trade partners, hehe. I think The UK is the other nation in the world making huge strides in
                   the legalization process. This while the rest of Europe (adam, spain, etc) buckles under political pressure.
                   I think the world could use a few more state referendums like what california and oregon pulled off. Which raises a
                   question I've had for a while. The US federal government has such a heavy hand that they can stand up and ignore the
                   voting and wishes of individual states. But what if more than 50% of the states voted for decrim? Will the US political
                   system still allow the feds to ignore state laws?

                   Which brings us back to Canada. Like I said previously, we still have the harsh laws, and my previous comments about
                   relaxed judges was from a BC perspective. Each provincial court system follows it's own path in deciding how far to
                   follow those laws. Nova Scotia is one of the scariest places in Canada to smoke and grow. I have a friend from there
                   that did jail time because his parents found a joint in his bedroom. Fucking twisted there on two fronts. First, parents
                   could rat out their son over a joint, and then that the courts would jail him over it.


                   TOPIC - visiting grow shops
                   DATE - 07:59:04 1/07/100
                   FROM - funkdified
                   Usually when I go, I always park down the road and walk the items to my car. Sunglasses and a hat are also useful
                   itmes. Especially seeing as I don't usually wear them any other time. I have only had to drive up once for my initial
                   purcace of lights ferts etc. When I did, I used someone elses car whose place I don't go over to that often. No point in
                   usung your best buddies car if you go over to his/her house all the time. Unfortunately I am not able to find things such
                   as Earth Juice anywhere else, so I do have to visit. I think that in the eyes of LEO quantity is everything. If you walk out
                   w/ a couple bottles of ferts you will be fine (with the exception of frequent visits.) I make it a point to buy enough items
                   for a year whenever I have to go. With that in mind, it may pay to split up large purchaces between shops. I personally
                   don't go through very much in the way of ferts. so I can get in and out with minimal items/risk. As I am writing this I
                   have to chuckle a little. The amount of shit that we have to go through to do this is amazing sometimes. I have been
                   doing it for long enough that growing seems like a harmless hobby to me. Its amazing that those in DEAland gov't
                   group people like us with rapists and murders and then impose thier policies upon other nations while threatining to
                   withold aid. While I realize that MJ isn't leagl in Canada, the attitude there is much better toward growers. My (as I
                   cringe from having to say that) government may think that its the "moral center for the world", but ignorance is bliss.
                   Well harvest time has just passed, so I think that its time for some fresh blue skunk. Have a good weekend everyone.



                   TOPIC - Drug Test
                   DATE - 07:46:32 1/07/100
                   FROM - W Thomas
                   I need some help. Over New Years, a friend gave me a sleeping pill that I think may not have been a sleeping pill but
                   may have contained a hardcore drug. In 6 days I have a drug test for a job interview. What can I do if i need to flush my
                   body of a major drug, what are the different remedies for the different drugs?

                   SOS, Thank You


                   TOPIC -
                   DATE - 07:44:34 1/07/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   chronic man- hey dude, not sure which recipe you followed. It is riskier if you used manure in your soil mix, some
                   manures are hotter than others. Other than that, your seccess will be dependant on your veg time. If it is too short
                   (less than 2 gal size pots) fresh soil will not have enough time to be ready for 12/12 when you are.

                   I find it better to hack back my vegging plants if they get ahead of themselves. Just prune so that you limit new growth
                   to 2-4 leaders depending on your growing style. I can hack vegging plants back to 4-5" and within 10 days they will be
                   back up to 12-14" and almost touching the flos. After hacking, I just place close to the flos. For prelim veg growth, my
                   flos outperform my 1000 watt MH everytime, not sure why.

                   Hank - the mixes I propose are nothing more than peat based soil mixes, and therefore are quite light. Because there
                   is such a difference in weight between soil mixes, we almost always go by volume. Even if you are buying a truckload,
                   hehe. I think a bale is 107 litres or 3.8 cu ft. I'll leave the rest of the conversions to someone else. But one batch of soil
                   will fill 5 ten gal pots. One expensive alternative worth considering is coir or coco fiber. I hear it can be reused a few
                   times without worry of it breaking down causing pH drift. I think you would want to flush it really well between batches,
                   but may be worth a thought??? I think peat is a canadian product (at least ours is) so maybe it's not available in your
                   area. If not, you will just have to adapt and find what works for your area. And when you do, post it for others of your
                   area ;)

                   Trelaway - Blue Rose - that is a sweet spot huh? I got to get their info and add them to BCGA. No website, but still a
                   great resource. Especially on a Sunday when your in a pinch.


                   TOPIC - heads up and thanks
                   DATE - 01:56:08 1/07/100
                   FROM - rx
                   Dear Vic: Thank you for the link to bugbee paper.(I read it twice)I appreciate the time this and other posts took you. I
                   will continue to use soil because there is something whimsical about pot growing in a pot and a jury might give a break
                   for whimsey. Staying small and non commercial are other keys to lenient treatment, if one gets caught. Medical
                   neccessity and compassionate use are the wave of the future, my man!I believe what I am doing is legal on this basis
                   but then so did mcwilliams and mccormick.

                   My techy tells me posts to a message board such as this are virtually untracable. He, like my lawyer has been known
                   to be wrong, occassionaly.

                   I thought growing was legal in Canada because the seed sellers are open and notorious. Do you have aright to a jury
                   trial in BC?


                   TOPIC - Super Soil
                   DATE - 21:00:50 1/06/100
                   FROM - Hank Scorpio
                   Am keen to give Vic's Super Soil a try but am wondering what to substitute for the "sunshine mix#2 or promix" as I am
                   in the Southern Hemisphere and don't have those brands handy.
                   What should I look for instead?
                   Also what is the weight of "1 bale" of soil?
                   Mixes are sold by weight here,so there are many different sizes of "bale"
                   Thanks for any thoughts



                   TOPIC - local busts
                   DATE - 20:05:46 1/06/100
                   FROM - trelaway
                   I agree, people should take Vic's suggestions regarding hardware purchasng seriously. I find many people too confident
                   of their safety from leo in this relatively lenient province.

                   The longer I grow the less I use grow shops--if you grow in dirt there is nothing to be had from them that you can't get

                   Another great nursery Vic mentioned a while back is en route to Duncan called Blue Rose nurseries. It's on Hwy 1.



                   TOPIC - stunting plants vertical growth
                   DATE - 18:28:24 1/06/100
                   FROM - mr manhatten
                   can anybody tell me how to successfully keep a plant under four feet. i have vegged my babies for about three weeks. i
                   want to veg for another seven weeks. my plants are in ten gallon bags. obviously i shoul employ some form of pruning
                   techs, yet i have little experience with this.. i am perposly keeping light levels low... 2k over 35 plants.. can i
                   successfully use stakes and string to manipulate plants to perform in a horizontol manner.


                   TOPIC - Chronic: Super Soil
                   DATE - 18:27:22 1/06/100
                   FROM - sensi
                   Jah Mon! I've found that it's really best to let Vic's S.S. sit for 2 or 3 weeks, but.... you'll probably be OK especially in 5
                   gallon containers. It takes awhile for the Organic components to break down and supply nutes to the plants, but in a
                   large container enough starts breaking down immediately to provide plants with enough ferts. And it just gets better
                   and better as the weeks go by! And no pH meter required!
                   Over the Christmas Holidays some friends (and me)sampled identical plants grown in Vic's S.S. and chemical nutes.
                   Hands down the super soil puff was the tastiest and smoothest fav (blind test) among all who voted. Chalk up one for
                   us tree huggers ( hahaha). Go fer it!


                   TOPIC - Vic's Super soil.....
                   DATE - 15:36:54 1/06/100
                   FROM - chronic man
                   I have some of Vics Super soil that I just mixed up last night, and my plants are dying to be transplanted. They are in
                   the quart size containers and I'm putting them into five gallon containers. I'm wondering if it would be Ok to use the mix,
                   even though I just mixed it up last night. I know it's supposed to sit for a week or two, but I'm wondering if it's all that
                   big of a deal. Any ideas?? I vaguely remember a discussion concerning this topic, but I can't remember what the
                   answer was.

                   I sure do like the mix. The buds seemed fatter, and stinkier. Also the taste was much better. One more thing that's
                   great about this mix, the plants take what nutrients they need. As long as I give them plain water, I havent seen any
                   over or under fertilizing. When I first started, I added some Maxicrop, and ended up burning them a little. It looked like a
                   Mg deficiency, and I then added epsom salts. That was a mistake. Ever since then, I flushed with plain water, and This
                   mix has NO shortage of nutrients!! hehe
                   cHrOnIc man


                   TOPIC - NCGA/EW-chat
                   DATE - 13:53:40 1/06/100
                   FROM - Sammy
                   Anyone know what happened to EW-chat?


                   TOPIC - local heads up
                   DATE - 08:58:44 1/06/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   This is about the local (lower Vancouver Island) cannabis grow investigations.

                   I've been mulling over this post for a few days trying to figure how much info to share. I will hold back on a few points to
                   protect my identity just in case the wrong sorts are lurking.

                   As many of you know, I downsized my growroom in a big way about a year back. In addition, I relocated around the
                   same time. One of the reasons for both is that I was getting increasing suspicions that I was under investigation. Early
                   last summer, my suspicions were verified. Not as bad as it sounds, but giving details could out me ;)

                   Anyway, I had a partner in operations when I was doing the large scale project who handled all the business
                   transactions. His instincts also told him to shut down, so when we cleaned house, he quit doing business for the most
                   part. Then last summer, when my suspicions were confirmed, I relayed the info to him and he warned all his contacts
                   and then personally quit all activities altogether.

                   Over the christmas break, me and this ol friend hooked up and got caught up with what's happening. His story was not
                   good though. He knows several growers who have been busted over the last year. Many of these busted growers have
                   now proceeded far enough legally for the crown to have given full disclosure. There has been two common bits of info
                   with each and every bust. First, every investigation involved grow shop surveillance. They would write down your licence
                   plate, grab your address from the licence plate and then cross reference with BC Hydro. If hydro useage looked higher
                   than the norm or suspicious to them, they would then take their investigation further. Grow shop regulars would be
                   tailed whether they had a licence plate that checked out or not. And the hydro useage of their "visits" checked out.

                   Anyway, if your shopping for grow supplies, be careful. Be creative. Try to minimize your trips to the grow store. Most
                   items can be purchased elsewhere. Like buy your bulbs and ballasts at the commercial lighting outlets like Allbrite
                   lighting on the corner of Cloverdale/Blanshard I think. All your medium and fertilizer needs can be met at the nurseries
                   and/or agricultural outlets. For those organic, Bordens up near Quadra/Mckenzie is a great resource. Cannor nurseries
                   up near Commonwealth pool is a great place for worm castings.

                   If you are working in bulk, a good place to buy pots, tools, and your biological control agents is Westgrow on Garbally
                   (across from bus yard). Oh yeah, they also carry certain lab supplies like pH pens ;) They cater to the landscapers
                   mostly. But if you deal with them, please keep in mind that they are mostly wholesale and sell in lots, not individually.
                   Like when I buy plastic pots, they come in batches of like 40 or 50. Cheap, so having a few extras isn't a bad thing,
                   hehe. They are also an inexpensive source of pro-mix, an alternative to sunshine mix.

                   Back to growshops, sure, their industry specific advice is handly, but look to the online advice first. And when visiting
                   the grow shop, never use your car. Hell, take a bus if what your buying isn't too big, hehe. And finally, don't just visit
                   one grow shop, spread your business around. This will help reduce your chance of being identified as a regular ;)

                   Most of us here (locals) have gardens too small for them to be interested in busting, so most of us don't risk charges
                   being laid. But still, loosing your crop and maybe even equipment would still suck.

                   When I confirmed my suspicions about being under investigation, I learned a few things about how the local LEO
                   business works. Judges are working against the cops for the most part. Cops know they don't have a hope in hell of
                   getting jailtime if the garden is smaller than 300 plants, so don't like wasting their time (and paperwork) on gardens
                   smaller than this. Oh and their calculations of a garden's value (for sake of court) is really quite realistic. Clones are
                   $20. One ft plants are worth $300, etc. That is unless they find evidence of trafficing. Once you cross that line
                   (evidence wise) then they throw the book at you and calculate a garden's value by the gram weight pricing structure. So
                   keep packaging elsewhere, along with scales and such.

                   Hope this helps someone out there :)


                   TOPIC - mauimail
                   DATE - 07:31:18 1/06/100
                   FROM - Vic High
                   lately I've been having a bitch of a time accessing my email at mauimail. Maybe the private message feature at
                   Cannabis World would be a good backup for those trying to make contact.


                   TOPIC - white bugs
                   DATE - 22:57:58 1/05/100
                   FROM - Crystel
                   Pizza::small elongated white bug??.sounds like "thripts"
                   take a magnified glass annd gently touch the little critter with the tip of another leaf, if it curls its abdomen up looking
                   like a small scorpion{really cool thing to see}
                   its a thript...YIKES!!!! this is what works for me.
                   in a 1 litre spray bottle,mix 1 tsp of garlic salt,1/2 tbs clear ivory dish soap fill with water.
                   spray underside of every leaf"you need to be a little creative to do this effectivly". DO NOT spray when lights are on. its
                   better if you can do this at the end of a light cycle.repeat in4-5 days, rinse plants well 2 days later.if you can drop the
                   temp after you spray it will also slow down the bugs movement consideribly making escape from the soap spray
                   difficult.this will kill the little buggers, but will not kill unhatched eggs,hence the second application ,,,,good luck


                   TOPIC - Some newer flouro info ...
                   DATE - 14:25:44 1/05/100
                   FROM - C.G.
                   We recently contacted Philips via their tech hotline. ( 800-631-1259 & 800-752-2852 ) They faxed the spectra curves for
                   those 5000K and 3000K Alto-Advantage high lumen tubes. Neither of them have bumps in the 475 or 675 nm range.
                   Both have big peaks at 444 nm, and the 5000K has a high hump from 444 nm to about 625 nm. The 3000K tube has
                   lower levels overall, with a spike at 444nm and fairly low levels until it gets to 550nm, and then has high levels between
                   550 and 655 nm after which it takes a dive.

                   I'm not sure how to post these charts ... but they make an interesting comparison to the charts and info they sent for
                   the new Philips Agro-Light, which the company literature claims is "The Most Efficient Indoor Light source for Growing
                   Plants". These only put out 1600 lumens, but have a life of 20,000 hours ( when turned on & off no more often than
                   once every three hours ). They chart a comparison of the curve for these Agro-Lights with an "optimum growth
                   saturation" curve, which they describe as "the light level at which further increases in intensity produces no increase in
                   plant growth".

                   They indicate that the photochrome enzyme occurs in two forms: one that absorbs red light at the 660 nm peak, and
                   the other at the 735 nm peak. Even though both of the Alto Advantage lights have some output at 660 nm, both are
                   about zilch at 735 nm. The Agro-Lights, on the other hand, have two big spikes between 400 & 450 nm, and a long,
                   high, level between 550 nm and 750 nm.

                   Evidently, Philips did tests at the University of North Carolina comparing these Agro-Lite's with a "wide spectrum plant
                   growth lamp" ( they don't identify it further ) and a combination of cool-white and incandescent lamps. The results look
                   good, but the quality of the fax went downhill, and some of the numbers are unclear. They also compared the Agro
                   tubes with greenhouse sunlight and the cool-white/incandescent combo.

                   Last year, I saw some herb grown from seed under the Alto-Advantage 3000K lamps prior to being transplanted
                   outdoors. They evidently grew well, up to a foot tall. Whether these Agro units would do better in this context, or even
                   for a full term indoor grow, is the Big Question, as well as how the combo of 3000K and 5000K Alto's would do
                   compared to the Agro tubes.

                   It seems to be the way of the world ... every answer begets another question.

                   Does any of this ring a bell?

                   Just curious.



                   TOPIC - seed
                   DATE - 10:51:04 1/05/100
                   FROM - torsteinn eyfjord
                   hello how can i order som god seed pleas send me some informeison to me tank you ste


                   TOPIC - when to harvest {permabake}
                   DATE - 01:37:11 1/05/100
                   FROM - rx
                   When plants are ready to harvest they stop growing. When they stop growing, water consumption declines. Beside
                   browning, diminished water use signals time to harvest. I would wait 'till growing halts before harvesting.


                   TOPIC - harvest time
                   DATE - 15:04:33 1/04/100
                   FROM - arrooo
                   Permabake - you are on the right track. You'll know it when you see it. The magnifier might be helpful in keeping a
                   watch out for the dreaded spider mite. Good growing!


                   TOPIC - High Times / Forcade Trust & N.O.R.M.L.
                   DATE - 14:02:00 1/04/100
                   FROM - C.G.
                   Had a talk with a N.O.R.M.L. board member today and asked about those recent postings that indicated the Forcade
                   Trust & High Times owed millions to NORML. Evidently it isn't quite that simple.

                   Next month, the trustees of the Forcade Trust are scheduled to provide a complete accounting to NORML. When that
                   information is evaluated, there will have to be some research done on the laws and cases that govern trusts in the state
                   of N.Y.. For the time being, the board has voted to hang back and not jump into an expensive legal battle before having
                   more facts at their disposal.

                   It might be that the trust itself has no assets aside from the stock in the magazine, which, as per the instructions in
                   the trust document, were recently turned over to the long term employees of the magazine.

                   It's evidently a tangled situation, and we'll just have to wait for it to unfold.


                   TOPIC - Moon cycles to increase hair growth
                   DATE - 07:46:40 1/04/100
                   FROM - Gale LeVon
                   I need to know web sites that this information can be obtained for a report. My grandmother was Creek and she
                   believed that there was a certain time to cut your hair for growth and also to thicken the hair. In order to complete my
                   paper and prove its validity, I need additional information from you. My report is not due until the end of the January

                   Thank you for your assistance!



                   TOPIC - sneaky's drying question
                   DATE - 01:29:12 1/04/100
                   FROM - rx
                   Dear sneaky - I put the freshly harvested buds in white paper bags which i filch from the bakery. I put the bags in the
                   top of a lamp shade with the light bulb on. Every day or so I shake 'em around. This method takes two or three days.
                   By no means is it the only way. Brown bags impart a sulpher taste.

                   That's a lot of light - far more than I have ever used. You just got to experiment. If things get too hot or start to burn,
                   move the lights or shut the mh down.I use only hps for flowering. Plants will tolerate higher temps than you might think
                   - up to 120 degrees F without damage, but they use a lot of water.

                   Geronimo and all the way and so on.



                   TOPIC - window of harvest?
                   DATE - 00:18:16 1/04/100
                   FROM - permabaked
                   Well i am going to be putting 12/12 on my skunk#1, What do i look for when they are at the peak of harvest? i have
                   heard of getting a illuminated magnifier to look for what? also i heard of waiting till 70-90 percent of the glands have
                   turned red? , Well when i hearvest which i hope to get 1lb which is the best way to dry and cure it?

                   sorry for the newbie question i read the grow guides and got confused soo i through i'd see what ya guys do



                   TOPIC - little white bugs& clone sprays
                   DATE - 22:24:23 1/03/100
                   FROM - pizza
                   I finally get rid of mites now ive noticed little white bugs sort of look like catipillars will neems oil get rid of them if not
                   does anybody have any suggestions.also in Feb. hightimes they talk about cloning sprayes has anybody used them i
                   like the idea of not haveing to use domes on my cloneing trays.but im alittle scared to use these sprayes any
                   suggestions would be useful


                   TOPIC - new setup
                   DATE - 17:35:30 1/03/100
                   FROM - sneaky pete
                   Howdy Folks, I have a few questions regarding a friends setup. Flower room is 5' x 8' x7' high, growing in a GH aeroflo2
                   30 (footprint 2.5' x 6' ) with 30 plant sites off to one side of room. For light they have 2 Sunsystem VII 1000 watters (
                   each light has a 400mh & 600hps in one hood with separate power plugs) right now only the metal halides are on. New
                   clones are vegging, and testing the viability of rooting cuttings in this system just for fun. Temp is the mid to low 70's.
                   My question is how soon should they switch to the hps (they were thinking after the stretch around 2 weeks after 12/12
                   ) . Will they ever be able to give the plants all lights on, 2000 watts in that space?, Can the plants take that intensity? (
                   if the heat can ever be controlled , air cool hood, etc.) or should they just switch plugs to the hps for flowering. What
                   can they expect?


                   TOPIC - curious
                   DATE - 15:39:03 1/03/100
                   FROM - terrytune
                   I recieved some seeds from an Albertan of all people. The name he quoted was Chery Bomb, some very nice looking
                   bud grown supposedly on Van island. I've got some started and going to force them for outdoor clones [I think I have
                   enough time]Question-Does anybody know the strain,what I can expect, harvest time, quantity per plant. Any general
                   information on the strain would be helpfull Thanks terrytune


                   TOPIC - pinching tops
                   DATE - 10:11:01 1/03/100
                   FROM - arrooo
                   Rx - did high see really answer your question? I pinch at the third internode from the bottom to get double tops. My
                   experiment has shown double tops porduce x2 unpinched tops. Pinching at the third internode will also bring off four
                   strong lateral branches which, it seems, would require the scrog support. To bring out six laterals, pinch one internode
                   higher. Good growing!


                   TOPIC - High Times
                   DATE - 12:18:03 1/02/100
                   FROM - C.G.
                   We noticed a few interesting items in the February issue of H.T. .

                   On page 106, for the "Tip of the Month", "Kyle Kushman" plugs two seedbanks with web sites, both of which are
                   relatively new, and both of which he states "you can trust": www.legendsseeds.com, and ironseedsales.com

                   It seems a little strange to have newcomers getting this kind of play ... especially since Mr. Kushman includes no
                   information at all about the two companies, why he believes them to be trustworthy, or why he chose to give them a
                   free plug.

                   At best, the bit is filler, an excuse to publish another bud shot ( with a caption that doesn't identify the strain or
                   associate the bud with either seed company ). At worst, it indicates an ethical lapse by the editorial staff.

                   On the bright side, the Feb. issue has a "Great Fertilizer Experiment" which compares the results of a grow with
                   several varieties of herb with several varieties of organic and chemical fertilizers. Both yield and taste were noted, and
                   although the samples were fairly small, it's a good 1st step, and one that should be followed up on in the future. (
                   Though I'll bet my stinky socks that H.T. didn't commission the piece, and won't front a dime to support similar studies
                   in the future.)

                   Just for the record, those full page and fold-out ads for phony smoke in HT are a profound embarassment to everyone
                   who smokes the herb. Advertising burn-bags to kiddies is a shamefull practice that has gone on for much too long.

                   It's time that someone with the knowledge will write up an expose' of this crap, and the dirt-bags who sell it. Maybe
                   Cannabis Culture will publish such a piece and help put an end to it. A "smoke test" would be very informative, as
                   would some information on what kind of crap this stuff really is and how cheap it is on the bulk botanical market.

                   Any volunteers?

                   Just curious.



                   TOPIC - Archaicfeel
                   DATE - 10:01:42 1/02/100
                   FROM - unengravedstone

                   , nice touch.

                   MrSoul,-********-~, sorry trouble lite'n that. &btw thanks for the early remindr on geting tha outdoor year started.
                   especilly for us non riendear type for i forgt bing outaside sinse now its still winter lookin sometimes outside. however,
                   is a good day today, and im feeling just like it w/ya.
                   thanks for all the , pithifo.,

                   sb,-********-~, d'wind-eye'roundya-yak.

                   ahlsyapens,-*********-~ Ö ..



                   TOPIC - Powdery Mildew
                   DATE - 06:03:16 1/02/100
                   FROM - MrSoul
                   sb_~ Highya buddy, I had some experience with PM too. Clean the flowering room thoroughly after harvest and spray
                   with fungicide. Let the circ fans and exhaust fans run 24/7 for a couple of days without plants. When you bring plants
                   back in to begin the next flowering cycle, space them to allow plenty of air circulation...be especially vigilant not to let
                   leaves remain overlapped allowing moisture to be trapped. Keep the air MOVING! A good rule of thumb is, "You should
                   NOT be able to light a joint in the room - way too windy". I run constant exhaust plus three 16" oscillating fans on 24/7.
                   EVERY plant is swaying in the wind!

                   I just finished a grow with 1.25 plants/sqft and only in the center of the grow where the air was stillest and colas were
                   leaning against each other did I see any PM...and there was only a HINT.

                   I found that PM, unlike gray mold, doesn't destroy the buds if you harvest them & dry them ASAP...the PM simply
                   dries up along with the buddage instead of turning into a black, gooey mess.


                   TOPIC - Y2K
                   DATE - 11:34:28 1/01/100
                   FROM - testing
                   is this script compatible?


                   TOPIC - duhhhhhh
                   DATE - 19:35:35 12/31/99
                   FROM - High-
                   who's stoned ... not me


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