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Time 10:28, 28 Aug 1998
From Vic High (vic_high@hotmail.com)

      GSS - never heard of them

      All - I'm wiping another counter again with this post. For any friends who want to
      post here, make sure you are surfing with a proxy and are secure. Otherwise it
      may be safer to ask questions through email. If you want, I could post the email
      or a part of it in the archive for others to read.
      Another tip for the newbies is that if you recieve email or ICQ with an attatched
      file from a stranger, don't open it. Some hackers can send viruses or gain
      access to your computer this way.

      Surf Safely, Vic

Time 09:27, 28 Aug 1998
From GSS

vic.....do you know anything about greater harmony seed company?


Time 00:02, 26 Aug 1998
From Lothar

I should get a prize for being # 6000 to your sight eh ??

Time -3:33, 25 Aug 1998
From Vic High

      anon - cool name dude, haha. Thanks for the info, I can't wait to try those when
      they get here. Have fun and don't work to hard on your trip. When your ready to
      look at what you recieved, email me reminding me what I labelled what and I'll
      give you a clearer description of each. Different products would have different
      uses. Hope they are useful to you.

Time 10:58, 24 Aug 1998
From anon

      spec :-
      Mum has weak stem, tall, has small calyxes which are tightly packed making
      dense buds. Leaves slim sativa like, Trichomes are dense small tall capitate
      which go amber if allowed to mature. Small bud leaves go purple on underside
      when mature and bud crumbles perfectly for rolling. Very easy to trim can do
      three while doing one of dads line. It has a powerful rich smell and taste and is
      extremely long lasting in effect.Can go to 16 + weeks very
      heavyyielding needs canes or yo-yoís for support. Never had bud rot but
      as with all sativas susceptible to mites. A connoisseur product :- es.
      Pa is short and sturdy, potent, and fast. Females from line are
      moderate yielders, columnar in form,Leaves broad dark indica type.
      Trichomes are dense tall large headed and clear on maturity.Calyxes are
      large coarse and very dense Doesn't crumble well. A disadvantage if you don't
      use baccy like myself!Has a strong perfumed fruity smell and taste.
      Moderate high, happy up and quite long lasting. Unusually good for an indica
      type :- bb
      Looking for some of mums qualities but with shorter time [should be about 9 w ].
      sturdier stem etc you know what I mean. Should be Sativa 53.75 % Indica 46.25
      % Haven't got a clue what will be dominant in the gene recombination but thatís
      part of the fun!!A bit of info on the variability would also be goodand
      what you think generally. how it stands up to your local products. We can gauge
      it against the Dutch but haven't a clue when it comes to your side of the pond.
      Vic you have mail.

Time 13:13, 22 Aug 1998
From # 2

      vic and everyone...here's the url for the "bcg dump" room. i don't know how to post it as
      a "click-able" so you'll just have to c & p it then bookm,ark it.


      it's just a quick stop and look before posting here. all can be read but tha's all. no posting,
      on html, no tricks. it's the only way i know of to "look before diving"....

      btw vic, thanks again for the bb and romberries you sent last spring.have 2
      beautiful f's of each now in flower and both in the 6' range. all 4 look like they'll be
      around for a long while after the harvest (in the storage room that is...i'm talking bud-city

Time 10:03, 22 Aug 1998
From Vic High (vic_high@hotmail.com)

      # 2 - thanks, don't need any counters here. Got any easier tricks to spot
      counters without loading the dumps before each visit here? I archive and/or
      retrieve most useful posts so scrambling the page is no big deal.

Time 08:24, 22 Aug 1998
From oldtimer1

      Have Just grown out some Blue Berries I didn't find them hard to grow but been
      growing for a while. I used 50w per sq ft4 litre pots with organic soil mix
      and liquid feeds. If there is a prob with them for a beginner its the fact that some
      went a bit hermaphrodite I ignored this and let them finish and destroyed cuttings
      of any that showed this trait. Seed was sowed 1 st April no joke put on 12 - 12
      May 13 th and harvested 1 st to 16 th July as ready 7 to 9 weeks.
      Out of 8 females kept yields in grams were :-
      49.1--24.9--33--27.7--28.4--37.2--39.2--24.7 this is just best buds no leaf or
      fluffy bits so as you can see its no great yielder. Plants were grown about 2 to
      the sq ft bottom branches were clipped out where produced and plants grown on
      single spike.
      Hope this helps Ot1.

Time 00:22, 22 Aug 1998
From # 2

      sorry vic and everyone for the plaintext. i did take it upon myself to do it without
      asking only because some fuckhead posted a counter right after BB's post
      (Hmmm...) at -2:14. a few of you may know me from the other rooms and know
      what i do whenever i see counters and this room seems to cool to allow
      themselves to be traced. i suggest you check the "dump" page regularly to see if
      any "tricks" are awaiting you. that page shows all html codes and saves you from
      getting ambushed.
      once again, my apologies if i offended anyone for being so forward.

      peace...and let's be careful out there...

Time -2:31, 22 Aug 1998
From Vic High

Brian - I recieved some crushed mango today, thanks bud. I think about half made it intact. Let me know when you recieve. The orders to new zealand and england made at the same time have arrived already.

Time -2:27, 22 Aug 1998
From Vic High

BB - the thing is that I was growing a sativa dominant plant in an environment unsuitable for sativas. Blueberry should do much better because it is indica dominant. Too many trusted friends have grown princess and have been too impressed for me to trust my results. I agree what I served was shit but it wasn't a fair example of princess.

I learned long ago to not judge a strain on the first grow, my first grow of blueberry really depressed me after spending $28.50 per seed and the end product was piss poor swag. Now clones from those first blueberry seedlings are creating some very high end bud that is far better than the blue you tried. I've learned patience is important when assessing plants and not to judge too early.

Time -3:51, 22 Aug 1998
From BB

Sorry vic about the princess post...but it really was swag.......you know it and i know it........but i didnt post your name when i said i tried it.......but alas held up to your blue grown in the same conditions there was no comparision......

Time 19:12, 21 Aug 1998
From Vic High

      baudelaire - thanks bud! now that was a list. definately one to archive.

      Stinky - I agree with aeric, blueberry is not a plant for the beginner. Most
      seedlings do outgrow the twisted beginning and then become very beautiful and
      tastey additions to the garden. However, the blueberries are usually the first to
      tell me that I'm doing something wrong.They are of most value to growers who
      want to make those special crosses. Blueberry makes excellent hybrids. Good
      luck with your start.

Time 15:10, 21 Aug 1998
From aeric77

      hello stinky,
                   if you are new to growing then i would reccommend that you
      choose a skunk or a northern lights variety for youe first attempts....these are
      both pretty stable strains that produce well without being hard to grow.....the
      skunk is a little more on the 'up' side and the N.L. a little more on the 'down' side
      in terms of type of high....both tho are good for your first attempt and will provide
      you with a very enjoyable harvest...

Time 12:54, 21 Aug 1998
From stinky

      I was wondering about the blueberry from heavens stairway. Why do the seeds
      start off so junky? After they loose there deformities how fast do you think they
      would grow with 50 watts a square foot? I am new at growing and cannot afford a
      expensive strain as of yet. I want the blueberry but then i don't. Would this strain
      be highly reccommended?
      thanks alot

Time 10:34, 21 Aug 1998
From baudelaire

      Someone asked for these a few days ago.I suggest all use one,
      particularly on these boards.We live in dangerous times.

      last update 07/15/98
      Public Proxys
      (everbody can use them without restrictions)
      Provider URL Port Protocol Extra comment
      COM Librarysafe server.librarysafe.com 81 WWW/FTP/GOPHER
      COM I-Proxy http://www.iproxy.com/launch.html - WWW
      get your own free account
      COM LPWA lpwa.com 8000 WWW/FTP
      l: your Email p: write something
      JP Translator zip-translator.dna.affrc.go.jp 30001 WWW/FTP
      KR Kren proxy.kren.nm.kr 8080 WWW/FTP
      KR Snu proxy.snu.ac.kr 8080 WWW/FTP

      Accessible provider proxys
      (useable but the providers perhaps don't want that you use their proxy)

      Provider URL Port Protocol
      Extra comment
      AE Emirates.Net http://proxy.emirates.net.ae/proxy.pac - AUTOCONFIG
      AR UNCU noc.uncu.edu.ar 8080 WWW/FTP
      AT Wu-Wien proxy.wu-wien.ac.at 8080 WWW/FTP/GOPHER/SECURITY
      AT Merlin proxy.merlin.at 8080 WWW/FTP/GOPHER/WAIS/SECURITY
      AU Dbworld proxy.dbworld.net.au 8080 WWW/FTP/SECURITY
      AU localnet.localnet.com.au 8080 WWW / FTP
      BM IBL proxy.ibl.bm 8080 WWW / FTP
      CA Connect cache.connect.ab.ca 3128 WWW
      CA PRN odin.prn.bc.ca 8080 WWW / FTP
      CH Pingnet proxy.pingnet.ch 8080 WWW / FTP
      CH Dataway http://www.dataway.ch/ns.pac - AUTOCONFIG
      CL Intermedia proxy.intermedia.cl 8080 WWW / FTP
      CZ Cuni webcache.ms.mff.cuni.cz 8080 WWW/FTP/GOPHER/WAIS/SECURITY
      CZ Cvut cache.sh.cvut.cz 3128 WWW / FTP
      COM Silcom proxy.silcom.com 3128 WWW / FTP/GOPHER
      COM DEC cache2.nlanr.pa-x.dec.com 3128 WWW / FTP
      DE T-Online ics2f.s.srv.t-online.de 80 WWW / FTP
      DE VossNet cache.vossnet.de 3128 WWW / FTP
      DE N-W pluto.nienburg-weser.de 8080 WWW / FTP
      DE FH-Aachen http://www-proxy.fh-aachen.de:8080/ AUTOCONFIG
      DE Uni-Stuttgart infosun-fd.rus.uni-stuttgart.de 8080 WWW/FTP/GOPHER
      DK Auc http://cwis.auc.dk/proxy/always.pac AUTOCONFIG
      EDU Aubg http://www.aubg.edu 8080 WWW / FTP
      EDU DLU owl.dlu.edu 8080 WWW / FTP
      ES Softec linux.softec.es 8080 WWW / FTP
      ES Esegi dos2.esegi.es 3128 WWW / FTP
      FI Oktasys proxy.oktasys.fi 80 WWW/FTP/GOPHER
      IL IDC mail.idc.ac.il 8080 WWW / FTP
      IT Micronet http://www.micronet.it/proxy.pac AUTOCONFIG
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      ZW Cybergate proxy.cybergate.co.zw 8080 WWW / FTP

      Try them till you find a few that work. Check here to make sure the proxies are
      working and


Time -3:42, 19 Aug 1998
From Vic High

Justice - long time no hear stranger, hows it going? I have the greenair CD-12 co2 generator. I've often felt the same as you about using another source after I saw the high prices of the greenair versions. The safety features of the greenair generator make it worth a second thought though. If the pilot light goes out, the flow of gas is cut off so that unburnt gas isn't released into the room creating an explosion hazard. If I could think of a safe way of using a hibaci I would, they are about 1/10th the price? Anyway, I can't use the CO2 generator in the summer but I was refilling the bottle every 2 weeks.

For the record, I too have never tried ncga's seeds but now have seeds of several of his varieties to test out one day. Also for the record, there is nothing wrong with emery's blueberry. Back when NCGA purchased them, emery would have been getting them from Sag or from Sag's supplier, DJ Short. As for Aloha, I know nothing of them.

As for NCGA vs Mike discussion or as it is here, a "let's slam ncga with alot of crap" session;

Mike get it under control! Create your own private site here if that is what you want to talk about. It's easy, just go to the url of this page and replace bcg with Mike and press ENTER. Keep it here and I'll step into the conversation. I only let you know a small portion of what I know and out of sympathy for your current situation I have kept my mouth shut. Keep it here and I'll step in, open my mouth and let the floodgates open. There is a reason I have not taken back my statement about the boycot yet. BTW I use several proxies and have no problems accessing cannabis.com.

Time 17:16, 14 Aug 1998
From crane (y1986@hotmail.com)

Thanks OT1, I'd love to give your mix a try. Address is above. It's a soil additive
then? I got the idea it was a liquid fert, along the lines of ej. I'm sure you'll tell me all
about it ;-)

so that number would be 0031-50-5414650? Give me a little bit more info about the
product and I'll try to get the local shop to order some.

Vic>> I'm doing pretty well, yourself? Having a great summer, the weather has been
fantastic and I've been taking advantage of it at every oportunity. Just about hiked
my knees out from under me at this point ;-) I've got about three more weeks
around here and then I'm going to put everything in park and hit the road. Planning
to drive across the country with some good friends for a few weeks... that is if my
car makes it back from the desert. Same friends are taking it down to the burning
man festival in nevada. I timed things badly enough that I can't join them :( but this
trip should make up for it. Will be starting back up when I get home and I'd love to
give your romberry a try if the offer still stands.

Thanks guys, and good luck

Time 14:02, 14 Aug 1998
From Mike

Code for holland is 0031 i think you will have to delete the first 0 of the number.

Time 12:56, 14 Aug 1998
From oldtimer1

Vic I like it here its open and you get allsorts posting sometimes imformation gets
excanged and thats good!! crane you will have to find the code to holland. Ot1

Time 12:50, 14 Aug 1998
From oldtimer1

crane sorry nearly missed your post Bio Bizz are in groningen phone 050-5414650
fax 050-5425223 if you want to use their stuff for making your soil mix up post me
an addy and I will send you our formula for the soil mix. We are getting twice what
they are using their base to our mix. all the best. Ot1

Time -2:34, 14 Aug 1998
From pie

i guess i have an admirer ... of sorts. the posts at LM are not mine. i have never posted there. also, of the most recent posts here ... only 4 are mine ...

Time -2:16, 14 Aug 1998
From Vic High

OK so what is a 77site or room? Bowling club? Don't like bowling so count me out.

Crane, sorry to see you still stuck here. So hows it going bud?

Aeric, so pocket germination is bad if you want lots of girls eh? Kongberry, sounds
like some big berries. Got any princess girls around you place? I think a kong's
princess would also be an interesting mix, kind of like beauty and the beast, haha.
Or romulan/kong, wink, wink.

Time 20:52, 13 Aug 1998
From crane

Man... is it just me or has growing taken a back seat to politics in most of the
forums lately? Hope things quiet down soon. I haven't had anything to contribute to
any of these arguments, so I haven't been around much.

OT1>> What was the name of the organic fert your group was using? BioBiz or
something close? Have an address or phone # for the maker? I'd like to see if they
wouldn't ship some out this way.

Hope things are going well for everyone...

Time 01:16, 13 Aug 1998
From aeric77

hi all, can't sleep so browsing the net...interesting discussions....nothing to do with
me so i won't comment...
Vic the Romberry are still kicking butt, only got 4 fems out of the 11 I kept
but pretty girls none the less.i have some Kong pollin arriving shortly so I think I'll
dust one of the girls to see what happens....kongberry???
catch you on the flip guys.....

Time 09:53, 12 Aug 1998
From Vic High

First and foremost - I always have and always will use no other name than my own.
I figure if I can't put my name to my comments then maybe I shouldn't be saying

OT1 - it's something to do with html programming which I know little about.I
usually just cut and past from netscape composer and it does it for me.You
could also scroll all the way down and sift through the scrambled posts down below.
They are in html code and that is where I've been learning a little about hyml

Dukati & Fresno - as Mike said, the situation is far more complex than
that.Both Mike and NCGA seem to have had legitamate beefs.Dukati,
Mike was in the position that you mention (oh I hope this doesn't cross the line) but
NCGA was partially to blame for the position. Unfortunately, Mike was holding the
cards while NCGA was powerless to do anything so eventually took the situation
public to try and get this settled. What I do know is that I find it hard to believe that
either would have been out to scam the other.

Ritzi - you have obviously developed a strong impression of Mike as have many
others. All I can say is that on the net, it's hard to remeber we are dealing with
different cultures here and maybe we forget that not all people comunicate the way
we do. There are parts of Mike's actions and words that bother me too. I like to try
and keep an open mind and figure that he just has a different comunication style
than we are used to and hope his intent is still good. We had a heated day
yesterday with us blasting each other pretty hard.(the guy probably thinks I'm the
biggest erogant prick) By doing this I got to understand his personality a little better
and must admit that I think his intent and motives are in the right place.

Being a small business operator I can say that shit happens.When going
through growth spirts and hiring new employees, what I can say is that even more
shit happens. Rarely does anything go as quickly as I estimate. From my personal
experiences, I think Mike would be better off staying small and not try to be the big
dog. Been there and done it (not MJ business) and it wasn't for me. I know I
wouldn't want to be in his shoes.

Time 03:06, 12 Aug 1998
From Mike

I have very little contact with soul.i will e-mail you with the name of a guy who
has been acting as honest broker between ncga and me.....he is the reason we
have been able to reach an agreement.

Time 00:06, 12 Aug 1998
From oldtimer1

Vic how do you put live urls on the page here. All the best Ot1.

Time 17:25, 11 Aug 1998
From Vic High

Mike, haha, I just got finished emailing you and included an addy to this site, I
guess someone beat me to it, haha.

I just want to confirm what you've told me. Since ncga is on the road, would Soul be
an ok guy to ask?

Brian - I've seen a mail order supplier for the RTU agar solutions. I'll look for it for
you. Have you tried the lab supply outlets? Up here I think Northwest Labs carries it
but I haven't used any for well over 7 years. I'll look for those websites tonight or

Time 16:33, 11 Aug 1998
From Baudelaire

Mike- I don't doubt Weedseed sold what NCGA sent you.I am more
concerned with NCGA's integrity than yours.You've done me fine time and
again.You brought NCGA into the pot seed big leagues by agreeing to carry
him along side the world's greatest breeders:Sensi, Sag, Greenhouse,
Serious, DP, and Paradise.Before that the best he could get was a single
item carried at the bottom of HBC's laundry list of dubious strains.His public
sniping and flame threats don't help his reputation.Your restraint here
speaks volumes for yours.

Vic- Thanks for confirming my confidence in NCGA's strains.I'll be putting
them into my breeding program as planned.Would like to participate in
NCGA's growers' reports on his strains, but still haven't been able to find his new
discussion page.

Time 16:07, 11 Aug 1998
From Brian

Hi vic,Tats exactlly the type of cloning I am talking about.At first I assumed my
problem was maintaining correct temps,thenI double and triple checked and that
was'nt the prob.so I think its the salt base I have been trying to mix my own and
subsequently every
time I try to subpropagate I run into problems!!!So I need to find a commercial salt
base.I'm tired of seeing
nothing positive from this.

Time 15:51, 11 Aug 1998
From Mike (Mike@weedseed.com)

Hi guys,
I have never posted here before and i had never posted at the breeding board
before either.
'I wonder' asks why i havnt paid ncga.....at least he asked the questionthe
answer is.....its between me & ncga and none of anyone elses business.The
matter is now resolved to neither party's satisfaction but it is resolved.

'mog' just makes sarcasm an art form

Vic,you now have the truth! Will you at least admit that the matter
wasn't as cut and dried as you at first assumed.That there is merit in both
sides of the argument....that two people both believe truly that they are acting in
good faith and that our positions are both justifiable....depending upon which angle
you view the facts.Will you also state that your boycott was a little premature.

Baudelaire>>>>If you ordered ncga's seeds from me then that is exactly what
you got.You are right to question the integrity of ANY AND ALL seed vendors
but i am sure that weedseed will be here for the long haul and time will certainly
prove my integrity one way or the other.

Time 14:47, 11 Aug 1998
From Vic High

Brian, are you talking about the kind of micro propagation where you use petri
dishes with agar and take clones from leaf discs? That's too cool. I've been wanting
to try it. I've seen a couple of websites with some general data, is that what your
after? This is a project that I would be definatly be into.

Time 14:45, 11 Aug 1998
From oldtimer1

Try www.flytrap.demon.co.uk/tc/protocol/htm This is not specific to puff but should
tell you enough to get you started. All the best. Ot1

Time 14:41, 11 Aug 1998
From Vic High

Baudelaire - your right about the two guys being big boys. They are in the process
of working things out. I believe it was all the result of a comunication
misunderstanding between the two and don't believe anyone was out to rip the
other off. I only got involved for two reasons: 1) I wanted to end the new war before
it started. 2) I was nosey and wanted to learn more since I also wholesale seeds
and have been having trouble finding honourable dealers to deal with.

To answer your question, I see no reason to be concerned about the seeds that
Mike sells. I believe he sold what he recieved from ncga.

As for URL hear is his webpage if you want to ask him about the new forum

Time 13:09, 11 Aug 1998

Good afternoon Gentlemen; Maybe one of
ya'all can shed a little light on the subject of micropropagation,has anyone
tried this method of cloning with
marijuana?I'm having a hell of a time
coming up with a formula for the right medium.So if anyone knows of a premixed
medium that might work please post a

Time 11:58, 11 Aug 1998
From Baudelaire

Vic- The innuendo and references are driving me crazy.I don't really care if
Mike and NCGA have a financial disagreement.They are big boys, I'm sure
they can work it out.I AM concerned that the integrity of the NCGA seeds
sold by Mike are now in question.Are they what we were told they
are?I'vealways been impressed by NCGA's willingness to document his
seeds' genetic heritages.

BTW, where has NCGA's chat board moved to?Do you have the URL?

Time 11:13, 11 Aug 1998
From Vic High

Well anon - posting that repost here kind of puts me in an awkward position. I've
been replying to it through email with mike. My silence at can.com is not because
I'm avoiding the issue. I'll respond here but again without specific details between
ncga and mike. Go to them for that info.

Mike, you have a bad habit of making blind comment like "a matter about which you
know absolutely nothing!" That is like the pot calling the kettle black isn't it? In my
posts at can.com I only made one reference to you and ncga and that is that I'm
boycotting your business. I also made a point of saying that I only heard one side.
That was an honest and true post and I see nothing wrong with it.

Well I have now read Mike's version and NCGA's version. IMHO They are the same
minus a small point or two and alot of emotion. I stand by my position. I've explained
my reasons why through email and mike has only responded by telling me how
dangerous me playing the devil's advocate and boycotting businesses is.

I believe in the true communication of both sides of the truth. When I see a lopsided
argument, I'll speak up and try to balance the situation. Only those with something
to hide (like our governments, big business, and war leaders) are threatened by
open two sided discussions.

As for boycotting, it is a fact of life when a business or person is under
investigation. I'm not asking for anyone to follow. I'm not asking anyone to take
sides, as they have no real info to go on.

Well, I hope this helps more than it hurts. I also hope that things pick up for Mike
and that he doesn't let his emotions prevent him from learning from this. And most
importantly, my heart goes out to brenda and baby, I hope everything is fine there.

Time 17:46, 10 Aug 1998
From repost

This has all the makings of a very destructive flame war.

My side of the story has been heard by people who have an involvement in WeedSeed's business affairs and by no-one else. I would prefer it to remain that way. Briefly, I believe totally that ncga acted in a dishonourable fashion during a business deal with me. ncga equally believes that the dishonour was on my part. Both of us believe the other to be 100% in the wrong. Being men of good intent we have come a compromise, which is not satisfactory to either party but which is the best we can achieve in the circumstances. So far as I am concerned the matter is extremely unpleasant and I am glad it is coming to an end. I think it unfortunate that the other party saw fit to use our mutual friends to aid his cause with a truly one-sided story and then some of those mutual friends decided to take sides before hearing the whole truth. My integrity is such that I will not speak of a business associate or a business problem whilst it is ongoing. Therefor unless challenged directly I will not put my side of the story.

VIC HIGH>>>>>you have been a friend of weedseed's and I am utterly shocked to see that you can make public a matter about which you know absolutely nothing! You made absolutely no attempt to contact me or to find if there was another side to this story.....let me tell you now....


Fortunately ncga and I have the good sense not to start a war which neither of us will win and which everyone will lose.

I would like to say more to a certain group of people but the opportunity of doing so has been witheld from me. Perhaps an e-mail or two might be the least I deserve.

Time 11:46, 9 Aug 1998
From Vic High

hey brian, good day to you too.That sucks that you got stuck with
something you didn't want.My guess is that it is white widow crossed with
chemo and is probably a variable F2 hybrid.I think both parents are well
known for their potency but it would depend on the origin of both parent strains.
The thing with F2's is that unless you grow lots of seeds, two growers
could have completely different results.

Good luck though

Time 13:37, 8 Aug 1998
From Brian

Good day gentlemen,do any of you folks
have any experience with white chemo?
I have no knowledge of this strain but
I am interested in any info that could
be provided.TIA-

Time 14:56, 7 Aug 1998
From pie

oldtimer1 you have e-mail<br>

Time 18:04, 6 Aug 1998

Couple of things for everyone-
I can't say for sure, but I wouldn't be surprized if the term "Kind" buds came from
the Hawaiian slang "Da Kine, " because people in Hawaii used to say "this weed is
da kine bra!" meaning it was high grade.
Also, My wife don't smoke, but she swears that 420PM is the english "tea" time...
people used to call it "tea"...

Time 00:14, 6 Aug 1998
From oldtimer1

jay____ Neem oil is not over here that I know of, the prob with using Py safers and the like is that it takes the mite to sub clinical levels. My point is once eradicated spraying is no longer needed and with good practice never will be. The only thing that goes on our plants is a weekly spray of water with a little H2O2 and Maxicrop and once budding just water, in fact if you drank it it would do you good. All the best. Ot1.

Time -2:02, 6 Aug 1998

OT1 specified Torqe, also known as Vendex, active ingredient fenbutatin oxide,
very effective with low toxicity.

Time -3:52, 6 Aug 1998
From jay

OT1-glad to hear...what miticide do you use...?have you ever thought of trying
neem oil for your plants as an extra precaution...?

Time 00:01, 5 Aug 1998
From oldtimer1

Jay, I don't think control works it allows reversion virus to increase through the
generations as it is passed around by that efficient little mite. Iím afraid I resorted to
torque a specific miticide. All mums were treated twice including the entire area
where they live. As soon as main grow area crop is cleared the whole is sprayed
walls floor ceiling equipment every nook and cranny repeat after 7days. Once you
have done a clean grow reinfestation is unlikely if you take a few precautions 1
filter air in if direct from outside. 2 this is most important complete immersion in
miticide of any stock coming in preferably twice. I have had mites twice in the last 5
years both times they came with cuttings and since I've taken to dipping anything
new no infestations. All our growers are now clear and crop yields have gone up.
Hope this helps.Ot1

Time 14:03, 4 Aug 1998
From oldtimer1

Vic I forgot to say that prob with the cd rom prize the black insert out ok. All the best

Time 09:57, 4 Aug 1998
From oldtomer1

Crane organic puff and top quality hash like Nepalese are a niche market and make £ 200an oz you would have to be in the know or part of the old school. Belled a couple of the boys to find what the going rates are, like the equivalent to High TimesTHMQ but for the smoke [ smoke = London ] :-
Dutch import.£3 to 4k per kilo--------------------£100 to 150 per oz retail
Soap bar £1.2 to 1.7k per kilo---------------------£ 80 to 100 per oz
Local Hydro £3.5 to 4k per kilo--------------------£ 100 to 160 per oz
DP from SA £1.7k per kilo--------------------------£ 95 per oz
Paki black £1.8 to 2.1k per kilo--------------------£ 90 to 120 per oz
African brown = dirt weed £1.4 per kilo---------£ 70 to 80 per oz
Iím not into selling breeding is what I'm interested in but you have to know what is going down. The margins represent demand for a particular product and speed of turnover some look pretty poor to me considering the riskís its not really part of my world. There is an unlimited market for organic puff but is sold on trust. The commercial boys with warehouses full of Hydro plant use systemic insecticide and fungicides in there tanks from day one to cutting and I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. Its a big business here a recent survey reported a minimum uk cannabis market of £3.5 billion but insiders reckon its several times this.
All the best. Ot1.

Time -3:21, 4 Aug 1998
From pie

ot1>> you have mail. read before shipment.

Time 20:37, 3 Aug 1998
From jay

hey poop head are you an experienced grower? are you growing for personal or..... nl is easy to grow and has high yields,bluberry is a little tougher to grow and doesnt yield the same but is a nice tasting smoke..all the nl ive tried has been more potent then the bluberry ive tried but ive only puffed the tip of the ice berg as far as these strains go...good luck in your decision...

Time 20:17, 3 Aug 1998
From Vic High

poop head - boy did you get stuck with a shitty name :)

what do you want to grow. Both NL and bberry have their good points and their bad
points. NL is easier to grow, more vigourous, and is higher yielding. Bberry is
better tasting and nicer to smoke. Sometimes bberry is more potent and sometimes
NL is more potent. Comercial growers prefer NL.

Time 17:49, 3 Aug 1998
From crane

ot1-> "£200 for top quality organic.." how available is organic smoke over there?
Sadly I've never seen any organic around here that I didn't do myself, at least none
billed as such. Seems for all the good growers we have around here, the smoking
public either doesn't know or doesn't care what they're smoking.

Time 16:12, 3 Aug 1998
From poop head

sorry,Like i said i've been debating on getting northern lights or blueberry seeds,if anybody would give me there opinion on which one is better ,it would be apprieciated. thanks, poop head

Legalize Marijuana and Marc Emery rules

Time 15:47, 3 Aug 1998
From pie

sb crane >>> you did an excellant job of describing those 2 slang terms .... better than i did. you have e-mail OT1

Time 13:26, 3 Aug 1998
From oldtimer1

Thanks crane think yourself lucky tour not in the uk £200 for top quality organic. all the best Ot1

Time 13:26, 3 Aug 1998
From sb

Crane - you hit the nail on the head.Currently good KIND bud is $400 oz retai here, with wholesale 300-350.I've heard of a superb example going for $500 recently. Commercial here usually denotes mex.

Sometimes we see some pretty stony mexi-comm for $100 oz, but most is schwag(shitty) and is cheaper still.

Time 13:08, 3 Aug 1998
From crane

oldtimer - That took me a bit to figure out too... and I'm less than an hour from the u.s. border. Apparently two distinctly different grades of pot abound on american streets:

The high grade stuff (carefully grown american or dutch geneics) is known as "the kind"... aka. kind bud, kind, chronic, kryps/kryppies, commercial, greenbud etc. Seems to be about 200-400 an ounce - US! Ouch...

The low grade stuff tends to be outdoor from weak genetics, often a mexican import rather than domestic. Known as: schwag, ditchweed, dirtweed, mexi... It's still bud rather than shake from what I gather, but I guess the quality is quite poor and it goes for as low as 50 an ounce (or lower?).

If I was an american, I'd get myself up to BC in a big hurry. With the canadian dollar the way it is, an oz of kind bud would cost something like 125 u.s.

Time 09:08, 3 Aug 1998
From oldtimer1

pie people over here think kind is a variety, definition please. All the best Ot1.

Time 07:16, 3 Aug 1998
From pie

to the young(obviously) man who is doing this to this site .... don't you smoke? if you do, then you certainly appreciate kind over dirt weed ...right??? most of us here want to learn how to grow the kind so we can spread the weed. win-win for everyone ...including you! This site is a big help!

Time 01:36, 3 Aug 1998
From Vic High

ncga - just want to let you know we're behind you bro. Keep the faith.

Time -1:41, 3 Aug 1998
From oldtimer1

Thanks for the info going to the htm makes it easy vic talk to you soon. all the best

Posted by ncga (UserInfo) on August 02, 1998 at 19:45:07:

In Reply to: Re: TIME TO STOP! PLEASE!!! posted by Brothers Grimm on August 02, 1998 at 17:23:24:

I have to agree even more so it is hard for me to make this post. I feel
that I/We have been lied to. All this talk about being upstanding is a
lie. I will be waging a full out effort aginst a major seed vendor Starting Friday
August 7. The reason is I have just been informed that they are happy about the
fact that rippied me off. Details avalible by email


Time -3:17, 2 Aug 1998
From Vic High (vic_high@hotmail.com)

colourless growing tip update:

If you recall, many of my blueberry clones and seedlings suddenly developed
creamy white growing tips.About 10 - 14 days later these tips would die
and then the rest of the plant would follow.They are grown in soil with
plenty of lime. I suspected an iron definciency but even the veins were white.

I took a 5 gal pail of water and added about a tablespoon each of iron sulphate
and epsom salts.I also added 2 tablespoons of alaska fish fert and mixed
well.I then took 7 plants and sprinkeled a teaspoon of dolomite lime on the
surface and then drenched each pot with a gal of plain water.I then
followed up by drenching with 1/2 gal of the above solution.The remaining
affected plants (about 11) were simply watered with the solution without

That was a few days ago and today I noticed that all plants that I did the drench
on have recovered while the others have not. I therefore conclude that I had a
nutrient overdose that resulted in a nutrient lockout. I'm not sure what was
overdosed and what all was locked out but I suspect that iron was one of the
locked out nutrients.

Time -3:02, 2 Aug 1998
From Vic High (vic_high@hotmail.com)

Hi guys, sorry for not responding sooner. Been real busy lately. Thanks for
sticking around helping to keep the info flowing.

chaz - welcome dude

chunk - I've had a couple of seedlings develope a variegated leaf or two. Nothing
like blueberry though. Is afghani as bad as blueberry?

dingo - not sure where your coming from dude. I'm just a canadian grower who
shares a few seeds. Heavan's stairway is the seed dealer who sells my romberry
and blueberry and they would be better suited to answer your question. A link to
their site is at BCGA'a webpage.

Bill Clinton - my grow notes are on the webpage (grower 1). If you have any
specific questions, please feel free to ask them here or email me. As you can
see, very little gets lost. Misplaced every now and then, but not lost, haha.

aeric77 - say you should know better bud, mixing growing and women is just
asking for trouble, haha. The woman will win every time, haha.

Lady J - sorry for the sexist comments, a little red-neck has to surface every now
and then, haha. I'm on the same quest you are. I've found very little. Picked up a
nice dissecting scope yesterday so I'll see if I can start by catagorizing them.

Time 07:31, 31 Jul 1998
From Lady J

vic, do you have any resources (other than clarke)that address dominance of trichome type/color? Trying to work out some phenotype ratios and this trait is not well documented. Also if a plant is to be produced to have four specific traits and has a one in 256 chance of happening, what types of realistic seedling numbers are we talking about to get it, and what if any types of systems can support this type of project?

Time 00:14, 31 Jul 1998
From aeric77

hey all, threw 11 of the romberry into 12/12 to determine sex, will pull the best looking lady out for mama and leave the rest to flower......had 16 of the vigorous little bastards but a very pretty young woman talked me out of 5...amazing what a smile will do to a grown man's common sense....

Time 10:52, 29 Jul 1998
From OT1

Looks like somone has stuffed the cannabis .com board as well. Vic are the plants recovering. I had a meeting today with one of our members he agrees with me that it must be a reaction to the spray. He pointed out that the shock of loosing all the chlorophyll  from the main leaves may cause a lot of roots to die. If the roots not to damaged regrowth should be fairly rapid. Also in summer when a crops been taken, if the remains of the plants are put outside a lot of Indicas don't regen and most sativas do its not a thing I have done but he says its so. We were talking in parallels any way we have our fingers crossed for you. I have selected three bb ladies to mum up and to use for breeding two for their strength, weight, and being 100% female the third cos I like it the best! solid female not got the weight but it makes me smile. In order B6 9 weeks 37.2 grams B8 9 weeks 39.2 grams B2 8 weeks and 4 days 24.9 grams - fav. They were cut at 80% + brown and I suspect you would have cut at least a week previously. Pulled a few seeds out of the espXbb to check they are nice and plump but not quite brown enough to be fully ripe.

All the best. Ot1.

Time -3:48, 29 Jul 1998
From Jay

old timer,good to hear..sounds like you english canniboids are doin a good job over there,keep up the good work.

lothar its a nl x haze clone,chat sometime sure

Time 20:14, 28 Jul 1998
From Bill Clinton (mad-kayaker@usa.net)

Vic, should be getting my Romberry from H.S. within the next 7-10 days. How
would it work organic SOG? I would also like any growing notes e-mailed if
possible (if it's not too much trouble). It seems easier than popping on this board
constantly and asking advice. Thanx

Time 15:19, 28 Jul 1998
From chunk

Hey Vich,
I'm gonna order romberry tommarrow.Sounds great, I have a question
also, Does romberry get all curled up like bluberry? My afganni did that, i just
can't handle that,they scare me? thanks

Time 20:57, 27 Jul 1998
From aeric77

for the record......as I said to Vic....neither of you has been 'dropped', your 'words' are being withheld until this bullshit let's up... as I explained to Vic, he has, by being helpfull and informative become a target, and judging by what's happening here, a big one...... I did what I thought I could do to keep the site from becoming a target, if you want more info, email me.....

Time 16:59, 27 Jul 1998
From Vic High

Crane - I also created a temp page at:
to play around with.I found my test posts were cluttering up the place,

Lothar, I was told I was dropped because of security concerns. They said that my
recent attention at cannabis.com made others feel uneasy.That would be
fine but Soul who has been a much bigger target is still there.Therefore I
don't buy it.

It looks more like politics at play and a little pressure to pick
sides.Personally I make my own decisions who I do business with and who
I associate with.Where it doesn't affect others I also feel no need to
explain my actions.Can't figure why you aren't back unless it was because
you didn't contribute enough, or maybe your association with B Steve and his
involvement with BB?Who knows but your right, you deserved an
explanation along with the others that were dumped.

Time 10:14, 27 Jul 1998
From oldtimer1

Hi jay this is as condensed as I can make it I know you don't have bio Bizz over there.

Lighting at 53 w per sq ft.Compostmade of 5 ltrs pre mix 10 ltrs worm compost,15 ltrs sterilised loam, 15 ltrs perlite.25 ltrs sedge peat, 35 ltrs moss peat and a cup of dolomite lime per 100 ltrs by volume. 4 litre pots were used for flowering. Plant canopy = 18.91 sq ftenclosed with mylar curtains. Complete air change every 3.5 mins no Co2 used, total yield = 1801 grams. Method 1 week 18 - 6 hrs then decrementdown half an hr per day to 12 -12 hrs. Crop cutfrom week 9 to week 10 on 12 hrs when 80% brown.Crop sprayed twice a week with ordinary Maxicrop + H2 O2 until flowers started to form clustersfeed to same time was Bio Bizz grow @ 40 ml to 10 ltrs every water. Then a mix of of Bio Bizz grow and Bloom40 ml of each total 80 ml to 10 ltrs every other water until cut. By the way Bio Bizz knocks the spots off of earth juice for flavour.
All the the growers use the same system with slight variations ie some use 3 litre pots =2.4 plants to the sq ft and some 4 litre 2.12 to the sq ft. Whenno 5 first gave me the results I thought we had not made the 1k until I got the full results and realised that he had grown two blocks one of ours and a control of his old vars [ bubble gum & AK ] Heís new to soil and wasn'tconvinced, he sure is now!And he beat all of us what can you say.

Vic why the red window ?
All the best. Ot1.

Time 00:41, 27 Jul 1998
From lothar

They dropped me , don't figure, didn't say squat bout no one , OH well whatever, but they could have let me no why or even that I wasn't picked up for another season, wasn't into fishing anyways....

Man am I ever haven a hard time getting good clones with this heat, humidity and all that fucken powdery mildew I am keeping less than
10% I got mabey 30 good ones but I am still 3 weeks away from planting so NP

Jay What clone you got ???

Should get together for a Chat some time eh ?

Time 16:43, 26 Jul 1998
From jay

hello oldtimer! congrats on the awesome yields.was this in soil? organic mix or chemicals?

lothar hey stranger got a new clone you might like to try....

vic get any more speeding tickets lately...?and what happened to justice ?

Time 12:47, 26 Jul 1998
From Vic High

Hey Oldtimer,

Thanks for the input.My moms and many romberry clones are far closer to
the light than the affected blueberries.They are about 5 feet from the light.
The white leaves are full size and look healthy except for the fact that they
are creamy white.About 5-10 days later, the tips die and the rest of the
plant follows. I'm sure it's a physiological responce but not sure if it is chemical or
viral induced.

Wouldn't photo chemical burn turn the leaves brown quickly?This is a new
idea and just want to clarify.I would be happy if this is all it is.It would
be easy to avoid for future crops.I don't mind loosing plants so long as I
can figure for sure what the cause is so I can learn from it. If you have time,
could you go into more detail on the symptoms and conditions of the photo
chemical burn?

Time 03:17, 26 Jul 1998
From oldtimer1

Hi Vic it sounds like photo chemical burn and if the damage is severe they may
be a write off.Were any of your plants still damp from spray when the main
lights came on especially the halide? It doesn't sound like a normal deficiencies. I
had it happen once with some mums sprayed an hour before the light came on
it took a month under 24 hr fluorescent's for them to recover and the
symptoms sound the similar. I hope I'm wrong all the best. Ot1. Looks like they
are at it again?
Time -2:50, 26 Jul 1998
From Vic High

BB will be 6-7 weeks, Romberry 8 weeks and rom is a wopping 10 weeks. Good
show on the 2 1/2' colas with a single light. Too cool, but I'm still going to stay
with soil, haha. I'm greedy but not greedy enough to prostitute my beliefs and go
hydro, LMAO.

So you been working much bud? Haven't heard from you for a while. I heard that
they dropped you from the 99. Welcome to the club, me too. I don't remember
you pissing anyone off?

Oh well take care, Vic High

Time 19:10, 25 Jul 1998
From Lothar

Vic how long is the BB and the rom and rom/bb getting ready to infuse my room
soon and just want to know the what is what... And remember how I said about
the burm or early P well I said it sucked --total turn around now a few of them are
looking like BASEBALL BATS no shit fucken huge with small internode leangths
all the way down to the bottomgoing to get a 2 and a half foot
budincreadable , the smoke may not be the best but what a yeilder---and
about the smoke we will be checking it out in eanest this time...and I wish I had
something slanderious or some shit to drop on someone but well Ill think of some
thing .... oh oh ya your a poopy head ..oops I used my name at the top DOH ..
oh welll I m just brave I guess not a cowardly flamer I sighn my flames

Time 13:32, 25 Jul 1998
From Vic High

New problem.

This is only happening to some of the blueberry right now. The terminal shoots
have suddenly turned creamy white and then die back. At first my partner
thought I was growing white pointsettas. To me it looks like a nutrient lockout that

must have been triggered by all the spraying. The closest I could figure was an
iron deficiency but the veins also turned white. I considered calcium but there is
no shortage of dolomite lime. I tested pH and it is 6.8.

In addition to the pest control sprays below, I have also sprayed with fulvic acid
so maybe it caused the nutrient lockout.

Time 11:39, 25 Jul 1998
From Vic High

oldtimer - I think we are all interested in the info. I copied it to wordpad and can
post it if you would like. Maybe here and T2's public forum? It may be a little
large for one of the private ones.

You lost me on the eradicate them and reversion virus thing. You talking about
the mites? I think the neem oil is doing the trick. So was sm90 and trounce but I
was getting a fair bit of phytotoxicity with the sm90. All stamens died on flowering
plants so it's been fun guessing on the flowering times. Buds are still swelling
and growing but I almost harvested some disapointing looking romulans this
weekend until I looked them up and found that they still have 4 weeks to go,
haha.It's going to be tough guessing on the 5 untested strains that are in
flower now though. I guess I'll really have to look closely at the crystals.

At least I think the mites are on the way out.Very, very few adults left and
no mites on any new plants. As older ones are harvested, they should be
definately eradicated.I now use the following spray:

Day 1 - trounce (safers soap/pyrethrum)
Day2 - water
Day3 - sm90
Day4 - water
Day5 - einstein oil - (neem oil)
Day 6 - water
Day 7 back to top of list

Time 09:43, 25 Jul 1998
From oldtimer1

Vic you didn't say do you think they would like our stats there? You need to
compleatly eradicate them they can carry reversion virus which is most important
with your mums. All the best Ot1

Time -1:37, 24 Jul 1998
From Vic High

Chunk - I've never directly sampled Sag's blueberry direct.I believe that
the parents of these seeds came from Sag because that is what Emery told me
and they seem to fit the descriptions I've read.I'm talking about the original
sag blueberry that came from DJ Short before they "improved" the line.I've
since grown out the new DJ Short stock and not sure if there was a mixup but the
bud was crap in comparison to theoriginal stock.I've never tried or heard
anything about Sag's new inhouse blueberry.

Personally, I would recommend romberry if you want an easier and quicker plant
to select a clone mother from and start producing bud.It yields more and is
more potent.It is also a far more vigourous plant.Down side is the
longer flower time.Both are equal in flavour in that some prefer one and
some prefer the other.If blueberry gets stressed it can loose it's blueberry
flavour and is more finicky with respect to nutrients.
If you are after breeding stock, blueberry would be a better choice because of
it's immediate stability.You could use romberry but you would then be
creating variable F2s (which could be very interesting as well).

Time -1:22, 24 Jul 1998
From chunk

Vic High,
Going to order your strains from h.s. In your opinion, which is better,blueberry or
Is that blueberry as good as sagarmartha's?
I want something that grows very fast,could you help me? All your information
would be greatly appreciated.thanx

Time -3:35, 24 Jul 1998
From Vic High

Oldtimer - gibb acid info is now at:



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