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General Hydro formula & ratio

Re: Lothar's General Hydro formula & ratio

Posted by ~shabang~ on November 12, 1998 at 02:09:39

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   Ml per Gallon

You should Leach your system between the veg and the flower cycle or your plants may stretch. This is also designed for a 9 week strain so if you have a 7 week strain only go to 5 weeks then leach. As you can see weeks 5-6 and 7 are the same anyways

Pacific Northwest Garden Supply's GH Recipe

This is a feeding program for active hydroponic systems. All measures are in millilitres (ml)

                   Micro            Gro              Bloom             Vitamax             Super Oxy
                     2.5               5                   2.5                   10                       0


                   Micro            Gro              Bloom             Vitamax             Super Oxy
Week 1           5                  10                 3                     10                        0
Week 2           6                  12                 3                     10                       1.5
        - This is the highest concentration that you would ever use during the grow cycle, even if you grow for 2 more weeks.

                   Micro            Gro              Bloom             Vitamax             Super Oxy

By BD97

:::clones into 1in. pretreated at 5.3 ph, and Vit. B1in RW cubes,
                after 3 days remove humd. dome and water twice a day with equall
                amounts of Gen Hydro-----PPM@ 5 --5.8 PH Let drain very well, no water
                sitting in the bottom of trays. If anything, tip trays so that clones
                do not fall out and let drain through a hole in bottom of one corner
                of tray. Let sit that way for 3 to 5 min. { look at your watch!
                }----Roots in 7 days!!

                -----------micro-------bloom--------grow-----in that order!

                --rooted clones 1wk. = 15-----15-----15------PPM=7
                ---------veg---------2wk. = 20-----10-----30------PPM=9

                ----------bloosom blood added at this time-------------
                ------flush with clearing solution last 12 days of an 8 wk
                bud!-------epson salts 1.5 tsp. per 5 gal.--------PPM would be at 10
                to 12 or at what ever your girls can handle. Just use those
                ratio`s.-------All measurments in ml per 5 gal bucket. Tops pinched
                back on day 10 of veg, RO water if possible! PH at 5.8--------Yeild
                should be in the 1.5 to 2 oz a 14in to 16in  plant range, if not get a
                better strain!----LOL!!-----Oh ya, thats in Aero by the way-----Yea
                haaa!!!! as if it was in dirt,{ rub rub, wink wink! }

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