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Creating All Female Seeds

By Selfing


As the title implies, the main drawback to selfing cannabis plants is that you loose the male portion of your population, making future crosses difficult. Some think that by selfing a plant, all the offspring will turn out just like mom. That is only true if mom is true breeding for all the traits you are interested in. Otherwise, her offspring will show two phenotypes for every trait that she is not true breeding.

There are two basic models for selfing a plant such as cannabis the first one being where the plant is homozygous for the trait in question. Let's assume again that pineapple flavour is controlled by the recessive gene pp. If we self the plant we fill get the following S1 cross.

S1 cross = pp x pp = pp + pp + pp + pp or 100% pineapple flavoured female offspring. But no matching males

The other likely possibility is that special individual heterozygous dominant for the pineapple flavour. In this case P will indicate for pineapple flavour and the S1 cross will be:

S1 cross = Pp x Pp = PP + Pp + Pp + pp, our familiar 1:2:1 mendelian ratio.

In this second example only 75% of the offspring will have pineapple flavour and the frequency of the P gene will only be 50%, a far cry from 100% or true breeding. From here on, this isn't much different from a half sib cross involving regular inbreeding or backcrossing. It will take a few generations to achieve something close to true breeding, but as with backcrossing, as long as we use the P1 mom in the crosses (selfing in this case), we will never achieve a true breeding population.

There are some special uses for selfing though, but they will be dealt with in a seperate section of these breeding papers. It is for this reason that I'll unclude cut and pastes from around the internet giving advice on techniques used to self cannabis plants.

Extra Notes From Around the Net


Notes and Interviews by Mr XX



                          100% Female Seeds(The Final Word)

Posted by TheSiliconMagician on February 13, 1999 at 05:17:41 PT:

As some of you know I have been a regular in the chat room for awhile now and I spend large amounts
of time in there.

Anyway, I have had the extreme pleasure of speaking to Mr. XX. over the last few nights for many
hours and have gotten to
know him quite well via E-mail and the chat. (By the way Pud, you were not kidding about those
pictures!) As it turns out he
confided in me and a few others about his process for coming up with 100% Seeds.

Now, Mr. XX is a very nice guy. Funny to and its always a pleasure to speak with him. The guy doens't
speak english too
well but his wit comes through the rough language and he's a riot to talk to. He is a pure lover of
cannabis and hates the ideas
of seedbanks. He feels that everyone should share and share alike and help the community in general.

He simply wants to share his knowledge with the cannabis community because he has spent 15 years
researching this and I
spoke with him in depth about it and will elaborate on puds earlier observations. Done with Mr.XX's
permission because he
wants everyone to be able to do this.

As pud stated a few posts back, he stressed litteraly hundreds of plants with an irregular photoperiod.
What he does is put
the lights on 12/12 for 10 days. Then turns the lights on 24 hours, then 12/12 again for a few days, then
back to 24 hours for
a day, then 12/12 again for a few weeks.

If he does this and no hermaphrodites come up. He has found a 100% XX female that cannot go
hermaprhoditic naturally. He
says that your chances of finding a 100% XX female is vastly increased when using Indica genetics. He
told me that the more
Afghanni or Nepalese genetics the plant has, the better the chances of finding a natural XX female. His
exact words were
"Where did mother nature give weed a home at originally?"

I tried to get him to narrow it down to a ratio, but he never specified just how many plants per are XX
females his exact
words are "plenty of XX girls for everybody" and that is all he will say on the subject. Only that it takes
alot of time and alot
of plants to find that one female.

He then uses Gibrellic acid. 30 centiliters of water with 2 grams of Gibrellic acid and 2 drops of Natruim
Hydroxide to liquify
the Gibrellic. Then applies as normal and creates the male flowers. He has as pud said gotten down to
the 4th Generation with
NO loss of vigor, NO genetic deficiencies and NO hermaphrodites. He claims that the plants are EXACT
CLONES of one another. Complete sisters. Basically it's clone from seed instead of from normal cloning

What does this have to do with seedbanks? I'll tell you why.

Dutch Passion is the company that is selling these 100% female seeds. They followed along the same
research line that
Mr.XX has followed, mirror paths. While Mr. XX has no anger towards Dutch Passion, DP cannot be
said the same for.
Now don't go running off to DP and saying "Oh mr.xx said you guys suck" thats not true. On the
contrary he says they have
good seeds.. but he DOES question the validity of their claims about having so many strains so quickly
100% female.

He says that 6 months ago is when he made the breakthrough and DP made it about the same time as he
did. He said they
successfully did it with TWO strains. Which strains he didn't say only that they had 2 and now here it is
6 months later and
they have what? 10? 15? I forget exactly but they got alot more than two. He says it takes alot longer
thant hat to find an XX

So, there IS a definate question on DP's seeds and any vendor who sells them. While we all know HS is
an excellent
compnay this has to do with DP itself. So, while it's true that 100% XX females are possible and are
even being manufactured
at this very moment. Just how many strains have been found to contain XX genes is suspect.

Now, I will not be surprised that there will be critics, flamers, etc.. but I was personally asked to bring
this truth to all of you..
and I have done so.. remember that when you buy these seeds.. yes, it COULD be 100% female
guarenteed.. but you never
truly know.. This is cutting edge and brand new. According to Mr.XX the only other person who has
done this is Mel Frank
himself and he didn't tell ANYONE.. what happens when you breed these seeds with a male? He says
"what do I need a man
for? They don't factor into my breeding program".

Remember you heard it here first.. Happy Harvests..


                            The Final Word on the Final Word

Posted by TheSiliconMagician on February 13, 1999 at 07:25:04 PT:

In Reply to: 100% Female Seeds(The Final Word) posted by TheSiliconMagician on February 13, 1999
at 05:17:41 PT:

Mr.XX also says that it is easy for the home grower to find an XX female. Its a very time consuming
process but a straight
forward one. He says that a home grower should confine themselves to ONE strain. Mr. XX used a
Skunk#1 x Haze x
Hawaiian Indica. He says to separate those plants from your main grow and stress the hell out of them.
Do this over and over
and over with every new crop of seeds you get of that strain until you find the XX female. While this is
probably difficult it is
by no means impossible.

Another anecdote "The slimmer the fingers the harder it is to find the XX girls", so if you have that
Columbian Sativa.. it's
going to be nearly impossible for you to find that 1 female.. he says it's possible, but very very very


                   CORRECTION:0.02g of Gibrellic, NOT 2 grams -nfm-

Posted by TheSiliconMagician on February 14, 1999 at 03:53:42 PT:

In Reply to: 100% Female Seeds(The Final Word) posted by TheSiliconMagician on February 13, 1999
at 05:17:41 PT:

My fault.. mistake in my notes..


An Interview with Mr XX:
copied from his webpage at http://www.highlife.nl/Item_3eng.html

Female seed

Lately there has been a lot of fuss about 100% female seed.
Quite rightly, because this could be the big change in the world
of the growers. As you know, now it is possible to fill, without
(illegal) cuttings, the gardens with female plants, which
moreover as a seedling bring in more than the cuttings.
Highlife was able to be the first to publish pictures of this
miracle of technique and manipulation. But what is even more
interesting: we have an interview with the improver of these
plants, who will lift the veil and share with us the techniques
and materials who until now where only known by a handful of
people. This person is a devoted lover and has no need at all to
reverse his knowledge into stone-hard currencies. He is a man
with a vision and in his story is a message, as well for the
improvers of seed as for every blower in Holland. Because of
the discretion, we call the super freak ‘Mister XX’, what, in
view of the matter is a very appropriate name.

Highlife: ‘Dear XX, could you tell us what has driven you all
those years? Because it is such a complicated matter, it has cost
you lots of time and you encountered a lot of set-backs.’

Mister XX: ‘Indeed I was already experimenting for years, before
I got some results. But I am a kind of person who digs in the heels
of matters that interest me, certainly when the rest of the world
also has no solution for it. By all set-backs I suffered on the road,
the desire to succeed is getting stronger. The only disadvantage of
all those years of experimenting was, that it was nearly not
smokable. Belief me, this matter is for people who want to grow
their own smoke not recommendable. But luckily I got that phase
behind me.

Why did you work all those years at producing female seed, and
what will you do with it now you ‘cracked’ that formula?

My goal was to make of really potent XX plants minimal a natural
healthy quantity of female seed. When I, after ‘eternal’
experimenting, was ready, I began to cultivate this seed, to see if
it, after a while would decline. Then I discovered that the material
where I work with, was also useful to bloom more fully, in a
shorter period then we are used to. But, we will talk about that
later, because this is not so interesting for me. Certainly not,
because I will wizen up the breadgrower, who mostly use
pesticides and other stuff, just for the money. Because I belief the
chance is very small and because other people in this world where
marketing female seed, I did not want to keep this to the persons
who also where interested in these matters: in other words: I want
to pass that the stuff that I use, is free of poison and work very

You have our complete interest, so tell your story and begin at the

To produce XX seed, you need a 100% XX plant. To determine if
a plant really is pure and if this is a XX-plant, can not be too
difficult. To disturb the cycle regularly, by using light to recall
shockeffects, is a good method to commit hermaphrodites. It is
optimal if you, while shocking, give the some more CO2. But,
make sure that you give them in time trace elements. By all these
strange moves they use a lot of extra, especially magnesium, I
noticed. When you finally have one or more pure females, then
they will be the base of the improved species. But, look out,
because there are very liter pure XX plants, how strange this may
sound. Inattentive breeding in the past, with especially Asiatic
plants, have genetically in depth produced much hermaphrodites.
So, when a plant is not pure XX, the pollen can also not be pure
XX. This is very frustrating, because all the work has been for
nothing. But, if you have found a XX-plant, we go look further.
After years of experimenting and seeking, I was three years ago
able to cover the XX plant with it’s own dust. But it did not really
hurry up, because the length of the cycle was very disappointing to
the yield.

                       Most people would be very happy if they
                      would come this far, but we understand that
                      this was only the beginning for you.Yes, this
                      gave me a kick, but more like: ‘And now we
                      really get started!’. Now I can also solve
                      this problem. Today I can manipulate every
                      XX plant that I choose, as you can see on
                      the pictures.

You see a plant who is showing on three branches, three different
kind of inflorescences. It is a strange and unusual sight, but very
exiting to me. Because this was for met the way to good and
potent female seed. But also (this appeared later) the way to a 30
to 40% more and full bloom of the ladies, and a shorter
blossom-time of almost a week. With this I demonstrated the
possibility of the plant to treat one ore more branches different.
As you can see, I can take care of full bunches of male flowers in
a XX-flower, who is producing a lot of pollen.
If one ore more full sisters of these plant are in full bloom, put
this manipulated plant between them for fertilization. Now the
fertilization will take place only if the plants has full blooming
tops, and that will give you lots of seed. Only a plant with some
big bunches of male-flowers can fertilize a big room of plants.

This was a nice story but the question stays how to get those male
flowers in that plant. We have waited long enough, now we want to
now what means you use. Go right ahead!

I want to tell you a lot, but not everything. There are different
materials where you can manipulate with. The material I have
chosen for is GIBBERALIC ACID, that is also known as the
German name GIBBERELLINSAURE. But at this moment there
are five different performances of Gibberalic and there is a big
chance that the producer has other compositions. The reason I
have chosen for this, is because I let it tested by Dr. Alink,, a
toxicologist from Wageningen. The result I got in writing n it says
black on white that it is harmless for man or animal. This test is
executed without questions or any opposition, what says that it is
possible for everyone to test materials on harmfulness. So, in
other words, we can work much harmful as we all know. And it
costs: nothing!
Gibberalic Acid is harmful on its own. It is strange that the
material has not been added on the list of pesticides who are not
allowed in nature.

But you can spray Gibberalic on the plants?

No, that would be very easy. First you have to dissolve it. To
dissolve a synthetic acid as Gibberalic is a story at itself. Now I
use Natriumhydroxide, a very aggressive material what is used as a
purgative. Natriumhydroxide solves very easily and it is not
toxicological not dangerous. To find the right proportion is the
next question. Then you find out that the condition of the plant
sometimes asks for a specific proportion, who deviates to far
behind the comma. If you can not weigh to specific, than it is not
going to work out. It is that accurate. The difference in doses are
so small, that making it is more than a precise job. A pharmacist
as a friend will be very useful, but he also can weigh at 0,05
grams. But especially choosing the right moment is the biggest

If all these things are right, then it is just a matter of spraying, and
ready we are, I mean Mr. XX is.

Yes, that is true. Surely reality is far more complicated but I lifted
a big piece of the veil. I did this because I think that all blowing
people in Holland are entitled to know what is happening. So, here
I give a piece of my experiences in these matters. I hope that the
people who are busy manipulating will test the materials they use
in toxicological values. This is free of charge and the
examinatiors don’t ask annoying questions. For me it is the only
way to inform people in which materials you use, those which are
mentioned on the package. The time that growers and improvers
had to work with poisoned materials such as Colchicine, is really
long gone.

So far the story of an interesting and driven person who, without
any financial meaning wants to share his knowledge and wants to
warn against the dangers of the use of pesticides. After this
interview, we got a handful of seeds to try out. We keep in touch
about this project.

N.B. The Amsterdam cannabisseedcompany ‘Dutch Passion’ is the
only company in the world which will sell female seed. It is not
strange that we questioned them how to use poisoned
spraying-materials. Owner Henk van Dalen says: We also tested
Gibberalic acid. In the market garden it is a common material.
Gibberalic acid is a hormone and stimulates in a very small way
the male bloom and has for the growing of the plant unfortunate
side-effects. We do not use hormones at all, because the plants
are acting strange. The material we use is a simple chemical
material, you can think of a salt solution and is absolutely free of
poisoned materials.

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