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Soil Blaster

Calcium Peroxide - a Natural Approach to Solving Contaminated Soil Problems

SOIL BLASTER is a time-release supplier of Oxygen designed to mixed with soil giving you a healthier more disease resistant soil.  Soil Blaster restores a healthy balance of aerobic bacteria vs anaerobic bacteria and controls the spread of harmful viruses.

SOIL BLASTER breathes more life into your soil and plants by:
-   Increased total soil microbial population.  About twice that of tilled soil.
-   Improve the soil's hydraulic conductivity which permits more efficient movement of nutrients and oxygen through soil (particularly important to heavy soils).
-   Increased microbial species and enzymatic diversity.
-   Speeding biological activity and aerobic activity under high-moisture conditions.
-   Giving plant the ability to absorb more nutrients & water and utilize them more efficiently.
-   Protecting seeds and increasing germination.
-   Protecting and maintaining healthy plant root systems

SOIL BLASTER provides long-lasting, control-released microbial oxygen up to 6 weeks depending on:
-  Soil Blaster concentration
-  Soil pH
-  Soil moisture level



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