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Peruvian Trials

June 4th - Seeds mailed by Heaven's Stairway.

Peruvian Skunk (9010) - planted 10 seeds
Seeds larger than average.  All in good condition.

Peruvian Sativa Pure (9020) - planted 10 seeds
Seeds average to small in size.  One was cracked and 1 was tiny and looked immature.

Romberry - planted 28 seeds as a control (48 spots in a flat).  Outer seed coat appeared to be pealing.

June 20th -seeds planted in 2 parts sunshine mix #1 to 1 part perlite.  Soil was watered with 50 drops/gal Nutrilife's nutriboost 1.  Seeds were pushed into soil but not covered.   After planting, soil and seeds were misted with a no-damp solution.

                  June 24th        June 25th        July1

Per sativa      0/10                3/10            4/10
per skunk      3/10                8/10            8/10 **
romberry     25/28              28/28          28/28

** a 9th seedling has germinated but is stuggling to sprout above soil.

July 1st - Four sativas have skinny true leaves and look like healthy sativas.  Skunks are looking good as well.

 August 1 - Due to space constraints, the seedlings were left in the seedling flat till this day.  They have been growing under flos and foliar fed with alaska fish fertilizer.  Despite being small, they all look quite healthy.  They are all about 7-9" tall with between 7 and nine sets of true leaves.  The 4 sativa, 7 best skunks, and 20 best romberry were transplanted into 2 gal pots and placed under 1000w MH.  Soil in pots is super soil mix with an addition of worm castings. Lighting is 750 lumens (at plant tops)from stationary lighting.

August 14 - the tops were removed from all and cloned. Each plant was numbered and labelled.

Sept 11 - both the skunks and sativas were moved to the flower room. The romberry's were not because of wanting to time the pollen release just right of the best males. Heights were measured (inches) and number of nodes from the pinched top counted. Lighting is from a three light suncircle containing 2-1000w HPS and 1000w Super MH. Lighting fluctuated between 1500 lumens to 4200 lumens for an average of 2850 lumens.

Peruvian Sativas (Pers)

Plant                     1            2              3              4                      average
height(inches)        24          22            20            22                       22
nodes                    13          10            11            11                      11.25

Peruvian Skunks (Persk)

Plant           1           2          3         4       5        6        7           average
height         28         23        23       23      27      26      24             24.8
nodes          8           9          7        7        7        7        8               7.5

Oct 1 - skunks all showed sex within 6 days. Sativas took 17 days to be able to sex them. I ended up with 7 out of 7 skunk females and 3 out of 4 sativa females.

Oct 20 - skunk buds are starting to fill in, but still look at least 3 weeks from finishing. Sativas look nowhere close to being finished. I watered with Blossom Blood today. Solution was 1gram per 5 gals of water and each plant recieved 1/4 gallon of solution.

Final results - the skunks produced quality looking bud but lacked yield and aroma compared to other plants in the garden Nothing wrong with them, they just didn't stand out. Peruvian sativas were not suitable in my low light garden. They simply never finished, they just grew, grew, and then died, hehe.

Peruvian Skunk beside a peruvian sativa male and female.

Peruvian Skunk

Peruvian Sat malet

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