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 Blueberry/Romulan Cross



50 seeds sown, 48 sprouted, 12 females kept for growing out.  They were grown in 2 gal pots containing the super soil mix.  After flowering they were supplimented with a fertilizing of Earth Juice bloom and catalyst one a week.

They were grown to 12-15" and then topped (7-8 nodes).  They were already sexed by preflowers by this point (feb 18).  They were then grown for another month.  All but the top three sets of branches were removed and then the plants were moved to flower room (march 20).  The flower room is lit by 3 1000w lights (2 HPS and 1 MH) on a suncircle per 12 by 12 area.  This works out to be 20w per sq ft.

A week (march 26) later the earth juice fertilizing started and they were spaced out to cover a 3' by 4' (12sq ft) area.  They were harvested May 14, for an 8 week flowering period.  They were 36" tall.


plant             grams           oz                plant                  grams              oz

RBL - 3        28.1            .99               RBL - 9              25.6             .90
RBL - 4        30.0          1.06                RBL - 10             15.3             .54
RBL - 5        25.3            .89                RBL - 11             24.0             .85
RBL - 6        23.8           .84                 RBL - 13             18.8             .66
RBL - 7        24.4           .86                 RBL - 14             19.9             .70
RBL - 8        24.7           .87                 RBL - 15             31.8            1.12
These are kept for further selection and yield trials

total yield                 291.7grams       10.28 oz
average yield             24.3grams          .86 oz

yield per ft                 24.3 grams         .86 oz
yield per 1000w        2.60 lbs per light

The  yields should only increase as only select clones are used and the spacing can be decreased.  The bud smells ranged from a slightly fruity smell to a deep rich smell.  I'll go further into this as future crops are harvested. They were all more heavily covered in crystals than both parent strains.  Potency has not been assessed at this time.  Buds were big, tight, hard and no small buds were included in these measurements.  There were really not much in the way of small loose bottom buds because of the way the plant was pruned.

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